who would like me to style their hair

Hear me out: Roy with his hair parted and styled. We all love the hair swept back but just think…

(I’m making this digital as soon as I get a new charger for my drawing tablet)

Romeo and Juliet | Jeff Atkins

Requested by @xxchloegrayxx and @queensovereign. Sorry they might not be the way you imagined but this is what I came out with when writing for you guys so I hope you like it!

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“What’s the big deal? I was just talking to her?”

“No, you were fucking flirting with her Jeff! Not to mention the fact that just yesterday I was complaining to you about the fact that she has been a bitch to me for the past month!”

“And I told you, you were overthinking that!”

“Just yesterday I heard her talking behind my back about the fact that she wanted to steal you away and make you her boyfriend, but now that I know that you don’t care, I think you should be with her” My voice slowed down and my tone dropped “You too seem perfect for each other”

“Fine! She’s prettier than you anyway!” He yelled making me feel my heart crack and the sadness hit me “I don’t need you y/n, trust me, it’s you that needs me”

I knew that wasn’t true but I didn’t have the heart to argue with him anymore, I wanted to leave with some of my dignity so I gave him a nod of acknowledge and left his house without another word.

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The Grayson Dolan Special (G.D)

Summary: You and your friends are going to a 4OU show. You decide to go get your hair done, and you end up getting more then just highlights. ;)

A/N: This is for @cassmoreiraxo. She had a dream about getting her hair done by Mrs. Dolan, so hopefully I did it justice! Hope you like it babe 😘
(Also the prices I used in this are actually real. Mrs. Dolan does charge $120 for a women’s cut… Guys I’m not kidding…)

Word Count: 4290 (I know its a lot. I had no self control I’m sorry!) 

Warnings: Some cursing.

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After a whole 3 months of saving up my tip money from work, I was finally here in Morristown, New Jersey, with my friends Angie, Aisha, Miranda, and Maddi. We were all going to see the Dolan Twins tonight at their first show in Freehold, New Jersey. I woke up in our hotel room super excited, because tonight was the night of the show. I heard light snores coming from Maddi who was laying next to me in our shared bed. I looked around the room, and all the girls were still sleeping. I chuckled lightly to myself remembering how we were all up late last night helping Miranda come up with ideas for her imagines, and talking bout how excited we were to meet the boys. I didn’t realize how early it was until I checked my phone. It was only 7 in the morning, and here I am wide awake. I knew there was no point in going back to sleep because I was already up, so I decided to go take a shower. 

 I got out of the shower, grabbed a clean towel off the rack and wrapped up my hair. I dried myself off, and started putting on my clothes. I kept my outfit simple, because I wasn’t going to be dressing up till later tonight for the show. I put on my Adidas sweats, and a plain white crop top. I removed the towel from my hair, and began to blow dry my hair until it was completely dry. I starred at my reflection in the mirror and I was really annoyed with the way my hair was looking. It looked so dry and lifeless. I was clearly in need of a touch up because my roots were starting to grow out. Not to mention my split ends, and faded out highlights. I cursed myself thinking about how I should’ve just did my hair like the girls told me too, back home before we all left for this trip. I didn’t want to go anywhere with my hair looking like this. I do hair for a living, how does that look when a hair dresser can’t even keep up with her own hair? I pulled out my phone, and started googling some hair salons around the area. I’m really picky about who does my hair, since I usually do my own. I scrolled pass a few salons but none of them seem to catch my eye, until my thumb landed on a salon called Bloom. I saw that it had a 5 star rating, so I immediately  clicked on the website. I was scrolling through the website and the pictures of all the hairstyles, and hair cuts looked amazing. I quickly noticed the prices and started to cringe a little bit. A women’s hair cut was about $120, and to touch up my roots where close to $97. In total of everything that I wanted done it would all come out to almost $400! “WHAT THE ACTUAL F….” I started to yelled, but I cut myself off remembering that my friends were still asleep. I popped my head out of the bathroom door to make sure I didn’t wake anyone.

 "What the hell are you doing? It’s like 8:30 in the morning?” Angie asked which startled me a little. She gave me a questioning look. “I think I’m going to go get my hair done. It looks pretty gross. Want to come with me?” I asked hoping that she would, I didn’t wanna go alone especially in a new place I’ve never even been too before. “It’s 8:30 in the morning and you want to go get your hair done? Yeah have fun, I’m going to sleep. Wake us up when you come back.” She said as pulled the covers over her head. “But I-” I tried to speak, but Angie cut me off with her fake snores. I rolled my eyes, and went to grab my Adidas Superstars and quickly slipped them on. I grabbed my purse, my phone charger, the keys to our rental car, and the room key, before leaving the hotel room. I walked down to the lobby, and out into the parking lot to our car that we rented for the weekend. I got in the car, and pulled the address of the salon up on my phone. The salon was only 15 minutes away, so hopefully by the time I get there they’ll already be open. 

* * * *

 I pull up to the salon and I was surprised by how big it looked. The building was painted a nice cool tone gray, with huge windows, making the building look very modern. The open sign was lit up, signaling that they were open. I got out of the car, and started making my way inside the salon. I stepped inside, and my jaw dropped. It was beautiful! The outside was big, but the inside was even bigger! The walls of the lobby area were covered in a rustic yellow paint, making it match the gray wooden furniture. The hair stations had black and gray painted walls, with gold chairs, and a huge vanity mirror at every station. I stood there in awe, taking in everything. I’ve never seen a hair salon so beautiful. “Good morning, can I help you? the receptionist asked, which caught me off guard. “Uh yes.” “I was wondering if I could possibly get my roots touched up, my highlights redone, and maybe a trim?” I asked as I was looking at the pictures of hair models on the wall. “Do you have an appointment?” the receptionist asked looking back down at her appointment book. “No, I actually found you guys online, and decided to stop by because my hair could really use some help.” I said messing up my hair, causing the receptionist to let out a small laugh. 

 The receptionist took down my name, and instructed me to wait in the waiting area. I was waiting for about 10 minutes when a lady who looked like she was in her early 30s, with beautiful blonde hair that stopped a little below her shoulders, walked up to me. “Y/N?” She asked with a smile on her face. “Yes, that’s me!” I answered getting up from my seat. “I’m Rachel, if you would follow me please.” she said as she turned on her heels and walked me towards her work station. I sat down in the chair and she placed the styling cape over my body. “What did you want to do today?” she asked running a comb through my hair. “Well I was thinking of touching up my roots, touching up my highlights, and a little trim.” I said looking at my hairdresser through the mirror. She ran through the prices with me, and my jaw dropped. It was going to be $120 just for the haircut, then $97 for my touch up like the website said, but I didn’t realize how expensive my highlights would be. My highlights were going to be $177, plus the additional $160 for the blow out. “So your total for everything will come out to $554.” She said it so casually like as if it was normal for someone to spend that much on their hair. I stared at her with wide eyes, still trying to comprehend the number she just said to be. I stayed quite for a while, and decided to do it. “Fuck it, you only live once right?” I said causing her to laugh. She started to part my hair into sections, using the clips to clip back the sections of hair she wasn’t working on. 

 An hour in, and she had managed to cute my hair, and finish touching up my roots. Now all that was left, was to do my highlights, and then the blow out, and we were good to go. We had small talks here and there, avoiding any awkward silence between us. Turns out she has been doing hair for 8 years and shes been working here since they opened in 2014. “Doing anything special tonight, since you got this new look?” She asked me as she was wrapping up some strands of my hair in the foil. “Well me and some friends are going to see these boys called the Dolan Twins. They have a show in Freehold tonight. I’m pretty excited!” I couldn’t help but smile at the thought of seeing the boys in person and not in a phone or computer screen. Especially Grayson, I mean of course I loved them both, but it was just something about Grayson that just makes my heart melt. I can see my hairdresser from the mirror looking like she was getting ready to something, but she got interrupted by someone calling her name. She excused herself, and walked towards the back room. I decided to Snapchat the girls, but as expected none of them were up because none of them read my snap. I opened up my Tumblr app and began scrolling through it reading a few imagines that I came across to kill the time. I was deep into my reading, when a voice broke me out of my concentration. 

 "I’ll be taking over for Rachel, she has someone coming in for a haircut in a few. You don’t mind do you sweetie?” the lady asked. “No, not at all. I understand.” I said looking up from my phone and into the mirror. I felt my eyes bulge out of my head, and my mouth hung open. It was Lisa freaking Dolan. As in Grayson Dolan, and Ethan Dolan’s mom! She works here? I asked myself. Trying to find a logical answer for what is happening. “I’m guessing you know who I am?” she asked with a chuckle. I couldn’t find the words to speak, all I did was nod my head, still in shock. “Well welcome to Bloom. This is my salon.” she said with a smile. Now I see where the twins get their smile from. I’m currently sitting in Mrs. Dolan’s salon, and Mrs. Dolan is putting highlight in my hair. What the actual fuck is happening? I took out my phone getting ready to snap something. I flipped it over to the selfie camera, put on the flower crown filter on. I held my phone out in front of me getting a good angle of both me, and Mrs. Dolan. She noticed, and bent down so she could fit in the frame. She flashed a smile, and I quickly took the picture, sending it to the girls. They were gonna flip when they see this! I was on my phone, while Mrs. Dolan was finishing up the last section of my hair. “Rachel the boys are here!” Mrs. Dolan said causing me to look up from my phone. I was looking at myself in the mirror when two familiar figures caught my eye. 

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“No way!” I whispered in disbelief. I guess Mrs. Dolan heard me so she gave me a playful wink. I noticed that they were walking over towards my station, so I just went back on my phone trying to act as natural as possible. Trust me on the inside I was freaking out! They look so much taller in person, and not to mention how muscular they were. I’m guessing they just rolled out of bed, and decided to stop by because their hair was all over the place. Grayson was wearing his Adidas sweats, with a white t- shirt that hugged his arms just right. I couldn’t help but notice we were pretty much matching from head to toe. Goals or what? His hair wasn’t the usual slicked up quiff. It was fluffy, and flopping over to the side. He ran his rather large hand through his hair and that was enough to kill me! Ethan was wearing gray Nike shorts, with a black t-shirt and even with no effort he still looked beautiful. The boys both gave their mom a kiss on the cheek, and it took everything in me not to squeal at the cuteness. I saw they boys look at me so I smiled at them. “Boys, this is Y/N. It’s her first time here.” Mrs. Dolan said, introducing me to the boys. Ethan bent down and gave me a side hug since I was sitting me the salon chair making me shorter then what I was already am compared to me. “Hey Y/N, I’m Ethan, and this is my twin brother Grayson.” he said, and Grayson flashed me the most gorgeous smile revealing his pearly white teeth, and the dimples in his cheeks. “I know who you guys are. I’m actually going to see you guys tonight in Freehold with some friends.” I said, trying my hardest not to sound nervous. 

The boys and I talked for a little bit, I was telling them about the girls, and about how because of them that we all met and became friends. They were honestly the sweetest guys! The boys ended up sitting in the station next to me, and Rachel started on Ethan’s haircut. Mrs. Dolan had finish highlighting and washing my hair, now I’m walking over to the drying station to sit under the dryer. As I started to head over to the drying station I heard Ethan say ”I don’t think that’s where her eyes are Gray.” Was Grayson starring at my ass? I could feel myself blush at the thought of Grayson starring at my ass as I’m walking away. 

I sat down under the dryer, and noticed Grayson walking up taking a seat next to me. He doesn’t say anything he just hands me his phone and I see that Snapchat was opened. I pulled out my phone and opened up the app scanning his phone over my snap code. I added him back and gave him back his phone. “See you tonight.” was all he before turning around going back to Rachel’s station to finish his haircut. He started snapping me, and eventually he asked for my number and we started texting. The dryer went off signaling that my hair was done. Not longer after the dryer went off, another stylist by the name of Michelle came over and told me to follow her to her station. I sat down, and she started on my blow out. I was still texting Grayson, and everytime I looked up from my phone and would catch Grayson starring at me in the mirror with a cheeky smile plastered on his face. I couldn’t help but blush. 

