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Can you do a scenario where daniel and you are in the same class but (for some reason) you hate each other but one day you two realize is not that bad to be together and kinda like each other and end up flirting or something?? Thank youuuu!!!!

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member: daniel

rating: g

if the story completely cuts off right where the ‘read more’ is, i suggest you open this post on a computer/laptop or open it on your phone’s browser!

If there’s one thing you hated more than lab work, it’s being partnered with someone for lab work.

And if that wasn’t enough, your partner just had to be Kang Daniel.

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Taking A Stand

The Twins & Lina

A/N: This is a piece I’ve written about Barba, his wife (reader) and their two twin daughters, Serena and Lorena. (A sort of years later sequel to Good Cop, Bad Cop). It’s longer than some of my others (word count of 3,333 to be exact!). There is mention of child pornography and mention of mild physical violence in it. I’m not sure it’s something everyone will enjoy, or even relate to, but if you’re interested, you know what to do!

“Rafael, could you drive just a little bit slower?” you said, through gritted teeth as you clutched the door handle.

Rafael had just taken a turn at a speed that wouldn’t be considered sensible by anyone’s standards. Not that your words made him slow down in any way.

“Rafael, please!” you pleaded. “It’s not going to do us any good if we die before we get the-”

You stopped talking and gasped as Rafael slammed the brakes at a red light. He gripped the steering wheel tightly and glared at the traffic light, as though it was personally conspiring against him.

“Rafi…” you started.

He looked over at you. “Are you saying that you’re not in the least bit concerned that one of our daughters was involved in a fight?” he asked incredulously.

“They said that she wasn’t hurt. And getting into a car accident isn’t going to make matters any better, are they?” you said gently.

Rafael took a deep breath and exhaled through his nostrils. You noticed that his grip on the steering wheel hadn’t lessened at all, his knuckles were still white from the pressure he was exerting. He continued to stare at the road in front of him and you laid a hand on his thigh. As the light turned green, Rafael moved the car forwards at a more reasonable speed and you relaxed back into your seat.

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little things - take this burden

More often that not, a chapter will sprout around a sentence or two that pop into my head.

Here are some with no context and in no particular order.

  • ‘I’m never playing laser tag with you assholes ever again’
  • ‘Who doesn’t like a little violence first thing in the morning?’
  • ‘Man, you talk a lot of shit for someone that doesn’t want to get stabbed’
  • ‘You know not everyone takes well to being screamed at, even when it’s nice things.’
  • ‘PLEASE tell me I hallucinated that.’
  • ‘So…did I miss the point when you became a decent human being?’
  • ‘I want it on record that my efforts to remedy your blue balls the have been turned down and I will not be held responsible in the event of your untimely death.’ 
  • ‘Two minutes. That’s all I’d need.’
  • Being caught off guard by a punch to the face will throw anyone off their game.
  • ‘Oh my god, you are SO into this.’
  • ‘If It’s too much, please tell me.’
  • ‘You’re seriously in over your head here, kiddo.’
  • ‘ If you let me, I will protect you/take care of you/keep you safe.’
  • ‘Tell me I’m better than him. Even if it’s a lie.’
  • ‘You’re pushing yourself too far. You’re going to ruin it.’
  • ‘I love you. Have I told you that today?’
  • ‘The only time I will ever hurt you is when you beg me to, on your knees, with clear instructions and safe word, followed by a warm bath, a back massage, and pleasuring you orally as long as you’ll let me.’
  • ‘Cool, man. Now say it in French.’
  • ‘I’m not going to kill you, this isn’t a movie.’
  • ‘How about you stop being such a pussy and show some backbone.’
  • ‘I see everything I’ve built reflected in your eyes and it suddenly means something’
  • ‘Oh, I don’t need him here. I just like watching him hurt people.’
Trying Too Hard (Part Five)

Summary: You try to escape the tower in order to enact your revenge. 

Warnings: Swearing

Ship: Bucky x Reader

Series Masterlist 

You stormed through the Avenger’s tower, ignoring Bucky as he yelled your name behind you. Getting revenge on Hydra was the only action that seemed reasonable to you at this point, any other purpose for living was non-existent. It’d be so easy to go back and kill all of them. You knew that building like the back of your hand, and you also knew that Hydra would rather capture you than kill you. It would be a simple task for you, as long as you avoided tranquilizers and took on men one or two at a time. 

“Jarvis, is there a helicopter anywhere?” You ask, turning the corner swiftly to continue dodging out of Bucky’s view. 

“The helipad is on the roof, Ms.” Jarvis responds immediately, seemingly unaware of what you intended to do. 

You changed your course for the stairs, you wouldn’t get caught waiting for the elevator this time. Bucky’s shouting must have alerted part of the team because soon the individual sound of Bucky’s footsteps turned into multiple pairs of boots hitting the ground. You increased your pace to a fast jog, trying to keep your footsteps as quiet as possible. Why couldn’t they just let you go? They barely even knew you. 

You didn’t even know yourself.

The door leading to the stairs came into view and you bolted, shoving the door open and flying up the stairs three at a time. 

“Shit! She’s going for the helicopter!” You hear Tony yell. You look behind you in time to see Tony flexing his arm in an outstretched motion before the door slams closed behind you. 

Shit. He’s calling the suit. 

