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bad | 03

 he was the cliché bad boy. he was the guy you couldn’t stand. he was the handsome, hot kid who made girls go weak in the knees. he was a brat. you had never liked him one bit, but you had also never gotten involved with anything concerning him. until one day, when you were in the wrong place, at the wrong time.

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TITLE: bad | 03

MEMBER: jeon jungkook x reader

GENRE: romance, smutish, fluff

WORDS: 2 856

WARNINGS: badboy!jungkook, cussing, mature

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A/N: I enjoy writing this, so the fact that you guys like it makes me so happy. thank you to everyone who sent a nice message, it means so much


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King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Just saw King Arthur and the theater was practically EMPTY???!!? Wtf!??!!?!!! This movie was so good you guys, and it’s being torn apart by critics because the lore doesn’t 100% match? *screams frustrations into void* Guy Ritchie took a legend that has been told over and over again for what feels like forever (and let’s be real, it’s been retold so much cause it’s a damn good legend) and put his own unique twist on it.

Personally, I was not going into this movie expecting a word for word reenactment of Thomas Malory’s Le Morte D’Arthur or even T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. The trailer made it very clear that KA: LotS was going to have a different take on the story. And it was gooooood. Omg! This film was like if Lord of the Rings met Kingsman.

Here are some of my favorite things about King Arthur: Legend of the Sword.
• The war elephants were just as fantastic and terrifying as I wanted them to be and more!

• The AWE-INDUCING AF Lady of the Lake *heart-eyes*

• The absolutely mesmerizing Sirens (like holy fuck I couldn’t look away they were SO COOL)


• Arthur growing up protecting/respecting women, not because he feels he’s a ~strong man~ who saves ~weak damsels~ and expects a reward for his actions but because he is genuinely sickened by men who disrespect women. Because he was raised by women and *gasp* sees them as *GASP!* people?? Revolutionary.


• How the sword got stuck in the stone!!!! So cool, what a concept, I love it!

• The ANIMALS and the Mage working with nature and all the imagery and the SNAKES!!!

• I legit cried when the Round Table was revealed like holy shit yeessssss.

• Excalibur is a literal powerhouse and we finally get see what it can do!

• The acting was top notch! (Jude Law gave me chills as King Vortigern)

• The soundtrack fed my SOUL hell yes!!!! So good.

• The fight choreography, with an *appropriate* use of slow-mo, gave me life!

• The story telling!!! Like, yes Guy Ritchie’s way of telling the story of King Arthur is amazing but I’m talking about the particular way the *characters* told stories *in the movie* like w.h.o.a. So awesome!!

• The cinematography! I couldn’t go two seconds without coming across a shot that I NEED as my TV and Computer background.

• The special effects. Have I talked about the animals and the MAGE AND THE LADY OF THE LAKE AND THE SIRENS AND EXCALIBUR AND THE COLORS AAAAHHHHHHHH

• The story line. Honestly, screw the critics for giving this film a bad review just because it didn’t stick the legend. IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO! They took the Legend of King Arthur and built off it to tell their own story and it was sooo gooodd!!

• The camera work!!! Omg the camera work!!! Hot damn.

I will say that I was disappointed in how the film fell into the trope of hurting and killing women as a means to motivate the male lead. That wasn’t cool. It has literally everything else going for it, but they tripped up here. This motivation device is used too often in all forms of media, and honestly I’m sick of it.

But! That was the only flaw I could find after one viewing, and the rest of the movie was phenomenal.
Please go see this movie!

Okay real quick! There’s something else about this movie that I LOVED SO MUCH but I’m not sure if it is considered a spoiler. It’s a bit more specific than the bullet points so to be safe, I’ve put it under the cut here. 

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Sirius x Reader / Good Friends

(Some helpful background info: I went ahead and gave the reader a last name to add “depth” and also describe her as having curly hair. I’m trying to write for a diverse audience because I see a lot of fics where the reader is white but I think I can be progressive. If anyone has tips though I’d accept them quite gratefully.)

You are super cool and tight with Sirius but Lucius Malfoy is a lusty little nuisance which will come later in… Part Two!

He knew very little about her. Only that she was incredibly intelligent, top of the class and every professor’s favorite student. Clever as hell with a reputation for standing up for the little first through fourth years who got stomped on by the older Slytherins. She was very beautiful, her family was very old, therefore very rich and Lucius Malfoy was very interested.

