who was i talking to the other day about the urls of people who reblog them

Hey so April’s coming up so I thought it’d be good to have some activities to do! I’ve seen other people do these (most notably for me @uniqueaspergirl​ had one that I did a few of last year!) and thought I’d set one up!

Under the cut is a list of the days (also listed in the picture) and descriptions of what each one is because a few words aren’t always the easiest to understand even when you wrote them.

I would like to say first though that - despite me keeping the descriptions of each day mostly positive, negative submissions and additions are absolutely accepted. Everything isn’t sunshine and daisies. Most of the things are general enough that they’ll apply to anyone, but if one doesn’t work for you feel free to treat it as a freebie!

Submit by submitting to the blog directly, tagging us ( in the @ kind of a way) or by tagging it #walkinredinstead (which I checked, it’s empty) and I’ll post and reblog as many as I can!

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callout for kingwander/jollywander/fuzzywander/heroicwander/wvander

hey all my friends have agreed i should do this so. Here We Go!!!

and also, i think this would be a good way for me to compile my thoughts and sort everything out since most of this still feels kind of like it happened in a blur.

i’ll keep this post updated with his current url so if you’re not sure what it is just come back here. current url: 00903902-0df98e9idko40t4945

please reblog this

tw: abuse, suicide mention, faking mental illnesses, nsfw, self harm, slurs

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sometimes i get really sad - and then i remember that these people exist, and i feel a little better. (a non-comprehensive list, or we’d be here all year.)

alphabetical, but… the first shout-out must go to @seahenge for being one of my very best friends for the past 3 years. love u elise.


@a-mi-zivi: sara!! you’re funny and i like you. if you ever catch me spelling your name wrong, please give me a good kick.

@angelxcakes: i kinda love you, meri. (i haven’t forgotten that i owe you a graphic!! im posting it on fuffy day.)

@anyasbunny​: is there a sweeter human being than giulia? how can so much talent and loveliness be packed into one person??

@bimarthajones​: lucia!! bc of you i will probably start lucifer. you already know this, but!! (i predict i will love maze the most. maybe? possibly??) anyway, i hope school is going ok <3

@buffyfaiths: chelsea, i don’t know if i’ve ever told you how much i love your gifs? no one else’s colouring compares, imo. we don’t talk, but i always admire how strong you are.

@buffylovesfaith: one day i want to go on a Great American Road trip to hug all of my friends in the usa. meet me there? i love you clementine xx

@buffysummere​: lucie, i adore you. what would my dash be without your gay posts about buffy summers?? a sad place, that’s what.

@burntlikethesun​ and @oodlyenough​: not to get all fangirly, but ben and kali are the only two bloggers i’ve been following since i first joined tumblr as nowrunalong in 2013. they’re both funny and clever and have great opinions about… well. pretty much everything. i’ll stick with you guys for as long as you’re on this hell site tbh!!

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part 1 of: i love this fandom and you guys make me emotional

Everyone is being so sweet and adorable and emotional today and I just felt like I should add my valentine’s sugar to it too. 

I got this blog almost two years ago, not coincidentally when I moved to Texas with just my boyfriend, from Florida from where I had spent my entire life in. I was very alone and since I’m not the coolest of cats, making friends has been…extremely difficult lol.

But getting this blog, and joining this fandom, I’ve really found myself looking forward to come home and see who’s posting on the dash, see who’s chosen to grace me with their follow, or who’s left me a tumblr message (remember, before the IM system haha).

@sinuyasha and @inukag were the first people to welcome me and reblog my writing and just became my overall points of contact for anything fandom related. I felt accepted and wanted and this was the only corner of the entire internet I could really call home. I can’t thank them enough for always being genuine and kind and beautifully forgiving ladies. On top of the fact they’re funny and gorgeous so I really lucked out befriending them. I owe my entire blog to them, and my activity, and my heart.

Later on I’d come to meet my squad, @kristicles @thequeenwillruletheboard @narkik @mirsan and @ohstarfire, and grow an overwhelmingly wonderful bond. I mean dudes, we went to Disney AND Universal Studios together. I’m pretty much married to them. (Which does mean you guys have to give me half your shit in case of divorce). I’m keeping it short for ya’ll cause I don’t care about you at all (I would set fire to myself if you thought for one second that was true). You are my people. You are my shots of whiskey in the dark. 

To the fandom:

I really would have never expected to feel love radiating from some of you towards me. I feel in my heart I don’t even deserve it. I have done nothing (or everything wrong). And you guys posting your fics and your art, and your edits, and all you’re LOVE and you’re FRIENDSHIP, it holds no value because it is PRICELESS. But I feel it towards all of you. I get it. It’s weird it’s unheard of maybe for a small anime fandom, but I FEEL IT. I love you guys. I would never want a single one of you to leave, or if you do have to leave, just please stay in touch. Please keep updating your fanfiction.nets, please keep updating your artwork online when finished, I just…

If you’ve been in this fandom for the past year, you get it. And it almost feels like we’ve all collectively been through some drama here and there together. I’ve made mistakes, I regret getting involved in things all the time, but I appreciate every single one of you who hasn’t deleted me from their life. I appreciate how I can still turn around and count on you guys to be there for me. And I will always be there for you. I love that after a giant cloud of darkness shrouded us, freaking @inuyashapositivity pops up like a ray of sunshine. We are an amazing incredible wonderful fandom and we are loud and vibrant and beautiful. 

@onikik, @little-known-artist @wreathoflaurels, @arnavsinghraizada, @gobodosama, @artistefish @meselfandwhy, @inuijiness @starzki@scribefigaro @smilebomber @kaze-ranna @412rebelled @hanmajoerin @ashcanvas (SHHHH…ASHLEY I DIDN’T JUST ADD YOU THIS MORNING BECAUSE I HAD A BRAIN FART LAST NIGHT…ILY) you guys have seen me at my worst and for some inexpiable reason you’re still my friends and I respect and admire you so so much. I really can’t put into words properly, but my respect for you is something that can and will never vanish. I consider you guys a huge reason why I enjoy the Inuyasha fandom as much as I do. I’m comfortable around you guys and I hope you feel the same way around me. I love you guys, and I would do anything for you. I’d end someone’s life for you. I’d jump into battle for you. I’d throw all my money at your face if I knew it would make you happy. Thank you for being my friends. Really. You are my inner-circle, and without you, I am just a square. 

I’ve met some new people in the past year, who maybe I don’t talk to but I feel like I’ve gotten to know more simply through the small interactions we have, and whom I’m so so so happy joined tumblr to grace us with their content, their presence, and their overall humor and love and joy. 

@grapefruitwannabe, I remember I was in a stream with you and someone was urging you to post your sketches and you were reluctant about it, and god now look at you. Your art is incredible. It’s unique, it has a style, it has movement. You give a tremendous amount to the fandom and you never ask for anything in return. You are so nice too? You know how rare it is to find kind people who are just the sweetest creatures ever? You are a precious cupcake too good for this earth, and we so blessed to have you. 

@sess-kik I knew from the moment you made the taylor swift/kanye west meme, that I regretted not being considered one of your friends. You are fucking oustanding. You are hilarious. You make my ribs hurt. You are like a baby beyonce. I mean that. Picture yourself as beyonce’s’ child because that’s how I view you. 

@justafewsmallsteps you know what’s crazy is that I followed and admired you from afar for so so so long. I am a huge fan. I mean. HUGE. I mean, ridiculously huge. I mean I may have printed out your art and have it stored in my cabinet so I can look at sometimes because I was that (maybe i still am idk) obsessed with your work, and to find out you are a shining ball of sunlight and positivity and love and friendliness. You know…what that feels like ? It’s like meeting a Disney Princess in real life. 

@coquinespike HAHA LOOK SOMEONE TAGGED YOU AGAIN. I’M SORRY. Listen I actually always see you in my notes. I always read your tags cause they’re fucking hilarious. Your comments on things are A+. I don’t know why I didn’t start following you sooner. I am an idiot, what else is new. Cheers to the future.

@keichanz what took you so long to join tumblr, i keep asking myself this question. EVERYONE KNOWS THE KEIZ FROM FF.NET. You are always supporting InuKag and the fandom and there’s a lot of bloggers that I know would not be the same without your presence. I see names all the time that were just quiet little daisies, and you watered those plants and now look at them. You’ve inspired so many people, and you are always just so generous and so loving. Thank you for writing, thank you for participating in events, thank you for being the oil in the inukag gears. Quite literally. 