I starred at myself in the mirror, super pleased with how my hair turned out. My hair was now a light brown color, with blonde highlights. The hair stylist gave me soft bouncy curls, that cascade down my back stopping a few inches above my butt. “It looks amazing!” I said, thanking the stylist. I made my way over to the receptionist desk to pay, but she just looked at me and shook her head. “It’s already been taken care of! OH! Grayson wanted me to give you these.” she said handing me a purple envelope. I turned my head around to look at Grayson who was sitting in the salon chair getting his haircut. He winked at me and a smile formed on my lips. I said bye to the receptionist as I walked out the salon, and starting walking towards the car. 

“Oh My God!” I partially screamed as I opened the envelope. I was speechless. There were 5 VIP/Meet&Greet passes for tonight’s show. My phone went off, and it was a snapchat notification. From Grayson. He sent me a snap of me walking out of the salon, and the caption read “I hate to see her go, but I love to watch her leave.” with the peach emoji, eyes, and the smirk. I snapped him back before plugging my phone up the aux as I headed back to the hotel. On the way back to the hotel, I stopped by Starbucks, getting some coffee for all the girls. I couldn’t wait to see the girls faces when I tell them everything that went down this morning. 

* * * *

I got out the elevator and headed towards our hotel room. I reached in my back pocket for the room key and opened the door. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” “WAKE UP!” I screamed. How are they possibly still sleeping? I tried throwing pillows, hairbrushes, and even shoes at them trying to get them to wake up. Nothing worked, all they did was groan and pull the covers to over their heads. 

“I met the twins today.” I said, and as if on queue they all darted up 

“You what?”

“You’re joking?”

“Did you dye your hair?” 

Everybody was speaking at once. “Bitch explain!” Maddi said sitting up on the bed. I told the guys about everything that happened, how I ended up finding that salon, and about how Mrs. Dolan ended up doing my hair, about the twins, everything. “You guys should check your snaps next time I send something.” I smirked taking a sip from my Starbucks drink. They watched the snap I sent them with Mrs. Dolan and I, and they all looked at me in disbelief. “Ok, but did you really spend $554 on your hair?” “I mean your hair looks really good, but $554 is a little bit over priced!” Aisha said stroking my hair. “Bitch a bit? That’s my car note!” Angie said taking a bite of her bagel. “That’s the thing though. I kind of didn’t pay….” my voice trailed off looking at the girls who all had a confused expression. “Ok, I’m confused again.” Miranda said. I giggled remembering how Grayson was sweet enough to pay for my hair. He didn’t have to do that, but it was sweet. I was bought back from my thoughts with the girls all yelling at me, asking to tell them what happened. “Well when I was getting ready to pay, the receptionist told me it was already taken care of. Apparently Grayson paid for it an-” I got cut off. “WHAT?” the girls all said in unison. “I regret not going with you. I’m so stupid. Why do I like sleep so much?” Angie said, causing me to laugh. “That’s not all though.” I said walking towards my purse to get the purple envelope. “Y/N I swear to god if you tell me you 2 had sex, I’m gonna kill myself!” Maddi said, her accent causing all of us to break out into a fit of laughter. “She went for a haircut and ended up getting the Grayson Dolan special.” the girls were still laughing at Maddi and her jokes. I didn’t say anything I just pulled out the 5 VIP/Meet&Greet passes and held them up. Tonight was going to be the best night ever.

We needed to leave around 5 in order to make it to the show for 7. It was an hour and 15 minute drive from Morristown, New Jersey to Freehold, New Jersey. So we wanted to make sure we had enough time just in case there was traffic, and plus we were going to need to find parking. Hopefully the line to enter wouldn’t be too long that way we can get a decent spot in the audience.

We were all finishing up getting ready in the hotel room. I helped them with their hair, and we all helped each other with our make up. Angie finished helping me putting on some highlight, so I was in the bathroom getting dressed. I decided to wear my black high waist shorts with a 4OU t-shirt that I made into a crop top. I didn’t need to do anything to my hair, because it still looked good from this morning. So I decided to wear the infamous pink “But I’m A Savage” hat, that I happen to be obsessed with! I put on my black hi-top Vans and looked in the mirror. I was pleased with how my outfit looked and how I looked in it. The shorts hugged my curves in all the right places. Especially in the booty area. I walked out the bathroom, and everybody looked stunning. We weren’t over dressed. We kept it simple and casual, but still very cute.

* * * *

We pulled up to the venue, and it was 6:20pm. We probably would’ve gotten here sooner but Angie insisted she knew a short cut. It didn’t take us that long to find a parking spot, I guess since most of the fans were younger they didn’t really know how to drive yet so their parents dropped them off. We parked, and started walking over to the enterance. “Great! Look how long the line is!” I huffed. After 15 minutes of standing in line, we were finally inside. The guy at the door checked out tickets, and started speaking into his walkie talkie. We looked at each other confused, when he began to say our names to the person on the other end. After a couple seconds, some guy Maddi had recongized as the twins security guard approached us. He greeted us, and told us to follow him. We heard comments coming from the other girls but we honestly didn’t care.

We ended up somewhere backstage, and the security guard told us that we would be watching the show from here. We were all standing on the side of the stage, talking, and waiting for the show to start. 

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The lights went dim, and the video for their intro came on, and the crowd went crazy! We watched the show, our stomachs hurting from laughter. They were finishing up their Q&A and starting to wrap up the show. I starred at the boys in awe. I couldn’t believe I was here. This was unbelievable, I got my hair done in Mrs. Dolan salon. I got to meet the twins, Grayson Dolan asked for my Snapchat, and now I’m here, backstage watching the show with the 4 most amazing friends ever! This day couldn’t have gone any better. I was pulled out of my thoughts from one of the girls shaking my shoulders. It was Aisha. They were all telling me to go. Go? Go where? "What?” I asked confused. But then I heard my name being called. It was Grayson. I starred at him confused, not understanding what he was trying to do. Grayson walked towards me, and held my hand pulling me out onto the stage with him. “Guys this is Y/N. I met her today, and she’s honestly super amazing. She was at our mom’s hair salon getting her hair done, and we exchanged snaps, and I gave her my number and we sort of just clicked.” I was in complete shock at what was happening. I’m honestly surprised I haven’t ran off the stage yet. “Earlier in the show, I was dared to do something totally crazy, and something I’ve done before.” “Well I’ve never really asked anybody out on stage before so….” He paused for a moment, licked his lips. “Y/N do you wanna go get pizza with me after the show?” The crowd started cheering, and a bunch of “awws” were coming from the side of the stage. “Yes, I would love too!” I said. I was probably as red as a tomato right now. Grayson pulled me into a hug, and I felt his right hand cuff my butt, causing me to bite my bottom lip. The girls started wolf whistling from the side, causing me to hide my face into Grayson’s chest. “And if you guys want hair like Y/N come to Bloom, and hit up our mom!” I twirled and flipped my hair, playfully curtsying at the girls in the audience before I walked off the stage and back to my group of friends.

“WE LOVE YOU! PEACE!” the boys yelled before running backstage. We waited for the boys in their dressing room. We were talking about the show, and how it was the best experience we had, and how happy we were to have experienced it together. After about 30 mins, the boys showed up. “You ready Y/N?” Grayson said when he walked into the room. “Of course she’s ready.” Angie said, making everyone in the room including Ethan and Grayson laugh. I told the girls bye, and that I’ll see them later before I started heading out the door with Grayson. 

“You kids behave!” Miranda shouted. I flicked them off, and closed the door behind me. Grayson held my hand in his, as we made our way out the venue, and into his truck, heading out for our date.

cotton candy

“What. The fuck.”

Simon grinned devilishly. “You like it?” He shook his hair into his face, then ran his hand through it. It was pink.

“I’ve been gone for two days,” I exclaimed, taking in the pastel shade.

“You’ve been gone for too long,” he said, arms outstretched. I walked into them and he squeezed me into a tight hug, placing a gentle, teasing kiss on my collarbone. I smiled.

“I do like it,” I admitted, burying my face in his curls. “Looks like cotton candy.”

“That’s the name of the shade!” His excitement was childlike. “And the woman who styled it said I had such beautiful hair. She said I would look good with any color.” He waggled his eyebrows at me.

“One step at a time, Snow. Let me get used to this first.” He pulled back a little, still in my arms. My fingers played with the belt loops on the waistband of his jeans.

“Maybe you should dye your hair,” he suggested.

“I don’t think so,” I laughed.

“I’m sure I can convince you.” He tugged softly at a piece of hair falling into my face and smiled. He was right. He could probably convince me of anything.

Different Earth's, Same Idea

Sorry for the wait! Enjoy!

Request: You’re Barry’s sibling on this earth and Cisco and you’ve never thought about a relationship ever. But then an alternate you pops in for some reason and lays one on Cisco which makes you super jealous and everything super awkward. But you all get a happy ending. (Word Count: 3884)

Originally posted by sssssssim

Growing up as Barry’s little sister wasn’t always easy. After we’d lost our Mom and our father was arrested, things were just slightly different. Yes, we were close, but I think we were both too afraid of losing the other that there was always a distance between us.

As a result, our paths, while traveled together, always had some firm line between it. He became a forensic scientist and I became a sketch artist, both working for CCPD. Living with the Wests was great, but again, that line was always there between Barry and Iris and I, most likely due to the three year age difference we shared. Even when Barry started spending more time at STAR Labs, I wasn’t immediately notified of the major effect of his lightning incident because Joe wanted to keep his girls safe. Iris was a reporter that had a knack for discovering things, and I was only aware of something if it was drawn out right in front of me. Naturally, you can guess who found out Barry’s big secret first.

And after that, it was like a light had switched back on. Learning how our mother died and that Barry now had the power to protect us seemed to immediately close whatever distance he and I had created. It was a closure to a traumatizing night we both desperately needed. And it was one thing that Eobard Thawne had managed to do right: merge my brother and I’s paths back onto the same road.
 As a result, I had two other families I fit in with: the Wests and the STAR Labs team.

And that’s all we were. Family. No harboring feelings for anyone, good or bad. I wasn’t secretly longing for a certain mechanical engineer that was a great friend for both Barry and I.

At least… I think that was the case. Until she had come along.

It was a good night as Team Flash celebrated another win. Caitlin and I were heading the Cortex as both Barry and Cisco were out on the field, an exciting moment for both guys as it was the first official outing for Vibe, and so far it was going really well.

“Alright, boys! That’s a wrap for tonight, so go ahead and come back so the Doctor can patch you up!” I smirked at Caitlin as I leaned back in the chair. I could hear the two superheroes’ confirmation and rolled my chair towards the brunette.


“We never finished our conversation.” Caitlin rolled her eyes with a gentle smile.

“We went out for dinner and had a nice time.” At my grin, she shook her head. “It really isn’t anything. Julian and I are just friends!”

“Uh-huh. Surrre.”

She glared at me, losing the seriousness as a small grin was on her face. Her grin widened though as she squinted her eyes briefly. “What about you? Anyone caught your eye lately?”

I thought briefly about it. Between work at CCPD and work at STAR Labs, there really wasn’t anytime to see or meet anyone new. The closest I got to hanging out with another male (that wasn’t my brother) was Cisco and our office movie nights. It was a way to keep ourselves sane during nights when he needed to work on superhero stuff and I needed to work on police stuff (and there were plenty of them).

Subconsciously, I smiled as I remembered last night’s argument over The Princess Bride, a movie I refused to see simply because it ticked Cisco off.

