who would spit on a roast

There are so many unanswered questions though like… 

Why did it ever rain teeth, why, whose teeth were those?

What was the significance of those stick dolls and which of the ghosts spent their time doing that? 

Who was that guy they scalped in the first episode and then roasted on a spit for stealing supplies, what supplies do ghosts need? 

If Lee hit Mason over the head with a rock to kill him, who put him up on that cross and lit him on fire?

What ever happened the first child that Lee lost, they mentioned it like it would be a plot point and then nothing?

Why did Edward help Matt and Shelby out of the house the first time and then fucked everyone over the second time by just being a creep?

Why did all of the Chen’s become freaky grudge like ghosts?

Where was everyone else’s ghost during the second half, I mean, even if they were just murdered they would still get a ghost. A ghost who could have been helpful to the other people about to be murdered?

Also, why did non of the ghosts ever attack during the daytime of the Blood Moon… did the Blood Moon have to visible… Why the fuck didn’t Shelby and Matt just leave before lunch?

Where did the witch go, like did she not care about anyone after she lost that good Matt Dick?

And speaking off, why did she want to sleep with Matt so badly, did he have a magical dick or something?

Why were all the other ghosts and The Butcher just chill with Flora and not kill her when she was out in the forest all that time, was it because she came out willingly?



but the fact that he is using all these humans as tools to protect only the Chiss makes him a xenophobic bastard who only cares about his own race and ready to sacrifices all the tohers to do that. He sounds more evil now than before, where he wanted to protect all the people of the Empire.

My apologies for not seeing this sooner. I had to sleep.

I do believe your language is rather extreme, especially if you haven’t read the Thrawn novel and are only taking my rather humble word for it. Calling him a “xenophobic bastard” when he’s dealing with the Emperor, who would roast his people on a spit if he told him too much about them, who he is aware is using him, who he does not fully trust, is a bit far. And even so, if you haven’t read the Thrawn novel yourself, you’re only basing that opinion off of the words of one person on the internet.

Allow me to respond, in that case, with a more nuanced depiction of the man himself. I would hate to be responsible for giving you a disparaging view of him.

The truth is, I have not given a full image of Thrawn in canon just from this snippet. It is true the Chiss are his priority, but while in the Empire, he puts the lives of the Imperial people above his own. Several times, he tries to share the glory of his victories with his crew, specifically Eli Vanto. He is loyal to the Empire while he is there, and his view is currently that of a man who believes the Empire is strong enough to protect the entire Galaxy, and currently wishes to work together rather than abandon the people here.

Even moreso to that end, Thrawn is aware of the oppression the people of the Empire suffer, he is aware of Palpatine’s evil, and he seeks to gain a high enough rank in the Empire that he can one day help select Palaptine’s replacement. He clearly cares for the suffering of those he sees, even if he does not express it in a normal fashion.

I’m sorry if I myself caused you to have such a strong response by seeming to disparage TTT Thrawn in turn. I wasn’t, and he still has many wonderful, noble qualities, I just can’t help but notice patterns in the writing that completely change the way the original books are read.

It’s much like the KOTOR game, where Revan had clearly NOT gone off to the Unknown Regions to find the Sith, but had explored the depths of space for pieces of the Star Map with the full intention of conquering the Galaxy on his own without any suggestion from any Sith Lords. And yet, with the addition of Legends material like SWTOR, we have to change our understanding of the situation because the continuity has been changed retroactively.

The post I made was more about how Zahn’s evolution of his depiction of Thrawn necessarily changes the way we have to read him in TTT and how retroactive continuity changes that, vs Canon, where this is likely never going to be necessary. I’m not trying to say which Thrawn is “worse” and which is “better”, they’re both Thrawn, and I’m very sorry if I gave you that impression.

Hopeless (2)

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» jackson x reader

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» anon said: Hopeless left me speechless. This was so good. Thank you for writing this. Are you going to write another part? 

part one

“They’re not cheating on him” Jackson stated. He was met with the harsh glares of Mark and Jaebum who both seemed to want to roast him on one of those spits. They weren’t exactly roasting him but to Jackson it felt that way. “It’s not like we’ve… done anything.”