@lovely-taijiya GABY. DID YOU KNOW THAT I THINK ABOUT YOU ALMOST EVERY DAY. Okay well. Now you do. I get so happy when I see your art on my dash. I get full of butterflies and good feelings. If you were around I would hug you constantly and hold you close to my heart, because you deserve unnerving amounts of love. 

@kag-san you are a gift granted to us by the gods. you are an angel. you are a walking living breathing version of the virgin mary and I would weep at your feet if i could because I think you deserve everything in life and more. Trust me when I say the people who ship things, make me ship things harder. And this candle for KagSan is now a torch and it’s setting my house on fire but I couldn’t be happier. 

@piggy-in-pink you are like Sesshomaru. And by that I mean you are silent and we may cross paths and look at each other and I would be totally fine with you killing me because I admire you just that much. But no honestly, you are wise and clever and I love your work and your existence a lot. Thanks for never changing your url also, it makes life so much easier. (TAKE NOTES PEOPLE)

@mmhinman I remember the first time I went to your blog. You submitted a bunch of wonderful art for InuKag week late, and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe someone would submit SO LATE but also have it be SO QUALITY. Haha. Your art brings me life, and I can’t thank my lucky stars enough that fate pushed you my way and onto my dash. Thank you thank you thank you. 

@macabre-and-cheese you know that really cool girl in the lunch room who sits with her posse, and is immensely more awesome than you and dates all the attractive people, and knows all the cool songs and she could say “frosty” once and it becomes a meme catchphrase, okay yeah, you know that person? that’s you. on my dash. that’s you. I’m always like “if i reblog this onto my personal, my personal blog gets that much cooler” and I think I have 80 followers on my personal blog now and I owe that all to your and your coolness i swear to god I do. 

@kago-make-dean-some-pie YOUR URL IS SO LONG. EXPLAIN IT TO ME. I love that I’ve gotten to know you better and your AMVs are the bomb dot com. You are so willing to make others feel amazing and wonderful and I hope you feel that way every single day of your life. You are so down to earth and I love you very much.

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recently my blog (offentaed) has reached a very big milestone that I never in a million years thought I would achieve.  2000+ followers?!!  It’s insane to even think about-  that people actually like the content that I create and reblog.  I came to tumblr only about a year or so ago to vent my love for a seven member boy group and now I have amazing friends and followers (who I love love love so so much).  I want to show you all some love in return- so i’ve decided to write a few things about some of my favorite people on tumblr ( i want to do a new post weekly- just to show love for you all).  Some of them I have talked to and others their url or their tags have just made my day better (if you all remember correctly i am a url and tag whore)  

so really thank you, thank you, thank you

(i know for a fact i didn’t get all the people i wanted to, i had 20+ pages to look through and i didn’t make it through many (only 2 to be exact) .. so anticipate a new appreciation post next week!)

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stallison week —> day five: one AU

teen wolf bingo —> square 20: tumblr friends

Stiles doesn’t track his own tag, half because no one bothers learning the seemingly random string of characters in his url (what a bright idea, using his first name and middle initial) and half because anyone who wants to talk to him just shows up in his inbox sooner or later. He’s not here for followers, anyway. He’d had to get his ass away from Reddit as fast as he could make a graceful exit, and he’d heard there was plenty of porn on Tumblr. A few great video gaming update and tip blogs later, he was pretty sure he could get along here better than in the toxic waste dump he’d been wading through. R/tumblrinaction can go fuck itself.

He does, though, keep a track on aargentsf. Her blog is pretty popular even though she hasn’t been on the site much longer than him. Following her had been…not exactly an accident, but definitely not a run at friendship. There’d been a black and white shot on one of the tamer porn blogs he followed, where some of the pictures were safe for work – a girl in a tank top and rumpled sleep shorts taking a photo of herself in the mirror, camera obscuring her face. There was nothing particularly sexual about it, but Stiles had been drawn to it. The reflection of the girl’s room, greyscale daubs of paint on the wall as if she hasn’t decided how to paint yet and half-unpacked boxes in the corner. Her bedclothes askew, like she’d climbed straight out of bed and taken the photo. He’d clicked the follow button from the dashboard without checking what else might be on her blog.

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A Throwback to my Tumblr Life

Since Tumblr throwback is trending in facebook thanks to buzzfeed, here is my fair share of my personal experiences here in the early years of Tumblr. I have been using tumblr since 2009 but looking at my archives, my blog started in june 2010. Well it has a story behind it and to make the story short, my blog was hacked and got deleted, that’s why I restarted it from 0 in june 2010.

Let’s move on with my throwback stories in my young tumblr years. Since it’s December and I started being active in Tumblr in December 2009, this post is also an anniversary post. Cheers to 6 years of my Tumblr life!

TYPO/ TYPOGRAPHY - With all the “hugot” lines, “banats” and quotes we can get and add some shit Photoshop skills, your post will be a trending one! Bonus points if you post your own photography and add some epic heart breaking quotes everyone can relate. Relate Much Bro.

Banat muna bago  next topic. haha

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One of the most frequent questions I get asked is how to I become a successful book blogger or how do I start a book blog? Two things run across my mind when I get asked this question. The first being, “Awwww, this is so sweet! Someone thinks I’m qualified to answer this!” Because let’s be real, half the time I am just on here rambling. The second thing being, “This isn’t easy to answer.” There are tons of things that make a successful blog but it’s not always easy work. So here are some tips and advice to start a blog, specifically a book blog. Please don’t think of these steps as rules or a checklist of things you must have. Think of it more as a guide to point you in the right direction.

  1. Don’t compare yourself to other blogs.    Sounds easy right? Nope, not at all. When you first start out you may feel overwhelmed or a sense of panic. You may have thoughts like, “I’ll never be as popular as that blog.” or maybe something along the lines of, “No one is going to read my blog.” Don’t let these thought get to you. You’re NEW! Don’t put that pressure on yourself! These blogs have been around for a long time and they started from the bottom just like you. Don’t overwhelm yourself by comparing where you’re at, with someone else’s journey. This leads me to my next step. 

  2. Blogging for you and the age old  question, “How do I get followers.” This is going to sound harsh but if you’re blogging to become tumblr famous or to have a ton of followers, you’re blogging for the wrong reasons and you’re going to be seriously disappointed. Gaining followers takes time and serious dedication, it’s not instant gratification. Wanting people to read and enjoy your content is vastly different from seeing the people that follow you as just a  number. When you blog about something that genuinely interests you, when you blog for yourself and for  the right reasons, people will take interest and follow you. Don’t get caught up in who is popular and who has more followers. Just blog and have fun! Focus on your content and the relationships you are building.

  3. Creating your name. For all that is good and holy take this seriously. I didn’t and now I’m stuck with a URL that I hate. I’m too established now to change it and I hate it. Also please don’t ask me for recommendations because I obviously suck at it lol. You want something that will catch people’s eye, something that doesn’t sound like another bloggers URL, and something that will be easy to remember! 

  4. Creating an atmosphere. Light some candles turn on some music… wait wrong topic. Haha. What do you want you blog to be about? When people see your blog for this first time what do you want their impression to be?  For me I wanted a professional but chill vibe. (Hopefully that comes off haha.) One of the most important things about starting your blog is coming up with an atmosphere that attracts people. I have always felt like have a theme that was unique is what drew people to my blog in the first place. It’s like giving someone a first impression during an interview; you need to dress for the job. For me I knew I wanted my theme to be clean, easy to read, organized and welcoming.     Organization is a big thing because you want people to be able to maneuver  around your blog with ease. Make sure to tag your posts so you can create navigation link. Not only is tagging your posts a great way to stay organized, it is also a great way to spread the word about your blog. For example if you made a post about a certain book make sure you leave the title and author in the tags. This  way when people are searching in the tag section they can check out your blog. Other popular tags are booklr, book stack, shelfie, bookstagram etc.     

  5. What on earth are you going to post  about? With this blog, the main reason why I created it was because I  didn’t want to keep posting reviews on what use to be my main blog. I knew when I created B&C I was going to use it to write book reviews and to talk about books in general. Before you actually start your blog you may want to draft what your first five to ten posts will be about. This will help you stay focused and a little bit less stressed. See number 6 for more ideas on what to     post.