Knowing that you wouldn’t be able to out fly him, you propelled yourself up the remaining four flights of stairs. You ran out onto the roof and spotted a silver helicopter. Shortly behind you, Bucky, Sam, Steve, and Tony burst through the door. With a sigh of relief that Jarvis wasn’t lying, you hop into the helicopter and start it up. 

The four men quickly catch up with you, and Bucky rips off the helicopter door with his metal arm. Sam grabs you and hauls you out of the helicopter. You grunt as you hit the ground, rolling onto your knees and rising up quickly. 

“Why won’t you just let me go?” You ask, looking around at all of them. 

“What you’re doing right now is reckless and stupid. You don’t really want this.” Bucky reasons, taking a step towards you. “Killing Hydra won’t solve anything.”

“You don’t know what I want! You don’t even know who I really am!” You argue. “I’m going to do this. If you try to stop me, you’re going to get hurt.”

“Is that a threat, sweetheart?” Tony asks, cocking his head and raising his palm up at you.  

“If it has to be.” You grit out, turning around and walking back towards the helicopter.

“Hey!” Steve calls out, grabbing your arm. 

You don’t resist his grip and spin around, greeting him with a punch to the face. You held in a gasp, the punch had been on instinct, but now Steve was bending over clutching his face. 

“I-just-just let me go.” You stumble over your words, climbing into the helicopter as no one does anything to stop you.

You never wanted to hurt anyone. You had never wanted to kill anyone, but Hydra had ruined that. You weren’t a super soldier like Steve, and you weren’t redeemable like Bucky. You were no one, an unrecognizable face in the crowd, yet more dangerous than both of them combined. You took off in the Helicopter, regardless of the missing door, and watched the four men on the roof grow smaller. 

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Show Me What You’ve Got

Title:  Show Me What You’ve Got

Author:  Dean’s Dirty Little Secret

Reader request: Dean x reader where they meet at a hunter bar and the reader helps Dean get out of a fight after he hustles some guys at pool? Just a lot of badassery on her part and he’s impressed by her maybe? - anon

Characters:  Dean Winchester x female reader

Word Count:  2385

Warnings:  nsfw, explicit language (Dean has a potty mouth), explicit sexual content, oral sex (male receiving), drinking, bar fight

Author’s Notes:  Written in Dean’s POV.

(gif courtesy of kendaspntwd)

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The Boy in the Bar ~ smut

Author: completedylantrash

Characters: reader x Dylan O’Brien


Word Count: 1969

Synopsis: You meet Dylan in a bar

A/N: Okay, this is inspired by this picture I saw on Instagram posted by @hollandsobrien and I almost lost my mind and this is what came out of it. It’s kinda short but I had to. I’m sorry.  LOOK AT THAT FACE! 

Cigarette smoke and bourbon. That’s all I could smell in this shit hole of a bar. I’m not complaining though. I’ve spent most of my nights in this place for the past month or so, drowning my sorrows because let’s face it…life fucking sucks.

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Scenario #14
  • You: *catches your boyfriend cheating (in a public place), a 2P is there to witness the scene*
  • 2P!America: What. A fucking. DOUCHEBAG. Hey doll, want me to beat him up for you? *grins and taps baseball bat*
  • 2P!China: Hey. He doesn't deserve you, he never did, so don't cry. He's not worth those tears; you're so much better than him. Would you like a hug?
  • 2P!England: Oh... How terrible... I'm so sorry poppet, would you like to come down to my bakery, grab some cupcakes, and throw them at him?
  • 2P!France: this is why I don't do relationships.
  • 2P!Russia: *sighs* you should have seen this coming. For example, if you were mine, I'd be keeping a very close eye on you.
  • 2P!Italy: *shakes head* And he calls himself a man? Tchh. *turns to you* Good evening beautiful, I hope you one day find someone who treats you right. Give me a call if you ever need to vent.
  • 2P!Germany: *punches him in face* that's for being a dick.
  • 2P!Japan: The number one quality in every human being is loyalty. *turns to your now ex-boyfriend* I hope your new girl dumps you later. Sayonara, Mr. Shit-fuck. *walks away*
  • 2P!Canada: *to guy* Bruh, you're terrible. *to you* Come on, I'll take you out for pancakes.
  • 2P!Romano: Oh. No. He. Didn't! *snaps fingers in z-formation* Hey girl, want me to go tell him off? *takes off scarf in preparation for screaming fest*
  • 2P!Prussia: I'm... truly sorry for what he did to you. A nice girl like you deserves the best in the world.
small world (2)

summary: she had completely forgotten all about her high school love who broke her heart multiple times. from cheating, from drinking, from lying ; they were both miserable. she thought she would never see him again until the day she started getting coffee and folding his clothes for him.

requested: yes many times im glad yall enjoy this shit story

warnings: cursing, angst(kinda idk i suck)

wc: +3.5k

**this is gonna be in 3rd person pov from now on:))
**if you see brin, brin is y/n. ty

As she stared at the boy who broke her fragile heart many years ago, she realized the small features he had changed about him. He had a lot more tattoos that peaked through his short sleeved shirt with the word “Maine” across the chest, his hair was shorter and his facial structure was so different, she could barely recognize him. His style was different and he looked different in general.

