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twelve + clara // to build a home [S10 spoilers]

Twelve remembers and meets Clara…

Onsra | Part III

(v.) – to love for the last time; a bittersweet feeling of knowing a love won’t last

Read: Part 1 | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V | Part VI

Words: 7.8K

Genre: Demon au, soon-to-have: some angst, maybe fluff, smut(?)


“Won’t you be mine instead?”

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  • eurus: i want sherlock to come to my murder maze
  • also eurus: i want to meet jim moriarty, who wants to kill my brother literal years before the murder maze plan would come to light
  • also eurus: i want to put my brother in the line of culverton smith, who will kill him as he is a serial killer, not long before he is due to come to the murder maze
  • also eurus: i will put a grenade in sherlock's flat, sure to kill him literally just before coming to the murder maze
‘Shattered’ - a Sherlolly fic

Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2017 Day 5 // First Fight

thanks to @strangelock221b for being my first beta reader ever!

               “Sherlock, this isn’t working. It’s never going to work,” Molly told him solemnly. Sherlock tried but could not hold back his tears any longer. They fell down his cheeks. They had their first big fight erupt from months of little ones.

               “Molly, please,” he begged. “Please don’t leave me.” His voice was breaking. “I know I don’t deserve you but I am trying my best.”

               “I had wanted this—us—for so long,” she continued. “It’s just not what I want anymore.”

               “Molly,” he spoke in a whisper, then his voice became stronger. “What else am I supposed to do? I’ve done everything I possibly could.”

               “It just happened all wrong, Sherlock. Just because your sister forced the words doesn’t mean this is right; doesn’t mean we are right,” Molly countered. Sherlock felt as if he had been stabbed in the heart.

               “Maybe you’re right,” Sherlock concurred.

               “I—what?” Molly asked.

               “I was a fool; I’ll never make this mistake again. Romantic entanglements are, and always will be, nothing but a joke,” Sherlock sneered. “I no longer want any part of it. I’d rather go back to who I was.”

               “Sherlock,” Molly spoke softly. “That’s not what I—“

               “No, congratulations, Molly Hooper, you are the only woman who has ever broken my heart. I assure you that I will not allow it to happen again,” he told her before turning to walk away.

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Can I have a chibs imagine where u have a thing w him while super young and gets pregnant but doesn't tell him because u don't wanna get stuck in charming and go somewhere else to study (uhh maybe law???!) and one day chibs sees her in another city and finds the child she's with really familiar?? And kind of confronts her or something?? (I just saw your Tig reunite imagine and loved it and had this idea!) kisses and I love ur blog <3

Originally posted by jaxjacksontellersoa

A/N: Don’t mind that its Jackson in the gif that I don’t own. I loved this idea so much that I had to start it ASAP before the idea left my head! I hope you enjoy it though! Also thanks for your sweet words honey ❤️ I was afraid to write for Chibs cause of the accent and dialect so please bare with me!

Warning: Fluff, Sadness and cursing?


Charming. The word hit you like a smack, the man you loved, the father of your child was moving to Charming and he wanted you to go with him and as much as you loved him you didn’t find it in your heart to be tied down to one place. “Filip I just can’t do it.. I need to finish school and get my degree and certification for being a lawyer..” you said softly walking your scar faced lover sigh as he combed through his greasy hair.

“Ay lass, I know but shite I thought ye would be this for me.” He said softly, you knew he was upset but you also knew he would understand. “I’m sort Filip I just can’t..” you said softly watching him grab his kutte kissing you on the forehead “You be safe love.” He said before walking out of you life forever, leaving you and your child alone, by your own choice.

“Who will I be defending? I want to meet them before I pick up my son.” You said rushing through the file as you followed your supervisor to meet your clients “It’s a big group (Y/N). I’m sorry but you’re honestly their best and only bet.” He said opening the door for you as you stepped in dropping your files on the table looking at your clients as your eyes skimmed everyone only one looked familiar you “(Y/N)?” He said scars still deep eyes still slick and hair still messy. “Filip.” You said surprised at the man in front of you, he was no longer the shy young man you once you.

Just as you were going to say something you were tackled into a hug from a small child “Mommy! I missed you.” Your son said causing you to rub his head “I miss you too baby, but mommy is busy working, can you wait outside for me.” You said looking down at the boy who was the spitting image of his father “Can I color?” He asked as you nodded walking towards Filip “ ‘cuse me mister, but you’re in front of my books.” Your son said pointing to the top book, Filip passed the book to him looking at your son “How old are ye lad?” He asked as you son took the book softly “Eight.” He said smiling “Thank you mister.” He nodded as he walked away from Filip.