  6. Be unique. Easier said than done, I know. There are tons of book bloggers (booklr) on tumblr so try to find something that makes you stand out. Maybe it will be reviews, maybe it will be posting your own photography, or maybe it will be weekly posts  about what you’re reading or upcoming books. Just find what you’re passionate about and stick with it! (If you’d like more information about how to write a book review click HERE.) 

  7. Keep posting! Setting up the queue  is literally a blog saver. With working full time it’s hard to log on every day.  Having the queue running will keep your blog “alive” while you’re gone. You can queue up your own posts or reblogs but just make sure you’re posting! 

  8. Making friends & connections. At least once a week I get questions about how to talk to people on booklr and befriend them. One of the greatest things that has happened from creating this blog is the friends that I’ve made. I’ve become so close to a few people in the booklr community that they honestly feel like family. Making connections and friends on booklr is a great help and it makes  blogging much more fun! A few of you are probably wondering, “How did you do it Jessica? How did you make the friends?!?” I’m so incredibly social awkward and anxious so I totally understand how hard it can be to make  friends. Just remember that we are all book nerds and love talking about books! Try sending a simple message out there saying, “Hey, I see you’re     reading this book. How do you like it so far?” and just striking up a conversation. If you want to be friends with someone you got to put yourself out there and make the effort. We don’t know you want to be friends until you actually talk to us! I promise, 98% of don’t bite haha.

  9. Be friendly. Simply put, no one wants to be friends with, or follow, a meany. Be sassy and sarcastic but  remember that when someone approaches you that there is a real, live  person on the other side of that screen who has real feelings. So please try your best to be friendly,     welcoming and kind. Try to keep an open mind and save your judgments. Sometimes  it’s hard, you may be having a bad day but it’s never cool to be a bully or intentionally hurt someone. With that said, take things people say with a grain of salt. Some people didn’t get the memo that it’s not cool to be an a-hole. With blogging you NEED to have a thick skin. This is definitely a warning. When  you put a blog out there for all to see, and the more popular you become, the more likely that you’re going to get hate mail. I feel like I need to prepare you, people can say some really mean things to you on the Internet. Mental prepare yourself and take no sh&t. 

  10. Things not to do. Here are just some random things you make want to avoid. It’s kind of an unspoken rule to not ask people to follow you. Please don’t do it, it’s awkward. 9/10 people don’t like it. Don’t be a jerk (see above). Don’t steal people’s content, obviously. Yeah, that’s pretty much it.

I know this was a very, very long post and I wouldn’t blame you if you didn’t read the whole thing lol. If you did stick with me, thank you, I really appreciate it and I hope these tips help you in some way. I will leave with one more piece of advice and that is, to have fun. It’s your blog, enjoy it; post what you want, just. have. fun!

Keep blogging my loves and good luck! 

xoxo Jessica

The FMA characters' blogs
  • Ed: Memes, occasional vent posts, science facts, and more memes. Very into social justice but also hates the Tumblr extremist sjw culture and occasionally calls people our on their BS. Does a lot of shitposting and complains about random shit, sometimes posts selfies. Changes his theme frequently. Likes all Winry's posts.
  • Al: Very pretty theme, probably pastel. Science, cute animals, pretty things, and probably Animal Crossing or some shit. Makes a lot of encouraging posts and sends people nice asks. Posts a LOT at night. He and Ed are those two mutuals who are constantly posting inside jokes and having conversations none of their other followers understand. Has a side blog where he makes vent posts so that Ed doesn't see them. Never posts selfies.
  • Winry: Engineering and girly things. Always says good morning and good night to her followers. Usually pretty done with Ed's memer shit. Posts a lot of tutorials and pictures of automail and Rush Valley. Also a lot of horoscope posts and "Reblog this and ____ will happen!" stuff, Ed sometimes complains that they're totally fake but she likes them anyway.
  • Roy: Memes, NSFW, and LOTS of selfies. Background is probably some gif tiled. Talks about himself a lot and his URL is probably something about how hot he is. He and Ed are constantly trying to show each other up in one way or another. Procrastinates on Tumblr when he's supposed to be working.
  • Hawkeye: Boring default theme with the title "Riza Hawkeye's Blog". Likes all Roy's posts and reblogs a lot of helpful masterposts and tutorials, but doesn't do much else. Secretly really enjoys seeing everyone's posts and sends people nice messages on anon when they're feeling down, especially the Elrics. Knows when Roy's sneaking on Tumblr and will kick his ass both online and IRL. Gives good advice to people who need it.
  • Havoc: Just... Lots of really bad, Memebase-style memes. And by "bad" I mean makes it seem like he's on drugs.
  • Breda: Memes and food.
  • Falman: Default theme and reblogs every single Ultrafacts post, but that's about it. Not online very frequently.
  • Fuery: Just kinda general stuff, nothing in particular, but especially reblogs a lot of cute animals.
  • Rebecca: Fashion, makeup, and how to kill a man using only common household objects.
  • Envy: Weirdly fucked up memes and a lot of passive-aggressive shit about how much they hates humans. Occasionally harasses random people for fun.
  • Lust: Pretty much just makeup tutorials tbh, but really good ones. Knows how to doxx someone. Sometimes manipulates people into doing her bidding and stalks certain people's blogs to spy on them.
  • Gluttony: Doesn't even have a Tumblr
  • Sloth: Technically has had a blog for years but only made like four posts ever.
  • Pride: Doesn't have a blog because Tumblr is beneath him
  • Wrath: One of those celebrity blogs, since he's the Fuhrer and all. Most of the stuff he posts is 100% made up. Occasionally tries to be hip with the kids these days by posting really outdated and misused memes.
anon replies

this past year on tumblr has been amazing for me and that’s all thanks to you guys. thank you for continuously liking and reblogging my art, sending me the sweetest messages and encouragements, and just in general supporting me and inspiring me to work as hard as i can to improve!

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For the ones who met on Omegle

Think about it. 

One day, at a certain time, you were probably bored. Your friends were probably all busy that day and you had nothing else to do, so you turned to your computer. You checked your Facebook, your Twitter, Tumblr, what have you. Nothing new. No one messaged you, no new notifications. So you think to yourself, “what can I do to entertain myself?” You feel lonely all the time. You need a new friend. So you type in the URL to Omegle.

You choose a text chat, and within seconds, you’re connected to a “stranger” who just so happened to be online at the exact same time as you. You say hello and introduce yourselves. You find each other interesting and decide to continue talking. Maybe you even exchange skype accounts. You talk about your favourite things, the places you’ve traveled, you name it. You find that you really enjoy talking to this person. It’s getting late, you’re getting tired, so you decide to tell your new friend that you’re going to bed. They question, “why? it’s so early…” That’s when you realize… 

You’re on one side of the planet, and they’re on the other. There is a huge time difference between you two. They’ve just started their day, and you’re about to go to bed. You stay up and chat a bit longer because you can’t get enough of them. It’s almost as if there’s a spark between you already. Your eyes get heavy, you start to feel light headed. This time you actually log off and lay in your bed. You can’t stop thinking about them. You wonder about them, imagine being with them. Things are already going so well. 

You talk again the next day. You wake up extra early to skype them, because it’s getting late where they are. You have bed head and they’ve just finished dinner. You video cam for the first time. They compliment your morning look. You talk for hours, they even stay up all night to chat with you. You’ve almost become a computer addict. Your parents wonder what you’re doing all the time in your room all day. You don’t care though, because this new friend makes you really happy. 

Weeks pass, and you’ve started to realize that you’re developing real feelings for them. They feel the same. Sparks are flying. They’re always on your mind. When you think of them, your heart beats fast; you get butterflies - a lot of them. 


Think about it. 

You and your potential soul mate met. Spontaneously. You clicked the same button. At the same time. On the same website. There were 30,000 other people that you could have been connected with, and you got connected with that one person. The one who thinks you’re beautiful or handsome. The one who likes the same things as you. The one who, soon, will know every single last detail about you. The one on the other side of the world. The one that you would do anything for. The one you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. The one you plan to marry someday. 

On the other side of the world. 

Long distance. 

30,000 potential new friends, and you get matched with your soulmate. 

What are the odds? 

Think about it. 