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#ChoicesCreates Round 10 Masterlist: Soulmates

“Do you believe in soulmates?” Based on the entries we’ve received for our tenth round, most of you do! Thank you to all those who submitted their entries. This round was pretty intense – the entries are in a whole new level. I’m telling ya – the talent here is amaAaAaAaAzing <— (imagine “amazing being animated the way it moves around when Tyler says “study buddies!”).

First off, thanks to these folks who helped choose the prompt for this epic round. @firefly-hwufanficwriter, who had a writing breakthrough this round as you’ll see in the list below 🙌🏼 , @lauraotaku2234, who helped me put this list together (but I’m housing the list here so she can focus on school stuff! You go, baby bird! 👍🏻), and of course, @justapapercut, (/insert cheesy soulmate talk here 😋).

Thank you to the talented @fyeahjanethevirgin for this awesome #ChoicesCreates banner! Love it so much!

Without further ado, here are the awesome entries for the 10th Round of #ChoicesCreates, all prompted by “Do you believe in soulmates?”

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Masterlist: Holiday - Valentines

Please make sure to read the tags and summary before diving into the fic. Some stories may feature subject matter which is not to everyone’s tastes.

As with all masterlists, if you find a story that fits but is not on this list, please let us know by sending us a message or fanmail with the story link.

A Candle For Panem - @thegirlfromoverthepond

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Stupid Holiday - infinitegraces

The Boy who Couldn’t See -  Blueberrychills94

The Most Romantic Boy in District 12 -  ChloeRhiannonX                             

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To pluck a heart’s rose - kdlovehgk

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Valentine’s Day - orphan_account

Valentine’s Day With The Mellarks  - MellarkandArt                                

What Makes The World Go Round?  -  JLaLa          

You’ll Love Me Forever, Real or Not Real?  - ForeverUndyingFlame

12 Days Of Valentines - pearlyshurleyy      

Watch This Show: LEGION

I think it is more than fair to say that we have reached peak superhero. The number of hours I have spent in the Marvel Cinematic, and Marvel Extended, and Marvel Television Universes makes me feel obligated to not miss an offering, lest all those previous hours spent been in vain. Netflix alone has overwhelmed my tv time with a seemingly endless parade of superhero shows (Jessica Jones is the best, I can skip Iron Fist right?). I refuse to engage with the DC universe because life is simply too short.  Ironic that it is FX, the network of John Landgraf (forewarner of ‘peak tv’) has opted to throw out another offering from the world of Marvel.

Full disclosure, I have not read any of the X-Men comics and my experience with the characters has purely been through the movies and a childhood friend who dressed as Wolverine for 6 Halloweens in a row. That being said, the X-Men have always been my favorites in the superhero world. While the X-Men themselves may fight for good, mutants in general are not inherently heroes (or villains). They are not super soldiers, or vigilante billionaires, but rather just people who were born differently and have to deal in a society that is consistently suspicious of those who are different (hmmm feels familiar…almost like…..a parable…or something…). The best parts of the movies for me were never the blockbuster action sequences, but rather the mutant characters who were living their lives as teachers, line cooks or petty criminals. The potential mundanity of a mutant’s life sparked my (and I’m sure countless others) imagination: what would it be like to have mutant powers? What would they be? How would I live my life with them? In case you were wondering, my power would be to kill people with my mind. It would cause a lot of problems for me.

Legion captures that imaginative spark perfectly with the outsider narrative of David Haller (played by my nemesis Dan Stevens), a young man who believes his telepathic powers are really a schizophrenic mental illness. Even his sneaking suspicions about his own abilities feel intertwined with a potential psychosis, leaving the audience, like Haller, unsure of what to believe. Yes, I know I could easily google what the extent of this character’s powers are, but seeing them uncovered is infinitely more delightful. Instead of surrendering fully to the hero narrative we share Haller’s doubts and hopes regarding the increasingly surreal situations in which he finds himself. He is not an untouchable god or immortal alien, and while he may be a mutant he still suffers from the fallibility of his humanity.  

Most superhero movies, despite the presence of a different white male lead (I said it), are intensely formulaic. Even Deadpool, the R-rated black sheep superhero movie, still followed the standard formula pretty faithfully. And while these movies are on a whole enjoyable, the Marvel films have begun to feel more like a Mad Libs fill in the blank rather than films with individual vision.

Legion, however, has taken that Mad Libs booklet, set it on fire, and scattered the ashes to the wind. Legion is superhero story that feels 100% original, it is able to stand alone on the strength of its artistic merit and would be just as good without the Marvel and X-Men labels on the tin.

