who will be revealed next


SUGA: The Superstar Persona

  • Genius producer, rapper and piano lover
  • Loves to scream ARMYs’ name
  • The legend says he actually has a forehead
  • Stopped caring since 2013
  • A workaholic who closes himself in his studio rarely sleeps and when he does it in there too
  • Always regrets something cringy Yoongi did in the past
  • A well-behaved rapper that apologizes to his haters because he is doing way better than them.
  • Loves Rolexes
  • Turns into fire things and break mics and ride bikes in museums but it seems no one is even trying to stop him. I mean who can?

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MIN YOONGI: Min Holly’s Father & Main Persona

  • Basketball, lamb skewers, and Kumamon lover
  • Always exhausted because of Suga so all he wishes for is a pillow
  • Loves to scream JHOPE’s name
  • Spends more of 90% of his love on Min Holly. 
  • The legend says he rarely wears clothes at home or to sleep
  • Only owns black clothes and looks hot in a leather jacket
  • When Suga is taking a break from working he watches Netflix in the studio
  • Contrary to Suga who keeps the studio clean he is very messy at home
  • Used to take Jungkook’s underwear to show dominance somehow
  • Remarkably savage
  • Loyal and supportive friend
  • Enjoy touching the members’ butt and thighs.
  • Good at managing money and supports his family
  • Contrary to his other personas he is very shy 
  • Cheats at every game and get caught every time
  • Fixes anything the others break especially Namjoon

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YOONJI: The baddest female Persona

  • Loves herself
  • Does not scream because when she talks the whole room listens
  • The most popular girl at school but does not even care
  • Sharp tongue and owns a million clap back
  • Is not swoon by sweet words or handsome faces
  • You either love her or want to be her
  • Have the prettiest legs
  • was a maid some years ago but went missing after she murdered hip hop. She changed her hairstyle and no one noticed.
  • Owns a gun (I told you she is a killer)

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AGUST D: The Berzerk Persona

  • Beat rider 
  • Middle finger up to the world 
  • loves to scream A to the G to the U to the STD
  • The strongest persona
  • His main muse in Pre-debut Yoongi and the struggles he had
  • Is not afraid to talk about sensible subjects 
  • A full-time bias wrecker
  • A rap so strong you will get chills and lyrics so real you will cry
  • Have THE tongue technology that can turn on both males and females
  • Blond hair never looked better
  • Scars and screams never looked so hot
  • Just like Suga he destroys things 

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Pre-debut Yoongi: Hidden Gem Core Persona  

  • Loved by Agust D but Suga refuse to admit he is the original persona mainly because of his haircut
  • Looks young and frail but has the strongest will to achieve his dreams
  • Misunderstood and disliked by his classmates but the other personas will make them later thankful to have ever known him
  • Everyone said he will fail but he is ‘fine sorry”
  • Is the reason why the other personas are very open-minded and wise
  • He became a hidden persona that only comes out through Agust D’s lyrics as he promised Yoongi to make him happy someday
  • He is still there but only the closest ones to Yoongi can see him

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Father Louis Williams Suga Adams The third: The Done Persona

  • Washes your sins by giving you the middle flower finger
  • Does not care if your story is boring (Actually does not care at all)
  • He holds grudges
  • Probably quit after getting bored of his job

Yoongi have the most charming sides but the ones named above are just the tip of the iceberg who knows which persona he will reveal next. 

By @mimibtsghost

“His name was Corazon… The man who saved my life, and… Doflamingo’s younger brother!!!

In life, we’ll meet someone who will change our lives by just being a part of it. Someone who we don’t think we’ll ever know and will exist in our world. Someone who will make us fall in love all over again. Someone who will share a whole new world to us, who will be with us to explore and wonder what this world will offer. Someone will make us feel important, alive and even better than before. Someone who will tear our walls down, shake us up and awake our soul. Someone who will reveal another layer of ourselves. The next morning you’ll wake up, you want them to stay forever but eventually, they’re meant to leave.
You will meet this kind of person, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances in life. This person is called a soulmate. Its purpose is to introduce us to something we don’t know, make us use to it and leave us; teach us lessons, break our hopes so a new person can mend our hearts. It’s the most important person that we’ll meet, they carry the greatest impact and bring the turning point in our lives. It will make us desperate enough to change then be discovered with the new light.
—  baekebyan

Shigaraki Tomura creeping on Midoriya Izuku is gonna be one heck of a doozy, anime-only folks. I remember reading it in the manga and I was screaming when they revealed who hugged him…-and so, cue me screaming until the next episode is released-

The SW Sequel Trilogy Trio - In all seriousness tho

I recently made a somewhat trash joke post about Rey/Finn/Ben Solo being the new trio to the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy, instead of the Rey/Finn/Poe idea, as seems to be the popular opinion in the fandom as of late.

