who will be jealous and stunned by me and because of their admiration

I See Stars in Your Eyes (Must be Painful)

This is for the amazing @ackerchou who has graced us with Season 2 Voltron Actor!AU headcannons and I LOVED THEM ALL. I’m writing dancing Lance and kiddie Coran and Allura next. Watch me. Pls check them out because I wanna write a fic for all of them. And because she is awesome and made me feel better on a day I felt bad. There’s aren’t many spoilers for season 2 in this fic but just in case it is tagged. I hope you enjoy it!


              Keith was slightly ashamed to admit that he hadn’t watched the original Voltron before trying out for a part in the new series. In fact, he sort of, kinda, had never even heard of Voltron before until his first day on set as a Galra stunt double. That is until there was a surprise visit from the original cast from the 80’s Voltron series.

              Keith was only slightly mortified that he was the only one who didn’t know who they were.

              Especially since he had thought that Akira was an older stunt double and he had nearly flipped Akira on his shoulder when the man surprised him.

              Even after all this, Lance still wouldn’t stop laughing.

              And of course he had a video of Keith nearly flipping over the original leader of Voltron who was at least twice Keith’s age (but damn did he still look good) and very well known in the world of Voltron. The video even had Keith apologizing over and over to an amused Akira, while everyone stood around staring.

              Keith would remember this next time Lance wanted something.

              Currently he was hanging back in the background while the old cast of Voltron took a tour of the new set to see how far Voltron had come. There was awe and admiration thrown left and right from both the cast of the 80s and the cast of the 2010s. It was a strange sight to see the different cast members who played the paladins together, each very different in their own way and yet so perfect for each character they played.

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Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request: “9 - Alex Standall”


9. “I am just protecting you.”

Word count: 1.547

Posted: 15th of May 2017

A/N: I miss my Alex imagines and I am having some feels right now. I need more Alex imagines, I admit! I miss that little inactive chicken nugget. Dude, post something on your social medias! I miss you. :(
Anyways, here’s another request from Aja and I hope that you like it. 
I hope you keep on supporting my writing, guys! I love you all so much and I thank you for the kind words, they really motivate me to write more and to think of the shitty things in my life less. Thank you so much.

P.S.: I am not accepting part 2 requests for my prompts imagines. Sorry.

- G. x

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Warning: a little bit of angst, being drunk, swearing

“(Y/N), you’ve already drunk too much!” Your best friend, Alex, exclaimed as he stole the red plastic cup from your shaky hand. You had a blurry vision because you were already sleepy and you had to admit that you were also a little bit drunk.

Alex stopped you on drinking to impose you some limits, because he knew that drinking has never been good to people, mostly to you.

“Alex, you’re not my dad!” You slurred as you tried to snatch the cup back from his hands, but you had no success. The liquor spilt on the floor as Alex tried to distance the cup from yourself. “Fuck, Alex!”

You were in one of Bryce’s party to celebrate his team’s successful game the night before and all of the school was in his gobsmacking and enormous modern house, enjoying the music, the company and all of the bad things in life: drugs, cigarettes and alcohol.

“(Y/N), we’re going home!” Alex forcefully grabbed your hand as he put the almost empty plastic cup on the kitchen counter, a place where it would be a little bit difficult for you to reach.

“No, Alex! I still have to play that suck and blow thingy!” You drunkenly laughed as you pointed to the crowd that was doing the game.

“No, (Y/N)!” Alex protested, but his friends suddenly pulled him away, so he could leave you alone. You flirtatiously smiled to thank them and you carefully walked towards the group.

“Can I join?” You happily asked, feeling tired but happy at the same time. The feeling of being drunk was great as you didn’t have your problematic thoughts, you didn’t have to think of the stuffs that you were going through. You heard people cheering as you stood between Jeff, on your right, and Justin, on your left. You knew that the fun has just begun for you.

The game has started and people started sucking the card and they passed it on to the person on their right.

You felt enthusiastic and less pensive at that moment, you forgot everything in your life, mostly your feelings for Alex, as the alcohol took your mind’s control. You had no control of yourself and you knew that you needed someone to handle you, but who cared? The people around you were drunk too. They probably felt the same thing that you were feeling: they would remember something, but then their minds just would black out totally. Some of them wouldn’t even remember everything that happened during that night.

The game lasted for about two spins before the first card fell off your mouth. You were passing the card to Jeff and, because of your clumsiness or drunkenness, you accidentally let the card go. Even though you didn’t have the clearest mind at that moment, the rules were still clear to yourself: you had to kiss Jeff.

Your senses were awakened by people as they encouraged you to kiss Jeff. You were drunk and you had no problems on kissing any person at that moment. You were out of your control and that was why your best friend was being worried earlier.

“I guess we have to do this.” Jeff naughtily flirted with you as he grabbed your waist, he was a little bit drunk and out of himself too. You knew that Jeff has always liked you, but you loved Alex and you didn’t even know why you were doing this to yourself, but you went with the flow. After all, some party goers did this stuff often.

“It’s not a problem, Atkins!” You winked at him and you hyperactively wrapped your arms around his neck and you both closed the gap between the two of you without any problems.

You both shared a passionate and wet kiss as people made noise for your little hot making out session in front of them. You were both enjoying it as Jeff led you to a less crowded place. Little did you both know that there was someone who was getting his heart broken by watching the two of you, but then was called by his best friends to distract him.

“Let’s lead this thing in an appropriate place.” You bit your lip as you stunned Jeff with your sweet voice. He started giving you some wet kisses on your neck as you both found the way to an empty clean room.

You were both caught up in the moment that you both kept on kissing and left the door wide open. You and Jeff kept on making out as he led you to the warm and comfortable bed, falling on it, with him on top of you.

The things started to become steamy between you and Jeff. The heat in the room fogged up the glass window as the cold wind kissed it from the other side. You turned the tables over as you wanted to take the control of the thing. You couldn’t deny it, but you were both turned on, touching and caressing your body parts as long as you could.

“(Y/L/N), what the hell?” The pleasure that you shared with Jeff while kissing him was interrupted by your best friend, when he suddenly dragged you off Jeff’s body.

“What the fuck, Standall?” You faced him as you tried to protest for what he has done. You angrily pushed him away, but he was stronger than you. You were so drunk and weak, that you couldn’t move him, not even a little bit.

“We’re going home!” He loaded you in one of his shoulders as if you were a sack full of potatoes. Alex was surely thin and slim, but he used to work out, by Officer Standall’s orders, and his arms weren’t that weak as you thought.

“I don’t want to go home!” You protested like a kid, wiggling yourself to make him struggle. You continued on doing it, but you got tired of it as Alex started to walk out of the room. You peeked at Jeff, who was now sleeping peacefully on the bed, passed out, and you let out a heavy sigh as you thought that you deluded him.

You let yourself relax on Alex’s shoulder and you closed the door behind you, letting Jeff sleep peacefully. Alex walked in the middle of the drunk crowd and he made his way out of the suffocating place that you were both in.

He put you on the passenger’s seat of his car and buckled your seatbelt carefully. You had your eyes closed, but you still had the senses to feel Alex’s moves.

“Why did you do that?” You garbled as you felt the car moving. Alex didn’t drink at all and his mind was sober, meaning that you were safe with him.

I am just protecting you.” Alex shortly answered as he focused his eyes on the road, following the road’s speed limit. You weakly opened your eyes and stole a glance of his face: he had his forehead corrugated and a black aura surrounded his raging body.

“I was safe with Jeff too, Alex!” You protested in a calm way as you were so tired to start a fight between the two of you.

“You are drunk, just take a rest and I’m almost home.” He annoyingly answered with a dry toned voice. You hinted the indifference in his voice and you stopped asking things, still keeping your mind alive even though your eyes were closed.

The vehicle suddenly stopped and you assumed that you arrived in his family’s home. He carefully unbuckled your seatbelt as he quietly admired your peaceful face. It almost seemed that you were already sleeping, but the thoughts and your feelings for Alex kept you up and pensive once again.

“I was being protective, because I was jealous.” He caressed your face as you felt his hot breath against your skin, sending some shivers down your spine. “I love you, (Y/N), and it hurt me seeing you making out with someone else, in public.” He mumbled, fidgeting with his jacket as he confessed his hidden feelings to you.

You heard him sigh as he brushed his fingers on your lips, wishing that it was him who kissed you that night, wishing that it was him who you loved, obviously unbeknownst to your feelings for him.

“I love you so much.” He said once again as you felt some hot water sting your skin. Alex was vulnerable and you wanted to shout at him how much you loved him, but something suddenly stopped you.

Alex kept on crying and only God knew how much you wanted to open your tired eyes to confess your feelings for Alex too, but you were so afraid. Afraid of admitting everything, afraid of the consequences, afraid of what might happen next, although you discovered that he loved you back.

You were afraid to love Alex as you both considered each other as best friends for a long time, so you set some limits between the two of you, just like how he set you the limit for your alcohol intake, just how he limited his driving, following the speed limits imposed.

Maybe those limits between the two of you would help you, or maybe not. Probably not.

BTS Scenarios - Jealous of One of the Other Guys/You


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·        He tries not to show it.

·        But every time he sees you and Hoseok laughing and joking together, it makes him feel insecure.

·        He knows he shouldn’t be that way.

·        Hoseok is his friend and you, his girlfriend.

·        Jin understood that you and Hoseok had been friends for a lot longer than Hoseok had been in Bangtan.

·        But it didn’t stop him from wondering if you and Hoseok had ever felt for each other as more than friends.

·        And other people didn’t make it any easier.

·        From the guys making well-meaning, yet off-handed jokes about Hoseok stealing you from Jin.

·        To your family making comments about how they really like that Jung boy.

·        It didn’t help that you and Hoseok’s friendship was so flirty either.

·        The way you guys touched each other, the way you smiled at him.

·        It was different from how you treated Jin and he knew it.

·        You guys just had dinner with all of Bangtan and you and Jin were on your way home when his feelings overflowed and he just had to ask you.

·        “So… Did you and Hoseok ever date?”

·        You were stunned.

·        Sure, Hoseok was your best friend, but it was never more than that.

·        He was more like a brother than anything else to you.

·        “What?! Jin, no! What makes you think that?!”

·        Jin suddenly felt embarrassed.

·        He really hoped he hadn’t offended you. It wasn’t his intention.

·        “I don’t know… You two just seem so… perfect for each other. I thought…”

·        You couldn’t help but laugh.

·        You and Hoseok? Absolutely not!

·        “As far as I know, Hoseok has never seen me in that way and I know I’ve never seen him in that way either. We’re like family. That’s all.”

·        Jin sighed a little, relaxing his grip on the steering wheel.

·        “Oh thank goodness.”

·        You run your fingers through his hair and it seems to relax him more.

·        “Seokjin, what you and I have, it’s special to me. I would never sacrifice it for anyone.”

·        You lower your hand and he laces his fingers with yours, bringing them up for a kiss.

·        “I love you in a completely different way than I love Hoseok.”

·        Jin smiles to himself.

·        Hearing you say that is all the confirmation he needs to know he has nothing to worry about.


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·        You told him that he has no competition.

·        So, how come Namjoon felt like he did?

·        Every time you came over to the dorms, you were attached to Jin’s side.

·        Namjoon knew that you had both agreed to keep your relationship private because of his idol status and fans.

·        But the guys knew you were together.

·        No matter what Namjoon did to try to get your attention when you were around, you always stayed rooted next to Jin.

·        And it was familiar for you.

·        Seokjin was family.

·        You’d known him since you were old enough to speak.

·        In fact, if it weren’t for him, you and Namjoon wouldn’t have even gotten together.

·        Jin was the one who set you up.

·        Still, in Namjoon’s eyes, he believed something was up with you two.

·        He told himself over and over again that you would never hurt him like that.

·        That Jin would never hurt him like that.

·        But it was getting more difficult to believe that as each day passed.

·        Finally, when you came around to the dorms the last time and spent most of the time there hanging out and playing video games with Jin, Namjoon snapped.

·        When Jin got up to go to the bathroom, Namjoon pulled you into his room, careful not to close the door behind him too much.

·        When he saw the look of surprise on your face, he quickly defended himself.

·        “No, it’s not that. I just need to talk to you about something that’s upsetting me.”

·        You noticed that Namjoon looked defeated and started to get worried.

·        “What’s wrong? Did I do something?”

·        He shook his head.

·        “No. I just need to know how you feel about Jin. Like how you really feel about him.”

·        You didn’t have feelings for Jin – at least not in that way.

·        “Uhh… Well, he’s my friend? I enjoy spending time with him? That’s about it.”

·        “So, then why is it that’s all you do when you come over here? How come you never want to spend time with me?”

·        Namjoon needed to know, but as he was saying the words, he felt terrible.

·        He sounded so selfish now that he was hearing himself saying the things he thought on a regular basis.

·        Selfish and childish and that was not like Namjoon at all.

·        “What I mean is that… everyone knows we’re together and this is the one place where we can act like it. So, why don’t we?”

·        You hadn’t thought of that before.

·        You were so engrossed into giving Namjoon his space that it never occurred to you that this was a safe zone for you both to show your affection and emotions towards one another.

·        You were using Jin as a safety net.

·        Spending time with what was familiar to you instead of spending it cultivating your relationship.

·        You stepped towards Namjoon, who looked dejected, and lifted his face so he was looking into your eyes.

·        “Hey… I love you, Namjoon. And I’m sorry I wasn’t using this time to show you just how much I do. From now on, I’ll make more of an effort to make you feel loved, OK?”

·        Namjoon smiled and wrapped his arms around you in a hug.

·        Through the crack in the door, you could see Jin looking in at you two.

·        He smiled and gave you thumbs up.

·        You were so lucky to have them both.


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·        Yoongi is not one to admit when he’s jealous of something someone else has.

·        To be quite honest, he wasn’t really sure why he was jealous.

·        You were his – you had made that abundantly clear.

·        But something was still tugging at the back of his mind every time you were together.

·        That something was your close friendship to Jimin.

·        He knew you both had danced together in many ballets before and that Jimin admired and respected you.

·        Yoongi also knew how much you admired Jimin as well.

·        Granted, it wasn’t Jimin’s bed you insisted on crawling into at the end of a long and crazy night.

·        But it was Jimin you spent most of your time with when you hung around with the group.

·        However, you and Jimin were not aware of how this made Yoongi feel.

·        In your minds, it was innocent – two dancers who like to spend time together to talk about their passion.

·        You were both starting to notice, however, the disdain that Yoongi was showing.

·        No matter how hard he tried to pretend he wasn’t judging the hell out of the both of you.