To start with Legion looks INSANE. With Fargo, Noah Hawley showed us he could channel the unique style of the Coen brothers, but he is a far from a one trick pony. Imagine that Stanley Kubrick and David Lynch decided to raise a child together, and that child grew up to be Wes Anderson, and then armed with his father’s directorial ambition and passion for the color red, he directed Legion. That’s what Legion looks like. Haller inhabits a world of earth tones punctuated with fire alarm reds and sickly greens, Zissou crew members scurry around the foreground while ominous figures lurk in the shadows. It is a world of menace, imagination, and overwhelming beauty. It feels like Twin Peaks on LSD, like the Royal Tenenbaums trapped in  A Clockwork Orange. It is sublime.

Even though I will never forgive him (he knows what he did), Dan Stevens is magnetic as the titular character, and even his sometimes odd American accent lends to the delicious oddness of Haller. Now get away from me forever Dan Stevens. Rachel Keller (who is only 24!!! Don’t talk to me.) Is as radiant here as she was in season 2 of Fargo. Her sweet but doomed romance with Haller is the anchor in a world that is constantly tilting on its axis. Rounding out the pilot cast is Jean Smart (legend), Aubrey Plaza (possibly, actually, a mutant) and Hamish Linklater who I love in everything. I just love that guy! Don’t you??? He’s always good (do I have a crush on Hamish Linklater? Help).

Most importantly, Legion is FUN. It is not bogged down in self importance or the dreadful moral hemming and hawing that plagues so many comic book outings. For chrissakes, it has a Bollywood dance break that is as emotionally resonant as it is playfully irreverent.  Legion is a show that is both a visual existential escape while being inescapably tethered to our present reality through its allegorical content. It is the show that we need even though we may barely deserve it’s staggering beauty and sublime weirdness.  I will not be recapping Legion, because (a) I don’t want to sully my enjoyment of this fine television program with my opinions and (b) I am already covering a lot when no one pays me to write (yet..?). But you have all been put on notice to watch this gem.

Five out of five, ten out of ten, hearts, stars and horseshoes.


PS. FX you can pay me in cash or check. I also accept Venmo.

Chanyeol – With Me

Characters: Chanyeol x You

Type: Angst, fluff

Word count: 1321

A/N: [6/9] I am so glad that you guys seem to enjoy the scenarios!

“You don’t belong to me Aera, you belong with me. Besides me, on top.”

I should have listened to myself and went home sooner, when it was slightly bright outside at least. But no, I always needed to study to the last minute I got and go through everything I wrote down during today’s lecture. Sometimes the hard work was going to kill me, or get me killed alright.

It should have been just a fast walk home to finally have an hour of relaxing before going to bed and enjoy the whole weekend ahead. Yet the moment I rounded the corner, I collided with a figure who send me tumbling down if it wasn’t for him catching me before it happened.

No, this wasn’t that kind of romance story, where the guy was that charming dude making one all blush and all. No, this guy may be just as handsome as a charming prince would be but he was far from being one. Especially with the gun directed at me, forcing me into a small ally.

“No words, the ones after me will kill us both otherwise.” He growled, rather pissed than calm and composed. I was the calm one, not because I wasn’t scared – I was full of fear – but because I was too dazed to even realise in what situation I got in.

That were the first things he muttered to me. They were without mercy, ice cold and straight to the point. I was forced to lead him home and let him stay there for a undefined period of time.

He stayed for three weeks, in which I got to know his character, his profession and his life style. Park Chanyeol, the mafia boss of EXO has a soft side that liked to joke around, that’s what I heard from his members only. But the other cold and aggressive type was annoying as hell and the only side I really saw. I just hoped that this side of him would only surface in critical situations like he was in when I met him.

The territory I was living in belonged to him, but that didn’t stop his former friend to come after him and his close members. It was betrayal that was cutting through him. And he was sure to take his revenge in the most gruesome ways he could. He was all out for spilling blood. I really thought that he would be one of those types of human beings who let their stress and anger out on other people. I was all out to expect any shouting at me and or trashing my living room. But nope, nothing like that.

What surprised me the most though, was that Chanyeol never seemed to force me into anything about the mafia life. He sure was cold and distant, didn’t let me meet my friends out of school or late out at all and took my phone to make it unable for me to either call my family, friends and the police. However that works.

But through all his annoying actions, his members were the most irritation. They did everything in their power to bug me and get my attention like little kids with ADHS.I expected them to be smug, cocky and sort of aggressive douches, yet they only placed around like children. Other than that, I had a lot of free time and that was very much off putting. It was scary. Either they were sure I wouldn’t rat them out, or they was sure to prevent that from happening. And even after seeing all those sides of them, I could only think that he would kill me the moment he was going away. I lived with that fear for approximately three weeks before they suddenly vanished.

