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Someone’s Always Leaving

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This is for @chaos-and-the-calm67​ Bev’s Milestone Celebration. I chose the quote, ‘It was odd to be in a room full of people who all seemed to look up to my dad like he was some kind of hero. A part of me wanted to see him through their eyes just for a moment. I tried to picture him as…’. The quote was slightly changed so it wasn’t ‘me, my’, but ‘you, your’. Also, there was a gif given which’ll be in the fic itself…I know it kinda looks like a dude…but just imagine the kid is gender neutral, cos that’s what the reader is. 

Characters: Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER), Bobby, Sam, Dean, Cas, Crowley

Pairing: No Pairing    Sam x Y/n (father-kid relationship)    Bobby x Y/n (father-kid relationship)

Warnings: Angsty angst…fluff here and there, but mostly angst. Abandonment over and over, resentment, character death, grieving, hatred, angst, more angst, broken relationships and just a mess of shit between everyone. 

Word count: 3600

Summary: Sam is the one who takes you in when you lose your parents. But he lets you down time and time again. 

A/N: Ok, so, this ended up hella longer than I imagined it being…But there’s mostly angst and nothing else really…Also, reader kinda talks shit about the Winchesters, so if u think the Winchesters are the world’s saviours, u might hate reader…Hope u like it!!

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You knew it was awful. You knew it was wrong.

Of course, most teenagers had their problems with their parents.

But you? Well, you hated him.

You didn’t dislike him. You weren’t just annoyed because he didn’t let you buy something.

You genuinely hated him. And to be honest, you knew it wasn’t good.

Hating the man you used to think of as your father. It was awful.

But then again, maybe you didn’t think of him as a father.

He was the one who took you in. He was the one who promised to protect you. He was the one who was supposed to play that role.

Except, he didn’t.

Every time you expected him to protect you, he didn’t.

He always left you behind.

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Title: Taken – If It Can Bleed Part Four

Characters/Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader, Sam

Word Count: 1 920

Warnings: Mentions of blood and a dead body, Dean is angry

Series Summary: The reader is a genetically enhanced assassin who’s on the run from her creator, but what will happen when she get’s taken back to the bunker by Sam and Dean? Or falls for one of the Winchesters…

Author’s Note: Sorry I didn’t have a new part of this series out last week, I took a bit of a writing break, but here’s part four! If you want to be tagged in the following parts of this please send me an Ask or add yourself to This List. Feedback is always appreciated, and enjoy!

If It Can Bleed: Part One | Part Two | Part Three

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     Dean was angry. And hurt. And confused.

     You didn’t do him the injustice of slipping into his mind – you never had, not for either one of the boys. Even the first day you’d met them, when you were beaten and bloody, your accelerated healing inexplicably gone and two men holding you in an underground bunker, you still hadn’t invaded their thoughts. You’d always felt it was an abuse of power, especially on humans – or rather, humans that hadn’t had their lives stolen and their DNA magically altered. But you didn’t need that particular ability to read Dean’s emotions today. Not only could you see them flashing across his face in an unchecked vulnerability, you could smell them.

     The rage, the pain, the shock. They practically radiated from his body like a beacon of your betrayal and there was no way you could block your heightened senses, no matter how many times you’d tried since you woke up in that tiny metal cell all those years ago. This was who you were now – what you were now - whether you accepted it or not, and now Dean was burdened with the same knowledge you lived with every day.

     You were a monster.

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Magnetic  Chapter 9: Death By Toilet

Dean Winchester x Reader

2000 Words

Chapter Summary: Ignoring Dean’s obvious dislike of the victim, the two of you keep him safe while Sam takes care of the spirit. Yet, things change during the heat of the moment.

Story Summary: After your Dad was killed, you were shocked to learn all about his hidden life. Deciding to follow in his footsteps, you turn to a life of hunting, surprised at how well you adapted. Then comes along Sam and Dean Winchester, turning your life upside down. You and Dean don’t get along at first, but then things soon start to change.

Author’s Note: Thanks for checking this story out! I’m having a blast writing it, and I’m always open to comments or suggestions. 

Catch Up Here: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8

You rushed over to Derek, not taking the time to see if Dean was behind you. Pulling on Derek’s shirt, you cussed when you couldn’t pry him out of the water. The force holding him down was too strong.

“Y/N, get back!” Dean yelled, and you stepped back just in time for him to shoot at the spirit. You heard an unearthly scream before it vanished, leaving Derek gasping for air. Helping him to his knees, you patted his back to help release some of the water still in his lungs.

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Keep You Safe (Part 3)

Characters: Alpha! Sam, Alpha Dean, Beta! Cas, Omega! Reader

A/N. This is an A/B/O fic. Standard A/B/O warnings apply.  I am using Kittenofdoomage’s A/B/O Universe rules. This is my first attempt at telling a story in the first person so bear with me.

There is smut coming, I swear! I’m building up to it!

“I’m sure you have questions about what happened back there.” Sam said to me.

Not as many as you would think. I thought to myself. “Can we go back to your place and talk?  I asked.

“Sure, we can do that.” Dean replied.

I didn’t say much on the drive back.  I was still trying to decide if I could trust these guys.  Not trusting people had kept me alive so far, so I wasn’t in a big hurry to give that up. When we got back to the motel, I sat down on one of the beds, and Dean handed me a beer. I took a long pull. “Thanks.” I said gratefully.

Dean stared at me. “I gotta say, your taking this all pretty calmly.”

I looked him square in the face. “I know that guy you knifed was a demon.  So was the douchebag who hurt me at the bar. You probably knifed him too.  That’s why I was bloody.”

Sam and Dean wore identical expressions of surprise. “What are you?” Sam finally asked.

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His Lap (Bucky x Reader)

Note: I quite like this one, so I hope you enjoy it as well. Also, thanks to @imagine-assembling-the-avengers for motivating me to still post this regardless of some doubts I had about the plot, so I hope it lived up to what you thought it could be. Oh, and @marvelimaginesyesplease because you were asking for some Bucky stories. Maybe you’ll like it! Enjoy, beautiful munchkins!

You had been in his lap plenty of times before, but this time it was very different. Unlike all of the other times you had been there, you were now struggling and screaming and crying as you tried to push him away.

The first time you had been in his lap, you were running from a burning HYDRA base. Your mission had been a complete success–though the fire seemed to contradict that fact–and you were trying to get as far away from the flames and surviving members as you could. The scene behind you didn’t seem as keen about letting you leave.

So you kept running, trying to avoid flying bullets or fallen shards of burning building. Just as you thought you would get away unscathed, a sharp pain burst throughout your shoulder, and with a stunned yelp, you blindly dived into the back of the Quinjet. At your landing, a heavy grunt sounded and then a low voice.

“What are you–”

Whatever he was going to say was cut short when he saw the blood oozing from your shoulder blade. At the sight, his eyes widened ever so slightly and his calm, angry exterior transformed. “Shit! Steve, pass the first aid kit!”

And so the fact that you had plopped into his lap and stayed there the entire flight back had went unnoticed.

“Let me go! Don’t touch me!” You screamed as tears fell down your cheeks and you violently worked at getting free of the arms holding you to the broad chest that you had once felt safe in. Now you only felt rage.

“I can explain! I promise; it isn’t as bad as you think!” He tried to reason, his grip keeping you close.

“What?! How can you say that, you asshole?! How can you possibly explain this!” You hissed, practically clawing at his tear-slicked arms as one went over your shoulder and across your chest and the other was fastened tightly around your waist.

“Please,” he whispered, his voice cracking in the most vulnerable way you had ever heard him–even more so than after he was beginning to remember Cap. “Please just let me explain.”

The second time you had found yourself perched in his lap, it was on your first day off in a long time. You and the rest of the Avengers had planned a relaxing picnic in Central Park, even going as far as renting a 15-people van to pack everyone in. Unfortunately with all of the food and books and toys (Frisbees, bubbles and a soccer ball or two–you could bet money that these people were kids trapped in superhero bodies), little room was left and the girls were told to plop onto any available lap.

Wanda and Natasha were quick to settle onto the laps of Vision and Bruce, so you stood for a few seconds awkwardly trying to decide who you would feel most comfortable with sitting on before shifting towards the third row where Sam sat. Giving him an apologetic smile, you went to nestle onto his lap only to be pulled to the side at the last second. Shrieking softly, you felt yourself nearly freeze in shock as you realize instead of resting on Sam’s lap, you were sitting in Bucky’s. When he caught your gaze, he glared for a second before looking out the window, a grumble leaving his pink lips.

“I don’t think he’s fit to hold you up.”

At the words, your jaw dropped. Had he just…?

“Are you saying I’m fat, Barnes?!” You hissed in exasperation.

Your question seemed to throw Bucky off a bit as his eyebrows furrowed in surprise before drawing together in a harsher glare out the window.

For the rest of the ride all that could be heard was the mixed grumbling of Sam, as he went off about how he was strong, and you, as you cursed Bucky for implying that you were heavy. In the midst of it all, you hardly noticed how unbelievably comfortable Bucky really was.

“It…It was an accident. Well, it seems like that now–”

“An accident? Dammit Barnes, you don’t do these kinds of things and call them ‘accidents’! Especially as the Winter Solider!” You shouted again, pushing against his arms, desperate to be free of the embrace that both comforted and disgusted you. The tears hadn’t stopped pouring since the second you sat in his lap, but the meaning behind them had changed drastically.

“It was an accident; I swear to you, it only happened because of the tests that Hydra had me undergoing. You have to understand I couldn’t completely control myself. Anything they ordered had to be done, (Y/N), you have to believe me!”

Your fighting seemed to falter for a second as you registered how frantic his tone was and how desperately he was clutching you to his body. In the year and a half you had know Bucky, he had never shown as much emotion towards anything–towards anyone–as he was right now. Since the time you had formally met, he had always kept his emotions latched between stoic or angry and acted as if any other form of expression was a sin. The thought almost made you want to believe him.

Suddenly, the sting of the discovery shot through your body again. Not knowing exactly how to react, you continued to claw at his arms as broken sobs left your lips.

The next time you sat in his lap, you were pissed. You had been left behind on a mission that would have fit your expertise, but because of a stupid cold, you were stuck at Stark Tower moping around as your pain-in-the-ass friends made themselves useful to the world. To make matters worse, Bucky was assigned to take care of you. Put bluntly, you wanted to kill whoever had made the decision and even though you were certain it was Steve’s doing, you weren’t going to back down if that fight presented itself.

And so within thirty minutes of pouting on the couch and simply glaring at the past Winter Soldier, a huff left your lips that finally gained his attention.

“I don’t need you here, you know,” you growled. “I can take care of myself.”

From across the room, Bucky groaned, moving to grab the remote control before plopping on the other end of the couch. At the sight of such, your frowned deepened. You weren’t that sick.

“I’m sure you can, (Y/N), but did you stop to consider that I just got back from a mission and could use a day or two of rest myself?”

