who would love the person you hide

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So I have a friend I fell in love with her and I've been hiding my feelings for her for almost 10 months I'm scared to tell her my feelings cause I don't wanna risk our friendship and so I'm here to ask for an advice and should I tell her or not???

do you think this person likes you back? cause if not i would advice against telling her.. save your heart for someone who could treat you the same.

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Now that you mentioned it, how do you think Tim would be feel about Stephanie and Damian relationship? they had a couple of good team-ups in pre-52 so I'm curious about Tim's views on that

I feel like on a surface level, Tim is very bothered by it. He gets those petty moments of ‘no wait you’re supposed to be MY friend why are you talking to that brat?’ like we all do. He usually makes an effort to hide it but it seeps out anyway with him acting prickly and annoyed when he sees Stephanie hanging out with Damian.

On a more subconscious level, I think he would understand. Damian is drawn to Steph just like she was, she’s a caring, fun person who’s able to buoy anyone’s spirits with the sheer force of her personality. And Steph has never been one to put all her love person, she is willing to give her all to everyone (unlike Tim who holds onto himself so tightly and only gives people little pieces and is upset when they don’t understand him.)

So Tim gets it, he does but that’s more subconscious but he’s also a petty little whiner who’s already feeling threatened by Damian taking up time with Dick and Bruce as well so he’s especially protective of Steph who’s always been Tim’s friend first before she was anything and he wants to keep it that way. You may note this is selfish and a bit unfair, it’s also human.


the crown | assassins

I have nothing to hide from you. Nothing. Porchey is a friend. And yes, there are those who would have preferred me to marry him. Indeed, marriage with him might have been easier. Might have even worked better than ours. But to everyone’s regret and frustration the only person I have ever loved is you. And can you honestly look me in the eye and say the same?

the people complaining that young hockey players hide so much of their personal lives from the public eye are the same people who are bullying their girlfriends on social media… they have lives outside of hockey that they aren’t obligated to share with us, and maybe they would choose to share more if people weren’t so rude and vicious to the ones they love and care for. u get what you give 🙃

Nct 127's reaction to having a s/o that blushes easily

Request: Could I request nct 127 reacting to their s/o who blushes easily ?? Thank you so much !

A/N: i personally blush really easily too so this was very fun for me to write skmsns,, enjoy reading!



He first noticed it whenever he saw you trying to cover up your face when you stare at him, and would find it really cute when you’d hide in his arms with your face buried in his chest, everytime he gives you a peck on the lips.

Loves it A LOT, and often just stares at you with his mouth agape, his hands unconsciously reaching out to rub your burning cheeks, as a small smile starts forming on his face.

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Giggles to himself a lot because of this, because in almost every photo that he has of the both of you in his phone, your cheeks would be in a slight pink shade. He found it cute how you’d always not notice that you were blushing, as he’d always be the one teasing you.

“Do you love me that much?”

“What do you mean?”

*lifts up his phone camera for you*, “Your cheeks”

*Blushes even more*,“Shut up omg”

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Probably didn’t pay much attention to it, until that one time he caught you burying your face in your hands while seeing him perform. And subsequently from that day onwards he slowly started to notice how easily and quickly you’d go pink in a few seconds, towards something just as simple as him complimenting you, and he loves it too.

Smiles and giggles to himself a lot because he finds it cute, and probably also went to tell the other members about it.

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“How cute!!”, he exclaimed as soon as you confessed to him about your easily reddened cheeks, as both his hands reached out to pinch them. He loves that he can always tell when you’re shy and embarrassed around him, and loves to use it against and to tease you.

Would also purposely kiss and peck your cheeks a lot when taking photos, making you blush instantly, thus resulting in you looking like a tomato in every photo- but he loves it.

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Like Taeyong, he wouldn’t notice at first, as he’s always too busy trying to baby/take care of you. But when he slowly noticed how you’d always place both your palms over your warm and pink cheeks when he was doing something sweet, he laugh instantly, as he couldn’t help but pull you into his arms. “You’re so cute”

Smiles really brightly and has a proud motherly smile wheneve he sees you blush, as he feels the need to just hug and keep you in his arms. You’re too adorable for him.

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He’d notice right away, and probably not bring it up to you as he wants you to continue being the way you are, and also at the same time, admiring you and giggling to himself whenever you blushed.

But you knew that something was up whenever he’d compliment you after you blush, for no reason at all. Especially when he pecks your cheeks and lips a lot, and being very affectinate in general.

