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And I don’t want a never ending life
I just wanna be alive while I’m here

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Billdip Week Day Two: Haunted House

So I did one of those ‘draw the squad’ challenges. This also gave me a chance to explore my smol Bill headcanons. Heh.

Hi, yeah, so if people could stop referring to Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, a play that Rowling not only collaborated on but that has obvious traces of her style and ideas, as fanfiction just because people don’t like it for whatever reason, that would be great. 

JKR says it’s canon; you can accept it as that or not in your own interpretation or whatever. But stop just dismissing it and saying it shouldn’t be canon for anyone just because you didn’t like it.

i can’t believe my fave, robert downey jr, the highest paid actor in the world, the same person who has been nominated for an oscar twice but hasn’t attended the oscars in 3 years, is a regular attendee at the kid’s choice awards

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I love Santa


Ahhh~! Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoyed my headcanon! ( ‘//v//’)

I clearly follow the right people here since everyone’s so nice and don’t tolerate any hate or harassment towards the fandom or the actors 💚

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YuuMika/FerMika Drabble SFW: Pining, Knight!Yuu, Prince!Mika, Arranged Marriage

Based on this text post, and totally @severealm‘s fault.


“M-m-marriage?” Mikaela struggled with the word so foreign to his lips. He pressed his hand against the cool, marble wall, needing to ground himself.

“I don’t like it. You have to believe this was never my intention, but…” Krul sighed. She looked weary, troubled, and much older than Mikaela had ever seen her. “We need his cooperation. Our enemies grow stronger with each passing day, and I cannot take this war on by myself. He offers greater resources, a powerful army, and assures me of your protection and the protection of Sanguinem.”

Mikaela tried to wrap his head around his mother’s words. He’d been told from a very early age, from the age his mother found him dying one winter’s night, that he had a duty to his people. He would be well-cared for, sheltered and protected, so long as he swore to do right by his people. Krul needed a strong heir, and Mikaela had sworn to be just that.

“I understand.” Mikaela said, using every ounce of strength to keep him jaw from trembling.

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