You opened your mouth to respond, but it quickly shut when you realized the truth behind his words. Sinking deeper into the couch, you decided to focus on the channels he was flipping through until he finally decided on a documentary on CIA conspiracies. Normally you found yourself rather interested in such programs, but with Bucky mumbling under his breath at every conspiracy mentioned, it grew old rather fast.

“Okay!” You bellowed, your slightly sore throat causing the word to crack. “Time to change the channel!”

At your declaration, a strangled sound suddenly left Bucky’s lips and he quickly grabbed the remote before you could.


Before you knew it, you were diving towards Bucky, arms outstretched as you reached desperately for the controller to no avail. Regardless, you continued struggling with the ex-Winter Soldier until he suddenly froze–the remote somehow still out of your reach. Confused by the sudden pause, the look of shock on Bucky’s face prompted you into asking what was wrong, some of your fury dissipating as worry washed over you.

Instead of replying, he only looked away, every once and a while glancing at you from the corner of his eye before quickly looking away. Finally realizing that he was hinting that you look at where you were, you questionably examined your position. Immediately, your cheeks began to burn as you realized why he had gone cold: you were practically straddling the man’s waist with your hands resting on his shoulders and your faces only an inch or two away from touching.

After realizing your compromising position, you quickly jerked away as if to get out of your predicament. Unfortunately, you completely forgot that behind you was only open air and a hard floor. Yelping as you began to discover this, you were suddenly grateful to be in such close proximity as you watched Bucky’s arms shoot to wrap around your waist and tug you back towards him. With your arms wrapped firmly around his neck and his around your waist, you hardly paid any attention as you tried to get you breath back. When you gained it again, your eyes widened again, and you slowly began to squirm.

“Stop moving…,” Bucky suddenly hissed gently.

Your eyebrows scrunched in confusion but before you could question the statement, a yawn suddenly broke through your lips. At the action and pause from frantic movement, fatigue quickly began to sweep over you as you began to shiver, and you slowly leaned forward until your forehead was brushing against Bucky’s neck.

“(Y/N)?” He questioned at your sudden change of mood.

Suddenly, you felt a cold hand press against your cheek. Had you not been so tired, you might have jumped, but that was quickly thrown to the back of your mind when you heard Bucky speak, urgency dripping from his tone.

“Friday, I need you to call Doctor Adams. (Y/N) is burning up, and I think she needs to be seen.”

And slowly the scene occurring around you began to fade into darkness as you lost consciousness. In the slow fading, you noticed being placed gentle on the couch as Bucky went to get some things before returning with a blanket and a damp wash cloth. Before you fell asleep, though, your eyes met his electric blue ones. Even in your dazed state, you noticed a spark of hesitation. In a matter of seconds, that faded away as well until you felt his refreshingly cold metal hand brush a bit of your hair aside, and seconds later, a lingering kiss was pressed against your temple.

The last thing you remembered was a small smile forming on your lips.

And after that day, the relationship–or lack thereof–between the two of you quickly took off until you were sure it was love not pursued, disagreements and all, but now all the love in the world couldn’t make the situation better as you flailed desperately against Bucky’s grasp.

The scattered SHIELD file of your father–courtesy of Director Fury–was strewn only a foot away justifying the battle between you as its contents glared at you. Inside, you knew were two pictures along with all the information you had discovered and already known. The first picture was of him grinning widely for his on-file photo. The second–you sobbed harshly at the mere thought of it–was a photo of your father’s lifeless body, covered in more blood than you thought possible. Sadly, that wasn’t the part that left you a mess as you struggled. Oh no, it was the sight of the man standing over your father’s body, the gun in his hand freshly fired, used bullet cases littered around his feet.


Even in the darkness of the room, his features were clearly seen; his eyes smudged with black chalk, his body engulfed in dark clothing, sweat glistening on his cheeks. You had seen him like this a few times when he went on missions but never before had it caused you so much grief. Now, rather than constantly having to try not to swoon at the man, you only found yourself trying to push him further away.

“(Y/N)! Listen to me!” He barked, his hands finally seeming to slip from his grip on your waist.

Feeling his grasp loosen, you finally fall free of his hold and stumble away until you feel the cold wood of the door make contact with your back. Even as your body shakes with unreleased wails, you force yourself to stand tall and look at him with fake confidence as you found your mind clearing from the distraction of his touch. 

“Barnes,” you mumble, noting the way he winced at the name. “Stop. This is too much to take in all at once.”

“No! I can make this better–” he argues, stepping forward to reach out to you.

Finally allowing your instincts to kick in, your hand shot up in one swift motion and a bright blue wall of energy formed between the two of you abruptly. Bucky faltered in his steps at the sudden action, his eyes growing wide.

“Barnes. I’m being serious! Please. Just stop. You’re making this so much worse than it already is!” You hiccuped as you suppress a sob before continuing. “I can’t deal with this. Not all at once. I just found out you were the one who killed the only person I had left…”

A sharp intake of breath left his lips at your words. 

“But I…I won’t let myself cry or hold it over your head or become bitter,” you force out calmly, finally letting your freshly cleared mind take control. “But I’m still going to need time. I can’t just be okay with the situation because I won’t hold you accountable. I don’t think I’m capable of that just yet. So, please. Just…just give me some time to let it all settle in and figure out how I feel.” 

Bucky continued to stare at you for a long time, dragging it out as your breathing slowed to a gently pattern. After what seemed like years under his intense stare, you watched as his firm look sunk into a defeated frown, his head bobbing in a single nod to indicate he understood. At the action, a small sigh left your lips and the glowing wall faded into nothingness between you two. Still, you watched Bucky with a faint sternness in your gaze despite evidence of tears in your eyes as you opened the door quietly and walked out.

Not even five feet away from the door, the sound of exasperated screams reached your ears, and you nearly stopped at the thought as more tears began to pool in your eyes. You quickly pushed any straying ideas to the back of your mind as you tried desperately to focus on the only task that mattered: finding Tony. Right now you needed all the help you could get, and with Tony being the only one that could even remotely understand how you were feeling, he was the perfect option.

With that in mind, you forced the noises from the living room to quiet as you continued your search for Tony, streaming tears and all.

okay so i want a million punk/ no power vigilante aus featuring:

Scappy skinny Steve, artist and full time justice warrior, who can take a hit and keep getting back up. Skinny little Steve Rogers that people don’t fuck with because the kids all sharp angles and boney elbows that he knows how to use. Little Steve Rogers with a mouth and an attitude that just won’t quite.

Actual Queen Peggy Carter who just oozes class and grace, even when she’s smiling with her red lips, the same color as her busted knuckles after she knocks some bastards teeth in, steps over the body in her pretty stiletto heels. Peggy Carter, who takes men down, and walks the girls the were harassing home.

Road Warrior Natasha who dresses like a biker queen on her black Harley, a bike men try to tell her is too much machine for her, right before she breaks fingers and cracks skulls. She’s got  a bitch face that can freeze your blood in your veins. Nastasha, who’ll mace you in the face without even breaking stride if you fuck with her neighborhood.

King of the streets Sam Wilson, who if you ask kids in the neighbor hood, they’ll swear he can fly, the way he jumps between the roof tops. Sam who’s door is always open to people who have no where to go because the bastard are afraid to cross his threshold. He’s a good soul but there is hell under his skin when the occasion calls for it and Sam Wilson doesn’t stand around when wrongs need righted.

Straight hitter Bucky Barnes who taught himself to fight one handed after he lost his arm. Bucky Barnes, who had to play both sides of the field, who had to be the bad guy to keep his head above water and who paid for it ten times over. Bucky Barnes who stands guard outside the little shops that are waiting on edge to get shaken down, flipping a knife in his fingers and wearing a face that dares people to try and start shit.


Djinn Dreams

Requested: I would love a sister!fic,(biologically in family) where the littlesister!reader gets attacked by a djinn. But instead of just skipping the entire dream part, I would love to see how Sam and Dean’s little sister would want to live, outside of the hunting life.

WarningsYou can see some Angst eventually if you really try to  

Word count: 1.5k

A/N: This was requested by @thewinhunter, my babe. Requests are open.

Forever tag list: @Freaksforthewin , @thewinhunter, @cambriacaneatnoodles, @brokennoone , @youtubehelpsmesurvive

If you want to be added to any of my tag lists, or you’re curious which ones I have, just ask.

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“Babe,can you get the door? I’m finishing up plating the food,” the sound of the doorbell being rang repeatedly told you your brothers were here. Cas walked up behind you, placing a gentle kiss on your head and then headed for the door.

“Is that fresh bacon?” Dean had hauled ass into the kitchen at the scent of one of his favorite foods. Instantly, he reached down in attempt to grab a piece, but you slapped his hand away.

“Yeah, and you won’t be having any until everybody else gets here,” the spatula in your hand was pointed towards him as a false threatening look glanced in his direction. “Where’s my little princess?”

“Here I am!” JJ ran out from behind Dannel, rushing into your arms. “Can I have some bacon auntie?” she was just like her Dad in every way, but you slipped her a piece when Dean wasn’t looking and set her down so she could eat the evidence.

“What about us?” your two nephews walked up and tugged on the back of your shirt, facing away from the stove as you continued prepping plates.

“I didn’t forget you two,” placing your hands on both Tom and Shepps cheeks you pulled them together and kissed their foreheads at once. “Shh,” slipping them too a piece of bacon, you shooed them off to follow JJ.

“Better not let Dean see them with that, God knows he’ll take it,” Dannel approached, carrying Arrow in her arms while Zepplin was behind held by Gen who happened to be pregnant.

“Oh just wait until we have family day and this little angel is old enough to eat bacon. I won’t be able to say no to this adorable face,” you held Arrow, tapping her small nose lightly while speaking the last part directly to her. “You, your big sister JJ and I are going to have some awesome girl nights,”

“Hopefully I’ve got a girl and you can add another to the list,” Gen was showing, but she wasn’t ‘balloon’ size yet as you would say. “Maybe we can level out the playing field,” all three of you laughed.

Arrow began fussing, almost at the same time as her twin brother did.

“I bet their hungry, better go feed them before we eat or I won’t get a single bite in,” Dannel took Arrow back into her arms while Gen trailed behind her, shushing Zeppelin as she walked. Just shortly after that, there was a knock at the door.

“I’ll get it!” quickly, you set down the last plate at the table and rushed to the door, opening it with a smile on your face as you knew exactly who it was.

“Hope we aren’t late kiddo,” a warm smile from your father, John,was standing on the other side of the door.

“Wouldn’t be family day if you weren’t,” you pulled him in for a hug.

“Hi mom,” stepping behind him, the arms of your mother greeted you, giving an even tighter hug then John gave. “Foods already done, but I’m missing-”

“My fresh apple pie? It’s in the car so your brother won’t eat it all before he gets some actual food in his system,” her hand was placed on your cheek.

“It’s got apples, it’s healthy,” Dean came out of nowhere-literally, and ran for the car while Sam chased behind him. Trying to beat him to it.

“They still act like little kids,” John chuckled a little and shook his head at disbelief his two grown boys were wrestling over who got to open the door to get the pie.