You went over the case with the boys giving them their options and having them write their statements. As everything was finished and wrapped up the boys nodded thanking you as they took their leave from your office, everyone besides Filip “Is he mine lass?” He asked, his voice breaking as if he was near tears , you nodded your head looking down in shame “Why didn’t ye tell me? Why did ye let me just walk away?” He said grabbing your hands causing you to look at him “I couldn’t tell you.. you had already started being a prospect, I know how much the club meant to you, I didn’t want to take that away.” You said looking at him his eyes full with tears.

“Does he know anything about his da?” He asked softly “He knows who you are Filip, I’ve shown him pictures of you.” You said smiling “I never lied to him, I had no reason to be ashamed of you.” You said as your son popped up in between you both “Since daddy’s here and finished with his business trip can we go eat dinner together?” Your son asked holding Filips leg as he smiled a tear slipping “Of course lad, me, ye, your ma and all your uncles.” Filip said grabbing him picking him up as your son laughed “Yay!” He yelled hugging Filip by his neck “I love you dad.” He said softly as Filip held him closer. “I love ye too son.” He said softly grabbing you pulling you into a hug “I love ye both.” He said softly as you had now begun to cry.

I need advice...

So I’ve been trying to get ahold of my best friend all week, but my iMessages are being sent as text and she didn’t answer facebook. 

Which leads to the conclusion that the dingbat lost or broke her phone. 

But here’s the thing. I really need someone to talk to. More specifically, I need someone to talk me into doing something.

I’m done with my ex. Done. He lied and hurt me more times than I can count. And he in no way deserves my forgiveness. Nor do I want someone like that as a friend or anything else. I already have friends, and they’re the most loyal, loving people. Even if they’re clumsy and break their phones on a pretty regular basis. I don’t need or want who he’s proven himself to be. I’m forcing myself to come to terms with the fact that he is not who I loved. Maybe he never was. That person may have always been an act. I don’t know. But none of that matters now. “My Boy” is gone. And I’m moving forward. 

So here’s the thing I need convincing on.

I know it’s important to be alone. To know how to be alone and be happy with yourself. But I am happy with who I am. I love fiercely, and I try hard at everything I do. I’m a good friend, and I think a good person. I’m talented and smart and funny. And dammit I’m not afraid to say those things about myself. Even if he never thought enough of me to defend me or treat me worth a damn himself. It’s time I stop putting so much of myself into a shitty relationship and recognize that I’m a good person who deserves happiness. 

So I’ve been talking to these guys. One in particular that seems really nice. 

I haven’t gotten over my ex in the sense that my heart still misses who I thought he was, and who I’d stupidly hoped he could be. 

So is it wrong to go on a date with someone now? Should I wait until I’m completely over it? Or is it okay to try and meet someone? Maybe someone to just have fun with? Maybe someone that it could become something real with? Who knows. But is it wrong to try and go into something when I’m still hurting? Will it maybe help me move on? 

I’ve never been through a breakup that mattered before. I left my previous relationship because I was completely not feelin the guy. 

I’ve only been in love once. So I’m not sure how to move on.

But I’m ready to. 

I genuinely want to move on. 

So what do you guys think? 

This guy seems sweet. I’ve told him I’m just getting back into dating and would like to take it slow. And he said he’s perfectly okay with that, and would also be okay if we just end up friends. 

And that? That seems like a good kind of friend to have. Not someone who’s broken my heart a million times and shown so little regard for me as a person. 

Is it okay to go out with someone when I’m not sure what I want? I’ll be honest with him the whole time, I’m not someone who strings a person along hoping to get what I want and to hell with their feelings. 

But is it okay to try something casually?

Mr. Barnes

{Chapter 1} {Chapter 2} {Chapter 3} Chapter 4

Summary: Bucky makes a move after getting a bit jealous, but all turns out well!

Pairing: Bucky x fem reader

Warning: Swearing

Word count: 2123

A/N: The feedback I’ve been getting from this is super amazing and exciting and I’m so new to this and it’s already something people are making me feel welcome to. So thank you. Ngl I made it so cute at the end but I promise this isn’t the end. I have some things planned and I’m hoping they play out in story as well as they do in my head. As always requests are open and feedback is appreciated -Hannah xo

Tony let you go home early, but you still wanted to finish up and leave on a good note. Everyone had left the gym area so you went upstairs to meet Bucky who was sitting on the couch.

“Do you need anything?” You said walking into the living room with a small ice pack in your hand. He looks up at you with a soft smile “yeah, Y/N. I’m fine. Thanks.”

You walked over to him and stuck the hand with the ice pack out. “Well. I brought you this. I don’t know if it’ll help but it was worth a shot.”

He looked up at you and took the ice pack. “Thanks, Y/N.” you felt his hand brush over yours and you couldn’t help but blush. “Uh, well. Tony said he’s having a party later and he said I can go home early and get ready…” you trailed off and looked at the ground not really sure of what else to say to him.