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  • I’m in orchestra you’re in band this is a scandalous romeo and juliet au
  • I run the carousel and you wont get off the fucking ride do i have to call security
  •  You’re a pirate pillaging my village and instead of you taking a valuable item you grab me what the fuck
  • You’re the hot asshole who dumped your coffee down my shirt and turns out you are my college professor
  • c h i l d h o o d f r i e n d s
  • I haven’t seen you in years and holy shit you got attractive but I also want to punch you in the face you feel me
You told me you liked it when I cried, because the tears of an angel are sweeter than the sulfur that’s stuck in the back of your throat.
We accept the love we think we deserve. We can’t change those who don’t want to be changed. But I wanted to be his saving grace. I wanted to replace the cocaine and be the new reason his heart started to race. I wanted him to punch me in the face with a fist full of love. I wanted to watch the bruises turn into flowers across my brown skin.
Now I sit and count how many days I can go without speaking to him again.
iv .
1, 2, 3, 4…dammit.
Is this the life of an addict?
I’m so afraid of ruining my art that I never take the chance to do something with my art. I’m so afraid of losing that I’d rather never feel the glory of winning. But if I never succeed, was I ever good enough to begin with?
The entries are never as long anymore. I wonder if it’s because I’m busy or because I’ve finally gotten over the ache in my chest. My mind feels foreign to me now that it’s no longer ruled by thoughts of you. It’s like my consciousness doesn’t even feel real anymore. It’s like I’m floating.
My screen lit up.
You called.
I put my head out the window of my friend’s car.
I screamed until my throat ached.
I screamed until my heart burst.
I screamed until I felt release.
My screen went black.
Wow, what a miracle.
Look, the sad girl learned how to smile.
—  SUBURBAN DIARY PT. 4 // k.m.
Unlikely Hero

Fandom: Marvel/Deadpool 

Character: Wade Wilson 

Reader Gender: Female 

Summary: When you and Wade end up in some deep shit, you didn’t expect the situation to end up how it did. 

Warnings: Swearing, Violence 

Word Count: 1844 


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He asks you out (teen wolf/only Scott, Stiles, Brett and Isaac)

Scott: You were very shy. The type that knew everyone, but no one knew. So, you obviously knew Scott McCall. You loved to observe people and Scott was the most fascinating to you. You noticed him before the bite thing, and you were enchanted by his goofy smile and dimples. You number one hope was for him to notice you, but you were pretty sure that wouldn’t happen, till that day.

“C'mon Scott, just go over there and talk to her! What will it hurt?” You heard Stiles Stilinski nagging his friend Scott McCall, your long-term crush. You kept your head down, rummaging through your locker for your Economics notebook.

“She could say no! What if I go over and she completely ignores me? Huh? What do I do then?” Scott, whisper shouting. You smiled slightly and tried to yank out the notebook from under the textbooks in the locker.

“Go you idiot!” Stiles semi-shouted. You heard a locker slam and footsteps coming your way. You finally yanked out the notebook and closed your locker.

“Hi,” you heard a voice behind your locker. You jumped slightly in surprise and looked up to see the curly hair and crooked jaw topped off with the goofy smile leaned against the locker beside yours. You heard him chuckle slightly as you looked down again, trying to sort your books nervously.

“Hi,” you said quietly, feeling compelled to do so, you looked up to see Scott’s chocolate brown eyes staring down at you, you were like a dwarf beside him, only being about 5'3 or so. Lost in his eyes, you felt one of your books drop. With his quick reflexes, he quickly reached down to catch it, bending slightly. Now he was level with your face, causing you to breathe a little faster.

“Do you think you would like to go out with me sometime?” he asked nervously, still bent down. Your mouth gaped slightly and cocked your head to the side.

“You know who I am?” you asked, confused. He smiled at you nervously again, putting your book back in your hands, he scratched the back of his neck.

“Yeah I know you (Y/N). You’re in my Economics and History class,” he said, still scratching his neck. You smiled as a small blush covered your cheeks. He let out a defeated sigh and pushed off the locker to walk away.

“Yes,” you said lightly, making him turn back to look at you. He beamed at you and grabbed your hand. He scribbled on it and winked at you before walking back to Stiles. You smiled at his back before looking at your hand. (Random Number That’s Scott’s) Call me ;) ~Scott

Isaac: You had already known Isaac since middle school. You had met in your class, but when Isaac got the bite, it was kind of like meeting the new him, and you weren’t sure if you like the cocky, arrogant Isaac.

“Hey (Y/N). What’s up babe?” you heard the familiar voice beside you in Chemistry. You turned to greet your friend, but was taken aback when you saw him. Gone was his usual hoodie sweatshirt and regular blue jeans, replace by a tight white tee, covered with a leather jacket and finished with a pair of tight dark blue jeans. Your eyes widened in shock as you looked your friend over.

“Like what you see?” he asked, making you looked up to see an unusual cocky smirk on his lips. You instantly looked away, anger starting to form as you heard him chuckle.

“What happened to you?” you asked nervously, this caused Isaac to laugh a little louder and lean on his elbows over the table.

“Nothing bad sweetheart. Why the cold shoulder? Did I embarrass you?” he asked teasingly. You looked up to notice almost all the girls in the class staring at Isaac. Seriously, you thought, he turns into a jerk and now they all think he’s hot! What the heck!

“No cold shoulder, just wondering what happened to make you an arrogant jerk,” you were shocked yourself, you were never one to insult and be a jerk to anyone, you were shy,like Isaac was ,I mean used to be. Isaac leaned back in his chair and sighed loudly.

