who will come into play sometime soon

sometimes i’m just randomly struck with the realization that twenty one pilots is a real band with real people in it that love us to death and their band name has an incredible meaning and new music will be coming out soon and kitchen sink exists and tyler and josh love live music and they’ll be playing shows for a long time and who knows where they’re going to take us next oh and have i mentioned that tyler and josh have truly been best friends for a really long time and it’s not just an act and tyler is married and their families are so kind and their lyrics are amazing just sometimes we take this music and these guys for granted and i love when i gain my appreciation for them all over again

Avengers/Reader (Platonic)

If you have time, could you please do a fic where the Avengers discover footage of the old Captain America stage show and start teasing Steve about it? (I like to imagine that Tony might even rig the doors in Avengers Tower so that when Steve enters a room, there’s a chance that “Star-Spangled Man with a Plan” will play randomly

Author: Queen of Geeks

(Hope you like it!)

“I am Iron Man.”

Nice one Tony. I paused the video as soon as the press began pressing Tony for more questions after revealing himself in the most iconic way possible. If there was anyone who had more flair than Tony, I had yet to meet them.

Working with the Avengers was one thing. It meant going off to different countries and saving people, sometimes getting a few bruises, and then it meant coming home to relax. Working with SHIELD meant doing the same thing. However, it meant paperwork. And by paperwork, it was either reviewing things SHIELD needed me to, or creating my own files. Or adding them.

I sipped my coffee as I pulled a box closer to me on the floor with my foot. Opening the box, I saw a reel sitting on top of papers and I put down my mug. I raised my eyebrows as I pulled the reel out and some of the papers.


“Yes?” JARVIS asked.

“Any idea where I can find something to play this film?” I put the reel down on the table and pulled out more papers.

“I believe Mr Stark may have one.” JARVIS told me. I smiled and put the reel aside before picking up the papers.

Where is the inventory list?

I searched through the box and found a folded sheet of paper. I opened it up and read over what should be in the box. Most of the papers were details from missions Captain America was a part of before heading into the ice during the Second World War.

Oh hello!

“Hey JARVIS, tell Tony that we need the projector ASAP!”

I smiled as I began turning the handle for the old projector. It was probably older than Steve, even when he was in the ‘40s. The lights were off as everyone was paying attention to the projection screen that was set up.

“This was in the box?” Nat asked.

“Oh yeah,” I nodded as the film came on. I shushed everyone as women marched onto a stage in red, white, and blue outfits. Music began playing in the background as they began singing

“Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way? Who vows to fight like a man for what’s right night and day? Who will campaign door-to-door for America, Carry the flag shore to shore for America, from Hoboken to Spokane, the Star Spangled Man with a Plan!”

The room was filled with laughter as women danced as Steve walked onto the stage in the costume that was made for Captain America. He held up his shield and began reading from the back of it as the women lined up behind him.

“Is that Hitler?” Clint asked leaning forwards.

On the screen, Hitler pushed past the women. Steve, Captain America, turned around and clocked Hitler in the face.

“Wow, I mean, I heard about this, but this is amazing.” Tony laughed. I pulled the reel out of the projector carefully and turned it around in my hands.

“That was amazing. And I think I have an idea.” I held out the film to Tony. He took it and raised his eyebrows.

I leaned back in my seat as I typed. I turned the page of the file and read over the notes made from a typewriter and the scribbles added in with pen.

“Is it set up?” I asked Tony who had walked in. I looked up from my papers as he was working on his tablet.

“As soon as Rogers walks through the door, you’ll know.” He told me with a smile. I smiled back and went to typing.

“Did you really admit to the world that you’re Iron Man at a press conference?” I turned in my chair as Tony began walking around.

“It was needed.” Tony assured me. “Was that in the SHIELD notes?”

“Yeah, I finished going through your notes this morning,”

Tony sat next to me as he looked over the papers. He picked up the papers I had put to the side and began reading them.

“What’s this pile?”

“The already typed, I drank two cups of coffee since I spent most of my time wanting to watch the film.” I gave Tony a smile.

“It was worth it.” He shrugged his shoulders.

Who’s strong and brave, here to save the American Way?”

Tony and I began laughing. The music faded away and ended.

