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Hmm yeah, went to a midnight showing of the Emoji Movie and I actually really like it. I didn’t think a movie with such a cut and paste story would be so entertaining, but It really did end up being a groundbreaking film.

All the characters are just so fleshed out and there was n sdgkamof;lsaaaaaa sfadsfal,gdfsl k,gfhd;s’l hkdf’ dsf sony paid me to write this and idfgs 9/10 oscar worthy movie


aaaaa omg everyone has been complimenting me on my style tysm!! i still have no idea what im doing lmao i’ve only started drawing humans like a year ago (before that it was doggos and kitters as far as the eye can see.) i still have trouble drawing people and need to practice more,, so hearing that you guys like them really motivates me!

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Just another BTF rant...

I was just thinking about how BTF instills serious FOMO (fear of missing out) in young competition/convention dancers so it’s really no wonder kids almost exclusively attend their events. Like you see all these videos from Gen IV and in a few weeks it will be Dancerpalooza either posted by BTF social media accounts or little dancers themselves so kids have a visual of what they’re missing out on. Idk I guess it’s no different from other comps and conventions but it’s on such a large scale and for some reason it feels like more than just promoting the brand. To me it seems like there’s actual pressure to attend BTF events to stay relevant in the dance world which is totally not true and is actually so limiting. Not to mention the politics of it all (I know you all are so tired of hearing it but seriously) like if you’re not at all these events and pumping money into BTF and rubbing shoulders with their faculty then your chances of winning at their regionals and nationals are possibly jeopardized.

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I've no idea how I forgot to ask this, but here goes: What do you think Goro's keywords would be if he has a Palace?

Oh man, how to answer this without thinking of the Palace fic I’ve seen. Ahaha. This is more of a stream of consciousness than an outright answer, though.

So given that his desires became truly distorted around a certain time with a.. certain twisted father, possible candidates for location would be Shido’s office, or the police station. Either one of those is where he spends time involved with his ‘business’, and finds particularly constricting. 

..That, or… actually, it could be his own dingy flat. The ‘home’ that isn’t the place he can call home, as much as Leblanc. The place where he sleeps, but can’t feel rested. And something that he might not even have without Shido’s assistance… or rather, could be easily taken away, if Shido had his way.

Come to think of it, that makes sense if he goes into his own Palace, ever. He does so in his own personal hell, or prison.

The reason why ‘prison’ in particular is the wording he uses when he meets Joker again in Shido’s Palace. He talked about being ‘imprisoned’ by who he was until then, and bonds to others. It’s also fitting considering that he’s a bona-fide criminal, and.. he knows it.

It’s just an idea, though. It could be the centre for prolonged conflict, but for distortion particularly.. I’m not sure. His distortion might have an entirely different ‘hub’… something that would completely overpower him.

In that case, I would say it’s the TV station. 

This is where he’s broadcast after all, and the place where he’s observed and controlled the most. The root of his fame after all, is the incidents Shido had him do and solve. 

But what would he even see that place as? Mementos? A glass house? 

…A toxicology lab?

The reason I say that is because the TV operates on waves, right. And those waves are often full of crap- propaganda and such, especially with regards to Shido’s political bullshit. It’s where the levels of poison in the air could be controlled and distributed at will, brainwashing the Cognitive population outside.

The part I’m having trouble with is what Goro sees himself as, in that mess. I’m not sure he sees himself as the poisoned, or even the poisoner. Perhaps he sees himself as the gas, like a true shapeshifter, but one that is manipulated into different forms while only appearing to have complete control? 

He appears to have everyone under his spell, but it doesn’t always work does it?

This could be a curious case where the Shadow doesn’t even rule its own Palace, as much as it thinks it does. It’s merely complicit its role, while appearing to revel in the destruction it brings. It doesn’t care about its home, after all.

From that, I have two (albeit.. rather rudimentary) ideas:

Goro Akechi | The flat where he resides | Prison

Goro Akechi | The TV station | Toxicology lab

I’m not sure about the latter one, there might be another fit for something that deals with airborne poison, but.. welp, there’s my thoughts on that. Let me know what you think, ahahah

Someone: The Joker is so horrible! Harley should just kill him already…
Me: Yeah, that would actually be a great idea.
Someone: …so she can be with Ivy!
Me: And just like that, you’ve lost me.

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I tried to watch all of Chris Evans’ movies but I had to give up due to frustration and rage, lol. I have never seen someone make so many bad movies and not be a bad actor. It was a bit surreal.

Yeah I tried SO hard to watch Playing It Cool but that was one I had to call quits on. Chris, bb, I love you and I liked the amount of stubble you had in that movie but no, honey. No.


If you watch them for long enough, they end up catching eachother staring again