“I’m sorry (Y/N). Just, go out with me tonight, I’m not as bad as I used to be I promise,” Isaac whispered in your ear. You looked skeptically at him and raised an eyebrow. Her quickly gave you puppy dog eyes and you couldn’t help but fall for them, it’s Isaac.

“Fine, but mess this up, I will never talk to you again,” You threatened honesty. Isaac nodded and smiled at you happily.

Stiles: You were new to town. Turns out your new neighbor was Stiles. You first met him when your mom insisted on introducing herself and you to the neighbors. You were also an only child and your dad had abandoned you when you were younger. So you and Stiles seriously hit it off.

“(Y/N)! Come on! I don’t wanna be late to school!” You heard Stiles yell from the bottom of your stairs. You rolled your eyes and grabbed you book bag before running down the stairs. When Stiles could see you his jaw dropped.

“What?” you asked, looking at your mid-thigh length black skirt, hoping it didn’t look bad with your lace tee. Stiles gulped thickly and stuttered for a while before simply motioning to the door. You laughed and grabbed Stiles’s wrist pulling him to his car. The ride to school was awkwardly silent. When he pulled into the school parking lot, he grabbed your wrist before you could get out.

“Would you consider letting me take you on a date?” he asked quickly. You smiled widely and nodded. Kissing Stiles’s cheek before jumping out of the car and walking into the school building. A blushing Stiles hot on your heels.

Brett: You were Lydia’s younger sister, and you had been apart of the pack since you first walked in on one of the pack meetings, where you were greeted by a wolfed out Liam who was being held down by Scott. From then on, Lydia and Stiles made sure you were perfectly safe even in the supernatural drama they encountered. You also grew close to Liam, who became one of your bestfriends along with Stiles and Mason. And another part of your life happened to be lacrosse games, every single one of them.

“I think I can take him,” you heard Liam say unsurely to Mason as you took your spot beside the dark skinned boy.

“Who?” you asked as you entered the conversation, just leaving Stiles who had given you the usual ‘I’m not your brother but I am practically so if anything happens tell me’ speech. He was way to overprotective in your own opinion.

“See that shirtless guy over there? That’s Brett, Liam’s archnemisis apparently,” Mason informed you. Your eyes scanned over the other team until they landed on a very attractive boy who was tightening the straps on his shoulder pads.

“Hot damn,” you whispered under your breath as your eyes took in the older boys figure. “You can take him, and then, give him, to me,” Mason said, cowering back a bit as Liam turned to glare at him. “I kinda want to punch him in the face, but I also kinda am very attracted to him,” you said, “is that weird?” Liam and Mason both turned to look at you, just as the boy in question looked up and his gaze connected with yours for a moment before he smirked and went back to putting his short back in. “Yeah,” you started, “I wanna punch him.”


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seventeen’s reaction when they need to help you out of a shirt you’re stuck in

it makes perfect sense~ thank you for requesting!!! i’m sorry it took a few days to do this request…I have two others after this one and I promise to have them uploaded soon so please anticipate!


seungcheol ~

I think that Scoups would be one of the least flustered members. He would snigger when he heard you call out from the changing room. “What do you mean you’re stuck? How could you be stuck?” After a fair amount of teasing, he’d finally walk in and help you (of course, his laughing would pick up again when he saw your arms tangled in the material). He would pull the shirt over your head slowly, savoring the moment and doing his best to control his wandering eyes. “You should really be more careful, Y/N.” 

Originally posted by d-efsoul

jeonghan ~

Jeonghan would smile to when he heard your problem, thinking to himself how cute you were to do something so silly. At first he was little happy to be put in this situation with you, but as he inched forward, his heart picked up its pace. “Are you sure you need my help? There’s no way you can get it off on your own?” After a few minutes of you assuring him there was no way you could do it without assistance, he’d take the final steps toward the curtain and step inside. He would hardly be able to look away from your bare sides and stomach as he removed the shirt, laughing nervously the whole time.

Originally posted by koraenpop

joshua ~

Josh’s eyes would widen as soon as your request set in. As much as he’d love to be able to walk in there and help you cooly, there was just no chance. This muffin would start to blush at just the sight of you. His fingers would shake as he struggled with the zipper, a little giggle escaping his lips “Oh no- I think I may have just made it worse.” You would move closer, hoping that a better view of the zipper would help him. However, it’d really have the opposite effect, the small distance between you and him making him even more nervous. “D-don’t worry, I think I’ve almost got it.”

Originally posted by pocketskies

junhui ~

Another member who wouldn’t be phased by the awkward situation. He’d poke his head into the changing room without hesitation. “It doesn’t seem that stuck… Y/N, if you wanted me to take off your shirt you could have just asked-” *queue you punching his shoulder* Jun would chuckle at you, though he knows you’re embarrassed- he secretly loves to see you blush, so he’ll tease you any chance he gets. Now, eventually, he’d get around to actually helping you. There’s no doubt that this greaseball would turn you towards him as he removed the shirt, smirking as your face becomes a new shade of red.

Originally posted by howona

soonyoung ~

We all know how much of a sweetheart our Hosh is. You sounded a little upset when you asked for his help, so he was a bit worried about you. Ignoring his legs, which were shaking pretty violently, he walked right into the changing room. “Are you okay? Don’t worry, I’ll get you out!” He’d begin to fiddle with the back of the shirt, becoming a blushing mess as soon as his fingers made contact with your bare skin. All he could think about was how pretty your hair is and how small the changing room was and if you thought he was cute…literally a million thoughts, but none of them about the task at hand. So, he’d be mindlessly messing with the shirt for the longest time with no progress before he even got close to untangling the fabric.

