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How do you feel about Crabstickz telling people that dnp both have girlfriends during a livestream? (this could just be a rumor i'm really not sure if it happened or not)

i keep getting asks abt this so for everyone who didn’t see the clip and is just freaking out over a rumour: it was a j o k e. as in, he said it, but the way he said it was CLEARLY a joke. in the same sentence he also said pj was married ffs. why are people believing this. it’s /chris/

The last one blooming, Chapter 1

TITLE: The last one blooming


AUTHOR: fanficshiddles

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine that there is an omegaverse where Alphas and omegas can only bond with their true mate. Loki is an Alpha and he one day meets his omega. But she is a young Midgardian child, who is terrified of Alphas. So he has to work hard to gain her trust, to allow the bond to grow between the two. 


Her legs carried her as fast as they could. She had no idea how she ended up in the thick, dark forest. But she didn’t care. Her head hurt from her injury and she just knew she had to get away, to keep running. Deep down she knew that she wasn’t on Earth anymore, but she kept going anyway.

Ignoring the way the shadows caused scary figures around her, she kept moving. But she soon started to slow down. Her body was weary and injured. She struggled to keep her eyes open and the last thing she knew, was that she fell to the dirty ground beneath her.

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BTS Hyung Line reaction to the Maknae Line being sick

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Jin would be super worried and turn into an even naggier mom than he already is, but he would take good care of the boys. He would basically smother them with care.

“Jeon Jeongguk, you better be back in bed when I turn around or else…”

“I just wanted to walk a little!”

“Did I freaking stutter?”

“I’m going, moooooooom.”

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Yoongi would leave healthy snacks and medicine around for the boys but wouldn’t confess that he worries a lot about them. He would take over their duties and help them get better as best as he can.

“Where does all this chicken soup come from? And who cleaned all our clothes?”

“Weird story, I went out and the store at the corner was giving out chicken soup. I don’t know anything about the clothes though.”

“Sure they did…. Thank you, hyung”

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Namjoon would try and get the boys as much time to rest as possible through discussing the matter with the managers. He would do his best to clear their schedule and take as much off their backs as he can.

“Don’t worry about the schedule. Just trust your hyungs and concentrate on getting better.”

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Hobi would be very worried about the boys and stop by their rooms every so often to see if they need something or if they are alright. He would gladly do whatever he can to help and would lighten the mood by joking around with them.

“Just tell me if you need anything. This is a rare occasion where your hyung will do as you say, so don’t hesitate!”

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Enjolras is a journalist who’s quite known on twitter for talking shit there

Grantaire is a model/singer (haven’t decided yet)

Anyway they live together and when the internet finds out they freak out

Someone asks Enjolras what’s it’s like to live with Grantaire and he posts a video in response of Grantaire dancing to the mii channel music

Anyway that kinda gets out of hand and Enjolras keeps posting ridiculous videos of Grantaire doing dumb things until!!! One day

He tweets instead of “cons of living with R.” He posts “perks of living with R!” And it’s just a video of him walking into the living room and getting a kiss on the cheek and just a lot of videos of them being dorks and in love

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The store's been a freaking mess in regard to internal operations for ages because the manager and 2IC spend all their time sitting in the office talking, and aren't making the new girl do half the work she's meant to either, but we have an "audit" (people from head office come in and look at all our internal stuff) this week and I'm hoping beyond hopes that the cookie crumbles and everyone who hasn't been pulling their weight gets into a pile of shit because they can't hide any longer.

Here’s to hoping. Being evil is justified in this situation. Let it all burn. -Abby

Every time I see Christmas stuff before Halloween stuff I get so mad. Like, let me enjoy Halloween first please. Then that got me thinking about the summer people who freak out about us Halloween lovers screaming about Halloween in early June. I guess that I am saying is, ignore this if you aren’t a Halloween person.

