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punk amis?

So this is always gonna be a harder au to write than to draw so im shaking it up a bit. I’ve sorted them as different sub genres of punk. 

Enjolras - run of the mill Punk Rock. stretched lobes, snake bites, studded leather jacket with political slogans, dip dyed red hair. He doesn’t wear it as a mohawk often but he could

Combeferre - Trallpunk. Originated in Sweden. very politically orientated lyrics with crazy fast drums over it. very forward thinking which Combeferre LOVES. 

Courfeyrac - Glam Punk. do I really need to explain why Courf would be into the genre of punk that involves fashion, sequins and bold crazy makeup? really? 

Grantaire - Art Punk. Oh man these guys were PretentionsTM. R would have loved them.

Joly - Queercore. just…. aggressively gay? this was the scene where Joly discovered their gender stuff so. Has a hand-done piercing in his ear that he never takes out. It’s a little pink triangle.

Bossuet - Garage Punk. lo-fi as fuck. Boss doesn’t even really know why he likes it so much. The core idea is very simple and maybe that’s why. He’s always been a simple guy.

Jehan - Jazz Punk. Grew up with Jazz because their dad was from New Orleans but always wanted to shake it up a bit. Jazz punk delighted them. Two genres that were anti - “do what everyone else says”. PERFECT. 

Bahorel - Anarcho Punk. These guys do just really wanna start shit basically. perfect. So much leather and bright red anarchy symbols. right up Bahorel’s street.

Feuilly - Folk Punk. Love some punk feat. mandolin. nothing like it.


Marius - Pop Punk. Would die for Gerard Way. dyed his hair black. extremely heavy black eyeliner. you know the drill

Cosette - Horror Punk. Honestly everyone is terrified of Cosette. Never put her Ipod on shuffle. ever.

Eponine - Two-Tone (basically SKA). Ok anyone who knows me knows I adore SKA. She owns approx 6 pairs of 2nd hand Docs. Painted her own leather jacket two-tone. Ain’t no party til Eponine’s Ska playlist gets put on.

Chetta - Taqwacore - Punk subgenre that deals with Islam. Chetta got into it when she was still living in Pakistan and coming out. Destroy the system but still true to her religion? perfect for a trans female activist. perf.

Guilty - Yutaka Tennoji (Smut)

Smut here. You’ve been warned. Enjoy!

Yutaka slams his fist on the table, forcing a loud gasp out of the suspect who sits in front of him. “Spit it out already, would ya?! We both know that you fucking stole that jewellery, stop feigning innocence!“ he shouts, his voice demanding and stern.

You stand in front of the wall on the other side, watching him interrogating the culprit you’ve catched together a day ago. He is accused of stealing jewels, and since some of those were found in his house the evidence is perfect, but you still need him to confess his crime. Yutaka has been in there with him for three hours now, pressing and pressuring the young man so much that he’s almost crying.

He has him. You know, and Yutaka knows this as well, as he turns around for a second and stages a smirk and a rised eyebrow, as if to say ‘gotcha‘.

What Yutaka didn’t know, was that you loved seeing him like this. Angry, demanding and forceful, his voice loud. His back straightens a little more whenever he goes for a new interrogation and opens the door to this room, his shoulders raised high and the muscles in his arms stretching under the shirt whenever he gets more aggressive and decides to throw off a little tantrum so that whoever sits before him gets automatically intimidated by him and his persona.

In fact, it turned you on.

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#6 He tells the boys you're not hot


so guys is it normal that people favour your story but don’t tell you why they like it? Getting a little feedback would be nice - pleaseeeeeeeeeee. I hope you guys like this one.

