who was i before the internet gave me the power of a fangirl

This message is intended for the WRONG-DOER'S of the fandoms, NOT AS A WHOLE.


If that fanart is not yours, DO NOT USE IT. You have absolutely NO right to post someone’s fanart without their approval. First and foremost, it is rude and disrespectful because you are posting something that you didn’t spend hours to draw and display to the public. Second, you are too lazy to properly post the link of where you originally find them. For crying out loud: WEHEARTIT and PININTEREST ARE NOT LEGITIMATE CITING SITES. They have plenty of stolen arts submitted without the artist’s approval. And do you even stop to think WHO you are crediting? The thieves. That’s who.

It’s really not that difficult to find the original source of that picture. Majority of the art have their freaking signature somewhere in the background. HOW DO YOU MISS THAT?! SERIOUSLY. It blows my mind that you can stare and admire that piece of art for hours, and yet you don’t see that OBVIOUS signature mark in the background? If you’re that dense, then here’s a simple instruction as to how you can find the original link of that art: simply right click that image and select copy image URL. Go on Google, select images, click that camera icon in the search box, and paste the url. There’ll be a list websites to pick from but the original arts. Find those legitimate sites that provide their username and use that weblink as your proof. This way, at least most artists will forgive you since you provided proper citing. If you don’t do it, they automatically assume you as an art thief. It doesn’t matter that you DON’T claim it. You posted it. Take responsibility. We don’t care that you’re 8 or 16 or any number in between. YOU KNEW THIS WOULD HAPPEN. GROW UP.

Here’s another sentence to remember:

If that fanart is not yours, DO NOT EDIT IT. First and foremost, you MUST have the author’s permission to edit their fanart. Please understand that they have spent so much time and effort to create such a beautiful masterpiece and even have the courage and courtesy to share it with you. If you can’t find out who made it, go back and read the instructions to find out how to find the original source of that image on google.

And if you think that was me attacking you on a direct basis, you’re entirely wrong. That’s me being formal. Let me get this straight before you continue reading from this point: This message is intended for the WRONG-DOER’S of the fandoms, NOT AS A WHOLE. Continuing on, this is me being direct & informal:

HOW DARE YOU? How dare you STEAL/POST someone’s art! Do you even have the slightest idea how much work, sleepless nights, and pass time they put to create this magnificent art?! DO YOU EVEN HAVE COMMON KNOWLEDGE INSIDE THAT BRAIN OF YOURS?! How can you call reposting an artist’s art your freedom of right when YOU trampled their freedom of right to SHARE that art?

HOW DARE YOU CHANGE THEIR ART! Do YOU really think each shipper of the this fandom will attack another fandom’s art simply because we hate them?! NO. SOME OF US have the DECENCY to RESPECT. GET THAT? R-E-S-P-E-C-T YOUR SHIP. Because all we want is PEACE. BUT NO. There’s ALWAYS gonna be one little person who will ruin it for everyone. Get this straight, and burn this message in your mind: some of us Jelsa shippers are MATURE ENOUGH to ignore these tiny fanons and their over ZEALOUS and IGNORANT minds. Have YOU ever realized that we have our own problems too?! Maybe your fandom is living in blissful harmony and united under the thought to attack Jelsa shippers, but we have our own problems to deal with people in OUR fandom who steal Jelsa arts. SO BACK OFF WILL YOU? WE HAVE ENOUGH PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH. And to those who think this problem is some sort of sign of that the Jelsa fandom is falling apart, YOU’RE 100% WRONG.

AND HOW DARE YOU TURN AWAY OF YOUR ACTIONS WHEN SOMEONE ALREADY EXPOSED YOUR TRUE INTENTIONS. Do you think we would give you the slightest bit of mercy just because you tell us your age? HELLO?!?! WE WERE YOUR AGE TOO. And at that age we were fully aware of the TERMS AND AGREEMENTS of sharing art. There is a REASON why it is ALWAYS the first message to pop up before/after registering in an art & blog accounts. You should have known it for however long since you’ve had that art/blog account. 

Let’s finish this, shall we, hmm? ((At this point I’ve completely cooled down))

To you, the Jackunzle shippers, who re-edited arts from the Jelsa fandom and replaced Elsa’s face with Rapunzel, how dare you call yourself a shipper? A shipper fully acknowledges that there are multiple ships in a given fandom or cross over fandom. You don’t deserve such a title with that dark deed of yours. You’re nothing but a fanon–someone who thinks it’s acceptable to bash on other ships just to make your ship look superior. You think it’s okay to teach the people who watch, respect, and befriends you to do something like this?! You think it’s okay that they’re getting hurt for something you created? If that’s your sense of reasoning, then what makes you any different than Mother Gothel? Must I explain? Oh, but you already know the reverse psychology she used on Rapunzel. You should be able to connect what I’m trying to say about you with that reference.

To you, the Helsa shippers, who openly attacks the Jelsa fandom for our opinions without taking the time to consider what the shippers feel about it. How dare you be such an ignorant and inconsiderate individuals? To turn a deaf ear over the many shippers who explain time and time again about our own opinions towards the people we ship. You understand nothing of our reasons, nor do you even give the time to listen about their perspective. Most of us are considerate enough to let you talk about your ship. Even I have a close friend who ships this fandom and despised my fandom and vice versa. But did we argue about it? No. She gave me a moment to explain that Jack and Elsa are more than isolated people with winter powers. And I learned from her that Helsa is not a ship for the mental impaired (I have my faults,  geeze). And to be honest, I thought her reasons were interesting and she thought mine were too. See, take the time to sit down, talk to a Jelsa shipper, and listen to their opinions. And they will return the courtesy to you. The relationship here is nothing than a pair of misunderstanding friends/married couple.

To you, the Jelsa shippers, who inconsiderately repost art time and time again. GET YOURSELF SOME COMMON KNOWLEDGE AND RESPECT FIRST BEFORE YOU REPOST ART. We love making stuff for you guys whether it be fanfiction, animation, or fanart. We do these things, firstly for our own happiness, and also to share to you guys so we can share our happiness. If fandom attacks you, learn to IGNORE it. The last thing we want is another heated argument amongst three ships. And please remember to give time to the people who write and draw for you. We love this fandom, and it’s our source of getaway. If you give us too much pressure, without even CONSIDERING that we have lives outside the internet, then there’ll be no use to continue doing what we love when it feels like a job.

I, at least, had the decency to go back, re-read my message, and deleted and replaced ALL my colorful language just because I have that much ounce of RESPECT left for YOU despite all the things you have done to my friends.

Quit involving MY friends with your petty fights.The only reason I wrote this long message was for THEM ALONE. 

And for those who have any segment of argument you want to blast on me, you better read this message thoroughly well.