I don’t want to write an essay so I’ll try to keep it concise (edit from future me: lol, too late, you’re in too deep now), but I do want to articulate why I legitimately believe Rey/Finn/Benny Boy are gonna be our main “trio” in the Sequel Trilogy.

So, to clarify, I think the trios established in the films are:
OT Trio: Luke (main protagonist), Leia, Han

PT Trio: Anakin (main), Obi-wan, Padme

ST: Rey (main), Finn, Ben Extra Solo

First, to clarify, many people seem to think the “trio” implies friendship, or that they gotta be around each other 24/7 for it to work. In my opinion though, the “trio” of Star Wars does not mean: “the characters who are best friends/warm and fuzzy by the end of it all.” The Prequels alone are enough to prove that…

Exhibit A:

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Exhibit B:

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Exhibit C:

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…Yeah, things seem to have gone down the reeeeal “fuzzy feel good” route for this trio, right?

So what is the “trio,” exactly, then? What’s their function and purpose, if not to be bffs and braid each other’s hair at the next sleepover??

In my opinion and based on my observation from each movie up until this point, the “trio” of Star Wars are the three main character arcs that are meant to serve as some lesson and resonate with the audience at a deep emotional level. They are the three “protagonists” of the main story (with one “main” protagonist and two complementing protagonists). They are what drive the main story, the central conflicts and resolutions, and they are the lasting thread continuing beyond their initial stories and into the future of the saga.

It doesn’t really matter if they are “good guys” for the entire story…

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nor does it matter if they are together for the majority of the story…

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It doesn’t even matter if they live to tell the tale…

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It’s about their personal melodrama conflicts, trials, and triumphs being front and center, and it’s about who and what drives the main story and resolution/results.

With that said, going back to the topic at hand regarding the ST, I don’t think anyone would argue against the fact that Rey and Finn are two out of the three.  

….So, then, that leaves us with Sad Boy Ben Solo… so, why do I think Ben is part of that trio, if all he does is be a dickwad to provoke our two heroes…?

Well, to be blunt, the most obvious answer to that is: BEN BOY IS EXTRA A SKYWALKER.

But beyond that - which tbh should be enough evidence in and of itself bc this is the SKYWALKER SAGA - there is reason to believe Benny Boy is being set up for a redemption arc and that the Sequel Trilogy is being set up as a mirror/inversion to the Prequel Trilogy.

If we look at it from a cyclical perspective (”Hello, this is Star Wars, have you two met, yet?” - how I feel if u don’t get that this shit is cyclical, yet) and see this as a reverse Prequel Trilogy of sorts we notice that…

The Prequels started off with two jedi (Ani and Old Ben) and one politically inclined person (Padme) tied to a stable Senate and Republic with relative “balance to the Force and peace, which all ended very badly with tragedy and an antagonistic relationship (and ultimately a villain) and rise of a great and evil empire.

With that in mind, I think it could be possible that (although, yes, this is speculation, so calm down) in the Sequel Trilogy, we start off with a trio of an antagonist/villain vs. two good guys, with a terribly dysfunctional political climate/ war and the Force all out of balance, but that eventually the trio end up on the same side in the end, with the mutual goal to destroy the damaging higher powers in place and restore the peace and balance to the Force. So, in other words, we end up with two jedi (Rey and Crylo Ben) to balance the Force, and one strongly tied to the politics (Cinnaroll Finnaroll, everyone’s favorite heart of gold) who will play an integral part in bringing that aspect back together.

See how that would mirror/invert the PT beautifully? It’s poetic, in fact. All of this can really only happen if Ben stops being an asshole evil and decides to do (at least some of) the right things. I’m not saying Anakin 2.0 Ben Solo is gonna be a warm and fuzzy character who ends up BFF ALWAYS AND 4EVR to both Rey and Finn necessarily (although I am personally of the opinion he and Rey gonna date will form a close bond somehow), but for this trilogy to end in any satisfactory way, we can’t just end THE Trilogy of Trilogies - the SKYWALKER SAGA - with the Skywalkers falling to complete darkness and despair.

We’ve already told that story… for proof, see previous Anakin, “I HATE YOU” gif above for reference.