Ashton: You and Ashton are invited to a small pool party at your friends house and are on your way there. At your friends house you see that the rest of the boys are also there, waiting for you two. “Hiiiii,” everyone of them cheers and Ashton immediately cheers back. You smile and go over to your friend, letting your boyfriend act like a kid. In moments like these, you so often realize how much you love him. “You are smiling like a fool,” Y/F/N says. Breaking your gaze away from your friend, you face your friend and shrug. “He’s cute,” you say as if that’s self-explanatory. “I’m making some cold lemonade. Wanna help me?” “Yeah.” After finishing the lemonade, you put a lot of ice in it and pour it in six glasses. You put the glasses on a tablet and want to carry them out, when your friend suddenly halts you. “Gosh, Y/F/N. I almost spilled everything.” “Shush, they are talking about you,” she whispers and hides the two of you. “What? I’m not eavesdropping,” you scoff and want to go out but one thing that Ashton says makes you stop mid track. “So, Y/N does not look hot in that swimsuit, so what?” Your and Y/F/N’s jaw drops in unison and you can’t help but feel a little hurt. “Just saying she could lend something from Y/F/N,” Calum says. “Are you wearing that swimsuit under your dress again?” Y/F/N asks, making you look at yourself and then at her again. She shakes her head and takes the tablet out of your hands, puts it on a table and pulls you towards her room. “What are you doing?” you ask her when she opens her wardrobe. “Giving you something that’s too big for me. Your boobs are bigger than mine. Let’s show them,” she says and has a bikini in her hands. “What? No, I don’t need to do that.” “No, you don’t. But it’ll be hella fun to see their faces. So please. Pretty please.” You think about it for a while and sigh in defeat, taking the bikini from your friend, and going to bathroom to change in it. “Yeay,” your friend cheers. “I’m going to kill you,” you say through gritted teeth after changing into the bikini and standing right in front of her. “Gurrl, I’d totally bang you senseless if I were bi or homo,” your friend responds while eyeing you up and down. You groan and let yourself get dragged to the pool by your friend. “Now smile because you’re the bitch,” your friend says before going out. “How did I end up as your friend?” you ask and she puts her arm around your waist. “Because you love me.” “I guess I do,” you agree smiling, taking the tablet of lemonade glasses and follow your friend out. “Who wants a cold drink to get fresh?” Y/F/N exclaims, making the boys cheer and you shake your head. The cheering dies when the boys lay their eyes on you, and Y/F/N smiles cheekily. You do nothing because you want to pretend as if everything is normal but can’t help the blush that is creeping up your cheeks. “Y/N?” you hear Calum say, and you hold up a glass, looking him in the eyes, “Lemonade?” He nods in response and you give him the glass. To the right of you, you can hear Michael failing in suppressing his laughter but ignore him. You turn with another glass towards Ashton who is looking at you wide eyed. “Lemonade?” you ask yet again because you don’t know what else to do. He nods, eyes still widened and takes the glass. “You okay?” you question. “Yeah,” Ashton breathes nodding slowly. “When did you buy that bikini?” “The last time we went shopping,” Y/F/N shouts from where she is tanning on the chairs. “You didn’t tell him Y/N? The first thing you do with a bikini when you buy a new one, is trying it on just for your boyfriend.” “I guess I’m a little different, aren’t I?” you say looking at Calum. “A lot different than I thought,” he mumbles, still looking impressed. You smile and join Y/F/N on the chairs. “They are so starstruck,” she says smiling wickedly. “They really are and they are whispering.” “That is a very good sign.” After ten minutes, you suddenly hear a glass breaking and look frightened to the boys. Ashton rushes away and you look at the boys. “Great! Idiots,” Luke says and Michael and Calum instantly start protesting. You follow Ashton and find him in Y/F/N’s guestroom sitting on the bed, head resting in his hands. You close the door, sit next to him and nudge him with your shoulder. “What happened?” you ask and he shakes his head. You put his hands away and cup his cheeks. “Ashton, come on. Tell me. What did Michael and Calum do?” “They were talking about how hot you look and I just…got mad,” he mutters. You don’t want to smile but can’t help yourself. “Great that you find this amusing.” “I find the fact that you are jealous of your friends amusing. What exactly were you afraid of?” “I don’t know. I just was.” You stand up and pull Ashton to his feet. He looks at you confused and his eyes widen in surprise when you press your lips to his. Ashton instantly puts his hands around your waist and pulls you very close to him, roughly kissing you back. “So, did you really buy that?” he asks in between kisses. “No, Y/F/N just gave it to me because we heard you talking.” “You what?” “Stop talking Ash and just kiss me,” you say, fisting his hair and pulling him closer to you. You are interrupted by a tap on the door and pull away. “Ash?” Calum calls. “Yeah?” Ashton calls back, starting to kiss your neck. Hitting him on the chest, you suppress a giggle and try to wiggle out of his grip. Just in this moment, the door opens, revealing an apologetic looking Michael and Calum. Ashton pulls you closer, and you let him because you know that this is exactly what he needs right now. “We wanted to apologize. Now would you forgive us?” Michael says. “Oh. Yeah, it’s okay,” Ashton responds, going to the door and closing it. “Ashton!” you gasp. He smirks and pulls you closer again, continuing where you stopped.

