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A Life Less Ordinary by Jebiwonkenobi

It takes a few years but eventually they manage to agree on something; Derek Hale is an asshole, and Stiles Stilinski is in love with him.

Burn by night by thebrotherswinchester

Sheriff Stilinski has been kidnapped by Alpha werewolves. As bait. For his own son.

Cupboard Love by mklutz

He’s carefully balancing the sandwiches and the two biggest tupperware containers he could find that both had functioning lids when the front door opens and he almost drops everything right there in front of the stupid fountain.

If that’s Derek Hale, he’s definitely not a mountain man.

Daddy’s Do’s by apocryphal

“Hi Mr. Stilinski!” Lydia said pertly. “My name’s Lydia, and this is my daddy. His name is Derek Andrew Hale and he watches all of your videos on YouTube a lot, but he still can’t braid.”

[Stiles is a celebrity YouTube hairstylist. Derek may or may not have a crush. Lydia just wants a French braid for school picture day.]

Everything’s Better Under the Sea by tryslora

Everything changes when Derek goes under while surfing, hits his head on a board, and sees a man with a tail swimming away. He wants to know who that was, and what it has to do with Beacon Hills, the one place he never meant to come back to.

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When you think of something so twisted and dark that you’re gonna need jesus and you want to write it but end up not doing it cause people might judge you and think you’re mentally ill

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What are your favorite shark facts?

*screeches with glee* Alright nonnie, you have asked me the best question EVER!

Apologies for taking two days to reply to this, life was a bit hectic


Super Awesome Shark Facts


Sharks showed up 400 million years ago in the Devonian 358.9–298.9 aka “The Age of Fish” between the geological Silurian (443.8–419.2 million years ago) and the Carboniferous Periods (358.9–298.9 million years ago). By the time of the Carboniferous, we had amphibians and other small vertebrate creatures capable of crawling about on land. It’s during the Carboniferous Period that the continent of Pangaea first began to form (let that sink in for a second, the sharks were about before Pangaea even began to look like a continent, that’s how long these creatures have been about jfc). 


To date they’ve survived FIVE massive planet extinction events… ya know, those things that KILL PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET?? YEAH, THEM. We know of one that happened pretty recently in geological history; 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went bye-bye. How fucking badass is that, Jesus Christ!


There’s currently over 500 types of Shark in the ocean at present (though not for long if people don’t stop KILLING THEM! CAN YOU NOT?!??). The most famous, of course, is the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) and the Hammerhead (family: Sphyrnidae). For all that there’s a variety of Species, there are, of course, similarities in form and shape including cartilaginous skeletons (they’re literally made of the same stuff as the ridge of your nose is), enhanced electro-static senses (on their nose which is cute but also reason why if you boop them on the nose they ‘nope’ it out of the place; consider it not too dissimilar to bashing your funny bone and deciding to avoid that damned door in the future, same sort of logic tbh).


You can pet a Shark on the nose. This isn’t really a fact so much as an interesting aside that I think is cute and adorable as shit so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[The still looks scary but honestly, he’s just giving the Tiger Shark a snack lol]

[I believe these are Lemon Sharks, which are fucking cute and I would cuddle one of them to the end of my life (I don’t have self-preservation instincts tho soooo)]


You have a higher chance of dying from being attacked by hornets, wasps, bees, dogs and even a fucking coconut (if you live in Asia) than you do of being killed by a Shark. How’s that for some mad stats?


As I’ve said, Sharks have survived FIVE massive planet extinction events but, currently, 20-30% of Sharks are close to extinction because of us, humans. Commercial fishing means Sharks get caught on hooks and nets; homeopathic remedies that require parts of Sharks for them to ‘work’; and Shark Fin Soup all contribute to the decline of these amazing creatures that have lived on this planet longer than even our most distant ancestor has.