So, if my prediction that Kylo Ren comes back to being Ben Solo once again so that he can restore the Skywalker name and help Rey “find the Force or whatever” with balancing the Force and defeating Snoke, then he has to be one of the Main Three. Such an integral part to the plot demands it.

And, sorry Ben haters, but that’s not to mention that his character arc has ALREADY been so vital to the story and central conflict. Just because he’s a total dickhead villain right now, doesn’t mean his story isn’t central and vital to the main plot. In fact, that’s going to sort of be the point. Rey is going to have to whip his ass into shape convince him that they need each other to fix everything - and that he ultimately, deep down isn’t the Vader fanboy evil persona he pretends to be.

Much like Anakin who was also an asshole in the PT, this new story couldn’t exist without Kylo Ren/Ben Solo. Like Kylo Ren or not, that’s the way it is.

And I think by the end of it all, maybe the haters will be able to come around with Ben. Because, in truth, his full story hasn’t even really been told yet. Who knows what the next two movies will reveal to us?

Be patient, and trust the story tellers to give us something awesome and epic. They want us to love this story and these characters as much as they do. Let’s trust them to do just that.

But anyway, if you’re still skeptical, beyond even all of that word vomit discourse, we have one pretty huge visual clue STARING US RIGHT IN THE FACE from TFA.

To all you naysayers who ask for CANONICAL EVIDENCE and shout about interpretation of literary themes not being “enough” (in a saga that literally follows Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey step by f*cking STEP in the OT - stop invaliding literary analysis in a franchise that takes every page out of the literary trope/theme/motif book)…

…here are some VISUAL CLUES from a VISUAL MEDIA to tip you off about these three and their roles/connections in the story.

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If you think JJ my man doesn’t know what he is doing here, you’re a fool. That is intentional visual story telling if I ever saw it right there.

By putting them in masks, JJ is telling us, “these are the characters we are meant to discover,” the ones we are to come to identify with. They are the ones with the central journeys, the most growth, the real stories to tell. We learn our lessons from them, and the other characters support and inform their arc. Poe, Leia, Luke, Rose, etc. are of course vital to the story, but they are there to support and inform these three character arcs, which lie at the center of it all.

Anyway, that’s my opinion on the matter, based on thoughtful observation and consideration, as well as some background in literary analysis.

Thoughts/Additions/Disagreements welcome. It’s ok to be wrong (<THAT IS A JOKE CALM DOWN STANLEY) disagree.


“ When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.“

–Elon Musk

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13th Doctor

Some of my favourite responses to Jodie Whittaker being announced as the 13th Doctor(from men and women):

• “little boys need a superhero-like character to look up to. Making the doctor a woman takes this away from them” yeah because there aren’t enough prominent male superheroes in popular media?

•"what next? A female superman?“ Hate to break it to you but supergirl is a thing/person/character that exists

•"timelords can be genderfluid just like humans” “ humans can’t be genderfluid”
An unfortunate instance of a positive comment being ruined by ignorance

•"I have enjoyed this show for 63 years but after this, the show has lost a loyal fan!“ Clearly very loyal if you can be a fan of the show for 9 years longer than it’s been running.

•"she’s not the right person for the role, she only got the role through Broadchurch connections and to appease the feminists” How do you even know she’s not right for the role?! No one has even seen her as the doctor yet

• “I’m not racist but I personally think that the doctor is a mans role and having a woman has ruined the show for me” Are you apologising to the fictional race of Timelords? Or did you actually mean to not be sexist…?

• “a woman!? Guess the shows being renamed nurse who” did you learn nothing from Rory Williams? A NURSE. WHO IS A MAN. Women can be doctors and men can be nurses they are both non-gendered titles for a profession.

There were lots of other first class responses to the reveal that I have spent the afternoon reading and it has been hilarious. Unfortunately a lot of “loyal” fans have decided the show is no longer worth their time, but if they can’t handle the diversity of a female doctor even after (among other things) Captain Jack, Vastra and Jenny, Bill, Missy and the freaky sexual chemistry between Missy and The Master then perhaps the fandom is better off without them…

I think Jodie will be a great doctor, and I am immensely looking forward to seeing her in action and if anyone disagrees with that opinion I don’t care, you can think what you want.

The first of my early morning, coffee induced ficlets. Hopefully they’re not trash.

Prompt: markings like little bruises and cuts that you get but don’t know where they came from are actually from your soulmate.