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

wonwoo ~

He would give off a cool and collected vibe, when really he’s anything but. “I’ll be right in, don’t worry Y/N.” He would say, staring at the closed curtains with a rapidly beating heart. He couldn’t bring himself to make a movement towards them- he figured that this would be the most he’d ever see of you, and god, that was terrifying. After you called out a second time, he decided running away wasn’t an option and entered the changing room. You would move close to him so he could have a good look at the problematic part of the shirt, feeling his pounding heart against your back. When you asked if he was okay, he’d chuckle nervously and stutter “What? Me? Yeah, I’m okay. Are you okay?”

Originally posted by satanteen17

jihoon ~

I think Woozi may just be the shyest about the whole situation. Ever since he realized he has a crush on you, he’s had a hard time figuring out how to act around you. This fiasco would be a total mystery to him- he’d be to busy internally freaking out for him to figure out what he should do to help. “Should I come in now? Are you covered up? I don’t want to you..you know-” You’d cut him off, saying it was fine and he could just come in. He’d divert his eyes to the ground (which made it a little hard to help you) and did his best to hide the blush on his cheeks as he slid the shirt over your head.

Originally posted by mountean

seokmin ~

There’s no doubt Dokyum would get a kick out of this- I mean is he ever not smiling and laughing? And I don’t think he’d be very subtle about his feelings for you, adding compliments into all his taunts. He would start to giggle as he answered you “You’re so cute, Y/N! Only you would do something so silly.” This would make you start to feel shy, saying you changed your mind and that you’d get it off yourself. He’d only start to laugh more from there, trying to assure you between giggles that he could help. “No, no- Y/N! I’ll get you out, okay? Just- let me see how bad it is!”

Originally posted by shownusgrl

mingyu ~

I think Mingyu would act totally neutral in the beginning, coming into the room to help you without teasing you (which is surprising because your relationship with him is all about making fun of each other). “Sure, just show me what the problem is.” He’d fiddle with the zipper and eventually you’d be able to slide it over your head. Before you could thank him he’d begin to giggle, “Y/N that really wasn’t that stuck, you couldn’t do that yourself?” You’d sigh and shove him out the door because oh my god he was so close to doing something without embarrassing you but he had to go and ruin it.

Originally posted by mountean

minghao ~

This little muffin would gladly agree to help you when you called out to him. However, he didn’t fully prepare himself for the scene that waited inside the dressing room. He’d step inside, opening his mouth to speak…but when he’d see your half exposed chest (because the shirt got stuck as you were lifting it over your head.) he would tense up and his cheeks would turn a bright shade of pink “M-maybe one of the girl workers should be helping you?” Though he’d eventually start to help, it would take quite a bit of coaxing on your part.

Originally posted by dokzi

seungkwan ~

When Seungkwan heard you were stuck, he’d immediately start to laugh at your expense- as he usually does. However when “Could you come help me?” left your lips, he froze. “Me? Come in there?” he gulped, his palms beginning to sweat. You’re the cutest and funniest girl he knows… what if he embarrasses himself? What if he sees some of you he shouldn’t and things get awkward? A million doubts would run through his head at that moment. “Hold on, I’ll call Y/F/N, she can help you!” He’d end up yelling to you, beginning to dial your friends number on his phone. “Y/F/N lives an hour away, just come in here!” -it’d take a while, but eventually he’d help you (and he’d blush the whole time)

Originally posted by cosmic-lala-latte

hansol ~

We all know how ‘hip hop’ Vernon is on stage- but off stage he seems easily flustered. That’s why in this case, you’d probably be the one to tease him. Unlike some of the other shy members, he’d enter the changing room without being persuaded. “Okay, it’s not too bad…this should just take a second.” Despite his shaking fingers, he’d finally be able to get the shirt untangled. You’d seize the moment saying something like, “Taking off my shirt already Hansol? Shouldn’t you take me out to dinner first?” *queue a cute little laugh and pink cheeks*

Originally posted by vernonxhoshi

chan ~

Don’t even get me started on how much of a sweetheart our Channie is. He’d really want to help you, so there would be no hesitation in his voice when he answers, “Stuck? I’ll be right in, Y/N.” However, he’d start to feel shy upon entering. He’d probably hardly look at your body as he helped, afraid he’d make you uncomfortable. Just the little glimpse he got of your undergarments would make him blush furiously. As soon as you were all settled, he’d be frantic to leave, “Well, as long as your fine! I’ll start walking back to the dorm…see you there!”

Originally posted by adoeru

“Why, Princess, are you feeling a bit bugged?”

“Why, Chat Noir, are you feeling a bit ignored?”

“After the dragon sick? Never.”

Bite me.”

“With pleasure.”

Alya clamped her teeth down on the inside of her cheek, struggling not to laugh at the look that flashed across her friend’s face. She’d had her doubts about letting anyone from Chloe’s gang join their games, but this Adrien kid was turning out to be a rare gift.

Marinette’s life long dateless streak might end just yet.

Although he might want to drop the smug look soon, or else…


“Yes, Marinette?”

“I throw a punch at Chat Noir.”


“That’ll take up your turn. Are you sure?”


Eh, what the heck.