All his clothes his members brought were gone, the place strangely tidied up and clean, like he never lived there anyway.

I was more than glad and instantly moved into a new apartment to be sure that he wouldn’t come back to end my life. I completely changed my habits of staying late back at the library as well and made sure to be home before dawn. Everything went peaceful after that. When you experience things that were not great, you will get extremely thankful for what you have. So normality was something I was really grateful for now. Which is why I viewed a normal day, where I could freely decide what to do, a blessing.

Until he came back knocking on my door some months after. And I surely don’t mean normal knocking. I was just preparing to go to bed when I heard my front door crashing down. It was one of the most horrifying situations ever. It could have been anyone, which is why I was thankful for a moment that it was Chanyeol.

He wasn’t there to kill me. He only stood there in-front of me, smirking down at my shocked face before he scooped me up onto his shoulders, out of the door and right into his van.

I never saw my home again after that day, or left his mansion alone, or his side.

It was hard for me to cope up with the fact that he never intended to kill me, but have me by his side for him to love. I was not allowed to say no and I wouldn’t be able to, even if I gathered all my courage. It was either get broken with it, or try to accept it and eventually fall in love with him.

At first, I did everything to defy him. It didn’t matter how, just that I did and showed him that I would resist him. I hoped that he would start to get tired of me and leave me be, but I never thought that it was just appealing him more. He loved ‘the fire he was seeing in my eyes’, as he phrased it.

I fell in love with Chanyeol when he understood to give me time. He rented me an apartment near college and made sure that I had everything to get my degree. He wasn’t always calling me, making sure where I was throughout the day, or visit whenever he could. He only texted me occasionally if I needed something and if everything was okay. I started to miss him throughout my days. Having seen him every day before and then suddenly not was giving me a feel of loneliness. The only thing preventing me from letting my self fall into his arms was the behaviour of me belonging to him. I wasn’t an object and I would never be one.

It was predictable that Chanyeol would soon lose his patience of waiting. It’s been more than a year since I knew him and more than 6 months since he let me be on my own, when I found him on the couch in my living room after I returned from my final exam.

“You seem happy. The exam was alright, I suppose.” He smiled at me, his face in a soft and gentle expression.

“Yeah, it was alright.” I mumbled, surprised at his appearance. “What are you doing here Chanyeol?”

“I needed to see you.” He stated, his face turning serious. “I needed to hear your voice and…”

“When I’ll accept you?” I raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know.”

“Why?” His jaw tensed.

“I don’t, I can’t stand to belong to anyone. I am my own person who decides for herself.” I sighed out, looking anywhere but at him.

“And who said differently?” Chanyeol restored his voice full of confusion as he made his way to me. “I never said that you are mine.” He chuckled, making me face his way as he brushed away the hair from my face. “You are not an object and you will never be. You don’t belong to me Aera, you belong with me. Besides me, on top.”

EXO Mafia Boss One Shot Series Masterlist

anonymous asked:

I'm so in love with your android au and everything you've been putting out for it! But I was wondering about the G.Ladio unit, I see that he has a couple versions. So what's the biggest differences between them all?

lmao i’m so glad i’m not the only nerd!!!!!!

G.Ladio units come in three basic categories based on price range:

lower price range:

G.ladio Sweet: for a user who just wants a good time with a basic machine, pretty vanilla and rounded out personality that comes with more romantic applications than sexual ones, geared towards the casual user (domestic lover, protective guardian, romance novel fan)

G.Ladio Spice: for a more experienced user who knows what they want and want to customize the machine to fit specific needs, comes packaged with three pieces of hardware and a bouquet of some more risque apps. personality is imbued with more sass and follows more complicated scenarios of your choice (daddy issues, toxic masculinity, survivor’s guilt)

higher price range:

G.Ladio Do_S: especially designed for users who want to be dominated, enjoy being teased even out of the play, and want to feel safe being emotionally and physically vulnerable with someone who will not hurt them.

highly customizable model with no admin limitations, programmed to be assertive and borderline mean to their user, but highly affectionate after a certain amount of time or announcement of a safe word. packaged with blindfolds and handcuffs. the set up process is more involved and lengthy to ensure safety for both user and machine.