Michael: You wince when you suddenly hear some screams and look up from your book. Holding the book close to your chest, you go to the corridor and see Michael with the rest of the boys. “Hi,” you mumble, making everyone look at you. “Hi,” everyone of them says in unison and Michael pecks your lips. “Are you still reading that book?” he asks after seeing it in your hands. “Yeah, it’s good. You should  give it a try,” you suggest, making everyone burst out laughing. “I’ll pass,” Michael says. You shrug and watch the boys looking through the cupboards and refrigerator for food. “Oh, Michael I’m going out later with Y/F/N.” ” ‘kay babe.” Packed with food, they go to the living room to play some video games. You decide to read in the kitchen for a little while since it is too loud to concentrate in the living room. After half an hour you have to get ready because you are meeting up with your friend in 15 minutes. For that you have to walk pass the living room and stop mid track when you hear your name. It is not on purpose, just an instant reaction for hearing your name. “I’m just saying that Y/N isn’t like…your type,” you hear Ashton say. “You mean she’s not dressing hot, don’t you? I know that but she’s cute,” Michael responds and your jaw drops. You scoff quietly and walk to your bedroom. Biting down your lip, you think about what the boys have said and get frustrated. It’s not like you are not happy with how you look or dress but you don’t want your boyfriend to look at other girls because you are ‘not hot’. I’ll show them how hot I can dress, you think and walk to your closet. You pick out a black strapeless dress which hugs your body perfectly and ends midtigh. Some would consider you being too fat for that dress but you don’t care because you don’t give a shit. Furthermore, you put on some eyeliner and a light red lipstick, and wear some high heels which will not let you down when it comes to falling. But right now you are too enraged to think about falling down or something else than looking ‘hot’. You walk slowly in those killer heels and inhale deeply before entering the living room. The first one to notice you is Calum, who instantly chokes on his coke when he does. You act as if nothing happened, taking your phone from the table, but cheer internally. After shooting Calum weird glances who is coughing like a madman, the rest of them look at you and their eyes widen, jaw dropping. “So, bye Mikey,” you say innocently and wave shortly. You can hear that Michael and Luke die in their video game but no one pays attention to it. “Y…Y/N, where are you going?” Michael stutters. “Out. I told you Y/F/N is coming and that we’re going out.” “Yeah, but where are you going? Why are you wearing that?” “That?” you ask and point  at the dress. “It’s cool ,isn’t it?” “It’s the opposite. It’s hot, Y/N,” Ashton says, making you smile satisfied. Michael seems less satisfied and hits him. “You can’t go like that,” Michael says and your jaw drops. Giving him a are-you-serious-look, you scoff and turn around, “Watch me.” “Shit! Y/N wait,” Michael calls after you but you don’t wait for him. Him forbidding you to wear that pushed you past the limit point. Yeah, he is your boyfriend but he is not allowed to tell you what to do and what not. “Y/N please wait.” You are five feet out of the house when Michael finally reaches you and makes you halt. You free your hand from his grip and stare at him coldly. “I didn’t mean it like that. It came out wrong. I am sorry,” he says, and you look away. “I just don’t understand this…sudden change. You never wear something like that, especially not when I am not around,” Michael says in a whisper. “I just wanted to try something new and Michael, yes, you are my boyfriend but no one to tell me what to do unless it is an advice because I was behaving wrongly.” “I know. This just…turned on my protective side.” You can tell by his gestures that there is more to it and sighing cross your arms over your chest. “What else?” you ask. “Huh?” “I can tell that there is more to it. What is it?” Michael hesitates for a while till he finally inhales deeply and mumbles, “It’s just that I barely have to fear that someone will look at you, flirt with you when you’re dressing your usual way. You dressing like that will make boys give you attention. And I fear that it might be the attention that you want, which I can’t give you because of the band.” Your heart breaks with each of his words and you shake your head. Sighing deeply, you put your arms around his torso and rest your head on his chest. “Don’t be stupid Michael. I love that you’re doing what you love. So many people cannot live their dream and the thought that you are makes me happy. I…I wore that dress because I heard you saying that I’m not hot. It’s not like I want to change now. I just got jealous, I guess, and wanted to prove you guys that I can be hot too,” you admit. Michael takes a step back, to have a better look on your face. “I’m sorry Y/N. That was stupid. I love how you are and you don’t have to do anything.” You smile and press a light kiss to his lips. “Y/N?” You turn around to see your friend staring at you wide eyed. “I thought we’re going to a movie,” she says, making you and Michael laugh. “Come on. I’ll explain while I change into something else,” you suggest. Before going out with your friend, you blow Michael a kiss, who is really happy that he has you.