·        Every time you got excited and ran over to Jimin to say hi, Yoongi would roll his eyes or just lower them in a glare at the both of you.

·        It was starting to affect his work as well.

·        He hated being mean to any of the guys.

·        They were his best friends and a part of his family.

·        But this whole situation made him single out Jimin.

·        His insults were harsher and more direct and slipped out before he had time to catch them.

·        Everyone was starting to notice the tension – especially during dance practice.

·        After the last one finished, Yoongi stormed out, trying to collect himself.

·        “He’s your best friend. Your brother.” He thought angrily to himself, as he leaned against the wall trying to calm himself down.

·        “Get it together, Yoongi. He’s not trying to steal your girlfriend.”

·        He didn’t realize that he was saying all of this out loud or that you were standing right behind him listening to every word he said.

·        “Is that why you’re being so awful to Jimin lately?”

·        He jumped when he heard your voice and turned to look at you.

·        You stood with your arms crossed, scowling at the boy as the other guys looked on from behind you.

·        Jimin spoke up next.

·        “Yoongi-hyung, I would never do that to you!”

·        You chimed in.

·        “And neither would I.

·        Yoongi felt ashamed.

·        Ashamed that he let it get to a point where everyone was made aware of his frustrations.

·        “Then why do you guys act like you’re in love with the other all the time?”

·        You were insulted he would think that.

·        You never thought for a minute that you were acting like you loved Jimin, but you always showed Yoongi all the love in the world.

·        “You think that I’m in love with Jimin?”

·        He nodded, sheepishly.

·        You grabbed his hand, pulling him away from the group and into another room.

·        “Yoongi, I have never felt anything for Jimin other than friendship and admiration. I don’t want to be with him. I’ve always wanted to be with you.”

·        He started to melt a little until you spoke again, but harsher this time.

·        “But you’re acting like an idiot. And it’s not attractive. You need to stop being mean to Jimin and stop being jealous of our friendship! He’s not the one I dream of when I go to sleep – you are.”

·        Yoongi smiled at you, feeling a lot more relaxed now that you had clarified the situation for him.

·        He kissed your forehead softly.

·        “I apologize. It was very immature of me to behave the way I’ve been behaving. I promise, I’ll trust you and Jimin much better from here on out.”

·        You smiled back at him.

·        “I accept your apology, but it’s not me you should be apologizing to.”

·        He nodded knowingly – he knew he had to apologize to Jimin for his behavior.

·        You kissed him softly.

·        “Don’t be so scared of losing me. I’m not going anywhere. I love you, Min Yoongi.”

·        He kissed you back before making his way back to the group to talk to Jimin.


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·        Jealousy?

·        Hoseok didn’t know the meaning of the word!

·        He was almost always supportive of everyone around him in any situation, so long as it was a positive one.

·        But he learned that he did have a bit of a jealous side once he started dating you.

·        Not that he was possessive of you – of course, you were you own person with thoughts and feelings he couldn’t control.

·        But whenever there were other guys around, he was always keeping one eye on them to make sure they didn’t try anything inappropriate with you.

·        Typically, he trusted the other guys in Bangtan.

·        Most of them had their own girlfriends and the ones that didn’t kept to themselves and didn’t bother your relationship.

·        Or so it would seem.

·        Over time, you and Namjoon became really good friends.

·        He was always keeping you company in the dorms when you were waiting for Hoseok.

·        Not to mention, he was the biggest cheerleader of your relationship.

·        You didn’t consider your actions with Namjoon to be flirtatious.

·        But Hoseok did.

·        He found himself growing rigid when you and Namjoon would share an inside joke with one another that he wasn’t in on.

·        He winced every time you shared a hug with Namjoon.

·        And how you called him ‘your guy?’

·        What did that even mean?

·        Hoseok was supposed to be your guy!

·        You were beginning to notice a change in Hoseok’s behavior whenever you came to the dorms.

·        He was stiff – almost annoyed by your presence when Namjoon was around.

·        But if Namjoon was out or preoccupied, Hoseok was as loving as ever.

·        So, one day, you decided to question Hoseok about his bizarre antics.

·        “Hobi? What’s been bothering you lately?”

·        The question caught him off guard.

·        You two were cuddled up on the couch watching TV.

·        He didn’t think this was the appropriate time to have such a conversation.

·        “What do you mean?”

·        He asked, looking at you with the sweetest and most confused look you’d ever seen.

·        “You just seem so… annoyed? But you only seem like that when Namjoonie is around. Did he do or say something to you?”

·        Hoseok’s eyes widened in shock.

·        He didn’t think his actions were that obvious.

·        He didn’t even notice he was doing it, honestly.

·        He sat there searching for a response.

·        Finally, he settled for the truth.

·        “He didn’t do anything… It just seems to me like you’re more interested in spending time with him than you are with me.”

·        You were shocked.

·        You had never meant to make Hoseok feel like you didn’t want to be with him.

·        On the contrary, you spent 90% of your time with Namjoon talking about how in love with Hoseok you were.

·        You hugged Hoseok closely.

·        “You worry too much, Jung Hoseok. I’m yours. I don’t want anyone else, but you.”

·        Hoseok kissed the top of your head.

·        “But… don’t you feel that you and Namjoon would be a better couple than us sometimes?”

·        You gave him a look.

·        “If I felt that way, Hoseok, I’d have a hard time considering he is interested in someone else. That’s mostly what I’ve been doing with him. Trying to help him get to her.”

·        He couldn’t help, but laugh at his own stupidity.

·        He knew better than to think such things about his friends – let alone his own girlfriend.

·        He squeezed you tight.

·        “How’d I get so lucky to have someone as wonderful as you?”

·        You grinned to yourself.

·        “You are lucky, and don’t ever forget it!”


Originally posted by saikokpop

·        Taehyung had never had a girlfriend before.

·        So, maybe that’s why he was so protective of you.

·        Daily, he would remind himself how lucky he was that someone as beautiful and wonderful as you would be so in love with someone like him.

·        He tried so hard not to let insecurity get the best of him the way it had in the past.

·        But now, it was getting more difficult.

·        Now, you’re beginning to develop a close friendship with Yoongi.

·        Taehyung tries to tell himself that that’s all it is – friendship.

·        But he had to admit to himself that he’s never seen Yoongi this friendly with a girl before.

·        The whole thing even surprised you that the one member that people always said wasn’t very warm or friendly had taken a liking to you.

·        Taehyung felt like he couldn’t compete with Yoongi.

·        Yoongi was older than he was and more mature in many ways.

·        He had a brilliant mind and great work ethic.

·        Taehyung felt he was just a young child acting silly and refusing to grow up no matter how much time has passed.

·        And it didn’t help that no one really knew you were together because he was too afraid to tell the other guys that he was with someone.

·        Now the others had taken to teasing you and Yoongi about your ‘friendship’ and go as far as to try and set you two up together.

·        Deep down, though he didn’t acknowledge it, Yoongi knew you and Taehyung were together and he was happy that his friends were happy.

·        Taehyung, however, just saw all of the guys handing his girlfriend over to someone else.

·        One night, while everyone was out eating and relaxing, the guys wouldn’t stop teasing you and Yoongi over dinner about getting together.

·        “I don’t understand why he won’t date you!”

·        “You guys would be so cute together.”

·        “Oh, look, Yoongi’s blushing! I think he agrees!”

·        It was all Taehyung could take.

·        He jumped up from the table, excusing himself to go outside and get some fresh air.

·        Everyone at the table was in a stunned silence before Yoongi spoke.

·        “You better go follow him and see what’s wrong.”

·        You nodded, already knowing what the conversation was going to be.

·        You got up and followed Tae outside only to find him sitting on a bench with his head in his hands.

·        You sat beside him and touched his back lightly.

·        “Taehyungie… What’s wrong?”

·        He raised his head and you could see that he was crying.

·        You hated so much to see those tears.

·        When he spoke, his voice was strained and almost too low for you to hear against the street noise.

·        “It just never stops. They never stop saying how great you two are together. And it’s my fault…”

·        You were confused.

·        “What’s your fault?”

·        Taehyung finally looked at you.

·        “It’s my fault because I’m too scared to tell them that I’m with you. I’m too afraid that they’ll be angry with me for finding a girlfriend when they don’t have one.”

·        You shook your head.

·        “They’d never be angry with you. All they want is for everyone to be healthy and happy.”

·        Taehyung scoffed.

·        “It doesn’t matter. Soon, you’ll realize how mature and attractive Yoongi is and leave me to be with him. Then everyone will be happy and I’ll just go back to pretending I’m happy.”

·        Everything was starting to make sense to you.

·        “Taehyung… Are you… jealous of Min Yoongi and me?”

·        Tae bit his lip and nodded shyly, avoiding eye contact with you.

·        You laughed, eliciting a confused look from Taehyung.

·        “I would never-!”

·        You couldn’t stop laughing.

·        The very thought of you and Min Yoongi was enough to leave anyone doubled over in tears from laughter.

·        You finally composed yourself enough to speak.

·        “What Yoongi and I have is just a good friendship. He’s a great person, but I could never date him! We’re too opposite! Besides, I love my funny, little alien boy, Taehyungie!”

·        Taehyung gasped and you stopped in your tracks.

·        It was the first time you had ever said the word, ‘love’ to him.

·        Before you could correct yourself, Taehyung leaned in and kissed you softly.

·        You smiled into the kiss, your heart pounding in your ears.

·        He smiled back.

·        “I love you, too. Come on, let’s go inside. It’s time for me to tell everyone that you’re my girlfriend.”

·        He climbed to his feet and you followed suit taking his hand in yours.

·        You loved walking back over to the table to the sound of gasps from everyone around it.


Originally posted by aestheticvbts

·        He knew better than to compete with the golden maknae.

·        Jungkook was good at everything and that included winning the admiration of everyone who encountered him.

·        Jimin’s girlfriend – you – were no exception to this rule.

·        Still, Jimin had an immense amount of trust in you to know that you wouldn’t fall for Jungkook.

·        So, imagine Jimin’s surprise when suddenly you were spending more time with him.

·        You and Jungkook had become exceptionally close, which was bizarre, considering that Jungkook had difficulty even being in the same room as other girls.

·        But to Jungkook, you were like a sister.

·        He was comfortable talking about things with you that he wasn’t sure he could tell the hyungs.

·        And you were slowly, but surely, breaking him out of his shell when it came to talking to girls.

·        Yes, in your eyes, Jungkook was the little brother you never had.

·        And in Jungkook’s eyes, you were the older sister he always wanted.

·        But in Jimin’s eyes, he only saw you and Jungkook getting closer and closer each passing day.

·        And that was enough to frighten the boy.

·        He found himself trying to be a part of everything the two of you did together.

·        Even if it was something Jimin wasn’t interested in.

·        As time went by, you and Jungkook could tell something was wrong with Jimin and you needed to find out what it was.

·        You sat down with Jimin one night after the group had begun winding down from a show.

·        “Jimin, I’ve noticed something about you recently.”

·        He looked up at you from the book he was reading, his perfect jawline clenching as he knew immediately what this conversation was going to be about.

·        “You seem to be upset with Jungkook and I. Why is that? Did we do something wrong?”

·        He shook his head, not really wanting to talk about this at the moment.

·        “Do you not want me to hang out with him anymore?”

·        Jimin groaned.

·        He knew you weren’t going to let up on the subject until you both talked it through.

·        He slammed the book shut angrily.

·        “I don’t feel like having this conversation right now.”

·        You got upset.

·        This was just like Jimin.

·        Whenever something was bothering him, he shut down and couldn’t explain why he felt that way.

·        But you didn’t want to sweep another fight under the rug.

·        You wanted to resolve this and move on so your relationship could get back on track.

·        “Jimin, you have to talk to me about this. We’ve gotta work this out.”

·        He didn’t want to hear it.

·        He didn’t want to admit that he was so freaking jealous of Jungkook’s relationship with you that it actually made him angry.

·        He kept telling himself that it was wrong – Jungkook was his friend and you, his girlfriend.

·        There was no way either of you would do anything to hurt him.

·        But still, he was worried because he knew how great Jungkook is.

·        He looked at you, staring at him intently, and softened a little.

·        He really did love you more than anything in the world and he didn’t want to lose you over his own strange sense of what was going on between you and Jungkook.

·        “Fine. I’m nervous. I’m afraid that you’re going to realize how great he is and walk away from me.”

·        He looked down sadly.

·        “I mean, I’d let you go if that’s what you wanted… I just want everyone to be happy, but I wanna be happy, too.”

·        You reached across the table and grabbed his hand, giving it a light squeeze.

·        “Are you happy with me, Jimin?”

·        He nodded, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips.

·        You kissed his hand.

·        “I’m happy with you, too. Don’t worry yourself about Jungkook. Jungkook is my dearest, dearest friend, but that’s all he is. If I didn’t want you anymore, I would’ve been gone a long time ago.”

·        Jimin gave you a look.

·        “Are you sure?”

·        You nodded, smiling at him.

·        “I’m positive. I’m with you through thick and thin. I love you, Jimin.”

·        It was Jimin’s turn to kiss your hand.

·        He pressed his lips against your fingers, then brushed his cheek against your hand.

·        That was all he wanted to hear.


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·        He can’t understand why he’s acting this way.

·        He finally manages to charm a girl enough to make her his girlfriend.

·        And instead, he spends most of his time nervously awaiting the day that she says it’s over.

·        Jungkook was crazy about you and that made him feel crazy.

·        He had spent so much of his time avoiding girls that now that he was with you, he didn’t know how to handle it.

·        To top it all off, he was dealing with serious history between you and Taehyung.

·        Like the fact that you had known each other your whole lives.

·        And the fact that one time, long ago, you and Taehyung both had crushes on one another.

·        It was a little fact that you both let slip one night while hanging out and drinking.

·        It was a little fact that Jungkook had a difficult time forgetting.

·        One that literally kept him awake at night.

·        But you figured it was no big deal.

·        Taehyung had since moved on and been with other girls.

·        And you were so happy and in love with Jungkook that the childhood feelings you’d had for Taehyung was just another story to tell over drinks at a bar.

·        Jungkook was fighting with history and it was a fight he truly believed he was destined to lose.

·        So, Jungkook did was he did best.

·        He closed himself off.

·        He went from being sweet and loving towards you to being cold and callous within just a few days after the alleged night at the bar.

·        It started to drive you crazy.

·        Every time you tried to kiss him, he seemed to lock himself up and shut down any part of his brain that showed you affection.

·        He stopped inviting you over to spend time with him.

·        You were starting to feel like you were losing him and you couldn’t stand it.

·        After a few days of little to no contact, you had to ask him for the truth so you text him.