“Oh, you’re coming to the party later?” he asked slightly surprised. “Yeah I thought it would be a good idea since I’ve only really, truly, met you, Steve, Tony, and Sam.”

He just looked at you in a slight daze. “Well. I guess I’ll see you later then?” you said quietly before taking a single step towards the door.

“Oh. Uh. Yeah. I’ll see you later.” he said very blunt. You just turned around and walked out the door trying to shake him off of your mind 

On your way out, instead of going home you went straight to the mall. You knew, regardless of if he was your ‘boss’ or not, you should make sure you look good. There are plenty of cute avengers floating around the tower. You tried to convince yourself that multiple times, but your mind only went back to Bucky.

For some reason after the small fall you had in the gym today you just knew he couldn’t be shaken off of your mind. The way he held you until you regained your balance was soft but firm. He didn’t want to let you go but you didn’t know that. 

You found the perfect dress and shoes, and even treated yourself to some makeup that paired with the ensemble. You knew tonight wasn’t going to be a flop.

 Bucky found himself sitting on the couch in the living room alone with a small ice pack pressed against his abdomen. He was in a little bit of pain but it was nothing compared to what he’s endured before.

The large purple and red bruise was evident on his skin and when the ice pack touched the skin it stung. 

He let out a small hissing noise as he sat up. Looking at the time he sighed. “fuck. she’s gonna look great and I just look like I haven’t slept in days.” he placed his head into his hands and groaned.

“Who’s gonna look great?” He spun his head to the door as Wanda was looking at him softly. “Can’t you just look into my head? Why do you have to ask?” He grumbled before looking down at the ground. 

“I’ve found that it’s the more polite thing to do, but if you must know I already do know who you’re talking about.” She walked over and sat down on the other side of the couch. “She’s really pretty, she’s a nice person, and she obviously cares.” 

“What do you mean, she obviously cares?” Bucky looked up at Wanda. “Bucky, she came up here to check on you when no one else did, she brought you an ice pack, she stayed by your side while you were on the ground with the wind knocked out of you.”

He looked at the ground and he could only think back on how you were the only one to really make sure you were okay. “You should go get ready. When she was leaving she was thinking about how excited she was to see you and impress you later.”

He looked back at Wanda. “But, I’m her boss.” She laughed and shook her head. “Tony purposely didn’t put a no relationship rule in her contract and I don’t think she knows that either.”

Bucky stood up and thanked Wanda before

heading to his room to get ready for the party.

You checked yourself out in the mirror before you left your house. The soft satin dress you bought was perfectly fitting on the top as it flared out around the hips. The skirt wasn’t too short but the length showed off your legs perfect.

You were beyond happy with how it turned out and all you had left to do was slip on your black Louboutin heels that you’ve been saving for a special occasion and headed out.

The ride back to the tower was really quick. Compared to the begrudgingly long rides into work you were excited for this and the trip seemed shorter than ever. 

You arrived at the tower and there were tons of cars parked outside. Finding a spot was hard enough while you were on your nerves. You finally squeezed into a small spot and quietly thanked yourself for buying a little car.

Bucky was looking around the room for you. The party had just kicked into full swing and before he knew it he found himself at the bar waiting for you. Drinking just to drink wasn’t really his style but he wanted to ease his nerves. Especially after what Wanda said to him earlier.

“Where’s lady Y/N?” Bucky turns to face Thor who was standing at the bar behind him. “I don’t know, she’s not really here with me.” Thor narrowed his eyes at Bucky. “But everyone has been saying that-”

“Hey, Thor there are some people over here who want to meet you.” Natasha appears next to him before he could say anymore. Silently behind Bucky’s back most of the Avengers were taking bets to see how long it would take for you and Bucky to either hook up or go out on a date. Bucky knew something was off when Natasha didn’t let Thor finish his thought. Bucky took another sip of his drink before he saw you walk in.

As you walked in the room filled with people in all different fancy dress you scanned the room for Bucky, but were soon greeted by Sam. “Damn.” he says shortly before looking at you. “Look at the new assistant looking fine as hell.” You couldn’t help but smile and blush  “Thank you Mr. Wilson.”

“Mr. Wilson? Oh no dear, that’s my father, just call me Sam.” he said with a wink before leading you into the party. He brought you around and you spent most of the time meeting people of the team you haven’t honestly met yet. You were enjoying meeting everyone, but your mind was still set on finding Bucky. “I think I’m gonna go find Mr. Barnes… do you know where he is?” you said to Sam as he shot you a weird look “Why do you call everyone Mr. or Miss?” you laughed before scanning the room for Bucky “It’s just something I’ve been accustomed to for a while now, and sometimes people prefer that. I’d rather them tell me no.” 

