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ʜᴀᴘᴘʏ ʙɪʀᴛʜᴅᴀʏ ᴋɪᴍ ɴᴀᴍᴊᴏᴏɴ — 19940912
A man who is Nurturing, Appreciative, Mature, Joyous, Observant, Openminded & Noble deserves only the best. Happy birthday our leader ♡ Thank you for being the catalyst and the beginning of the world’s best team. Thank you for being a person who thinks deeply, who reminds us of the world’s beauty amongst its hideousness. Thank you for showing us what’s worth and for guiding us in the direction of your heart. Thank you for being a sturdy leader, an unwavering soul and an emotional companion who inspires the people around him to do better. We respect you a lot and have a million ‘thank yous’ to say that cannot be put into words :’) Happy birthday our leader. We love you ♡.



Derek didn’t want a bodyguard, but his status and wealth meant he was a target for harassment, personal attacks and even kidnapping. So, he hired one just in case – it would appease his mom at the very least. Derek was expecting a big guy wearing a black suit and sunglasses, someone who would keep quiet and stay out of his way. What he got instead was the exact opposite: a loud-mouthed scruffy-looking know-it-all called Stiles. Love ensues.



                                                         H A P P Y J I N J I N D A Y
Confident, observant and appreciative. He is someone who is so deeply in love with fans and fellow members; his eyes give it away whenever he looks at either one. Someone who would rather stay up all night and write lyrics than sleep. In some ways he’s careless, but thankful for every little thing. A true guide to the members and the fans. He worries about concerts, interviews, worries about his members, worries about whatever the members worry about, he worries about us, too. He’s Astro’s glue and Aroha’s leader. Thank you for being born, Park Jinwoo.♥

Okay, but consider this: We actually NEED our crazy, more or less hostile environment. We are, as a species, not built to survive on a more habitable planet.

After a suitable time of acquaintance, so they don’t come across as rude, our new alien buddies offer to relocate us to a friendlier planet without freak weather or shifting tectonic plates, because, well, death world, who would want to stay here?

And since we are starting to have a little problem with overpopulation, we take them up on it. No everyone gets relocated, a surprising amount of people doesn’t even want to relocate in the first place, but it’s still enough people for a few new, first settlements. In space. Everyone’s ecstatic.

Live goes on, and then after a few years people in these new settlements get sick.
They become listless, apathetic and aggressive at the same time, overall depression rises and no one can figure out why. The planet’s perfect for us I’m any way? What’s going on?

I don’t know, though, if I want the humans to come up with a solution or have the aliens figure out what’s going on and go WTF? What is wrong with these humans? They don’t just thrive in adversity, they actually need it?

when i was 7, i hated my accent. I was the new girl in a texas school coming straight from new orleans. the kids made fun of me so I changed the way i talked to fit in.
when I was 9, my aunt lost custody of her daughter and my cousin came to live with us. she was of fair complexion, much like our mothers- with long, silky hair. when we would go out to the store people would stop us and say “my, your daughter is so beautiful, with all that pretty long hair” referring to my cousin. and i was there too. wanting to be seen. but my mother would say “that’s my niece and this is my daughter"… the looks on their face would change. I began to hate my skin at 10. My body was changing and so was my outlook on self esteem. when I was 12, I hated my body. I was fat. Every morning I stood in the mirror, I would shove 3 fingers down my throat, in hopes of cleansing my stomach of all fat. I went days without eating… just drinking water and throwing up. when i was 13, I was avidly playing sports. basketball, volleyball, tennis, softball… anything in hopes of losing weight. i made it to be 150lbs and still thought i was fat. when i was 14, I lost my virginity in the most unconventional way ever. i thought that sharing the most precious part of me was somehow tied to the attraction of others… and if they’d like me enough to want to have sex with me. I focused so much on maintaining external beauty that i was failing my inner self. by 17, I had contemplated suicide more than twice. I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw. The mirror became my enemy. at 20 years old, I entered a terribly toxic relationship. i felt that he was all I had, and if he left me… who would want me? I stayed through a lot of emotional abuse. through all of this, the number on the scale has constantly fluctuated. at 22, I am able to say that I’ve conquered myself. I’ve been through a lot and the journey of self love has been the most perilous. Every day, there is something new. A new fad, a new beauty standard- a new way to make yourself appear slimmer, a new tea, a new diet… whatever. none of those things will work if you don’t find and appreciate your own inner beauty. love yourself first. love yourself always. the number on the scale will change but you must continue to love yourself. lead a healthy lifestyle. take care of your body both physically and mentally. drink water. see a doctor. see a therapist. don’t deal with things on your own. someone will listen and someone will help.
don’t give up on yourself.
you are your greatest feat.



anon said: Hi! If your request are still open… can I request a jimin bad boy smut where her father’s friend son ( jimin) is living with them for a few years and the tension is just building up. Thank you! I love your writings!💕💕

Summary: Throughout high school you’ve hated Park Jimin. That doesn’t change when he begins living with you… or does it? 