·        “Jungkook, I need to know. Are we over?”

·        No answer for a while.

·        Maybe he’s busy, you thought to yourself.

·        You figured you’d write him a long text that he could read when he got the opportunity.

·        “I just wanted to know what was going on. You’ve been distant. You haven’t called or really even text me. I’m starting to think that you don’t like me anymore, which is sad because I was starting to fall in love with you, but if you aren’t interested in me anymore, I understand and respect your decision. I hope we can still be friends because I still really like you and I like spending time with you. Let me know.”

·        You went to hit send, but the text wouldn’t go through.

·        Cursing at your phone, you started twisting and turning, trying to get good reception to send the text.

·        Suddenly, your phone started ringing.

·        It was Taehyung.

·        You answered, but put it on speaker so you could continue trying to get signal to send the text.

·        “Hey! What are you up to today?”

·        You groaned as the text still said, ‘Sending Failed.’

·        “If you must know, Taehyung, I’m trying to get in touch with Jungkook. I want to know what’s going on between us.”

·        Tae’s voice perked up.

·        “Oh! He’s right here if you want to talk to him!”

·        He turned to Jungkook, who was playing a video game on his phone and pushed his phone towards him, but Jungkook just shook his head.

·        Over the phone, you could hear Jungkook saying no to Taehyung.

·        “Tae, put me on speakerphone. He needs to hear what I have to say.”

·        Taehyung looked at Jungkook who was still engrossed in his game before hitting the speaker button.

·        “OK. You’re on.”

·        You started to repeat your text to Jungkook over the phone.

·        “I just want to know what’s going on with us. You haven’t called or text me in days. I can’t even get you to talk to me over Taehyung’s phone and I feel like I deserve to know what’s going on.”

·        Jungkook sighed heavily, pausing his game to get up and leave the room when Taehyung snapped his fingers violently.

·        “Sit here and listen to what she has to say.”

·        Normally, Jungkook would just ignore what Taehyung was saying to him, but when he saw his face, he knew that Taehyung was serious about this.

·        He sat back down and placed his phone on the table to show he was listening to you.

·        “Anyways, I really hope that your distance from me isn’t because you’re no longer interested because… well, I was starting to fall in love with you.”

·        Taehyung and Jungkook’s eyes both widened as they looked at each other.

·        No one, aside from friends, family, and fangirls had ever told Jungkook they were in love with him.

·        It was something beyond his imagination.

·        Without thinking, he ripped the phone out of Taehyung’s hand and took it off of speaker.

·        “Did you just say you’re falling in love with me?”

·        You sat up, warmth pooling in your belly at the sound of his voice.

·        “Well, I mean, yes. I am, but if you’re not interested in me anymore, then I respect your decision and I wish you the best in life.”

·        Jungkook practically shouted into the phone.

·        “No! Sorry. I am… Still interested in you.”

·        You were surprised by that answer.

·        “Really? So, how come you’ve been so distant lately?”

·        Jungkook’s face turned red and he tried to avoid looking in Taehyung’s direction.

·        “Well, umm… It was because I thought that you and Taehyung still liked each other.”

·        Both you and Taehyung let out a groan simultaneously and Taehyung exclaimed.

·        “Come on, dude! Would I really do that to you?!

·        Jungkook shook his head sheepishly.

·        You jumped in on the conversation.

·        “Jungkook, what happened between Taehyung and I happened so long ago and it’s no longer important. Yes, he’s my best friend, but that’s all he is now. I care for you too much to ever do something that vile and disgusting to you.”

·        Jungkook sighed.

·        He could feel his insecurity and doubt melting away.

·        “It feels so good to know that for sure now.”

·        You chuckled.

·        “I know I’m your first… everything, but you can’t do that every time you have a concern, Jungkook. You can’t shut down and run away from me. Otherwise, we’ll never fix anything and just end up losing each other. And I don’t want to lose you.”

·        Jungkook smiled.

·        “I don’t want to lose you either.”

·        You smiled to yourself.

·        “Why don’t you come over and hang out if you’re not busy? I’d love to see you.”

·        Jungkook nodded in agreement.

·        “I’d love to see you, too. I’ll be there soon.”

·        He will never doubt either of you again.

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Sebastian, Claude, William, Grell, & Undertaker realize they are in love with their shy, pure and sweet human friend who is open-minded and non-judgemental since they're slow at everything and has no talent that is known so they know how is like to be judged unfairly?

I’m sorry this is a bit late, I have been a little tied up lately! In an effort to show my gratitude of your ask and my apologies of the lateness, I made these super freaking long lolol

-Admin Robin


  • Ok whoa whoa whoa, wait a fuckin lil minute
  • Demon royalty??? Liking….A human? Yikes
  • He acknowledges the fact that he holds a certain admiration for his human friend, but he thought It was just because they intrigued him and peaked his interest
  • But like, shit, the way it happened was so fuckin cute watch this
  • It was one of those rare occasions where Ciel was working on paperwork and didn’t need him to do anything, and the servants were actually doin good, so he took you out into the garden and set out a lil picnic (because mortals like those, right??) and was just chilling under the shade with them and he looked over to them as they rambled on about something they thought was beautiful, and their theories about the universe and reincarnation and stuff that a mere mortal should not really worry about
  • And he just thought that it was so amazing, the way somehow their eyes shined even in the shadow of the shade, and he absolutely adored that passionate gleam in their eye when they talked and he just
  • Fuck he was so enraptured by them which is weird as hell because 1) he was 100% down for toying with/eating humans so wtf and 2) HE WASn’t eVEN supposED TO BE CORDIAL WITH otheR HUMANS LET ALONE FAL L FOR ONE
  • He freaks out and excuses himself, and goes to his master’s study, knocking and once he’s got one foot in the door is just like
  • “Young Master, I think (Name) has made me ill and I’m not sure how to respond to the way my body is reacting,”
  • And Ciel knows EXACTLY what’s up and is like “dear lord, get out of my office,”
  • He would try to distance himself as much as possible but fails miserably in the end
  • Admires how you are so laid back and calm and just a ‘go-with-the-flow’ kinda person
  • Once he tells you about his feelings, and the contract, he is so floored when you’re just like, “Oh, so you’re a demon? That’s cool; do you wanna make some pound cake?”
  • You teach him how to be gentle with humans and he adores how intently you listen to his stories of his many years of life
  • Loves you
  • “My, my, you’re quite the sight in that dress, my (lady/lord),” “Oh? This? I made this out of the drapes of my room, but thank you, Sebastian,”
  • Gets protective if anyone/anything tries any shit
  • When you tell him about how you view yourself his eyes flash and he pulls you to him
  • “Someone is putting that vile rubbish in your head -who? I demand to know,” and kisses the top of your head


  • At first he denies it completely, thinking that you’re just a fun toy and nice smelling soul
  • But then he sees you in your nightgown/sleeping attire and just kinda loses it in his mind
  • He is a predator, so he doesn’t really have emotions, so he thinks, so he deems what he’s feeling as hunger and protectiveness of his meal
  • But then he finds himself letting his gaze linger on you and he studies the way you move and he makes you food and makes sure you’re comfortable and he does not allow Hannah or the Triplets to serve you because he’s that protective lmao
  • Absolutely not you are not allowed to leave his sight because there is a chance that you’re either in danger or in the hands of some other demon
  • Likes to have you beside him chatting his ear off about anything and everything all the time, whether he’s doing the dishes, playing piano, cooking, doing errands for Alios, etc
  • Alios gets very jealous of you, so if he orders Claude away from you out of spite, the demon will still find some sort of contact with you
  • “Miss/Mister (Name), might I interest you in some (favorite drink)? I hear that it is pleasing to the tongue,” *cue weird claude glasses glint thing*
  • If you like to go out on the roof at night to stargaze, he will go with you solely based on the excuse that you might get yourself hurt, and he doesn’t want to trouble himself with the time of cleaning up the mess you’d make if you fell to the ground
  • Will 100% leave his scent on you and dwells within the shadows of your room at night to watch over you
  • Gross but loving in his own way


  • They’re so excited!
  • They’re all “Oh forsure this shit is gonna be legendary”
  • Once they are totally comfortable with you, they’ll come clean and tell you that they’re a reaper, and that they kinda harvest souls
  • It was a super big risk for them, and they didn’t want to scare you off, but they trusted you
  • So, it all started as a harmless friendship, and then one day you were all “Grell, I think that you should get a raise, you’re always working so hard! If I had half a mind, I’d go to your boss myself and demand that you are given rewards and so much gratitude that you could drown in it”
  • “And also, you look very lovely in the color red,”
  • And boom, they’ve lost it, they’re fuckin hooked
  • Like the combination of your laid back personality, and they think you’re stunning as frick, and they’re just so enticed by you idk
  • Really bothers them that you don’t put yourself on a pedestal, because they think you more than belong there
  • Tries very hard to make sure that you know you are extraordinary and one of a kind
  • Thinks you possess many talents, and tries to emphasize on them
  • Not-so-subtle flirting and courting
  • Doesn’t really gather up the courage to court you until you make a huge move
  • You are allowed to admire their death scythe, but not touch it, because that’s a risk of you getting hurt
  • Loves you more than Bassy, much to Sebastian’s relief


  • What the fuck
  • Feelings? Ew. Romantic feelings? Absurd. Towards a Human? Bro u smokin
  • Seriously though, he has zero experiences with romance, so he doesn’t really know what to do poor bb
  • Flushes around you a lot (his glasses do the thing where they fog up lmao)
  • Is super duper strict with you, but like it’s cute because he’ll be all “(Name), that was uncalled for and reckless, you could have gotten yourself killed,” (You: But Will I just almost tripped over a stair-)
  • And he gently takes your face in his gloved hands, his gaze softening and his voice dropping, “But are you okay? Did you obtain any injuries?”
  • Is a closet softie shut up
  • Studies you from afar and burns the images of you into his mind
  • You really help him de-stress, so he likes you around his office
  • Shares as much details with you as possible without giving away too much information that will get you hurt
  • So protective like it’s sickening
  • Thinks taking his hand and rubbing soothing circles on your thigh to calm himself down is platonic but it kinda isn’t so you blush
  • “(Name), why is your face red? Is my office too warm for you?”
  • “Mortals are such peculiar creatures”
  • If Ronald or some other reaper flirts with you they get copious amounts of overtime haha fuckers
  • William always wins
  • Gets a little annoyed when he finds out how lowly you think of yourself and is constantly reminding you that if you’re good enough for him to not only befriend but to also harbor feelings for, then you are the best of them
  • His heart stops when he sees your name on the “To Die List”
  • Im srry


  • This Meme Reaper™ is your best friend before he even considers you to be a possible partner
  • You hang around his shop and cook and help decorate and tell jokes and he is deff hooked
  • He thinks you’re prettier than the corpses he dresses up so like don’t ever tell him that you think your looks are average again
  • Actually kinda gets sad when you tell him about how little you think of yourself
  • “Now now, Dearie, I won’t be having any of that rubbish,”
  • Is like that weird uncle you can get shit-faced with and that has his weed stashed in his closet in the back but he’s super good company, especially if you’re feeling down
  • You brushed back his bangs once and was met with gorgeous yellow-green eyes and a scar that ran across his entire face
  • And like he was kinda scared that you were gonna be all “Ew gross why are your eyes like that” or “FUCK your face dude what the hell happened”
  • But instead you just smiled and said: “Your eyes are so unique! And I have scars too, do you want to count them? Each of them has a back story,”
  • And he loves your personality and they way you blend in with your surroundings
  • He loves seeing you comfortable and he kicks you out of the shop with an excuse (like he needs more tea or more flour) when he has company come, especially Phantomhive and his damn butler
  • Actually pulled his scythe on Sebastian one time because of how overly-friendly he was being
  • His voice instantly dropped and his hat was off and his bangs were pushed to the side, his eyes blazing
  • “It would be greatly appreciated if you were to mind yourself around my (Name),” and he would side-glance a flabbergasted Ciel and say, “That is all the help I can provide. If you’ll excuse me, I believe it is high time for you to show yourselves out; the shop is closed for today”
  • Your dick: out
  • He is too clingy and apologizes after they leave
  • You mean so much to him
Request: Speak now

Request: hello =) can you write an imagine in which you broke up with juice like 5 years ago and now you are getting married and he finds out when you go to TM to give Gemma her invitation for the wedding and he tries to cancel the wedding?

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: angst and drama, a lot of drama

Originally posted by redwood-orginals

“I can’t do this anymore Juice”, you cried, finally giving up, “It’s like you don’t trust me and I can’t live with your jealousy anymore, your punches on the walls and silence”

“Baby…”, Juice begged, a tear running down his face.

“I’m sorry Juice”, you whispered and grabbed your bag. You didn’t look back as you walked out the door.


Juice woke up feeling his heart pounding inside his chest and sweat covering his skin. He always woke up like that after a nightmare, but he hand’t had one, it had been very real memory from five years ago. He lived with that memory hunting him and though he always felt bad after it, at least he could see you again, even if it was only in his mind, in a dream. You weren’t living that far but for you two that meant worlds apart.

Five years ago, Juice wasn’t in a good place. Club was going through a tough time, problems and lockdowns. It took a toll on him and there were things going on in his life he couldn’t tell anyone. Juice was distant, trying to understand what was happening and it affected your relationship. He couldn’t open up to you though he was afraid you would leave him if he didn’t. His jealousy was worst and everyone was a threat in his eyes. He knew you would leave him, it was just a matter of time, and one day you really did. Juice lost his mind one night, punching a tree because he was too jealous of your friends and you going out with them to, finally, have some good time. You packed and left the next morning. You stayed in Charming for a while and he tried to talk to you, but you wouldn’t talk to anyone but Gemma. Soon, you found a job in Stockton and moved out. Juice haven’t seen you since then.


“I’m glad we finished this early lad”, Chibs sighed as they hopped on their bikes. Jax had sent them to do some errands and it was supposed to take them all day. Chibs was looking forward for a movie night with his new girlfriends and decided they should split up to finish it earlier. Juice agreed with his brother and they rode together back to the clubhouse. They were walking toward the garage when Juice saw Gemma leave her office and freeze on the door.

“Are you okay Gemma?”, he asked as Chibs narrowed his eyes, also noticing the queen’s odd behavior. Gemma was about to answer him when another person walked out the room, bumped into Gemma. The woman froze too as Juice felt his heart skip a beat, “Y/N?”

“What are you doing here lass?”, Chibs asked. No, he didn’t hate Y/N, but he had seen how bad Juice got after their breakup and only meant to protect the boy who was almost like a son to him.