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ok so there's this guy in my badminton class and he has like perfect lil bronze curls and really blue eyes and he's genuinely identical to how i imagine oli!!!! like i almost screamed when i saw him and he's so cute and i saw him at breakfast this morning and freaked out ahh i have a low-key crush on him like i wish i was brave enough to talk to him omg

Aweeeee how adorable
Okay okay only date him if he treats you how Oliver would ok get u a man who treats u right

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Sorry for the rant coming but I cannot comprehend that there are people, who will say shit about every character in the show, yet don't acknowledge Ambár's behaviour, who went to the competitive team to get revenge, after she was rightly punished for setting the rink on fire, spied on her ex-teammates &, as we seen in the trailer, will throw Luna's skates into the freaking ocean! & how is she not the villian??? She's not the devil but she needs some professional help and people need to see that

i love you, you beautiful soul, i hope you have an amazing life, thank you so much for this message it made me very happy

Woo I’ve gotten started on my requests! Here’s a to-do list so you guys know what’s coming up, and if you want to request someone then you know who’s already been requested :3

Midoriya, Shinsou, Iida, Bakugou, Kouda, Sero, and Shouji all requested by @boom-smash-gotta-go-fast 

Kirishima requested by @animated-freak

Aizawa and Principle Nedzu requested by @xpolexia

I’ll add more to the list if I get any more! I don’t have work tomorrow so request away :3

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i v much hc rose as a lesbian, but i dont have any problem at all w/ people who like bi or pan or w/e rose! its so weird to me when people freak out about that kind of thing - its ok to have opinions, and shipping doesnt really mean much??? its not like youre trying to erase the existence of lesbians?? anyway you do you dude im v glad youre havin fun in this niche here!!

Thanks!!! Folk can pry bi Rose from my dead and rotted hands, but lesbian Rose is certainly a treat as well! ^_^ It does seem terribly silly that people get so up in arms over headcanons, but eh! So life goes! You have fun with your Rose content too, anon! 💖💖💖

So something I didn’t understand in the new IT film was why in the Neibolt house scene Pennywise just slithered back into the sewers. He had all 7 of the kids cornered and scared out of their minds. One even had a broken arm. That’s a free and easy buffet for him right there.

But then I noticed something in the scene where he kidnaps Beverly. He’s got a bloody left eye and that’s when it all clicked. In the book, it states that he must obey the laws of whatever form he is currently occupying (If he shapeshifted into a vampire he can be killed with a stake, unless he’s in a ghost form then he can’t travel through walls. Stuff like that).

The movie skips a full month or 2 between the Neibolt house scene and Beverly getting kidnapped but we don’t see him or hear anything new about him in that time. Pennywise doesn’t go after any of the losers club in that time. It would be the ideal time to, they’ve just had their big fight, there all isolated and easier to pick off. We don’t even hear about another random kid going missing or see a new missing poster.

That’s because in those couple of months he actually had to stay down in the sewers and heal himself from getting a spike shoved through his freaking head. And who was the one who skewered him in the first place? Beverley! So of corse he’s gonna go after her first as revenge. This is probably also why he’s so much more afraid of his own starvation in the final battle against the losers club.

Ive waited a long time to say this: I am happy to announce today is my 6 Month HRT anniversary!

I wanted to also share some of my thoughts:

I worry a lot.

I take a look at my professional career and wonder if things will work out, and over a decade of work later I still feel I’ve made no progress and continue to struggle to find any proper “place”.

Even day to day issues can easily be just as overwhelming as larger problems and often get me stopped in my tracks for longer than they should.

And the constant struggle I’ve had to deal with concerning my gender identity has been something that caused me no end of discomfort and heartbreak.

After coming out as trans, I saw so many people who once supported me on the sidelines suddenly abandon and ridicule me. I got, and still get, daily messages of hate. Some more mild, refusing to use proper pronouns because I’m “not a real woman”. Some filled with rage saying I should “kill myself” and refusing to see me as anything other than a freak who should be “dealt with”.

Life is a struggle for everyone, sometimes it gets easier, and sometimes it seems impossible to fix. Often times my experiences have left me with life and my goals feeling more towards “impossible”, with the constant whispers to give up and stop trying ringing in my ears. And these experiences arn’t limited to my struggles towards coming out.

However, those feelings did become more prevalent ever since I came out publicly. My work, less important. My opinions, less valid. My existence, null and void. The world, and my options in life, became smaller and things and opportunities that were “available” to me became completely inaccessible.

So far, 2017 has been one of the most difficult times in my life, which is saying something. But one major good thing happened.

On March 4th, 2017, I took my first steps towards transitioning. Now I’m officially 6 months in on Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), and I’m slowly feeling less at odds with myself.

So with this major step forward, I’m going to keep trying, I’ll keep working hard, and I’ll continue to do my best to find my place. Be it professional, in day to day life, with new ventures, or as I continue my journey towards transitioning, I hope I’ll have support from all of you.