         Normally the whole “my soulmate is such a klutz, that’s why I always have bruises on my shins” thing is cute. Tim doesn’t know why people’s loved ones always sustaining minor injuries is supposed to be adorable. For him it’s fucking terrifying. Then again, minor wasn’t really a word ever included in Tim’s experience.

           It started when he was seven, when he woke up one morning to bruises covering his chest and coloring his knuckles. It looked like his soulmate had gotten into a fight, which…was fair. Boys were always roughhousing at recess, it wouldn’t be uncalled for for things to get out of hand. Tim understood.

           The problem arose when the bruises didn’t stop coming, new ones appearing every few nights. They only got worse as time went on, as if Tim’s soulmate had only grown more reckless over the years. By middle school Tim’s body looked like a battle ground, always covered in great splotches of deep blues and purples, or the fading shades of brown and yellow. He collected scars like he did Magic the Gathering cards. It didn’t matter that Timothy Drake loved photography and table top games and playing his cello, it looked like he went into the woods to wrestle bears for fun in his spare time. Sometimes he wondered how his soulmate was still alive, if they were still alive. It was almost reassuring sometimes to find a new bruise after a period of only fading marks.

           The bruises that sometimes appeared on Tim’s neck were always what scared him the most. They were usually in the shape of fingers wrapped around his neck and holy shit Tim’s soulmate almost got strangled to death, what the fuck? Stephanie helpfully suggested one day that maybe the strangulation marks were from really kinky sex, but considering Tim was nine when he got his first one he really didn’t want to think about that. Not that the former option was any better though.

           The worse the marks got the more random do-gooders and concerned teachers began to pester Tim as well. He was constantly faced with questions about how his parents were treating him at home, or if he knew there were resources available to him about the problem he had with hurting himself. Don’t get Tim wrong, he was glad there were concerned citizens in the world for people who actually had these problems, but each time he was confronted with someone trying to help he always had to explain that no, he simply had a soulmate that was apparently determined not to meet him since they apparently liked to pick a fight with everything that moved.

           Tim finally met Jason when he was at the Gotham Community Pool closest to his house. He had been dragged there by Stephanie, who wanted to go to the beach when Tim was on spring break, but refused to until Tim learned how to swim better so he wouldn’t drown when her back was turned. Tim was wearing a shirt with his swim trunks to avoid the Concerned Gaze of strangers, but Jason, King of I Don’t Give a Fuck, had decided to show as much skin as possible and work on his tan.

           Tim had seen him lounging on a reclined deck chair from where he had his feet in the shallow end, spotted the bruise shaped like a Micky Mouse head above his left hip bone in exactly the same place Tim’s was, and thrown a pool noodle at him like it was a fucking javelin. It hit Jason square in the chest, causing him to raise his sunglasses up in surprise just in time to see Tim marching towards him.

           “You,” he said, finger pointed at Jason’s face, inches away from his nose. “You are the reason I’m always black and blue. What is wrong with you? Is it a medical condition? Are you just that much of an asshole that everyone wants to punch you?”

           Jason, for his part, was very confused. Usually soulmates recognized each other when they first touched and were shocked by the contact, or because fate kept bringing them together. Hardly ever was it due to recognized bruise patterns. When Jason didn’t seem to catch on Tim stripped off his own shirt to reveal the map of scars and bruises littering his skin that were an exact replica of Jason’s. The poor boy’s eyes nearly fell out of his skull at the reveal. Dick, who had been sitting next to Jason the whole time, choked on his umbrella drink.

           The meeting of two soulmates was always at least a somewhat joyous occasion, and Tim and Jason were no exception, but it was clear that Tim demanding to know why Jason got beat up so much made him uncomfortable. Jason knew that lying to his soulmate would make him feel uncomfortable and dirty, but at the same time there was no way he could just tell this kid that he ran around at night as a masked vigilante. Dick managed to cover for him by telling Tim that he was right, Jason was pretty much a huge asshole and people were always wanting to beat him up over it. Jason was only a little bit offended that Tim immediately took that as fact and moved on, but at least it didn’t discourage Tim from wanting to get to know him. After all, Stephanie said that meant they were practically made for each other.

           (Jason eventually learned that Tim hadn’t actually let the subject go that day, and had pretty quickly thereafter figured out Jason’s secret. It only took them a few months to finally talk about it because Tim was awkward about it and wasn’t sure how to bring it up. He hadn’t freaked out, like Jason had expected, which was good, though he did ask Jason to try and be more careful. Jason was already on it, as seeing your fuck ups painted all over your lover’s body was kind of disturbing, even if it didn’t bring them any actual pain. He started taking wearing thicker armor more seriously, thanks to everyone’s peace of mind).

