who will think of the white people

What shouldn’t be cringe culture:

Adults enjoying kids shows, people making ocs, otherkin/fictionkin, people making their own labels that fit them the best, People with a system/fictives/factives, people shipping crack ships, fat people, trans people, furries

What SHOULD be cringe culture:

Adults sexualizing kids shows, Alt-right/white supremacists/Nazis, people performing DDLG in public, people bashing on other peoples labels, factkin, ‘MAP support’, shipping incest/pedophilia/abuse, fatphobia, transphobia, people who think the first category should remain cringe culture/people who see this post and are getting ready to type out an argument

me, a black: im gonna oppress nerds

a 30 yr old white woman who just learned about words like “privilege”: do you think oppression is a joke?!?!?!  people shouldnt be oppressed just for liking things! the idea of someone joking about oppression makes me sick. oppression is a serious thing. you cis white male hetero scum wouldnt understand oppression if it bit you on the butt. you should be ashamed op! why do you hate adult women op? why are you so ableist op?? 

me, a black: im black


“'When I’m onstage, I’m a performance artist. But I don’t like going to places like Disneyland where there’s a lot of people. It makes me uncomfortable. I never was one of those people who had 50 friends. I think it’s that way for a lot of artists. And I don’t think I really went into the wrong business, considering we’ve sold over 40 million records.”

- Scott Weiland, 2010

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Agender isn't valid. Fucking idiot, choose one.

Ahh I know who you are because I messaged you earlier asking you if you could delete a reblog of mine. Don’t think I didn’t see your post about that lmao

Anyways thank you for deleting my post from your blog! You’ll be blocked now!

And remember! Agender is 100% valid and the creator of the trans flag literally states that the white stripe is for non-binary people!

i had a dream that i got picked to write a little saying to put on a banner to lead everyone into the new year and that it was gonna be hung up at the white house and i didn’t even take time to think about it. in a hurry went to the banner and wrote “this country celebrates what they’ve taken and in a land full of immigrants they think that they aren’t one. the only ones who aren’t are the indigenous people of this land who are losing their culture due to hundreds of years of oppression. fuck the pipeline, fuck the wall, and most importantly go fuck yourself.” then i signed a big ass heart and my name on it and was like go hang that shit up and they actually hung it up in my dream and so many people were offended and i just stood outside in front of the banner and when people wouldn’t read it i would make them stand there and say it word for word out loud. anyways i hope it was a premonition

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Is there a race issue with being kemetic? I'm more white than sugar, but i feel like I have a really strong connection to some kemetic gods



There are certain sects within Kemeticism that try to make race an issue, but on the whole it isn’t. There are lots of Kemetics who are white, lots of Kemetics who are PoC, Kemetics who are from the states, Kemetics in South America, Europe, and Asia. I know a lot of people think Kemetics are only white, but we do actually have a fair amount of diversity (which makes me happy).

The NTRW don’t care about your skin color. They care about the person inside of the skin. So long as you’re being respectful to them and others, that is what matters most. And anyone that tries to bring race into being a Kemetic can take a long walk off a short pier <3

Hey there— 

Hoping commenting on this is okay…

I happen to be a black woman, I’ve been a priestess of Isis and Bastet for many years; and wanted to comment that, yeah— there are some ethnocentric groups out there.  I avoid all of them like the plague; spirit does not care about the color of your skin. 

Look for groups that are about the Neteru, not about race. You’ll be much happier. 

By the way, I also have  working relationships with deities from other pantheons and cultures, including Norse. None of Them have ever had a problem with me. :-)

seguun hat auf deinen Eintrag geantwortet “So does this Entertainment Weekly article offer ANYTHING interesting…”

Not that I have seen but what do you expect the diversity is window dressing…Force is for the White Characters only under RJ

Also I find it quite appalling that characters who don’t have superpowers seem to be considered less interesting than those who do… and when these characters who aren’t Force sensitive also happen to be played by actors of colour, it becomes all the more shitty. I wonder if Rian would still claim he has no idea why people would think Finn is being sidelined…. like if I hand him every single one of his quotes about this movie that I have… he literally can’t pretend like he cares about him equally. 