You’re really lucky. 

modern au future kids aesthetic
  • john cena memes but with lucina’s name
  • owain’s myspace and livejournal poetry
  • beauty guru/art hoe severa
  • man bun gerome
  • nah the designated driver
  • cynthia aka the super nerdy friend that semi-lives in a comics store bc of how much she fucking loves superheroes of all kinds and when dudes start gatekeeping or mansplaining she spoils the entirety of their favorite batman comic
  • owain the seriously intense method actor
  • everyone has matching “are you nasty” shorts that lucina got everybody for christmas one year bc as a group they decided haha thatd be hilarious and she didn’t pick up on the joke factor bc lucina
  • inigo’s favorite meme is “stick m leggy out real far” and he reenacts it every chance he gets
  • kjelle’s “kiss me im butch” t-shirt
  • also inigo has semi-seriously considered becoming a professional stripper
  • yarne and brady regularly volunteer at animal shelters and cry bc the animals are just too fucking small
  • brady has a tumblr that is 85% cute animals and 15% health blogging
  • severa has 150k instagram and tumblr followers bc somehow all her selfies look effortless and artistic even though she’s literally not trying at all (even tho she’s trying very hard, all the time)
  • every now and then she’ll make a distressing vague personal post about how much she hates herself and overperforms feminity as a coping mechanism to not let anyone catch on about how low her self-esteem is but it gets buried in mountains of other posts so nobody sees it unless they’re on at 5am or scrolling through the untagged mass of posts
  • lucina has a tumblr but only to reblog pictures of swords and her friends’ posts and post their group selfies except theres more than one bc they cant fit everyone into one picture
  • her url is ‘lucina’ and nobody knows how she snagged it
  • owain spoke in memes for a solid three days once and even cynthia stopped talking to him
  • he only stopped bc his mom couldn’t understand jackshit of what he was saying
  • peak Millenial Humor ™
  • gerome: well theres no way around it looks like you’ll have to decapitate me
  • nah: *clears throat* depression *rim shot*
  • lucina: someone told me that if someone dies during a final everyone gets an a so i’ll take one for the team someone get a sword
  • get all of these children therapy because even in aus where theyre not child soldiers they need help
  • (laurent reblogs self-help mental health resources without commentary but everybody knows why)
  • gerome listens to muse and twenty one pilots. this is not up for debate
  • nah has the flower crown small forest pixie aesthetic on lock but her actual personality is half her body weight in coffee and being pissed at rollercoaster height requirements
  • gerome is an Accidental Instagram Model and when he and sev take an Incredibly Pretty selfie together people start to ship them but they’re both gay so that doesnt last long
  • tbh everyone is gay
  • inigo is also a filthy homestuck and hes the one who got everybody else into it except for lucina somehow
  • anyone: *homestuck reference*
    lucina: why are you like this
  • also lucina is a sports star and collects swords both anime and realistic. owain is not allowed to touch any of them. or go into her room at all. preferrably he ought to stay out of her house except for family dinners every other sunday but that’s the only exception to the rule.
  • laurent speaks klingon and has read all 7 harry potter books in klingon
  • one halloween he accidentally cosplayed doctor who
  • another halloween he very purposefully cosplayed doctor frankenstein and took a picture with his cat, whom he photoshopped into a cat version of frankenstein’s monster
  • his cat’s name is melville dewey
  • inigo: in honor of christmas im gonna shove a candy cane up my ass
    gerome: so you need me to pick you up from the hospital again huh
  • they have a group chat with all 14 of them and it’s called ‘wakey wakey eggs up ya butt’
  • brady can eat whole hardboiled eggs in one swallow but one time he tried to do six in a row and got indigestion
  • laurent: you know the inside of a human anus is hot enough to hardboil an egg
    inigo: oh no im not falling for that one again
  • lucina can play the piano bc rich kid and learned the entire shrek soundtrack to surprise owain. everyone has her play at their birthday parties now
  • local inigo shoves jumbo candy cane up ass, says “it was really hard but not in a good way.” proceeds to laugh in a juvenille manner for the next five minutes
  • inigo putting things in his ass is a running joke
  • someone: what the hell is that
    someone else: dunno but inigo’s probably put it in his ass
  • he’s only actually put things up his ass that aren’t meant to go in asses like twice but nobody will let it go
  • inigo’s favorite video is the video diary entry of that guy and “i’m gonna shove a log up your ass”
  • his rejected senior yearbook quote was “one day i will be the man who puts a log up his ass”
  • his rejected class award was “most likely to put a log up ass”
  • severa was on the school newspaper and, although she would love to see inigo hailed as the man who would put a log up his ass, would get in trouble if she let it pass so she convinced the teacher to let her self-print ONE copy with it in there and gave it to inigo as a present
  • he cried
  •  this post is too long anyway i really love my gay kids

1. How do you pronounce your name?

I think a lot of people get confused between my URL and my actually name, my real name is Méabh, with the D in my URL standing for the first letter of my second name; Deloughry. Méabh is pronouced exactly the same way as the English spelling, Maeve. (‘BH’ in the Irish language is more often than not pronouced like a 'V’). More literally, it’s pronouced like, May-vh.

2. How long have you been drawing?

Well both of my parents are designers (product designer and graphic designer) so they were very into getting myself and my younger brother Lúach into being creative. So I’ve been painting and drawing and making things probably since I’ve been about 1 or 2 years old. I started doing fanart and character design when I was 16.

3. Have you ever taken art classes?

Yes. I did for about two years when I was about twelve. I got bored of it very quickly though and felt like it wasn’t helping me anymore, so I quit. I have also always done art in school, unfortunately, art isn’t taken as seriously as it should be so they were never that helpful either. The VAST majority of knowledge I have about drawing has come from following other artists on Tumblr and Deviantart.

4. Do you go to Art College?

Yes, I do. I am currently a first year student in Limerick School of Art and Design where I am studying Animation.

5. Who are your biggest inspirations?

I have so many! Both professionals and people from Tumblr, so I’m going to put it into two sections.


I have been a fan of both Tony DiTerlizzi and P.J. Lynch for as long as I can remember, with my mom working for Candlewick Press in MA when we lived in America we always had hundreds of children’s books growing up, but those two illustrators have always stuck out in my mind.

Glen Keane, Ollie Johnson, Frank Thomas, Milt Kahl are all animation heroes in my opinion, but I have such a huge soft spot for the company Cartoon Saloon, who are an Irish based animation company who created 'The Secret of Kells’ and 'Song of the Sea’, obviously because of Irish pride but also because I was lucky enough to go to the studio and meet all the lovely people there who were nothing but kind and supportive of my work.

Gustav Klimt is my favourite painter because of the emotion he is able to capture with such subtlety.. that’s what I want my drawings to show.

Tumblr Artists:

@brittanymyersart @may12324 @alexis-page @corvuxredux @petitrequin @thomkemeyer @cranesketch @celialowenthal @perplexingly @lazyleezard @batcii @kathuon @norhuu @andiree @loish @elephantfist @cassandrajp @nesskain @missyserendipity @starpatches @lilabeanz @jmeemarie @cla-ray @pheberoni @johannathemad @quillery @franco-e @lexlambs @bellemrdch @jociemamacie @galaxyspeaking

6. How much time do you spend on a piece?

It depends on the day, if I’m flowing I might get a full drawing done in an hour or two, but if not, could be anything up to eight hours.

7. What materials do you use?

I use plain lead pencils or watercolour pencils or drawing pens for sketching or for traditional drawing.

8. What software do you use?

Photoshop CS5

9. What tablet do you use?

Wacom Bambo tablet CTL-460

10. Do you scan your drawings or draw them directly onto Photoshop?

I very rarely will scan my drawings, I tend to do that if I have to change computer or if I haven’t drawn on the computer in a long time. Colouring in traditional drawings can be very good for getting used to the feeling of drawing digitally again. But for the most part, everything is done directly onto photoshop.

11. Do you take requests/commissions?

Not right now. I need to figure everything out and find some spare time before I set all that up.

12. Can I re-post your drawings on Tumblr or on another website?

No. Please don’t. Just reblog it.

13. Can I make edits/colour in your drawings?

Absolutely! I would love that! As long as you give me credit that’s completely okay.

14. Can I use your drawings as an avatar/header image?

Feel free.