“She came to talk to me”, Gemma hissed and wrapped an arm around Y/N’s shoulders, escorting her back to the car.

Juice just stood there, speechless, as he watched Y/N walk away. He loved her. He still loved her so much it hurt. Y/N glanced at him over her shoulder, but Gemma just kept pulling her toward the car. Y/N left TM and Juice felt Chibs patting his back.

“You should forget her boy”, the Scotsman sighed.

“I can’t”, Juice whispered.

“Listen to him”, Gemma said as she passed by them on her way back to the office,”She came to bring me her wedding invitation. She moved on. You should do it too”


“Go away!”, Juice yelled when someone knocked on his door for what seemed to be the tenth time.

“It’s Chuck. Gemma told me to bring you some food”, Chucky said in a scared, barely audible voice.

“I’m not hungry Chucky, thanks”, Juice sighed.

“Let me talk to him Chucky”, someone who sounded like Tig said, “Hey Juice I heard what happened. Come on boy! Come outside, let’s drink and let a crow give you a lap dance. You’re gonna feel better”

“You’re an idiot”, Kozik joined the group outside Juice’s door, “The love of his life is getting married and you just told him to get a lap dance!?”

“Nobody asked your dumb blond ass’ opinion”, Tig grunted, “Love of his life? God you sound like a schoolgirl”

“Shut up!”, Juice yelled, opening his door, “I’m not hungry Chucky, thank you. And you two… Stop whining like two schoolgirls outside my door! That doesn’t help!”

“Actually, I was coming here to offer help”, Kozik said, making all eyes turn to him, “Sounds crazy, but we could go to Stockton if you’re up for a ride”

“For what?”, Tig creased his brow.

“Talk to Y/N”, Juice mumbled, still looking at Kozik, “I-I don’t think that would work Kozik”

“Well, if you change your mind…”, his brother handed him a piece of paper and Juice saw it was a copy of Y/N’s wedding invitation. “I sneaked into her office while she was having lunch”, Kozik shrugged.

“I hope she notices it and you get your ass whipped”, Tig said as Juice closed the door behind him, looking down at the paper. Should he try again? Or should he move on like Gemma had said?


Juice tried to call Y/N a million times, but he hadn’t had the courage to speak when she answered the phone. On the last call, Y/N had talked to him though.

“I know it’s you Juice”, he could hear Y/N taking a deep breath, “Stop calling, please. You must know I’m going to get married and I beg you to stop calling and don’t try anything. We lost our chance years ago. Please, don’t call me again”

Juice cried after she hang up and spent the whole week feeling miserable. It was Y/N’s wedding day and there was nothing he could do. Juice woke up and walked to the garage. Gemma was there and handed him Y/N’s wedding invitation and his keys.

“I’m not going to that wedding”, Gemma said as Juice stared at her, “But you should go”

“But…”, he started.

“Forget what I said”, Gemma cut him off, “Just go”

She didn’t have to say it again. Juice hopped on his bike and drove as fast as he could, heading to Stockton. He parked across the street and looked at the church. Everybody was inside, but he still had a few minutes. He knew Y/N was somewhere inside that church and he had to find her. Juice looked around and finally found an open door. Silently, he walked in and opened every door on his way, trying to find Y/N. Suddenly, he heard voices and a door being closed. A bridesmaid was walking away and Y/N should be in that room. Juice took a deep breath and opened the door.

“Kelly is…”, Y/N turned around and froze when she saw him, “Juice? What are you doing here?”

“You look beautiful”, he couldn’t help but admire her on that wedding dress. She looked absolutely stunning.

“I was fearing it, I knew you would try something stupid”, Y/N sighed, “Please go away Juice”

“I can’t”, he sadly smiled, “I need you to listen to me okay? Please don’t marry him”

“Juice…”, she closed her eyes and shook her head.

Juice got closer and took her hands in his. Y/N opened her eyes again and stared at their hands together. “I still love you Y/N”, Juice whispered.

“Please Juan”, Y/N looked up at him, tearing up, “I’m gonna get married”

“Do you love him?”, Juice squeeze desperately her hands, “Look in my eyes and tell me you love him. Tell me you don’t feel anything when I’m close to you. What we have is epic baby”

“It is not”, Y/N walked backwards, “It ended”

“I know and I’m so sorry”, Juice grimaced, “It was my fault”

“Yes it was”, she cried, breaking his heart again, “You wouldn’t open up and talk to me. It was suffocating! I was trying to understand, but I desperately needed a break and you exploded when I just went to the movies with my friends! Damn I knew you were jealous, but you lost your mind Juice! I couldn’t take it, I had to leave”

“I know baby”, Juice was crying too, “And I’m so sorry, I regret it every single day. I hurt you and you were right to leave, but I dreamed you would come back to me someday. I know it’s probably too late but I have to try. I beg you. Do not get married”

“He’s good to me”, she said.

“I will be better”, he stepped closed again, “I won’t let anything get between us again. Club is in a better place…”

“Oh God, you club!”, Y/N hissed, “I tried to come back, but the club got between us as always”. Juice just stared at Y/N as she spoke, “I came back but Clay told me to forget you, said you didn’t need me and I was a distraction. I stayed away, I worked hard to build a new life Juice and I found a good man. I had to at least try to leave that life behind”

“Clay is dead”, Juice clenched his jaw hard, angry for what he had let happen to them, “He thought he could use me as his puppet, but you, only you baby, gave me strength to keep fighting. That living hell was finally over but you were in Stockton and you had a new boyfriend. I should have talked to you sooner”

“Juice…”, Y/N’s whispered.

“Please baby”, Juice got closer, holding her hands again. He was about to kiss Y/N when the bridesmaid came back.

“Y/N we are…” the girl stopped and stared at Juice, “Who are you? What are you doing here?”

“He is leaving Kelly. Please, he’s leaving”, Y/N gently pushed him away, “Please Juice, please leave”

“Y/N”, Juice begged again.

“Go”, she mouthed as the bridesmaid hovered over her to fix her makeup.

“I will be outside if you change your mind”, he said before the bridesmaid close the door. Juice clenched his fists as he walked out the church. He sat on his bike, heart beating fast as he waited for Y/N to come running back to his arms. However, what he noticed next were the bells ringing and a distance song. She was walking down the aisle to get married to another man. Juice cried. He had lost the woman he loved.

First, he thought it was his imagination, but through the tears he could see someone running across the grass. He wiped the tears and saw her, Y/N, holding her dress as she ran. Juice hopped off his bike and met her in the middle of the street, wrapping his arms around her.

“Take me home”, Y/N whispered before he kiss her.

“Where is it?”, he asked, thinking she meant her place in Stockton.

“Charming”, she smiled and kissed him again. Juice held her hand tight in his and helped her hop on his bike. Y/N took off her veil and let it go on the wind as Juice sped up his bike, heading home.

Note of the author: Sorry, I had to include Tig and Kozik as a comic relief. I always try to give Juice a happy ending, unless you request otherwise. I hope you liked it.

Request List

✔️Clubs and Blood–Jerome smut? where he gets incredibly jealous where it gets to the point where he kills the guy right in front of you thats been flirting with you all night? and then ends with angry passionate s m u t ?

✔️Laughter is the best medicine–jerome fluff where the reader was held hostage and jerome saves her but shes hurt and he cares for her and is just super over protective? thank you so much and love your imagines!

✔️Number one fan–Can you do one where the reader is the number one crime boss/villain and Jerome admires her so much that he follows them around until he gets caught. Maybe they become partners, he gets jealous and stuff, and it has a pretty happy ending.

✔️Breaking out my baby–Imagine where the reader gets thrown in Arkham when Jerome is killed,since she was crying over his dead body and Jim saw this as an opportunity to arrest her.So when Jerome returns he goes to save her,finding her completely insane from being tortured

Jelly beans–Could you please do a fanfic where Jerome gets Jealous or one where he meets the reader in Arkham? Thank you! You’re a great reader! I look forward to reading more of your work soon! :)

Sticks and Stones? Staples and Thrones- You should do one where Jerome meets Harley for the first time after being all cut up. (Yet he’s somehow still beautiful!!) And he takes an immediate liking to her because she’s totally bad ass and doesn’t care about his scars? The rest is your imagination, I guess.

Don’t be so stupid–Could you do a rough kinky Jerome smut

Perfectly plump–Hi can you write something where Jerome reacts to someone making a rude comment about the readers weight? Thanks XxX

Lost and found–Could you do a Jerome imagine where he finds the reader after coming back to life

Monkey see monkey do–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

I’m the boss–I was thinking of a jerome x reader. Like maybe you’re part of the Maniax with him and you get in an argument with him during a job that gets a little rough. Maybe he pushes you against a wall or something? Maybe an “i’ll deal with you later” and so on and so forth.

Eye catching–I need me some Jerome circus imagine in my life!!! Maybe you could do one were the reader is into 80’s/90’s fashion and rocks it?. She’s blonde and loves clowns and freaky shit so when they bump into each other in Gotham’s carnival they’re both instantly stunned!? They could be super flirtatious and both as bad as one another. (P.S if you make the reader British I’ll love you for life

Has anyone seen my Harley?!–Could I get a Jerome fic? Him and Harley were already an established relationship and she was there with him the night he died, after he kills Dwight he goes to find her!! I need total worship of his face please :)) You can have whatever you want to happen just as long as they reunite.

Sweetie pie–Okay so Jerome always seems to have a sort of narcissistic additude right? What if there was a girl he’d known his whole life who he had on a pedestal? Like do no wrong, maybe even wanting the cult to worship her instead.

You wish!–Hi can you do an image of Jerome X Reader where everyone knows that the reader belongs to Jerome even after death so when Dwight tried to become Jerome he takes the reader and she keeps fighting him and saying things like he will never be Jerome so Dwight hits her on live t.v. causing Jerome to become furious and he saves the reader in the end.

King and Queen–Reader met him when he was in circus and both are crazy (XD) in love with each other. And have plans to be King and Queen of Gotham city. When Jerome is in Arkham he misses her so much. One day he find Queen of hearts card under his plate..and then Queen’s and hers entourage most epic and badass arrival in history.
I have end in my mind, but don’t want to tie you with to many details. So you have free hand, I guess. Just some mad fluff.

Sweet little monster–Jerome with a little kid who likes to mimick him and wants to be just like him? Murdering and all? It can be whenever in the time line

Have you learned nothing?!–Can you do an imagine where The reader is Jeromes ex and he finds them after they went on a date with another man and it turns into jealous smut?

Good Cop Bad Cop–Maybe Jerome could have a thing for, or be in love with, Jim Gordon’s fiancé or girlfriend before he died?And she finds reawakened Jerome instead of Lee?

Triangles–Can you do a imagine or headcanon where everyone likes the reader, as in they’re all cool with her & got her back, so when they find out she’s in a polyamorous relationship with Edward & Jerome (let’s pretend that Penguin isn’t head over heels for Ed ) they getting really upset cus shes basically everyone’s little sister & its just a bunch of funny dramatic fluff mess 😂😂😂 Also your work is awesome❤❤

Lookie here!–Hi I was wondering if you could do a Jerome imagine where he meets the reader at Arkham is always trying to her attention

Innocence is Pure–Do you think you could please make a fluffy imagine where the reader is not into the whole, “murder yay” thing (I guess you can say she’s a bit innocent), so Jerome is a bit sensitive/careful around her? Idk, something different than when the reader is a bad girl.

Now that’s interesting–I love your blog and you’re writing can I request a Jerome Smut where he’s just been bought back to life and he comes to find and sees your dating some one else and gets jealous . So he shows you who you belong to

Nice Effects!–Can I request an imagine where Jerome is back from the dead and on the hunt for his face when he meets reader and she points him to Dwight and when Jerome finally gets his face and puts it back on they can kiss and have some naughty times lol?

The best people are–reader being a normal teen girl and then being crazy and then being a maniac and then being jerome’s girlfriend or something, i can’t be more clear XD

Small but violent–could I maybe get a fic where Jerome is just wandering the streets to just cause chaos, and sees the reader and decides to mess with her. but he seriously underestimates what they’re capable of and he likes her dark side. I hope that makes sense and I gotta say I love your work. Makes my day.

Chicken noodle soup–Can you do a request with Jerome where he comes home “after work” to a sick gf and they just have a cuddly moment wrapped up in the covers and just fluff

Red as blood–Jerome request His not-so-sane plans for valentine’s day? Humorous yet smutty, maybe x

Familiar– Can I request an imagine where the reader and Jerome both come back from the dead and don’t remember each other. But then Jerome remembers the reader after a near death experience

Armed and ready–Could you do a Jerome smut where he is in a relationship with s crazy evil girl y/n and he basically gets arrested and then y/n bursts into the prison covered in weapons and saves him then they have rough sex with a lot of biting from Jerome

Entertainment–can you please make an imagine where the reader is like the hottest stripper at the club and jerome notice how good she looks and can’t stop looking at her so he take her to his place and they well you know. Thank you!!

Roof tops and dark ally ways–Can I have an imagine where Jerome stalks

Who even likes sticks?–Can I have an imagine where I’m curvy and Jerome has a crush


bts member : jungkook x reader

Genre: angst /smut

rated mature :  but not in all the chapters

summary : if you want to and if you don’t want to, things are bound to happen and you broke the rules and run away only to find your self in a lion’s Den , jungkook a man who has every thing; power wealth and fame all together to burn your heart and existence if you moved away, in a land full of horses what could happen between both of you ,two young persons who meant to share the same dream  !

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

one | two | three | four 

“your assistant is here sir “ that was what Bel said, you stood there holding Elisabeth crest and she kept nodding her head it felt like she got how much sad and chocked you were but this day was going to come soon or sooner and you didn’t even know it will be today

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General Fluffy headcanons with RFA

this started out as a request, and I was done and finished with it, really proud of myself,,, then I looked at the ask and saw this isn’t what they wanted and misread it. I really wanted to post twice today, so here is this!! -Green


-what part of this boy ISN’T fluff and domestic?

-the yandere side woops

-you two always try to play games together but you REFUSE to play Lolol. You know you’ll get addicted and one person in this relationship needs to be responsible

-Yoosung, when not distracted by Lolol, will cook for you!! If you’re having a down day, he’ll make you the sweetest things he knows how and the two of you will have a cuddle party with homemade snacks

-god i want me a Yoosung honestly

-the two of you are great with communication

-you guys don’t go on a lot of money dates, but you frequently bring Yoosung outside just for a walk around town because it’s cute and also Yoosung needs to get out of that chair

-sometimes you’ll see him rolling around the house in it and while you want to stop him

-you join in

-Yoosung frequently gets jealous of the most random things. The cat is cuddling you? Fuck that, he’ll throw the cat off of you and replace her gladly.