Mark rolled his eyes. “You think you have to have sex for it to become cheating?”

Jackson thought that you were a lot of things, but a cheater was not one of them. Dear god, he would never even utter the word alongside your name because they just didn’t belong in the same sentence. When he’d tried to kiss you, you pushed him away. When he confessed, you told him to hold on to his feelings because you couldn’t reciprocate them whilst in this relationship with a guy who you actually liked. When he begged you to leave Taekwoon for him, you told him that you would when the time was right.

Then what did Mark and Jaebum think of all this? That Jackson really was hopeless in his quest to find love.

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Fic: In My Bones

Length: 4,121

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Kurt is the alpha of his pack of werewolves and lord of his woodland hall. Little does he expect his life to change in the form of a terrified and scrawny runaway wolf. For the Klaine Bingo prompt “mates.”

Warnings: D/s mostly based around alpha/omega bond, briefest mention of murder.

AO3 | Sequel

Before it all started, Kurt used to love the chilly descent into fall, the shortening days and increase in opportunities to dress in as many layers as possible. He was cold-blooded, and relished the turning of the seasons and the arrival of winter.

But that was before he had been integrated into the pack. Before his father had announced him as his successor. Before his first turning.

Now, the arrival of November means chopping wood and salting meat and digging up the last vegetables for the winter, preparing the huge wooden hall where the pack resides for the certain snowstorms and freezing drafts that ravage the area come December. It means less woodland animals around to hunt, less berries on the trees, fewer trips to the town on the far side of the forest. Now fall means long, gruelling days and a chill settling deep in his bones.

The first morning arrives when Kurt wakes up and there is snow outside the window. He pulls on a pair of thick hide leggings and fur-lined coat and goes out to start the day.

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The signs as iconic Scream Queens quotes (part 2)

Aries: "I knew that bitch was a nut burger the minute I met her. It’s like, who wears a neck brace like that in 2015? You know, who are you? Forrest Gump?“- Chanel Oberlin

Taurus:  “Look, Chanel, I’m going to be honest with you. I’m sort of over this whole “serial murderer” thing that’s going on right now.” - Chanel #5

Gemini: “Plus, are you gonna make, like, a habit of just, like, pushing people down the stairs? ‘Cuz I think we can agree, not the most adult form of conflict resolution, Chanel.” - Chad Radwell

Cancer: “We can make it fun, huh? Like a Friends episode! But someone’s, you know, trying to murder all the friends.” - Gigi Caldwell

Leo:  “Not only would I have survived your attempt on my life, it would have also made me skinnier.” - Chanel Oberlin

Virgo: “Oh was I being smug, sorry I thought I was just being right.” - Grace Gardner 

Libra: I’m sorry, did I ask you to pull down my panties and blow a compliment up my butt?” - Chanel Oberlin

Scorpio: “Don’t interrupt me when i’m talking to a dead girl!”- Chanel Oberlin

Sagittarius:  “I’m sure there’s some awesome dude out there who will accept you for who you are, vaginal teeth and all.“ - Chanel #3

Capricorn: “I realized that I’d rather focus my attention this semester on getting spit-roasted by hot golf frat twins than help you figure out who’s murdering a bunch of dumb gashes!”- Chanel #5

Aquarius: "Um, this just in– Ms. Bean’s not dead. She’s haunting the campus with her fatness and murdering people.” - Chanel Oberlin

Pisces: “I was probably just in a bad mood because Adolf Hitler was motorboating my boobs.”- Chanel #2

What if Unohana were the head captain from the beginning of Bleach?

As requested by anon. :)

What if Yamamoto died a few hundred years before the start of Bleach, and Unohana became head captain in his place? What would Bleach be like then?

[Craving more “what if” posts?]