“Babe you’re so cute”

“Thank you hehe”

*pecks your cheek*

*blushes immediately*,“What-”

“I love you”

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Isn’t very vocal about it but you knew that he noticed as he’d always smile to himself shyly too, lowering his head and and constantly staring at your cheeks- which of course, made you blush even more.

But he loves caressing your cheeks and giving small little pecks on them, then always having a satisfied smile on his face after. Also loves hugging and embracing you in his arms as he loves seeing you get all flustered and shy as you try to hide your face.

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Would always hide his head down and smile/giggle to himself when he saw you blush, and tries not to tease you about it as he knows that it’ll make you blush even more. But unknowingly though, he gives you compliments and loves telling you that you look cute whenever you blush.

Like Doyoung, he just feels the need to hug and squish you whenever you get shy/embarrassed, which explains why he’s always two times more affectionate when you’re blushing.

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As soon as he realised, he’d tease you, “Why are you blushing so much? Am i too goodlooking?”, which made you blush even more, and also at the same time, made him giggle more. Gets really affectionate and clingy so that you can blush as he finds it cute, and also often use it to tease you.

Smiles a lot to himself when he sees you blush so easily, but also, he loves complimenting you and patting your head, pinching your cheeks and he mentions about how cute you look.

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I have nothing to hide from you. Nothing.
Porchey is a friend. And yes, there are those who would have preferred me to marry him.
Indeed, marriage with him might have been easier. Might have even worked better than ours.
But to everyone’s regret and frustration the only person I have ever loved is you.
And can you honestly look me in the eye and say the same? Can you?


I have nothing to hide from you. Nothing. Porchy is a friend, nothing more. And yes there are those who would have preferred me to marry him, but to everyone’s regret and frustration, the only person I’ve ever loved is you. Can you honestly look me in the eye and say the same? Can you?



this isn’t related to my blog but it is just as important. 

Who you are on the internet shows who you likely are in real life. If you dedicate your time to hurting others or being rude, it is likely that you’re a pretty toxic person to be around in real life. You can only hide so long before your poison leaks everywhere and people start noticing. Sure, you could say you have friends, but examine whether or not those friends are just as toxic as you. 

This is not to say you shouldn’t stand up for your beliefs. 

Stand up for your beliefs. Articulate these beliefs. Be brave, strong, and intelligent.

 But do so with grace, respect, and the understanding that there is an actual human being you are targeting your words at. If you don’t dare to say those words to that person’s face, you probably shouldn’t be typing it up. Realize that you know very little about that person aside from one post or one picture and you are rarely in the position to full on attack, degrade, and shame the person. 

Realize that people can change, but that change will almost never be of your doing if you are toxic, rude, and unforgiving.

You were the loneliest person I’ve ever loved, and the emptiest. You tried to mend yourself into everyone so they wouldn’t forget you. But people tend to forget those who don’t have much not the inside, and God, you were completely empty. You tried so hard to act like you weren’t empty inside, but you were, and there was no hiding that. You used to speak with words that were completely vacant. I opened you up looking for something, anything at all, but there was nothing. I should’ve known from the beginning that no matter how much you love an empty person, they will not be able to love you the same way back. I should have realized that when you spoke to me only words would come out. I shouldn’t have spent so much time trying to listen to your heartbeat because you didn’t have one. I’m not sure if there was anything inside of you at all. You were so beautiful to look at, but you were so empty. I could not keep kissing a person who was just skin on top of bones. I could not keep looking at you and pretending that you weren’t completely hollow on the inside.
—  On loving a person who has no depth

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first Valentine's Day with kenma pls pls pls

You didn’t really specify want you wanted to I’ll be sticking to headcanons! Hope you have a good Valentine’s Day!

-Admin Lana

  • Truth be told, he’s quite nervous to be spending his first Valentine’s Day with you as a couple. He’s not quite sure who to go to  for adequate advice even though Kuroo can be serious at times.
  • After thinking long and hard on it, he sought the advice of both Kuroo and Akaashi in hopes for ideas on how to spend the day with you. Both agreed that perhaps a nice date would be lovely.
  • Kenma isn’t the most outgoing person so he much rather preferred to spend the day inside with you. You didn’t seem to mind considering that you were able to spend it with him.
  • When you came over he immediately flushed at how cute you looked. And was that chocolate hiding behind your back? His heart warmed at the gesture. 
  • The day was relaxing, spending time in the kitchen baking treats and creating your own pizzas, quality couple time in the kitchen. In fact he was delighted when you offered to play video games with him.
  • It could be thanks to the advice of Kuroo and Akaashi, but he’s much more affectionate with you, something you’re not quite used to. But you love the attention nonetheless.
  • To thank you in return for the delicious chocolate (which you needed up feeding him), he baked you a small cupcake. It wasn’t the best, but it’s the effort that counts. He’ll have more time to practice before the next Valentine’s Day.