“Ahh, makes sense, and I don’t know where that metal armed man is.” Sam said scanning the room. “Well good luck finding him. He has a knack for finding a good place to hide.” You thanked him before searching the party, greeting and introducing yourself as you met new people. As you made your way out into the hallway F.R.I.D.A.Y spoke up. “Miss Y/L/N, are you looking for Mr. Barnes?” you laughed at how the AI already knew what you were looking for “Yeah, do you know where he is?”

“He’s out on the balcony, if you just follow this hallway it leads to the balcony that wraps around the tower.” You started heading down the hallway “Thank you.” As you walked down the hall you could only think of possible reasons he decided to stray from the party. 

You walked in and Bucky  was taken back at how stunning you looked, but before he knew it Sam had whisked you away to fully meet the rest of the team, and for a good hour or two you spent most of your time with him. He knew that you weren’t gonna spend the entire time with him but he at least expected a little time. After his second drink he started to get really angry seeing Sam be as touchy as he was with you and decided to take a breather outside on the balcony.

You made your way onto the balcony and it was a gorgeous night. The wind was blowing just enough to make the temperature a bit chilly, but almost perfect. And the stars were oddly bright i the sky considering the light pollution in the city. He was sitting on a small bench facing out to the city below him. “Hey stranger, I didn’t think you’d be out here this late.” He turned to face you when he heard your voice. “Oh, Hey Y/N.” You walked beside him “Are you saving this or can I take a seat?” you joked slightly really hoping he wasn’t. “Oh no, go ahead.” He shifted enough to make a bit more room for you. “Had enough of the party?” you asked looking out over the city. He looked over at you and looked down at the ground. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.”

You looked over at him “How’s the bruise? Does it feel any better?”

“It’s okay. Still hurts but not as bad as it did. The ice pack helped.” 

“Oh, I’m glad, I wasn’t sure if it would be or not.” you tapered off and there was a long silence. He looked up at you and he didn’t want to take anymore chances of anyone taking you away from him. As soon as you looked over at him he placed a soft hand on your cheek and brought his lips to meet yours. It was something you’ve been wanting so badly but were still so nervous to do. The kiss lasted for minutes and it was everything you could’ve ever wanted. You both finally needed air and pulled away. The look he gave you melted your heart in an instant and you both were about the same color as a tomato.

“Y/N?” he grabs your hand “We kinda already did, but do you wanna go inside and watch a movie? I already know a lot about you because of background checks and stuff but that’s all technical. I want to know the real Y/N Y/L/N.” you smiled and squeezed his hand slightly. “I’d love that, but there’s just one thing.” He gave you a puzzled look. “Do I still have to call you Mr. Barnes?” He chuckled and placed a kiss on the back of my hand before standing up. “Absolutely not, but let’s go. I can tell your cold.” 

He takes your hand and brings you back to his room. “Oh fuck.” you said realizing you don’t have anything else to change into. “What is it, doll?”

“I don’t have anything to change into.” He shrugs, and tosses you a larger sized shirt that looked almost like a t-shirt dress when you held it up. “There, now you’re all set.” you laughed as you excused yourself to the bathroom. When you came back his bed was all set up with extra pillows and blankets. You finally made eye contact with Bucky “I sleep with one blanket and a pillow, so I grabbed more.” He said sounding proud of himself as he walked over and grabbed your hand. “It’s amazing. I love it.” He placed another light kiss on your lips. “Shall we.” he motioned to the bed and before he knew it you were cuddled up calling him over.

 He turned on Jurassic Park and the two of you spent the time together talking and laughing until both of you started to doze off. “Y/N?” you look up at him from your cuddled up position on his chest. “I hope you realize you’re the first person I’ve ever felt so madly about.” You blushed as he told you this. Your eyes blinked slowly as you started to doze off. “Oh, and Bucky. I hope you realize the same for you.” Your wording was a bit goofy, but to him your sleepy voice made sense as the two of you fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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FIRE (불타오르네) - Google Translate Ver.
Google Translate | BTS (방탄소년단)
FIRE (불타오르네) - Google Translate Ver.

Google Translate singing Bangtan Boys’ “FIRE”

yoongi; remind me, please

❝when yoongi doesn’t dare to ask you out, hoseok does it for him
/because i’m about to go mia and i wanted to write something for @zeurin time to blast bye bye bye 
►1978 words / prompt: here, scenario, college!au-ish?
© (photo credit)

To say you like Min Yoongi would be an understatement because in fact, you were head over heels for the guy. You had no idea it was possible to felt this way for a person in ages when honestly speaking, it was hard to make your heart beat fast.

But the moment you had landed your eyes on him, your heart accelerated and thrashed out of your rib cage faster than you could take in another huff of air when he took your breath away.

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The Full Experience (AO3)

Summary: Castiel has no one to go to prom with so his two bestfriends Sam and Jess set him up with Sam’s older brother. Unfortunately for Castiel, he has a giant crush on Dean.