“Hey Cap,” I looked over my shoulder. Steve was looking around, a confused look was on his face as tried to find where the sound came from.

“It’s the Star Spangled Man with a Plan!” I nudged Tony.

“Really?” Steve asked.

“Hey, (Y/N) was the one who found the film.” Tony held up his hands. Steve rolled his eyes and turned around. As he walked out of the room, the music began playing again.


music headcanons! (i’m sorry for submitting it but i didn’t wanna send seven hundred asks lmao)

Lance and Hunk love trashy pop and really upbeat songs and they know all the lyrics. hunk tends to blast his music while he’s working on his lion or cooking and loudly sing along and that’s when people know not to bother him. he’s that one guy who will start singing when someone says a sentence that sounds like a song. 

lance uses headphones but plays his music way too loud so everyone can hear him anyways. lance doesn’t sing along but he does mouth the lyrics and dance along so everyone thinks he looks ridiculous anyways (pidge has recorded him once or twice) also sometimes quietly hums mexican songs his mother used to play at home while he’s alone or doing menial tasks (sometimes very quietly sings the lyrics in spanish as well but stops as soon as he hears anyone coming close)

keith (mixing it with autistic keith headcanon) has headphones and wears them pretty often around the castle. everyone wonders what kinda music he listens to. lance jokes classical since he’s so boring, pidge guesses 80s music since the mullet. turns out 99% of the time keith isn’t listening to anything and is just wearing the headphones to dull the noise around him. when he does listen to music it’s a very short playlist of songs he made with shiro years ago filled with calming songs. he usually only uses it when he has trouble sleeping.

pidge puts on earphones with the intention of listening to music while they work, and most of the times just forgets to even start the music. has a collection of edm and songs hunk and lance got stuck in their head from singing so often, and a few old rock songs that their father used to like. everyone makes fun of pidge for liking daft punk because robots but pidge just likes the repetitive music because it helps concentrate on their work. jokes about how music today is bad and nobody appreciates classics like the beatles anymore (pidge actually doesn’t care much for songs made before the 90s)

shiro has obviously lost touch with music, and has no device to listen to it anyways. hums to himself a lot, a lot of the time little tunes he made up himself, sometimes bits and pieces of songs that he remembers hearing once. hearing keith’s mix helped a bit since he did help make it so when he hears the songs he gets some of his memories back and has more concise tunes to hum. turns out most of the songs he remembers are the opening to television shows and commercial jingles.

shiro actually used to be a big fan of musicals and pidge is the only other one who knows the songs as well, so sometimes shiro and pidge will hang out trying to get shiro to remember the words. (turns out matt was actually the one who liked musicals, and the songs they both know are the ones matt used to sing really often. pidge doesn’t have the heart to tell shiro.) 

Occasionally when everyone is together (training, eating dinner, just hanging out, etc) someone will start singing Bohemian rhapsody and then everyone starts singing along really aggressively and by the end theyre all doing air guitars and head banging and jumping and allura and coran are incredibly confused 

sometimes during training in the lions hunk will mutter songs from the lion king and lance will start singing really loudly and out of tune and keith tells them to shut up but then pidge starts singing too and shiro hums along and keith just sighs and sings along in monotone (by the end of the songs they’re all laughing though)

up10tion as roomates

Jinhoo: the only semi-sane one there. likes to have weekly ‘bonding time’ with everyone else. the only one who cleans up after their shit

Kuhn: conSTANTLY WATCHING ANIME LIKE OMG. always comes home with takeout at the weirdest times and always walking around at midnight contemplating life

Kogyeol: begs everyone to get their own grand piano and puts it in the living room, and it takes up half the space. sometimes he plays it at like 2 am and nobody knows why. lowkey watches anime with kuhn

Wei: asleep almost 24/7 but when he is awake he constantly trips over sit and leaves all the doors open, often bangs his head on the top of door frames 

Bitto: people can always hear him rapping at like, 4 in the morning. cooks the weirdest foods at the weirdest times. he either never sleeps or sleeps all day

Wooshin: people don’t really see him that often, but when they do he’s watching tv with gyujin or getting really into a video game. doesn’t sleep

Sunyoul: the only one who can actually tame the others and makes sure nobody kills each other. sometimes sings duets with hwanhee

Gyujin: always watching tv and stays up all night. one time he got too into a movie that he yelled and threw the remote at the tv, breaking it

Hwanhee: either out doing weird shit with xiao or in the dorm singing to people and demanding they tip him for “blessing them with outstanding vocals”

Xiao: he’s never there??? like he’s always out doing some shit usually with hwanhee so people never see him around

anonymous asked:

Hi Ouija mom, i have a little problem...Spirits don't want to talk to me anymore! Well i can't deny that sometimes I'm a little too curious. Of couse I apologize afterward and we keep talking and we had a good relationship until one day they just stopped talking to me. What should i do?