Warnings: language, oral sex (unprotected) 

Word Count: 10.7k+ 

A/N: The gif is mine. 

When you were two years old you’d met Park Jimin. He wasn’t even a year older than you and your father’s best friend’s son. That was beyond confusing for your two year old mind so he was simply referred to as a family friend’s son. You never had a problem with Park Jimin until your freshman year of high school when everything changed. He’d cut off all ties with you and began hanging out with a group of six other boys. He had a different girl hanging onto his arm each week and it was no secret that he and his friends often bet each other to ask girls out just for kicks.

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do you have anywhere specific you look online for fashion inspiration? every time I just browse pinterest or instagram like every single ~fall outfit idea~ is skinny jeans + earth toned boots + cardigan + scarf and I'm SO BORED.

YES I KNOW THAT LOOK, the white girl in fall look; it’s not a bad look, but it’s a very predictable look, and I totally understand wanting to move away from that. I too moved away from a look that wasn’t bad, yet was also literally and figuratively stifling. so, how do you find inspiration? 

what I do is follow individual style bloggers + and street style blogs/accounts. 99% of this takes place on instagram, so get ready to download the app. if you’re going to use pinterest, make sure to search “street style”, not “style”. street style is what you call photos that are taken at various fashion weeks, of models and influencers and designers and average people who wanted to dress up and see the shows. it’s a great way to eyeball trends and to find things you can mix and match for yourself. often you’ll see a person whose look you really like, and it only takes a reverse image search to find them on instagram. nine out of ten times they’ll have a style blog of their own. if that sounds like a lot of work, it is. so here are a few of my favorites to get you started:

street style on tumblr: my only stop is 15x20. it showcases a huge variety of trendy, inventive looks, all put together by people who want to be eyecatching. one of my absolute go-tos. I get the germ of most of my outfit ideas here.

style on instagram: @lookbook is a solid account. mostly it’s images tagged #lookbook by bloggers or would-be influencers, and they’re all real people, so a lot of times you can follow them back to their style pages. one issue is that they usually don’t give details of where to buy the items of clothing they wear. also skews a little younger. 

fashion bloggers I follow on instagram:

@daniellevanier: really inventive, takes risks, is a pioneer of “it doesn’t have to be fitted” imo, and has introduced me to one of my favorite brands ever, ASOS White. sporty, femme, she can do it all. love her. 

@lolitamas: bang on with trends, she always seems to know what’s coming in the new season. she does a bunch of lifestyle blogging too, but her fashion posts are what I’m there for. she’s very sweet, very feminine, and a lot of her looks nail high-fashion casual, which I appreciate the hell out of. 

@masha: does the coolest things with layers and sneakers, and she really brings a lot of texture to every outfit. she looks great all the time, which is probably a curse when you’re that pretty, but she pays it forward by religiously cross-linking her outfit posts so you can track down where she got what.

@mamacaxx: just the most bright and exciting wardrobe; she knows how to make one garment do a million different things. pretty sure she and I bought our lavender frilly shirt dresses on the same day. 

@hhasselhoff: I am smitten by her beauty all the time, and I’m so all over the silk boudoir look she always seems to have going. someday I’m going to find out how she, someone with similar proportions to me, is able to hide her bra straps in all those satin dresses. 

@nicolettemason: femme, queer, and constantly doing awesome things with patterns. this was an immediate must-follow from me, and she’s just come out with a really trendy plus-size clothing line called premme, if any of you ladies out there are interested.

@asos_debbie: SHE KNOWS COLOR THEORY, and knocks it out of the park every time. she’s a buyer and stylist for asos, so she also has the inside scoop on new items that are dropping. also, incredible shoes, always. 

@aspensdottir: I just started following her, and it was the best decision I’ve made all week (and not just because she immediately liked every picture of my cats that I’ve ever posted). she’s incredibly inventive, and recycles various items of clothing in the most refreshing way. I’ve actually tossed a few things in some shopping carts because of her, and even though she’s half my size, the outfits she puts together are super adaptable to anyone. a++

the more you poke around instagram, the more you’ll find new bloggers that appeal to you specifically! it took me about a year to round up the 250 fashion accounts I follow, but it was worth it. now whenever I lack inspiration, I grab my phone and start seeing what clicks for me. good luck! 