Castiel paces up and down the living room, his suit ruffled and his hair even more so. While Castiel is extremely grateful that Sam and Jess hooked him up with someone to go to prom with, he is not so much grateful that it’s Sam’s older brother, Dean Winchester.

Not only is Dean four years older and likely draw a lot of attention, but he also is the one person that Castiel has been crushing on since he first met the attractive man. 

Suddenly the doorbell rings and he’s snapped out of his daze. “Cassie, I think that one’s for you.” Gabriel says, poking his head around the corner from the kitchen. Castiel nods and nervously makes his way to the door.

“And Cassie? If you come back here, make sure to keep quiet while you lose your virginity okay?” Gabriel calls out, before ducking back into the kitchen.

Castiel blushes bright red. What a great way to start the night, Castiel thinks. He takes a deep breath and opens the door. As per usual, Dean is absolutely breathtaking except this time he’s wearing a suit and a large grin which only makes Castiel long after him even more.

“Geez, look at you, Cas. I swear I could never see what was under all those layers that you wear but now…” Dean whistles and grins even more when Castiel ducks his head, trying to hide the burn of his cheeks.

“Here, let me fix that.” Dean says, taking a step forward and readjusting his tie. 

“Oh…ah, sorry…I’m not really good at…tying ties.” Castiel finishes lamely. He cringes internally and looks away to hide his embarrassment. It’s barely been two minutes and he’s already mumbling like an idiot. It’s going to be a long night.

“Nah, don’t be sorry. C’mon let’s go.” Dean says quickly, before turning and bounding down towards the Impala where Sam and Jess are patiently waiting inside.

“Aww, aren’t you two just so cute together.” Jess says, sticking her head out the window. 

“A lot cuter than you two.” Dean quips. Castiel smiles slightly. Maybe the night won’t be so bad.

“You ready to go?” Dean asks, just after Sam and Jess start walking to the gymnasium together. Another deep breath.

“Yes?” Castiel says, and he can’t hide the uncertainty that laces his tone. However, Dean doesn’t seem to be bothered by it. He just chuckles and holds out his hand. Castiel’s eyes go wide and he promptly stares at Dean’s hand for the next five long seconds.

“C’mon, Cas. You gonna take my hand or just keep staring at it all night?” Dean asks. Castiel looks up to expect a smug grin on Dean’s face but he only finds a small, reassuring smile. Castiel reaches out and takes his hand.

As they start following the other students into the gym, Castiel finds that Dean’s hand is nice and warm compared to Castiel’s increasingly sweaty one. As soon as they find the table with his friends, he immediately drops it and wipes his hands on his pants once Dean isn’t looking.

“Well, aren’t you two just the hottest couple at the dance.” Pamela calls from across the table. 

“Nah, Pam. Cas is just making me look good. All credit goes to him.” Dean replies, slinging an arm around Castiel’s neck. I’m going to be blushing all night aren’t I, Castiel thinks to himself just as he begins to blush again.

“Do you wanna dance?” Dean asks, from where he is sitting next to Castiel at their table. The rest of Castiel’s friends have already gone off to dance and they left Dean and Castiel for over an hour to talk. It was nice getting to know Dean but he’d hoped he could avoid dancing, considering that requires touching.

“We don’t have to, Dean. It’s okay.” Castiel replies, fiddling with the cuff of his suit.

“Oh c’mon, Cas. You need to get the full experience! And dancing is definitely part of the experience.” Dean says, before standing up and hold out his hand. 

Castiel hesitates for a moment but he can’t resist the twinkle in Dean’s beautiful, green eyes. “Okay.” he responds quietly, taking Dean’s hand.

Dean leads them over to the dance floor where all the other students are swaying to a slow song. When they get there Dean let’s go of Castiel’s hand and places his own hands on either side of Castiel’s waist.

Castiel freezes, the touch of Dean’s hands on his waist rendering him motionless. Dean chuckles quietly before taking Castiel’s hands and placing them around his neck before putting his own back on Castiel’s waist.

“You alive in there, buddy?” Dean asks, pulling Castiel closer until they’re chest to chest. Castiel blushes furiously at their proximity. 

“Um, yes, I just…I don’t know how to dance.” Castiel mumbles, looking towards the floor.

“Well, this isn’t really dancing. We’re just supposed to sway. Like this.” Dean says, as he begins to sway from side to side. 

Castiel finally looks up and sees a small smile on Dean’s lips. He’s never been this close to Dean before. It’s mesmerising. 

Castiel maps out constellations in Dean’s freckles until they stop dancing.

“So, how was Dean?” Jess asks, once they’re standing beside the Impala, waiting for Dean to finish up in the men’s room.

“He was…nice. Very nice.” Castiel replies, with a small smile.