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The Dynamic between Kylo & Rey and where it can go: A parallel analysis with the Shatter Me trilogy

This meta is a collaboration between my friend @sillylovesongs17 and me. We decided to do this after I told her to read the books because I didn’t want to scream alone about this series. We think this is a wonderful example of what a relationship between Kylo and Rey should look like in the next movies and we hope you have fun reading this meta.

WARNING: There will be spoilers about Shatter Me and Star Wars.

Shatter Me is a book series written by Tahereh Mafi. Followed by Unravel Me and Ignite Me, Shatter Me tells the story of Juliette Ferrars, a girl that can kill with a single touch. After being locked up for 264 days, she gains a cellmate, a boy she thought she would never see again as the Reestablishment (the new government in power) has plans for her, Juliette must make a choice: be a weapon or be a warrior.

In this meta we will discuss the possibilities for Kylo and Rey’s relationship and where they might end up at the end of the sequel trilogy comparing them to the very similar relationship of Juliette and Warner in the Shatter Me trilogy.

We are aware that these stories are not the same but both dynamics are similar, sharing a lot of common traits so we’ll only analyze these characters and their dynamic only.

In the surface, Rey and Juliette share little in common. Rey starts of as a very capable scavenger, she can hold her own against enemies because she had a lot of time to learn how to defend herself in Jakku. In contrast, Juliette starts as a fragile girl, she’s locked in a cell for quite some time because of her lethal abilities and is on the verge of losing her mind.

But they do share similarities. Both girls were born with powerful gifts: Rey is force sensitive and Juliette has a lethal touch. She was abandoned by her parents because of her abilities and if the leaks about Ep. VIII are correct Rey’s parents did the same to her making both wish for belonging.

Rey and Juliette are destined for great things and one more thing they share is their uncommon relationship with the antagonist.

Kylo Ren and Warner share very similar traits, both in personality and their actions. Aaron Warner is the leader of Sector 45, viewed as a cruel sociopath by his soldiers and enemies he hides behind this mask not allowing anyone to see the real him until he meets Juliette.

With Kylo we have the same pattern, his descent into darkness is only stopped when he meets Rey. He senses that she’s special and their connection only grows after their first interaction.

Both Kylo and Warner are trying to please their leaders who abused them mentally and, in Warner’s case, also physically. In Star Wars, the Leader is Snoke, someone that according to the book “Aftermath: Empire’s End” has been watching and manipulating Kylo since before he was even born.

In Shatter Me, the Leader is Anderson, Warner’s father who treats him like shit. He taught Warner to be merciless and cruel hoping that would destroy the gentle nature of his son.

Warner and Kylo are both murderers, they don’t deny it but find no pleasure in harming someone. They are passionate and intense characters with a great sense of style and beautiful hair (sorry).

The point is, Shatter Me is a trilogy, divided exactly like the Star Wars movies. So, we will show how their dynamics are similar and with luck Mafi’s books will illuminate us, the reylos.

                 Shatter Me and The Force Awakens: 

                            Presenting the Characters

The book starts with Juliette in prison after years of passing through countless reformatories and mental institutions, her last home is now a solitary cell where she’s been locked for 264 days without no one to talk to but herself.

The only thing that keeps her from losing her mind entirely is the bird she dreams about it:

“Instead, I ignore the desperation sticking my fingers together and watch for the bird I’ve only seen in my dreams.”


“I’ve dreamt about the same bird flying through the same sky for exactly 10 years. White with streaks of gold like a crown atop its head.

It’s the only dream I have that gives me peace.” – Shatter Me. Chapter 6. Pg. 21.

Everything changes when a boy joins her. Adam is someone from her past but he appears to no longer remember her. They talk sometimes but never touch until she discovers that Adam works for the Reestablishment and he was only there to evaluate her.

She’s brought to the headquarters of Sector 45 and is immediately interrogated by Warner. His looks and youth weren’t what she was expecting it:

“I’m immediately struck by his youth. He can’t be much older than me.

It’s obvious he’s in charge of something, though I have no idea what. His skin is flawless, unblemished, his jawline sharp and strong. His eyes are

the palest shade of emerald I’ve ever seen.

He’s beautiful.” – Shatter Me. Chapter 8. Pg. 25.

This is a great parallel with Rey and Kylo’s first meeting. When Kylo removes his mask, Rey is expecting a disfigured almost robotic person and his looks caught her off guard:

“She just stared at him in silence.
In itself the narrow face that looked back at her was not remarkable. It was almost sensitive. If not for the intensity of his gaze, Ren could have passed for someone she might have met on the dusty streets of Niima Outpost. But there was—that gaze. That, and what lay simmering behind it.” - TFA Novelization, Chapter 14.

“That happens when you’re being hunted by a creature in a mask.

Kylo Ren stops, considers her… then reaches up, unlatches

and REMOVES HIS MASK. Rey reacts, stunned. It takes a moment

before she regains her own mask of defiance.” – TFA Script.

The majority of the book is Warner trying to unlock Juliette’s power while she falls in love for Adam who has feelings for her. She discovers that he can, somehow, touch her and they start a relationship without Warner knowing about it. He tries to test her powers and pushes her to her limits using not so good ways to do it but it works with Juliette discovering her super force.

On TFA we see Kylo trying to get inside Rey’s mind. This works like a test, and she discovers she is Force Sensitive. Then Kylo Ren and Rey also create a bond (a deep connection, a link…). For Warner and Juliette this came with him touching her without being killed.

Juliette escapes with Adam leaving Warner in all his anger and confusion. Adam is Juliette’s love interest throughout the first book and since Rey doesn’t have a love interest in TFA there isn’t much to compare. Finn, who is Rey’s companion in the movie is more like Kenji Kishimoto, Julliette’s best friend.

While Kylo’s feelings for Rey aren’t explicitly stated, Warner’s feelings towards Juliette are very clear throughout the first book and even Adam notices that he treats her differently but all she feels for him is hatred and disgust:

“I hate you.”

“So much passion.” He laughs again. He looks so calm, so genuinely amused. He stares at me with eyes softer than I ever expected them to be.

I turn away.” - Shatter Me. Chapter 14.

Juliette and Rey are girls that never had someone who cared for them so the thought of losing Adam and Finn is horrible to them. Warner and Kylo both commit an act of violence against them making their hatred only to solidify. The word “Monster” is used by them to describe Kylo and Warner:

“You’re a monster.” My voice is too even, my body filled with a sudden rage. “Why don’t you just kill me?” - Shatter Me, Chapter 9.

“Ren held his lightsaber, poised to strike. “I could kill you right now. But there is another way.” Breathing hard, Rey looked up in disgust at the man looming above her. “You’re a monster.” – TFA Novelization.

Even with their feelings made clear both men still want these powerful women by their side:

“You and I, Juliette—together? We could be unstoppable.”

I will not look at him though I feel his gaze touching every inch of my body. “No, thank you.”

We’re in the elevator. The world is whooshing past us and the walls of glass make us a spectacle to every person on every floor. There are no secrets in this building.

He touches my elbow and I pull away. “You might reconsider,” he says softly. - Shatter Me. Chapter 13.

“No. You need a teacher.” He was beseeching and insistent all at once. “I can show you the ways of the Force.” – TFA Novelization.

At the end, they both fight. Who wins? Yes, the girls. Rey uses the Force and kicks Kylo’s ass. Juliette uses the attraction that Warner feels for her and shoots him. Then both women runaway with their friends and find their resistance. The men are hurt, but still alive.

                     Unravel Me and The Last Jedi: 

                          Finding Common Ground

Since The Last Jedi isn’t out yet we will analyze the events of Unravel Me and compare to what may happen in TLJ based in what we know so far.

After scaping from Warner, Juliette and Adam are brought to the resistance by Kenji, their friend. There she meets Castle, a mentor for her, that wants her to train and learn more about her abilities but it’s hard for her. She can’t concentrate in her training and everything seems out of place. As her relationship with Adam starts to crumble, her dreams come back and she doesn’t understand:

“The dreams are back.

They’d left me for a while, shortly after I’d been freshly imprisoned on base with Warner. I thought I’d lost the bird, the white bird, the bird with streaks of gold like a crown atop its head.

(…) It was my one piece of hope in the bitter darkness of the asylum, just until I met its twin tattooed on Adam’s chest.

(..) I thought it was a signal, a message telling me I was finally safe. That I’d flown away and finally found peace, sanctuary.

I didn’t expect to see the bird again.


I’ve had the same dream every night for the past week, and all 7 mornings I’ve woken up shaking, shuddering into the earthy, icy air, struggling to steady the bleating in my chest.

Struggling to understand what this means.” – Unravel Me. Chapter 4. Pg. 28.

The belonging she thought she had found with Adam and Castle’s resistance isn’t real, she still feels incomplete like something is missing.

The same can be said that this might happen with Rey. After her forceback, Maz tells her that the belonging she seeks it’s not behind, in the past, but ahead in her future. Rey thinks it’s about Luke and becoming a Jedi but she might find out that the belonging she wants rests with another person.

Rian Johnson compared TLJ to Letter Never Sent regarding how the story shifts in the middle surprising the audience. We know that Rey and Kylo don’t have the basic hero/villain dynamic and this could be one of the surprising elements. Showcasing their bond and the connection they feel to each other but for this to happen they need to spend time together.

In Unravel Me, Juliette’s feelings about Warner starts to change when she sees him commit an act of kindness:

“And I wish I’d never seen it.

Because something inside of my heart is ripping apart and it feels like fear, it tastes like panic and anxiety and desperation and I don’t know how to understand the image in front of me. I don’t want to see Warner like this. I don’t want to think of him as anything other than a monster.” – Unravel me. Chapter 20. Pg. 101.

Her doubts about him only increases when she meets him again, this time with his father Anderson, the Leader of the Reestablishment:

“And I see the difference in him now. I see what’s changed.

He’s making no effort to hide his emotions from me.” – Unravel Me. Chapter 35. Pg. 154.

Anderson knows about his son’s feelings towards Juliette and plans to kill her in front of him to teach him a lesson:

“The mistake”, he says, almost announcing it now, “that he always makes, time and time again – allowing his emotions to get in the way of his duty – it’s pathetic”, he says, spitting in Warner’s direction. “Which is why as much as I’d like to let you live, my dear, I’m afraid you’re too much of a distraction in his life. I cannot allow him to protect a person who has attempted to kill him” – Unravel Me. Chapter 35. Pg. 157.

Just as we suspected that this was what Snoke wanted to do with Rey, to kill her in front of Kylo because he felt compassion for her:

“Kylo Ren. It appears that a reminder is in order. So, I will show you the dark side. Bring the girl to me.” – TFA Novelization.

Juliette wins over Anderson and Warner is taken as hostage by their resistance. Once there, Castle states that Juliette must interrogate Warner because he’ll only talk to her.

They spent time together and the connection she feels with Warner is stronger than everything she has ever felt:

“Because there’s something about him – there’s always been something about him that’s intrigued me and I don’t understand it. I wish I could ignore it but I can’t.” – Unravel Me. Chapter 50. Pg. 203.

“But I know that I don’t hate you anymore. I’ve tried,” I say, “I’ve tried so hard. Because you’ve done so many terrible, terrible things. To innocent people. To me. But I know too much about you now. I’ve seen too much. You’re too human.” – Unravel Me. Chapter 50. Pg. 207.

They start a strange relationship, Warner thinks he knows her, knows what she feels and she is confused about Warner, not wanting to believe that he can be more than a monster. She likes to spend time with him and she hates herself for that.

She’s the only person to who Warner is kind. He sees her as his equal and explains why he wanted her by his side:

“He looks at me. Really, really looks at me.

“You’re going to go on to do incredible things,” he says. I’ve always known that. I think I just wanted to be a part of it.” – Unravel Me. Chapter 52. Pg. 218.