Land Next to Me: Chapter 5

A/N: Again, sorry for the late update, but life is life. This is completely unedited, so sorry about that. Hope you guys enjoy it though! Things are starting to pick up!! 

(sorry this is shorter than normal too!) 

Fandom: Fairy Tail/the 100

Rated: T

Words: 2922

Pairings: Nalu, eventual Gajevy and Jerza

Summary: Three hundred years since the human race has set foot on Earth, one hundred teen prisoners are sent down with nothing but their wits and each other. Even though she’s just as scared as everyone else, Lucy Heartfilia will do anything she can to make sure they survive.

Check out this awesome graphic my friend @coleymari did!! 

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Chapter 5: May We Meet Again

“Lucy!” a voice called out from behind her and Loke. Lucy turned her head to see Yukino, a quiet girl from Alpha Station-like Lucy-waving to them. Lucy smiled, giving a small wave back as she walked over to the silver-haired girl.

“Hey,” Lucy greeted softly, shifted the bag of berries they collected to one shoulder. She wanted to ask Natsu if they were edible, “what’s up?”

Yukino twisted her wrist in her hand, shifting her weight from one leg to the other, “well, what’s going on? Everyone is getting pretty antsy.”

Lucy chewed the inside of her cheek, not sure what to say. She wasn’t even exactly sure what was happening. She gathered that Natsu would help them out, but she also didn’t trust the grounder completely just yet.

“For now we know that there are survivors and that they dangerous, but some of them seem to want to get along with us. Natsu saved Levy, so I don’t think he wants to hurt us. Jellal is talking to him now, so I’ll go find out more and get back to you?” her voice rose a few pitches by the end as she tried to sound reassuring while wanting to know if that was enough for now.

Yukino gave a small nod, accepting the bag of berries Lucy offered after Lucy explained to wait before distributing them before she asked Natsu about them. The three headed back to the dropship, Lucy taking a handful of berries and waving to Loke and Yukino with a smile.

She saw Wendy curled up on a few blankets on the floor near Levy, with Jet and Droy passed out and mouths wide open and snoring in seats near her. A grin appeared on her face at the site, the peaceful looks on their faces refreshing.

With one last glance at the group, Lucy climbed the ladder to where Jellal and Natsu were, hoping that they’d both be in one piece. She felt her eye twitch at the thought. She didn’t know either of them very well, but she had a feeling they would clash in the worst way.

“I want to kill him,” Lucy paused when she was near the top of the latch when she heard Natsu’s voice, eyes going wide in surprise.

“And I need your help,” her brows furrowed, confusing running through her. She had no idea what they were talking about, and she was even more curious about who it was Natsu wanted to kill.

That didn’t mean she was going to agree to this. Whatever this was.

“What the hell is going on?” she demanded before climbing the rest of the way up, setting the berries down carefully to the side.

Jellal turned to look at her, stumbling slightly in surprise at her sudden entrance. She almost took a step back at the intensity and seriousness in his eyes. She never saw him look like that before, catching her off guard.

Natsu didn’t say a word, but she could see that his jaw was clenched and his eyes shifted to her, focused and frightening, his body stiff and unmoving.

Lucy huffed at their silence and crossed her arms over her chest while shifting her weight to one leg. She didn’t like being left out of something so serious. “Well?”

“Apparently,” Jellal’s voice broke the silence, laced with dry humour, “Natsu wants our help killing his village’s chief.”

Lucy’s arms dropped, confused and frustrated. It was like they were dropped right into the middle of a war, and her heart twisted. They were just kids-this shouldn’t be happening.

“Why would he need our help?” she spoke before she even realized it, Natsu’s eyes burning as he stared at her, letting out a low snarl, shoulders rolling back in apparent anger.

“We can’t do it alone. He’s too powerful, too strong. You have all of…this,” he jutted his chin out, gesturing to…the whole room. Lucy briefly wondered how they reverted to a place where they didn’t even know what a light bulb was. “Weapons, knowledge. And besides,” he sighed, closing his eyes for a short second, “if you don’t help me, he’ll kill you anyway.”

Lucy sucked in a deep breath, the reality of their situation crashing down on her once again. They needed his help and his knowledge of the ground, and in return, they would have to help him with his revolt. She knew this, but she didn’t want to accept it.