Try playing in different places or with different people, especially people who have no problem playing. And keep trying! Maybe soon a new spirit will come around who wants to chat.

I was in a supermarket this weekend and I was near the Baby section, and this couple with a baby was there. Having no idea what I could offer my friend’s newborn baby, I asked them. I said the baby was barely three weeks old. The wife immediately replied “Is it a boy or a girl?”
Lady, she’s not even one month old. Why do you ask this?
It’s just little things, sometimes, but when it all adds up, it makes you think about how absurd we all are when it comes to gender.

And since I’m starting a ME1 playthrough soon with MShep, I’m just thinking about this post I read where it’s confirmed that Bioware asked Meer to play Shepard as your basic soldier who shows no emotions.
Meanwhile, FShep sounds much more natural. And you know me, I’m a huge MShep fan and I adore Meer, so this isn’t a Meer critical post, I’m just incredibly annoyed about this the more I think about it, because they asked him to read his lines like that.
Why wasn’t Hale asked the same thing? I mean, was she? Because what if they asked Hale to show no emotions, and Meer to be natural and emotive? How different would our perceptions of those characters be? Would people still call MShep dudeshep, broshep, etc, all nicknames to mean he’s a “bro” and a cliché?
Because the issue is larger than just lack of female characters in game, it’s also the way male characters are portrayed. MShep thankfully gets better and is allowed to sound more natural, but there is still this forced perspective that men are blocks of cement and will endure everything without showing their feelings. It’s ridiculous, but there you go, you can’t ever betray that idea.

And I also think, it’s empowering to play as FShep. No matter how flawed or sexist the narrative is, there is still something incredible and very positive when you play this female hero who kicks ass but is also vulnerable. It’s amazing, that’s what it is.
With MShep, his vulnerability is there, but Bioware is trying REALLY hard to avoid it in a way that is VERY awkward, which makes people see him as your basic, average, soldier. That’s why I believe, and maybe I’m wrong, that portraying MShep as vulnerable, emotive, etc, can also be a little empowering, and a bit of a fuck you to society in general.

You take the basic character that is shown to you, and you deconstruct him completely. He’s not a robot, he’s not a “bro”, he’s highly emotive, caring, etc. I’m not saying that it’s a perfect idea to give him all traits that you usually force on female characters regardless of how accurate/realistic it is, but everyone is a bit more complicated than the gender they were given at birth, and whatever society expects of us as a result. So forcing traits one way or another is not okay, but then again it’s also not okay to picture “stoic” as only male, and “emotive” as only female. So. You mix it up, and you deconstruct. 

It sounds all so simple, what I’m saying, and perhaps I’m wrong, but considering the complete rejection of MShep I see sometimes in the tags, it makes me think the possibility to even picture him as something other than your average stoic soldier bro doesn’t come a lot. Of course, if people aren’t interested, I get that. There is no one quite like FShep, so I understand the need to focus on her and her only. She’s definitely worth it… But the possibility to create our own version of MShep, one that doesn’t depend on sexism and clichés, it exists, and I love when we use it.

EDIT: go see this post for more explanations about the instructions used to Meer, official reason is not because of sexism.

  • Arin: There's DLC coming out sometime soon.
  • Arin: ...
  • Danny: I'm sorry, what? What does 'DLC' stand for?
  • Arin: ...downloadable content.
  • Danny: Oh, yes. Of course. Sure, sure.
  • Arin: I love that stuff like that that's just so ingrained in gamer vocabulary and culture, you don't even care--or, at least you're not in that community as hardcore as I am.
  • Danny: Who, me? Dude, I barely play video games. How did I end up with this job?!