When Warner discovers that he has abilities, Castle offers him a place there, in their resistance but Warner refuses. That’s not who he is, he can’t change for a matter of days and forget everything he’s done. He knows nothing is that easy because he can sense other people’s feelings, he can feel the hate they have for him and that’s why he can’t stay:

“Feel what?” I whisper.

“What people think of me.”


“Their feelings – their energy – it’s – I don’t know what it is,” he says, frustrated, stumbling backward, shaking his head. “I’ve always been able to tell. I know how everyone hates me. I know how little my father cares for me. I know the agony of my mother’s heart. I know that you’re not like everyone else.” His voice catches. “I know you’re telling the truth when you say you don’t hate me. That you want to and you can’t. Because there’s no ill will in your heart, not toward me, and if there was I would know.” – Unravel Me. Chapter 54. Pg. 227.

Their feelings for one another are so strong that they almost have sex. Warner wants Juliette to go with him, they fight and he escapes alone.

Now back to TLJ, we know that Kylo and Rey will spend some time together on Ahch-To. According to some leaks, Kylo will go after Rey maybe finding her by their “mysterious connection”. He will be stuck on the island with Rey and Luke. Their relationship will evolve (without the “almost have sex” thing, of course), and they will get out of Ahch-To, so who knows?

We only know for certain that Kylo and Rey need to spend time together, their understanding of one another in TLJ is crucial to their future.

Another thing that we will have to wait and see is the answer about Rey’s family. Mafi’s trilogy could give us a way. Juliette was abandoned by her family and we don’t meet them. She is no one, her parents aren’t important to the story only Juliette and the discovery of her abilities are.  It’s a good contrast to Warner’s background, he is like royalty, son of the Reestablishment’s Supreme Leader.

A broken young man that meets a strange powerful girl with who he shares a connection. Sounds like something we know?

At the end of book two, everything goes to shit. Their resistance seems to be over and Juliette and Warner seems to be the only survivors making their mission to destroy Anderson.

Based on leaks, it seems that Luke and Rey get off the island and go their separate ways. Luke goes after Snoke while Rey goes after Kylo. If their connection is truly explained and deepened in this movie maybe Rey asks his help to defeat Snoke (we can only hope).

         Ignite Me and Episode IX: A forged Alliance?

This segment is basically our hopes and dreams for Rey and Kylo’s relationship since we have no clue to what will happen in Episode IX.

Ignite me sums up everything that me and Lu want for reylo. Obviously, we don’t know anything about the last movie but we want to show you what happens in the last book of the Shatter Me trilogy. Oh, and dream a little.

Juliette is now a strong woman who wants to make things better for the people. She decides to kill Anderson and stop the Reestablishment. Warner doesn’t change so much, he still cold, quiet, with a beautiful hair and only cares about Juliette, the love of his life.

Juliette and Warner spend the whole book together. He’s now the only one she can trust and their bond only grows as the trust is built between them. Warner believes in her and see her as an equal something that Juliette never had before:

“I like the way I feel about myself when I’m with him,” I say quietly. “Warner thinks I’m strong and smart and capable and he actually values my opinion. He makes me feel like his equal – like I can accomplish just as much as he can, and more. And if I do something incredible, he’s not even surprised. He expects it. He doesn’t treat me like I’m some fragile little girl who needs to be protected all the time.” – Ignite Me. Chapter 25. Pg. 105.

In return, Juliette sees the real Warner, someone he tried to hide for so long that he almost lost sight of himself:

“You allow the world to think you’re a heartless murderer,” I tell him. “And you’re not.” – Ignite Me. Chapter 4.

He tells everything to Juliette about his sick mother, why he freed her in the beginning, about the men he killed and everything he did for her. The girl now understands that he is a soldier and not a monster. Juliette finally understands him completely and she accepts who he is, the good and the bad parts of him:

“I’m not trying to fix you; I don’t think you need to be fixed. I’m not trying to turn you into someone else. I only want you to be who you really are. Because I think I know the real you. I think I’ve seen him.” – Ignite Me. Chapter 29. Pg. 120.

If Kylo and Rey spent so much time together as did Warner and Juliette this would be the kind of development that we could see happening between them. They aren’t black and white characters, both Rey and Kylo have darkness in them and the acceptance of each other’s darkness (and light) is crucial to bring balance to them and The Force.

Juliette finally understands what her dreams meant and (shocker) this is the belonging she looked for:

A white bird with streaks of gold like a crown atop its head.
A fair-skinned boy with gold hair, the leader of Sector 45.
It was always him. All along.” – Ignite Me. Chapter 31. Pg. 124.

Juliette only acknowledges that her feelings for him are indeed romantic in the last chapters of the book. That is something that we would like if it happened to Rey and Kylo at the end of the movie.

“What – ‘’ Warner is blinking fast. His voice is fragile, uneven. “What are you saying?”

“I love you,” I whisper. “I love you exactly as you are.” – Ignite Me. Chapter 55. Pg. 200.

Also in this book, Warner loses his mother and Juliette is the only one there to comfort him. The only thing we know about Episode IX is that Leia is not there but this will certainly affect Kylo’s storyline.

“I’ve never, ever seen him look like a child before. Never, not once, not in all the time I’ve known him. But right now, he looks just like a little boy. Scared. Vulnerable. All alone.


“His eyes are red-rimmed and a startling, striking shade of green, shining with barely restrained emotion. His face is the picture of so much pain.

I almost can’t breathe.” – Ignite Me. Chapter 50. Pg. 189.

Now our favorite part is obviously Juliette and Warner working together. They make an alliance and built their own resistance gathering the survivors of the last battle along with Juliette’s friends to fight against the Reestablishment.

I mean, don’t we all want to see Kylo and Rey kicking Snoke’s ass (or Hux, sorry I’m not sorry at all), using the force bond and being amazing together?

This was basically it. We wanted to show how the writer wrote this very similar dynamic respecting the characters and their development making them a couple you want to root for. We expect reylo to be subtler than a YA book since their audience is PG but if TLJ follows just a bit of this same path we don’t need to be worried about Episode IX at all.

Edwin Week Day 2: Hair

Sooo, I realize this starts out mostly as parental Roy and Riza stuff, but I promise it’s Edwin eventually. >_>

Pairing: EdwardxWinry (implied RoyxRiza)
Genre: Fluff, Humor, Gen
Word Count: 1218
Summary: It’s Edward and Winry’s wedding day, but Winry can’t find anyone to help with her hair.

This is also posted on Fanfiction.Net and AO3.


Winry’s wedding dress flowed behind her as she hurried around the Rockbell home trying to find someone that could help with her hair. She thought she could do it herself, but it turned out that getting her hair to be perfect for her perfect day was a little harder than she imagined it would be. The wedding was only two hours away and her hair was a mess.

“Winry, you look lovely.”

Winry stopped in her tracks and turned to find Riza Hawkeye smiling at her from the doorway to the room she and General Mustang were staying in. They only had one extra room to offer and despite Mustang and Hawkeye being against sharing a room at first, they seemed fine once they got settled. Almost like they were used to each other’s company in such close quarters.

“MIss Riza! Oh thank goodness, I need your help!”

Riza blinked at the younger girl’s obvious distress.

“What’s wrong?”

“My hair! I thought I could do it myself, but it’s not coming out right and I need it to be perfect and I couldn’t find anyone to help and–”

“Winry, calm down. You need someone to do your hair for you?”

Winry took a deep breath to calm herself and nodded.

“Yes, I do, would you be able to help me?”

Riza thought for a moment.

“Well I can certainly try.”

“Oh thank you, thank you!”

Winry ran up and hugged Riza who was surprised by the sudden attack of affection, but she smiled and reassured Winry that everything was going to be fine and that she shouldn’t be nervous on what was going to be the best day of her life.

The two walked into Winry’s room and Riza dragged a chair over to the bed. She instructed Winry to sit on it while she sat on the bed. After a few minutes, Winry seemed to relax, calmed by the fact that someone was fixing the problem that had been plaguing her all morning.

“You know,” Riza said suddenly, breaking the peaceful silence in the room. “The General is much better at this than I am.”

Winry couldn’t believe what she had just heard and her eyebrows rose into her hairline.

“What? No way! Really?”

Riza smiled and nodded.

“Yes, he grew up with many…sisters who taught him how to style hair at a young age.”

“How do you know this? I thought you were only his bodyguard?”

Riza blushed, realizing her slip up.

“He…mentioned it once when the team was out for drinks. Apparently the silly man blabs about himself when he’s drunk.”

Winry was skeptical, but decided to drop the subject. For now. Instead she giggled and turned to gage Riza’s expression.

“That’s so funny.”

Riza chuckled and nodded.

“Isn’t it? In any case, would you like me to find him for you?”

“Oh yes, please!”

Riza smiled and stood, exiting the room to find Roy. Winry played with the satin and lace on her dress for a few minutes before Roy entered the room with Riza right behind him.

“I hear you needed some help with a hair style?” Roy grinned and walked over to Winry, taking a seat on the bed behind her chair.

“Thank you so much for the help, General. I hate to be a bother…”

“Nonsense! You’re no bother at all. This is your day, you get to boss everyone around and we have to take it.”

Winry smiled, but fidgeted as Roy started to style her hair. Riza noticed a far off look in the girl’s eyes and frowned.

“I…My dad used to braid my hair when I was little,” Winry spoke quietly. “You…remind me of him a bit.”

Roy’s hands stalled for a moment in her hair before resuming what he was doing. He stole a glance at Riza and she stared back at him with a sad look in her eye.


“Um…I know this is such short notice and it might be kind of weird, but, um, would you…would you walk me down the aisle in his place? You’ve been such a huge part of Ed’s life and I know how much you both mean to him even if he’d never admit it. You’re almost like family so…we talked about it, but I never got around to asking you. If you don’t feel comfortable I understand…”

Roy was speechless and stopped doing her hair, looking again at Riza with a look that was a mixture of pain and surprise. Finally he stood and crouched down in front of Winry, placing a hand on her shoulder. She looked up at him and he smiled.

“I would be honored. For you to ask such a thing of me is humbling. If it’s what you want and would make you happy, I would love to.”

The smile on Winry’s face was bright and she leapt from her seat to hug Roy.

“Oh thank you, General Mustang. That would mean so much to me.”

Roy laughed and returned her hug before guiding her back to her seat.

“But first, we need to finish your hair or you won’t be walking down that aisle on time.”

Roy was meticulous in his work, careful not to tug too hard and made sure every strand of hair was in the right place. Winry was patient and sat still the entire time it took to finish her hairstyle, but once it was ready, she was almost in tears again and practically bobbed in her seat from excitement.

“Fullmetal is very lucky,” Roy said when he finished, looking at Winry’s reflection in the mirror. “Too lucky, if you ask me. You’re too good for him.”

Winry blushed at the compliment.

“It’s amazing…It’s beautiful, it’s perfect. Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” Roy said standing up to leave the room with Riza. He sent one more smile back to Winry before leaving. “We’ll see you downstairs.”


The look on Edward’s face as Roy walked Winry down the aisle was priceless. His jaw would have hit the ground if it hung open any further and his eyes never left Winry as she slowly made her way toward him. His face was as bright red as a tomato when she arrived at his side.

Edward and Winry’s wedding went off without a hitch and the two couldn’t have been happier. No one could remember the last time they had seen the two of them smiling so much.

On the dance floor, Ed reached up and brushed at the blonde tresses curled around Winry’s ears.

“You like it?” Winry asked. “General Mustang did my hair for me.”

Edward’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of their sockets.

“WHAT? How could that asshole be capable of creating something so beautiful?”

Winry blushed at the compliment and Edward suddenly realized that he called her beautiful and blushed with her.

“You idiot…”

“Well…Well it’s true though! You are beautiful!”

