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sonny and a pregnant reader, when she tells him & him throughout? I need flipping out daddy sonny for science


-You would find out that you’re pregnant really really close to Sonny’s birthday, so you decided that you were going to wait to tell him until then.

-You had this whole big surprise planned for the morning of, and thankfully he had the day off so it wouldn’t be rushed.

-The surprise was almost like a scavenger hunt. You took balloons and taped little notes to them telling him where to go throughout the apartment.

-The first one told him to go into the bathroom, where you had a bath waiting for him with some nice salts to relax his muscles and freshly washed fluffy towels. Who doesn’t love baths?

-You know him well enough to know when he would be getting up, so you were able to make sure that the water would still be hot for him and that you would still have time to escape the room before he could see you. 

-You even threw his clothes into the dryer so they’d be warm for when he got out awwww.

-The second one told him to go to the kitchen, where you had his favorite breakfast waiting for him. Again, everything still warm. He was a little bummed that he was eating alone, but hey you had a plan. You knew that if you saw him, you would just end up blurting it out and ruining it. 

-The last one told him to go into the bathroom again. He walks in to find you sitting on the counter, your hands behind your back. 

-You’re too excited, so you just kind of thrust the small box in his direction without a word. 

-When he opens it to find a positive pregnancy test, he stands there for a solid 45 seconds just staring at the small stick in shock.

-But then it hits him, and next thing you know you’re being pulled off of the counter and into his arms as he spins you around, laughs, and shouts that the two of you are going to parents. He’s going to be a daddy. Theres going to be a mini you or a mini him running around soon enough. 

-Oh you better believe he almost immediately calls his mother and his sisters. 

-Sonny would be so sweet during your pregnancy but I can see him being a little overbearing too.

-He doesn’t want you doing anything that might stress you or the baby out, both physically and mentally. Understandable. But in his head, even vacuuming is a stressor. 

-But then he wants to go and talk about moving. Your lease is going to be up right in the middle of your second trimester, and he thinks that that’s the perfect time to find a new apartment. You shut that one down so quickly. 

-But like I said, sweet.

-He never ever misses any of your doctors appointments. Your heart swells at the look of wonder and excitement on his face each and every time. 

-He’d 100% want to keep the gender a surprise. You were anxious to know, but you went along with it anyways.

-Do not even get me started on the first time he feels the baby kick oh LORD that man would have the biggest smile on his face and would actually probably squeal in delight. 

-And lets be real, he’d totally buy every parenting book out there and get you all of the right vitamins and make you stick to a certain diet and lorddddd.

-Oh my GOD and when you go into labor he would totally be one of those guys who just flips shit while his wife is sitting there rather calmly (Well, as calm as you can be in that situation).

-“Sonny, I’m going to the hospital, not on a two week vacation in the Alps.”

-“Better safe than sorry!”

-“Babe you packed hiking boots.”

-He’d totally speed all of the way to the hospital and run in yelling at a nurse, frantically telling her that you’re in labor while you just trail behind him, rolling your eyes. 

-When your first big contraction hits, he’d still probably freak out more than you and grip your hand tighter than you were gripping his.

-“I’m the one about to push a bowling ball out of my vagina will you calm the fuck down.”

-Thankfully, the delivery was quick and on the easier side. You didn’t swear at Sonny too much either, which was a good thing in your book.

-That man puppy would totally start crying the second your baby was placed in your arms. It took all of his restraint to not demand to hold her the second he saw her. He knew you needed a minute with her.

-“Y/N, we have a mini you, we have a baby girl.”


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“Oppa!” you chimed hopping into bed with your boyfriend, waking him up from his sleep. You already let him sleep in until noon, but it was his only day off and you didn’t want it to go to waste. He chuckled looking up at you before rolling over on his side.

“Nnn Jagiya…” he whined before snuggling into your neck. You giggled as he laid you down and pecked your lips. “Mmm I’m awake.”

“Good…now get out of bed.” you grinned returning the kiss. It took a little more convincing but you were finally able to pull your boyfriend out of bed. He even helped you make the bed. As you folded the comforter over you smiled feeling Hyoseob wrap his arms around you, showering you in sweet kisses.

“So what are we doing today?”

Turning around in his arms you straightened out his hair. “Lunch?”

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Uncle Hap

Imagine you’re having Kozik’s baby boy and he asks Happy to be the godfather.  

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It’s not like you didn’t wanted a baby. After all you married Herman in hopes to become pregnant someday with his child and it made you so much illusion to think about it; But when you took the pregnancy test, waited 3 minutes, even 6, just to make sure and found out you were pregnant, you were more than excited and happy, yet, also confused. It all became suddenly more real when you found out, via Tara, that you were having a baby boy. 