“Roll for it.”

When the die came to a definitive halt, the only people in the room who didn’t burst into laughter were the two players in question.

Marinette looked slowly from the single skyward-facing ‘1’ to Alya, with all the gravity of a cornered predator. If you dare make this any worse… the gaze seemed to say.

Alya just grinned.

D'aw, Marinette, you really don’t know me at all.

“Gently, you caress Chat Noir’s face. A bystander wouldn’t be crazy to think the two of you had recently gotten engaged.”

Adrien, Alya was interested to note, had turned a rather pretty shade of dark pink. He had nothing on Marinette’s ruddy scarlet, but still.

Heck, Marinette’s dateless streak might well end by the end of this campaign.

Not that she appreciated it, of course. If looks could kill, Alya’s grandchildren would be feeling the pain.

Adrien, still pink, raised his hand.

“Shoot,” Alya commanded, aiming a finger gun bullet in his general direction.

“I, um, push Ladybug away.”


“Roll for it.”

He did.

The resounding laughter that ensued then was limited to chokes and giggles, but present nonetheless.

Adrien, unlike Marinette, eyed the '2’ with only mild trepidation.

Now there was someone who really didn’t know her.

“You pull Ladybug close, leaning your forehead against hers, like the sweet gesture a woman gives her husband before he goes off to war.”

Marinette and Adrien looked st one another, an indescribable something passing between the two of them.

Slowly, Marinette raised her hand, murder in her eyes.

If Alya was physically capable of making the 'u mad bro’ face, she would be.

Five more supremely (un)lucky rolls later, Alya surveyed her team with pride.

Adrien’s face was in his hands, having long surpassed Marinette’s blush and all visible skin rapidly moving towards maroon. Marinette was gritting her teeth, gripping the die in a white-knuckled fist. The rest of the party stood by, hands clamped over their mouths (Nino), shit-eating grins on their faces (Kim, Sabrina, and Rose), with obviously affected disinterest (Juleka) and/or disdain (Max).

Ladybug and Chat Noir were making out under a tree, and weren’t due to stop anytime soon.

Ah, thought Alya, it was good to be the DM.

Ladybug and Chat Noir end up married by the end of the game. Sadly, Adrien and Marinette do not XD

If I Had Been There

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam
Words: 1220
Requested by Anonymous: Trigger warning. If your requests are still open I would like to ask you if you would write another one about the reader getting raped? I know it’s a touchy subject but it really helps me to read stories like that. If you can’t or don’t want to I understand. 

Warning: If you didn’t read the request, this is about rape. If this is a trigger for you, please do not read this, or at least proceed with the knowledge.

Author’s Note: I have never been in this situation and I do not even pretend to know what it would be like or feel like. I just wanted to try and write this for my sweet anon here and I hope this does help in some way.

Originally posted by hunterchesters

          “You be careful,” Dean sighed when you headed out of the motel room. He had taken a pretty nasty beating on the last hunt and couldn’t go with you and Sam on the current one. He knew he would just slow everything down if he was there.

           “We will,” you smiled, kissing his cheek, “Just rest here. I’ll call when we’re done and heading back. Sam’s meeting me at the house, so I gotta get going.”

           “Okay,” he nodded, “I love you.”

           “I love you too,” you kissed him before turning and walking toward the door to go out to the Impala, shocked you were actually going to be allowed to drive Dean’s precious “Baby,” be he had handed over the keys to you.

           You went to get in the Impala when you felt arms wrap around you and a hand cover your mouth. Everything went black.

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Who Am I?

     How am I supposed to express how I feel, I don’t even know how to say this. The hate I feel towards myself, how every day I want to grab a knife and cut the breasts from my chest.

     How can I express my fear?

“So you think you’re a man, huh?”   “If you’re such a man then you can beat me in a fight.”

Fists hitting me in the face over and over again,

“Fucking tranny, come on take it like a man.

Punches turning into kicks against my ribs,

disgusting, you’re a freak.”

One final blow,

“you will never be a real man, never.

      The questions that I will answer till the day I die,

“So, do you still have a vagina?”     “would me dating you mean I’m a lesbian since you don’t have a dick?”     “How do you have sex?”     “How did you know you were uh, you know, that.”

The distant family that will come to visit. I can see all the stares and hear the whispers. I will have to worry about my mom having to answer all these questions because no one will want to talk to me. I will worry that my mother will get annoyed by my presence.

call me your son, please don’t be ashamed..

     Money, where am I supposed to get all this money?

I just want to feel comfortable in my own body, why do I have to pay for that?

will I ever get to?

I worry I won’t.

     I bind and I bind and I still don’t even fucking pass. I FEELgood but, then it happens. 

every fucking time i will hear it.

“Have a good day, young lady”

young lady.

You don’t even realize what you’ve done, do you? my confidence is gone

“I don’t think she’s into girls like you, or guys, or whatever you are.”

     You’re right.

who could be into me?

     No girl will ever want me, why do I even bother to hope?

Girls don’t like boys like me, I’m no boy. Even the ones who are attracted to girls don’t like me, I am no girl.

     Then what am i?     Who am I?

I can’t be Tony, not when I look in the mirror and I’m this. This isn’t a man I see.

   and I can’t be eli-

No, not her. I don’t want to be her anymore, she’s dead. Stop calling me that name, just stop. It hurts, it hurts and you don’t even understand how much.