Thanks to the media and stupid ass people who think they know everything from a movie marathon of the Jaws series, people think all Sharks are man-eating monsters that want to murder anyone who dares go for a swim in the open water. Here’s the thing though, 97% of over 500 Shark species are HARMLESS to us. The ones that ARE harmful tends to be because we’re in THEIR space and fucking up THEIR shit (personally, I’d beat your ass too if you came near my home so IDK why anyone thinks Sharks are evil; they’re just animals).


The reason why so many Shark attacks happen in California and places like South Africa is simply because of the abundance of food for Sharks; Great Whites especially. Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters are all on the menu for the Great White and us pesky ass humans keep getting in their way. It’s not their fault they mistake us for food. Honest mistake.


Connected to EIGHT. Most of the time, people die from a Shark BITE but the Shark doesn’t come back for a second time (usually) because, unlike pretty much every other species that’s evolved on this planet, Sharks don’t have the opportunity to test what something is before using their teeth on it. Humans bleed out horrendously fast, especially in water, so the cause of death for most Shark attacks is blood loss and shock, not actually being eaten by a Shark.


Whale Sharks are the largest Sharks on record out of all current, living Shark species. They can be over 13 metres in length and, while they look scary considering how humans usually don’t go past 2 metres (imagine seven people stood on top of each other and you’ve got an idea of how long a Whale Shark is), Whale Sharks are the most docile creatures ever. They’re quite similar to Whales (hence the name) that live on plankton, for example the Blue Whale, and are absolutely gorgeous.


Hopefully these have been somewhat educational (while interspersed with my delightful attitude) and everyone can go on with their lives a little more aware and knowledgeable about Sharks.

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A/N here’s a Richie imagine. It’s pretty short, but I hope you guys like it! Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few days, the fair was in town and today I’ve felt like total crap! Prompt number 33 from this prompt list.

Summary: reader goes to the quarry with the Losers, and Richie jumps with her

Warnings: cursing, ofc. It’s Richie.

Richie Tozier

Just to let you know, I’m a screamer,” you said as you gazed over the cliff you were preparing to jump over, glancing over at him and noticing his smirk, to which you rolled your eyes,“not sexually, just at life in general.” You’d came with Beverly, as the two of you were friends, and Richie had asked if you wanted to jump with him (just so it’d make it easier for you to jump for the first time, not for any other reason, he’d said).

He looked at you, his smirk growing,“I can make that sexually.”

You shoved him, a noise of disgust escaping your throat. Of course, you weren’t really mad. You knew all about Richie ‘trashmouth’ Tozier, the boy who couldn’t ever keep his mouth shut. You held out a hand,“Shut up. Are you ready?” He nodded, taking your hand as the two of you backed up. He attempted to ignore the butterflies that were jumping in his stomach as you counted to three before you both run and humbled off. You screamed loudly, as promised, your hand escaping his right before you fell into the water.

Your body was engulfed in the water, and you swam upwards so you could breathe again. Taking in a large breathe, you saw Richie come up and do the same.

“Holy fuck, I think you just busted my ear drum!” Richie exclaimed, and you sent him an apologetic look,“Sorry, Richie.”

“Don’t worry about it,” he told you, adjusting his glasses as he looked to his other friends who were swimming. “Who wants to play chicken fight!” Soon enough, you were on his shoulders and trying to push Beverly off of Bill, the both of you trying to ignore whatever feelings that seemed to be growing.

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Hey!hey!heeeeeyyy!since you're really good at draw and your style is amazing. Do u hav any tips on how to find your own style?cuz I'm having a hard time rn 😧

To find your own art style takes a long time cause mine took forever smh

But here are some small 3 tips based on what I did to find my own style! ;;v;;

1. Look at various different art styles to get ideas.
My art style started off with someone’s else. I’m not very creative so I used to draw in those typical anime girls style. With those..really big eyes omfg. I usually look at anime styles cause lmao I’m a weeb.
But as you gradually keep observing and drawing you may start changing the details in your art and it will eventually become your own style.

