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                                                 This is kind of where it all started, init?
                                    Well, look who’s getting sentimental about our first time.
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Eurus’s haunting syntax

I’m aware that this probably sounds weird at first, but, as a writer myself, I tend to notice syntax/statement patterns - especially, when they’re outstandingly cryptic and contrary to the usual atmosphere of themes/words/sentence structures used. As to that, Eurus is a riddle I’d love to solve; and I think I’ve drawn an conclusion that might be significant to the Faith!Eurus/Faith Smith-issue.

At first, some of Eurus’s most remarkable statements (you may see where I’m going with all of this while reading them):

“Good and bad are fairytales.” (nice Moriarty-mirroring, btw)
“Good isn’t really good,
evil isn’t really wrong,
and bottoms aren’t really pretty.”
“Smiling is advertising.”
”Smiling is happiness.”
“Happiness is a pop song. Sadness is a poem.”
“Helping someone is the best way you can help yourself.”
“Withholding the precise deadline will apply the emotional pressure more evenly.”
“The gun is intended as a mercy.”

  1. She combines two things in an almost philosphical, cryptic, complex, extraordinary, partially disturbing way whose meaning you can still decrypt in general - I guess that is how Moftiss want to emphasize her ability of “reprogramming” people.
  2. She uses parataxes in order to make her statements more poignant and rememberable. Also, this way of talking/writing makes things generally more convincing, because it is simple, short and does not leave place or time for doubts.

So, yeah, Eurus is quite manipulative. (To an extent that most of her sentences are stuck in my head, because they are also structured like a catchy tune.)

With this knowledge, let’s move to the first scene we get to see Faith - the “real” one:

Obviously, she is not played by Sian here; but isn’t it interesting that they decided to just partially make a voiceover with Sian’s voice? The connection between Faith and Eurus still has to be subtle at this point, so the only time we get to hear Gina is when she is off-screen (”And what is that?”) - subtle way of messing with our senses while we probably don’t even notice it, because we don’t get a face to connect the voice with, which is why our brain doesn’t quite notice that it is fooled.

By the way, do you feel reminded of something, knowing about Eurus’s remarkable syntax now, when Faith - voiceovered by Eurus - is saying this line:

? In this context, hearing Faith say those words, don’t make too much sense, I think, since it does not fit into her actual sentence structure (which is quite ordinary, btw) and therefore sounds like a quote - by Eurus?

Think of it: The entirety of this scene is about memory alteration/erasing. This is even the way Faith is introduced to us; knowing that Eurus got hold of her note somehow and later visited Sherlock in 221B, “disguised” as Faith, where she even shows a picture of the real Faith to Sherlock, how is it even possible that Sherlock doesn’t notice the difference between those two women?

Maybe, because they aren’t two different persons.

Faith is fake? Yes. In some way. I think so for two reasons:

  1. When she enters the mortuary, “You Look Different” is playing - and there is Moriarty-notes playing throughout ONE whole minute - though Moriarty, obviously, is not present. Give me another plausible explanation than the one I have come up with if you will, because it is driving me NUTS: Moriarty caused all this mess and messed with Sherlock’s memory by the use of TD-12 (the way Faith is introduced to the audience and the theme she is heavily associated with - so, maybe, she is an allegory for exactly that: for memory alteration?) - even though I still don’t know for what explicit reason.
  2. The voiceover with Eurus’s voice and Faith!Eurus make my alarm bells ring heavily, since Price and Arnold said that - although it is heavily altered and almost not recognisable - scenes with Faith!Eurus contain Eurus’s notes indeed, though in a “buried” way. But why is it “buried”? Why does it have to be? I’m telling you: If they would’ve associated Faith with Eurus more blatantly, if they wouldn’t have remained subtle about the Faith-issue, if they would have put even more focus on the obvious fuckery revolving around Faith and Eurus!Faith, more people would have maybe started to question their senses and the hidden clues and themes of the show; people would’ve started to maybe re-watch it, looking for inconsistencies/parallels/alterations as we do. But you know what? “Ignorance is bliss.”

This one has been done for us.