I don’t know who i am. All I know is that I’m scared, scared that I won’t ever get to be who I am.

Don’t you understand?

     Tony, he is happy. I can’t be him when I’m not happy.

Elisabeth is hurt, hurt in so many ways. She is confused and alone. I want her to be dead, she has to be dead. Do you understand now? I want to be Tony so bad but, I can’t because Elisabeth won’t fucking die.

      What if she never dies?     What if I’m stuck?

I’m scared, I’m scared that I’m stuck and I won’t ever escape.

I just want to be Tony, please. I don’t want to be stuck anymore. Let her go, please. Please.

Subtle? No. Effective? Yes.

Just a heads up - tonight’s entry is a little graphic. If you’re easily offended, take some time to reflect on your life choices for reading this blog to begin with. If not, read on.

In my restaurant endeavors I try to be really easy to get along with. I participate in all the contests/pools, help out everybody when I can, look great in uniform, and try to be a good teammate. This helps me when I’m serving like tonight, and when I’m in my new supervisor role.

Sometimes, however, I’m an asshole on a mission. Tonight was such a night. I go up front to see if Abby (our newest hostess) needs any help. She’s nowhere to be found. This is unusual for Abby since I trained her to be busy and not useless and generally where she’s supposed to be or nearby.

I go out back, and lo and behold, there sits Abby. I ask her what’s up and she asks if she can talk to me in private. I close the door. She then tells me, on a strictly confidential not-allowed-to-say-anything basis, that Ben Dover grabbed her ass and made a comment about tapping said ass.

Those of you who have been following this blog for way too long awhile now know I don’t tolerate this sort of thing ever. Especially from that guy. But I did tell her I wouldn’t say anything.

I ask her what she’d like me to do about it. I’m pretty sure I can have his job for this. I’m certain I could have him sent home. She wants none of this - she’s new and doesn’t want to be known as “that person.” So what would you like me to do? I have no authority on nights I’m just a server - like tonight - but if I can’t say anything to management my options are pretty limited.

She asks me to talk to him. Make him understand he’s creepy and she doesn’t want him touching her.

Consider it done.

I walk out back. I see Ben Dover standing in front of his fryer. I walk up behind him, silently.

I reach under his arms with a speed best described as “fast.” I grab his man boobs (or shocking lack thereof) and crush them beneath my palms, gripping incredibly tight. I hope it hurt like a bastard. I then thrust my man bits into his ass, pinning him to the fryer.

I whisper into his ear while he struggled “Later tonight, you’ll be motorboating my ass cheeks. Sound good?” For some odd reason he said no. So I told him that was fine. He’d be too tired from taking it in the pooper. I understand.

I wanted to be as creepy and harmful as possible in as short a time as possible.

So when I let go the kitchen was about silent, aside from the laughter of my fellow servers (who happened to be all female tonight) and the stunned commentary of the other cooks (who didn’t make a move to help him, mind you.) He turned around to face his abuser, raised a fist as though he would punch me, and managed to squeak out a “the fuck?”

I told him that if he ever touched a co-worker of mine again he was out of a job. I told him he’s creepy and weird and shouldn’t be grabbing any ass in the restaurant, much less the 17 year old we just hired. The only contact he was allowed with Abby was to apologize for his behavior earlier and was otherwise restricted to restaurant business only. He should also thank her - if I would’ve had my way he’d have been fired for his conduct - but she just wanted him to understand how he made her feel. Standing there with likely bruised man-titties, freshly surprise dry humped, and weirded out by the idea of motorboating my butt - I think he got the message.

My manager thought it was hilarious when she heard about the stunt. Abby felt better. And dumbass took a moment to apologize. He didn’t really look at anybody else all night, just kind of quietly ran his fryer.

Didn’t hurt that the rest of the kitchen was calling him “Sweet Ass” the rest of the night.

Don’t fuck with my people. Now I feel dirty.

EDIT: Sweet ass just called me (I’m going to call him that from now on.) He had some vague threats about beating me up or some such thing, followed by a threat to call the cops on me for assaulting him. He had no response when I asked him what the cops would say about him groping a 17 year old. Or how it would affect his custody battle. Idiot.

Accident - Michael Clifford

It would be an understatement to say that your college life was boring. You had mostly wanted to get through the year without complications so you were either at the library, class, the canteen, or your dorm room. Now, you weren’t antisocial. You just chose to not to attend parties because you were concerned about the consequences. But your attendance, or lack there of, at parties is besides the point. You had an awkward record of socializing and you refused to continue that streak; but you didn’t really have a choice about that, did you?

You were walking to your dorm from your anatomy class when two boys had caught your attention. A boy with bright blond hair and a boy with raven hair were walking the opposite direction you were. Moving to the right to avoid collision, you could hear the blond yelling excitedly.

“-And I was so fucking close to winning! But Luke had to be a dick and shove me! Can you believe that? Like, why the fu-”


In the action of throwing his arms out in question, the tall boy had hit you in the face.

His friend burst into laughter, crouching down and holding onto his knee to keep himself steady. You hadn’t really known what to do. Your face hurt like hell, but you were in shock. All you could do was just stand there, blinking in surprise.

“Oh fuck! God, I’m soooo sorry. I didn’t mean- Calum stop laughing - I didn’t mean to hit you. Fuck,” His hands came up to inspect your face. “I really am sorry. Do you need ice? Calum if you don’t stop laughing I’m going to punch you in the dick. Don’t think I won’t.” He turned to his friend who was laying on the sidewalk pavement in a puddle of giggles whilst his hands stayed on your face.