“Good. Because I told him that I’d kick his ass if he didn’t give you the full experience.” Sam says. Castiel’s heart sinks. 

The full experience. Of course. Why would he possibly think that Dean actually liked him? That Dean would take his hand, call him handsome or dance with him? Everything was obviously just because Sam told him to.

“Thank you, Sam. That’s very kind of you.” Castiel says quickly, forcing a smile onto his lip.

“Alright. So what’s happening? Am I dropping you guys off at Bela’s post party or what?” Dean says, as he saunters towards the three of them.

“I actually don’t think I’ll be going. I’m…I’m not feeling very well.” Castiel blurts out. “Would you be able to drop me home, Dean?”

“Of course. And what about you guys? Still need a lift?” Dean responds, motioning towards Sam and Jess.

“Well, if Cas isn’t going then, Jess and I might catch a ride with Pamela.” Sam says.

“Alright, well I’ll see you two delinquents later.” Dean says, as he rounds the car to get in the driver’s seat. Castiel says a quick goodbye to his friends before getting inside the Impala.

“So…you have a good night?” Dean asks, as they reach Castiel’s porch.

“Yes, it was very enjoyable. Thank you for coming with me. I really appreciate it.” Castiel replies, fiddling again with his suit cuffs.

“Good to hear. But there is one thing that you’re missing. Ya know, the kiss on the porch part.” Dean says, raising his eyebrows. Castiel ducks his head in embarrassment.

“That’s very kind of you, Dean, but it’s not necessary. I know Sam told you to give me the “full experience” but I don’t want to force you to do something that you don’t want to do.” Suddenly there’s a finger under his chin, lifting it up until blue eyes meet green. 

“Who said I didn’t want to?” Dean asks quietly, before leaning in and softly moulding their lips together. Castiel takes a moment to respond but when he does he can feel Dean smile against him. 

It’s only when they pull away that Castiel realises they’re hands are tangled together. 

“You know…it’s not really the full experience until I get your number so I can take you on a date.” Dean says, smiling down at Castiel. 

Two months later…

Sam and Jess grin from ear to ear as they watch Dean and Castiel all curled up on the couch together, their fingers interlaced and their lips occasionally finding each other. Plan C: The Full Experience proved successful.

Before a POT date!

So I’m reading these posts and don’t understand how girls go on so many pot dates and waste time. Any guy who is serious about an arrangement won’t want to waste his own time. What that means, is that he will establish whether or not it is worth his while to even meet you. You should be doing the same.

Things to figure out before you even consider meeting anyone.

Schedules and number of meets actually work for you. Meeting 4 times a month and 12 times a month makes a big difference in terms of commitment.

Allowance range that your POT is considering. Now I’ve talked to so many girls who don’t understand math very well. Meaning if u meet once a month or 10 times a month, they want 5000 dollars. It doesn’t really make sense when you give this feeling to guys. I know ur looking for a certain amount but be reasonable.

Share multiple pictures with each other. Best to figure all this out before you meet. Why hide anything when he will find out when u meet? For me, 99.99% of the people I meet, I will have spoke on the phone with first. Talking to someone on the phone will give you an idea of the type of person who you are dealing with. If you don’t know how to figure it out, ask questions. Ask questions about his previous arrangements to gage what he is comfortable with. If you are looking for platonic, let him know now. If u don’t, then u are just wasting time. I think if you figure out compatibility first before meeting, you won’t waste as much time. Successful sugar daddies who are real are people who get shit done. Are straight to the point and don’t like to waste time. That’s why they are looking for an arrangement. They want something clear and concise. Something simple. If they don’t portray that right from the get go then he just wants to fuck u for free or for 200. When they ask about intimacy, it’s a valid concern. Let’s be real. It’s what they want. Just say you are ok with it once an arrangement and level of comfort has been established. Don’t push this away and say shit like, “ I don’t want to be treated like a whore” (I’ve heard this line so many times) Figure all ur shit out before meeting. Anyone who doesn’t want to talk about allowance before meeting is 90% looking to have sex with you without an allowance. It just doesn’t make sense if they don’t want to discuss. If I’m worried about value, I would still give a broad range of what I’m comfortable with. Something to think about. 😁

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What make a wish?

A few days ago Blake granted a Make A Wish for a little girl who wanted to meet him. It was suppose to happen before or after the ECU concert which has now been cancelled. He wouldn’t have scheduled it if he had known they were going to cancel, so whatever happened seemed at the last minute.

- B


“Are you sure you want to stay?” Your mother asked once more, petting your head lightly.

“I’m sure, eomma.” You nodded, “I’m happy here—um—not that I’m not happy back at home.”

“I understand,” She sighed sadly, “It’s that boy, right? Aish! Two of my daughters leaving home for some boy—what luck?”