“Do you even have a plan?” Lucy asked, still skeptical about Natsu’s motivations, but conceding that they would have to work together. Her eyes moved to Jellal, his body angled towards her, but facing Natsu. Jellal’s expression was blank, giving her no indication of what he was feeling. Her eyebrows knit together, wondering what was going through his mind before she gave up and turned back to Natsu.

“I want to put the rightful Commander in power. We’ll see what happens from there,” Natsu stated, shrugging his shoulders as if what he wanted to do wasn’t something insane. Lucy just stared at him, mouth opening and closing while she tried to figure out what to say. Her hand moved to scratch her forehead, glancing at Jellal and meeting his eyes briefly. They were narrowed and confused, and he knew more about what was going on than she did.

“The ‘rightful Commander?’” Jellal echoed, shoving his hands in his pocket, but not before cracking his knuckles.

Lucy sighed and moved to a seat attached to the wall and grabbed the berries on her way, crossing her arms and throwing one leg over the other. She figured this might take a while and she was getting tired.

“I thought that’s who we were talking about?” she questioned, showing the berries to Natsu in her open palm. She had almost forgotten about them until she felt a pang in her stomach, “are these safe to eat?”

Natsu’s eyes shifted to her palm, the little dark red berries staining her hand. Natsu nodded, shooting her a grin, his canines visible and sharp looking. She supposed it was only natural for them to be more prominent than her own; grounders probably ate a lot of tough meat, if Natsu’s lack of knowledge of technology was anything to go by.

She plopped a few of the berries into her mouth, savouring the slight taste of raspberries. She smiled, small and unintentional. On the Ark, they didn’t have a lot of food with different flavours, having to ration all of their supplies; food, water, even air. She didn’t even know if she was actually tasting raspberries.

“We were talking about my village’s chief, Acnologia,” Natsu voice cut through her thoughts, startling her. “The Commander is in charge of all of the clans under the coalition, which as of now there are twelve.”

“So how come Acnologia isn’t Commander if he’s so powerful?” Jellal asked, taking a seat beside Lucy and taking a few berries from her hand. She looked to Natsu, wanting to offer him berries as well, but his hands were still tied up and she didn’t want to put her hand anywhere near his mouth.

“Because he’s not a Natblida. It is impossible for the spirit of previous Commander’s to choose him,” Lucy could tell Natsu was trying to explain, but she still had no idea what he was talking about.

“This isn’t making any sense,” Jellal stated as if he could read her thoughts. “We don’t know your customs or your words. And what the hell do you mean about the Commander’s spirit?”

Before Natsu could answer, a head popped up at the latch.

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Just A Crush

Pairing: Matt Murdock x Reader Insert 

Words: 3376

Genres: can you take a guess (fluff) 

Summary: you have a crush on matt and you think he cant tell but…he so can. and it turns out he has the same feelings for you. but can one night change everything when Daredevil himself comes crashing into your apartment like, prince charming dressed in red? (i tried to be dramatic. im not good at summaries.) 

Warnings: none, unless you hate small bathroom make out sessions. 

Notes: no one requested this but i hope you like it anyways :) 

“I don’t care if I fall in love to a devil, as long as that devil will love me the way he loves hell.”

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Ship manifesto: FlintVane

So while I totally get why Silverflint and Flinthamilton are fandom’s bright, shiny OTPs, could we possibly spend a minute contemplating the possibilities and the potential of Flintvane? 

Because come on, there is nothing as glorious for non-canon pairings as the famous enemies to lovers trope, and there’s such a wonderful journey for Flint and Vane at the end of which … lies tragedy, but nothing that a bit of fanfiction couldn’t easily fix so it’s all bliss and rum and sodomy high seas piracy.

Of course, the first episode of meaning is 1.03, the one where Flint and Vane try to hash out a deal through their quartermasters, and it’s Flint who behaves like a disgruntled cat, ready to be at everyone’s throat, while Vane is sitting there calmly and you can just feel the mutual loathing, the air is thick with it. The scene, in itself, is hilarious, especially with Vane and Flint sitting both with their back to the wall, in a position where they can watch each other, while Eleanor and Gates and Jack make the deal, determined not to let these two idiots ruin their fun. 

Things then escalate right up to 2.05, with Flint bombing the fort and Vane attacking him right after Miranda has left. The important question for everyone involved: did Vane hear them arguing, sneaking up on Flint? 

