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idk if you're still in the mood for this, but when do you think drew started liking may? can you do an analysis?

“Who, What, Where, When, Wynaut.”

This was the episode when May and Drew’s relationship was thrust into a situation outside the context of their rivalry. They weren’t at or near a Contest Hall; they were on an island, alone. Removing the element of competition from their relationship, even if just for an episode, allowed them to see each other as people rather than just coordinators.

And Drew found himself charmed.

It’s all in the look.


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Pokemon AU ! (last 2 animations taken from Episode 21 of Season 8: “Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut”)

I’ve literally been trying to get this AU out there for 2 years and now I can safely say I have a legit PKMN AU now :) Maka is May and Soul is Drew (Black Star would be Ash and Tsubaki is Misty for some reason). Other characters are still in progress. I’m not sure if i should art more of this, but if anyone’s interested, I’m open for art requests and suggestions on this AU (and all other AUs i’ve had this week) ^^

i dont really know how to make this prompt work, just please have soul&maka bickering as usual

oh and bonus gif:

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Was there contestshipping hints in the Japanese version of ag?? Why do I have a feeling 4kids added boyfriend to Harley's teasing

Totally! I don’t even count Harley calling Drew May’s boyfriend in the dub a hint as it’s just Harley being Harley, he also calls Ash, Brock and Max May’s boytoys in the dub.

There are times to be aware of the dub however, such as in the Kanto Grand Festival when May talks to Solidad and Solidad tells May that Drew has developed feelings for her. This is a dub only line (And I really don’t get why they changed it, they kind of ruined the whole plot and mood of the Grand Festival so if you can check it out subbed I totally recommend it!)

But that being said, there are some cool things in the Japanese version that aren’t in the dub! My favorite little fun fact is that Drew calls May “Haruka-kun” at first, the same way that Gary calls Ash “Satoshi-kun” (which was translated to Ash-boy in the dub). This -kun suffix in this specific case is used to establish a sense of superiority and is pretty condescending. But in Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut, Drew very importantly drops the suffix and calls her “Haruka” for the first time. How you call someone is a super big deal in Japan, and this change was not done without purpose, showing that after this episode Drew is starting to see her as an actual friend/someone he might care about.

You also get cool little things like this:

Drew completing May’s sentence because he understands her feelings, because he knows her so well because he can see so much of himself in her and that they really are more alike then you would think, both being coordinators and both going through these same hardships. I feel like the dub doesn’t stress that point very well.

And of course, scenes like this are just universal as contestshipping hints no matter what language:

Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut is a really important episode (even if it is a pain to type out) because May and Drew, man. Like usually it’s bickering and arguing and huffing and smirking and like sure there’s that.

But then once they get through the waterfall thing together, they are just so damn happy?? Laughing and smiling and sitting together. Even when Team Rocket spoils the fun they just speak nicely and appreciatively to each other.

They go back to bickering and quips only when everyone else is around again.

But now we all know. We all know how pleasantry and friendship and genuine happiness are hidden right under the surface. I can’t take it.


OH BOY *rubs hands together*

This is actually a head-scratcher in a lot of ways because it’s difficult to pinpoint why Drew treats Brianna the way he does. She’s a rookie coordinator and a big fan of his – and the show’s history /seems/ to imply Drew enjoys picking on rookies (See: “Now That’s Flower Power,” in which Drew goes up to May, then a stranger, on the beach and criticizes her style FOR NO APPARENT REASON) and that he’s uncomfortable around his fans (See: “A Fan With a Plan,” in which Drew is noticeably uneasy when surrounded by the M.F.P.)

Drew IS uncomfortable around Brianna. When May gets them to shake hands, she leans in and teases, “Done this before, right?” and he rebuffs her, clearly irritated that she’s enjoying putting him through this.

But he never picks on Brianna, a rookie, even though he picked on May when she was a rookie coordinator. In fact, Drew does the opposite: He’s generally very encouraging of Brianna, heaping praise on her appeal during the contest and then complimenting her skills afterward. Why is that? Why does her treat her differently?

I don’t have one answer, but I’ve come up with several possible explanations. It could be just one of these or a combination of all of them, but they are simply the best conclusions I can propose based on the canon.

First off, it could very well be that Drew just has matured a lot since his debut episode. Let’s be honest: He’s kind of a jerk to May in his first several appearances, but he loosens up the more time they spent together. By the end of “Who, What, When, Where, Wynaut?”, it’s safe to say he and May have grown a lot closer, and he starts treating her with a great deal more respect from then on. His relationship with May, thus, proves to be a good influence on him: Rather than teasing the rookie Brianna as he did May, he decides to be nicer.

Drew’s respect for May is actually canonized when Brianna later tells May, “I know for a fact you’re the only female coordinator Mr. Drew respects.” So, another possible reason Drew did not pick on Brianna is /because/ he respects May, and he’s not gonna give her new friend a hard time.

In a less forgiving interpretation, it might be that Drew’s positive treatment of Brianna is a ploy to make May jealous/motivate her to get stronger as his rival. Consider: He offers very kind words of encouragement and advice to Brianna following her loss, but when May – fishing for compliments – asks earlier for his thoughts on her performance, he flippantly dismisses it, saying she got lucky. He later reminds May that she only needs two more ribbons, giving credence to the notion that perhaps he’s only being nice to Brianna as a way to fire up May.

Of course, I could be looking at this in the entirely wrong way: Perhaps Drew’s treatment of Brianna is not the anomaly. Perhaps the way he treated May upon them meeting is.

Like I said earlier, there was /no/ legitimate reason to for Drew to go down to the beach and harass May. Why do it then? Maybe he saw her and was like, “… That’s a cute girl… I wanna talk to her,” but he actually has the social aptitude of a potato. So he goes down there and instead of just flirting like a normal person, he decides to start insulting her. Meanwhile, a hundred episodes later, he’s not interested in Brianna, so he doesn’t make a fool of himself with her.