Winry smiled and rested her head on his shoulder as they slowly drifted across the dance floor. Ed returned her smile and tightened his hold on her, bringing her closer and resting his head on hers. It was a perfect end to a perfect day and they couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Sunday Shift

Started off as a memory of when I worked in retail, and grew into this klance fic. Hope you all enjoy :)

Words: 3928

Chapters: 1/1

Characters: Keith, Lance, Allura, mention of Shiro and Pidge 

Pairing: Keith and Lance

Summary: Keith works a lazy Sunday shift at the local drug store, and finds it to be more boring than usual. It isn’t until a stranger makes his way through the front doors that the day takes a sudden, if not more pleasant, turn. 

The lines he had been rehearsing in his head were standard for retail workers. There was the “How can I help you?” line, and the more polite “What can I do for you?” one.  

They were almost second nature by this point, and Keith should have been able to ask them without batting an eye. Unfortunately the lines got muddled somewhere on the road from his brain to his mouth, and ended up coming out as a strangled “How can I do you?”  

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Old art of my OC and friends OCs for an old RP group several years back lmao. They were part of an “All Boys Sports Academy.” My oc is the one in the purple jacket name Sen and he did kick-boxing and he was also the one who wore the school mascot costume during sports games lmao.

anonymous asked:

I'm srry for spamming you for headcannons but I just want to make the most of it before your blog becomes popular (which I'm sure it will) and the ask box closes, so can I have an ideal s/o for Deidara and Neji

*screams* THANK YOU FOR REQUESTING NEJI! Neji has been my favorite character since day one and seeing this request made me happy. Stay tuned anon because someone requested sfw/nsfw for him!

Neji and Deidara’s Ideal S/o:


Originally posted by misstheatricality

  • Personality:
    • Confidence - I genuinely think that Neji is attracted to confidence. He realizes that he’s the cold, stand-offish type, so not many people actually want to approach him. If there is someone out there who’s not afraid to approach him and can act like their normal selves in front of him and sort of “challenge” his attitude, he’s totally game for that person. (Don’t get this confused with cockiness, Neji hates that. That part about challenging him is more in a witty/playful manner)
    • Caring - Neji wants someone who is very caring, okay? Care for this boy with all of your heart. He has been through a lot and his family isn’t exactly the Brady Bunch. I’m sure the Hyuga clan cares about Neji, but that’s on a level of “I care about him because he’s important to the clan.” And even if there are genuine carers within the clan, they don’t exactly show it. So he wants an s/o who’s going to care for him and really show it. I’m not saying spoil him with gifts or shower him with kisses (please don’t do that, especially not in public), but I mean with trivial things. Ask him how his day was, cook him a meal or two, when watching him train compliment him, KISS HIS FOREHEAD. When his s/o kisses his forehead, on the curse mark, this is the ultimate act of caring and intimacy (it’s right up there with sex). It’s because this means that his s/o accepts ALL of him and he just can’t comprehend that. He’ll get HELLA flustered when they do that. 
    • Determined - One of the many traits that stick out to him the most is determination. Neji has goals and he has ideas on how to reach these goals, his partner should have something like this as well. But he wants a partner who is set on reaching their goals and can get back up when knocked down. He would totally want to help them in any way possible. He’d also greatly appreciate it if his s/o could help him reach his goal as well. He first saw determination when fighting with Naruto, and the determination Naruto had ultimately lead him to get rid of his fatalistic outlook on life. So he’s had a pretty good experience with determined people and because of that experience, he wants to surround himself with people of similar nature. He thinks that lots of good will come if he does this.
  • Hobbies:
    • Meditation/Yoga - One of Neji’s favorite hobbies is to meditate. He also has a small thing for yoga. He would love it if his s/o had similar interests, that way the two of them could bond and relax together. He would definitely ask them what their favorite yoga position is, what scents and sounds they like to meditate/ do yoga to, stuff like that.
    • Poetry - I would put Neji into the same boat as Kakashi and he low-key likes poetry. I imagine him stumbling across an Edgar Allen Poe book in the Hyuga library and just falling in love with poetry. He enjoys the dark poems that pull at the heart-strings and make people really look back at their life, and he likes (but will never admit) sappy love poems (think Christopher Pointdexter), he also has a knack for good allusions. I’m not saying his s/o has to write poetry, those would just be bonus points. But his s/o should be able to tell him their favorite poem, their favorite line, and should totally be ready to go to poetry jams at coffee houses. 
    • Dancing - I really think Neji would be into someone who could dance. He wouldn’t exactly participate unless it were like waltzing, possibly a tango (because those dances are super intimate), but he would enjoy watching. He likes the way their body moves (as long as the dance is tasteful!) and likes the history behind the dance - if their is one. The reason he also likes dance is because it’s something he can’t do (it would take a lot of work to teach him how to dance), so he really appreciates anyone who has a talent he does not have.   
  •  Looks:
    • Soft Eyes - he doesn’t have a color preference, the shape should just be soft.
    • He definitely likes a muscular body type.
    • Long hair, he doesn’t care about the style, but I believe he would want anything BUT straight hair. Also I think he would want someone who has a lighter hair color, just or some contrast between the two.
    • Either same height or shorter than him . 


Originally posted by midorkiya

  • Personality:
    • Knowing (bare with me here) - I think Deidara would want a s/o who knows exactly what they are getting into when they are dating him. He can’t have an s/o who thinks that she’s just dating him, they need to know that once they are dating him they’re in league with the Akatsuki. His s/o is going to have to understand that they become a target when they date him. They need to know everything. It wouldn’t work any other way, he hates innocent and naive people. 
    • Balanced - Deidara is a very chill and a very laid back type of guy. He doesn’t really have the patience to deal with someone who is hyper like Toby or stoic like Sasori. He would rather have a person who is a nice balance of the two. He DOES admire Tobi’s attitude but because Deidara is exposed to it in high doses, he finds it annoying. So he would want an s/o who can produce a mild form of Toby’s energetic personality and help him have a good time every so often. But he would also want his s/o to be serious like Sasori. He likes Sasori’s serious attitude, but again, he is ALWAYS serious so it’s never really fun. Deidara’s future s/o should be serious during battle and should be serious from time to time with him when it’s absolutely necessary. Other than that, his s/o should be able to relax with him. It’s all about being neutral with this Akatsuki member.
    • Open Minded - This is where Deidara’s love of art comes in. Art is supposed to be interpreted differently by anyone who views it, and while Deidara does have a specific idea on how most art should be viewed, he respects anyones interpretation, even if they’re different from his own. With that being said, his s/o should be like him when it comes to looking at the beauty of things - specifically art. I also feel that Deidara probably has a lot of strange views on life itself and he would want to discuss them with his s/o without having the fear of being judged. I also have a feeling that he will show his s/o different forms of his explosives and wants their honest opinion about each and every one - free of any judgement. 
  • Hobbies:
    • Art - Forgive me cliche gods. Okay, but how did people not see this coming? Deidara wants someone who has some artistic bone within them. They don’t even have to be an artist like he, they could just simply admire art with him. However, I think he would PREFER someone who has an art hobby. And lets keep in mind that art isn’t just painting and explosives. It’s acting, writing, poetry, puppet making, photography, calligraphy, pottery making, dancing, gardening (in some cases). If his s/o even has one of these forms of art as a hobby, he would be satisfied. (If his s/o was an actor/actress, I could totally see Deidara sitting front row at every performance).
    • Hiking - Deidara is definitely the outdoorsy type and would like an s/o who could accompany him on long walks OR on long flights with his clay bird. He likes going on hikes/flights at night because A) He enjoys looking at the stars and B) He likes setting off fireworks and creating a fireworks show for him and his s/o. 
    • Baking - Deidara has a very big sweet tooth and would enjoy it if his s/o could bake. He also likes the process of baking: watching things mix, the procedure of whipping things, he likes watching cakes rise, and all that jazz. His favorite part about baking though (besides the end result) is the art that goes into decorating said sweet. He likes watching his s/o build things out of fondant and draw things with frosting. This also suits his art style because he likes art to be in the moment and short lived, so his s/o will bake something, make it pretty, then he’ll eat it and the art they created is gone. 
  • Looks:
    • Short hair, definitely hair that’s shorter than his. I think he’d like shoulder length and shorter. As for color, he’d probably go for unnatural colors, something dyed - pinks, electric blues, a nice shade of green. 
    • Would want someone with dark eyes - brown, hazel, grey, a dark blue, a dark green, black.
    • He’d want someone with sharp facial features.
    • As for body type, he’d want someone who’s the same height as him and someone with the average weight (as in not too muscular).

introvertedslytherin  asked:

HeyyyI l am absolutely in love with ur style and art! Are u going to do some kind of videos like : how to draw hair,eyes,face etc. I think it'd be so helpful for people who are trying to make better art. A lot of people would appreciate that(including me). Anyways, thank u for inspiration u gave me,ur channel was one of the reasons I even started drawing. Love from Poland <3

thank you!!! ahh this makes me so happy! I’m glad my channel could be helpful :’D I really want to, but I’m a terrible teacher 😅  I really want to help, and I will try to make videos soon, but I don’t know when I’ll be ready to :P

anonymous asked:

Please do a tutorial for hair I'm so bad at it

i feel ya’

so this is what i learned from mistakes

ok so imma go for the most common “ya better not do that”’s that i notice sometimes


Don’t make hair this plane


don’t draw the hair sticked to the head shape, idk if i explain myself. Have u seen those drawings on Deviantart where some people uses bases???? >>> like this <<< yeah don’t do that, both hair and clothes…don’t

In my art style i tend to draw the hair in parts. It’s obviously not necessary, DON’T BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT.


Don’t make the hair fuzzy like, I see this specially long hair. Remember is long hair, LONG HAIR. 


Hair has place where it starts and where it ends growing. I recommend to draw the limits before drawing hair if u feel u have problems with it



….there’s not much to say about this one tbh, but remember to give them a forehead!!! it really affects when you draw hair, or at least in my opinion


U S E  R E F E R E N C E S!!!!

i know i know, is a pain in the butt to hear this all time, bUT IMMA TELL YOU A GOOD SOURCE OF REFERENCES THAT HELPED ME ALOT TO IMPROVE DRAWING HAIR, LIKE, ALOT



Even if you’re not a fan of anime u should check out some pictures or watch a mainstream or whatever anime, I understand there’s people who are totally not into it and even hate it, but if you really want to improve drawing hair you should give it try. Study the way the hair looks, There’s obviously animes where the hair is super detailed but just check the simple things


(Durarara,,,, 100000% would recommend tbh)

here’s a pic where you can see the basic form the hair has. Try imitating (not copying) the hair style, you can add more volume, make it a bit shorter, do whatever you want!!!! You can try drawing the hair style in your art style, it helps, believe me!!! it obviously won’t be perfect at the first try, it’s all about practice

If you really decide to not give it a try, check your favorite artists. If there’s someone you really admire, study the way they draw hair and try imitating it.

As you can see i’m not the best explaining….sorry bout that, but i hope i helped at least a bit

Here are some examples of hair!

Amor Vincit Omnia

Pairing :  Yoongi/ OC.

Chapter count : 20

Genre : Violence , Romance, Drama ( like a lot of drama)

Warnings : Abuse. Violence.  

Description :  Arranged Marriage Gang! AU . BTS Suga/Min Yoongi and OC . The worst thing you can do to a guy? Marry him when he begs you not to. Worst thing you can do to yourself? Fall in love with him afterwards.

Chapter 1


In life, I never got second chances. If the first time didn’t work out, I wasn’t given a second time to try to improve. Instead I would be hit , tossed into the basement and denied food for three days, till I agreed to never ask for anything ever again. Till I promised to never try to embarrass my father like that again.

It happened after my debutante ball when I accidently addressed someone wrong.

It happened after my graduation, when i didn’t make valedictorian.

Afterwards, when I stayed at home, waiting for my parents to send me to college, it happened everyday till I just stopped asking or trying or…just living.