Calum: You are lying on the couch, reading a magazine while the boys are arguing about which movie to watch. You know that the boys won’t be able to decide on a movie even in one year and therefore put your headphones on and start playing a song. Still flipping through the magazine, you start humming along the song and get your glass of juice from the table. Thinking that someone is calling your name, you pause the song and hear Luke say, “Y/N is not…” “…hot,” Calum finishes and the boys start laughing. “Yeah, that’s what we all think,” Luke adds. Forgetting everything, your jaw drops and you gasp when you feel something cold and wet on your lap. The boys look at you and you put the now empty glass from your lap on the table. Putting the headphones away, you curse and stand up. “You okay?” Calum asks. You nod and go to your room to change. The first thing you want to grab from the closet is a pair of leggings and a shirt but when you see your new skater dress, which ends midtigh, you take the dress and wear it. You smirk when you see that Luke and Calum are seated on the big couch and that there is a free spot between the two of them. Taking a seat, you put your head and Calum’s lap and smile up to him, which he returns, and put your legs on Luke’s lap. “You don’t mind?” you ask with a sugar sweet voice. “No, it’s…” Luke gulps when he sees your bare legs but nods nonetheless, putting his hands on each of his sides. It looks uncomfortable and you smile satisfied. You deliberately move your legs once in a while, making Luke even more uncomfortable in his position. From the corner of your eyes you see Ashton and Michael smirk and wiggle their eyebrows and you shoot Calum a look. He is sitting quietly but instead of having his eyes on the tv screen, he is looking at your exposed legs on Luke’s lap. You poke his side, getting his attention, and smile. “You okay?” you ask and he nods. You position your leg a little higher and the hem of your dress slips a little higher, revealing more of your bare tigh. Luke nervously shifts his position and Calum can’t take it anymore. “That’s enough,” Calum says, taking you by your wrist and pulling you to your feet. He pulls you to your shared bedroom and closes the door, pressing you against it. “Calum, what the…” you start but he shuts you off with a kiss. You get a stinging feeling in your stomach and stare at him wide eyed. “What do you think you were doing?” Calum asks, pressing his forehead to yours. “W-what do you mean?” you stutter, still in awe due to the kiss. “Were you teasing me or Luke?” “Huh?” “Don’t act all innocent Y/N. You did it on purpose, I know it,” he says through gritted teeth. “And how do you wanna know?” you ask provokingly. “Because you never act like that.” “Well, I didn’t know that you have a problem with the fact that I am ‘not hot’ ,” you say and push him away. You want to walk past him but he embraces you in a tight hug. “I didn’t mean it like that,” he breathes. “I mean that you aren’t supposed to be hot for them.” You sigh and your shoulders drop. “You’re an idiot,” you mumble. “I know but I am your idiot.” You can hear out of his voice that he is smirking and smile too. “Should we go and watch the movie?” you suggest. “Orrrr we can just stay here because I totally love you in that dress,” he says, pushing you on the bed and hovering above you. You laugh and hit him. “The boys are in the living room now come on.” You get up and run away from Calum who starts chasing you.