1. Unohana would become head captain *after* her serial killer phase.

As we all now know, Unohana once had a very specific hobby: killing people. Lots of them. All the time. Later, she became the calm and collected healer that we know and love. If she became head captain at some point in Bleach’s past, it would have to happen after she became the Squad 4 captain. Because otherwise I just don’t think she’d be hired, you know?

Representative 15 (of Central-46): Okay…..so our choice for head captain is Unohana Retsu. According to her file, she is a mass murdering psychopath who joined the Gotei-13 to kill more people.

Representative 37: Wrong file!!

Representative 15: Oh right! Sorry! That was the old file.

Representative 15: I meant she’s a doctor. 

2. Sasakibe would be her lieutenant.

But only if, while dying, Yamamoto like told him to or something.

Sasakibe: When Yamamoto died, he told me to serve the new head captain.

Unohana: I am aware.

Sasakibe: So I do.

Unohana: Yes.

Sasakibe: ….I didn’t expect to spend so much time roasting entire boars over spits, though.

Unohana: Good food is important.

3. Isane would be captain of Squad 4.

And yes, don’t worry. She totally developed bankai.

Matsumoto: So….how did you develop bankai so fast, Isane?

Isane: Captain Unohana told me to.

Matsumoto: Yeah, I guess that would do it. 

4. Squad 4 wouldn’t be picked on so much.

Sure there’d still be snide remarks and maybe some shoving, but with the scary head captain as the former Squad 4 captain, well, people would be afraid to make too much trouble.

Hanataro: And when I clean the sewers, sometimes people say thank you!

Ichigo: And you’re sure you’re telling me how your life is improved by Unohana being head captain?

5. Unohana would know Aizen’s death was suspicious, but she would still go ahead with Rukia’s execution.

In canon, Unohana totally noticed that Aizen’s dead body wasn’t quite - right. As head captain, Unohana would still work that out. But this wouldn’t cause her to protest or try to stop Rukia’s execution. Because Unohana actually follows orders pretty hardcore.

Hitsugaya: I really think there’s something fishy about this execution and Aizen business!!

Unohana: Yes but orders though.

6. Kyoraku and Ukitake’s fight with the head captain would be more serious.

After helping rescue Rukia, Kyoraku and Ukitake were forced to fight Yamamoto. He talked a big game about being serious about fighting them, but Kyoraku and Ukitake knew better. They didn’t even use bankai. Everybody just shikai’d at each other for a bit and then left. But Unohana? We’ve seen what happens when Unohana allows herself to tap into her blood lust.

Unohana: You disrespected me. You disrespected the Gotei-13.

Unohana: I will now punish you.


7. Unohana would mostly stay out of fights.

Yamamoto mostly stayed out of fights because, um, he thought young people should do the fighting I guess. Unohana would do so for the same reason that (presumably) she mostly stays out of fights in canon Bleach - she doesn’t want to accidentally lose it and slaughter all of her allies.


Unohana: Such a bad subordinate. Forcing the head captain to come out and fight.

Unohana: It is now officially your fault if I kill you accidentally.

Hisagi: Wait…what??

8. Wonderweiss would be designed to protect against goo I guess.

I’m still bitter that Unohana’s bankai makes no sense. But Wonderweiss was designed by Aizen to subvert the head captain’s power and Unohana’s power is goo, so…

Aizen: That is right, Unohana Retsu. Wonderweiss has been designed with…a poncho.

Unohana: I feel as though you don’t respect me.

9. Isane would be the one sent to Hueco Mundo.

Instead of Unohana, as the healer. And I guess Isane would also lead Ichigo to fake Karakura Town.

Isane: I’d better run behind you - I’m so tall I might block your vision!

Ichigo: Um……okay?

10. Unohana would be killed by Yhwach.

I suppose this is inevitable. Head captain has to fight Yhwach. Yhwach is like immortal and all-seeing or something. So Unohana would still die in this new reality - just at Yhwach’s hands rather than Kenpachi’s. Leaving Kenpachi with no way to unlock his full potential, I guess. Unless…

Kyoraku: Ichigo, I’ve decided to put you in a ring with Kenpachi until one of you is dead.