2. Try to experiment with your drawing!!
Use those ideas and test them out. While drawing ocs, I will add or change their eyes, face structures, or anything.

Here is a example of what I usually do. I’m not very creative as you can see..but it’s something LMAO

3. Take your time and have fun!!!
Don’t make it a chore or you will get stressed! Like me rip
I did this a lot back in 2010-11 and it would bring my mood down because I just could not find my art style. So drawing became very stressful when I should be enjoying whatever I drew smh.

I’m not very good at explaining things so..I’m sorry ;;o;;

Seventeen At a Fourth of July Picnic

made this while hiding from my family at a fourth of july picnic so here you go!


- insists on manning the grill even tho he KNOWS mingyu can grill better than him
- buys fireworks in bulk from some shady firework stand beside walmart
- wears a dad cap and sunglasses around his neck like the classic American Dad™
- nearly burns the house down twice before letting mingyu take over
- decides to watch the kids set up fireworks instead
- wonders how much more fun this would be if they had a puppy


- sits on a lawn chair with his feet in the kiddie pool, sipping a homemade margarita
- watches the chaos happen with a smile on his face
- hair pulled back by a bandana
- ignores the maknae line who yell at him to get out bc they all want to swim
- sunscreen on the bridge of his nose
- splashes anyone who tries to get him to help them


- brings the snacks
- hides in the kitchen to make red white and blue sprinkles bc “guys!! i bought american flag sprinkles for sale!!! i have to use them!!”
- every time he turns around a cupcake is missing before he can put sprinkles on it and he’s so confused
- asks the china line abt it but jun just smiles like “who would do such a think??”
- he gave himself away bc his teeth were stained blue
- joshua shoos them out of the kitchen
- when he finally comes outside he’s wearing american flag swimming shorts and ugly flipflop
- makes everyone pray before mealtime
- probably makes them recite the pledge of allegiance too


- came for the food and stayed for the food
- ate all the snacks joshua and jeonghan brought and acted innocent when when confronted about it
- cue: jun w salty fingertips surrounded by chip bags
- “who me?”
- convinces minghao to steal cupcakes from shua
- china line giggling behind the counter as joshua wonders where his cupcakes went
- jeonghan made him brush his teeth bc “you look tacky”
- can’t wait for it to get dark so he can watch the fireworks


- was taking a nap in the sun until 98 line doused water over his head
- chased them around with a lighter before getting detained by joshua who gave him a safety speech
- decided to set up the fireworks instead
- eyes light up around fire
- nearly shoots a firework at seungkwan and seokmin bc they won’t stop siNGING
- votes for a bonfire but is quickly turned down


- sets up the fireworks w jihoon
- wants to go home and finish reading his book
- no one will let him
- “where’s your american spirit?!?” - joshua hong probably
- “it died with the economy.” - wonwoo, definitely
- eats all the hamburgers and leaves the other members w hotdogs
- smiles evilly as they complain


- attracts mosquitoes like no ones business
- screams and runs around to get them off
- everyone thinks he’s just dancing so they don’t get him bugspray
- joshua to the rescue!! who brings him off! bracelets and lights citronella candles everywhere
- only person jeonghan let’s in the pool
- the official dj
- plays the most annoying freedom songs ever and hides his phone so no one can turn it off


- takes over the grill after seungcheol nearly burns the yard and home down
- seungcheol: “was I not supposed to douse the grill in gasoline???”
- marinates ribs for everyone after wonwoo eats all the hamburgers out of spite
- screams in frustration when soonyoung won’t turn off proud_to_be_an_american_freedaddy_remix_mp3
- hates hotdogs with a burning passion bc he can’t do anything to them
- dodges sparklers that the 98 line and the china line are throwing around
- pretends to have to pee like twelve times just to Get Away™