Because honestly, without the support of my loving partner, friends, coworkers, fans, and this community that is being slowly built around me, things easily seem impossible.


170525 Moonsun Girl Crush highlights
Video thanks to MooMyung

I’ve had to bite my tongue several times already because of people online saying, “No one but Angelina Jolie is Lara Croft” or that Alicia Vikander isn’t curvaceous enough.

First of all, Lara Croft/Tomb Raider was around years before the Angelina Jolie movies. Secondly, Lara is way more than her assets. Thirdly, this movie is based on the reboot of the video game series where Lara is designed a lot more realistically, is a deeper character with loads of backstory and development, and is still very hot. Fourth and finally, Alicia is an Academy Award winning actress who packed on the muscles for the role and did almost all the stunts herself. Anyone who has played Tomb Raider knows Lara does the craziest shit and is a total freaking beast.

This Lara is more than a sex symbol in skintight diving suits with big boobs and pouty lips. Most fans of the game probably realize this but it is still incredibly aggravating. I hope this movie does extremely well and we get a sequel that features more characters from the games. (BRING ON SAM NISHIMURA AND THE TOMB OF HIMIKO!)

I looked over the interview. And yeah I’m not surprised. the only characters that get any mention are the white ones, Rey, Kylo, Luke, Leia and Han. Literally not a single question about Finn who is supposed to be the fucking male lead. The character is not mentioned ONCE in the interview. i fucking checked. Also admitting that the story was not mapped out like it is a good thing when dealing with a multi billion dollar franchise. 

These people are so freaking unprofessional. I think I’, pretty much done having any hope the characters of colors are going to ecieve any decent treatment under Rian Johnson and Kathleen Kennedy. It’s obvious the only characters they are interested in are Rey, Luke and Kylo. 

Considering that Finn and Rey’s relationship was the main focus of TFA, it tells you something this was the one takeaway Rian had from the film. 



I’m out. 

Don't just eat her out. Kiss her pussy lips, suck her clit, slurp her juices up, finger fuck her till she drip and make her body shiver while you make that pussy quiver. And when she screams, lick her all over while she creams


*whispers* Tiny Logan. We’ve all seen the fics and art where Virgil gets turned into a kid, and they’re all freaking adorable, but let me drop this scenario on you all:

- It is definitely Roman’s Fault, somehow.

- He discovers Tiny Logan, who barely speaks a word to him, just folding his arms and glaring. When his adorable toddler walk causes him to stumble, Roman scoops him up in his arms to carry him home so they can fix this.

- Logan’s glare intensifies, but that glare on a child’s face is endearing rather than intimidating.

- As soon as he sees Patton, Logan is squirming to get down and runs to him, clinging to Patton’s leg. “Want Pat-pat!”

- Patton is beside himself. On the one hand, OMG HE’S SO SMALL AND CUTE *wheeze* but on the other hand ROMAN WHAT DID YOU DO BRING MY LOGAN BACK RIGHT NOW!!!

- Virgil is never going to let anyone live this down. He is cackling. Roman regrets every life decision that brought him to this point. Then Virgil gets serious and points out that they really need Logic to be an adult so Thomas isn’t negatively impacted.

- Logan only wants Patton or Virgil to hold him. “Don’t twust Pwincey!”. Patton gently reminds him that it’s not ALL Roman’s fault and he is trying to fix it. Roman finally is allowed to hold Tiny Logan, who still uses big words and sasses him.

- Tiny Logan being filled with curiosity and wonder.

-Tiny Logan asking a million questions.

-Tiny Logan coloring pictures of outer space and babbling in child speak about it.

-Thomas starts getting this childlike curiosity and wonder whenever he learns something new, but everything else is a bit chaotic. Virgil tries to help, but organization is not his thing.

-Tiny Logan making Patton a flower crown out of dandelions “because you wike fwowers”.

-Tiny Logan hesitantly asking Roman why he hates him during bedtime story time, which leads to a whole shift in how Roman sees him.

-Tiny Logan helping Virgil, holding his hand and trusting him completely. Virgil’s heart cannot even take it.

- Tiny Logan asking Patton or Virgil to marry him someday, and the other freaking dying.

-When it’s all over, and Logan’s back to normal, he acts like he’s can’t recall his time as a child, but then he does a thing (maybe another flower crown for Patton, or a piece of poetry for Virgil) and yeah, he remembers.

This headcannon has destroyed me….