-the cat is a girl right


- Y Eas,sHS

-of course you two are the best thing on the planet

-c o n s t a n t prank wars

-every day is April Fools

-every day is Halloween

-every day is something new!

-Saeyoung is so unpredictable and you love it that is when it doesn’t include him pushing you away lololol hhaa….

-you two will blast music throughout the entire house so that it’s shaking and you can’t hear anything else but the music and just jam out

-who can annoy Saeran the most

-you like to sit on Saeyoung’s lap while he’s hacking

-you find how fast he can work really interesting and you just like being close to him

-you guys will feed each other instead of feeding yourselves

-when you got more involved with Saeyoung, you got him a cat! His name is Yoosung because you guys like fucking around with him

-when Yoosung comes over it’s a disaster

-”Yoosung, you’re so pretty pretty, yes you are!! You want some pets, Yoosung??? you want some love?? Oh, good boy, yoosung!! you’re such a cute little boy!!”

-he just l e a v e s

-he hates you guys


-he goes out for work a lot which means your home alone with Elly a lot

-you’ll get random knocks on your door throughout the day, and when you open it a present from Jumin is waiting

-he spoils you so much that you almost feel guilty

-a l m o s t

-you try to surprise him when he comes home

-it varies from a homemade meal, a present of your own, or something in the genre of huheuehuheueh.

-random calls in the day of Jumin saying how he loves you and wants to kiss you

-sometimes you’ll come into his office and surprise him with a hug and kiss, along with Elly

-when you do this he has this look on his face you will never forget

-full of love, admiration and maybe even shyness. it’s amazing



-jaehee is fluff. look up fluff. u get jaehee


-you guys are on a date and you hold her hand?? she’s blushing

-you give her a kiss on the cheek? she’s already on fire

-when you guys are home alone, you don’t like to go on dates

-instead you’ll cook together, maybe practice some new recipes for the coffee shop

-Jaehee will be cutting up something and you’re behind her, hands around her waist and telling her something that happened during the day that was funny

-you can feel her laugh against your stomach and it makes you burst with butterflies

-lots of cuddling and late night watching television

-Jaehee has a horrible sense of humor and you guys will watch horrible rom coms and she’ll be crying from laughter

-you guys sleep together every night

-when you guys go on dates, it’s usually to somewhere quiet like a park or book shop.

-after your relationship furthers, you two get a small shiba dog

-she was hesitant but she’s grown into it and now she can’t imagine a world without Jalapeno

-she named the dog

-if you’re gone, she will cuddle Jalapeno until you come home.


-you help him with his acting a lot, and he does a BUNCH of romances

-you’ll be acting and he’s so fixated on you he forgets his lines and you guys just end up making out

-cannot contain his beast

-god i hate that term

-when you go on dates and fans come out, that’s the only time he rejects their affections and asks them to go away while he has dinner with his lovely s/o

-he can make you blush without even thinking about it

-”you know you’re the most stunning thing I’ve ever seen?”

-oh my god Zen stop being such a kissass HONESTLY,,

-”I mean, not as stunning as I am”

-g o d okay ruin the mood

-he likes to show you off and you’re always attached to his hip when the two of you go somewhere

-he frequently asks for your critique in his acting and you’ll stay up until dawn starting off from practicing, then joking around, then late night confessions, and then a bunch of just

-“i love you, you’re amazing” “no you’re amazing” “i know” “good fucking night” “WAIT BABE”

anonymous asked:

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?”

“M'home darlin”

You almost didn’t hear your lover enter the room, with the loud sizzle of the frying pan, but he greeted you anyway. He showed you his smile with his head on your shoulder as he asked about your cooking.

“Nothin’ really. Just a lil’ but of chicken and sauce.” You smiled while shifting the pan. He was awfully close to burning those knuckles of his as he lingered over you.

“Smells like heaven.”

The small compliment earned a giggle.

“M'gonna take a shower love. Keep it hot fo’ me alright?” 

You went to nod in acknowledgment, but his footsteps were already traveling up the stairs with his fading voice.

It had been a few minutes at least, enough for you to stir a bit of veggies in a mixing bowl for the platter. The bowl was a bit impractical, as a fancy gift from your mom with its ridges and jewels, but you supposed it would work anyways.
You mind wandered to Harry, like it always did.

Harry and his towel draped effortlessly around his damp torso. Harry and his smile that welcomed you every time the two of you shared a kiss. Harry and his large hands that melted away your worries in the midst of a stressful night. Harry and the way-

A startling bing broke your train of thought and you jumped at the sudden noise. Harry left his phone here you guess. 

The call lingered though, with a cute little chirp afterwards that signaled a new voicemail. The phone vibrated again. And again. And a fourth time. Distracting you to the point were you almost didn’t notice the almost burnt vegetables simmering in smoke.

Hastily, you scrambled to whisk away the fumes, but not before taking a curious and somewhat annoyed glance at the illuminated screen.
Who on earth would be calling him so much?

About ten notifications lined the phone, most of which were congratulations from people regarding his SNL appearance, sprinkled with a bunch of names you really didn’t recognize. Jeff, Matt, Grimmy. You knew that one, but you supposed they were all just friends.

So why did you heart feel like it was going to explode when you saw the name “Leslie”?

You knew to stop. You knew that Harry was a well known guys and friends were friends and he’d never, ever do anything to hurt you. You knew that your heart was screaming to take a look and your brain was overreacting. You also knew that Leslie was a girl, and girls have a tendency to fawn over your boyfriend. You knew.

It was nothing, but was it something? What did she want with him that was important enough to call him and then text him three different times?
Your brain spun just thinking about the answers. Who was she?

The short bits of words that showed on the lock screen confused you. Things like “Congrats babe!” and “Absolutely stunning. Hope I’ll see ya soon!” The praise and admiration; all working a furrow of frustration between you brows because your gut wrenched with a sickening feeling.

Harry had talked to you about this. The constant swarm of publicity around whoever he was hanging out with for the night. You remember that night, it was foggy yes, but it was the night you two made it official. He had explained everything: the fame, the fans, the pressure, the distance, the paparazzi, and the commitment. That night he had warned you that jealousy wouldn’t work in a relationship like this. Ever since, you were dedicated to making sure that you felt confident in the love you two had, and he made sure to show you that. He warned you.

“S'it done love?” Harry calls from his descent down the stairs. When he hears no reply, something is up.

You were happy just half an hour ago, so what the hell happened?
It was childish. Petty. Absolutely horrible.

But your bitter and snarky answer came out nonetheless.

“My name isn’t Leslie…who’s Leslie?” The words were short and cold, and all the food’s heat seemed to dissipate from the room entirely. 

It wasn’t nice when you faced a cold shoulder to him. It also wasn’t nice when he asked what’s wrong and your lips pursed into a straight, jealous-infused line.

“Nothin’ Harry. Go talk to Leslie about it.” You spit. Catching your villainous stare towards his phone on the counter, he picks it up and flickers his eyes quickly. His smile from seconds before was now crumbled in a frown between his brows.

“S’it abou’ Leslie? Yeh jealous or summat?” His questions sputtered as his fingers danced through the phone. Searching.

He didn’t like it when you’re mad. Not one bit. So when a rush of feelings seemed to flood you so unexpectedly, it took a few minutes for his brain to comprehend what was going on?

“Darlin I- Jus’ a friend. You know this already.” Harry manages to say. His free hand in leaning on the counter, with his phone at his side and leg jutted out.
The stance of a man with an bewilderingly upset girlfriend.

The food is being haphazardly pushed onto plates now, but your a bit too aggravated to care.

“Friends don’t text you awfully sweet things a million times in a row Harold!”
“She’s happy for me! What are you going on abou’?”

“Everything Harry! Absolutely everything!” You practically slam the spatula on the counter next to the half-made plates.

“What happens Harry, when your on tour? When your at a party without me? Hours and hours day? How do I know there’s by another girl out there stealing your heart? Another girl five times better than me? With no issues? That can deal with this?” Your hands are flailing around you, full of emotion you can no longer refrain from spitting out. “That can stand everything around you. That doesn’t shy away from a camera. That doesn’t have to reassure herself every time a ridiculous headline comes out about you cheating. What if you meet someone better?”

Your hands and jaw are shaking now, realizing that you just blurted out your insecurities and everything you’ve held in for the past three years you’ve been dating. You shook your head. It’s all going to be over now.

“Baby- Jus’- Oh come ere’” He beckons. And you fall, straight into his embrace that hugs your small tears.

“Should’ve told em you were feelin’ this way. There nobody but you darlin’. No girl can steal my heart if you already have it.” Your head is being caressed gently, and he doesn’t look down at you when he says it.

You just need to hear the words. Actually hear them from his heart, he thinks.
Your his and he is yours. So you hold one another, breathing in the scent of him and him reveling in the softness of your hair. All signs of worry had slivered away, but he didn’t let you go any looser. Just you and his arms.

He doesn’t think that anything could ever make you more beautiful to him, so when you lean up and place an adoring kiss onto his nose, his heart almost explodes between you two.

“I love you darling. Don’t you ever forget it.”

The Long Distance Dissonace (10x24)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead!!!

This is not the typical review/summary I usually do. This is more a venting platform and some random thoughts on this episode. Please note I am unspoiled so I have not had the time to process things that most of the spoiled fandom may have had time to process so I apologize for my feels which are everywhere right now.

1. I will say right of the bat that in terms of comedic value, this episode was gold. It had a very funny script, the plot made way for lots of funny zingers and the cast was spot on in their acting for these scenes. It may very well be one of the funniest episodes they’ve had. That being said, for the Shamy shippers, it may have caused some angst that made it hard to enjoy the comedy here.

2. Shamy flirting through their video chat is adorable. They are totally both flirting and Sheldon is going for it too. Notice Sheldon called Amy naughty again. 

3. As soon as I saw Ramona entering the cafeteria with Sheldon, I started to freak out. Because I knew she was up to no good. But I was more surprised that Sheldon would even entertain a “friendship” with her especially on the terms they ended last time. It just doesn’t seem in character for me and they never mentioned any reason for there to be this kind of time spent between them voluntarily. Can the writers at least make and effort and come with an excuse like that they had to work together on something? A “toblerone” isn’t enough.

4. Amy skyping with Sheldon and finding out about Ramona broke my heart. She was strong and kept it together although she was obviously jealous. She doesn’t argue with him because she knows how clueless Sheldon can be in these matters. I will say I am glad she found out thru him and not thru other people. It shows Sheldon had no intention of being deceiving. 

5. Sassy Amy arguing with Penny and Bernie was freaking hilarious. “I GAVE YOU ONE JOB. KEEP AN EYE ON HIM. HOW HARD IS THAT?” Mayim is awesome per usual in this scene. (Can the academy just give her the Emmy she deserves, damn it?) Best line all episode came here… 

I’ve been smacking that ketchup bottle for a long time. All she’s gotta do its tip it over and point it at her fries.

So while I was nervous for Shamy, I also just about wet myself with that line. 

6. Why would Sheldon bring Ramona to dinner with the gang? And why would he bring her to their apartment? It’s just inconceivable and out of character to me! The man who wouldn’t allow a woman in his room would allow a woman he hasn’t seen in years into his apartment. Come on, Sheldon? You are naive in some ways but you are also smart. This is the man that was concerned Penny would cheat on Leonard while he was away at North Sea. (S7E2). He should know at least a little bit.

7. The shamy shipping gang was all of us. It was awesome to see the whole gang banding together to protect Sheldon and Amy’s relationship. They were all of us. Bernie wedging herself between Sheldon and Ramona was AWESOME because I was about to throw a fit when I saw that bitch sitting in Amy’s spot. (Sorry for the B word but WTH?) Thank you for your service, Bernie. 

Nice save with the whole gang walking Ramona to her car, OMG!!!! It was so over the top it had me laughing out loud. Then Bernie once again with her sweet voice “excuse me”, followed shortly by Penny. Good on the girls to mark Amy’s territory and good on the whole gang who was truly concerned. They really care about Amy and Shamy’s relationship and that feels good to have everyone so invested.

8. We go to commercial break and I’m thinking we are almost at the end of the episode and have made it safely thru the season finale. Then we get back with Ramona bringing sandwiches to Sheldon’s office. Okay… Penny’s talk must have stuck with Sheldon but I think he refused to believe the obvious.

Are you seeking a romantic relationship with me? 

He has obvious doubts about the whole thing and has given Penny’s word some more thought. He starts naming the reason why that would create some problems; one that they are colleagues and two, he is currently in a relationship… He did have time to say this and that to me is important because it shows that Sheldon was willing to defend his relationship. BUT she kissed him…

And something in me about died. I cannot believe this is happening and I reacted much like the audience. Because Shamy are not your typical relationship and they have really guarded themselves against all this typical relationship crap so I can’t be okay with this. I also felt horrible for Sheldon because his face became dazed, he never closed his eyes while it happened and he is not exposed or used to this interaction with females, just Amy. So now I’m feeling like I’m about to puke because on one hand, he didn’t deserve this but on the other hand, he kind of brought it upon himself and should have known better. Sorry guys but come on Sheldon…

He was silent and stunned. I just saw him walking further and further away from Ramona and I had the feeling he would go to Amy because as I’ve said before, Amy is his safe place. I didn’t expect anything else but to him show up at Amy’s, kissing her and telling her he missed her and loved her. And that would have made it better for me. 

The three famous Sheldon knocks, Amy, Amy, Amy… and our favorite girl, too precious for this world, reacts surprised to hear her true love’s voice. Like me, she wasn’t expecting what would happen. Lo and behold she opens the door to a beautiful sight; Sheldon on one knee with the ring we have been waiting to see for 2 seasons now. The sight was beautiful because Jim Parsons was able to convey honest love and admiration as Sheldon for Amy in every single face muscle and the perfection and sincerity of his soulful eyes. And my heart dropped because I know he loves her so much. And I did gasp so loud I could probably be heard 5 houses down because I waited so long for this.

But something was lost and sacrificed in the process. I also felt sad that Amy didn’t know. And felt sorry that Sheldon may be doing this for the wrong reasons and upset he waited for this to happen to take this step.  The loveliness of their sweet relationship was tampered with. You see, this couple has taken every step with caution and care. Amy has waited a long time for this. Sheldon has come a long way. This moment didn’t need to be any part of Ramona’s sick interference. It was gratuitous and unnecessary of the writers. Because this is not the kind of story Amy deserved to tell her children… “I was away for a few months and your father befriended a woman who ended up overstepping her boundaries. Your father realized how much he loved me after she kissed him and he proposed to me.”