You recently moved into Charming, California, all the way from Tacoma due to club business, along with Happy Lowman, your husband’s best friend and one of your good friends too. You didn’t knew how to break the news to him since it was your first child, and since he was having such a rough time, Tig not letting him patch in and all, so you were still trying to fix everything around. Settle everything down and keep it a secret as long as you could. 

Symptoms started showing earlier than you and Tara planned; She was helping you hide and control the pregnancy.  You were waking up early one morning, in an empty bed but an occupied bathroom when the nauseous you felt made you jump like a spring and race to the bathroom, pushing the door open, and pushing Kozik too, who was washing his teeth in just a towel, fresh out of the bathroom. He stumbled a little, his head hitting the mirror in front of him slightly as he watched you bend over the toilet, throwing up last night dinner. 

“Damn…” he said, spitting the tooth paste and washing his mouth, bending over next to you. “Next time we’re getting mexican.” You shook your head and sighed, holding your stomach and getting up, your legs a bit wobbly. “Are you alright, (Y/N)?” He asked you rubbing your back and leading you to bed, after you brushed your teeth furiously. You nodded, sighing. It was a matter of time. 

“I haven’t been feeling well in the last few days.” You said laying down on the bed, watching him put on his plaid shirt, then the SAMCRO kutte. “What time are you coming back tonight?” You asked, for it was the big announcement night. He doubted a second before leaning closer and kissing your forehead.

“10 PM. I’ll try to be earlier, if not, don’t wait up, aight?” he said. You smiled at him as he left the room, then the house. You sighed and held your stomach.

“Oh boy, you’re not born yet and you’re already a handful.” 

The day went by without any other trouble. It was 9:30 when you heard the roar of your Old man’s motorcycle in the garage. You quickly hided the small blue beanie with the SAMCRO logo and started to set dinner up. Two plates in the small kitchen table for two. You smiled caressing your tummy when you thought that soon enough this house would stop being so fucking big. 

“Hey, babygirl” Your old man said walking in and setting his kutte on the hanger by the door. You smiled at him and went over to kiss him, him turning you around a little, hands on your hips and all. You giggled when he put you down and sat down at the table. You went over to the fridge pulling out a cold beer for him. 

“You’re the best, baby”. He said, slapping your ass when you walked out, giggling. You ate in a comfortable silence and when you were done, you grabbed his hand leading him to the living room. The dirty blonde man smirked as he sat down in front of you.

“A lap dance or something?” he asked. “Is it my birthday?” You shook your head and took the little beanie out, throwing it at him. He blinked, picking it up and looking at you confused for a second before a burning happiness invaded him. He got up, grabbed you carefully and picked you up, spinning you around as you laughed in between his arms. “I’m going to be a father!” he screamed at the top of his lungs, probably waking the whole neighborhood.  You laughed slightly, being kissed head to toe when he put you securely on the floor. “How long have you known?”

“Months now…” You said caressing your belly and smiling at your husband, this being a moment you wanted to remember forever. “I was waiting for the right moment to tell you.” He came closer and caressed your growing belly, you couldn’t notice now but in a few months, you would be huge and bloated. 

“and it’s a boy, you say…” he said, crunching down and caressing your still flat stomach. “It’s amazing…” he pressed a kiss to your navel and looked up at you. “You’re amazing.” He got up and kissed you slightly, tenderly. You smiled back and caressed his cheek.

“And I’ve got the right men for the godfather…” You smiled, for you knew you two had the same idea. 

Back in the clubhouse everything remain the same. Chibs and Tig were talking to some crow eaters, while Jax, Clay and Bobby talked near the bar, Bobby playing  the guitar. Juice was probably playing some stupid video games on his lap top with Half Sack and Cherry peaking over his shoulder. Opie out playing with his kids and chatting with Donna and everything pretty much falling into place.

It was Kozik and Happy who were out, drinking and talking on the picnic tables while smoking cigarettes. 

“Shit’s crazy, huh?” Kozik commented, taking a drag. “But it’s better than Tacoma”

“Yeah, a lot hotter, more pussy.” They both laughed. “New pussy, at least.” 

“Yeah, well, i wouldn’t know.” Secretly Happy admired Kozik. He was a faithful husband and always tried his best to come back home to you. It amazed the Tacoma Killer. 

“How is she, by the way?” Happy asked, taking a swing from his beer. Kozik smiled and looked at him, making Happy frown, confused. “What?”

“Pregnant with my son.” The blonde blurted out. Happy remained silent for a few seconds and then put the beer down, a smile teen feet wide on his face, hugging his brother. 

“Congratulations, brother.” Happy said, giving Kozik a slap on his back. Kozik broke down the hug and smiled at him.