Luke: Usually the boys are always so excited and so motivated, one will think that they have ADHD but not today. Today it is so hot in Sydney that literally everyone is staying inside, not risking to get burned by the sun, which is shining as if humanity has done a deadly sin and needs a punishment. Every member of the band is gathered at Luke and are too lazy to do anything else than whining and complaining. “Guys really? Sitting here and whining won’t help,” you say. Michael groans and looks at you.“Just because you are some kind of abnormal thing that can wear this and endure this hell, doesn’t mean we can,” he says. His words make your hear sting and you frown. “What do you mean?” you breathe. “You are wearing long sleeves in this weather where everyone is roasting. That’s not normal.” “Michael stop being mean to Y/N,” Ashton interrupts him. “I’m not being mean.” “No, just stupid,” you agree. Ashton starts giggling while you ignore the look Michael shoots you and Luke gives you an apologetic look. You ignore also this and go to the kitchen, deciding to get everyone a glass of cold water which might stop their whining. “She’s not like the typical girls I used to date, so what?” you hear Luke say. You don’t want to eavesdrop but can’t help yourself. Furthermore, it’s not your fault his talking so loud that you can hear him even him in the kitchen. “Okay, so I get that she’s not one of the hot ones but that doesn’t matter.” Your jaw drops and you can’t believe what you just heard. “I never said that it does. I was just saying,” you hear Michael say. Exhaling deeply, you put the glasses of water on a tablet and carry them into the living room, the conversation about you immediately ending. You hand them the water when Michael suddenly says, “What about a water fight?” “What?” all of you say in unison and Michael empties his glass on your top. You gasp at the sudden touch of the cold water and lift your hands. “Michael,” you growl. “Michael really?” Luke says. “I was concerned she might faint. It’s too warm.” “Yeah, it is,” Calum agrees, emptying his glass on Ashton. Ashton inhales sharply, starts giggling and empties his on Calum. “Guys stop!” you exclaim, the laughter dying out immediately. You look at each one of them separately and when your gaze falls on Michael, you just take a glass and empty it on him. “I guess I deserved that,” he says. “Yeah, and oh.” You take the last glass on the tablet and turn to Luke, emptying it on him. “You are the tallest, the sun reaches you first, we can’t forget you now can we?” Smirking, he nods and you get an idea. Taking off your shirt right in front of them, you hold it up and look at Luke, who is looking wide eyed at you and a blush creeps up his cheeks. “Can I lend a top from you?” you ask, acting oblivious to their staring. Luke opens his mouth but closes it with saying something. “What are you staring?” you ask, making his cheeks even go redder. You turn to rest of the boys who instantly look somewhere else but not Michael. He just smirks and wiggles his eyebrows at Luke. “Can I?” you repeat your question and Luke nods vigorously, turning you to the direction of his room and dragging you there. You choose one of Luke’s sleeveless band shirts and when you turn around, Luke is standing so close to you, you have to take a step back. Gripping the shirt tightly, you look up to him with big eyes and wonder what he is thinking. He puts his hands on each side of you, trapping you against his closet and sighs. “You can’t do that,” he shortly says. “Do what?” you whisper. “Y/N,” he groans. “Do what Luke?” you say, your voice rising. “Taking off your clothes right in front of them.” “Why not? It’s not like I was naked. I even had more clothes on than when we go swimming.” Luke sighs and shakes his head. “That’s not the same,” he mumbles. “Whatever,” you scoff, “Oh and by the way. The next time you talk about someone you should lower your voice, even if the person you are talking about is in the kitchen.” Pushing his arm away, you walk past him, just to get pulled back by him. Luke puts his arms around you, your back on his chest, and sighs. “I’m sorry. It’s just…I don’t want them staring at you.” You groan, facing him while his arms are still around you and put your forehead to his. “I understand but don’t ask me what got into me when I took off my shirt. Michael was just being too much and what you said…I don’t know.” “It’s okay. It’s my fault,” he breathes, his lips hovering over yours. “It was the two of us.” “Mhm,” he hums and presses his lips to yours. Right before you can kiss him back, you hear a knock on the door and pull back. “Yeah?” you call. The door opens revealing a smirking Michael. “Don’t want to interrupt for too long. Just wanted to apologize. So, I’m sorry,” he says. “It’s okay. Don’t worry,” you respond. “Oh, and Luke…You probably should thank me, since you’re going to get some because of me.” Michael winks at Luke and you feel your cheeks get hot. “No, we…we-weren’t…doing anything,” Luke stutters. “Yeah, that’s why Y/N already has a top on,” Michael says sassy and you now realize that the shirt of Luke which you wanted to wear is now lying on the floor. You clear your throat and the blush on your cheeks gets redder. “Out,” Luke mumbles and closes the door, before coming back to you and pulling you into his arms.