“Bobby should be here any minute, but the babies are here,” Mary’s eyes lit up with happiness when you mentioned Arrow and Zepplin.

“Speaking of babies…” whenever John started off with this, it was almost crystal clear what he was going to talk about.

“Oh no, not this conversation again,” both of you laughed, still standing outside away from the loud conversations indoors as your brothers still did their little tangle.

“What? Is it wrong for me to want another grandchild?” his face dropped into a hilarious 'offended’ look.

“You’ve already got five! And another one on the way! I think that covers the Winchester’s next generation Dad,” another laugh from both of you, there was only one way to stop this- not like it was going to happen anytime soon…to their knowledge.

Both of you rounded up the boys, Sam and Dean, and the boys along with JJ, the kids, and everybody sat down at the table for family day. In case it wasn’t clear. Family day was the one day out of the month on a Saturday where everybody would get together. Didn’t matter if they were sick, pregnant, or pissed off with somebody else. On family day, you put all of it to the side and got together. Dean thought he could ditch one month because he was badly hungover, mind you this was before kids were in the picture. So you hopped in the car, Cas trailing behind you to try and stop you (and failing), and you drug his ass out of the house back to yours. Not to mention the series of pranks you pulled on him. In the family you had the title of “Queen of Pranks” so nobody messed with you. He learned not to ditch family day again.

For the remainder of the morning, the adults, along with Arrow and Zeppelin, sat at the big dining room table while Tom, Shepp, and JJ sat at the kids table coloring and doing activities you’d picked out for after breakfast/lunch. Brunch, right?

Everybody talked about how their lives had been going. Gen’s doctor had held off on announcing the gender of the baby until a specific date, even though they knew it. Turns out she was getting that girl she’d always wanted. Sam was ecstatic, now he could know the joys of having a little princess of his own. Dannel, well she just had twins. That’s about as exciting and time consuming as it gets. Dean had gotten the job he wanted- it was one that only required him to do work on his laptop so he could be at home pretty much 24/7 to help out with the babies. Mom and Dad had just repainted the old house back in Lawrence. Kind of like a family antique considering they still lived there and the house was in perfect condition. You and Cas? Well there wasn’t really anything too different. Except one thing.

“Y/n, come on sweetheart snap out of it,” it was Dean- but it wasn’t the Dean in front of you.

“This Djinn is kicking your ass, whatever you’re seeing, it’s not real,” the voice was coming from outside, so naturally you followed it. Seeing a very gruff Dean in a brown leather jacket- your Dad’s.

“Dean- I,” he wouldn’t let you speak.

“This isn’t real Y/n, you need to remember your real life. The real me. Real Sammy and Cas,” it was like it was a trigger, everything hit you. A Djinn had got hold of you and must’ve put you out of it.

“I remember,” a relieved look was on his face at your words, he grabbed your hand, trying to drag you away from the house where everyone was inside waiting for your return. “But I’m not going with you D-” he stopped dead in his tracks.

“What do you mean you’re not coming with me?” the hurt in his eyes was enough to crush you into pieces.

“I can’t go back to that life, being a hunter. We’ve lost everything out there Dean. But here? I’ve got it all. We’ve got it all. You have a beautiful wife, and so does Sam. Both of you have kids, amazing kids- Mom and Dad are both alive and together. I’m supposed to go over to their house next week actually and help redecorate the inside of the it,” his head shook violently, listening to the words you were saying.

“If you stay- you’ll die,” tears were threatening to stream down his face as his voice cracked, holding down the lump growing bigger in his throat.

“I’ll die out there, but I’ll be in here forever. Living on until I grow old in this dream. The life I always wanted for me- for all of us,” you turned around, everybody was standing, facing you.

“We’d hate to see you go, everything is going so well for you here,” Mary was looking at you with a warm smile, which you gladly returned.

“If you stay, you won’t even remember your real life once your body dies,” now Sam spoke to you.

“It’ll be like this is how it’s meant to be,” Dean now.

“Because this is how it’s meant to be,” Cas finished it off, walking up to you and placing a hand on your cheek, warming you with his touch.

“How could I go anywhere, especially when…I’m pregnant,” everybody began congratulating you, Cas hugging you tightly, this was new to him too.

Turning around you looked for a man- it felt like somebody should’ve been there. Like you were just talking to somebody, nothing but empty air was in the place where you swore someone just was. Just empty air…and an empty space in your mind.

Caught In A Storm

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Words: 2,161

Song: Hooked On A Feeling

A/N: This is my first time writing a quirky character – bear with me! Hopefully you enjoy it, as I plan to make it into a series. By the way, I would NOT have been able to write this without Fem! She literally had to deal with me writing some of this tipsy, and even dealt with my dancing breaks. So really, let me know if this is all worth it – do you want a part two?

_ _ _ _ _

“It’s just one more day.” Sam shut the Impala door.

“You said that three days ago!” Dean locked the car with a huff.

Sam swung open the door to the precinct. “You were the one who burned the wrong bones!”

Dean rolled his eyes and straightened his suit.

“Let’s just get this over with.” Dean strided towards the front desk.

A man not younger than fifty looked up from a computer that belonged to the last century.

“How can I help you?” He asked.

Sam took out his badge along with Dean.

“FBI?” The old officer furrowed his brows. “What brings you down here?”

“We need any files you have on the Rodriguez case. 1978.” Dean clasped his hands over the desk bar.  

“The FBI wants to know about a homicide case that was solved in the 80’s?”

Sam nodded while Dean looked to the side, then back at the man.

“I’ll pull up the files.” The man said and grabbed a key from his desk before retreating into a room behind his chair that seemed to be full of file cabinets.

Sam leaned an elbow against the bar while Dean looked around the precinct.

“It seems as if the FBI already checked out all the files on the Rodriguez case.” The man, Harvey according to his nametag, informed them.

“Who took them?” Dean raised a brow at Harvey.

“That woman, there.” He pointed towards the swinging door which Sam and Dean immediately sprinted towards.

“Hey!” Dean shouted, “Hey, lady!”

You turned around, gripping the yellow envelope. Two men stood before you.

“Are those the Rodriguez files?” The shorter one began reaching his hand towards them.

You stepped back. “They are.”

“We’re going to need you to hand those over.” He took out his badge. It glinted against the sunlight.

You politely smiled and took yours out as well. You flashed it towards both of them before lifting your hand so it flipped shut before tucking it back into your jacket.

The man exhaled.

“Look,” The taller one began, “We’ve been working on this case for nearly two weeks now and we desperately need those files.” He motioned to the envelope in your hands.

The shorter one was clenching his jaw tight.

“How do you feel about sharing them?” You asked.

“That would be perfect.” The taller one settled. “I’m Sam by the way, and that’s my brother Dean.” He stuck his hand out.

“Y/N.” You shook it.

_ _ _ _ _

Sam and Dean agreed to meet you at the library in a few hours, so you got into your car and drove to your motel.

The cheap FBI suit was beginning to itch and you nearly tore your skirt off. You kicked your heels off and heard them hit against the table leg with a loud thump.

“Finally.” You muttered and slipped on a pair of jeans. You tied your hair back and grabbed a water bottle before sitting down and opening the files. At least you would have a chance to read them over before having to share.

Two hours later you finally finished the stack and looked at the clock. It was shaped like the sun.

“Three?” You shot up from your seat. Shit. You told them you would be there by three. Quickly, you grabbed the envelope, your gun, and car keys before running to the car.

“Fuck!” You shouted and ran back inside. You forgot your shoes, wearing only your kitten covered socks. So, you grabbed your boots and slipped them on before running back out.

Hastily, you shoved the key into the ignition.

It seemed like you couldn’t drive fast enough. You managed to hit every red light and little old lady crossing the street.

_ _ _ _ _

“I knew we should’ve just taken the file and ran.” Dean was sitting on a table, one foot pressed against the floor. People shuffled around the shelves behind him.

“Dean.” Sam threw his brother a bitch-face. “She’s FBI. We aren’t.” He whispered.

Dean exhaled, “She doesn’t know that.” He checked his watch.

“Sorry!” Your voice rang from across the room. Dean looked up.

The librarian gave you a stern glance.

“Sorry!” You whispered loudly to her with wide eyes.

Dean smiled as he watched you stumble through the room. His green eyes locked with yours.

You dropped the envelope onto the table. “I was looking it over before I got here,” You pulled out a chair, “And apparently, there’s no known location for Lara Rodriguez’s bones.”

Sam looked at you.

“Burial site, I mean.”

Sam grabbed a paper from his brother and began to read it.

Dean glanced at you, “Why do you care where the owner was buried?”

“As you know the FBI obviously wants to cover every aspect of th-”

“What are you even looking for in this case?” Dean interrupted.

You swallowed. How could you explain that you were trying to find the Rodriguez bones to burn them before another ghost attack? And then that would mean explaining that you’re fake FBI!

“Y/N?” Dean pushed.

“Listen, every kid who went into that stupid house as a dare never came back out.” You began. The brothers looked at each other.

“But, when I listened to the outgoing calls from these kids, I heard them yelling about some woman in the house. I bet it’s Lara Rodriguez.” You bit your lip and waited for them to answer.

“She’s dead.” Dean said.


Sam looked at Dean.

“Are you by any chance not FBI?” Sam leaned forward.

You smiled.

Dean exhaled, “Thank God.” He pushed the stack of papers away from him.

For the next hour, you filled in the brothers on everything you knew about the case, and they did the same. You had been one step behind them the whole time. They were the ones who burned the bones you wanted to.

“So, where are her actual bones?” You twirled the end of your hair.

“Good question.” Dean stared at you. He slipped off his jacket and revealed a shirt whose material was easily moved by his muscles. You flicked your eyes away.

_ _ _ _ _

The Impala came to life with a satisfying rumble.

“What do you think?” Dean said as he turned on the windshield wipers.

“About?” Sam looked over.


He shrugged, “She seems nice. Why?”

“Just wondering.” Dean reached over for his soda and took a gulp.   

“She smiles all the time.” Sam added, watching his brothers reaction. “And when she was explaining how the case went, she made it sound… fun?”

“Yeah.” Dean nearly cracked a smile. Sam saw his brothers lip twitch upward, and smiled himself.

By the time they got back to the motel, Sam’s eyes were shutting and Dean’s stomach was growling. He parked the car and practically had to push Sam out.

“Goodnight.” Sam said with a yawn as he dropped onto the bed. Dean grabbed his jacket from the chair and shrugged it on before going back outside.

He began walking along the sidewalk to the other side of the motel where he swore he saw a vending machine the day before.

The rain pattered down against his jacket. Not a storm, but a drizzle with thunder that warned of one.

“Goddammit.” Dean heard someone mutter up ahead. He picked up his pace.

“All I wanted was some chips!” He heard, and then banging on glass.

“Chips for my hungry tummy!” Dean laughed to himself as he rounded the corner and saw a hooded figure slamming their palm against the vending machine window.

“Need some help?” Dean leaned against the vending machine.

You looked up once you heard his voice.