G.Ladio Do_M: especially designed for users who want to dominate, tease, and restrain their unit, and like to feel needed emotionally and physically by their sub. highly customizable model with no admin limitations, programmed to show more vulnerability when yelled at, but shows more assertion after a certain amount of time or the announcement of a safe word.

comes packaged with a crop and choker that are paired with each unit to elicit an appropriate response. it is built to withstand the usual amount of wear and tear, however the warranty is limited to the inner workings and not the outer skinning.

Stupidly expensive (not for retail):

G.Ladio Gillionaire: can only be purchased with proof of related business, usually a strip club, and a signed maintenance contract. designed to accommodate a massive user base (as opposed to meeting the needs of one person), this way it can recognize and service several users a day according to their individual requirements. might have less conversation topics and a flatter learning curve, but the sass and muscle make up for it.

all units are built to be waterproof, low-heat proof (blow drier, heating unit, NOT THE STOVE) and sturdy in the joints. voice pitch can be adjusted per user, and choice of tattoo decal is applied upon purchase. the software is open source but it is advised not to install sketchy apps, the anti-tempering firewall will prevent the unit from injuring the user but if you suspect your unit has been hijacked please turn it off and take it to the nearest maintenance office to be formatted.

I love Ari and Dante

i love ari and dante i love ari and dante i love ari and dante i love ari and dante i love ari and dante i love ari and dante i love ari and dante i love ari and dante

for real tho, i never had any parents or a family growing up, and this book taught me lessons about love i would never have got from anyone else. the whole book is brimming with love, in the little brilliant moments of Dante’s dad driving Dante’s mum round in Ari’s pick-up, Dante and Legs falling in love on the front porch, and that final kiss, and all the times when Ari and Dante just so obviously love each other and they don’t have to say it. 

It’s honestly one of the only romances between anyone that i’ve ever really believed in; it’s so honest and raw and real, and when they get hurt, it’s heartbreaking. It’s so real, the way Ari hides from love and his journey towards accepting who he is, and when the revelations do come, they make me cry, because the book is so mellow, and you spend those pages with that family, with Ari, and you feel what he feels. 

Can love ever be contained within ink and paper? Because if it can, this is it. this book is real life. it’s beautiful and heartbreaking and the most real thing i’ve ever read. 

#ChoicesCreates Round 9: Masterlist

First and foremost, I’d like to thank @hollyashton for entrusting this week’s #ChoicesCreates to yours truly. I had such wonderful time reading and fangirling over your works as your empress host!

I’d like to give the warmest of gratitudes to everyone who participated in this round. This fandom is filled with such incredibly talented people and I’m proud to be apart of it.

This week’s prompt was MOTHER—in honor of the most hardworking, patient, and dedicated people in the universe.

If I have missed any submissions, please don’t hesitate to inform me and I’ll make sure to add it to the list as soon as possible.

Without further ado, I present to you the writers and artists of #ChoicesCreates Round 9!

Heartwarming Stories

A Son’s Burden | MW | by @kittenmusicals

Dear Mother | TCATF | by @punexpectedly

Heavy is the Head | TCATF | by @rhayadel

Heart to Heart | TF | by @choicesmyway

Him | ES | by @readallaboutdream

Him - Part 2 | ES | by @readallaboutdream

Mizpah | TRR | by @peace-coast-island

Mother’s Day | ROE & ES | by @superpotato824

Mother’s Little Helper | ES | by @endlessraj

Without You | ES | by @michellenguyens

Wonderful Fan Arts and Photosets

This is AJ’s arrangement | TF | by @lanapowellblog

Celebrating the Mothers of Choices | ALL | by @hollyashton

Note: #ChoicesCreates banner was made by yours truly.

Disclaimer: These are works of fan fiction/art using characters from the Choices world, owned by Pixelberry. We do not claim ownership over them or the world of Choices. The stories we tell through our writing and art are our own interpretation and invention. They are not purported to be part of Choices’ story canon. These creative works are for entertainment only and not part of Choices’ official storylines. No copyright infringement is intended.

anonymous asked:

Can some of the admins recommend some of the best (in your opinion) bets and wagers multi chapter fics?

Here are mine:

Title: 23 Positions In a One Night Stand
Author: snapes_goddess
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 2
Word Count: 5,031
Summary: Draco and Hermione make a friendly wager. Inspired by the song Get Off By Prince.

Title: Best Served Silly
Author: thinkingmybrainsout
Rating: T
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 11,010
Summary: After forcing his assistant, Hermione Granger, to help him pick out his son’s birthday present Draco Malfoy and said assistant suffer an unfortunate accident involving Itchy Powder. Now it’s a test of wills; whoever scratches first loses.