15. How old are you?

I was born on the 24th of April 1996

16. How do you go about creating character designs?

Well every time I read a book I will keep a notebook beside my bed to take down all the descriptions of the characters. Of course it is not enough to just have the physical descriptions of characters in my opinion. I always take into account the characters background/personality/settings etc. All of these elements contribute to a better and more interesting design. For example; if a character has a job working outside doing physical labour, they will probably have stronger bodies, more scars, freckles, sunburn or tans.

17. How can I get my characters to look more diverse? 

Same-facing characters is one of the hardest habits to break and I struggled with it for such a long time! Still do. My advide would be to use references of multiple ethnicities first. After that you would be surprised how different a character can look if you change eyebrows, hairlines, jawlines, cheekbones, noses, lips and bodyweight. If you are relying on a different hairstyle to distinguish between each of your characters it wont work. Also adding features like scars/moles/freckles/facial hair can really make your characters unique.

18. Do you have any OCs?

Yes I do, though they are very under developed. I tend to be quite shy about posting about them because they are more personal than fanart, it’s almost intimate to me. They are under they tag 'meabhd’s ocs’.

19. Do you have any other blogs?

I have one for my college work @meabhd-art but it is very different to this one. Much more traditional work and a lot more abstract..

20. Why don’t you leave the anon option on for asks?

I have always been quite private and prefer when I feel like I’m talking to someone rather than a thing? I also have anxiety and it makes me nervous not knowing who is talking to me. I answer every single question, though I only publish them sometimes and I am more than happy to answer questions privately if you are not comfortable having a question published.

Supernatural and this blog.

There’s been some drama (again) in the SPN fandom the last couple of days. I’m not linking to it. I’m not giving out the person’s blog url. I don’t usually get involved in anything that has to do with shipping in regards to SPN. But when shipping causes this much drama and affects the guys directly, I can’t keep quiet.

Since I usually don’t say anything about shipping, maybe there are some of you who don’t know where I stand on a few things that usually causes drama within the fandom, so let’s go over a few things. (This is long, but I’m not putting it under a cut because it’s important for my followers to read.)

1) I have NO ships for SPN. None. Zilch. Shipping is not what this show is about. The writers have said it. Jensen and Jared have said it. Aisha Tyler has it! (Bless her.)

2) I don’t care what you ship in your own private time and on your personal blog. Do your thing.

But let me go a little deeper.

Despite the fact that Misha likes to play with the minds of Destiel shippers, Destiel is not canon and was never meant to canon. They are close friends, like brothers, and that is all. Now, when it comes to Jensen and Misha, they handle the idea of Destiel very differently. Misha likes to play with it and get you guys hyped up about your ship. That’s fine. Play around with him. He seems to like it. Jensen and the writers and others in charge, however, have expressed each time a Destiel question is asked that Dean is straight. They have shown Castiel in human form to be straight. And Jensen has expressed his complete disinterest at addressing the subject any further. If you have the nerve to ask him a question about it at a con, don’t get upset when he moves on to the next question without acknowledging yours. Don’t pretend you didn’t know he’s done talking about it.

This is just wrong. They are brothers. Both Jared and Jensen have denounced this. It’s so wrong that they included it in the show and had Dean say “That’s just sick.” Let that sink in.

And for those of you who say Wincest isn’t sexual. Please stop. If you are a fan simply of the deep emotional bond that Sam and Dean have, then call yourself a brothers fan. The term Wincest was created BECAUSE it has the word “incest” in it. Incest is sexual. Don’t believe me? Grab a dictionary. If you don’t see their relationship as sexual, that should gross you out.

Any other out of character ship
Once again, ship what you want on your own private time and your blog, but I find it extremely hypocritical that straight characters on this show are constantly shipped in gay relationships. But if people were to ship Charlie in a straight relationship there would be a riot. And everyone knows it.

And, once again, do not try to push your ships (gay or straight) on the actors or other staff. Enjoy your fantasy. Keep it between you and your fellow shippers.

It’s one thing to closely follow an actual celeb couple. People have always been fascinated by their favorite celebs’ personal lives. Actors and other celebs realize this and do their best to handle that aspect of fame. That doesn’t mean that fans have a right to be disrespectful and ask inappropriate, personal questions.

It is an entirely different thing to ship two people who are not together. Especially if they are friends. It’s a little weird.

It is yet an entirely different thing to ship two people who are married to two other people. If you want to fantasize about it, fine. But do not bring that fantasy to J2M or any of the other cast members.

And if you honestly believe that J2M are in secret gay relationships and their marriages are fake, then you are delusional. That includes Matt Cohen, Rob Benedict, and Richard Speight, because I’ve seen people talking about them being in secret relationships with each other. You have let your fantasies cloud reality and you need to seek mental help. No, that’s not a dig or an insult. Sincerely. You’re delusional.

If you bring up your delusion in front of (or directly to) any of these guys, you deserve however they handle the situation, because you have disrespected them, their wives, and their kids.

And speaking of wives…

If you are hating on these two beautiful, talented, kind-hearted women, it is for one of two reasons: they interfere with your delusion, or you are jealous.

Hating on the cast and crew
I DO NOT tolerate hate toward the cast and crew of this show. They devote far too much time to the fans to deserve hate. I don’t care if you didn’t like the episode that one writer did. I DON’T CARE that they killed of your favorite character. I DO NOT CARE that they don’t support your ship.

They are entertainers. THEY are in control of the content of the show. They DO NOT have to cater to the whims of the fans, because the entire fandom DOES NOT WANT THE SAME THINGS! They would always piss off some portion of the fandom. So, they do what they should do. They cater to NO ONE. They write and produce the show that THEY want to put forward. If YOU don’t like it you have two choices: quit watching or suck it up.

This blog
Because I don’t ship, I prefer not to see it on my dash, therefore I do not follow shipper blogs or personal blogs that post lots of shipping. I do have a couple of mutual followers who will occasionally reblog a very mild Destiel-related post. That’s okay. I like 99% of their other content. But I don’t want to see sexual/romantic Destiel posts on my dash.

When doing a search (and because of Tumblr’s BRILLIANT changes to the tracked tags system where stuff just randomly pops into your dash) I do block any blogs that contain sexual/romantic Destiel, Wincest, ANY real person shipping, or ANY hate for the cast, crew, or their wives. I don’t want to see your stuff, and, to be honest, in some of these cases I don’t want you reblogging anything from me and have my URL showing up on your blog.

No, I will not use Tumblr Savior. No, I will not use Xkit.

If anything I’ve said here offends you, please feel free to unfollow or even block me. No hard feelings. As I’ve said before, I don’t normally post about this stuff, but recent events being what they are… well, here you go.

I will now go back to not discussing shipping or drama.


There is going to be a “Tumblr video” - a Tumblr skate video to be exact. If you haven’t heard of “tumblrcam2k14” well you’re in for a treat. It is going to a unique skate video compiled solely of Tumblr users from around the world. I spoke with the two people that are making this unique video a reality about the idea behind the video and how it all came about.

designs above by Luke Whitford


Street Piracy: To those who may not know who you guys are, well, who are you guys? 

Diego Gonzalez: My name is Diego Gonzalez, and I live in a small town right by Sacramento, CA. 

Maxwell Starr Collay: My name is Maxwell Starr Collay and I’ve grown up with skateboarding. Skateboarding is more than a hobby to me, like most others. 

SP: Have you two met in real life or have you become friends solely through Tumblr? 

MSC: I haven’t met Diego in person which is strange because he’s my dude! However, we will skate together soon. 

DG: His URL was once ‘periodcuntry’ and I always thought that was the coolest thing ever. He lives in Arizona, but one day we will skate a bunch of rad skateparks and ditches! Super rad and funny dude. And a great person to do tumblrcam with. 

SP: So who had the idea to make a “Tumblr video” a real thing? When did you guys say, “Let’s do this.”?

MSC: I may be mistaken, but I think I jokingly said someone should make a full length Tumblr video and Diego was like, “Dude, seriously, let’s do this.” He’s for sure the focused one out of us two which is critical for constructing a full lengther. 

DG: I think it kind of snowballed when I uploaded a minute long montage of skaters from Mainline skatepark and Max half-jokingly said how rad it would be if there was a Tumblr full length. We both kind of threw it out there and asked skaters on Tumblr what they thought and the feedback was extremely good. I talked to close Sacramento friends like thewarlockden, slappieskyler, indevedni, kegsyoubeezy, and Austin and asked them what they thought of the whole thing. A couple days later, I talked to Max, and tumblrcam was born. 