It’s ridiculous because we all know what Amy means to Sheldon and he has known that he loves her a long time. He could have very well given her the ring last episode which was beautiful. But it felt to me the writers wanted to have a cliffhanger or a hook. And that they did, leaving us a whole summer with questions of how Amy will react once she knows what happens. Will she say yes not knowing and then find out and be sad and mad or even call it off? Will she say no because she realizes something is not right about the whole thing? We don’t know. But there are my mixed feelings about all of this and in order to survive hiatus, I will just have to reset my memory to episode 23 and not think about this one because it will drive me insane.

Sorry for the rant. I may change my mind but this is how I feel right now. Some honorable mentions:

  •  I’m glad we saw Stuart again. As always he is pathetically awesome. 
  • Great to see the Amy and Penny drawing again. I wonder how Amy ended up keeping it?
  • Nice to see the cafeteria. Howie’s lines were so funny.
  • Penny trying to explain to Sheldon. “Amy has already taken me ut of my package and played with me”. Yes she has. And you’re right Sheldon, Lenny needs a marriage cousnelor. Glad someone said it. 
  • Where the hell is baby Halley? Should I call the Department for Children’s Welfare?
  • Lenny: “You got fingers and a mouth, you call her.” / “You got feet and legs you do it.” LOL!
  • Poor Raj… smh.

I’m out of hiding so you will see me around more. :) Ryl.

anonymous asked:

Request of RFA wanting MC to move in with them but finding out MC has three big dogs.

You mean my dream? (I want all the dogs) Absolutely! Thanks for the request! 


  • When he brought up the idea of living together his eyes lit up and sparkled like Christmas lights
  • But you had a secret that hadn’t been brought up.
  • Three large dogs waited at home for you.
  • Yoosung gets super excited. “When can I meet them?”
  • “We can go over and see them now if you want.”
  • He was ready to go that second.
  • When he gets to meet them he really didn’t comprehend how big they really were
  • But he still loves them on the spot
  • Letting them sniff him and after a few pets and scratches he his fully accepted into the pack
  • Yoosung loves them and they love him
  • Although he realizes you guys might need a bigger place
  • It’s a really heartwarming scene to see your beloved dogs and boyfriend get along
  • Yoosung goes through some serious strength training as he realizes that the dogs are stronger than him
  • He gets knocked down once in a while when they get too excited
  • Secretly he’s super happy they are big because he looks really manly walking them
  • Although as a result you get jealous too often when people hit on Yoosung and pet your dogs
  • He’s your cool angel


  • He brought up living together often and you never took it too seriously
  • Until he told you about a new house he had found and wanted your opinion
  • “Which room should be our bedroom?”
  • Shocked you had to break the news.
  • “I don’t know if we could live together,” you said cautiously. “See, I have three big dogs.”
  • “Really?” This was news to him.
  • “You’re always busy with your job…there was never time to introduce you.”
  • Although he was surprised he wanted to take this next step.
  • He took your hands and said, “I want to meet them.”
  • When he does he’s super awkward
  • He’s allergic to cats but despite not being allergic to dogs he was never allowed one
  • Plus having a pet with his career was troublesome
  • They’re friendly and become accustomed to him
  • Zen learns how to take care of them and comes to love them
  • He loves to go on runs and walks with them
  • You can often see photographs in magazines with him and the dogs out and about adding to his cool ratings


  • Since your things were always here and you had a space in her dresser and closet she thought it was only appropriate you move in
  • You had never imagined this step happening and got really excited only to be brought back to reality
  • “I want to but…” you but your lip. “I have three big dogs.”
  • “What?” she asked. “Dogs shed right?”
  • You nodded. “You can meet them, they’re really sweet.”
  • Jaehee combs over her schedule and finds a time that would fits best
  • She’s already dreading it after dealing with Elizabeth’s fur
  • But she understands that they are important to you and you are important to her
  • When she meets them her fears are confirmed
  • Three fluffy big, BIG, dogs greet her
  • Fur….so much fur….
  • Jaehee suggests a trial period in which they all live together
  • In the trial period Jaehee has to vacuum at least once a day to keep sane
  • However she admires that they are creatures of habit and work on a schedule for feeding, walking, and sleeping
  • Not to mention she loves that less people are willing to talk to her on the street when she walks them
  • When her stress levels hit overload she felt like crying
  • One of the dogs came over and rested it’s head on her lap
  • She didn’t know what to do but the dog shoveled it’s nose under her hand until she petted it
  • Jaehee felt comforted somehow just petting it’s soft fur
  • She researched the benefits of an emotional support animal and was amazed
  • Sometimes you come home and find her cuddled up around them on the couch despite them not being aloud on the furniture


  • Hahahaha, oh boy.
  • It doesn’t take long for him to notice
  • He always encourages you to stay over but even when you do you’re leaving at certain times to head home
  • He confronts you about it stating, “You should just live here with me and Elizabeth.”
  • To which you blurt, “I have three dogs!”
  • “What?” he was stunned and then turned serious. “That’s not a funny joke.”
  • “Because it’s not a joke,” you shot back.
  • He couldn’t believe this, what a betrayal!
  • “Well you could still live here.”
  • You knew this would happen. “I knew it. I avoided telling you because I knew you wouldn’t approve.”
  • Clutching at your heart you said, “I love them. I can’t leave them behind.”
  • He didn’t want this. He couldn’t stand to see such a heart broken look on your face but…
  • “I don’t want Elizabeth to get hurt.”
  • “We could let them meet…they’ve never shown any aggression towards cats before.”
  • Jumin hesitated but ultimately agreed.
  • He brought her over to your place and was very much an edge
  • Elizabeth on the other hand strutted about like she owned the place
  • You let the dogs out and Jumin couldn’t believe their size
  • He thought for sure they would eat Elizabeth
  • As one dog opened it’s mouth and came closer Jumin lunged but you stopped him
  • The dog laid down and licked Elizabeth’s fur. The other two sniffed and laid down next to her seemingly care free. Elizabeth even purred.
  • Traitor
  • So excited you clapped your hands. “Oh my god how cute! They like each other!”
  • You tug him forward. It was his turn. The two dogs laying down didn’t mind him but the one who had initially liked Elizabeth simply stared at him.
  • After a moment the dog walked over and sat next to you with his back facing Jumin
  • You try to play it off as the dog being shy put Jumin understood the challenge
  • From then on it seemed that dog in particular had a vendetta against him
  • It would ignore him unless you were around
  • It would sometimes snuggle between you in bed or on the couch
  • A few ties and socks were ruined or went “missing” 
  • But since it adored Elizabeth he couldn’t complain
  • Constant staring contests are held
  • Jumin gets jealous easily when you give them too much attention over him
  • Now he knows how you feel


  • He worried often about you traveling between his home and yours
  • Plus it would be great to have you sleep in with him all the time
  • So one day he brought up the notion of living together
  • He had to know right?
  • “I have three dogs,” you stated.
  • “Psh I know that,” he responded.
  • “Big dogs,” you emphasized.
  • He shrugged it off.
  • So you brought them over to meet him.
  • Theirs a mutual love but you’re getting the short end of the stick
  • You’re most of the discipline in the house
  • He spoils them too much and lets them do most of what they please
  • One day you came back and found all four of them on the couch with individual bags of Honey Buddha chips.
  • They just lay about and act lazy
  • He makes memes out of them and spreads them across the internet
  • He loves to terrorize Jumin
  • He even catnapped Elizabeth just to bring her to the house to take pictures of her with the dogs
  • Horrible dog based puns galore
  • Although when it’s time to get serious he has them trained as perfect guard dogs
  • And you have to wonder when the hell he had time to train them!?
Association Ch-4

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Rated: Angst

Pairing: YutaxReader

Summary: She really hated the guy, his stupid smirk, and flirty attitude was an annoyance at work. Outside of work though, matters were different.

(Y/N): I had to use this gif. Look at his fingers!1! I was listening to Easy Love by SF9 on repeat and as a result, I think this turned out more angsty than I originally intended. I’m not sorry.

Chapter 1| Chapter 2|  Chapter 3| Chapter 4

He walked out on the pool deck to find her lying down on a chair.

“You seem to be having fun, enjoying the sun are we?” He came and stood in front of her blocking the sun from her view.

“It’s unsettling, I don’t remember the last time I had this much free time. I’m having a phantom sense of urgency.” She didn’t need to open her eyes, scoffing at her own ridiculous confession.

“I think if we look enough we’ll find a support group for workaholics for you.” He grinned and her only response was a hum.

“Aren’t you going to swim if you’re by the pool?” He sat down at the edge of her feet, she pushed down her sunglasses and raised her head to look at him for a second before sighing.

“I didn’t get a swimsuit, I have to go buy one.” She confessed before lying back down, missing the spark in Yuta’s eyes at her words.

“Let’s go.” His eager voice made her roll her eyes, “I’ll even buy it for you if you let me pick it.” She held back a laugh at his excited tone.

“I can buy my own overpriced scanty clothing thank you very much.” She sat up straight, “Didn’t you come here to swim?” She pointed at the pool towel in this hand. He looked at where she pointed and looked back up with his signature suggestive smirk.

“Yeah, but going bikini shopping with you sounds so much better.” She rolled her eyes again.

“Fine let’s go. But you have to behave.” She warned, getting up and he followed close behind.

“Want to do it in a changing room? It’ll be fun.” He suggested.

“That’s not behaving.” She sighed.

She sat at the restaurant, waiting for Yuta to show up. She didn’t blame him for talking a work call but she was getting excessively bored. This was definitely not the first time she was alone at a restaurant, but it was obvious that she was getting used to his presence a little too much because of this trip. She slumped down a little more and extended her hand towards her wine glass.

“I couldn’t help noticing that you were all by yourself.” She turned at the sudden voice that intruded her thoughts. The stranger seemed to have his lines prepared.

“Do you mind if I join you?” Before she could even respond he had already taken a seat opposite her. She stared at the man perplexed.

“I’m waiting for someone.” She tried to keep her voice polite but clipped. He didn’t seemed phased, only smiling at her brighter.

“That’s okay, let me just give you company till they arrive. I thought you looked rather crestfallen all alone.” She raised her brows, more amused than anything else by his forwardness.

“What are you drinking?” He asked almost immediately, not allowing time for any responses.

“It’s a Bordeaux.” She said with a bored voice.

“Oh? What type of grape is that?” She realised he was trying to sound like he knew what he was talking about.

“It’s a blend.” A voice interrupted. She snapped her head back.

“Bordeaux is a blend of different types of grapes. Something like merlot is a single variety.” He looked between the both of them, she saw the way his jaw was clenched when she looked at her. He turned to the man and smiled.

“Yuta Nakamoto. Nice to meet you.” He extended his arm naturally. They guy got up and shook his hand. She stared in disbelief when he sat back down.

“You must be the someone she was waiting for.” He said and yuta looked at her with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes. She moved in, wondering if he was just waiting for some place to sit. He didn’t seem to be making any effort to do so.

“So what are you both..” He looked between both of them, trying to weigh the situation.

“Colleagues.” She responded quickly, more out of habit than anything else. This wasn’t the first time people questioned the nature of their relationship and by now she was used to it, ready with a response. What she didn’t expect was Yuta’s response, that was different.

“Right. I should go, leave you two alone.” She furrowed her brows at his words.

“No, that’s ridiculous. I’m the one intruding.” The man said, still somehow seated.

“No. I have to call my brother.” His smile seemed forced when he left in a hurry.

“Well I guess it’s just us.” She was still trying to understand what happened when the man spoke.

“I have to go. It was nice meeting you.” She said quickly, rushing out of the restaurant.

She was practically limping in her heels by the time the elevator reached the floor their room was on. How he managed to disappear in the mere minutes it took her to follow him was a mystery, but she hoped he was in the room.

When she entered the room he was sitting on the bed, still in the suit he had put the effort of wearing. When he sat like that with such a cold expression, she realised that he looked like a statue. A relic frozen in time to be admired from afar, but prohibited to touch.

“What’s wrong?” Her voice was hesitant. He hadn’t even acknowledged her presence.

“Nothing. I’m just tired, I want to go to bed.” He was avoiding eye contact when he stood up and slipped out of his jacket.

“You don’t have a brother.” She said, her voice sounding her growing confusion. He finally turned around and faced her, eyes full of so much hurt that she took a step back.

“Well you wouldn’t know. I’m just your Colleague.” Her features softened at his wounded words.

“Yuta..” Her voice trailed off. But the confusion still deeply engraved in her eyes enraged Yuta enough to throw his jacket across the room. A small glass object inside a pocket shattering on impact and she gasped, hand going to cover her mouth.

“I don’t understand why you’re so mad about something so stupid.” She stared wide-eyed at him.

“You never understand!” His sudden loud voice made her jump, “You’re the most intelligent person I know and yet you never seem to understand.” He lowered his voice a little.

“Are you jealous of some stranger who just came and sat at our table?” She laughed herself at the ridiculous thought, it had to be something else.

“Of course I am!” He turned to her with eyes that desperately yearned for her to see.

“I hate that I can’t tell people like him to just back the fuck off. To stay away from something that is not theirs.” His hands shook from anger and panic from his unplanned confession.

“I am not yours.” She was breathing deeply trying hard to keep calm.

“You are always going on dates, telling me about your recent escapades. How are you even in the position to say these things.” She didn’t understand what she was feeling suddenly. Where was this jealousy coming from?

“Then tell me to stop.” His simple solution stopped her mid breath. There was a silence filled with possibilities and hope.

“Tell me you hate it. Tell me you want me to be just yours!” He raised his voice again, but his cry was filled with a frenzied plead. She still stood in silence, staring at him. Watching him strip himself vulnerable to her. He turned away from her, overwhelmed and still surprised at the words spilling out of his own lips. He laughed at the situation.

“How does it matter! Why do you want me to?” She was screaming now, she realised in a small corner of her mind that this wasn’t something she expected her to do. He turned back to her in disbelief, How could she be so adamant?

“Because I love you!” Both of them were equally shocked, stunned into silence. He was the last person she expected to say those words and he never expected he’d actually tell her his closest guarded secret.

“That’s why it matters. That’s why I need you to tell me. Tell me that you want me please. Or just cast me down now. I can’t do this anymore, I’m human. I won’t hate you, I won’t blame you. Just tear the hope I dared to nurture before it ruins me.” A tear slipped out of his eye. She was too shocked to form words.

“Do it!” He said more forcefully.