I would wake up, eat my breakfast and set out to explore the woods that surrounded our estate in Busan. I had till twelve in the morning when my mom would wake up, to indulge in all my fantasies , live a make-believe life in which I was loved by a handsome young man who adored me and spoiled me to distraction.

After lunch, I stayed perfectly still while my mom taught me everything I needed to know to be the perfect society wife. I learnt pottery, needlework and hosting. I learned table placements and ranks, learnt complicated waltzes and learned to wear my waist length hair in three dozen different ways. I learned to wear make up in a way that made my eyes look bigger, brighter. I learned how to smile in just the perfect way. How to apply lipstick in a way that would drive any man mad with desire ( Or so my mom told me.)

I learned exotic dishes from around the world. I learned to speak English and French. I learned everything that would turn me into the perfect princess for my Prince Charming.

I also learned to swallow all the screams that threatened to bubble up inside me.

In the evenings I tried to disappear into the upholstery. My father was a psychopath. One wrong word and he would grab me by the roots of my hair and drag me to the out of the room and toss me into the basement. Or worse, he’s take a belt to my calves or my thighs ( Never my arms or face ). I learned to literally stop breathing when my father was in the vicinity. But then, how did I not go to pieces, you may wonder.

Well, you see I knew that it was temporary.

When I turned twenty one my parents would have to marry me off. In our society when a girl reaches twenty one, if she stays unmarried it’s a sign of ill breeding. My parents would be disgraced if I wasn’t married off. It was my get out of jail card, marriage. I knew that every day I got closer to my marriage. When I would officially be out of my father’s protection. It would mean escape.

But what was I escaping into?

I never considered.

I always thought it would be paradise.

My prince charming would be everything I had ever dreamed of.

I believed it completely.

Until the day I actually met him.

Min Yoongi was no Prince Charming.

He was the devil in the flesh.


“You!! Fix your hair!” My father barked so loudly , I jumped. Bowing quickly and quietly and I rose up and disappeared into the restroom on the left wing of the lobby we were waiting in. I found the mirror and swallowed drily. Three simple curls had come undone from my elaborate up do . My father was a stickler for perfection which would explain my outfit. A pale pink georgette dress that fit me to perfection. Paired with pumps of the exact same shade , the dress made me look a little tall. I was rather woefully short and my father was forever cursing my lack of height.

I quickly fixed my hair and glanced at the expensive diamond studded Cartier on my wrist. It was a little past six thirty in the evening. We weren’t due to meet Min Yoongi , the young CEO of Bangtan Inc., for at least half an hour. I fidgeted a bit and reapplied my lipstick.

I’d spent three hours for make up and four hours getting ready. Literally every single feature on my face had been emphasized and perfected till I practically glowed. I had gone over a billion hair-styles to pick the perfect one. It would help highlight my slim figure and also the pretty pink and grey make-up on my eyes. I tried not to tremble as I stepped out of the room and walked back to the lounge.

I couldn’t screw this up. Min Yoongi had  to like me. Or else my father would kill me. He would literally strangle me. Trying not to think about that, I sat down demurely in front of my father who gave me another look of impatience.

“Yoongi called me. He wants to meet you alone. Apparently he thinks you can actually have some sort of a useful opinion which, really doesn’t make any sense to me. anyway, go meet him and you better keep your mouth shut, girl. Agree to everything he says and tell him you’ll be an obedient wife.” He growled at me.

As if I wouldn’t.

As if I would actually risk spending the rest of my life in hell.

I followed a suited man who looked less like an assistant and more like a hired mercenary. My hells made no noise on the plush grey velvet beneath my feet as he led me down a few flights of corridors before stopping in front of a oak-paneled door in the middle of a dimly lit corridor. I took a deep breath and when the mad held the door open, I stepped in. My heart began pounding steadily as I noticed the figure leaning casually against the heavy desk at the center of the room. The room was dimly lit and I couldn’t make out his face. On the contrary, a light hung directly ahead of me, throwing my face into sharp relief against the darkness.

“You look younger than twenty one.”

His voice surprised me. It wasn’t that of a twenty six year old. It sounded strong and masculine with a hint of Daegu accent. I felt a sudden dryness in my throat.

“I’m…I’m twenty one.” I said carefully. I couldn’t screw this up. I couldn’t screw this up.

He stayed silent for a few more seconds and then the room flooded with light. I blinked to adjust to the brightness and then almost fainted.

Min Yoongi was a work of art.

His hair was a blinding shade of blonde and his skin so pale he looked almost bloodless. His lips were pink, perfect against his bright black eyes and he had a smile that made my knees go weak. I’d never seen a more handsome man in my life and I was starstruck. He was dressed in a perfectly tailored black suit, with a pale blue tie and shoes that practically shined. He wasn’t abnormally tall. His shoulders were broad and strong, his body tapering into a slim waist and nice long legs.

Suddenly , I didn’t feel so beautiful anymore.

“Let’s make this quick. ” He said briskly before turning around and moving to sit behind the desk. I stood still, not sure what to do. There was a chair in front of the desk but I didn’t want to offend him by sitting down before he offered it to me.

He gave me an impatient look.

“Well, sit down fast , will you?” He snapped.

I scrambled to obey,  hitting my knee against the desk. I swallowed the cry of pain and bit my lip in mortification when he gave me an amused smile.

“Anyways….what i wanted to say was, I would like for you to release me from this engagement.” He said casually. I felt my breath leave my body in a single second.

“I…what? Why?” I blinked in confusion. There was a roaring sound inside my head. What did I do wrong??!!

“I’m in love with someone else.” He said almost apologetically.


Oh, God.

I stared sightlessly as he explained how he was in love with a childhood friend. He wanted to marry her when he was ready, maybe in a couple of years. His parents however were adamant about him marrying me, so he’d agreed to meet me. He couldn’t openly defy his parents , so he hoped that I would do him the favor of saying that I wasn’t interested.

I almost started laughing.

If I told my father what he asked me to say, I would be flayed alive. My father would shoot me dead.

I hesitated and then slowly stood.

“I’m sorry you don’t want to marry me.” I said softly. He gave me a sympathetic smile and held a hand out for me to shake.

“Thank you for understanding, Ji Soo ssi…” He began but I held a hand up.

“I’m sorry….because I want to marry you.” I said firmly. I felt his eyes widen in shock and I felt like the worst human being on the planet. He loved someone else. He wanted to marry someone else. What the hell was I doing??! Then I thought of my father. Of the years of being bruised and battered. The years of going without food and light, cowering in the darkness while he raged at me. If I didn’t get married my father would kill me. I didn’t want to die.

I didn’t want to die.

“Ji Soo ssi…I don’t think you understand what I’m telling you. I’m in love with Hye Mi. That’s her name. She’s the same age as you. she loves art and she’s just in her second year of college. She loves me very much. Please…Please don’t destroy our lives.” He said, his voice hardening a bit. He looked deadly serious and even a little disappointed. Like he’d thought better of me.

I hesitated. I could imagine the kind of love he shared with this girl, this Hye Mi. Some sweet and serious romance with lots of love and happiness. The kind I’d only ever dreamed of. Funny, how in the million different scenarios I’d played in my head , I’d never once considered that my prince would be in love with someone else.  I stared at him now.

He was so beautiful. Like straight out of a fairytale beautiful.

“Like I said, I want to marry you. Nothing else matters to me.” I said shakily. He looked stunned.


“What kind of a bitch are you?” He growled out furiously and I bit my lips.

“You can call me names. You can even hit me. I’m not changing my mind.” I said firmly.

He looked at me in disbelief, shaking his head. Like he couldn’t believe the nerve of me.

“Get the fuck out of my office.”

Shaking, I stepped out of the office. When ?i met my father he beamed and gave me a one armed hug that made me sick to the stomach. I’d done something right as far as he was concerned.

Two weeks later , My father received news from the Min Family that Min Yoongi had agreed to the marriage as well. As I sat across from him while the elders discussed the details of the wedding, he stared straight into my eyes, wrath written large in every feature on his handsome face. He hated me. I could feel the fury radiating from him in waves. He wanted me dead. But i couldn’t bring myself to even apologize or tell him the truth. For the first time twenty one years, my parents treated me like a human being. They didn’t yell or hit me. They thought I’d done something right. For the first time, I could leave that house and never worry about being thrown into a basement. Or being thrashed by a belt.

Min Yoongi looked dangerous but not violent.

Whatever he may yell or scream at me , I doubted he would hit me.

Finally the date for our marriage was fixed.

In two months we would be wed.

With shaky fingers I signed the prenup and the dowry. He gave me a look of calculating revenge.

“Say your prayers, you little witch. You’re in for some serious trouble ” He whispered, before stalking out of the room.

On December 7th , we were married in a small private ceremony held in the private ballroom of the Bangtan Hotel. It was attended by just the family and six of his closest friends and business associates. I was told to memorize their names. Kim Namjoon, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jung Kook.

Because Yoongi was busy with a deal, we wouldn’t be leaving on a honeymoon. All my clothes, jewelry and everything else was packed and moved to the huge penthouse on the top floor of Bangtan Inc.,

On the wedding night, I sat on the small uncomfortable couch of the foyer. The penthouse was locked and no one else was there. I was supposed to meet my husband there but he was nowhere to be found. Deep down I knew he wasn’t coming. But I couldn’t really go back downstairs and tell someone that my husband had abandoned me. So I  stayed sitting there .

After about three hours, my body started going numb. The heat in the building was slowly dying down and I was still dressed in the strapless wedding gown from the evening. I curled into a ball on the small couch, suddenly thankful for my short stature. After a few more minutes I started drifting off to sleep. And then I heard voices.

From inside the penthouse.

Surprised and still a bit groggy, I made my way to the door. I gave it a slight push and to my complete surprise, the door swung open. I had tried openeing it for a long time. Had it been closed on the inside then? If so, who had opened it now?

I followed the voices to the end of the exquisitely decorated living space and stopped short in surprise.

It wasn’t just voices.

It was moaning. Panting.

“Oh, babe, I love you so much….”

It was Yoongi’s voice. And some other woman.

I stayed frozen on the carpet, mind finally processing what was going on in the other side of the door. On our bed. On the bed that had probably been decorated for our first night as husband and wife.

My husband was having sex with another woman.

Sudden blinding pain shot through me. It was completely unwarranted. It wasn’t like he had promised me love and a happily ever after. He’d warned me that he was in love with another woman. So why did it hurt so damn much??

Maybe because I’d hoped he’d at least wait till after our first night was over, to cheat on me.

The last phrase made me laugh.

Cheat on me?

Who was I for him to cheat on me?

He didn’t love me.

He didn’t even care if I froze to death in the cold hallway.

He wasn’t a friend or a companion. The sooner I got that into my head the happier I could be.

Swallowing the pain I quickly crept to the couch in the corner of the living space. It was warm inside the penthouse. I slipped out of my gown with ease. I stood still in just the shift and my inner wear, savoring the warm air on my frozen skin. I used the skirt of my wedding dress as a sort of blanket and went to sleep on the couch. I fell asleep quickly.

Hand jobs

Summary : Joe proves himself that he can give you a better hand job than your crush Harry Styles can.

A/N : First ever smut one shot, I’m still trying to write better as I can. Hope you like this :)

Originally posted by themrainydays

I was writing my second book on my laptop while I was sat on Joe’s lap with his black framed glasses. Joe was watching me write, he would press kisses to my cheek every once in a while or play with my hair like attempting to braid it or just whatever he does as long as it won’t disturb me since I was feeling quite inspired today.

Just then, all out of the blue Joe blurted out “In your opinion who would give the best hand job?” I turn my head to look at his with furrowed eyebrows and disbelief washed all over my face. “What?” Joe shrugged as if his question was casual.