Reasons I think Vader would be able to successfully hide his son from the Emperor at his Mustafar Castle of Dramatic Self-Loathing:

  1. Palpatine probably never visits him there, bc when you’re the Emperor’s lap dog he doesn’t come to you, you go to him.
  2. Anakin/Vader definitely inspires intense personal loyalty bordering on a cult-like following in those who work for him, so I doubt his butler or any other staff would say anything.
  3. It gives me license for all the weird Vader-Luke father-son fluff I want, and what other reason do I need, really.
Incapable of Love

Summary: Before his big plan, Kai decides he’s going to stay on the down low for a bit, which means he needs somewhere to hide out for a while. Since no one usually walks onto your doorstep asking for help, you’re not sure what to do when you see a familiar face behind your open door. However, that’s not what spooked you. The declaration of emotions coming from the one person who you thought was incapable of love, is what got to you. 

Pairing: Kai Parker x Reader

Universe/Fandom: The Vampire Diaries, CW.

Word Count: 1,540

Warnings: Not anything important, sort of fluffy Kai, a little heated make-out session. ;)

A/N: This is my first EVER Kai Parker imagine, so excuse me if there are any mistakes or errors. Feedback would be extremely appreciated, and I’m very open to writing more Kai imagines, or even other fandom imagines, such as The Flash (ofc), DC, Marvel, Supernatural, and TVD. Lemme know what you think! Hope you enjoy! 

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Kai knew before he took action in his big, miraculous plan that he needed a moment to think. Now, being a sociopath doesn’t always mean that you’re crazy and dangerous - sometimes it means that you just need help - but in Kai’s situation, danger is exactly what it means and more. So he wasn’t surprised when he watched your eyes grow wide in fear at the one person you promised to never get involved with again while he was standing on your doorstep. 

But Kai was never one to back down from a challenge, and your promise to stay away from him was a challenge he knew he would always be willing to take. 

“Hey, doll face.” Kai greeted you with a wide, sinister smile that he knew you could never resist. And he was right. Almost instantly, you felt your knees grow weak at your feet, but you stood your ground, wrapping your arms around your chest to show you were not backing down from this fight. 

You had shifted your weight on your feet before greeting Kai with a hissing tone. “What are you doing here, Parker?” Your tone was enough to put Kai on the edge, considering he had a soft spot for you since the moment you two met, and silently he panicked, thinking you weren’t going to let him in. But somewhere deep inside him, he knew you would always be there for him. Which is exactly why he came to you now, more than ever. 

“I just need a place to stay for a bit. Do you mind, doll?” he motioned inside your house, his voice as smooth as caramel. But you weren’t going to crack that easily. 

“Get lost, Kai.” You hissed, before slamming the door shut on his face. But before the door could completely close, Kai’s foot interrupted the impact, making you groan. 

His voice echoed in your ears, a sound you silently missed, but wished would disappear. “Come on, Y/N. You know I’m not leaving until you let me in.” You had wished that weren’t the case, but it was, and he knew just how to get you to crack, which made your blood boil. A loud groan from deep within your throat, then you found yourself opening the door wide enough for him to slip past. 

Kai entered with a heart-melting grin, pleased in himself at getting you to back down. He always loved to get you mad, something he took pride in himself for. However, he always neglected the fact he thought it was cute when he saw the crease between your eyebrows.  

“If you touch and, or, break something, I swear I will break every bone in your body and feed them to the wolves in Mystic Falls.” Kai laughed at your threat, his head falling back and eyes closing. You admired the view for a second before snapping yourself out of it, turning away from Kai and heading to your kitchen. 

Kai saw how you looked at him, and his lungs suddenly lost all the air in them, and he felt unable to breathe. But he pushed the feeling away, following you into the kitchen, and grabbing a grape from your coffee table on the way there. “There are no wolves in Mystic Falls. Y/N.” he said, popping the green grape into his mouth before chewing on the luscious fruit. 

“Then I’ll just have to call Damon, and give him the pleasure of doing it himself.” you suggested, but you and Kai both knew that you’d never do that to him. 

As if reading your mind, Kai shook his head with a chuckle and grabbed your hand to lead you to the living room. “We both know that’ll never happen, Y/N.” his voice and the heat radiating on your intertwined hands caused an involuntary shiver to run down your spine. Kai felt it and smirked at the affect he had on you, then made you sit down on your couch. He smiled down at you, giving you his most charming look as he caressed your cheek slowly.