Title: Just catch the snitch, Harry!
Author: Catairly
Rating: T
Genre(s): Romance, Friendship
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 2,867
Summary: “If we win, you’ll do what I want. If you win, I’ll do what you want. Deal?” he whispers, looking straight into my eyes as if expecting me to say no. And precisely because of that, I whisper “Deal” in return.

Title: Kiss, With Tongue
Author: tamlane
Rating: NC-17
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 10
Word Count: 59,500
Summary: Frustrated with the male propensity to ‘shag and run,’ the girls engage in a contest to see who can go the farthest by Valentine’s Day without going all the way. But perhaps they should have chosen their partners more carefully….

Title: Physically Impossible
Author: Twilight to Midnight
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 1
Word Count: 5,299
Summary: Physically impossible? Pfft! Not for Draco Malfoy! He makes the impossible possible and Hermione is about to find that out for herself. Nominated for best smut at the round 4 Dramione awards.

Title: The Bracelet
Author: AkashaTheKitty
Rating: M/R
Genre(s): Drama, Humor, Romance
Chapters: 103
Word Count: 266,008
Summary: Sick of how Hermione always thinks she knows everything, Draco proposes a bet. The winner will get to order around their most hated enemy for a month. Everything is at stake, but winning has its price.

Title: The Demise of Severus Snape
Author: Rumaan
Rating: K
Genre(s): Humor, Romance
Chapters: 6
Word Count: 23,096
Summary: After half his classroom is destroyed by yet another argument between Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy, Severus Snape snaps and hauls the Head Girl in front of Professor Dumbledore. The Headmaster ropes him into a bet concerning the irritating pair and, before long, he’s having to use his wiles to stop them from falling in love.

- Lisa

I’ll Ruin You - Chapter 1

Originally posted by chanyocolate

Title: I’ll Ruin You - Chapter 1.

Author: Another PinkPanda/Army

Couple: Exo x you.

Genre: Romance, Angst (a bit), Werewolf, Wolf Au!

Words: 1400

I’ll Ruin You – Chapter 1

The trip went as calm as possible, the gray concrete and the painted buildings create a calm atmosphere, at least for me, through the windows, the huge ocean, in deep blue calling for a round of fun, the clouds, pure white, seems so soft. Everything making contrast with the small and tidy plane with its olds seats stained with dust, the Monsieur in front of me was snoring the whole way, at my left side, was my mom, who was sitting in the window, at my right side was an robust man looking like he was going to vomit at any time.

“Welcome to…” Captain’s voice cut my thoughts, I was about to complain to my mother that my cellphone had no signal, so how I was supposed to communicate with her.

“Do you still remember how to speak Korean?” The soft voice at my left said.

“Yes Mom, I think you forget about the fact that I’m a language teacher. And that Korean was the second language I learned, even before I learned English.” I said in calm voice.

She laughed. “Yes, yes, I’m sorry.”

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Stupid Heart (Chapter Two)

May 06, 2017, Saturday [#142]

Title: Stupid Heart (A The Royal Romance fanfic)

Chapter Two summary: Drake doesn’t know what Riley‘s goals are when it comes to Liam, but he intends to find out.

Story summary: It wasn’t Drake’s fault that he fell in love with a foreigner who somehow got herself in the running to be the future queen of Cordonia. He had his stupid heart to blame for that.

Link to previous chapter:
01. (Chapter One: The Coronation)

Chapter Two: Best Friend

Drake shook his head in amusement. Ordering medium-rare fillet mignon with bearnaise sauce at a bar? These guys were hopeless. He was sure that being nobility had its advantages, but from what he had seen of the royal court, it seemed that commoners like Drake had more common sense, which, really, was a skill that was more useful than wine pairing or waltz.

He took over the ordering. “We’ll be fine with a bottle of whiskey… and four deluxe burgers.”

“Four?” the waitress repeated, puzzled.

At her question, Drake nodded his head to indicate that she should turn around, and when she did, their group’s order finally made sense to her. After speaking as politely to Liam as she had to the rest of them, she left to take their order to the kitchen.

From the lack of fawning, it was obvious that she had no idea who Liam was, and Drake hoped it stayed that way…

…except it didn’t. One trip to an admittedly gorgeous beach cove later, Liam apparently spilled the beans about being a prince, and, all of a sudden, the waitress – whose name turned out to be Riley – was taking him on a private tour to see the Statue of Liberty.

Which was suspicious.