Im sure everyone is getting impatient for requests by now. Im sorry it’s been taking so long. I jusr been so stressed lately and seeing both social media sites I use get more and more toxic by the day isn’t helping

I honestly feel like garbage here. It seems like no matter who I follow, I’ll see some hateful post towards white people, cis people, hell ive seen people attack bisexuals because some of them have hetro relationships. And the other site i use is so hateful towards lgbt+ and is heavily embedded in “cringe” culture.

Shit man, ive just been avoiding these sites as much as I can. Im tired of unfollowing people who I once thought was open minded and actually cared about equality, not just trying to raise one group up by viciously attacking the other.

Ive been thinking about just going completely inactive here and closing this blog, but at the same time, running this blog is like one of my only saving graces here.

As of right now, im not sure on what I want to do, but I just wanted to let everyone know what’s been going on with me

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Those offended by Coco

Are you seriously saying that you’d rather be represented by narcos and lucha libre movies because they are made by Mexicans, but are disgusted by Coco because OMG IT’S THE WHITE MAN AGAIN?

“They tried to brand it” yet I see unauthorized Disney characters painted on businesses’ walls in every street, bootleg movies and merchandise. Obviously all of this cannot be compared to a tradition, therefore it should be enormously overlooked because WHITE PPL HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE BUT WE DO. “El buen juez por su casa empieza”, Mexicans have been profiting from Disney without paying royalties for decades.

“It’s stereotypical” There’s a difference between stereotypical and realistic. If you think there’s something wrong with the characters in the movie then I’m afraid you’re scorning your own small town people. The logic here seems to be “Accurate = Stereotypical, Inaccurate = Racist” with no middle ground so you will always have the choice to get offended.

“It’s a copy of The Book of Life (Made by Mexicans)” WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT TWO MOVIES BASED ON THE SAME TRADITION WOULD SHARE SOME ASPECTS? THIS IS COMPLETELY UNEXPECTED. But hey, next time you watch one of the recent Mexican romantic comedies, make a list of all the things it has in common with just any Adam Sandler movie (you’ll need more than one page).

“They’re profiting from it and giving nothing back!” They did give something back– They widened the understanding of one of our traditions, employed Mexican artists in the soundtrack and might overall help expand tourism. And remember that entertainment is a BUSINESS, not a CHARITY so no, I’m afraid they don’t owe us. 

SOURCE: I’ve lived in Mexico my whole life and as an Elementary school teacher taught children about this tradition for many years.

I’d rather have a foreigner come to my country and take the best of it to show it to the world, than watch another Mexican movie that paints small town people as greedy little idiots carrying big bad guns and drugs.


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Why is it a problem for kris to be the next doctor?

The problem isn’t with Kris Marshall as a bloke. I’m sure he’s a nice guy. From what I’ve seen of him, (and if you don’t think I went and watched some Death in Paradise or some My Family or…those…BT ads…to check him out the second his name popped up months ago, you’d be wrong), he’s an okay actor (emphasis on the okay, he’s neither exciting nor inspiring imo), but this is about what it says about the state of the show.

When Peter Capaldi was cast, it was a bold move. It might not have been the bold move people on here wanted at the time, (a man of colour/woman/woman of colour would have been…well..great), but this was a show making the choice to lose its dashing young lead and replace him with an older actor. What this said about the show is that it had confidence, it was willing to make bold creative choices, which I thnk was then reflected in the bolder, more psycologically complex series 8-9. 

Doctor Who has, since then, waned a tad in terms of its public perception. Not neccessarily a fault of it’s own! As years have gone by, it has, naturally, subsided from the public eye. At the brink of a new era, ushered in by a new showrunner, now is the time, more than ever, to capture the interest of a 2018, modern day audience. I don’t think it’s controversial to say that you do that by being new and forward-looking, bold and confident. 