And, well, the fight, with both of them on equal footing - rolling on the floor in a way that is … suggestive at times - and I think it was one of the homophobes in a comment section who wrote in reaction to the Flint/Hamilton reveal, “What’s going to be next, Flint making out with Vane???!!!” to which the only possible reply can be yes, please

Come on, that fight was hot as fuck, and it took Eleanor and her musket to make them stop. And then, with Vane still completely pissed off, Flint pushed the chair out for him with his foot, and told him to sit, as if they hadn’t been trying to kill each other only seconds ago. 

I can’t with these two. 

Sadly, making out doesn’t happen in 2.06, but the next time Flint and Vane see each other, it’s when Vane walks up to the gallows in Charles Town in 2.10 with a girl’s diary in his hands to declare that he’s there to deliver testimony on behalf of Captain Flint.

I will always, forever, be completely pissed at the writers that we did not get to see Flint’s initial reaction shot. 

Because for everything he knew, Vane was in Nassau, either dead or fighting for his captaincy. 

I would give my right arm for a chance to see the expression on Flint’s face, that moment of, WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK.

But I disgress. Of course, this is the episode that is every fangirl’s wet dream because holy fucking shit, Vane delivers himself into captivity to free his arch enemy. Because it’s bad publicity if Captain Flint gets hanged in Charles Town. 

Sure, Charles. Sure. 

Flint and Vane sit next to each other, in chains, and Flint asks him what the fuck he’s doing there. To which Vane replies, 

“Came to take your ship. Stayed to get you out of all this. Figured if anyone was going to make a trophy of you, it really ought to be me.”

Bloody hell.

And then shit goes down and they join forces to escape, running toward the harbor and killing everyone in their way like the absolute dream team they are, seriously, they don’t even have to think about it, they’re just dancing the dance as if they’ve never not fought side by side. 

And once they’re back on board of their fucking warship, Flint tells Billy that he won’t keep Vane’s men prisoner, no matter what they’ve done, and turns to Vane to tell him to keep his men in line. Vane gives him that nod, and at that point, it doesn’t matter one bit that they’ve spent the last couple of years at each other’s throats and that Flint bombed the shit out of that fort and that Vane tried to kill him, they are fucking brothers now.



A couple of episodes later, we’re dealing with Nassau and the new governor, who wants Vane’s head, and Vane, who has been so determined to keep his promises, wavers, and finally goes with Blackbeard, after facing the fact that he isn’t Flint and his military and tactical skills are sadly lacking. So he goes, but only because he has no other choice. 

And then. 

And then, in 3.05, after having convinced the maroon queen that they are totally allies now, when Silver asks him what’s next on the agenda, Flint says, “Now we martial all resources we can, as many ships as we can muster and allies to sail them, men resolved to defy the pardon and ready to join a war. Now we go and find Charles Vane.”

Now we go and …. 


Are you fucking kidding me.

Next stop is  3.06, which is … not even a wet dream, more like the culmination of several wet dreams, because Flint is preparing to fight Blackbeard, and Vane, who has just publicly spurned him, is having second thoughts, very, very serious second thoughts, because his tiny ginger pirate boyfriend Flint has gone through starvation and imprisonment and doesn’t stand a chance against big, bad pirate daddy Edward Teach. 

And can we just spend a moment to acknowledge the fact that Flint and Teach are basically dueling for the throne of the pirate kingdom and the hand of the princess, which would be … Charles Vane. 


So they fight, and poor Flint is totally losing. Blackbeard peprares to kill him, and Charles fucking Vane blocks his blow and then launches a furious series of attacks to drive Teach away from Flint, until he’s made his intentions clear, perfectly clear, crystal clear, so that Teach, with an expression of sheer heartbreak, walks up to Flint and tells him, “Take him, and get the fuck off my beach.”

I mean.

I mean, come on.

There is only so much a little shipper heart can take. 


So Flint has lost the kingdom, but he gets his true love Charles Vane, who, having second thoughts again, asks him if he’ll be enough, or if Flint was only in it for the shiny, precious pirate fleet. 

And Flint, not really able to lie, tells him “It would have helped having the fleet”, which implies that having the fleet would have been nice, but it’s not actually the fleet that he came for, but Charles. Because, you know, Charles is clearly the must-have

Can we also spend a moment honoring the writers, who could have made Teach say, “Get him out of my eyes,” or, “Get the fuck off my beach”, or “Take him the fuck off my beach”, or basically any variation of that, but what they wrote was:

Take him, and get the fuck off my beach.

Clearly, these are two separate orders, and it’s my personal headcanon that Flint followed both of them to the best of his abilities, though I’d like to think that he saved the first part for the privacy of his cabin, but whatever.