“Dean?” You pulled your wet hood off your head. His green eyes were sparkling against his wet lashes.

“Hey?” He sounded surprised. “Y/N?”

“That’s me…” You looked back at the machine, “How much of that did you hear?”

Dean smiled and stuffed his hands in his pockets, “Oh, you mean the part about your ‘hungry tummy’? Nope, didn’t hear a thing.” He was smiling wide.

You were positive your entire face was crimson. You began biting on your lip, not sure what to say next.

“Here.” Dean broke the silence. He placed a hand on your shoulder, physically moving you over, before beginning to shake the machine. In one movement the machine tilted over and out came your chips.

“Thank you!” You exclaimed, grabbing the bag. It crinkled in your hand. You shoved it in Dean’s direction.

“Want some?” You asked.

Dean nodded and you opened it. He took one and you watched him crunch into it.

“So,” He started mid-chew. “Are you staying here?”

You grabbed two potato chips and made them into a duck beak, squeezing them open and shut with your fingers. Dean watched, amused.

“Yeah. Room 204.” You said before biting into both chips at once. When he didn’t answer you looked up to find him smiling wide.

“What?” You asked.

“Nothing.” He shook his head and took another chip out of the bag.

The rain began to hit harder and you put your hood back on with the only fingers that weren’t covered in chip dust.

Dean’s hair was dripping wet and you laughed as he tried to brush it back, only to splash water everywhere.

“Shit!” You shouted as lightning ripped through the sky. A storm hit with a raging noise.

Dean grabbed your hand and began to run. He had to drag you at first – you froze from the sudden contact.

“My room is right here!” He shouted over the downpour as he ran, dragging you behind. He crammed his key in the lock and shoved you into the room before himself.

Looking between Dean and yourself, sopping wet, a laugh bubbled up from your throat.

Dean pointed at Sam and your hand flew to your mouth.

“Sorry!” You whispered. Sam was sprawled on his bed, his boots still on. When you looked back Dean was beginning to peel his shirt off.

Without noticing, you stared.

“Oh,” Dean began, “Sorry, do you need a shirt?” He walked over to his duffle bag and lifted a shirt. “You’re probably freezing.”

“Nah, I’m cool.” You waited for his reaction.

Dean shook his head and dropped his hand on his bag.

“Very punny.” He looked at you with a wide smile.

You walked over and kicked off your boots. Water leaked out of them onto the carpet.

“I know,” You snatched the shirt from his hand, “I’m very punderful.”

Dean watched as you walked to the bathroom, until you shut the door. Quickly, he slipped out from his jeans and laid them over the chair to dry. Rummaging through his bag, he pulled out a pair of boxers that were crumpled into a ball. He was an excellent packer, after all.

The sink was cold beneath your fingers. With one hand gripping the porcelain, the other was pulling your wet jeans over your ankles. Carefully, you swung them over the shower curtain. Dean’s shirt reached halfway down your thigh.

“It’s kinda like I’m wearing a dress, right?” You whispered to yourself, spinning around in Dean’s shirt.

You opened the door a crack, “Dean?” You whispered. He nearly fell over himself as he ran to the door.

Dean’s eyes roamed over you. “Yes?”

“Can I borrow some socks?” You asked, wiggling your toes.

Dean looked down and held back a smile. Kittens were staring back at him.

“Sure thing.” You followed him back to his duffle, where he rummaged around for what seemed like an hour.

Finally he pulled out a pair and tossed it your way. While you changed your socks Dean walked over to the fridge.

“I should get going.” You said, “Thanks for the clothes, though. I’ll bring them back tom-”

“What?” Dean asked. “It’s freaking pouring out there.”

“I’m just on the other side.” You pointed out, as it didn’t seem like an issue to you.

Dean shut the fridge.

“You’ll freeze out there.”

“I’m freezing in here!” You exclaimed, “I mean seriously, do you even know what a heater is?”

Sam rolled over onto his other side.

Without another word, Dean grabbed one of three pillows on the bed and threw it onto the couch. He took the sheet off the bed and dropped himself onto the couch.

“You’re longer than the damn thing.” You crossed your arms.

Dean shuffled around in his sheet, “You said you’re cold. So I took the couch. The bed has a blanket.”

“Oh, just because I say something you do it? Are you Ella Enchanted?” You whispered at him.

“Ella who?”  Dean’s face contorted.

Sighing, you walked over to the bed. The blanket was scratchy against your skin as you rolled over into it. You swore you felt a spring pop under you, but it was better than Dean’s couch.

“Thank you.” You whispered into the silence.

Dean was already snoring.

(link to part 10 which includes a link to each part up to it)

Team free will-Rumours


Pairings: Team free will x young reader

Word count:1124

Request:Can you do a TFWxReader where the reader is sorta insecure about herself but TFW love her just the way she is and do everything they can to help her see her personal beauty. Really fluffy please ilysmmm xx

Request:Can you write where the reader is the younger between 18-20 and the boys are really protective of her when she starts dating a boy from her(college) but turns out he is a douche and spreads rumors about her, its up to you about what. Angst and fluff

‘’Hey sweetie’’Sam smiled as he walked into the kitchen. You laughed at his tall state. His hair was stuck up in different directions, eyes half lidded with sleep. 

Small yawns escaped his mouth every now and then but he still managed to greet you like he normally did. Apart from you, Sam was always the first one up. He got some breakfast and then went for his morning run. 

Sam ruffled your hair when he walked past, making it look similar to his as he grabbed a apple from the fruit bowl. He sat down, taking a chunk out of the apple as he picked up today’s newspaper. 

‘’Mornin’ Sammy’’You greeted, voice laced with sleepiness. Sam noticed as he looked up with a frown. 

‘’You okay?’’He asked, brows raised in concern. ‘’How much sleep did you get last night?’’He asked, protective more coming in again as he didn’t even bother to wait for you to answer the first question. 

You knew you had to answer now otherwise you’d get pounded with even more questions. You knew the boys just worried about you but sometimes it was over silly things.

‘’I’m fine, and I did sleep just went to bed kinda late’’You shrugged. Sam looked at you, absorbing in your figure as he tried to see whether you were lying. Once he detected no signs of lying he finally let it go. 

‘’How come?’’He asked, taking another bite from his apple. 

‘’I have a date, kinda nervous’’You breathed out, fiddling with your fingers. 

‘’A DATE!’’You heard from behind you the same time Sam had spat out the chunk of his apple. You cringed at the mess Sam made before turning around to see Dean stood there with a bewildered expression. 

‘’You’re are not going on a date!’’Dean exclaimed. You raised your brows giving him a ‘really?’ look. Dean mimicked your look but you wasn’t bothered, you’d still go on it anyway. 

‘’Dean’s right. You can’t’’Sam stated. You looked at the both of them with a absurd look. 

‘’I’ll do want I want thank you very much’’You scoffed. ‘’Unless you are literally going to tie me down, then I’m going and you can’t stop me’’You claimed as you got up so you could brush back your hair for collage. 

Sam sighed, knowing it was no use forbidding you since you would only rebel. That’s what happened to Sam so he knew from experience that if you tried to stop a Winchester then they would only rebel. 

‘’(y/n), what Dean was trying to say, was that you know the life we leave, don’t you think it’s a little risky dating?’’Sam asked, though he wasn’t really asking he was more telling. 

You shrugged before sighing. ‘’Look guys, I know what you mean okay. But 1. I can handle myself, and 2. if this guy does hurt me I’m pretty sure you guys will kill him-’’

‘’Damn right we will’’Dean scoffed. You rolled your eyes at your older brother before carrying on.

‘’And 3. It’s only a fun, small relationship. It’s nothing serious’’You explained. They both looked at each other before both giving their sighs. 

‘’Fine, but no funny business’’Dean warned as he held out his finger. ‘’If I find out you did anything with this guy then you’re both dead’’He threatened. 

‘’And no bringing him back to the bunker, you don’t know what he might be. Do not tell him about your real life and make sure you test him for silver and holy wa-’’

‘’Sammy, I know’’You chuckled, cutting off your older brother as you gripped his face between your warm hands and pressed a kiss to his forehead. ‘’Relax bro’’.

Sam rolled his eyes as he pried your hands from his face and gave you a kiss on the cheek goodbye. 

Dean mimicked his brothers actions as he waved you goodbye but couldn’t help the un-easy feeling in his stomach. 


You made your way back, eyes wet with unshed tears. You clutched your stomach as you tried not to break down. You had to hold it together otherwise your brothers would be mad that you didn’t listen to them earlier. 

You slipped into the bunker, trying your hardest to use your hunting skills to be quiet but it didn’t work since the moment you entered the bunker you were bombarded with three men pounding questions at you. 

You didn’t even know who was saying what but it was all so much on top of what happened that you just broke down then and there. The three men fell silent at your cry’s before Dean gripped your wrist gently and took you into your room. 

‘’hey, what happened?’’Dean questioned softly although he felt like murdering that kid. Sam and Cas both stared at you with soft concerned eyes, waiting for you to answer. 

Dean rubbed your back whilst Cas held your hand. 

‘’H-he was the one spreading stuff about me’’You whimpered, hand covering your face. Sam removed your hand as he stared at you with his puppy dog eyes. 

‘’(y/n), Baby don’t cry.’’Sam soothed. ‘’What did he say?’’He asked, anger welling up inside of him. 

‘’he told everyone that we did it and I gave him a disease and now nobody will come anywhere near me. They all keeping whispering about me and giving me dirty looks.’’You sobbed, your cheeks flushing red with embarrassment. 

‘’he said I was too pathetic for him, that I wasn’t pretty enough’’You continued, sniffling as more hot tears streamed down your face. ‘’He’s right’’You whimpered. 

All three men’s mouths fell open at your words. 

‘’That is no where near the truth, (y/n)’’Cas exclaimed. ‘’Do not say that about yourself!’’He gaped. 

‘’Cas it right, bug. This guys a dick, don’t believe anything he says!’’Dean agreed. 

‘’Kitten you’re gorgeous okay, we love you and you’re not pathetic at all. Think about how many times you’ve saved our asses. Would someone who’s pathetic be able to save the world?’’Sam asked. 

You shook your head slightly, the tears coming to a end as you looked down, ashamed. 

‘’This guy is obviously stupid to have let you go, (y/n). Any guy would kill to have someone like you. You’re beautiful, smart.. so you’re a little weird..’’Dean teased, nudging you. 

He grinned when he earned a giggle from you. 

‘’You feel better now?’’Sam chuckled softly. You nodded, wrapping your arms around them. 

‘’Thank you guys’’You whispered. 

‘’No problem, sis’’Dean winked as Sam pressed a loving kiss to your temple. 

‘’I shall be with you later’’Cas said as he removed himself from the group hug. 

‘’Where are you going?’’Dean questioned with furrowed brows. 

‘’I am going to smite this boy’’He stated with a nod. 

‘’Oh okay, be safe’’

Professor John Winchester Part three~ You have kids?

Written by: redlittlefox

Pairing: John X Reader

Professor John Winchester Master List 

Sum: The reader finds out who the kid was.