SP: Again, for those who may not know: what is “tumblrcam2k14” - tell everyone the idea behind it.

DG: tumblrcam2014 is a skate video of anyone who is willing to give us clips, regardless of skill, and we will create a montage with everyone from all over the world: preferably filmed with VX or HD, but cellphone quality could suffice in some instances. No full parts, no favoritism because of skill, and no sense of superiority among fellow skateboarders. We use the tag so we can see what people are doing in regards to the project, whether art, throwaway, or overall awareness of it. Luke Whitford has been amazing and helped us with the trailer and art. He helped so much with the edit and I don’t want his work to go unappreciated. craigkroyer’s art was extremely rad as well! A huge thank you to everyone who has created a text post, video, or picture with or for tumblrcam. 

MSC: The idea behind tumblrcam is to showcase the outliers in skateboarding. As most of you know I’m not a fantastic skateboarder and that’s not what skateboarding is about. So why should every video be about the gnarliest shit? So Diego and I decided to make a video that is open to anyone who loves skateboarding and has an email. We used Tumblr to spread the word. 

SP: Who decided on the title?

DG: Me and Max are 5050, so if we both disagree on something we go to a third party to help us out. He threw it out there, I liked it a lot, and it stuck. 

MSC: Diego and I used the hashtag tumblrcam2014 just to organize questions we got and we just decided to call the video that. We kinda boned tumblrcam from a video Bobby Green made called DADCAM. haha. 

SP: Were there any other titles for the video that were considered?

DG: Me, Trevor and Skyler thought of ‘reblog’, and then 'NSFW’ but to not confuse anyone we decided to keep the same name throughout the whole thing.  Maybe in future series we can give the name of a chronicle. 

MSC: There were a few other names we threw around I can’t remember all of them. I think one was 'NSFW.’ haha. Oh and 'reblogged.' 

SP: I think it is a really rad idea and I’m glad someone finally pulled the trigger and did it. Have you guys received a lot of footage?

DG: We have received a fair amount of footy, but maybe because we set the deadline so far ahead people forgot about it or waited until the last minute to send us stuff. A huge thank you to everyone that has sent stuff in, you guys are the best. But with school, full time jobs, injuries, and many more reasons, we understand why people couldn’t  make it. Also, deadline is pushed back one more month. Max won’t be in town all of July and we promised to edit the video together as a team, so because of lack of footy and his vacation, we are going to give people until the end of summer to submit stuff. 

MSC: We have received some footy. I’m hoping for more but people are busy with their lives and whatnot and I get that. Some artsy stuff would be rad too: Get a Mindfield/Diego Meek feel to it. 

SP: Do you think the Tumblr skate community is a unique thing? It seems like the connection between most of the people on here is pretty positive and strong. 

MSC: The Tumblr skate community is super unique. Go on tumblr for five minutes and you’ll see shaped boards, rails, grip art, etc., which is a nice change of pace from your generic style. I back every type of style but the Tumblr scene is refreshing. Sometimes, there is judgment that is not cool though…

DG: I like how the Tumblr skate community is like a giant skatepark. Skaters surround and associate themselves with like-minded individuals and feed off each other and can relate with one another because of trick selection or overall approach to skateboarding, while still inevitably seeing other peoples approaches at the park. Tumblr is one of the few unique places where so many different approaches to skateboarding collide, creating both arguments and agreements, all for this thing we all love and know as skateboarding. 

SP: So, how is the video shaping up all in all?

DG: Me and Max talk weekly about editing ideas and checking up on the footy in the dropbox and email. Once we see enough footy, most likely around deadline, we will edit it as soon as possible. 

MSC: Ya, we are waiting until the deadline to start editing. I’m really hyped to start. 

SP: Do you guys know how you are going to “premiere” it? Or is that to be announced later?

MSC: We haven’t discussed that yet! We are always open to ideas and that goes for anything really…

DG: Ya, it is all still in the works; once the final edit is looking solid we will figure out what will work best. 

SP: Well I’m really looking forward to the finished product and I actually need to get to work gathering some footage myself. I definitely want to be a part of this. That being said, any last words? Maybe words of encouragement about the video or anything like that?

MSC: To everyone out there, don’t be afraid to send clips, art or whatever in to us! Have fun with it!

DG: Tumblrcam isn’t a video trying to show exceptional skateboarding from only a small handful of talented skaters, but rather a display of all types of skateboarding, and a way to show one’s own skateboarding and local skate scene into a video alongside fellow Tumblr users and their skate scenes. Thus, creating a skate community that disregards geographical location and creates a montage with skaters worldwide! 


Be sure to follow toy–division and maxcollay to stay up to date on all things tumblrcam2k14.

Send footage, art, photos, and whatever else you’d like to contribute to tumblrcam2014@gmail.com - we want you to be a part of this.


This is a post concerning the problems user arthurcharles (who has now changed his url to redmohawkkid, most likely in fear that my friends and i would attempt to call him out).

Warning: this post is a huge trigger for sexual harassment, transphobia (mostly in the form of misgendering), bi-erasure, ace-erasure, and ableism. If I’m missing any other triggers, feel free to message me.

This is a long message and I’ll probably make a post that sums up all the bad things he’s done. I apologize to mobile users.

Keep reading

My loft '89 story: Sydney 28th November 2015

Okay so my friend Kristen @fearlesslycasuallycruel and I were seated in C3 which was on the floor so we were kind of close to the b-stage but pretty far from the main stage. We finally got to our seats about half an hour before vance joy was about to start and during his performance we stood up and danced. Just before taylor was about to come on at 8:30pm a security guard came up to us and said that they’d had many complaints about our wings because they were “blocking people’s view” which I don’t believe is correct considering they were at my shoulder length. Even though I didn’t really think we had a chance to win loft anyway considering the amount of people at the stadium but as soon as we were made to take our angel wings off I knew there was no hope. We decided to hold our wings in our arms and turn the lights on them and our skirts to flashing. Taylor began to perform and Kristen and I were dancing and singing like crazy and it was beyond amazing. When Taylor sang “You Are In Love” she was pretty close to our section. Because this song was acoustic Taylor wasn’t as loud and it was easier for us to be heard as no one in our section seemed to know the words so we started screaming them out and at one stage I swear I saw Taylor giggle at us. After that song we decided to put our wings back on anyway despite what the security had told us and just before she started singing “Style” and the videos of her friends were paying we felt a tap on the shoulder. I immediately thought we were getting told off for the wings again until the lady started talking and I noticed she had an American accent. She asked us if we were having a good time and if we had met Taylor before and of course we started crying as she gave us the pass and put the wristbands on our arms. The rest of the concert I couldn’t even concentrate and I was just looking at Taylor and not believing I would get the chance to hug the person I love and admire so much.
At the end of the the concert Kristen and I found out way to section 130 and started lining up with the other people that had been chosen to meet Taylor. There was only 17 other fans making the people chosen only 19 out of the 76,000 crowd. We got led to The Loft after filling out our details and waited about half and hour before Taylor and Mama Swift arrived. While we were waiting we were all just chilling and eating cookies and pizza. The lady from Taylor nation told us we had to line up and each group would get a signed picture from Taylor and one photo. Kristen and I decided to go last. While we were waiting Mama Swift popped out of nowhere and told us she loved your costume and said she saw us in them when they arrived at midday. She was so sweet and hugged us all and told us her fav song off 1989 was probably blank space. When we told her we loved Taylor and said she must be so proud she legit said back “just like your mothers would be” and OMGGG she was soo lovely. When we were finally able to see Taylor and I literally jumped into her arms and told her I loved her so so much. I told her my name was Hannah and that I was sweeterthanwonderstruck from tumblr and she said my URL was cute and that she sees my posts on her dash. Kristen and I told her how much her music meant to us and we laughed about the way names sound differently in Aussie and American accents. She was like “yesssss I love it and I see what you’re doing” when we explained to her that we went as TS Angels because her friend are VS Angels! I told her my favourite song ever was long live and that our song was the first song I ever played on guitar and she was like “yessss!!! Awesome 4 chords” she legit hugged me so many times and held my hand and when we went to take our photo she nestled her head on top of mine and I almost died right there. We showed her our 13’s on our hands and I showed her my 13 necklace and told her my birthday was the day style came out and she was like awwwww so cute and then Kristen told her she was turning 18 the day before Taylor’s 26th and she was like aww that’s a big one I’ll be thinking of you! She was sooooo sooo beautiful in person like OMGGG her face and her eyes were stunning!!! And went I put my arm around her I noticed just how tiny she was OMGGG and I don’t know why but it was so weird because I see her on tv and in interviews all the time and then seeing her up close and she’s the same and her voice was the same and she’s real and OMGGG I’m crying she’s just so beautiful! And the moment went way too fast but I’m so thankful I even got 5 minutes with Taylor because I’ve wanted to meet her for years and years and I can’t believe It actually happened and I got to meet my idol. I still can’t even believe I kept my cool in front of Taylor and didn’t cry because when I met Gigi I cried even asking her about Taylor lol
Just want to say a massive thankyou to Taylor, Mama Swift and her team for the opportunity I’ll never experience anything as amazing in my life and I can’t even believe this happened OMGGG I’m legit crying now! Taylor I love you so so much you have no idea and I’ll always love you!! Forever and always X
Plus thanks to all of you who reblogged and liked my costume leading up to the concert as well as all of you who have flooded my social media with such nice comments I’m so happy to be in a fandom where everyone loves each other and we build each other up! I love you guys too
Love Hannah X
Btw I’ve probably left so much out and this probably doesn’t make sense and I’m sorry but I wanted to post this for you guys quickly and I’ve had like no sleep and I’m so emotional and grateful that something like this would ever happen to me! @taylorswift