2 am thoughts about you.

do you want me to me completely honest?
i have always been terrified of love
to slow dance with bliss and the
prevailing chance of complete misery
knowing that it will either
save me
cripple me
for if there is one beautiful thing
in this crumbling world: it is love
but god, if there is one thing horrific in it ,too,
then it is most surely loving something with your entirety, only to have it all vanish away
within the hint of a second….
i think that’s my biggest fear; commitment
but not of my abilities- of my partners,
after all, who would want to stay faithful
to me?
it wouldn’t really be a surprise if that happened though- just my luck.
i’m programmed to feel a certain way
no matter how much love you may show me
there will always be apart that thinks you dont

—  nickglendenning, anonymous 219

People write Todd as being super like endeared with how Dirk acts instead of annoyed when he falls in love with Dirk, but let’s be honest I think it would go more like this:
Dirk trying to convince him to do something like break into the bank because a hunch is telling him to and Todd being like “Dude no we will for sure get arrested this time” while Farah is kinda just watching this all go down( Because this happens like everytime and honestly it’s fun to watch what Dirk is gonna do to get Todd to go this time.) So then Dirk goes something like “OH NO! I’m going to have to do this dangerous thing THAT COULD GET ME KILLED all alone, if only my boyfriend would come to help me…..BYYYE I GUESS I’M GOING ALL ON MY OWN” And then he kinda just kisses Todd on the cheek and fucking does that awkward ass run he does (you know the one from the shoulder pat scene)
Farah then turns to Todd and is all like “That’s the man you chose to be in a relationship with.” all while trying not to laugh because holy shit they are cute BUT SOOOO RIDICULOUS
While Todd is just standing there with his “how did my life come to this" face and sighs as he sees Dirk trying to break in by climbing the wall (unsuccessfully ) and he just sighs and goes “I know.” And then goes chasing(more like a resigned walk) after Dirk before he gets himself killed. ( and of course Dirk would start smirking once he sees Todd coming towards him because they all knew Todd would join whether he liked it or not.)



scorpio compatibility
  • (this is done by most to least compatible!!)
  • scorpio and taurus: (complimentary signs!) they would each fall in love with each other's passion and they'd each get what they desire in a relationship. taurus gets a home of safety and comfort with someone who would be happy staying in or pulling them out if their comfort zone. taurus would be totally okay with scorpio's jealousy and theyd do anything to keep them from being jealous. scorpio would learn patience and taurus would learn to live in the moment!!
  • scorpio and capricorn: capricorn accepts scorpio's jealousy and devotes a lot of time and effort into making scorpio happy! scorpio has a shoulder to cry on and a person who will give them advice and teach them to think more realistically, while capricorn has someone to teach amd show off to which makes them really happy.
  • scorpio and pisces: they would each get the love and attention and affection that they both crave. pisces basically lives to love people and scorpio love that about them! neither would either feel lonely and scorpio would have no reason to ever feel jealous!!
  • scorpio and cancer: scorpio may have to pull cancer out of their comfort zones at times bc of fear. scorpio will tease cancer but in a loving way and cancer will give scorpio all the love they need and no reason to ever feel jealous. cancer may not be as passionate as scorpio at times and they both may be too moody. cancer will also have to teach scorpio to open up :)
  • scorpio and aries: scorpio's jealousy would either flatter or annoy aries and aries would get angry v easily in the relationship and that would make scorpio moody and it would just be one cycle. aries wouldnt like how secretive they are and how judgmental scorpio can be, especially if its them they're judging, but theyd think its hilarious when scorpio makes fun of people. their passion could probably light a room on fire and theyd most likely get arrested at least once in their relationship!!
  • scorpio and aquarius: (make or break signs!) this relationship coule either go ridiculously well or extremely awful!! (it mostly depends on the couple's moon signs or other signs in their charts!) if it went well, scorpio would be madly in love with aquarius' love of knowledge and life snd aquarius would be so attracted to scorpio's passion. aquarius would be accepting of scorpio's jealousy and all their little quirks and scorpio would learn that detachment doesnt mean no devotion!! theyd have all sorts of questionable adventures! if it went badly, aquarius would be really annoyed with how scorpio needs constant attention and scorpio would think aquarius' ego is far too big. they definitely could no be friends after a relationship and scorpio would probably seek revenge on aquarius.
  • scorpio and libra: libra would find scorpio's passion and jealousy intimidating but lowkey attractive although they can be scared of it at times. libra would be frustrated by scorpio's secretiveness and libra would make scorpio really jealous without knowing. scorpio finds libra's charm and class beautiful but boring at times.
  • scorpio and leo: they would be a very head turning couple and leo would really admire scorpio's jealousy which would most likely inflate their ego and cause them to play games with scorpio and make them even more jealous. scorpio would occasionally find leo very fake, but leo would really boost scorpio's confidence and easily cheer them up when theyre down.
  • scopio and scorpio: these two might actually have too much in common. they would cause each other to be really really jealous and their jealousy would just annoy each other. also there would be almost no communication bc they woupd bith hide their feelings from ech other. they would be madly attracted to each other for seemingly no reason at all and love each other's humor. most of their fun would be had by secretly judging everyone around them. they'd also easily cheer wach other up when they're sad within seconds!
  • scorpio and virgo: since virgo is very detail oriented and dedicated that would really please scorpio but scorpio would often feel that virgo is so much more dedicated to everything but them and scorpio would also hate how virgo turns their thoughts down for being too illogical. virgo wouldnt like how scorpio always needs attention and protecting and theyd be very annoyed by how unrealistic scorpio thinks. neither of them would share their feelings with each other and they would often be really bored by each other. during the relationship, virgo would learn that sometimes you need to take a break from things that are important to you to care for the ones you love and scorpio would learn that you shouldn't always need someone to look after you, somethings you have to do on your own. they probably wouldnt talk after a relationship.
  • scorpio and gemini: gemini's constant desire to be in action and to remain would tire scorpio out and cause them to become moody and scorpio's constant need of attention and affection would annoy gemini. scorpio would also think gemini is fake, but they would enjoy judging people together. gemini secretly seeks love the most in their life so once they accept scorpio it would turn out alright! gemini would also live to learn how scorpio feels and thinks so deeply!!
  • scorpio and sagittarius: scorpio would be hurt very easily by sagittarius' honesty and sagittarius would be annoyed a lot by scorpio's jealousy. sagittarius would learn to be more sensitive and that their actions will have consequences and scorpio will learn that people wont always censor themselves for you. the would also understand each others humor.