Warnings: None just enjoy the fluff.

Word count: 1.5k ( Short for me… I’ll make it longer next time ;) )

People: @aprofoundbondwithdean @brokenaria @is-this-you-manning-up-sammy @latinenglishfandomblog @winchesterenthusiast @but-deans-back-tho @winchester-writes @the-mrs-deanwinchester @mrs-squirrel-chester @mrswhozeewhatsis @manawhaat @mamapeterson @sufu21 (You’ve been waiting) @spnfanficpond 

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Still a better love story than Twilight.

A small request that I turned into a drabble because I didn´t had that much time to write lately. 
I like work but it´s a little all consuming at the time. :)

Request:  could i get a sam x reader? fluffy and cute? maybe bonding over some of your favorite books while stuck in the motel on a case and it’s storming, and dean tells you to just kiss and get it over with before he gags from the chick flick type moment?

Here you go anon, I hope you like it. 

Kisses go out to everybody who reads my stuff. (Yeah, even you) :D

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Harry Potter blasphemy :O 

Length: 650 Words

{Imagine talking about Harry Potter with Sam and Dean}

(so random again… sorry)

Originally posted by supernaturalismykryptonite


“What are you reading?”, you asked and rolled onto your stomach, facing Sam who was sitting on the floor in front of the bed you were sitting on.
The afternoon was rainy and with nothing to do, so you were happy to find a new conversation.
He laid his head back, trying to look at you: “It´s Harry Potter, don´t judge.”
You jumped up and crawled on the floor to sit beside him: “Are you kidding me? Why would I judge you for reading the most amazing books that were ever written?”
His lips curled into a smile: “I didn´t know you liked Harry Potter.”
You faked a shocked face: “Who doesn´t like Harry Potter?”
Dean, who had been sitting at the desk, flipping through some old magazines in silence, suddenly cleared his throat: “The guy over here for example. I mean common, what´s this wizard rubbish supposed to be anyway?”
Sam laughed: “Dude, this is basically just blaspheme.”
You nodded: “Yeah, the fandom would most likely kill you if they heard you.”
Dean´s confused face was hilarious: “Fandom? Is that like a cult?”
Both you and Sam cracked up and when you finally calmed down you concentrated on Sam again: “I love it that you like Harry Potter. I never get to talk about that stuff. I haven´t read the books in years.”
Sam smiled: “I can lent it to you when I´m done.”
He seemed to hesitate for a moment, then scooted closer to you: “Here, maybe you can look into my copy with me.”
Being so close to him made your heart pick up a ridiculous pace, almost as the ridiculous crush you had developed on him months ago.
And him liking your favorite book didn´t make it fade the least bit.
For a second you considered something and then you braced yourself and asked: “Or, maybe, you could read it to me, I mean that would be fun right?”
Sam´s eyes met yours and for a moment you swore you saw something there, a small spark:
“Yeah, I guess it would.”
After that you two just stared into each others eyes, and it was pure and innocent and you totally forgot about Dean, or the book or anything else and just lost yourself in Sam´s eyes until you heard a muttered: “Oh for God´s sake…”
Dean got up and made you both wake up out of your trance:
“Okay listen guys”, he said deadly serious, “I´m sure as hell not going to listen to you reading stupid magic books to each other and I won´t look at you staring into each others eyes like serial killers or porn stars.
So cut the crap and make out already so we can all move on with our lives because this is getting ridiculous.”
For a moment there was silence and then you looked back at Sam and he looked at you and then he grabbed your head with his left hand and kissed you, sweet and innocent and perfect.
You leaned into him and curled your fingers into the carpet until Dean banged his fist onto the desk, making you jump.
When you looked at the elder Winchester, he looked downright disgusted: “I didn´t mean right now Idiots, gosh, I´m going to throw up. I´ll go get beer and a bucket.”
After he left, slamming the door shut, you and Sam laughed and then he said:
You smiled: “So…”
He twirled the book he was still holding in his hand and looked down at it, then back at you:
“So, I´m glad we didn´t wait as long as Ron and Hermione to have our first kiss.”
Your heart did a leap at his cuteness and then you shook your head: “Sure as hell almost felt like it.”
He grinned: “Well, still a better love story than twilight.”
Before you could roll your eyes, he kissed you again.

Mommy Winchester (Part 10)

Winchester x reader

Warnings: Language, Violence

(Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13) )

You stand on your front porch, your arms wrapped tightly around yourself as you see Dean striding towards you, dressed to the nines.

He’d really went all out for this.

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Samcedes Glee Reunion

If you haven’t read any of this please stop and read this first Present and then read 6Months later and then Another 6 Months  before reading this reunion chapter. (in that order)


Glee Club Reunion

Sam nervously looked around the room looking for a familiar face. Looking for one particular face in the crowd to be honest. He sighed noticing that he barely recognized some of the faces in the crowd. They must have been graduates from after he left and of course their dates. He saw Will and Emma talking to Holly and Shelby who took over the glee clubs when he left but that wasn’t at all why he came today. He wanted to see his friends who he had lost touch with pretty much. He only kept in touch with Blaine but it was really not like it was when they were best friends.

And he wanted to see her. Who would have thought that the one time that they parted ways with no argument would have been the last day he saw her. She boarded the plane and things just changed. He was busy with school and she was busy with her album and eventually they slowly stopped tweeting and skyping but he would occasionally send her a text here and there. He started dating and was seeing a woman he met at school and things were okay but she still wasn’t Mercedes, so eventually he broke up with her.

“Look who I’ve found!” Sam smiled turning when he heard Blaine’s voice. He turned around and hugged his old friend and then hugged Kurt.

“Look at you two…still going strong, huh? I thought one of you would have killed the other by now.” Sam joked.

“We’re going through couple’s therapy but we are doing better and dealing with our troubles.” Blaine responded.

“And how are things with you, Sam? How has the glee club been doing?” Kurt asked. Sam laughed causing them to look at him as if he were crazy.

“I haven’t coached glee in years.”

“Oh really? I didn’t know that.” Blaine responded in shock. “Between the Broadway shows and couples therapy I just…”

“Well when we talked you didn’t really ask me about what I was doing you asked if I was dating.” Sam noticed Kurt roll his eyes before drinking the champagne he was cradling. “I actually went back to school and started my own graphic designing company.” He felt proud talking about it and he couldn’t wait to hug the woman responsible for it. He scanned the room once more looking for her then looked at Kurt as he spoke.

“You know what…I remember Mercedes mentioning you designed her Cloud 9 album cover…it was beautifully done. I designed her outfit for the video she made.”

“I didn’t know that!” Blaine added in shock again.

“What do you know?” Kurt mumbled under his breath.

“Where’s Mercedes anyway?” Sam asked praying that they’d seen her.

“I haven’t seen her…” Blaine replied then smiled. “Look, is that Tina, Artie and Mike over there?” he waved for their attention.

“Mike! Artie…Tina…I am so happy to see you guys!” Sam stated as he hugged his dear old friends. Even as he hugged them he looked around trying to see if Mercedes had arrived. They all spoke over each other in happiness of seeing their old friends. Mike spoke on his involvement with being the choreographer for a show that Artie was directing and Tina was playing the lead actress on. Sam was really proud of all his friends but his mind was elsewhere.

“If I am not mistaken I would say that the infamous Brittana is coming our way!” Kurt announced with a smile.

“So is this where the best glee club members are meeting because Britts and I were over there with a bunch of kids we never met and signing autographs. Who knew they watched our reality show!” Santana smiled and looked at every one.

“Was Mercedes over there?” Sam asked before suddenly feeling ashamed for even asking as everyone turned to look his way.

“Trouty mouth, please don’t tell me you are still running after that tail?” Santana shook her head and placed her arm around his neck. “Even Britts and I evolved, we’ve moved from scissoring to using strap-ons, trying not to dislocate her hip before she’s 80.” Sam could tell Santana was already drunk.

“I really just don’t want her to get me pregnant.” Brittany added before drinking and looking at everyone. “I want to make sure we get a contract for another year first.”

“Brit, that’s not how it works.” Kurt tried to explain. Sam shook his head and excused himself pulling away from Santana and walking away as Kurt continued to explain how babies were made to Brittany. Sam scanned the room once again and then bumped into a pregnant Quinn Fabray and Puckerman.

“Oh my gosh Sam, get over here!” she exclaimed pulling him in for a hug. He couldn’t believe that this was his ex-girlfriend and now he assumed married to one of his best friends from High school as he admired the rock on her finger.

“Look at you, how far are you?” he smiled hugging her back then looking over at Puck. “Bro, you’re going to be a dad again?”

“I’m 8 months and this is baby number two aside from Beth.” She replied smiling.

“Dude, really?”

“That’s what the Saw does!” he said proudly and the demonstrating it with his hands. That’s when Sam realized he wasn’t in uniform as usual.

“So what’s going on with you two? Are you at the air force?”

“No left that after baby number one, became a police office and my wife here became a lawyer.” He laughed. “If someone told me that I would be a cop and marry a lawyer back when I walked these halls I would have thrown them in the dumpster.”

“Well, people grow!” Quinn added fixing his tie then planting a kiss on his cheek. “Speaking of people growing…what have you been up to?”

“I uh…I have my own graphic company!” he answered proudly again.

“Right, Mercedes told us that you designed her album cover…it was really beautiful Sam…where is she by the way? You two came together right?” Quinn asked and before Sam could answer Puck interrupted her.

“Don’t turn now but here comes one of our ex-girlfriends.” he mumbled to Sam.

“Which one of them?” Quinn asked just as Rachel and Jesse walked over to them. “Rachel, look at you!” Sam tried his hardest not to roll his eyes. He didn’t hate her but she just reminded him of how he wasted months with her when he could have had Mercedes all that time.

“Hey you guys…Quinn is that baby number 2?” Rachel rubbed Quinn’s tummy and then rubbed her own which wasn’t showing much. “I just found out I am pregnant as well.” She smiled as she hugged everyone. “Jesse, you remember everyone right?”

“Yes dear!” he smiled and watched as everyone caught up. Sam looked around again before excusing himself yet again from the commotion. As he was walking away he heard Quinn ask for Mercedes again.

“She called and said she wasn’t sure she was going to make it.” He heard Rachel say sadly. He sighed and made his way outside needing to get some fresh air until something caught his eye at the far end standing amongst what he assumed were fans.

Mercedes sat in the back watching as everyone mingled signing autographs to fans who recognized her despite her disguise. She still hadn’t seen Sam and was wondering where he was just like she was sure everyone was looking for her. She decided at the last minute that she would come even though she wasn’t sure she wanted to be there. She knew he’d be there. She knew he’d have his girlfriend with him. After their last split they became very busy and spent a lot of time just texting each other. She made plans to come see him until Blaine told her that Sam was seriously seeing someone. There was no way that they weren’t serious if he’d been seeing the same girl for that long. And here she was still single and watching everyone from glee in a relationship. It was high school all over again. She felt her phone buzz and looked at it and noticed it was from Sam.