Even in Drake’s own family, there were people who kept telling him that he was ‘wasting’ his friendship with Liam; that he should ask to be made minor nobility or a court adviser or something else that would elevate Drake’s family’s status. He had no intention of listening to them.

And Drake knew how other people, especially Cordonian nobility, saw him – as a random guy who mooched off of Liam’s private jets and expensive banquets and exotic trips around the world.

Frankly, he didn’t care that they thought that because he knew it wasn’t true. His best friend was Liam, not 'Prince’ Liam.

But he knew that not everybody had that kind of attitude. Riley had taken Liam to the Statue of Liberty after she found out that he was a prince, not before.

Of course, maybe she had nothing evil in mind. Maybe she wasn’t a gold digger. Maybe she was just a normal person who was looking for a chance to have an exciting story to tell her friends…

…and if she was, she definitely got it when that idiot Maxwell volunteered to sponsor her in the competition.

He would really need to have a word with that moron.

Because he was a commoner himself, Drake knew how conniving, mercenary, and deceptive most commoners could be. Maybe Riley genuinely thought she and Liam could have something meaningful; or maybe she was just a random girl who wanted a once-in-a-lifetime experience… or maybe she had less innocent plans in mind.

Drake honestly didn’t know… but he loved Liam like a brother, and if this waitress was out to take advantage of him in any way, she would have Drake to answer to.

(End of Chapter Two.) (Word count: 499 words.)

Chapter Two notes: This takes place during Book One, Chapter One. This is what I theorize Drake is like - the nobles don’t trust him because he’s a commoner, but in reality, it’s other commoners whom they shouldn’t trust, and Drake, in his own way, is trying to protect his best friend from people who might take advantage of him. I think that would explain perfectly why he’s less than welcoming towards Riley in the plane - like he’s seen gold digging commoners in the past, so he has no reason to trust her.

Prompt: The main prompt for this chapter was this week’s #ChoicesCreates (Round Eight) one-word prompt, “friendship,” which was posted by @hollyashton and hosted by me, @firefly-hwufanficwriter.

Chapter One acknowledgements: Thanks to all those who read the previous chapter! 😊 I’d also like to thank @choices-addict for reblogging Chapter One! 😋😋

(If possible, I would love to know what you thought of this chapter! Thank you very much for reading!)

(Waiting for H.W.U. to come back, forever and always; 06/05/17.)

Apparently, there’s an option to flirt with Malcolm if you side with the Republic…in front of Theron, to which Theron reacts less than elegantly. :D

And you know, I’ve got one or two Outlanders who took the flirt with Satele. This would round things out nicely. As long at they aren’t romancing Theron, because that would be a bit too weird.

And you can kiss Lana in front of Theron, who politely covers his eyes for a moment, several guards, and two complete strangers…if you aren’t a trooper or a SW, at least. And Lana finally says she loves you to a Republic romance, yay!

I’m not that sure what I think of the story yet, partly because it’s a bit of a cliff-hanger and I’m feeling distrustful. There is some good dialogue and a couple of lines that will probably become memes quickly.

Self Rec Challenge

“Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you’ve written, then pass on to at least five other writers.”

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1. A King’s Ransom
This Hobbit BotFA-rewrite came together so easily and perfectly, after the first or second time I saw the movie. Every word fits together seamlessly, and it makes me giggle helplessly every time I read it. I really enjoyed throwing in lots of humor that rounded out the plot nicely.

2. On the Other Line
This was written as stress relief from dealing with my shitty last job. I worked in a call center and so it was easy to imagine how one might get some romance from it, but I also wanted it to be kind of believable, especially with ethical dilemmas of dating someone who might have power over your paycheck. (Which, in the end, Bilbo didn’t, so yay!) The smut was fun, but I really liked building their romance outside of Bilbo’s fantasies, to make it into a real relationship, rather than just in his head.

3. the crow upon the sea
This story definitely came about because of my frustration with world politics. I want to make a statement with this story. I want everyone to read it and enjoy it, and I want to make it into a proper manuscript. I LOVE IT SO MUCH

4. Across Time, My Heart to Yours
My soulmate fic, Hobbit style. I worked on this one for years before I gave in and posted what I had, and I really want to finish it. I don’t really want to do a rewrite of canon, though, so I’m not sure where it’s going, but I love it anyway. Soulmate stories are so much fun.

5. guilt is bound to the silence
With this story, I wanted to explore Hinata’s character a bit and see how someone so bright and strong might deal with abuse. Tsukishima, one of the most observant characters in the entire HQ world, would definitely notice – and then it became a question of how Tsukishima would react. I also love how there’s no definite closure, because they’re kids dealing with abuse on their own, but they still rely on each other and support each other.