All she could think of was to kiss him, it’s all her mind allowed. It’s all she wanted in the moment and that’s what she did. He was shocked at first, having prepared himself for pain, braced himself to suffer his heart being torn out and devoured by the only person who had the power to. Instead he cradled her chin, wiping the tears on her face with his thumb, he realised that he didn’t want to see her cry, especially when he was the reason.

They were lying in bed staring at the ceiling in silence, exhausted from emotions and weary from screaming their hearts out. Still in the clothes they went out in.

“We’re so different,” She whispered, partly from how raw her throat was and partly in an attempt to not break apart. “Being together, making it work will take a lot of effort.” Even with her cautious words, her heart was fluttering at the possibilities. Yuta smiled at the thought, the word together ringing in his head over and over.

“It’s a huge risk.” She turned towards him meaningfully. He smiled brighter and turned to her completely, pushing her hair back with affection etched on his features.

“The best thing usually are.” He came closer and kissed away another escaping tear.

“What broke in your jacket?” She broke the blissful silence when a memory resurfaced. He shyly bit his bottom lip but beamed soon after.

“It was a small bottle of wine. There was a sommelier at the bar who was helping me understand wine.” Warmth spread in her chest from the gesture. She didn’t resist the urge to kiss him.

Suddenly she gasped into his mouth pulling away like she was burned and jumping off the bed. He raised his head confused.

“That’s not how you usually expect someone you love to react when you kiss them.” His smirk was teasing.

“No you idiot. Your jacket! The wine stain will never come off.” She said urgently picking up the jacket and brushing it with sympathy, “It’s a custom Tom Ford.” She whined.

Yuta lay back down full of disbelief, smiling still. This was the women he was in love with.

The Twins first Smackdown

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Request - 32) Superstar brings the child to work for the first time. 33) Superstar sees their child wearing their merchandise for the first time. 

Pairing - Dean Ambrose X Female Reader + Son and Daughter

WordCount - 1,184

Requested By - @guatebabyxo

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/S/N - Your Son’s Name, Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name. 

Taglist - @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91 @straight-outta-the-asylum @lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon  @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16 @youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @guatebabyxo @wweimagines-oneshots @xsimplynaex @macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333 @xuhwheredidkylogox @driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08  @harleymoxley @wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom  @fucking-bandsx

A/N - If you would like a request from the prompt list Send us the name of the Superstar, the gender of the child and a few numbers.

Dean paced nervously, it was three in the morning and the three most important people in his life were about to arrive. He probably looked insane as he paced a small route in the airport but he didn’t care. He had waited for two weeks to see his beautiful fiance and his beautiful children, Y/S/N and Y/D/N. When you had brought up the twins had been missing Dean terribly, Dean had suggested that he take some off to come home. But when you had suggested that you and the twins fly out to spend some quality time together Dean wished he could have been in your actual presence because he wanted to kiss you. You coming to stay with him met that the twins would finally be able to come to their first Smackdown. Dean had wanted to bring the twins for a while yet things came up and you had been a little hesitant. 

Dean heard the announcement that your plane had landed, a couple of minutes later, he saw you approaching, bags thrown over your shoulders as you pushed the trolley with the suitcases on them with one arm as you carried Y/D/N who was sound asleep. Y/S/N walked beside you carrying his teddy bear and pulling his small carry on case behind him. You and Y/S/N looked absolutely exhausted. Crossing the airport to you, Dean was hasty to pick up his son who looked like he was going to fall asleep at any minute. You sent him a thankful glance. You, Dean and the twins began to head out and towards his car. As soon as the twins were buckled in and the car hummed quietly the twins had fallen asleep. You rested your head against the top of your seat. 

“Don’t worry darlin’, we’re nearly at the hotel once the twins are tucked up in bed. We can get some sleep ourselves. I finally get my favourite pillow back.” You smiled sleepily. The flight had been long and you hadn’t slept because Y/S/N managed to stay awake. You observed Dean’s concentration as you admired how handsome he looked especially with the deep concentration that he held in his eyes. 

Once you arrived at the hotel, Dean sprung into action like some sort of lunatic Superhero. He was quick to take all of the bags to his hotel room, asking you to remain in the car with the twins. Once he came back down, he took both of the twins in his arms before leading all of three of you towards the hotel room. 

You smiled when you noticed that there was an extra room for the children to get their sleep. You and Dean both silently agreed not to bother changing the twins into their pyjamas, neither of you wanted to face two grumpy four years old on your hands Once the twins were settled You and Dean settled down for the night, Dean laid his head on your chest as you sleepily ran your hands through Deans locks of hair. 

“I love you Darlin’,” Dean mumbled as he snuggled his face deeper into your chest. 

“I love you too handsome.” 

Waking up the next morning, you still felt groggy from the long flight yet you were met with excitement. The twins first Smackdown, the first time the twins were getting to see their Dad fight live. 

“Darling, guess what I got a little surprise for you. I managed to pull a few strings and guess what you and the twins get ringside seats. So you get to see me in action really close and personal. I’m gonna give you a private later regardless maybe you wanna sample the goods right now.” Dean wrapped his arms around your waist playfully nibbling your ear. 

“Dean you know we don’t have time for this, but if you win later I’ll be sure to give you a reward.” You turned around in Dean’s arms kissing him softly. 

“Darlin’ why you always gotta be a tease?” Cheekily winking at him the twins bedroom door opened and twins came running out. 

“We’re going to work with Daddy right Momma.” Y/S/N questioned, on the other hand, Y/D/N had run straight into her Father’s grasps. She had always been a Daddy’s girl. 

“We are and we get to watch Daddy ringside. Are you excited?” Y/S/N nodded. 

“Well, what are we waiting for, let’s get going so I can show you guys off. Soon everyone is going to be jealous of my stunning fiance and gorgeous kids.So let’s get going because I’ve got people to make jealous” You followed your fiance out of the hotel room giving a discrete roll of the eyes. He was so dramatic sometimes. 

The twins were in awe of the arena, they looked around with wide eyes as they walked past and greeted Superstars that they had only seen on TV before. As the twins interacted with different people you expected Dean to look smug yet there was no smugness in his eyes instead there was a distinctive look of pride.

Unfortunately, time soon passed and Dean had to get ready for the show and you had to take your seats but before the show started you decided to take the twins to roam around the merchandise stools as you browsed you noticed Dean’s merchandise and of course the twins stopped. 

“Momma, can we buy some of Daddy’s merchandise.” Y/D/N asked as you all looked down at Dean’s newest shirt. 

“Yeah and then we can go change into our new shirts and when Daddy comes out for his match he’ll be surprised.” You looked down at the twins, it was a pretty good idea and you did have a little bit of time to conduct the plan efficiently.

“I think that’s a great idea. Come on we don’t have much time.” You purchased the tree shirts before hurrying to the bathroom so you could surprise Dean…

You and the twins were loving Smackdown, the crowd absorbed you into the atmosphere while all three of you cheered and interacted with the night’s matches. Dean’s matchup was next, all three of you were pumped. 

The moment Dean’s music hit, the three of you began cheering for him. Dean was out there doing his thing while looking for you and the twins. At first, he had no idea where you were because no one had bothered to tell him where you were sitting. 

When Dean finally spotted you in the crowd, he was taken back. There you all were standing as you cheered for him, wearing his shirt. His shirt. No one else’s, while Dean wasn’t typically known for getting emotional. Seeing you and the twins supporting made him feel proud. All that time away from you and especially the kids was worth it because he could be their real life Superhero and Dean was going to do everything in his power to make sure that he was there to support the twins (and any more children that you decided to have) no matter what it took because you and the twins were his life….. 

The client

Title: The client

Anonymous asked: “Could you do a Moriarty one shot where reader is jealous of a client because she things is a woman but is a man and Jim finds everything very funny ?”

Characters: Moriarty, client and you

Pairing: Moriarty x reader

Warnings: none

Word count: 656


“alright, I’ll see you later” Moriarty said, hanging up the phone. “who were you talking to, darling?” you asked, sitting next to him on the couch. “just a client” he replied, not revealing anything else. “so how was your day?” you asked him. “boring” he replied. You instantly knew something was wrong. Normally Jim would come home enthusiastic. Excited about his progress and always talking about how genius he was. In the beginning you just thought of it as funny but since the time you two have been together, it had grown on you and not seeing him like that made you worried. “what’s wrong?” you asked, kissing his cheek. “just this client, they’re smarter than I thought. I mean not as smart as me, but still” he said, looking at you now. “well, how about you and me take a shower? I’m sure you I can make you forget about that client easily” you smirked, winking at him. “I can’t. I promised to meet them tonight” he said, throwing himself of the couch and pouring himself a whiskey. “alright” you said, turning on the television. “don’t stay up” he said, emptying the glass and walking out the door. At the time you didn’t think much of it. You knew how Moriarty could be and one grumpy day with him wasn’t something you couldn’t handle.

A couple of days had gone by and Moriarty still hadn’t changed his behavior. He still came home grumpy and would refuse to talk about anything other than the client and how much he admired them but also how much a pain in the ass they were. It pained you how much effect this client had on him and how involuntarily you had to deal with the consequences. “let me guess, the client was either a pain in the ass or did something amazing?” you asked as Moriarty walked into the apartment. “both, they just won’t accept the damn deal and I can’t kill them” he said. “tell me about them” you said, curious. “about the client?” he asked you. You nodded. “I can’t” he said nonchalantly. “you got to be kidding me!” you yelled. Moriarty quickly turned around, looking at you worried. “Y/N what’s…” Moriarty started. “no, you don’t get to talk right now” you interrupted him. “I’ve spent day, Jim, days. Just listening to you complaining about the client and then even more days listening to how you adored her! You don’t tell me anything when I ask you about her. If you like her so much, why don’t you just run of with her?!” you yelled. Moriarty remained silent the entire time till you were done. Once you were done talking he burst out laughing, which earned him a well deserved glare from you. “darling, the client isn’t a she. It’s a he” he laughed. You looked at him, blinking rapidly. “that doesn’t mean you can’t run of with him” you mumbled. “I would never leave you for some client, Y/N” he said, kissing you. You suddenly heard his phone vibrate. “that would be him” he laughed, reading the text. “seems like the deal is finally done” he said, showing you the text. “come on, darling. I’ll show you what I needed him for” he said taking you by the hand.

“open your eyes” Moriarty said. Slowly you opened them. You blinked a few times, getting used to the bright light. I front of you was Moriarty, holding a box in his hand. “I’m sorry I treated you so badly the last couple of days but I wanted to do something special for you” he said, opening the box. Inside the box was beautiful necklace. It was simple yet the details that were there, were stunning. “oh Jim” you whispered, at a loss of words. “it’s beautiful, thank you” you eventually said. “not as beautiful as you, sweetheart” he said, putting the necklace on you and kissing you.

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anonymous asked:

I would love a rebelcaptain fic where Han and jyn have to go undercover as a married couple and cassian and leia get jealous

@rinsantago wins the money for picking the Era of this AU:

1920′s AU: Espionage, Jealousy

“Tell me again why this is a good idea to have them out there, and us back here?” Leia drawled, popping a couple of berries into her mouth and leaning against Cassian’s shoulder.

“Because we’re more useful as back-up. And they have a natural chemistry that is more convincing. And they look like they’re goofing off all the time and that apparently is enough of a cover now.”

Leia’s hand stilled, glass of wine half tipped to her lips.

“You could have just said we’re just following orders, Captain.

Cassian grumbled, taking the binoculars from her hands. He secured his sights on the couple again. She had no idea who that was helping, because watching Han and Jyn play at being married seemed to aggravate him beyond words, so much so that it was as though a sniper sight was trained on them.

They were dancing, filthily, Jyn being liberal with the drinks, limp fingers plucking cocktails off of passing waiter’s trays as the smuggler swung her around. Han was constantly at her ear, whispering things that made her laugh. She threw her head back and cackled unguardedly. They were all over each other, hands brushing under layers, Jyn showing off the gaudy ring her fake husband had gotten her to anyone who so much as glanced at her, Han sniffing the flowers pinned in her hair when she turned her back on him for even a minute. Cassian hadn’t pegged Jyn as a good dancer, but they had secured a pretty good jazz band for the event, - for white people, Cassian had grumbled darkly when Jyn initially pointed it out- and she was vibrant and athletic, writhing against Han, who was also deceptively good. He kept surprising her with sharp twirls, where she laughed heartily as she stumbled.

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Characters: Jin x Reader

Word Count: 7,955

Genre: Angst

Warning: Mentions of death. Oh, and I’m sorry.

As your eyes fluttered open, you were met with a familiar white ceiling and the sound of steady beeping coming from beside you. A quick scan of the surroundings confirmed your suspicions—you were in a hospital room.

A strange feeling bubbled up inside your chest; it wasn’t panic or confusion, but acceptance. You didn’t need to search through your memory for long before you were able to recall the cause of why you were lying here.

A car accident. Nothing more, nothing less.

As you tilted your head stiffly to look around the room, you noticed that it was unusually empty. That was a bit concerning, but you assumed that maybe your condition was stable enough not to require supervision, and that perhaps visiting hours were over or hadn’t started yet.

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Bath Time ~ Josh Washington One Shot/Imagine~

Fandom : Until Dawn

Character : Josh Washington x Reader

Word Count : 1,930

Warning: Contains swearing and some very badly written smut (sorry)

Also please request for more imagines/one shots here http://tragicallybeautiful97.tumblr.com/ask , I would love to hear what kind of one shots you would like to see!

Also this is set a year before the accident with Hannah and Beth.

It’s freezing in here!” Ashley whimpered beside you.

You nodded in agreement, rubbing your arms with your hands vigorously in attempt to warm yourself up. You jumped slightly when you felt someone place their hands over yours, tugging you backwards. You glanced over your shoulder to see your boyfriend Josh, his arms wrapping around you from behind as he copied the motion your hands had been doing a moment ago.

“You ok Ice Princess?” Josh whispered in your ear.

You laughed at the fitting nickname, “Yeah, I just wish I bought a thicker jacket.”

“It will warm up soon.” Josh reassured you, placing a kiss on your cheek.

“Do you two have to be so cute and make the rest of us feel depressed?” Chris teased; although you noticed his eyes flickered to Ashley. Everyone but Ashley knew he had a huge crush on her; he had only admitted it you and Josh but the rest of the group knew just by the way he acted around her.

“Sorry Cochise, I just can’t keep my hands off my girl.” Josh shrugged, making you beam with happiness. You loved how Josh was so open about his feelings for you; it reassured you that he wasn’t ashamed of you. You always felt that you were punching above your weight; that Josh was too good for you.