“Auditorium Now!” she chuckled and shook her head. He was still as rude as she remembered. She stood up and took a deep breath and wondered how she was going to pass by everyone without them stopping her. She looked up and noticed she couldn’t see everyone that she knew anymore. She walked slowly looking around occasionally smiling at others there till she reached the hallway. At the end near the auditorium she saw it was dim but heard voices so she continued wondering if this were a secret glee meeting for them only. She was really hoping she’d have alone time with Sam to talk. She sighed and allowed her heels to make their way towards the light. Then she heard singing and knew it was a glee meeting.

La La La La La La

La La La La La La…each step it got louder and she finally saw Mason and Jane holding a candle and smiling at her as they sang near them were the other new members from glee. Mercedes smiled unsure of what was going on then she passed by Artie and Kitty she hugged them and continued to walk wondering what was happening. The Next group had Ryder, Unique, Marley and Jake and they continued singing as she asked them what was going on. Sugar and Rory smiled at her and gave her a hug as she looked over at Joe, Santana and Brittany.

“What’s all this?”

La La La La La La

La La La La La La

They ignored her as well. Tina was in tears but managed to stop in time to hug her until Mike held her away. Mercedes turned noticing everyone was following her into the auditorium. Kurt and Blaine smiled and continued to sing along as they hugged her. She saw Quinn with Puck and couldn’t stop the tears that was falling from her eyes. At that point she was waiting to see Sam and she was dreading that he would have his girlfriend with him. Instead the next couple was Will and Emma as they took her hand and brought her into the auditorium. On the stage stood Rachel and Jesse, which made her even more confused. “What is going on?” she questioned until Will and Emma left her side singing as well. Mercedes looked up at Rachel and smiled waiting for her to start singing as usual but instead she heard his voice and tried to figure out where he was till Rachel turned and smiled at him. He came out with the guitar in hand strumming as everyone continued to sing. Rachel and Jesse went down and took Mercedes hand guiding her to the stage before rejoining the rest of the glee cast down stage.

“Last time you were here you said that someday we’ll be together.  I see no reason why that someday couldn’t be today.” Sam smiled as he continued to play the guitar. “Guess this means you’re sorry…You’re standing at my door…Guess this means you take back all you said before…” He smiled at how she kept looking around at everyone and then back at him as he sang. “Like how much you wanted anyone but me…said you’d never come back…but here you are again…” he smiled and nodded causing her to shake her head as everyone from the glee club sang.

Cause we belong together now, yeah

Forever united here somehow, yeah

You got a piece of me

And honestly

My life would suck without you

“Maybe I was stupid…for telling you goodbye…Maybe I was wrong for trying to pick a fight…I know that I’ve got issues…”he shrugged then pointed his guitar her way. “But you’re pretty messed up too…Either way I found out I’m nothing without you…” he placed the guitar down as everyone sang and walked up and stood in front of her holding her hand. Mercedes knew they weren’t the only ones in the room as she could hear them singing but right at that moment Sam was all she saw.

Cause we belong together now, yeah

Forever united here somehow, yeah

You got a piece of me

And honestly

My life would suck without you! They all slowly walked out of the auditorium humming the rest of the tune until they were completely gone.

“Cause we belong together now, yeah!” he sang slower than the original version of the song. “Forever united…here…somehow…” he reached up and wiped away a tear. “You’ve got a piece of me…and honestly…” he paused and took a deep breath before speaking. “Mercedes Jones, we have been playing this game for far too long…this thing that we have… started right here at McKinley but we’ve taken it with us everywhere we went. I gave you my heart a long time ago and I can’t live another day with it being away from me. I thought this whole thing up a few minutes ago when I saw you sitting there it hit me…our first prom…that’s where it began…that’s when I gave you my heart…” he bent down slowly on one knee and smiled as she brought her hand up to her lips. “I don’t have a ring right now but I don’t want to lose you again, will you marry me?” she stood there in shock at everything that he was saying and just couldn’t believe her eyes. “I’m not saying it will be easy, okay? I’m just saying that we can make this work. Just say yes and I promise I’ll love you unconditionally.” He searched her eyes for an answer, nervously wondering if she’d say yes or run away. Her eyes were filled with tears as she looked around then back at him and smiled.

“Yes…Yes…Sam Evans…you are…” before she could finish he’d shot up and kissed her and then pulling away at the sound of their friends clapping.

“It’s about damn time, Trouty!” Santana shouted as everyone continued to clap and whistle. Mercedes smiled as everyone piled up on the stage to hug them.

Sam shook his head as he stared at Mercedes signing autographs in the back of the room. He was wondering how she slipped past them because even with the shades and huge hat that he’d only seen on TV, he recognized that smile. He knew there was no way in the world she would say yes to his proposal, he had no ring, no candles (that was their thing) and he refused to propose in the same way he told Mr. Shue to propose. He looked at her once more and sighed before walking out of the room.

Mercedes smiled as she signed autograph after autograph. She shook her head when she realized it was a dumb idea to come so late and assume no one would notice her. Finally she looked up and noticed the back of Sam’s head walking out of the room and felt her heart skip a beat. How was he capable of doing that even after being apart for so long?

“Excuse me you guys I have a few friends over there that I need to say hi to.” She stated as she pushed past them and made her way to where Sam had left. She didn’t make it far before she bumped into a pregnant Quinn and Puck talking to Jesse and Rachel.

“Mercedes!” Rachel and Quinn both shouted and wrapped her in a hug. She hugged them back. She really needed to catch up with Sam before he left but she also really did miss her girls.

“I thought you weren’t going to make it.”

“Changed my mind at the last minute…didn’t want to miss seeing you all.” Mercedes smiled and then set her eyes on Quinn’s tummy. “Is that baby number two?” she asked placing her hand on the belly and smiling at Puck and Quinn.

“Sure is and I think we will finally get that boy that Puck’s been begging for.” Quinn gushed.

“I love my baby girls but I have a little black book that I need to pass on to someone and it will be Cory Puckerman.” Puck responded then moved away as Quinn frowned at him.

“Wouldn’t those lady’s be old enough to be his grandma, Puck?” Rachel asked. Puck looked at her as if she was asking something crazy.

“What’s your point?”

“Dude, that’s disgusting, even for you.” Jesse added.

“Well I am sure Quinn is not letting Puck influence the baby in the wrong way.” Mercedes added looking to see if she could find a way to escape.

“I agree with Mercedes here, Quinn was always the level headed one out of us all and I am sure she will do well and I am looking forward to calling her for parental advice.” Rachel smiled as she rubbed her non-existent belly. Mercedes smiled not wanting to ask anything that will have Rachel talking more.

“Well, um, if you all will excuse me I left something in my car. I will be right back once I get it.” Mercedes lied and past by them as they continued talking about children. She was almost to the door when Blaine spotted her as Kurt was explaining how babies were born to Brittany. “Oh hey Blaine!” Mercedes said forcing a smile on her face as she embraced him.

“Oh my god, I almost didn’t recognize you!” he gushed.

“Mercedes!” Kurt exclaimed wrapping his arms around her. “You have been the woman of the night, you know. We have all been looking for you.”

“When he says we, he means Sam, when he says looking, he means hounding.” Santana interjected as she wrapped her arms around Mercedes. “I don’t know what you did to that man but years later and he is still trying to tap that ass.”

“If you do let him make sure you use a rubber band because he can get you pregnant, right Kurt?” Brittany asked smiling after hugging Mercedes. Kurt looked over at her as if he wanted to correct her but decided to let it go. “Nailed it! I am so ready to be a mom now!” she exclaimed looking over at Santana.

“Um…okay…so do you all know where he is exactly?” she asked looking around as if she didn’t see him leave.

“I think he was looking for you.” Blaine added. “I can send him a text, if you would like?” she thought about it for a minute then decided it would be better if he received it from her.

“No thanks I think I know where he is…be right back.” She smiled and made her way out the door finally only to bump into Mike, Tina and Artie talking in the hallway. “Oh my gosh Tina…Mike…Artie!” she smiled as she hugged her old friends.

“Mercedes, it’s so good to see you! You just missed Sam, he was looking for you.” Tina stated as she hugged her. She smiled but remained neutral as she hugged Mike and Artie as well.

“It’s really good seeing you and everybody, I am actually working on a TV show pilot that I want to launch but I need to talk to everyone about it because it will be about our lives. Mike has agreed to be the choreographer and I have Tina working as the Glee teacher for the show. I will be in touch with you about more if you want in.” Artie explained as Mike and Tina smiled and nodded.

“We’ll have our people call your people, right?” Mike laughed. “But honestly, the show wouldn’t be right without you.” He added touching her arm and smiling.

“I will think about it…but I will be right back I have to use the little girl’s room.” She lied again. She walked away once again hoping no one else would pull her away. At this moment, Sam was the only thing on her mind. Honestly, he’d been on her mind long before but life got in the way and then of course she heard he was seeing someone and didn’t want to interfere anymore. Who was she kidding? She knew that no matter who she dated and who he dated, they would always come back to each other. She didn’t want to play that game anymore and she knew she had to let him know this. She walked into the auditorium and noticed him sitting on the stage. He must have been deep in thought because he jumped when she started to sing.

“All along it was a fever…” she sang causing him to look up and allow a smile to creep on his face. She smiled and took steps closer to him. “A cold sweat, hot headed believer…” she smiled when he stood up. “I threw my hands in the air I said show me something…He said, if you dare come a little closer.” She stepped closer to him as she continued to sing.

“Round and around and around and around we go…Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me now you know…Not really sure how to feel about it…Something in the way you move…Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…It takes me all the way…” she finally made her way to the stairs near the stage when he took her by the hand and lead her to the stage. “I want you to stay.”

 “It’s not much of a life you’re living.” He sang causing her to smile reminiscing on the last time they had a duet on that very stage. “It’s not just something you take, it’s given…” he grabbed a guitar and began to play and sing…”Round and around, and around, and around we go…Oh now tell me, now tell me, now tell me, now you know…Not really sure how to feel about it…Something in the way you move…Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…It takes me all the way…” he paused and looked her way exhaling before singing. “I want you to stay…”

 “Oh the reason I hold on…Oh ‘cause I need this hole gone…” they sang together staring into each other’s eyes. “Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving…'Cause when you never see the light, it’s hard to know which one of us is caving…”

 “Not really sure how to feel about it…Something in the way you move…” Mercedes sang as Sam walked around her.

 “Makes me feel like I can’t live without you…It takes me all the way…” he sang with her before placing the guitar down.

“I want you to stay, stay…” he sang holding on to her hands.

“I want you to stay, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she sang the last note so softly he wasn’t sure when he had his lips on hers. She wrapped her arms around his neck deepening the kiss as he cradled her face with his hands. “I missed you so much, Sam.” She whispered softly as she placed her forehead on his. “I don’t want to do this anymore…this thing that we do.” She looked into his eyes. “I know we live far and you love Lima but we can make this work…we can…” she rambled and he stopped her by kissing her again.

“I love you.”

“I love you too, Sam.” She leaned up to kiss him again when someone barged into the auditorium and suddenly more people started coming in.

