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UV Cypher Ep.2 - Woodie Gochild, Hash Swan, Sway D & Killagramz


…y’all knew it was coming OTL

Voltron Week Day 7: Crossover/AU (Star Trek AU!)

I WAS going to draw an entire comic based on the new movie, buuuut these seemed more fun ATM and they’d fit better into the theme anyway, so have some TOS AU ft. Trouble with Tribbles! :3 What’s funny about Star Trek is most episodes could honestly fit into the Voltron universe? The whole Space Travel to bring peace to many worlds is very compatible uwu But I also wanted to play with who would get what color (since I’ve seen others doing the same) so Star Fleet uniforms for everyone! And Galra!Keith makes an appearance again X’’D (Yes Allura’s the Captain!)

As for the crossover portion…

Have two half-aliens (theoretically, in Keith’s case) who cannot understand jokes for the life of them ;w; Also, Gravity Falls reference ahahaha is it crossovery enough yet??


more shots of edgar! tomorrow im gonna introduce him to my other cat sakura and my brother’s cat isaac. heres hopin it goes well!

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OMG DID YOU KNOW THAT ALISA HAIBA HAS HETEROCHROMIA? (if you have time, could you maybe draw her? i haven't seen fanarts of alisa with heterochromia before so.)

Hey there! I had a friend explain this to me bc i wasn’t rly sure where ppl got this? I think i’ve stumbled on this info a while back but I completely forgot about it lmao;; So like, my friend linked me to the volume cover where she appears to have heterochromia? To me personally, it only looks like she does bc of the editing, like how the scan was enhanced, and that could have caused the colors becoming uneven? Not saying I’m against it, though! It’d be pretty interesting if she does have heterochromia. ^^


I’ve been reading @incorrectknb all day

it’s funny because I’m shorter than both of them … not in their junior high days tho

It’s been two years since a series of natural disasters devastated the country. A large number of the population was wiped out by floods, earthquakes, and a large tsunami. Those who were lucky enough to survive all ended up in one place. The concern at first had been to rebuild various areas around the country and each area had it’s own settlement.

But now that it’s been two years and things are somewhat restored to working order, the government has decided that the US is far too underpopulated due to the losses sustained within the tragedies. They are putting into place a marriage law which will first be put into effect in a small town called Riverdale as a test before being sprung on the rest of the world.

The citizens are counted and anyone above the age of fifteen and below the maximum age are sorted into four piles. A group of two for the younger generation and a group of two for the older. From those groups, a random selection occurs, and whichever pair is selected must marry within thirty days of the drawing and must produce a child within twelve months of their wedding date.


  • unlike most group verses, you don’t have to talk to myself or caseu about pregnancy plots. the entire point is that the government wants you to have children. 
  • your character has to marry the person that they are assigned to or face penalty by law. what you do once you are married is your own business. but, be sure that the government doesn’t find out or suspect or it could be curtains for someone.
  • divorce has been eliminated in this time which means that you either stay married or your spouse must die. that’s the only way to get out.
  • post at least a few times a week. if you’re inactive for a week, you go on warning, and if you don’t pick up the activity within a few days, you get the boot. 
  • couples will be randomly selected by a randomization of the names and then a generator of numbers to assign the couples.
  • i love the drama inside the verse. but, keep the other stuff out of it. no out of character drama.
  • no duplicates unless there are twins. you have to talk to the person who got here first if they want a twin tho. so if they say no, it’s lights out on the idea.
  • the tracking tag for the verse will be gv. i don’t and you can submit an app here. I will be capping it at 10( 5 male/5 female) for the adults as there aren’t as many adults. The youngsters group will likely be capped at somewhere between 12-20 depending on the interest.


  • Mun Name:
  • Mun Age:
  • Activity(1-10)
  • Muse name:
  • Muse age:
  • Face Claim:


  1. Reggie Mantle - Sixteen- Darren Criss - @ofriiverdale
  2. Polly Cooper - Sixteen- Teresa Palmer - @raiinonme


  1. Charlotte Kelley- Forty- Shannen Doherty - @ofriiverdale

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