“Sit.” You ordered, pushing his hand away from your now burning face. Kai obliged, now sitting thigh to thigh with you on the couch. “Why are you here, Kai?” you asked, and Kai’s jaw locked immediately. You tensed at the well known habit. 

You and Kai had a different relationship than most of the relationships Kai had. Kai never cared about anyone before. However, when you entered his life, he knew that you were his weakness and his strength. His only weakness. So whenever Kai needed somebody, you were the person he always went to. As for you, Kai always held a special place in your heart. You took him under your wing after you found out he was a sociopath, and soon after, you fell in love with him. So, whatever Kai was planning, you knew you could get him to tell you sooner or later. Getting it out of him sooner rather than later was your plan, in this case. 

“Kai, please. Don’t do anything that would get you and other people killed.” You begged, but Kai looked away, a sign that he wasn’t going to listen to you. But you weren’t giving up that easily. You sighed before grabbing Kai’s hands in yours and placing them on your lap, which caused him to look back to you with pleading eyes. 

“Y/N, you know I can’t do that.” 

“Why not, Kai? Remember when we first met?” You brought the memory back to the surface and Kai shaked his head at you. 

“That was different-” 

“How so, Kai?” You cut him off, sitting straighter in your seat and sending a squeeze to his hands. He was now rapidly shaking his head, but refusing to look at you. “You were going to kill me, Kai. You were! You had the knife against my throat, ready to watch my blood pour from my body, but you stopped. You stopped yourself from hurting me, and if you can do that, then you can-” 

“THAT WAS DIFFERENT, Y/N, AND YOU KNOW THAT!” Kai finally snapped, ripping his hands from yours and abruptly standing up from the seat he was in. You flinched, ready for the Kai that everyone - besides you - knew well, but he never came. Instead, Kai tried to calm himself, thinking about your smile and the stories you constantly told him about when you were a kid. And slowly, his rapid heartbeat slowed down to a pace he was recently familiar with. The pace he always got around you. 

“Kai…” there was a begging tone in your voice, and Kai snapped his head toward you, hating that tone. But instead of acting upon that hatred, he just stood there, admiring the shape of your lips and repeating your soothing voice in his head. And Kai closed his eyes, imagining the feeling of your lips on his, and he panicked again. These feelings were new to him, so he wasn’t sure how to act upon them, but hearing your voice soothed him all the less. 

“Kai, what are you thinking about?” Slowly, you had stood up from your seat, not wanting to alarm the boy standing in front of you, and tiptoed over to him. Silently, you placed your hand on his cheek, soothing the tense muscles there as Kai felt your touch on his skin. Then, unexpectedly, his eyes snapped open, and you saw a softness in them that you never noticed before. Gasping at the sight, you removed your hand from his cheek, but didn’t move another bone in your body. 

But Kai moved. The shaking hand that stood next to his thigh just a second ago was suddenly in your hair, and you felt him move your head towards his until your lips connected. The gasp that escaped your mouth was breathless, and you soon found yourself kissing him back. His lips were soft against yours, almost angelic. You soon felt his tongue drag against your bottom lip, and you allowed him to trace every inch of your mouth. The feeling made you sigh, and you were soon threading your fingers through his hair, lightly scratching at his scalp to get a reaction out of him. 

And that’s exactly what you got. The grip he had in your hair tightened only slightly, and a groan vibrated from deep within his throat as he felt your nails scrape against his scalp, silently loving the feeling. Then you both pulled away from lack of oxygen, and it felt like the whole world just stopped. It was just you and Kai, staring into each others eyes as both of you try to process what just happened. 

“It was different with you, Y/N. It’s always been different with you.” Kai whispered, slowly thumbing your cheek as you squeezed his biceps, still trying to process all of this. 

“I thought you were incapable of love.” Kai chuckled lowly at this, still remaining close to you as he brought the hand that was rubbing your cheek down to your shoulder. 

“So did I,” he squeezed your shoulder, starting to massage it. “but like I said, it’s always been different with you.

The Art of Deception (M)

mafia!luhan, 14.8k, was wondering if u could do a bad boy! luhan scenario []

warning: possible triggers (death, murder, illness, etc), smut (oral and some lovely luhan kisses!!)

Luhan is trying to hold onto his own reality. You wouldn’t do that. He thinks you wouldn’t. He knows you’ve been hiding things from him and he knows there’s truth behind your words but he thinks that everything you’ve told him is not a lie. You love him. You do. 

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