Kris Marshall fits snugly into the David Tennant mould. He’s a mid-40′s, slightly quirky, slightly good-looking white man. He’s the definition of a no-confidence, safe choice. If he’s cast, we’ll be looking at a show trying desperately to recapture the storming mainstream populism of the Tennant years, which ended nearly a decade ago. We’ll be looking at a show intent on looking back instead of looking forward. We’ll be looking at a show, and a showrunner, who is more pre-occupied with finding a casual audience than it is with telling new, creative stories. And that’s something to be sad about, I think. Given what Doctor Who is. Given its optimism, its boldness, its dependance on change and renewal and moving on, I really, truly, do.

Also, he would be the 13th white man to play the doctor in a row and after 54 years and multiple seasons of increased diversity, representation, and set-up from Steven Moffat for a female Doctor (River Song, Clara’s arc, Missy, The General’s regeneration, literally the whole of World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls), it would be not only thematically inconsistent, but an utter shame for Chibnall to throw that all away at the start of what he claims to be a “bold new era”. 

As a black person, it would’ve been cool to have that concept…Yeah there’s Akande and Lucio but lbh…a big black guy who’s part of the big bad team who uses force to cause chaos…and a fun yet fairly stereotypical black Brazilian. They’re not bad characters but…two steps forward and one step back as they say.

But just thinking about it…big black muscular dude who’s main schtik is being a kind and calming healer type? To add onto it he’s got an angel motif?? A motif that’s usually reserved for soft-faced white and usually female characters?? Hell, even irl there are many depictions of angels but the most popular ones that always come to mind are all white people. To have that whole trope subverted would’ve been so cool.

Idk, It’s just nice to think about and it sucks that the concept wasn’t picked up.

this idea white moderates have created that I am obligated to feel sorry for/sympathize with people who think I’m subhuman for my skin tone and want me dead for existing is laughable. 

It’s so completely disingenuous.

“yeah they think you’re a no-good nigger but have you considered how difficult their lives must be?”

completely, wholeheartedly, with every emphasis on the phrase: go fuck yourself.

i can’t get over how in season one it felt like all sun had was her dog? and her connection to the cluster primarily consisted of saving their asses. and suddenly she has her prison family, her teacher, even the fucking detective assigned to steal back her freedom, surrounding her with love and acceptance on all sides.

and from the holiday ep, the cluster converged, all for her. she’s not just Jean Claude Van Damme Korean Lady, the one who supplies physical labor for nothing but an occasional thank you. she’s precious to them. without a second thought, they save her from assassins, break her out of prison, put together a legit heist to end her quest for vengeance.

and all along they  tell her we’re here. we got your back. we love you and we’re not going anywhere.

it just makes me really emotional

Yo don’t automatically assume that white people who happen to be a part of marginalized groups will care about your experiences of racism by default , or be able to relate to you.

In my old fandom, I had a friend who was a trans guy and he talked to me nearly nonstop about his experiences of transphobia. He talked about how his strict religious parents would force him to wear makeup and dress like a girl, he talked about how they were abusive to him, etc…etc…and how him being trans affected his life and the oppression he got from it . And I listened to him, because he was my friend. I’d stay up late listening to his struggles and give him advice that would help him.

Well, can you imagine what happened when I tried talking about my experiences of racism with him and how it affected me? It got him angry, and in the end it inevitably ruined our friendship. Places in society where he couldn’t see racism he got mad at me for pointing out. We both enjoyed a certain author’s works and when I pointed out the racism in said authors works/perpetrated by said author—he’d get mad and deny it. When I tried to tell him about my personal experiences of racism since childhood, he’d change the subject or act like he wasn’t interested. He’d act offended sometimes too.