Internet Friend - Michael imagine

[This might suck but I’m kinda sad and have terrible writer’s block. I promise the next thing I write will be one of your requests.]

~ six months ago ~

You sat on your bed, scrolling through Tumblr on your laptop in the same position you had been occupying for the last several minutes. You weren’t an insanely popular blog; a few hundred followers, half a dozen mutuals who talked to you regularly. Your blog was a little bit of everything; gifsets that made you laugh, quotes that made you think, text posts that you related to, and occasionally your own original poetry, short stories, and artwork. You decided to stop scrolling through your favorite band’s tag and check your inbox on the off chance that someone had messaged you. To your surprise, there was a new ask from someone whose url you didn’t recognize:

‘Hi, I read your poem about bullying last night, and I would just like to say that the things you said were truly beautiful. I love youre writing :D’

You smiled and typed a quick reply: ’ *your. and thanks! i wrote that poem a loooong time ago though, how did you find it?’

The reply didn’t come until a few hours later when you checked your inbox after dinner.

'This is embarassing but I kind of stalked your blog that’s weird isn’t it I’m so sorry’’

You giggled out loud as you typed a new answer: 'don’t be sorry, that’s extremely flattering! I hope you don’t mind if I stalk yours back though (because i’m going to oops)’

And stalk you did. The person’s blog had a simple layout, like they couldn’t have been bothered to waste time on it. They reblogged a lot of sarcastic text posts, photosets of bands like Blink-182 and Green Day, various stuff related to video games you had never heard of, and other random things like pizza and ninja turtles. You found yourself reblogging and liking a lot of their posts, before finally checking your inbox again after nearly an hour. You had two new asks.

'Nooooo please don’t my blog sucks its so disorganized :( ’


You grinned, rolling your eyes at the silliness. 'it’s fine, i really love your blog. we have a lot of common interests, actually. definitely gonna follow you.’

The reply came less than two minutes later: 'YES PLEASE BE MY BEST FRIEND YOURE ONE OF MY FAVORITE BLOGS’



And that was how it all began.

~ five months ago ~

You were now on summer vacation, which naturally meant you spent most of your free time on Tumblr. You now talked to Michael more than any of your other mutuals, always finding yourself laughing over his messages. You really did have a lot in common, and he was one of your favorite people even though you had no idea where he lived, what he looked like, or even his last name. The two of you just… clicked.

He brought it up out of nowhere, in the middle of a conversation.

'Hey do you know 5 seconds of summer?’

You scraped your teeth across your lip as you thought of a reply. 'Sort of. They’re a band right? I think my friend listens to them…’

Less than a minute later, 'Theyre this really cool band. Plus their guitar player has the same name as me and really sick hair :P’

'should I look them up?’ You replied.

'Yeah. Here, click on this link. Its their cover of I Miss You by Blink because I know you love them. pleaseeee listen to it I bet youll love it’

You clicked the link, closing your eyes as the music began. You were actually surprised by the quality of the cover. They were obviously really talented, and you found yourself falling in love with the different voices singing. You ended up clicking another link to a related video, leading you to a song called “Out Of My Limit.” You found yourself listening to song after song, falling more and more in love with the band’s music style as you continued.

Almost two hours later, you finally wrote back. 'WOW I LOVE THEM i really love all the songs but the I Miss You cover is definitely my favorite, i might even like it better than the original tbh. :)’

You had no way of knowing that it was his band that you were fangirling over, no way of knowing how nervous he was while waiting for your feedback. You had no idea that his whole face lit up with a smile when he read your message. In the last month, he had grown very attached to you, despite the fact that you were just a faceless blogger on the internet. He knew that you really seemed to get him, and he valued your opinion. Knowing that you liked his music brought a sense of relief, pride, and happiness.

'I knew you would like them. :) Theyre super punk rock, just like you’

'michael, I’m pretty sure that this band is pop punk’

'Shut up (y/n) they’re punk’

~ four and a half months ago ~

He had known you for a month and a half when he saw a picture of you for the first time. It was a selfie, posted in response to a question from one of your other followers about what you looked like. His eyes widened as he took in the image of your smiling face. He felt like he had been punched in the stomach.

You were gorgeous.

It wasn’t just that you were hot, although you definitely were. You were pretty, in the kind of way that can’t be faked with cosmetics. Your smile lit up your whole face and made his chest feel warm and fuzzy. You apologized in the caption because you were wearing your hair natural; he thought it was beautiful, the way it framed your face and gently caressed your shoulders. Your eyes held so much life and light and depth, he suddenly understood why people said they were a window to the soul. Seeing you for the first time literally took his breath away. The only word he could think of to describe your image was “stunning,” because he was literally taken aback by how attractive you were.

And maybe it was because he already loved your personality. You made him laugh, put a smile on his face, but also gave him new things to think about when your conversations turned deep. Lately he had found himself talking to you at three in the morning with a soft smile on his face and wondering if it was possible to develop a crush on someome you had never met, or even seen. Now, looking into the image of your lovely eyes, he knew it was.

“Ashton!” He grabbed his friend’s arm, dragging him over to look at his laptop screen. “Remember my friend (Y/n)?”

Ashton laughed. “The one who told you Luke was her favorite member of the band last week?”

“Shut up.” Michael glared at him. “Anyway, she just posted a selfie. Look at it.”

Ashton nodded as his eyes swept over the photo. “She’s pretty hot.”

Michael shoved him. “I have dibs!”

“You’ve never even met her, Mike.”

“I don’t care. She’s amazing.”

Ashton peeked at your picture again. “If you like her all that much, you should tell her that you play guitar in her 'new favorite band.’ Invite her to one of our gigs.”

Michael shook his head. “Not yet. I don’t want her to be mad. Let me pretend to be a normal guy for a little bit longer.”

Ashton shrugged. “Okay, man. But with a face like that, I bet there’s other guys who are into her. Guys who live in her town and see her every day. Don’t wait too long.”

~ three months ago ~

You should have been getting ready. You had to leave in under two hours, and you hadn’t even washed your face yet. But you found yourself drifting to your laptop, opening the familiar website and immediately clicking on the message icon. As expected, you had a new ask from Michael.

'Yeah, I definitely agree that its an over rated song. Anyway, got any plans for this weekend?’

You bit your lip as you typed back. 'Yeah, actually. I have a date later tonight.’

When Michael read your reply, his stomach dropped. You had a date. He was jealous of your date, which was ridiculous because he lived on another continent and spent most of his time travelling the world and he had never even met you in real life and he had absolutely no right to be this infatuated with you. But he was. He couldn’t even deny that he had a huge crush on you at this point, to the point where even the boys had noticed and started teasing him about it. But he was trapped on the other side of the world from you, and you were obviously not waiting for him.

His hands might have been shaking a bit as he typed his reply. 'Really? Where is he taking you?’

You sighed. To be honest, you kind of wished it was Michael taking you out tonight. Which made you feel stupid because you had never even seen his face. The one time you asked him to send you a selfie, he said he didn’t want his appearance to change your opinion of him. And you could respect that, you supposed, although you had worried about catfishing several times. You couldn’t help but wonder if it was possible to fall in love with the idea of someone.

