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just to be sure I want to say that english isn’t my first language, and thank you for the kind anon that just send me an ask fixing something in one of my answers . (´。• ω •。`) I do sometimes got things wrong but I try my best every time to check , thank u and if you find anything else you can send to me without problem. (not that i’m gonna change because i’m too lazy to pick the drawing and do the change ) buuuuut it’s nice to learn the correct. kissu kissu.

-imagine finn as a caregiver for an older disabled woman, named marta. she has a sharp sense of humor and she loves classic movies, especially ones that involve happy endings.

-one afternoon they go to the theatre to see beauty and the beast.

-it’s a weekday afternoon, so there are like 5 people in the whole theatre. they’re also super early, so they’re watching the pre-preview movie trivia and shouting out (outrageously and hilariously) wrong answers at the screen.

-a young woman enters the theatre and marta recognizes her at once. “nurse rey!” marta calls, happily. “come sit with me and my handsome young man!”

-rey lets out a startled laugh, but joins them. turns out she’s the nurse at marta’s allergy clinic, so they see each other every week.

-rey is sweet and kind to her patients, and marta adores her. (marta’s fond of finn, for the same reasons.)

-rey and finn introduce themselves and chat until the previews start. rey’s cute and easy to talk to, and finn likes her at once.

-after the movie, marta invites rey to join them for a late lunch, and she does. the three of them have a great time.

-idrk what else, but basically finn and rey bond over being medical professionals, and marta (not so subtly) plays matchmaker, and adorableness ensues.

Books Everyone Should Read -  Phantom by Susan Kay

“She wanted an Angel of Music…an angel who would make her believe in herself at last. I’d been the Angel of Doom for the khanum. There was no reason in the world why I could not be the Angel of Music for Christine. I couldn’t hope to be a man to her, I couldn’t ever be a real, breathing, living man waking at her side and reaching out for her…But I could be her angel.”

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What's your opinion on people wanting to make popular characters black or black-coded instead of making new ones? For example, people are demanding April O'Neil (TMNT) be black in a new show just because of how she looked in certain reprints of the old comics. Back then, the creators couldn't agree on how to make her, but really ended up going with making her white. Do these people want race representation or race popularity?

From a practical standpoint, I don’t care if there isn’t already a canon visual representation of a character (e.g., if a character is drawn/described as being white then they should be white in a show/film).

From a… not really morality standpoint per se, but I can’t think of a word for it so I’m going to go with that - I don’t like it. I think if white people tried to make a canonically black character white, the people who are trying to make canonically white characters black would shit themselves, and it’s hypocritical and illogical to demand that canon change for the sake of representation.

Do I think there need to be more minorities represented in the media? Absolutely, I think it’s a subtle but effective way to bring a diverse group of people together and to normalize other cultures in the (white) majority mindset so that we can better understand each other and be less resentful and fearful of those who are different.

However, if we start making it a zero sum game where one race wins and another loses, that isn’t going to bring anyone closer together or make anyone happy… except the race who “wins.” So I’m against arbitrarily changing a character’s canon race for the sake of diversity.

     My main is fine since it follows canon (though it needs some editing and expansion badly), but I really do need to set up a verse post death where Father uses another philosophers stone to create another Lust. I mean there’s really two ways I could set that up, one where she’s restored to the form she had previously sans memories and with slight personality differences. Then there’s the pain in my ass route where she could be shoved into a living host, though figuring out the dynamics of how that would play out given who I want to use would make that…difficult to say the least. 

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There was someone in my inbox talking about hair-down Kuroo and the first thing I thought was “it’s been a while since I’ve last made Bokuto feel gay over Kuroo’s hair hasn’t it”

  • Quentin: wow the stars are beautiful tonight
  • Eliot: yeah they are
  • Quentin: you know who else is beautiful though?
  • Eliot: *blushes* who
  • Quentin: Fillory.

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

so lemme get this straight

you’ve got grown-ass men drawing loli porn and hypersexualizing young female characters (maybe not in this particular fandom, but my point still stands), and yet the people you choose to shit on are the (mostly) younger girls who enjoy a cute shark guy?? bc its ‘cringey’ or whatever the fuck???

miss me w/ that garbage lmao

on that note, instead of complaining that there’s more pics of sidon than female characters (which is a little sad but a lot of people mostly like drawing characters they personally find attractive), why not:

1). draw it yourself or

2). commission one of your favorite artists to do it

because both of those options are much better and more productive than pretending you have some sort of superiority over other people just because you don’t like a character

you know that soulmate au where you have your true love on one wrist and your worst enemy on the other, but you dont know which one is which?

That would be such chaos for the characters in tlc.
Kai with Cinder on one wrist, and Levana on the other, so that he’s never quite sure who’s manipulating him and who’s actually in love with him.
Winter with Jacin on one wrist and Aimery Park on the other, so she thinks that her and Aimery are meant to be because Jacin doesn’t love her back.
idk about the other characters but those two sure would be interesting

highkey want them to open up s4 in the same way as in s2 the only difference being that this time it’s even that isak is making out with and not sara