“If things don’t work out-”

“Appa, please don’t jinx it.” You frowned, looking up at him with big eyes as you lifted your little sister’s bag in the car.

“I just wanted you to know you can come back home,”

“I’ve heard it enough times with (Older/Sister’s/Name), you constantly reminded her of it. Although, look at her now: she’s living a good life with her family.”

“I remember it like it was yesterday,” He placed his hand on his forehead, “She was asking if she could bring this man home for the holiday—remember? When I almost protested, your mother grabbed the phone and said yes.”

“That’s because if you wouldn’t have said yes, she probably wouldn’t have come and would be heartbroken. They’ve been married for years now, and he doesn’t think you don’t like him—which he would’ve if you gave the answer you wanted.” She walked to your family car, putting the children inside and buckling them up.

“He’s fine, I guess.” Your father shrugged.

“(Dad’s/ Name)!” Your mother slapped his arm, “He is your son-in-law—father of your grandchildren!”

“No one is good for my daughters—not even the most loyal man in the world.” He defended himself, “(Y/N)’s case is no different.”

“Appa, I know that I’m not home but (O/S/N) is living in a different country.” You crossed you arms over your chest, “Don’t you think you’re being a little extravagant? Plus, I’m with family.” You put your hand out to Hoseok’s parents house behind you.

“That’s right, they’ll take good care of her. Not only will she be able to spend time with—what’s his name—Yoongi, but she’ll be with Hoseok and her relatives she doesn’t see often.”

“Appa~” You breathed, looking behind him across the street at the pale boy who began his way towards you. “I want you to meet him before you go..”

“He’s here?” He turned around just as Yoongi was in the middle of the road. “Another one of those kids..” He grumbled.

“He’s cute!” Your mother squealed, “You picked a good one, (Y/N)!”

“He’s in the same group as Hoseok,”

“Good.” Your father turned around, “That way he’ll kick his a-” Your mother cleared her throat, moving her head towards the open car door with your siblings inside. “He won’t let it slid if he hurts you, and he’ll keep a good eye on you two.”

“He’s coming—ooh, look at his skin!” Your mother giggled as he inched closer.

He squinted slightly as the sun went into his eyes, keeping his hands in his pockets. “Um,” You nervously fixed your shirt, “This is Yoongi..” You grabbed his arm.

“Hello, sir.” He held his hand out.

“Hello, Yoongi..” He shook his hand, intensely staring at him in the eyes.

“Appa..” You tore his hand away from Yoongi’s as he tightened his grip.

“This is Yoongi, eomma.” You introduced them.

“Hello! I’m her mother—(Mom’s/Name).” She shook his hand normally, but quite excitedly.

“Hello, (M/N).” He shook her hand back, then put it back in his pocket.

“You are so cute! Argh, look at him (Dad’s/Name)!” She said, pinching his cheeks and catching him off guard.

He laughed lightly, “Thank you.”

“So after three and a half months of dating my daughter, you want her to stay with you?” Your father said slowly.

“Actually, it wasn’t my idea for her to stay—but of course, if she wants to she can. I won’t tell her not to, because the truth is I like your daughter a lot.” Yoongi answered.

“Do I get your promise you will treat her with the utmost respect a young woman like her deserves?” He stood up as straight as he could, looking down at Yoongi in hopes of intimidating him.

“Yes, sir. It’s what I’ve been doing since Hoseok introduced her to us all, and I won’t stop just because you leave. She’ll get respect, and much more from me—I promise you. I wouldn’t dream of doing any different,” He stood up straight as well, looking up at his face and into his eyes with cunning confidence.

Your father raised his eyebrow, “I’m finding that hard to believe, Yoongi.”

“Ah, well I’m not just some pabo.” He retorted, “I’m someone who genuinely cares about your daughter, sir.” He added the ‘sir’ part a little more challenging for your liking.

“I’ll take good care of her; she’s in good hands.” Hoseok said behind you two, putting his hands on a ticking-time-bomb Yoongi.

“I trust you will.”

“Yoongi would as well, but he’s a little worked up right now. You have to forgive him—he’s a bit of a hothead.” He patted his shoulder roughly, making his eye twitch slightly as he tried to look away from your father.

“I-I’m sorry..” He said through gritted teeth, “But when someone second guessing my feelings toward someone I have strong feelings for—which I’ve stated—it gets me angered easily. I said I’ll take care of her; me. Hoseok can say it as much as he’d like, but he isn’t going to be with us all the time. For that time being, I’ll take care of her—and I won’t leave until you’ve said you’re fine with me.”

“Won’t leave?” Your father scoffed, “You’re a stubborn little boy, aren’t you?”

“I’m a man—not a boy!” He yelled, clenching his fists. “I’m man enough to take care of your daughter, and I’m man enough to fight anyone who even dares to look at her the wrong way!”

