who whould have thought

gdsk-nxs  asked:

Hey todd, let me in on the context of that picture

that post is MUCH better without context but if you insist

i dont remember the exact comic it’s from but iirc the joker steals that baby gorilla from the zoo and raises him as his child. its mostly wacky joker shenanigans and whatever as the gorilla grows up but at the end it fucking drowns because the joker was a shitty careless dad (who whould have thought) and of course isnt fazed by it

its kind of really sad. im a big baby that doesnt takes the death of animals very well, even when theyre fictional

I watch Zootopia and it was so nice? Like what did we do to deserve such good annimated films, I wonder. Who whould have thought drawing animatd character would be so hard though. And that’s not the accurate quote at all, but that’s the idea.