“I found them…they were in the auditorium…making out…..again.” Artie shouted behind him as all the glee members came in.

“Seriously you two, have you thought about just getting a room or just getting married like the rest of us.” Santana added as they all fell in.

“Santana…one thing at a time.” Mercedes sighed pulling away from Sam a bit and rolling her eyes at her friends for ruining their moment.

“Mercedes, is right Santana…plus with Quinn and I being pregnant, I am sure she is not trying to plan a wedding that might be eclipsed by our sudden deliveries.” Rachel added hooking her arm to her husbands.

“Mercedes, if you and my bro finally get married I am sure no one from the glee club would miss it for the world. I don’t care if Quinn delivers the baby at the reception.” Puck added.

“We’d be there!” they all agreed ignoring how upset it was making Rachel.

“Well, I guess you all don’t need to be in the delivery room but I can confirm you will cancel your honeymoon till after the baby gets home right?” Rachel asked.

“Sam and I are not getting married….”

“Yet…” he cut her off pulling her closer to him.

“Yet…”she added with a smile looking over at him. “We are just finally getting back together and figuring out what’s what but…”

“You all barged in and interrupted us.”

“Awww look they are finishing each other’s sentences already!” Tina exclaimed cupping her face. Mercedes shook her head and leaned into Sam.

“Anyways, we all came to discuss my new TV show called Glee that I will be filming soon…” Artie continued to explain as Mercedes and Sam spoke on the side of their plans. Brittany came over and pulled a rubber band from her purse and handed it over to Sam.

“Thank me later!” and then she walked away. Sam looked at the rubber band then at Mercedes.

“Don’t ask, babe, don’t ask!”


Alright yall this how I see the finale playing in my head. Where we know exactly what the glee kids are doing with their lives and with Artie making a show out of it…and my samcedes babies getting back together. Yes I know I didn’t make them get married but they were definitely heading there lol 

I am hoping that tumblr doesn’t screw me over and post this before samcedes week as I have planned.

jojolu samcedes85 mrsbubblelee sunichii think you 4 are the ones that wanted the finale I could be wrong…sue me lol

Grant (What a Stupid Name)

Prompt: Sam and Dean find out their little sister is not a virgin.

Triggers: None

Word Count: 1,825

Authors Note: I got a request for a overprotective brother imagine, and this was the first thing that came to mind. I decided to join in with all of the other blogs doing this, oops. I hope mine turned out. Enjoy!

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Sealed Deal

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,515

Warnings: So much angst, language, demon deal

Summary: Part 2 to “What am I Supposed to Do?!” Listen…just…don’t hate me too much okay? ;)

Part 1 

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Hell Never Looked So Good

Word Count: 2500
Warnings: Swearing, almost smut
Author: Emma

“Sam!” You called, a huge smile growing on your face, “You’re back!” He had just gone to follow a lead on Dean. It had been six months and nothing. No text, phone call, nothing- hell, not even a friggin postcard to say, ‘Hey, sorry for leaving after you all thought I was dead, Florida is so nice this time of year!’.

Sam had been gone six days this time, which was a lot longer that he usually left for on a normal hunting gig. You took a sip out of your glass as you stood up to greet him. As he shuffled in the door, he had a strange look on his face.  

“Uh… y/n,” he started, his eyes gazing into your own, “I have something to show you, please promise not to freak out.” Your forehead creased as you wondered what the hell he was talking about. Did he bring someone home again? Last time he did that, he was so drunk he thought his shoe was a sandwich, so he really had no excuse this time. Did he kill someone important again?

“I promise,” you reassured him, “What’s wrong?” With a hesitant look, Sam moved out of the doorway to reveal Dean, his brother, standing there and looking completely normal and healthy for someone who was supposed to be dead. And human.

“Heya, y/n,” Dean said with a jaunty smile, “Nice to see you again.” His eyes flashed black and your glass shattered on the floor.


Suffice to say, you didn’t handle Dean’s demonic return very well.

“Sam!” You hissed at the man who was at least eight inches taller than you and was cowering away from you like you were going to explode, “What the hell were you thinking? Oh, that’s right- you weren’t!” You let out a bitter laugh that verged on hysterical, your voice going up two octaves until it reached a pitch only bats could hear. Sam made a move like he was going to interrupt you and you shushed him. “Oh, no- don’t you dare interrupt me right now. You just brought a demon home- to the bunker! Do you have any idea what you’ve just done?” You demanded, poking his chest with each sentence to emphasis your point.

“He’s my brother, y/n,” Sam retorted fiercely, making the first defense of himself since you started shouting at him in a broom closet, “We both knew this was a possibility, even before he… he…”

“Died,” you said coldly. Sam shifted uncomfortably, looking exceedingly fragile and small for a 6’ 4”, 200 pound man.

“Yeah…” He was quiet for a moment and you stood in righteous silence, “Come on, y/n, just give him a chance- we don’t even know if he’s any different than from before!”

“Different?” You questioned with a voice that was at least an octave above your normal one, “Sam, he’s a friggin demon!” Sam just looked at you with his sad, brown eyes and you could feel yourself start to waver.

“Please.” Ugh. You caved. Damn him and his soulful brown eyes that made him look like a kicked puppy.

“Fine,” you sighed, your shoulders sinking down, “But don’t expect me to be nice to him,” you warned. A half-smile crossed Sam’s face.

“I don’t,” he reassured.

“Good.” …This is going to go horribly. Giving Sam one last look, you opened the door to the broom closet that you had yanked him into to yell at him. Dean was standing outside with a shit-eating grin.

“Hey, y/n,” he said, his eyes flashing to black, “What were you guys doing in there?” His face held a teasing grin and it stayed there even as you glared at him.

“Go to hell,” you snapped- your insult may have been unoriginal, but it was the first thing that popped into your head. Dean clicked his tongue at you.

“Already did, sweet cheeks. Didn’t care for it that much.” You bit back the retort that was bursting to come out and just brushed past him. Just ignore him… just ignore him…

“No need to be rude, princess. I’m just makin’ conversation!” … This might be harder than I thought.


…You were wrong. It was way worse than you thought. Demon Dean (or Deanmon as you brilliantly dubbed him when you were really bored one evening) was an asshole. Dean was an asshole when he was human, but deanmon was like a seven layer asshole-cake, covered in asshole-icing, topped with a bouquet of douchery-flowers. And now Sam was leaving for a hunt and not taking you with him.

“Sam,” you hissed, “You cannot leave me here with that thing!” Sam sighed and looked at you as you repeated your argument for the tenth time.

“Y/n,” he said, taking you by the shoulder, “That thing is my brother, and you promised me- remember?” You deflated, thinking of the truth in his statement.

“I gave him a chance, and he was a douche about it!” You protested. Sam pinched the bridge of his nose and you were struck by how much he looked like an overworked parent who just found out that their kid had detention that day.

“Y/n, please,” he begged, “I’ll be gone for a day at most and you can avoid him if you want- you don’t even have to see each other if you don’t want to. Just please try. For me?” He pulled out the puppy dog eyes again and you folded like a crappy lawn chair in the summer.

“Fine,” you huffed. You glowered the entire time Sam was packing and it didn’t help that Dean was in the room making snarky comments. Sam left after half an hour, leaving the bunker completely silent. Well, not as silent as you would’ve liked.

“Sweetheart, you can’t just keep ignoring me, you know,” Deanmon said with a wicked grin.

“Watch me,” you snapped, stalking off to hole up in your room. He didn’t follow you, which relieved and surprised you- usually he was much more persistent.

You hid in your room in boredom, trying to pass the time by reading and listening to music. By six, you could feel a gnawing hunger in your stomach but you ignored it- you’ve been starving before, you could handle going without dinner for one night. Then the scent of grilled burgers wafted into your room.

“Dammit,” you swore under your breath. Your eyes drifted towards the door before you resolutely wrapped your arms around your knees and resolved not to leave the room. Dean was trying to lure you out and he was not going to succeed if you had anything to say about it.

But…. Dean was a really good cook and you were hungry. You had eaten your last granola bar hours ago and the only other edible thing you had in your room was a package of stale gummy worms that expired eight months ago and were collecting dust. Growling, you stood up and left for the kitchen.

Just as you expected, Dean was cooking and whistling a jaunty tune as you walked in. Turning his head slightly, he had the audacity to look surprised as you walked in.

“Y/n!” He exclaimed, “How nice to see you.” He was wearing a ‘kiss the cook’ apron and you had no idea where he could’ve gotten it- but it wouldn’t surprise you if he bought it just for this occasion.

“Wish I could say the same,” you grumbled. You felt kinda of betrayed because he found out about your weakness for food- damn him and his cooking skills. Dean clucked his tongue and gestured at you with a spatula.

“Don’t insult the cook,” he said sternly, “They’ll spit in your food.” You rolled your eyes as you drifted deeper into the kitchen.

“I doubt that’s my biggest worry with you cooking,” you said dryly, causing Dean to crack a smile, “Is there anything you need me to do?” He looked surprised by your offer, but he hid it under another wicked grin.

“You can set the table.” You obeyed and started to set the table with silverware. Eating with non-plastic utensils still felt decadent even though you and the boys had been living in the bunker for over a year. “Love the outfit, by the way,” Dean said with a smirk, his eyes trailing up and down your body with an appreciative gaze. You flushed hotly and muttered something about ‘some day I’ll kill you’ and ‘they’ll never find your body’. Turning around stiffly, you tried to hide yourself from his gaze as you set the table. Since your original plans had been hole up in your room all evening and hide from Dean, you had changed into pajama shorts that barely touched mid-thigh and a thin tank top with lace.

“Burgers are done!” Dean called and you had to hide your eagerness as you grabbed a plate off the shelf and went to get your food. You bit into it as soon as you sat down and let out a strangled moan at how good it was- Dean may have become more of an asshole as a demon, but you could swear that his cooking skills improved. Dean chuckled at you as he sat down across the table from you.

“Do you even need to eat?” You questioned in-between bites.

“Technically? No, but why would I stop eating good food just because I don’t need it?”

“Good point,” you said with a shrug.

After dinner, you started washing up and cleaning the dishes in the sink. The dishwasher had broken a few days ago and no one had thought to fix it yet. I should probably do that, you thought idly.

“Need any help with that?” Dean’s voice questioned from behind you. You turned slightly and offered him a hesitant smile.

“Sure, you can dry.” You tossed him a rag and he caught it with one hand. Show off. Turning back around, you hummed as you cleaned the dirty dishes that had accumulated over the day. Suddenly you were struck by the domesticity of the moment- with Dean gone with an uncertain fate, you and Sam had precious few normal, stress-free moments over the past six months.

“Y/n?” Dean questioned when didn’t hand him the next dish, startling you out of your reverie.

“Yeah?” You questioned. Dean stared at you with a calculating look in his eye and reached pass you to turn off the water.

“What’s wrong?” You shrank back slightly, gripping the edge of the counter so hard your knuckles turned white. He caged you against the counter with his arms, leaving you with no escape.