Request:  Hey, can I make a request? Can I please have a cocky!bucky barnes x reader? The one where the reader finally flirts/teases back when he makes a comment and he gets all flustered and turned on because he doesn’t expect it all. Thankssss

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

Warning: Sex is being referred to, but no actual sex, possible swearing? 

Originally posted by amralleme

Over the last several months of Bucky living in the tower he regained his old memories for the most part. But that also meant he regained his cocky, arrogant attitude he maintained in the forties. Which was not a good thing for you, because his cockiness showed more when you were in the room. “Look at you, I could get a girl like you with just a look.” Bucky commented toward you while he leaned on the bar, your cheek flared red, and you looked down. “Ahh, don’t do so shy baby,” he wrapped his arm around your shoulders pulling you close to his side. You twisted out of his embrace and composed yourself. You smiled over at Steve and made your way over to the lounge, and sat down sighing deeply. Why me? Why am I the one he does that too? You mentally drilled yourself for getting so flustered by this man.


You looked in the mirror at yourself, you red dress flared beautifully off your waist and your winged eyeliner was perfect. “Come on Y/n!” Nat whined from the living room of your mini apartment in the tower. Tony was throwing one his large parties again, and of course you all were invited, which meant Bucky and his comments were gonna be there too. But tonight would be different you decided to put a stop to Bucky’s cockiness. You smiled at yourself and walked out of the room and smiled at Nat, who beamed. “You look fine!” she giggled. She was already buzzed you could tell. She got adorably giddy when she was buzzed and you found it hilarious.

You made your way down to the party floor, and when you got there you instantly made eye contact with Bucky, who smiled brightly and nudged Steve. Steve looked at you and smiled sweetly. “You look great Y/n,” Wilson clapped your shoulder, you smiled and looked at your shoes, curse your shyness. When you made it to the bar, you heard Bucky boasting about his past and how he had all sorts of ladies wanting to dance with him. You sucked in a sharp breath, it’s now or never. You breathed out and stepped next to the bar and ordered a drink. Bucky looked down at you, his smirk devious. “Hello Y/n,” you nodded in his direction and took your drip, sipping it coolly. “Barnes,” you added. “How are you tonight?” His cocky tone even more noticeable. “I’m good, yourself?” He nodded, “I’m great, surrounded by many beautiful women, can’t wait to take my pick,” you nodded absently. Steve stood close and sighed, you smiled at him. “You look sexy tonight,” Bucky added, his tone rather suggestive.

“I’m glad you noticed,” Bucky stared at you. “I realize this” you motioned to your attire, “Is making you extremely attracted to me, but please, for my sake and yours… Control yourself.” You smiled at him and walked away, a slight bounce in your step. Nat smiled at you, and hugged you leading you the dance floor. You looked over your shoulder and seen a very flustered, and annoyed Bucky. Steve was beaming. “What are you smiling at punk?” Bucky asked.

He was astonished you had actually said something back to him, you never had before. This made him flustered and annoyed, and most importantly. It turned him on, so you actually could stand up for yourself. Your self-awareness is what made him like you in the first place, but this new found confidence completely entranced him. He had to do something, so he made his way to the dance floor and pushed through the crowd and he spotted you dancing with Nat, and Wanda, you were laughing and smiling with the girls.

As you danced to music, you spun around and an arm captured your waist, and brought you to a hard chest, a cool hand touched your exposed back. You knew who it was instantly, Bucky. He looked down at you and you stared up at him. “Can I help you Barnes?” You asked, hands laid lightly on his chest. He looked down into your eyes, “I’d like to dance with you.” You were shocked by this, he never ever asked to dance with you, you didn’t think he was interested, you more so thought he was joking around and was teasing you, and exploiting your shyness for his own entertainment. “I suppose so,” you nodded and put your hands on his biceps, he swung you to the beat, his smile looked wonderful under the lights. He wasn’t lying when he said he could make a girl swoon if he danced with them.