- started poolside karaoke
- he and seungkwan singing their heart out to soonyoung’s freedom playlist
- invited strangers to the cookout at the grocery store before mingyu hastily shooed him away
- “we already don’t have enough food for thirteen boys why are we inviting guests??”
- “to be nice!! to spread love!!”
- bought sparklers for everyone
- which are promptly stolen by vernon in 3.67 seconds
- loves ketchup
- refused to buy relish even tho joshua put it on the list


- asked if they could shoot guns outside and whined when seungcheol said no
- “everyone else is doing it!!”
- “so if everyone else jumped off a cliff—”
- “YES”
- settles for playing with the sparklers seokmin bought inside
- lights eight of the up at the same time and spins them around the very flammable fireworks
- steals cupcakes with jun but let’s him take all the blame
- ate all the cupcakes with white icing so nothing would stain his teeth
- threatens people with sparklers when provoked
- helped wonwoo eat all of the hamburgers


- sings along to the national anthem with seokmin
- pouts when he loses
- poured water over jihoon’s head after vernon convinced him it would be a good idea
- ran as fast as he could when jihoon came at them
- takes blurry pictures of the members and calls them aesthetic
- is content with one sparkler in each hand
- freaks out when vernon accidentally burns his hand
- “it’s just a lil burn chill”
- “RIP”


- tried to rap to the national anthem but failed
- convinced seungkwan to help him pour water over jihoon’s head then left him in the dust running away
- has watermelon seed spitting contest with seungkwan and can’t get any further than three inches
- stole all of the sparklers from seokmin
- burnt himself as soon as he tried to hold a bunch in his hand like minghao
- lowkey afraid of fireworks like sparklers are all he can handle
- covers his ears when they start


- spits watermelon seeds at his hyungs
- insisted on helping jihoon and wonwoo w fireworks bc he’s grown and can do it just fine
- accidentally points the fireworks at seungcheol
- cue seungcheol at that one music show
- officially banned from helping w fireworks
- jeonghan let’s him sit in the kiddie pool bc he’s jeonghan’s baby
- gets annoyed by soonyoung’s playlist and goes on a phone hunt
- finds his phone and changes it to a michael jackson playlist
- he is officially everyone’s secret hero tho they’d never admit it

Jack: where’s the weevil?
Ianto: jumped into the bay
Jack: can weevils swim?
Ianto: apparently not. Who wants coffee?
Jack: look at the clouds,what do they look like?
Jack: they found a way to look into the very foundation of the universe itself
Ianto: they got a really big camera?

Ianto Jones being an adorable toddler on a sugar rush


Please stop Growing up :’( Your making me emotional. 

Happy 20th Birthday Harry Styles! Thank you for everything you have done to us. We will always Love you and Support you and always be by your side when you need us. 

Stay Forever young Harry. 

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Oliness on the road together and it's a really hot day so they stop to swim under a waterfall? (starts out playful then things get steamy?)

im a SUCKER for things like this omfg stop


“Alright; it’s time to break.”

Nessa, who has been dozing on and off in the circle of Oliver’s arms, becomes alert. She twists her head, body shifting precariously on the saddle, as Oliver slows his horse to a gradual stop. He smiles down at her crookedly as she wipes her hand across her dirty forehead, sweeping aside a lock of sweat-drenched hair.

“Here?” she asks. “Is that safe?”

He props one hand on his waist and raises an eyebrow at her. “Would I really put you at risk, Princess?”

She regards him with a sheepish expression and turns her face away. “No, I guess not.”

“You guess?”

He releases the reins and slides down off the saddle. Once his feet are firmly planted on the dusty road, he reaches up to her. She leans her weight into his outstretched arms easily, trusting that he’ll catch her without a shadow of doubt. He holds her briefly against his chest, her hands braced against his shoulders as if to push him away, or steady herself.

“If I remember correctly,” she says, “you were the one who put me on this horse and then broke off from the rest of the group. I have yet to judge whether or not you mean any harm by it.”

He gives her a measured look. “That group was an unsavory band of thieves, Your Highness.”

“They were gentlemen.”

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