I thought that because he was trans, and someone who knew what oppression was and faced it from society and even his strict/religious parents, then he’d understand my life to a degree. And I thought through that we could grow closer. However, I forgot to remember one thing about him, and that was that he was white. Not only was he white, but he was rich as well. I thought that because of his situation, we’d relate by that wasn’t the case. And I think people need to realize this. It also made me think of the rampant racism in the lgbt+ community, and how many  members of color have faced racism from white lgbt+ like my former friend.

So like, my point is to understand that white people in marginalized groups (white lgbt+ and white women) aren’t automatically going to take your side. They are women, they are lgbt+ but they are white first. And we are fooling ourselves if we believe that by default, they’ll side with and want to listen to our struggles of racism

Tbh CW is like that cis/straight who thinks they’re an ally but will out you to ur phobic parents, boast about being friends with you to “prove” they’re an ally and defend phobic people because it’s “just an opinion right? Freedom of speech!” And still come to pride marches but make it about themselves.

Like bitch make up ur mind. Ur either an ally or ur not.

'Supernatural': Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki say the boys aren't going 'full-mope'
To read more on Supernatural, pick up the new issue of Entertainment Weekly on stands Friday. You can buy the whole set now, or purchase the individual covers of the group shot, Jensen Ackles, Jare…

Okay, so here’s the thing I LOVE about this article:

“Dean is going to be throwing himself into the job now more than ever. “He’s essentially grieving by burying himself in work,” Jensen Ackles says. But don’t expect him to be enthusiastic about it. “He’s still going to fight the fight, but there’s less passion there because of the loss that he’s dealing with,” Ackles continues”

“Dean is focusing on the task at hand. His attitude, as Ackles puts it, is, “I’m not going to think about what I’ve lost. In turn, I’m just going to focus on what I can fix.” That leads Dean down what Ackles calls a “hopeless road.”

“Ackles adds, “That’s not interesting to me. What’s more interesting is the person who looks like everything’s fine when you are fully aware that everything is not fine.

Now. What Jensen is doing here is quite literally spelling out the subtext. He is confirming that Dean has layers. He is literally telling us that Dean is not what he appears at surface level. That the surface reading is incorrect.

I have read posts from people which have infuriated me because they say that we are idiots for thinking Dean is anything other than black and white. Mr “everything is surface level I don’t have any deep thoughts” Winchester apparently, and I have to SCREAM in IM to long suffering friends about it because I can’t believe how blind these people are all for the sake of disproving something as obvious as Dean being bisexual and multifaceted. (sorry @tinkdw and @elizabethrobertajones as I know I bug you guys the most)

Jensen is literally spelling it out for us here. He is saying that he plays Dean in layers. That when Dean acts like he is “fine” he is most definitely not fine. That Dean will bury himself in the job, the hunt, because he is in so much pain he can’t bare to think about what he has lost (hint: EVERYTHING).

When you watch 13x02 and feel disappointed because Dean is not crying into his pillow remember this article. Remember Jensen’s words. When you see anti’s laughing in their deluded idiocy and using Dean’s “bury himself in hunting” attitude to “prove” that he doesn’t care about Cas at all, remember Jensen’s words. 

By claiming or even attempting to claim that Dean doesn’t care, that Dean isn’t burying his grief and pain and depression over losing Cas, you are effectively saying Jensen isn’t doing his job properly. 

Even if you don’t ship destiel, the level of absolute delusion you must have if you don’t believe that Dean cares for and loves Cas on a deep and visceral level must be through the roof. I’d actually be worried about your grasp on reality if that is the case. This isn’t up for debate anymore. Dean loving Cas is a fact. Its canon. You can argue the difference between it being platonic or romantic love til the cows come home, but denying Dean’s grief? Denying Jensen’s absolutely fucking spectacular acting in 13x01 in which I physically ached in my heart over seeing such raw pain on the screen? That’s just ludicrous. 