'We’re going to a movie, and probably to Starbucks afterwards. He’s meeting me at the theater.’

Michael couldn’t help but think that if it was him, he would pick you up and hold your hand through the whole drive and put his arm around you in the movie and let you cuddle into his side. Maybe he should tell you who he was tonight. He could beg you to cancel your date and fly out to see him, he would pay for everything, he just wanted you to be with him instead of across the world in a dark movie theater with another guy.

But he couldn’t. Because revealing his identity would change everything, and he wasn’t ready for that.

'I hope you have fun, (y/n).’

~ two months ago ~

You had tears in you eyes as you typed. 'So, turns out the whole relationship thing was a no-go’

He felt guilty for the weight that seemed to be lifted off his chest. 'What happened? :(’

'He was sucking face with some other girl in the hall today. I know we weren’t dating that long, but it still hurts ya know?’

He took a deep breath, fingers hovering over the keys before he started typing. 'If you feel comfortable giving me your number, I want to call you so we can talk about it.’

You debated for a solid five minutes. Did you really want to give your phone number out over the Internet? Did you really trust him that much? Then again, you cou always block him if you needed to. You let out a sigh before typing the digits into his ask box.

Your phone rang exactly one and a half minutes later. You clicked the answer button, hands shaking at the thought of hearing your best friend’s voice for the first time. “Hello?”

“(Y/n)?” He was breathless, heart racing at the sound of your sweet voice. “It’s Michael.”

You smiled, feeling your cheeks heat up. His voice was lovely, soft and deep and oddly soothing. He had an accent too. You almost giggled, biting your lips to hold it back. “You’re real. You’re a real person, and I’m talking to you on the phone right now.”

“You have no idea how good it is to hear your voice.” He grinned, locking the door so none of the guys would come in and interrupt you. “You sound perfect.”

You blushed at the compliment. “Thanks, Michael.”

He loved the way you said his name. He almost asked you to say it again, just so he could hear it once more. But then he remembered that there was a reason for this call. “So. What happened, exactly?”

You talked for hours, about your ex-boyfriend, about your home towns, about music, about everything. You could have kept talking for longer, but your eyes were drooping and your head was growing heavy. Eventually, a yawn slipped from your lips, alerting Michael to your situation.

“(Y/n), what time is it there?” The worried undertone in his voice made you smile.

“… About one in the morning.”

“What? You have stuff that you have to do in a few hours! Go to bed.”

You shook you head, even though he couldn’t see you. “I don’t want to. I like talking to you.”

“I love it too, but you have to sleep. I’ll call you again soon.”

You yawned again. “Promise?”

He chuckled. “I promise. Goodnight (y/n).”

“'Night, Michael.”

~ one month ago ~

“(Y/n)?” He was laying in his bunk, whispering so he didn’t wake the others. “Do you believe in love?”

You thought for a moment before answering. “Sure, I guess. I believe in true love and soulmates and stuff. But I also believe that it takes effort, and that each person has more than one possible soul mate. I believe in love, but not the fairy tale kind.”

“What about long distance relationships?” He bit his lip. “Do you think two people in different countries could ever work out?”

“I don’t know.” You replied truthfully. “I think, eventually, one of them would have to move out where the other one lived. You can’t keep up the long distance thing forever, you know?”

“Yeah.” His voice was soft. “Yeah, I know.”

On two opposite sides of the world, two hearts ached in the wake of your words, connected by a phone call and a mutual bond that neither was ready to admit.

~ present day ~

They were in your hometown today. It was all he could think about. When he woke up way too early, he knew he was watching the same sunrise as you. When he got lunch at McDonald’s with Calum, he wondered if you had ever eaten in that restaurant. Any of these neighborhoods could be where you lived, any of the stores could be your favorite shop. There was magic in the air, though he was fairly sure it was just the idea of being close enough to see what you had seen and touch the things you had touched.

You would be in the crowd tonight. It was all he could think about. You had purchased the tickets late, but luckily it was a General Admission venue, so you still had a chance at getting close to the stage. He had decided that tonight was the night. He had to tell you.

You had talked about it on the phone the previous night, discussing every detail of the day. He knew you were planning to get to the venue early, hoping to get a good seat. He smirked at the thought of you wanting to be as close as possible to his band as they performed.

You arrived at the venue several hours before the show, joining the already forming line outside the venue. You felt a bit uncomfortable when you noticed a lot of these girls wearing much less clothing than you. You had heard rumors about groupies, although you personally didn’t believe any of it. These girls obviously did, and they were on the prowl. You hung back away from them, wishing for the dozenth time that day that you had brought a friend.

You felt someone’s hand tap your shoulder. You turned, only to shrink away slightly when you saw one of the huge security guards towering over you. “Ugh, Miss (Y/F/N) (Y/L/N)?”

“Y-yes?” Your eyes widened, frantically wondering what you had done wrong.

The guard gave you a kind smile. “I have an all access pass for you, ma'am. I’m supposed to bring you inside so you don’t have to wait out here. Follow me, please.”

How did you get a free pass? You wondered if you had won a contest or something. You followed the guy inside, as he lead you through the backstage area before finally stopping. He handed you the plastic pass. “If you’ll wait here, someone will be with you in just a moment.”

You stood awkwardly in the cluttered area, toying with the pass. Eventually, you pulled out your phone. You had a text from Michael: 'Hey :) Having fun at the concert venue?’

You typed a quick reply. 'idek I got here early and some security guy handed me a backstage pass and now I’m in the backstage area but no one is here?? like what’

The reply was almost instant. 'Do you think you’ll meet the bands?’

You shrugged as you typed, 'I have no clue. It’d be cool if I did but rn I’m just v confused’

Once again, he replied immediately. 'You look really cute, (y/n)’

You frowned. 'you can’t see me dear’

To your surprise, your phone started ringing. He was calling you. You answered and brought the device to your ear. “Mikey?”

“Yeah I can, (y/n).” His voice was breathless. “Turn around.”

You slowly turned around, phone still clutched to your ear. A guy stood a few feet behind you, also on the phone. His hair was bright red, his eyebrow pierced, his lips spreading into a huge grin. He was staring at you like you were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. When he spoke, his voice was echoed through your phone. “Hey. It’s me.”

“Michael Clifford.” You eyed him suspiciously, placing your free hand on your hip. “No freaking way.”

“Way.” He corrected, stepping cautiously towards you. “Very much way. Look.” He showed you his phone, where there were hundreds of text messages from you. “It’s me, (y/n). Are you mad?” His green eyes scanned you face apprehensively, searching for rejection.

“No.” You smirked, hanging up and putting your phone away. “I’m really glad you’re not a fourteen year old loser or a sixty year old pedophile.”

“So is it okay if I hug you?” He was hopeful but suddenly shy. He’d waited so long, and here you were. Real. Right in front of him. And so much more gorgeous in person, although he previously wouldn’t have believed it possible.

Instead of responding, you threw yourself into his arms, literally jumping on him and wrapping your arms around his neck and legs around his waist. He stumbled back, wrapping his own arms around you so tightly, as if he was afraid of letting go. You buried your face in his chest, sighing happily. “You could have just told me it was your band, buttface.”

He laughed, kissing the top of your head. “I wanted to be sure you liked me for me. And then I was just scared. I thought you’d be mad that I lied to you.”

“I’m not mad.” You whispered, lifting your head to look at him. “Best surprise ever.”

He smiled, his breath once again taken away by how close you were, finally. “You’re beautiful, (y/n).”

“You’re not bad yourself, Mr. Clifford.” You giggled. “This is the best day ever.”

He laughed. “Does that mean you’re never going to get down?” He indicated the fact that he was still holding you, your limbs wrapped around him.

“Nope.” You shook your head playfully. “You have to perform on stage like this.”

His lips met your cheek before you even saw it coming, instantly bringing a warm blush to your cheeks. His mouth lingered by your ear, whispering gently. “You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to hold you like this.”

“Almost as long as I’ve wanted you to.” You whispered back, kissing the tip of his nose.

He grinned, gently setting you down and lacing his hand with yours. “Come to lunch with me?”

You nodded. “Of course. Our first real-life date.”

He nodded squeezing your hand. “First of many, I hope.”