So, after that, we have Charles basically trying to earn his paycheck by being all helpful and rebellious, and we get the scene of 3.08, right in the beginning, where he and Flint (and Anne) are in Miranda’s house. Like the jealous boyfriend he is, Vane goes to make fun of Miranda’s cembalo and her porcelain and her books, but stops it after Flint asks him to, and then basically states that he has no appreciation for domesticity, and doesn’t get why a man would care for that kind of stuff (careful, Vane, your sexism is showing). 

Unfortunately, 3.08 also leads to the carriage fight, where Flint escapes with the cache and Vane remains behind to fight Rogers. 

And then, at the beach, we have Flint standing there and asking where Vane is, and when he hears that Vane has been caught, he makes ready to get on horseback and ride straight back to Nassau, because, you know. It’s bad publicity if Charles Vane is executed by the new governor.

Sure, Flint. Sure. 

Except - and here’s where a fangirl’s dreams come to a sudden and devastating end - Billy and Jack and Anne tell him that there’s a war waiting for him, and Charles wouldn’t want him to go back and endanger the cause, and Flint is the only one who can fight that battle that they know is coming, and Flint, very reluctantly, agrees to take the cache and leave Vane’s rescue up to Billy. 

Yeah, well. 

Sadly, we’re also never given Flint’s reaction to Charles’ death, and for season four, Flint is much too preoccupied with all his other boyfriends the war to waste a lot of thought on Vane, but well, I personally like to think that during the last moments in Skeleton Island, when he talked about stories and that they would have been for nothing - that he thought of himself, but also of Vane and Teach and Eleanor, and that when he spoke of that chest, he also had in mind what Jack had said to him, about what that cache meant, that there was a lot more in it than just gems. 

Because, you know, the greatest treasure are the friendships we formed along the way. Or something. 


After all of that, I would just like to add that FlintVane is beauty and grace and it shall never be forgotten.

(Also, Charles Vane would never have sold Captain Flint into a prison camp in Savannah. Just saying.)

*spends 3 hours straight typing*

*finally gets to the point where I can introduce all the goddamn OCs I slaved over*

you fuckers better be worth it

I suppose I should explain & formally introduce you to someone before tossing him headfirst into the fire ♥ This is Levi. And yes, Levi looks different now. Same character. New face. New tag. THIS is Levi Hawke because fuck it.. he will be soon anways ^__^ We are doing a bit of a time jump (too impatient to let you guys see my heir!!!!). ♥ Sooooo… that means the next update will include the new baby Hawke as well!! So much excitement forthcoming.. including baby daddy reveals & a peek at who will take over the next gen ;)))

Seventeen’s reaction to seeing you outside of work *Vocal Unit*
  • Gifs are not mine.
  • I’m trying to keep the gender of the reader unspecified so everyone can enjoy these beautiful boys. 
  • If you have any ideas, then feel free to tell me what to write next. 

You are an idol. The members of Seventeen each had a day off and the vocal unit decided to go into town for some shopping, only to bump into you.

How do they react?


Jeonghan had wandered into the hair isle of a store after realizing the others had used up the last of his shampoo and conditioner. Although his hair is shorter now he still overly pampered it and liked it smelling angelic at all times. As he was trying to decide which scent he wanted he noticed you. He recognized your face immediately, as he had recently heard good things about you and your group, although you were wearing a mask to keep from being seen he still knew it was you by seeing your eyes. 

He had never been someone to crush on others, or feel nervous in someone else’s presence as he himself was a naturally attractive and confident person. However just by being a few steps away from you he could feel his heart flutter. You were even more gorgeous then he’d thought and he wanted so badly to speak to you. If only he could calm he nerves.

He attempted to regain his composure and nearly did until he noticed you were walking away. Panicking, he followed you until you reached the exit of the store. Loudly clearing his throat, he made you stop in your tracks because of the noise and turn.

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He then proceeded to walk past you and open the door after noticing your hands were full, his mask was the only thing hiding the blush on his face. Thankfully causing you not to notice it.

“You seem to have your hands full, so i thought i’d open the door.”

He explained his actions to you while keeping eye contact the entire time. You felt yourself overwhelmed with his polite action and smiled accepting his gesture by walking out the door and waiting for him to follow.

“Thank you very much… Jeonghan”

He froze, watching you bow then walk away. You… knew… him?

For the rest of the day nothing could ruin his mood and he told himself that the next time he had the pleasure of meeting you, he’d get your number.

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