The show has been telling us this shit for YEARS about Dean, sometimes pretty much textually, but if that didn’t make it obvious enough for you, maybe you’ll actually listen to Jensen himself, god knows you love to quote other (quite silly and out of context) things he’s said enough times. 

if you’re going to talk about inaccessibility of information or elitism, the basis of your critique should be material inaccessibility & class barriers to gaining education & thus careers w/ prestige, not what language ppl use on the internet

is purposefully dense and ungrounded/ideological language used on purpose to exclude non-academics from writing & to make sure that whatever is written is useless? sure–just look at most of postmodernism

does that criticism apply to every leftist on the internet who uses a necessarily specialised vocabulary to get at what they’re talking about rather than having to make every point the length of a short novel? lol no

every field on god’s green earth has a specialised vocabulary. liberal SJ politics have a HIGHLY specialised vocabulary & a highly convoluted set of internally contradictory ideologies and mores to learn and failure leads to vilification and excommunication

and yet no one calls all of their rapidly shifting vocabulary and 50 new Latin affixes a week & adopted leftist vocabulary (modified to be more useless, see ‘intersectionality’) “inaccessible” for some reason

because the problem isn’t with how we’re expressing ourselves–it’s with what we’re saying. the concepts involved in truly liberatory politics fly in the face of value, retribution, respectability–capitalist concepts

the concepts involved in confronting white psychology (white sociopathy, white anxiety) fly in the face of individualist moral purity ‘accountability’-oriented politics, plus make people uncomfortable by demanding that poc are human and not accepting lip service on that point

again I think a few people are just unnecessarily dense on purpose–but it’s usually white leftists who view politics as a means of making a name for themselves, rather than as a site for love, empathy, liberation.

it’s not poc (trans women are another group I’ve seen this happen to) who are just trying to make sense of our/their experiences and lay the groundwork for a way out of exploitation and oppression–or at least a way to be treated better in the meantime

the problem isn’t that what we’re saying isn’t understandable if you put work into it (like you’d have to put work into anything else). it’s that people won’t put that work in because they don’t want to listen to us.

and then they hide behind “the working classes” to excuse their dismissal and their lack of effort, as if this isn’t incredibly chauvinistic. how can you say what other people can and cannot understand? how can you say how “dense” theory needs to be w/o having read into it?

I don’t doubt that much academic writing is inaccessible. I don’t doubt that’s it’s inaccessible on purpose. it is materially inaccessible, its language is veiled on purpose, what little it does say seems highly ideological

*where materially inaccessible = behind paywalls, inaccessible unless you’re enrolled in an institution that is an enormous investment of time and $$$$$ that many people do not have, are systematically prevented from having

my issue is with the rhetorical moves that 1. things written for no pay on.. twitter? tumblr? of all things? are “academic”, i.e. of the academy, just because people who have studied these things academically wrote them

2. that ALL writing that takes place under the aegis of the academy is automatically inaccessible and useless by very virtue of that fact. that ALL academic knowledge is useless

when in fact materialist analysis requires rigour and specificity, you have to study things in a way that is not ahistorical and that stands up to scrutiny, you have to use vocabulary in a generally agreed-upon way if it is to serve as shorthand. all of this requires study

to act as if ALL analysis that requires study is academic and that ALL academic work is useless is a pair of moves that forbids analysis in any meaningful way, that traps us in ideology, and that is thus–imo–reactionary

of course the subsuming of anti-capitalist work into the academy is very serious and needs to be contended with and that’s its own whole thread. but the people who cry inaccessibility about everything that has vocabulary they personally haven’t heard in it are not making such a sophisticated critique. they’re not making a critique at all. they’re just silencing.

*ALSO assuming what disabled people can and cannot understand and assuming that all people with cognitive / learning disabilities take in information in exactly the same way / that no one who writes using, a vocabulary, could possibly be disabled

as if calling people of colour “neurotypical” for talking about racism doesn’t have a long history in these spaces 😬😬😬