“To answer your question, I think Harry Styles would give the best hand job.” I teased him, knowing that he wanted my answer to be him, of course and I could feel his eyebrows furrow and a not convince look on his face. His chin rests on my shoulders as he wraps both his arms around me pulling me tighter against him.

“Oh yeah? Why?” Joe murmurs, his own breath tickling my skin along my neck as he nibbles on my earlobe. I wanted to tease him more since I just felt his prominent bulge against my behind. “Give me a good reason why you think your crush Harry Styles would give out the best hand job.”

A small moan hits my throat while I felt his lips press against the joint where my neck and shoulder connects as his fingers trace over the waistline of my sweats. “His fingers are long and slender. Perfect for the best hand job if you’re looking for someone to give you very very intense pleasure.”

Joe’s scoff is muffled by my shoulder as he continues to litter sensual kisses on my skin. “Ever thought about Joe Sugg? I think he would be able to give you the very best hand job along with ultimate pleasure.” Joe whispers seductively and slowly starts to push my sweats down until he commanded me to kick ‘em off which I did.

The laptop was now shut down and on the bedside table, my inspiration quickly changed into erotic lust for my own hubby. “So tell me Mrs. Sugg, d’ you still think that your celebrity crush will give out the best hand job?” A loud gasp emits from me as I felt his palm cup my sex.

“Yeah.” I breath shakily, not deciding to change my answer yet. Joe’s hands were gliding on my thighs creating tingles in my area from the friction.

I hear Joe growl behind me before he switches our position so I was pushed down on the bed and he was hovering on top of me. “I’ll prove you that I can give you the best hand job ever.” He growls deeply in my ear before slipping off my knicker, throwing it to the ground before he gazed at my entry. Joe spreads my thighs apart widely, saying “Keep your hands to yourself if you don’t want to get restrained.”

A moan escapes my lips as I felt so turned on with his words. He strips me off of my underwear and I could  feel my own wetness dripping down on me as I squirmed in anticipation, gripping the edges of my pillow. Joe’s fingertips dance on my thighs, purposely avoiding my lower region to tease me. “You said you’d be proving, not teasing.” I comment panting a bit.

My lover smirks devilishly at me, “I did but what’s a hand job without teasing?” He takes my shirt in his hands, getting rid of it from my body, his lips pressing against my chest. Joe teases my entry with his finger, feeling my wetness before slipping his finger inside of me with ease.

“Oh god…” I gasped arching my back slightly off the mattress. My knuckles were turning white and I resisted the urge to touch Joe right away. Even if using handcuffs would be a great addition to sex, I wasn’t in the mood to have my arms held up above me with no control. “Joe please, just– fuck I need you right now.”

Joe raises both eyebrows with a smug smirk on his face, “Oh I’m not done with you sweetheart, I’ve only just started.” He adds in a second finger causing my hips to buck upwards.

“Hmm… fuck.” I moaned rolling my hips as he pumps his finger in and out of me. My eyes shut closed tightly while my mouth is formed in an ‘o’ shape as my hips were moving in rhythm with Joe’s fingers. He continues to finger me until I near my edge. “So close…” I murmured curling my toes and arching my back off the mattress slightly.

All of a sudden, Joe withdraws his fingers from my entrance. “You’re not coming t'il you admit I give you the best hand job.” He smirks, throwing his shirt across the room along with his joggers. I press my lips into a thin line frustratingly.

This boy, my god.

“Pissed? You should be.” Joe says before pressing his lips against my neck, scattering sensual kisses over the skin. My lips escape a gasp when I felt his teeth graze over my pulse point area.

When Joe’s fingers climb up my legs, I instinctively pressed my thighs together to add pressure on my aching region and to deny the welcome of Joe’s hand which would be teasing me if I gave him access. “C'mon love, open those legs for me.” He whispers huskily in my ear.

I shake my head No and kept quiet, still pressing my thighs together. Joe lets out a sigh “Don’t make me open them for you sweetheart.” His tone hinting a slight threat and my stomach twists at the pet names.

“You’re just going to tease me.” I breathed shakily, raising my hips inwardly feeling Joe’s slightly hard erection that’s straining through his boxers.

With a grunt, Joe forces my legs open making me gasp. “Well maybe you shouldn’t have said Harry Styles as your answer, huh?” I whimper in response, swallowing a lump in my throat.

“Well maybe you shouldn’t have asked.” I retorted, on the verge of getting angry. “What got you to ask anyway?” Arching my back as I held onto the headboard behind me when Joe’s hands start to inch up closer to my heat.

“It just got me wondering.” He grazes his fingertips on my inner thighs with soft feather like strokes that my hips automatically buck upwards.

I groaned “Fuck you.” Joe chuckles darkly, running his finger up my entrance, collection some of my wetness before he puts it in his mouth. I moaned at the sight before me.

Joe smirks “Sweet, citrus… delicious.” He kissed me hard, making me whimper beneath him as he puts lots of passion into a simple kiss. A loud gasp escapes my parted lips as I suddenly felt two of Joe’s fingers thrust into me and Joe took this opportunity to slide his tongue in my mouth to dance around with mine. “You’re dripping darling… so wet… who made you wet sweets?”

I pant out a breath answering, “You did, Joe.” A smug smirk appeared on his lips. His pace was slow but it was enough to have me on the verge of writhing. “F-fucking… shit… Joe.” My hands are now clutching the mattress beneath me. If he didn’t have to be dominant so much about this I would have my nails scratching his back already, begging him to just skip the whole foreplay.

But no, he wants to prove he’s the best.

Joe’s fingers seem to increase their pace, going a bit faster than before. My back arches as much as it can, my hardened nipples straining against the top I was wearing as I didn’t wear a bra. “Friendly reminder honey, hands to yourself. Or else, I’m gonna whip out the cuffs and have my way with you.”

His hot breath tickling the skin of my neck as I fought the urge to touch his body desperately. The dirty talk only making me feel more and more aroused. Just by his sensual treatment I was already so horny from the start. It was obvious he was going to tease me.

Joe’s free hand tilted my head to the side so he can press his tongue against the pulse point of my neck and start sucking on the skin. Bringing blood to surface, marking me as his. His only.

I gasped loudly, my jaw hanging open from the sudden thrust of his fingers inside of me. Stroking my inner walls as they go deeper to find the spot. My lover smirks, eyeing my like his feast. I think he’s rather enjoying watching me squirm and pant.

All of a sudden, I jerked from the strokes of his fingers against that spot. My hands immediately gripping at his forearms, not caring about the whole ‘hands to yourself’ rule. My head falls back onto the pillow, my nails digging into his skin.

“Someone’s been a naughty girl haven’t they?” Joe stops all movements of his fingers before pulling them out- making me cry out at the loss of contact- slipping them in his mouth. He takes both of my wrists pinning them above my head, looking darkly in my eyes. “Can’t keep my hands to myself.” Joe smirks with a taunting look on his face before he reaches in our bedside drawer to pull out the pair of handcuffs that Jack Maynard has given us as a Christmas gift joke but we ended up using it anyways.

The pink fur of the handcuffs were making me feel a bit more relived than anxious. “No matter how hard I’m trying to.” He continues singing Selena Gomez’s Hands To Myself but without singing in a girlish tone. He says it more like statements. I am loss for words as I watch my husband cuff my wrists to the headboard.

Once the cuffs has been locked, I am now left at Joe’s control. “I want you all to myself.” Joe whispers hotly in my ear, gripping my hips with his hands. He presses his lips against my own, causing a small muffled whimper from me underneath him. The metal of the cuffs burning into my skin with each twist of my wrist. “Cat got your tongue?”

My mouth couldn’t bear to speak once his fingers are slipping with ease inside of me. He hisses in awe at how easy his fingers are gliding over my wet heat. “You’ve gotten real wet love, real wet for me.”

From the neglected stimulation of my nerves, I release unexpectedly. “My, would you look at that? You came.” His face holds a mock of shock and there’s a glint in his eyes.

“I couldn’t help it.” I breathed, clenching and unclenching my fists.

Joe smirks again, “Couldn’t help it ey?” He slips his fingers into his mouth, groaning at the taste of myself his hand. “You taste so sweet my dear.” He lowers himself to press a kiss on my lips, before heading downwards.

My mouth hangs open in a wordless moan. “Remember that scene from 50 Shades? The one where Christian rolls up Anastasia’s shirt using it as a blind fold?” Joe murmurs against my collar bones.

“Yes…” I whispered, a shiver on my spine at the thought. When Joe and I watched 50 Shades of Grey, we both knew that we at least have to try a few of Ana and Christian’s sexcapades. Without the all the spankings and whips.

Before I knew it, Joe is rolling up my shirt, stopping exactly on the eyes just like that scene from the movie. “I’m gonna be nice and let you talk. What do you want me to do?” I can picture Joe’s lips pursing, waiting for me to answer him. Having my shirt covering my eyes  just makes my senses more heightened.

I sighed. I wasn’t the best at dirty talk. Joe does it better than me. “Clock’s ticking darling.” I gulped, trying to speak but no words come out of my mouth. “Do you want me to get some ice? Like in the movie?” Joe suggests with a whisper. His hands smoothly gliding over my curves at the sides of my body.

“Yes please.” I moaned arching my back. The bed shifts until I don’t feel Joe’s frame anymore. I hear the click of the door knob opening, before it’s creaking. Joe has left the room. I let out a breath, moving my knees upwards to my feet were flat on the bed. I was already getting impatient as I wanted Joe to come back already. “Fuck.” I sighed, feeling the shudders that are hitting my body in anticipation.

Joe was taking a bloody while, all he had to do anyway was to get some ice. Our kitchen is literally one floor down from us.

My knees soon gave up their feeling and fall back down in the bed. It wasn’t until then I gasped out surprisingly until I felt very cold liquid running down from my chest, downwards my stomach. I didn’t even hear Joe come in the room. “Feels good m'love?” I feel his smirk against my skin.

“Very much.” I whispered, my breath hitching at every time he presses his lips against my skin. Joe’s lips are gone which made me whine from the loss of contact. “Joe…” I groaned, prolonging the syllable of his name. His intentions clearly meant that he was gonna tease me, it took this far.

A few seconds t'ill then, I feel Joe’s hand splayed across my sides as he drags an ice cube across my collarbones before going down to the valley of my breasts. The ice draws patterns on my skin as he drags it, a small amount of water trailing from the melting ice against my body heat. “Oh gosh..”

“I love the sounds you make.” Joe says once the ice has completely melted. The movements of his lips as he was speaking was raising goosebumps against my skin. I feel his body shift upward for a moment, before going slightly back down. He presses another ice cube to my neck, I shiver at the coldness before he accelerates it to the other side of my neck, moving it in all directions.

I feel water dripping down my neck and fall onto the pillow beneath me. I hear him chewing on the last silver of the ice in his mouth. He wraps his lips around my right nipple, catching me off guard at the sudden action and the cold temperature of his mouth.

I let out ragged breaths, more likely pants as he bites into the hard bud. He then shifts his attention to the other nipple, giving the same treatment that he did with the first. “Please Joe… just get on with it…” I begged, bucking my hips so he is aware of my arousal.

“Don’t you like this?” I can picture Joe with a mocking pout, still smug as hell that he was still able to make me beg for him as always. He’s right, I don’t like it though, I love it. I love submitting myself to him as he was the best at dominance.

“I love it but… please… I’m so wet.” I whimpered lightly, my legs automatically opening up when Joe shifted downwards between my legs.

The wetness between my legs was unbearable, I swear I could feel myself dripping onto the bed sheets. “You’re so wet… wetter than before. Fuck.” Joe sighed, the tip of his finger running up and down my entrance, collecting up some of my slick juices. “I’m gonna taste ya love, gonna lick you up all nice and clean.” He pats my thigh softly, bringing my knees up then pressing kisses down my pelvis before his mouth connected on my heat.