“We want you to be the godfather…”

“What?” He lifted his eyebrow. “What about (Y/N’S) brother?” Kozik shook his head. “I’d be honored brother…” They hugged again and Kozik handed Happy a Cuban cigar. The Tacome Killer looked at it and smirked.

“God, you’re so cheesy.”

“My wife sends it, asshole.”

Kozik pushed Happy jokingly and for a second, he reminded when they were both skinny prospects, too small for the kutte. Life was starting to become what he always prayed for. 


Borrowed Clothing

Prompt from anon: Cas becomes human and starts wearing Dean’s clothes Sam sees Dean’s clothes in Cas’ room and thinks they finally got over their sexual tension when they actually haven’t, Sam tactfully confronts Dean and Cas overhears, Sam thinks he broke them up or something because it’s really awkward then he accidentally walks in on them like naked cuddling or something? Thanks love x


“It’s been a month, Cas. Being human involves buying your own goddam clothes.” Dean growled lightly as his eyes scanned over his favorite loose hoodie that was currently covering his ex-angel’s torso.

Cas just rolled his eyes and continued to stay glued to the television. “I don’t have the time or the money to be going shopping. Anyway, who knows if I will ever get my Grace back. It seems like a waste when you don’t wear half the clothes in your closet.”

“Yeah, well, wearing someone else’s clothes is weird when it isn’t for just a night or two.” Dean slumped down in the chair a couple feet from Cas and let his body melt into the cushion. “It implies that you are-I don’t know but it is weird.”

“Weird.” Cas said the word softly. “Weird is when you are an angel fallen from heaven and having to watch obnoxious things on television because the two demon hunters who are your only friends prefer to ignore you than teach you the ways of humanity. Weird, Dean, is not me wearing your clothes.”

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OTP/OT3+ Things Because I Can’t Stop

You thought I was done after not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, but FOUR lists?  Think again!

Because, come one, OT3+ ships are so fun but the OTP prompts/lists don’t always work well for them.

Also because notsuchasecret likes these and encourages me with them.  So here we go!

  • Who talks in their sleep, who snores, who falls off the bed a lot (and do the other do anything to prevent/encourage any of those actions)
  • Who has the strangest “talent” and do they exploit it in any way
  • Who cringes when they touch the icky wet stuff in the sink while doing dishes, who gets stuck scrubbing the toilet, who cleans up after the animals, who unclogs the drains when something goes wrong
  • Coldest to warmest body temps (aka who is in shorts & tanks practically year round and who piles on the layers) and is the warmest often used as a personal heater by the other(s)
  • Who is technologically savvy and who winds up “breaking” all the electronics (aka jfc stop trying to change the tv settings it’s fine it’s just a dark scene on the movie omg now I have to change it all back what did you even do)
  • Who curses more and who uses inventive curses (or who uses “kiddie” curses like “son of a monkey” or  “snicklefritz” when they stub their toe, etc.)  Is one of them least likely to curse but most likely to pull out the blush inducing curses?
  • Who is picky about things like toothbrushes and hairbrushes and stop using that it’s mine we have separate ones for a reason and who (if any) just basically grabs which ever is nearest and goes for it?  Is someone likely to use any of them but dislikes their own being used by others?  Do they have separate wash clothes & towels?
  • Who “needs” new shoes the most and who actually needs new shoes.  Who breaks their laces more often (and do they trip on them?  do they bother putting new ones in or just go with it, broken or not)
  • Who uses exact names for everything and who is all “hand me the thing” while waving their hand in the general direction of what they need, do the others get it or do they just point at things until they pick out the right one
  • Who broke the plates
  • Who gets new clothes (and gets rid of old ones) each season, who has stuff from 10 years ago they still wear (even if it doesn’t fit), who has a fashion sense that largely consists of “what can I borrow from whoever’s closet/dresser/accessory bin today” and no one is really sure if that person even has clothes of their own.  Does that person somehow have clothes that belong to people outside the relationship?  Best friend’s jacket?  Sibling’s sweatshirt?  Significant other’s sibling’s jeans?
  • Are there inside jokes between different partners?  Do A and B giggle at radishes and C has no idea why?
  • Who leaves random notes for the other(s) and who is most likely to blush at the notes (no matter the content)
  • Who can read fluff with a straight face?  Who can read the smut at the kitchen table without even batting an eye?  Who has no chance because they giggle & flush at both fluff and smut?  (Do they share fic recs with each other?)
  • Who refuses to get a haircut unless someone else reminds them (or drags them in for one), who has the most time consuming hair care routine, who has a specific barber they go to (or who is just as willing to let someone at home cut their hair as they are to go to a barber shop)
  • Who spilled the nail polish on the table and did they get it cleaned up properly