You watched the two, still in slight shock. But when the boy turned back to you the pain really settled in and you couldn’t help the groan that came from your lips. His fingers brushed against your left eye and you winced.

“Yeah, come on. I’ll take you back to mine to get ice. Shit, I really am sorry. You can punch me as much as you want later, I promise.” He took your arm gently, pulling you and his friend, Calum, (who had managed to quiet down and stand up) the direction you assumed was his dorm.

After a short walk and a few snide comments from Calum, you were standing besides the boy unlocking the door. He took your arm, dragging you inside to see another blond pushing the buttons of a controller furiously. “Hey, Michael.” The boy glanced up at you. “And hot girl…?” And another glace. “And Calum.”

“Shut up, Luke. This is your fault!” The boy or now, Michael called out to Luke. Michael dug out a small towel and then multiple clumps of ice. He wrapped the ice around the towel and sat you on his bed, putting the pack to your left eye.

“How is it my fault?!”

“For being a sore loser!”

“Why don’t you tell him what you did?” Calum spoke up, chuckling. Michael sent him a glare. “I didn’t mean to hit her. I was just talking about how Luke pushed me and I threw my arms out and I accidentally punched he-”

“You punched her!” Luke cut off Michael.

You sat quietly, Michael’s hand still holding the ice to your eye. If it wasn’t for the pain you would have laughed at their shouting match. “I bet you don’t even know her name!” You heard Luke shout.

“Yes I do! Her name is…” He looked at you. “Y/N.” You spoke up for the first time. “Y/N.” He finished, looking at Luke with a proud look. Luke rolled his eyes, mumbling out “whatever” before returning to his game.

“You really know how to knock ‘em out, don’t ya?”

“Fuck you, Calum.”

You giggled at Calum words, your eyes (more like eye because an ice pack was pressed to one) looking over at Michael.

“Well, I’m glad you find this funny.” He mumbled, looking over at you, to which you just laughed.


It was about half an hour later when Michael took the ice pack off and let Luke (who was taking classes in medicine) inspect you. “Yeah, you’re going to have a black eye.”

You let out a small sigh and looked over at Michael. “I hope you don’t give all girls black eyes to remember you by.” His cheeks flushed pink and you stood up, collecting your things. “Well, it was nice meeting you guys, but I need to go.”

“I’ll walk you out!” Michael yelled out, grabbing your arm and walking you to the door. “So, would it be too late to ask for your number?”

You let out a laugh at his words, pulling a pen out of your bag to scribble down your number on his palm. Capping the pen you smirked up at him. “You really know how to leave an impression on a girl.”


here’s some awkward Michael for @blesshemmings , @angeliclukey , and @calumhods college!5sos blurb night :-)

“So, are we going to talk about the fact that when you died you saw me or we just going to bury that with the rest of our past?”

And Melinda figures she should have known he wouldn’t have let this go. This is the man who dragged her body, heart, and soul out of Bahrain, out of that dark cubicle, and out of every situation since.

She turns to face him and he’s grinning, smugly leaning against the doorframe of her bunk room. For a split second, she wants to see that slack-jawed look of surprise in his face again when she had confessed who she had seen at the time of her death.

“What do you wanna know?”

“Well…why me?”

And now it’s May’s turn to be slack-jawed. Why? How could he not know? It’s not her style to be particularly loquacious; would rather punch someone or roll her eyes at them.

But this has been growing between them for years and may actually require explanation. She takes a deep breath and steps forward, crowding his personal space so he can hear her.

“Because you’re Phil. Because you’re my best friend and my captain and you saved me. Over and over again. And because you let me save you.”

She feels a lump form in her throats and can hear her voice go hoarse. Phil is quiet, but his hand is now at her waist, encouraging.

“Because you are trying to keep this family together. And because,” she looks up at him and she hates that she’s teary-eyed but glad it’s Phil here to witness it. Her hand creeps up to rest against his shirt, right over the scar that runs the length of his chest.

“And because I think we’ve danced around this thing between us for so long and at the last moment of my life, I wanted to take the memory of you with me. Wherever I go.”

There’s no response to a confession like that beyond the one Phil has, tugging her closer and ducking his head to brush his lips against hers once, twice, three times.

Melinda’s hand bunches his shirt in her hands as she pulls herself up to her tiptoes, deepening the kiss, before breaking away.

They stand there, foreheads pressed together, leaning against the doorframe of her room.

“Hey, May?”

She smiles, tucking her head beneath his chin. “Yes, Phil?”

“I love you, too.”

  • Faye: lmao funny story
  • Faye: so i'm at this party at a rich dude's house last night, just drinking a lot, SUPER HAMMERED, doing my thing. and I had to go to the bathroom. so I went in, and there was this SUPER FUCKING AWESOME golden toilet. Like. made of solid gold. Incredible. but then I leave the bathroom and the guy who apparently owned the house started screaming at me like "WHY DID YOU TAKE A SHIT IN THERE YOU BITCH FUCK YOU" and I'm wondering why he's all up in my business so I pushed him and then he tried to hit me so I punched him in the face
  • Faye: anyway turns out he was mad because it wasn't a golden toilet it was a tuba and lmao long story short I'm not arrested but can u come pick me up from the police station