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Hello, I hope u are having a good day. I have a doubt which someone might have already asked: Does Bum have Stockholm syndrome? P.S. Love ur why Bae is afraid of Sangwoo. I look forward to Bae's embarrasement in next update. Bye

Hello~ Thank you so much :)
Actually nobody asked this before and I was hoping nobody would because I have an unpopular opinion, haha xD but I CAN’T RUN AWAY ANYMORE!! Here we go:

No, Yoonbum does not have Stockholm syndrome. However he is starting to develop it! I’ve seen so many people using this term to explain ‘why he’s still staying with Sangwoo’ or ‘still loves Sangwoo’ but it’s not right. So far he hasn’t shown any signs of Stockholm syndrome. Most people forget that Yoonbum is mentally ill. He doesn’t necessarily need to have Stockholm syndrome to choose to stay with his captor. They also forgot he tried to escape a few times. He does not feel sympathy/empathy for Sangwoo. He does not find Sangwoo’s actions justifiable (he hasn’t even thought about it yet), he does not find Sangwoo’s treatment ‘kind’, he finds it ‘cruel’ as he stated. These are the main symptoms of Stockholm syndrome. To bond and sympathize with the ‘captor/abuser’.

Reasons why Yoonbum chose to stay with Sangwoo:
1. Sangwoo has been the only one showing him even a little bit of care and kindness. So Yoonbum fell in love with him.
2. Yoonbum has BPD.
3. He has mixed feelings towards Sangwoo and goes back and forth to loving and hating his ‘abuser’ or feeling numb because of the BPD.
4. He does not like the outside or people or his previous life. (And yet he did try to run away from Sangwoo once.)
5. He has committed a serious crime now and is scared to leave.
As you can see, Stockholm syndrome is not one of the reasons. At the moment Yoonbum is too self-absorbed to think about Sangwoo or try to understand him or even use Stockholm syndrome as some sort of surviving/coping mechanism. He has rejected Sangwoo and made so many mistakes that could even lead to his own death.

This scene could also be mistaken for Stockholm syndrome but I strongly believe it’s more about his mental illness. It’s normal for borderlines to become attached and even addicted to/obsessed with their ‘FP’ even if their FP is a horrible person. People with Stockholm syndrome usually aren’t confused about their feelings for the other person because in their brain it has already been justified. They will firmly refuse to cooperate with anyone else and will try to protect their captor/abuser. People with BPD however can find themselves confused about their strong emotions every day. (In case anyone is still confused about this scene, Yoonbum actually still loved Sangwoo but since he was confused, he was trying to convince himself that he didn’t love him.) This is especially difficult for neurotypicals to understand. ‘Who would want to stay with their abuser????’ and the answer is, ‘many mentally ill people’.

So far there has only been ONE example of Stockholm syndrome and it was in the very recent chapter (chapter 31):

This is where Yoonbum starts to empathize/sympathize with Sangwoo. And if he refuses to cooperate with the police in the future, it’ll be another sign of Stockholm syndrome. Still you can’t overlook the fact that Yoonbum is mentally ill so his feelings towards Sangwoo is not JUST BECAUSE OF Stockholm syndrome. He can love his abuser, no matter how unbelievable it might sound. And Yoonbum is also a criminal now so he should also side with Sangwoo not just for Sangwoo’s sake but for both of them.