The following is not totally related to the post above, but I wanted to add it: There is something remaining unsolved to me (maybe I’ve missed the resolution to the following fuckery, so please explain it to me if I have and you know what’s going on). Some minutes ago, I read through some predictions and meta I’ve written, after TST had aired, (I wanted to check some things for the post above) and was startled, because one interesting question occurred to me, as I read through some prediction I made regarding “Elizabeth” - oh, you don’t know who that is? Well, currently, me neither - so, why is E!Eurus listed as “Elizabeth” in the TST-credits?

A Judge Has Blocked Texas From Cutting Planned Parenthood Funding
Planned Parenthood had said the move, led by Republican leaders, was politically motivated and denied women access to healthcare.
By Claudia Koerner

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that Texas can not cut Planned Parenthood out of its Medicaid program, a move the state first tried to make in 2015 in response to secretly-recorded videos that sparked Republican calls to defund the abortion provider.

Judge Sam Sparks on Tuesday ordered the state to keep Planned Parenthood clinics accessible to Texans who receive medical benefits through Medicaid. Sparks said the state had tried to cut the clinics out of the health care program without evidence of any wrongdoing. The move could have seriously hurt the 12,500 Texans on Medicaid who receive healthcare at Planned Parenthood clinics, he said. Tuesday’s order granted a preliminary injunction that will keep Planned Parenthood as a Medicaid-approved provider as the case moves through the court.

In the order, the judge said Texas’ inspector general and Health and Human Services Division had not yet shown any evidence that Planned Parenthood violated the rules of the Medicaid program.

“Terminating the [Planned Parenthood clinics] would eliminate thirty health centers across Texas from the Medicaid program,” he said. “These centers are the only family planning specialists in the state and provide a wide variety of services in a manner specifically designed to be convenient for vulnerable populations.”

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listen if youre an Extreme Minor™ aka like 12-14 years old and an adult asks you to unfollow, please dont make a fuss just do it

because trust me half the time we’re asking you to unfollow for your own sake. like you honestly shouldnt even be on tumblr when youre 12. not only is it against the terms of service aka The Rules but its like

dude theres extreme porn on this site. theres drama and discourse and people who will send you anon hate. you shouldnt deal with that when youre 12 jesus fuck

and im an adult im 18+ and i post vore and watersports jokes occasionally lmao like if youre 12 and you follow me i dont want to be responsible for you seeing that shit

i dont give two shits if youre “mature enough” like no youre still an Extreme Minor™ and i could get into serious shit with the law if i were to like reblog porn or something (i dont but still its an example) and you were to see it

so yeah TLDR if someone asks you to unfollow dont make a big fuss about it just fucking unfollow my god it isnt that hard

anonymous asked:

I'm writing a soulmate AU, except I don't want to introduce the concept until around the 12 or so chapter. I don;t want my readers to know, or to be sure that it's a soulmate story till then. The problem is how do two people who have been hanging out for 12 chapters find out they are soulmates? They can't have tattoos or something from birth or that show up just from simple physical contact or they would have known sooner and stuff since they meet in the first chapter. How can it work?

Well, they could share dreams, and neither one realize that the other is having the same dream. 

It could be the LAST words they say to each other, if you want to make it incredibly painful.

It could be something-words, phrases, colors, etc-that only shows up when you actually fall in love with the person, or when your feelings are mutual.

It could be something that only outsides can see, and neither of the people involved. (Words above their heads, or something.)

Those would be my suggestions. 

Now, about not introducing the soulmate concept until chapter 12… I would be cautious with that. 

If you spring something like that on your readers that far in, it could very easily shut them off.

The only way I would really suggest that, is if the CHARACTERS don’t realize it’s a soulmate world, either. If only a chosen few are aware of the “soulmate phenomenon,” or something to that effect.

Otherwise, you’re sort of throwing them off TOO much, I’m afraid. 

Obviously, I haven’t read your story, and you could have figured out a way around this that I don’t know about, so take my judgement cautiously, but… People like to know what genre of story they’re reading, in general. They like to know what mindset to get into. :) 

BTS/kpop asks

1. first kpop group you stanned?
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5. favorite BTS ship(s)?
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8. who would be your boyfriend?
9. who most resembles your ideal type?
10. favorite personality?
11. favorite vocal?
12. favorite dancer?
13. favorite rapper
14. favorite visual?
15. when/how did you first get into kpop?
16. when/how did you first get into BTS?
17. favorite BTS song?
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33. spring day vs. spring day? 😉
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