“Nothing!” You protested, “What do you mean?” Dean rolled his eyes and flicked them to black for no reason other than to be dramatic.

“I know when you’re lying to me, y/n,” he said dryly. You avoided his gaze and suddenly found that the wall behind him was extremely interesting.

“I’m not l…” The look in his eye made you to not want to finish your sentence. You sighed before changing your response. “Sam and I…” You trailed off momentarily and you didn’t notice how Dean’s expression darkened at your words, “We really missed you, Dean.” Those obviously weren’t the words he was expecting to hear because he backed away in surprise.

“Really?” You scoffed at his reply.

“Of course we did Dean,” you snapped, “What did you think was going to happen when you just abandoned us like that? We didn’t know if you were alive or dead until Crowley let something slip! We had to find out from the fucking king of hell, Dean!” You let out all your pent up frustration and anger and feelings of abandonment that he’d left behind when he disappeared.

Your chest was heaving by the time you finished and you expected Dean to yell right back at you. What you did not expect was for him to hug you tightly to his chest and rest his head on top of yours.

You stiffed instinctively at the action, but he didn’t let go. He just continued to hold you there like a child.

“I didn’t know,” he murmured against your hair. He didn’t offer an apology, something you were grateful for- any excuse he would say would’ve felt false.

“At least you’re here now.” You started to relax into the embrace, but Dean let his hands drift down a little too far.

“Goddammit Dean!” You exclaimed, pushing him away. He laughed at you with a self-satisfied smirk on his face. His eyes flicked to black as he taunted you.

“What? We both know you want me,” Dean teased, purposefully keeping his eyes black. Your eyebrows shot up at his crass words.

“I don’t know where you get your delusions.” Dean clucked his tongue at you, and you took a step backwards only to run into the counter as he moved towards you.

“Oh please, you’ve always wanted me- even when I was that weak human,” Dean snorted. Your eyes got wider and your mouth gaped as you stared at him in disbelief.

“I have no idea wh-” Dean cut you off by yanking you towards him by your shirt and crashing his mouth on yours. You made a muffled sound of halfhearted protest but Dean was insistent.

Your protests soon went out the window as he kissed you roughly, taking control of your mouth and you wondered why you were angry at him in the first place, it couldn’t have been that important. You instinctively wrapped your legs around his waist and he lifted you up to sit on the counter. You could feel the heat gathering inside of you, every brush of his fingers on your skin just making you want him more. He wanted you too, you realized with a smirk, and you grinded on him to gain the upper hand Dean let out a growl and held you down on the counter.

“Y/n,” he warned in a low voice, “Stop or this is going to be over a lot sooner.” You looked up at him innocently.

“Stop what?” You questioned with a smirk, “This?” You rolled your hips against his and forced Dean to let out a growl.

“Dammit, y/n.” He snarled at you before kissing you roughly and erasing any ideas of dominance that you had. “You’re mine, and I’m go-” What Dean was planning to do to you was interrupted by Sam’s disgusted exclamation.

“Seriously guys?” He yelled, shielding his eyes as he turned his back to the kitchen, “I told you two to play nice, not have sex- and I use that counter!” Dean chuckled and you flushed bright red. You tugged on Dean’s shirt to be let down and he obliged, letting you slide off the counter. You coughed awkwardly and refused to make eye contact with Sam even after he turned around.

“I- I’m just going to go dive off a cliff now,” you managed to stammer. You started to walk away but Dean caught your arm.

“Better not,” he said with a wink, “I still plan on finishing what we started.” You didn’t know it was possible, but you blushed even redder at his comment. You slapped away his arm and sped out of the room with Dean’s laugh echoing behind you.

Studying And Dancing

Title: Studying And Dancing

Words: 1235

Pairing: Sam x reader

Summary: Reader is really stressed because of exam she has in two weeks so Sam decides to cheer her up. Lots of fluff and this is kind of AU

Warnings: lots of fluff and stress because of school, AU


  • demigod-witch-dauntless
    Hiya! :) could you do a drabble where the reader is having a bad day, and Sam helps her by putting on music and slow dancing with her? Then he asks her if he can kiss her? Fluff please :) (P.S. thank you so much for your blog! I love it!)  

A/N: Title is so lame, I know. But I’m back and that’s what matters :D I’d very much appreciate if you’d let me know if you like it!

“I’ll never get through this!” you whined running a hand down your face.

You were on the edge of tears, comparing those two, short weeks you had until exam with all material you had to learn until then.

One of the hardest exams was in front of you and you weren’t really looking forward to it. Not only that you found classes boring and subject hard as hell, on the top of that this exam decided if you’ll be able to go to med school or not.

It was eating you alive and after 4 full hours of intense studying, you wanted to give up. Every older student you talked to about this, told you that it won’t be easy, but no one told you that it was going to be this hard.

You bit hard on your lower lip to keep the tears from falling. One exam, deciding your future was a lot of pressure.

“Calm down. It’ll be alright.” you whispered to yourself, trying to calm your nerves.

Becoming a doctor had been your dream ever since you were a child. But slowly a thought that this has been just too much for you crawled up in your mind.

You were never the smartest kid in the class. Not in middle school nor high school. You tried and studied hard, at least in high school, but there was always somebody who had better grades.

Once you came to college you tried even harder. You studied like there’s no tomorrow and for quite a while, you didn’t let yourself relax.

That was until you met Sam. You two met while studying in a library. Both tired of studying, you two started talking. It wasn’t long until you moved your little talk to a coffee shop nearby, not wanting to disturb others.

A small talk turned into hours of chatting and even though you didn’t do much that day, you returned to your dorm with a big smile on your face.

From that on you started talking on a daily base. It felt like you know him for ages and he knew how to calm you down when you were nervous. You two were there for each other every step of the way, supporting one another through everything.

And slowly, so slow you actually didn’t realise it until it was too late, you fell head over hills for Sam. Slowly a friendly hug wasn’t friendly for you anymore and Saturday nights you spent together, watching movies or basketball games quickly became favourite part of a week.

When troubles hit your family and you couldn’t afford to pay for your own room anymore, Sam invited you to live with him in his apartment. And even when everything went back to normal, he wouldn’t let you leave, saying that the apartment is too big anyways.

You heard Sam enter the apartment after his classes ended. Quickly you wiped tears off your face, pushing memories in the back of your mind.

You’d hate explaining that once again you feel like pressure is too much for you. Sam was by your side when you felt overwhelmed so many times, but now he had exams coming up too and you didn’t want to bother him.

“Hey!” he greeted you, smiling when he entered the room.

“Hi!” you answered, offering him a quick smile.

You concentrated on a pile of paper you had in front of yourself, trying to focus on studying. Sam on the other hand, quietly studied your face. He had a feeling that something isn’t right, he just wasn’t sure what it was.

“Everything okay?” he worried, furrowing his eyebrows.

“Hm?” you lifted your head to look at him. “Yeah,” you cleared your throat. “I’m fine.”

Sam studied your face.

“You’re lying.” he accused you. “What’s from Y/N?”

You let out a small chuckle, shaking your head. “Nothing. I’m fine, Sam.”

“Oh, cut the crap. I know you and I know when something’s not right. So tell me or I’ll figure it out myself.”

“It’s just… I’m stressed over exams, it’s nothing big. The usual, you know.”

Sam grabbed a chair, moving it so he was sitting next to you.

“Did you eat in last 3 hours? Or relaxed.” he questioned and you shook your head ‘no’.

“How long have you been studying?” he asked, his voice softening this time.

“Four hours? Maybe an hour more?” you mumbled, not daring to look him in the eyes. “But only because I really have a lot. And I have this exam in two weeks. I need to study this much.”

“Oh, Y/N.” Sam whined, running a hand through his hair. “You shouldn’t be this hard on yourself. Those exams are usually easier than you think they’ll be. And you do need to relax.”

“I will.” you flashed him a smile. “After I finish this exam.”

Sam was quiet for a while before pulling up his phone. He searched through it for a while and as he placed it on a table, you heard familiar sound of guitar.

“C’mere” he mumbled, pulling you up.

“What are we doing?” you asked, laughing when he pulled you away from the table.

“You’ve had enough studying for today. You need to relax.” With that, he spun you around and pulled you closer to him.

“We’ll dance.” he told you, rocking you at the sound of music. “And I’ll make you dinner.” he continued.

You laughed, when he spun you around, trying to make best out of a small space you two had.

“And after that we can watch your favourite movie.”

“You’ll watch ‘Ten Reasons I Hate You’ with me?” you asked big grin plastered on your face.

“Yes. And I won’t complain.”

Once again you laughed, resting your head on his shoulder. Music slowed down and so did you and Sam.

“Or maybe…” you whispered. “Maybe I’ll just fall asleep.”

A small yawn escaped and Sam laughed.

“You always do.” he whispered in your ear.

“Not always!” you argued and giggled when he placed a small kiss on your hair.

“Yes you do. You always cuddle up to me and fall asleep on my shoulder.”

You lifted your head off his shoulder and looked up at him.

“Well, you don’t mind, do you mind?” you asked.

“Not at all.” he promised spinning you around again.

When you ended up back in his arms, his eyes ended up on your lips for a brief second before he looked you deep in his eyes.

“You can totally say no to this, but…” he bit his lip looking little worried. “Can I kiss you?” he blurted out quickly.

You stared at him for a few seconds, shock written on your face, Sam’s cheeks turned pink and he cleared his throat.

“I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry.” he mumbled and backed away.

That’s when you woke up from trance and pulled him to you.

His soft lips crushed against yours and if it wasn’t for his strong arms that wrapped around your middle your knees would probably give in. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your fingers in his soft hair.

Sam smiled into a kiss and pulled you closer to him.

“I think we should do that more often.” you told him while resting your forehead against his.

“Way more often.” Sam agreed. “But first, we’re having dinner I was talking about before.”

Did anyone else see a really strong parallel between the youngest Styne and Sam?

They were both people who didn’t feel like they belonged. The boy just wanted to get away, have a normal life much like Sam did. He even bears a small resemblance to season 1 sam, with the long brown hair and youthful demeanour. He didn’t conform to his father’s wishes: where the older brothers were soldiers, doing what their father told them to do, the kid just wanted to get away, he “hated” his family and was visibly shaken when he was made to ‘harvest’ that guy. Sound familiar at all?

Even when the kid was trying to reason with Dean, saying “you don’t have to do this”, it really struck a chord with me, because how many times has Sam said that to someone? Tried to reason with a killer or monster? Or even with Dean when he was a demon? And I think Dean saw that. He got this look in his eyes as he was sizing the kid up and I don’t know, to me there was this look of recognition that was extremely powerful.

What made it even more chilling for me, however, was the fact that after this look of recognition, Dean puts a bullet through his head without so much as a blink, and for me, that was a metaphor Dean killing his brother. Sam has always been the anchor that kept Dean grounded, and no matter what they’ve always had each other. But now I think this represents Dean severing all ties to both Sam and his humanity, showing that he has lost all sense of control. And I couldn’t be more terrified.