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anonymous asked:

I see your answer of the last ask... Well everything is gonna be better for you :) I'm curious about your original novel, what is it about?

Original novel!

Okay, so I have two of these in the works right now.  One has been accepted for publication (!!!!!!!!!) and I’m still waiting for the first round of edits.  The other I’m still writing.

The novel that’s been accepted for publication is called Contemporary Dragonic Hoarding Practices (tentatively, they might want to change it) .  It’s about Clayton Cooper, a sleep-deprived third year Art History grad student who figures out the works he needs to support his thesis are in the hoard of the Magic Department’s most famous professor, Syralis the wise, a dragon.  Shenanigans ensue.

It’s a romance, rife with magical realism and lots of complaining about what life as a grad student is like :)  Also, some badass secondary characters, and one who is a total asshole, but I love him anyway.

The story I’m currently working on is tentatively titled The Rules of Fair Play Do Not Apply.  It’s about a superhero who is approached by his arch nemesis, looking for help.  Overload, a super villain who possesses the power to manipulate electricity, has apparently fallen in love, and knows his boyfriend wouldn’t approve of his day job.  He figures if he can get to a point where Zephyr, his nemesis, thinks he’s redeemed himself, his boyfriend will be convinced too.  Zephyr doesn’t trust Overload, but it’s too good a chance to pass up.

The catch?  Zephyr’s alter ego, Sebastian, is dating a man named Peter.  Peter, who discovered Zephyr’s secret identity, and though dating him would be the best way to gain the tools to completely destroy him.  Only Overload didn’t count on falling for his enemy in the process.

Sole Party 2.0 - Day 1

HOO-WEE. Got the courage to do this.

Its my Sole, his name is: Quinn. Went for an irish name ‘cause I’m part irish.


Strength: 7

Perception: 5

Endurance: 5

Charisma: 10

Intelligence: 7

Agility: 3

Luck: 4

He’s an extremely well rounded men with everything but sneaking, as he’s a guns-a-blazing guy. He’s charismatic to get out of the stickiest situations as well.

If you couldnt tell by his armor, he joined the BoS, not for their cause, but because he thought they had enough power to find Shaun. He doesnt agree with them, but is only working with them to get Shaun.

His favorite companions are Dogmeat, Codsworth, Ada, and Hancock (who he’s romanced with.).

You can usually find him just wandering around Sanctuary, making sure everything is in order and no ones suffering under his watch.

He is working with Nuka-World, but only because he’s recently been low on caps and needs them to enhance his work on keeping the people of Sanctuary safe. (He plans on eliminating them when the time comes to attack the Commonwealth).

I started my 2nd round tonight (naughty me). I am default Sara again (too lazy to make my own Ryder). V1.06 Sara is more girly looking, I don’t mind. She looks prettier comparing to V 1.05 but the earlier version is cuter. Am I even making any sense?

Anyway, I am romancing you know who again! This time I might save the Salarian and witness my crime boss honey punching Krogan behemoth on Meridian.

Can I go to Kadara now?

Should you fight this Dragon Age woman?
  • Morrigan: hot mage with a voice that could melt butter. Would magically fuck you up and step on your corpse. You'll be happy about it. Do not recommend fighting.
  • Leliana: why tHE FUCK WOULD YOU WANT TO DO THAT YOU MONSTER but not recommened. DO NOT. She has the Maker on her side.
  • Wynne: WORLD'S FASTEST GRANDMA. Also no please don't she doesn't deserve it.
  • Flemeth: HAHAHAHAHHAA fabled witch of the wilds fight her NO DON'T FIGHT HER I WAS KIDDING
  • Isabela: pirate. A fucking pirate. Could seduce you to death. You have like maybe a 13% chance of winning. Also where the fuck did she go she's too fast.
  • Merrill: I mean... why would you even want to? Get away from her right now. Beautiful cinnamon roll. Too pure.
  • Hawke: would love to fight you. You probably won't win. More than likely. But will laugh it off if she loses.
  • Bethany: how dare you???
  • Meredith: She chats shit. Fight her.
  • Leliana (round 2): she's not fucking around this time, fight all you want but she will fuck you up.
  • Morrigan (round 2): no no no. Leave her alone. P.S. don't go near the water
  • Vivienne: could kill your corpse, I think that says enough
  • Josephine: cute lil chub ambassador who likes romance and frilly clothes. Easy to fight. Oh wait. Did I mention she was a bard? Lol good luck