Ichigo: THE FUCK???

Kyoraku: I am such a good new head captain.

anonymous asked:

How could the population of King's Landing recover from the sack? The merchants were penniless, the women were dishonored and some of them pregnant, many people died and a lot of houses were burned. This also goes for all the people who suffered the sacking of their city.

“…the news comes from Rome that the Emperor’s Spanish and German troops, who have not been paid for months, have run wild through the Holy City paying themselves, plundering the treasuries and stoning the artworks…Thomas More says that the imperial troops, for their enjoyment, are roasting live babies on spits. Oh, he would! says Thomas Cromwell. Listen, soldiers don’t do that. They’re too busy carrying away everything they can turn into ready money.” (Wolf Hall)

Here’s the thing about sacks: While they are awful on a human level, they are not the end of the world when it comes to property. Soldiers are running around stealing stuff, but they can only steal as much as they can carry away and are going to prioritize precious metals. So the losses are going to be partial and uneven rather than total, and if you’re lucky enough that your money is in real estate or wool rather than gold, you might escape the sack altogether. 

And the loss of human life means that if you’re lucky enough to survive, you have some opportunities: lots of dead people means property that can be snapped up on the cheap, means wages are going to go up (because labor supply just dropped), means less competition in your given trade so you can put up your prices. 

And all of these factors also mean you’re likely to see an increase of migration into the city - if you’ve got some small capital, you might be looking to buy some real estate or set yourself up as an artisan or a merchant; if you don’t, you probably can get better wages in the city than you could in Duskendale, so why not move? 

Comic-Con panel - snippets of Raul

“Fuller spends lots of time telling Esparza the terrible things that will happen to him, then adds, "But don’t worry! You survive!”  (Esparza is the highlight of this panel, incidentally surprising no one who’s seen the man act.)“

After Dhavernas, a French speaker, spoke about learning English, "Esparza (who spoke Spanish first but doesn’t remember learning English) says that if he is really focused on something he’ll do so in Spanish, but in most cases, both languages feed off of each other for him.”

When the panelists were asked how they would like to be consumed if eaten, Raul said he “would like to be roasted on a spit like at a luau.”
   [from VOX conversations]

Been thinking about the possibility of my demise lately.  Not that I have any plans, expectations, or want to die.  No I want to live a long happy life.  But just in case… I’m going to fill out and file the forms to have my body donated to a teaching hospital.  If my death can further medical science, train a new doctor, help others with terrible illnesses, even improve or save someone’s life, then why not? 

My parents are not happy about my decision, they want my cold corpse for a funeral, which I think is weird, to stuff you like a deer and put you on display like that.  Why would I want peoples final memories of me to be that? They can have a wake in the huge pavilion my dad built from lumber he timbered, drink booze and eat spit roasted meat,  and they will have a helluva lot better time than some arcane ceremony which features a guy dressed up like a wizard who says some superficial feel good stuff that probably isn't true about me in a drab looking room with cheap wallpaper that I hate, a severely overpriced box that serves no practical purpose at all made to look like a frilly looking bed I would never sleep in, a reception with food that my family can cook ten times better, and expensive flowers that I wouldn’t want people to buy for me when I am alive, let alone dead, and Lynyrd Skynyrd instead or organ music.  That seems like a much better idea to me. I would rather go out like that, a big family reunion - friends invited pavilion party bash in the woods, not some drab ceremony with my ridiculous looking chemical pumped corpse. And think about it, what’s going to serve my memory and legacy better? A moldering corpse in the ground, or helping train a dedicated and skilled doctor or surgeon who could fix someone’s heart, or remove a cancerous tumor, or repair bodily trauma, or treat some terrible disease, or something of that nature?

I told my parents that if they interfere with my wishes, I will come back from the dead in the form of a ghost or zombie and haunt them.   I really mean it, this is what I want.  Hopefully the corpse snatchers of the nearest teaching hospital aren’t gonna be coming to pick up my mortal remnants for a very long time.