All through high school you had heard Emily, Jess, Ashley and Sam gush about how hot Josh was. He was really good looking - tanned skin, black curly hair and a smile that could light up any room. You knew for a fact that Sam and Jess both had a small crush on Josh, Jess had admitted it in a game of Never Have I Ever and although Sam had never admitted it to you, you still knew by the way her eyes lingered on him sometimes.

You and Josh had gotten together a few months ago; when Josh had kissed you out of nowhere when you had been tutoring him in English around at his house. You had been speechless, you couldn’t believe out of all the girls, he had chosen you.

“Come on guys, let’s get the party started!” Jess whooped, dancing around the cabins living room in excitement. You rolled her eyes at her childish antics but chuckled, you were excited about the trip to the cabin too.

“Let’s get some drinks.” Beth suggested.

“I’ll get them.” Sam offered. She began walking to the kitchen before she paused and looked back at Josh and you, “Do you mind helping me Josh?”

You gritted your teeth in attempt to contain your irritation. Sam could have asked anyone to help her; Mike, Chris or Matt would have jumped at the opportunity, yet she had to ask your boyfriend.

“Yeah, sure Sammy.” Josh grinned.

You looked down at the ground, your stomach dropping as you felt Josh’s arm slide away from your waist as he went to join Sam; who was grinning at your boyfriend. You resisted the urge to scream at the blonde and instead turned around and headed towards the stairs.

“Hey,” Hannah’s gentle voice sounded from behind you, “Are you ok?”

“I’m fine.” You answered bitterly.

“Just ignore Sam, she’ll get over her crush soon.” Hannah tried to reassure you but you shook your head; you knew Josh, girls were hooked on him forever. “Come and sit with us.”

“I’m gonna take a bath,” You said; in no mood to sit around and watch Sam flirt with yor boyfriend. “I’ll see you later.”

Hannah sighed from behind you but let you go. You knew she was trying to help but right now you just wanted to be alone. You insecurities bit at you as you ran upstairs, comparing yourself to Sam who in your eyes had always been prettier, skinnier and nicer.

Yes, you really needed a nice bath.

You sighed and rested your head against the bathtub. The water was warm against your skin, the steam clouding the bathroom as you felt your whole body relax. The bathroom was illuminated in the warm and gentle glow of the candles you had lit and the stereo was playing some soothing music on low volume.

You closed your eyes and tried to rid your mind of the toxic thoughts. You didn’t want to be the jealous girlfriend who didn’t trust her boyfriend, but you couldn’t help it; you were only human. You jumped slightly when you heard a knock on the door. Your eyes flitted to the towel on the other side of the room as you remembered how you hadn’t locked.

“Hello?” You called out nervously.

“Y/N.” Josh called, his voice slightly muffled behind the door, “Are you in there?”

“Yeah.” You confirmed, “I’m having a bath.”

“Are you ok? Hannah said you were upset.” Josh questioned in concern.

“Damn it Hannah.” You hissed, “I’m fine Josh.”

“Just tell me what’s wrong Y/N.” Josh pressed.

“I’m fine!” You protested unconvincingly.

“Tell me or I’m coming in.” Josh threatened.



“Josh, it’s nothing-”


“Josh, no!”


The door flew open and Josh stepped inside, closing the door and locking it behind him. You pulled your knees up to your chest, sinking down into the bubbles in attempt to cover your bare skin. In the months you and Josh had been going out he had never seen you naked, whenever you had a hot makeout session you would either be interrupted by your Mum and Dad or his parents or his sisters. The most Josh had seen was you in your bra.

Josh turned around, halting immediately when he took in your appearance. His eyes dragged over your figure, his eyes lingering on your collarbone, thighs and face. Despite your knowledge Josh thought you looked stunning in the gentle light from the candles, your hair trailing down the side of your neck, your skin shiny from the water.

“Jesus.” Josh swallowed, his eyes dark with lust.

“Just turn around, I’ll get a towel-” You started to say but Josh shook his head repeatedly.

“No, there is no way in hell you are moving.”

“What? Why?” You questioned in confusion.

Your eyes widened when Josh started unbuckling his pants, revealing his tight black Calvin Klein boxers.

“Because I’m getting in with you.” Josh stated huskily, his mouth lifting up in his handsome smirk. Your heart stuttered as you watched him tug off his jumper, revealing his tanned chest. You couldn’t stop your eyes from sweeping over the taut muscles, the broad shoulders and the deep v-lines.

“You’re…You’re getting in?” You stuttered.

Josh grinned, “Try and stop me.”

You glanced down at the bubbles as you glimpsed Josh pull down his boxers. You tighten your hold around your knees as you heard him walk towards the bath; his bare feet slapping against the tiles.

You shivered when you felt him lean behind you, his breath hot at your ear, “budge up baby.”

You shuffled forward, the water sloshing around you as Josh climbed in behind you. His legs came either side of you and you froze when you felt his warm hands against you shoulders.

“You don’t need to be nervous around me Y/N.” Josh reassured you, his lips grazing your neck, “You’re gorgeous.”

You hesitantly loosened the grip on your knees before you allowed yourself to relax into Josh, your head falling in the place between his neck and collarbone and your legs straightening as you laid down. Josh’s hands rested on your naked stomach as his lips pressed against your forehead.

“Tell me why you’re upset.” Josh begged, his voice a rumble against your wet hair, “Talk to me.”

“It’s stupid.” You whispered.

Josh’s hand stroked your hip causing your heart to malfunction slightly, “It’s not stupid if it’s upsetting you.”  

“I just…” You sighed before allowing the words to tumble from your mouth, “I know it’s stupid but I hate how the girls look at you, it makes me feel like shit. And I know you don’t encourage them and you’re not trying to flirt with them because that’s just who you are, but I don’t think you understand how much other girls want you.”

“Who are you talking about?” Josh frowned.

You rolled your eyes, “Don’t tell me you haven’t noticed how Sam and Jess fawn all over you.”

“They do not.” Josh denied.

“Do you mind helping me Josh?” You imitated Sam, making sure to flutter your eyelashes for effect.

“Sam’s just a friend.” Josh protested.

You scoffed, “Yeah sure.”

“I’m serious Y/N.” Josh said, his tone serious, “I’m not interested in Sam, or any of the other girls, the only girl I’m interested in is the one in my arms right now.” His lips brushed against your neck, his hands trailing lower down your stomach. You jerked slightly as they dipped between your legs, the movement causing you to arch your back and bang your head against his collarbone. “How could I be interested in anyone else when you look the way you do.”

His hand moved against you, causing you to bite your lip to stifle the moan that was dying to escape your lips.

“Do you know how long I’ve been dying to see you naked?” Josh whispered in your ear, pausing to take your lobe between his teeth and nibble gently, “To admire that beautiful body.”

One of his hand moved upwards before cupping your breast in his hands, “You have beautiful curves.” He moaned appreciatively, his hand moving harder between your legs and causing a moan to escape your lips, “Moan for me again Y/N.”

You couldn’t help yourself as he slipped a finger inside of you, his thumb circling the little bundle of nerves between your thighs. You arched your back further, your lips parting as you panted and moaned at his touch.

“I don’t want you to ever feel insecure.” Josh mumbled before trailing kisses and bites down your neck, his hand that wasn’t busy between your thighs squeezing your breast and causing your breath to hitch. “You’re the only one I want.”

“Josh.” You breathed as he slipped another finger inside you.

“God, say my name again.” Josh growled, his fingers moving harder and causing you to moan out loudly.

The heat was building inside your stomach and you pinched your eyes shut, your legs trembling as you became a mess of moans and whimpers. You whispered his name as he bit into your neck, his lips sucking the tender skin to ensure he would leave his mark on you.

“Jesus Christ Josh.” You panted when he finally allowed you to calm down.

Josh chuckled, his hands stroking your hair, “Did it feel good?”

“Yeah.” You breathed, turning around slightly so you could kiss him. His lips captured yours in a passionate kiss, his tongue grazing your bottom lip as his hands tangled in your hair.

You both jumped when a knock sounded at the door.

“Hey guys…” Sam’s voice sounded from behind the door, “We’re gonna watch a film if you wanna come down?”

“But we’ll understand if you don’t want to,” Chris snorted, “It sounds like you two have been having a hell of a time!”

You blushed at the thought that everyone had heard your moans, but a part of you aso didn’t care, the experience had been amazing and you would definitely not regret it.

“Oh sorry guys, but me and Y/N will not be down any time soon!” Josh shouted efore his lips captured yours in a searing kiss once again.  

Decisions, Decisions (Part 5)

Prompt: Imagine Tom Hiddleston has a crush on you and he is feeling jealous of James McAvoy on “The Graham Norton Show” because James talks about how great the chemistry was between you, his co-star, and him in your latest film.

Warnings: language, sexual content, adult content…?

Word Count: 5007

Note: Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes​ - This fic would NOT be possible without you, and @amarvelouswritings​ - who let me badger the hell out of her. Thank you both a million! Used @theartofimagining13​ imagine

Also, some of the timelines are going to be off in this, to make stuff fit, and James’ wife and child are nonexistent - nothing against them, just easier to write if he didn’t have an ex wife and child. Texts are in italics

Tags: @wordacadabra   @frenchfrostpudding @lisssays @cocosierra94  @staceycasey123 @lucianightwolker @tacohead13


Friday night you went to a few stores for some dresses. You found one thing you liked, and you reserved it for the “other” dress. But for the main dress to go to the premiere with Tom, you needed something dazzling. You spoke with Trish, your stylist, and asked her if she could work with Versace on a design you had in mind. She said she would work on it.

Tom was texting and calling quite frequently, sending you two more bouquets of flowers with another poem on each card. The calls became more familiar, a little more flirty, and you sent him a new watch to his hotel and some chocolates - since you knew they were his guilty pleasure.

James had contacted you a few times but he had a couple of interviews related to Split coming out soon so he was rather busy. But in a way it was good because you were able to spend more time and attention on Tom - that was a good thing, right? You weren’t so sure, you were already in so deep with both of these men, you didn’t need to have the decision be any harder than it was.

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Philinda + 92!

92. “Oh honey, I’d never be jealous of you.”

He woke up before her. That never happened. But they’d been up late the night before, and the night before then, and the night before-

To put it bluntly, they hadn’t slept much. There wasn’t time. And the time they didn’t use to save the world, they weren’t going to throw away on sleep. They’d wasted too much time already.

They weren’t touching, but they were close. Melinda needed her space, even when she slept. But they were close. She wanted him, no one else, him, to be close. Her allowing him to be this close to her when she was this vulnerable was the ultimate sign of trust. And Melinda wanting to put her trust in him made him the luckiest guy in the world.

Her hair was sprawled out over the sheets and her eyelids were slightly fluttering. He just watched her and didn’t dare to move. He’d never get over how beautiful she was. Shit, she was stunning. He almost couldn’t breathe, she was so stunning. If she’d heard him say that, she’d roll her eyes at his cliches. He knew that she’d give him so much shit over shit like that. That’s why he was planning on never letting her know that his heart did a little jolt every time he saw her. He’d gotten so used to that jolt, after years of being partners and working together and just being around her, that he almost didn’t notice it anymore. But the jolt was there. Oh holy mother of god, it was there.

“You’re staring.” She opened her eyes. “It’s creepy.”

He smiled. “Sorry.” He looked deeply into her eyes. “You’re very cute when you sleep.” Shit. He shouldn’t have said that.

She raised her eyebrows. “Cute?”

Definitely shouldn’t have said that.

“No, I just mean that you look… peaceful and…” He paused, trying to find the right words. “And sometimes, you sigh and smile in your sleep and other times you make this snorting sound and drool runs down your-”


Definitely not the right words. Nope, nope, nope.

He cleared his throat, feeling his face getting hot. “I’m just saying that I think it’s… I mean, like, that I think that you are…”

She smirked. “Cute?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

She rolled her eyes, but were still smirking. Then, she bit her lip and her eyes mirrored her teasing smirk and no, she wasn’t cute anymore, this was something different entirely and somehow worse and-

She scooted closer and kissed his neck. “I think you’re cute, too.” she whispered in his ear and shivers traveled down his entire body. She moved her lips down his neck and to his chest, leaving a trail of kisses and marks behind her. He hissed. This was bad. Or, like, totally amazing and all his dreams coming true. But so bad.

“Melinda…” He put a hand on her stomach with the intention to stop her, but her skin was warm and soft and her breasts were pressed up to his side and the sheet around her had slid down with her movements and were now revealing almost every inch of her naked body and-

He gathered all the strength he had. “Melinda… wait…” She immediately rolled away from him and his body were screaming to his brain in frustration.

He moved closer and placed a kiss on her forehead. “I have to go be a trusted leader in the storm in-” he glanced at the clock on the wall “…15 minutes, and before then I have to become a professional, composed and rational individual for the team, and-” he kissed above her ear “- I can’t do that if I’m…” He glanced down at his boxers, which were beginning to feel a little crowded. Then he looked back at Melinda again.

She let out a laugh. He smiled back, and then he he stood up. Melinda looked up at him, slightly pouting. “Do you really have to go?” Fuck, she made him weak. He leaned down and kissed her quickly on the mouth. “Yes.” He grabbed a towel from the closet and wrapped it around his waist. “And so do you.” She shook her head and nestled back into the bed. “No, I don’t. You have that meeting with Fitzsimmons first.” She hugged the pillow and smiled. “I still have half an hour.”

He scoffed. “Are you trying to make me hate Fitzsimmons? Because you’re kinda succeeding.” 

She shook her head again. “No, and no, I’m not.” She moved to the edge of the bed, stood up on her knees and placed her hands on his waist, just above the towel. She looked up at him, the affection in her eyes shining so brightly that it made him a little dizzy. “You’re too much of a softie for that.” 

She kissed his stomach and things started happening under the towel. He lifted her head with his hand. “That’s not helping my problem.” She just smirked. “Just get in the shower.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “I wish you could join me.” He kept their gazes connected and licked his lips. “I wish I could stay here forever.”

She fell back to the bed again. “Well, when you’re brilliant and basically a superhero, praised and admired by all, you have to make some sacrifices.”

He chuckled. “Jealous?”

She scoffed. “Oh honey, I’d never be jealous of you.” She tilted her head. “Of everyone who gets your undivided time and attention and who you look at with that ‘You’re the most important person in the world and nothing matters more to me than your well-being and happiness’ look of yours…” She shrugged. “Maybe.”

She looked away for a second and she seemed a little flushed. His heart warmed with love for her. 

He walked up to the bed, leaned in and kissed her neck. “You’re the most important and no one matters more than you.” he whispered. Then he nudged on her shoulder before turning away and walking towards the bathroom. He could feel her smile in his back as he went.