The song drew to a close, and Bucky lead you to the outside balcony, the loud music behind you seemed to disappear, while he looked over the balcony his hands clasped. You leaned against the ledge and stayed silent with him. He suddenly got up and pressed himself to you, and put his hands on the ledge around you. “Bucky?” You asked quietly, your cheeks bright red, his breath fanned your hot cheek, and kiss you lightly, your heart exploded and your stomach was in your throat. He pulled away, biting you lower lip between his teeth. ‘Y/n, you have no idea what you do to me, that remark you made earlier, only fueled that flame more.” You didn’t know what to say, you were gaping at him. He smirked at you, and placed a hand on your waist and pulled you closer. You felt him through his pants, his heat was consuming you, you were flustered. “Y/n, I’ve wanted you for so long, but you were always seem so scared around me, nervous. But when I realized it was because you’re shy, while I had to figure out how to crack it, I finally did, and god,” he kissed you roughly, your breath caught in your throat, you wrapped your arms around his neck. He pulled away, “Your confidence, your dress, you! I can’t control myself, I need you doll, I need you bad,” his cock twitched, and you felt it, your shyness returning and your cheek deep red. You pulled back slightly in the limited space, you tucked your hair behind your ear, not knowing what to say. You just looked down at your shoes. You felt a finger tilt your head up and you meant his eyes, “Bucky, I, I don’t what to say,” you stuttered.

“Don’t say anything doll, let your actions speak for you,” you looked at him, and you knew you wanted him, you wanted him since the first day you seen him the tower, god you wanted him. You leaned up on your tip toes and kissed you as hard as you could, his arms wrapped around waist and picked you sitting you on the balcony ledge. His metal hand was on your thigh and it was slowly moving up, he hiked your dress up to side and ran his cool metal fingers down your heated skin. You shivered and pulled back, pushing Bucky away. “Not here,” you were blushing. “Why not doll?” Bucky whined, he kissed you again, pulling you closer, you could feel his cock against your core through his pants, your blush deepened. “Because people could see us,’ you said in a small voice, looking anywhere but his face. He chuckled, you looked up confused at his laughing. “Of course doll…”

A/N: Let me know if you want a part two :)

EXO reaction when their little daughter ask them to play princess with her and to let her do their make up


Hey, jayniusmcgenius, hope you like the result!!! Love~

- Xiumin: But daddy can’t be a princess, baby!! Daddy is a baozi!! Look, look!! *baozi mode on* *trying to avoid the make up session*

- Luhan: Oh, no, no no no. I’m sorry my love, but daddy’s a manly man, and manly men don’t wear make-up. Well, at least not women make up. *refuses to do something so unmanly*

*but…* ·Daughter: Daddy, please, please, pretty please… *puppy eyes* ·Luhan: … Oh, who am I trying to fool? You know I cannot resist those eyes! Mommy has taught you too well… *gives up and gets mentally ready*

- Kris: O-ok, princess… Ok… *doesn’t want to, but can’t say no to his child*

- Suho: I’m not a princess, baby, I’m a queen *already at it* 

- Lay: Just promise you won’t put that pink eye shadow on me anymore, ok honey? *not sure it’s a good idea*

- Baekhyun: *looking at the result of his daughter creativity in the mirror* Well… I’m still handsome, but I would have use more black eyeliner… And a bit less red blush.

- Chen: No, no, no, sweetheart! I will do your make up this time… *Chenchen is ready to get his revenge for the last time they played*

*after the trolling is done* ·Daughter: Daddy’s bad! I’m gonna tell mom! *pouting* ·Chen: *nervous laughter* No, baby, you look pretty… Don’t tell mommy, please!

- Chanyeol: No, please!! My poor face won’t survive this time!!! I’m too young and handsome to die!!! *puppyeol, the reaction king* *trying to protect his face*


- D.O.: Why it’s me the only one who plays this with you? You never ask mommy… *sigh* *enduring*

- Tao: *getting into the princess role* Mirror, mirror, between me and myself…

- Kai: Ba-baby, please… Be a good girl and put that red lipstick away from my face and back into mommy’s make up desk. Please… *trying to avoid the disaster*

- Sehun: Stay away from me, little human! I’m not playing princess anymore. I’m watching you *not even thinking about it*

*his daughter starts pouting, about to cry* *can’t stand watching his little girl sad* Oh, god… Ok, let’s play princess *gives up* *stay strong, Hunnie*