My back arches at the sensation. His tongue swiping at my clit, his hands pinning my hips down to the mattress, making my hips unable to move. I let out a strangled sound, hands pulling at the cuffs. “Oh fuck, Joe.” It was pure pleasure. I whimper when he gave a harsh suckle on my mound, slipping his tongue in between my folds afterwards.

“You taste so delicious, pet.” He pulls away from my heat, my mouth letting out panting breaths in anticipation of what will happen next. “So sweet for me.” Joe’s lips are littering kisses over my tummy, suckling occasionally for small love bites.

“Please Joe!” I exclaimed, almost sobbing from the tease I’m receiving. At some point I hated that Joe was too good at being the dominant one. He was great at demanding, making me feel hot and bothered enough to submit to him. “Please! Touch me! Eat me!”

It was good that Joe cooperated, his mouth returns to the previous position where he was licking and suckling my clit. My hips start bucking furiously that he has to hold them down the mattress. Honestly, whenever Joe went down on me, it was one of the best feelings he ever made me feel.

“Oh!” My back arches, the cuffs burning into my wrists with every pull I give them.

Joe doesn’t stop, he won’t until he’s made me orgasm. His mouth pulls away for a moment, being replaced by two of his fingers. “Quiet now, love. Don’t wanna scare away Alan and Carrot cake do we?” I can picture Joe’s smirk.

His fingers work in and out, going deeper with each thrust. “What is it sweets? What do you want?” I feel Joe’s body above mine again, his lips pressing against my breasts.

“Your mouth!” I breathed, my chest heaving with pants.

Joe’s lips wrap around one of my nipples, giving a suck before gently bitting on the hardened nub. “Where do you want my mouth love bug?”

“You know where!” I cried, begging for him. That’s exactly what Joe wants, me begging for him.

“But I want you to say it.” He cups my breast, kneading it softly. Even at a dominant state, he manages to stay gentle and sweet. “C'mon sweets, you can say it can’t you?”

I open my mouth, but no words come out. Instead, a moan escapes followed by a sharp gasp and a jolt of my body when his fingers hit the spot. “Fucking hell…” I sighed, my head thrown back deeply onto the pillow.

“Let’s see… do you want my mouth here?” He kisses me, tongue slipping against my bottom lip.

I shake my head, “No.”

“How about here?” Joe returns his lips to my breasts, scattering little kisses that barely touch my skin. I shake my head again, not bothering to answer. Joe’s kisses start to trail down until he reaches my stomach. “How about I go lower? Maybe it’s that cute peach between your legs, yeah,”

Joe’s lips finally reaches their destination, my toes curling at the sensation. His mouth and fingers, working together. My tummy sputters, signaling that I’m close to release.

Joe doesn’t say a word. Instead, he continues to bring all his attention on the area between my legs. The tip of his nose, slightly bumping my mound.

“Fuck, Joe!” I exclaimed, my muscles contracting. Then I cum.

Joe’s tongue licks and sucks the remaining juices I released. Moaning at the heavy taste of myself on his tongue. “You alright my love?” Joe unlocks the handcuffs, kissing the slightly bruised area before helping me get rid of my shirt that was used as a blind fold.

I blink a few times, before my sight finally adjusts. “Yeah… I’m okay.” I was out of breath, he made me orgasm just by his mouth and fingers.

Joe kisses me sweetly, “Did I kill you?”

I shake my head, a lazy grin taking over my face. “No, it was amazing Joe.” I cup his face with my hands, thumbs stroking over the flesh of his cheek. “For a proven handjob, that was next level.”

Joe chuckles, sitting up to remove his shirt. “Let’s take a shower, yeah?”

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How about some cute and fluffy domestic headcanons for Aizawa, All Might, and Present Mic? I adore the pro hero boys and am always looking for more fluffy content of them! Good luck with the blog, I can't wait to read all your stuff~!

Ahh holy shit, thank you so much for this, it was amazing to write! THE PRO HERO BOYS DESERVE ALL THE RECOGNIZEMENT THEY CAN GET, YOU ARE RIGHT AF (specially Present Mic??why is he so underrated). You made me happy af while writting this, and I hope you enjoy it a looooot!

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All might

  • Their fave move is backhugging you when you least expect it and laugh  when you get lowkey surprised by their touch.
  • Loves to cook for you.
  • “Am I not gonna get my goodbye kiss?”-All might, everytime he leaves the house to go to work.
  • You are the first person he tells about his hero problems.
  • Asks you about your day, and cuddles you while you tell them this horrible thing which happened to you today.
  • Encourages you and never fails to make you feel a lot better.
  • “(Y/N)” “Yes?” “How do you think our kids would be?”
  • He doesn’t tell you when he is sad but you know because he follows you everywhere you go.
  • When he is sad and you need to go to the bathroom he sits outside and waits for you.
  • Asks you for critizism because everyone else praises him and they are afraid of telling him the truth.
  • His hand is big and yours is small, and he completely loves how they fit together.
  • He treasures you like the diamond you are aND HE IS SO SOFT FOR YOU.
  • Sometimes he transforms into his strong form while you are sleeping so he can hold you in his arms properly.
  • Really, living with this guy is heaven, you both love each other so much.

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  • Okay this guy is the master of undercover fluff.
  • Things like cooking breakfast for you on Sundays are his subtle way of telling you he loves you.
  • He asks you a lot for recommendations, specially books recs.
  • “Do you wanna read with me?”
  • You sit on his lap and you both read a book together.
  • You two have such a huge understanding of each other, that you even finish reading the pages at the same time.
  • He prefers small skinship, like casually touching your hand when he walks past you.
  • The type to say “5 more minutes” when you try to wake him up.
  • Falls asleep while watching TV with his head over your shoulder.
  • Loves to rant about his students.
  • He is not into pecks, but rather, longer, slower and deeper kisses.
  • Why does he kiss you with his eyes half open? Aizawa that’s creepy.
  • He protects you from the most insignificant things. (Ex: that time when u accidentaly cut ur finger while you were cooking and now he is always behind you while you cook, trying not to distract you)
  • “Do you want me to cut that carrot for you?” “Oh gosh ,Aizawa, I’m fine it was just a cut” “Okay” (He still stays, just in case)
  • Puts you back in bed with his quirk when you wake up before him.
  • “Aizawa I have to do chores, let me go” “I’ll help you with them later, but sleep a bit more with me”

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Present Mic

  • Oh my, this dork is your biggest fan.
  • He usually buys matching T-shirts and pijamas so you can be even more connected to each other.
  • You are the one who styles his hair like he usually has it, but shhh no one knows about that.
  • He loves to praise you, and call you darling, dear, etc.
  • Not as much skinship as you could expect, but still some good and very intimate skinship.
  • “(Y/N)?” “Yes?” “Do you still love me?”
  • His kisses are as intense as he is.
  • If you had kids, they would be disgusted at how much you express your love for each other.
  • When you can’t sleep, he uses his magnificent voice to read you some books.
  • He tells you his own puns in the most inappropiated moments.
  • “(Y/N)~~ I wanna cook smth for you” “Last time you tried to cook you almost burn the kitchen” “I HAVE LEARNED FROM THAT”
  • He brings home everythings that reminds him of you.
  • He is not the softest person waking people up, but he always manages to make you laugh when he accidentaly wakes the whole neighbourhood up using his quirk while trying to wake you up.
  • Living with this guy is basically one big experience, he is full of surprises.
Yoongi Scenario: Wicked Games.

Request: I would like to read something where Yoongi is the guy who’s always trying to get me (bad boy style, intimidating, sassy) … and we are always arguing and he’s always making me jealous (w/ a blond girl). When he finally kiss me after a fight and invite me to a date!! (I need a wild kiss, he biting my lips, hands around my hair, waist and butt) haahahah! Thanksss! ❤️🙈

Genre: Romance.

-Could you please back off?- you demanded between your teeth at the guy who was currently standing in front of you as you tried to pick up your stuff from your locker, but it was rather difficult with him standing in the middle -I have much more interesting things to do than talking with you-

Yoongi chuckled, not moving an inch. -No, I’ll stand here for you to enjoy my presence a little more Y/N-

Rolling your eyes you crossed your arms. -Seriously? Enjoy? Why don’t you go and delight others with your presence?-

He smirked, bending down a little. -Are you still jealous about the other day?-

You sneered, trying to dodge him and finally find a way to your locker. -You are crazy-

-You still are-

-Seriously Yoongi, I don’t have time for this- you stated trying to sound tired and uninterested. -Please move-

Yoongi obliged this time, he moved, only to lean down until his eyes were on the same level as yours. -Here, I moved-

Inevitably you got flustered, his deep dark eyes looking straight at you from such a short distance made your mind lose coherence. -Are you blushing for me Y/N?-

At this you slapped him on the shoulders making him take a step out of your way but instead of getting angry or offended Yoongi just chuckled, that smug smirk on his face telling you he was so proud of himself for the effect he had on you.

You went on taking out your things from your locker without looking at him but you could tell he was still standing near you, you felt the weight of his gaze on you making you nervous. You turned around to leave but he was one more time in front of you.

-What?- you asked turning your head to glare at him.

He was staring at you seriously, the teasing smug face gone. You breathed in deeply, not being able to not feel attracted of him, Min Yoongi had this vibe that made all your body go on some sort of trip. He was about to say something when a group of boys passed by the hallway calling his name; you recognized them as his usual gang, all of them troublemakers, all of them people who you shouldn’t get close with, that included Yoongi himself.
He gave you a final look and a side smile. -I’ll see you around-

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Imagine you are assisting in styling Thorin’s hair before his coronation ceremony. He asks you to choose your favourite style and beads for him.

Requested by @bespectacled-bunny Enjoy! 

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On the morning of Thorin’s coronation ceremony you waited patiently outside his bed chamber door after you’d knocked. And then you heard his voice demand you enter. You were to style his hair, making sure that it was presentable for such a special occasion as this. 

“Good morning,” you said, offering him a smile as you walked over to his desk, placing your box of hair styling items down. Inside were combs and beads, all made specially for today. The beads were individually engraved with Khuzdul runes, bestowing blessings from Mahal upon the newest ruler of Erebor. 

Thorin approached you and sat down in the chair with his back to you, ready to have his hair styled. 

“Do you have a particular style in mind, my Lord?” you ask, looking at him though his reflection in the full length mirror in front of you both. 

Thorin just smiled. “Will you choose for me? I trust your judgement.” 

Since his return to Erebor, Thorin had had many a conversation with you in private, forming a friendship with you. He had told you many personal things about himself, and assumed that maybe it was because of you being female you would have had more compassion and understanding in your heart. Perhaps if he had told his close male friends they would not have been so accepting as you. However, you were human, and Thorin had still confessed his inner most thoughts to you. 

You began to style his hair, drawing half of his hair back, brushing it carefully and then braiding it. “Which bead would you like?” you ask, reaching across to the box beside you. 

“Will you choose?”

You couldn’t help but laugh. “Why are you allowing me to choose for something as special as today?” 

Thorin turned in his chair as you still held the unclasped braid in your hand. “Because you, too, are special, my dear one.” His blue eyes remained locked on yours. “Do you not know that in the Dwarf custom we will only allow those who have our heart to braid our hair?”


Do you all think that this is their fight scene on Ach-to? Back to back. Sources said when filming, they did a scene where they were charging at one another. I know trailers are supposed to make you think one thing, but are another, so I’m not sure.

When he’s twisting the light saber it’s almost in a taunting way, like come get me. She almost seems like she’s limping. Thoughts?

How do you think their next encounter will go? I heard there’s a cliff scene. Do you think their encounter would be during beginning, middle, or closer to end (don’t think they’d wait that long). Will she be in new clothes? New hair style? Is he still recovering from their last battle? Will he be trained further by Snoke? Who will win? Are the Knights of Ren there? Where does Luke stand in all of this?

We need some more theories!