Your father took a step back, raising his eyebrow yet again. A smirk spread across his face, “Her older sister’s husband is much older than you, and you can take care of (Y/N) better than he can take care of my her. I like your temper—it makes me believe you’ll fight for her. You’re more of a man than her sister’s husband is, in fact. If you keep your word, you’ll have a place at our home.” His hand patted his back, “I’ll be waiting for the follow up on you, Yoongi. You treat my daughter right, and I’ll treat you fairly.”

Yoongi was a little surprised, opening and closing his mouth a couple times being caught up in what just happened. “You just did that to rile me up, then? To see how I would react if there were to be a time where another person would actually try to do something to (Y/N)?”

“It was a little malicious of me—I admit—but yes.” He spoke, “I need to know you’re serious—about her, and what you were saying.”

“I am serious about what I said—I protect what’s mine. I’m also serious about her—she’s someone I want to spend a long time with, and she has the potential of a wife.”

“Ooh, he might propose (D/N)! Can you imagine what beautiful children they’ll have?” She jumped, holding onto your father’s arm as he stood still as a statue.

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Yoongi. I said you have permission to date her, I never said anything about marriage.”

“I know, sir. I can’t help but to think about it when I see her, as well as that I’ve never felt this attracted to someone on such a short notice. Everything about her intrigues me, and from these months I’ve learned more and more about her.”

Your father took a deep breath, and groaned. “As far as I’m concerned, she will be provided with undivided happiness and care—correct?”

“Of course,” Yoongi closed his eyes for longer than a normal blink as a response as well.

Your mother finally breathed, and placed her hand on her chest. “I thought this was going a different way,”

“(M/N), do you think we can stay just a little while longer? I want to be able to have dinner with him, and talk more—man to man.” He smiled at Yoongi when he said 'man’.

“Are you saying you want to spend another night just to speak to the boy—erm—man?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” He held his hands together in front of him, “Although, I’d like to think I’ll give you a test beforehand.”


“Yoongi, I want you to show (Y/N) a good time; to the park, to shops—wherever you may please.” Just when Yoongi was about to speak he raised his index finger up, “With (Younger/Sister’s/Name), and (Younger/Brother’s/Name)—her siblings.” He pointed to the car. (Y/S/N) had a sippy-cup, and (Y/B/N) was swinging his feet as entertainment as he looked at them.

“Oh, she’s told me quite a bit about them.” Yoongi nodded.

“I’m gonna go inside,” Hoseok yawned, walking back into his house. “Would you like me to bring anything in?” He offered.

“Oh no, I think we’ll keep everything packed up.” Your mother waved him off, “Tell your parents we will be staying just one more night, and I’ll be right inside to help your mother with whatever she needs.”

“Yes, (M/N).” He walked off.

“(Y/S/N), you and (Y/B/N) are going on a little fun day with (Y/N) and Yoongi.” Your mother said, taking them out of their car seats.

“Yoongi!” (Y/S/N) chirped, raising her arms in the air—her cat doll in hand. She ran over to him, smiling widely as she collided with his legs. She embraced his legs tightly, “Yoongi, Yoongi!” She repeated.

“You’re (Y/S/N), huh?” He ruffled her hair lightly, making her puff her cheeks out.

“Mhm!” She nodded happily.

“She looks like (Y/N),” Yoongi chuckled, as you picked her up.

“Doesn’t she? Her older sister and her look alike, as well. She’s a mixture of us both, but they mostly take over their mother; don’t you think?” Your father told Yoongi.

Yoongi turned to look at your mother as your brother walked over to you two, “They do.”

“He looks like me,” Your father poked your brother’s head.

“He does as well,” Yoongi nodded.

“Well, we’ll be here all day. I’ll tell you when to come back, and I’ll tell you where we’re going for dinner and everything. (Y/N), don’t worry about not having enough time to get ready either—I’ll call with enough time for a shower and everything.”

“Thank you, appa.” You said, putting (Y/S/N) on your hip.

“You can make it to dinner, can’t you?” He asked Yoongi.

“I’ll be ready whenever you say,”

“Good. Well, you should get on your way then.”

//At Park For A While//

“Yoongi!” Your sister raised her hands in a grabbing motion up to him.

“Ah, (Y/S/N)~” He breathed a laugh, “Do you like me or something?” He poked her nose, picking her up.

“Yoongi, I wanna play basketball.” (Y/B/N) pointed at the court.

“Basketball?” He shot his head up, “Do you know how or would you like me to teach you?”

“I kind of know,” He said, throwing his ice cream wrapper in the garbage.

“How about we play—one on one? The girls could keep score, and maybe be our cheerleaders.” He offered, handing your sister to you.

“Yeah!” Your brother hopped, “Come on!” He ran to the hoops.

“You think I’m doing a good job with them?” Yoongi asked close to your ear, wrapping his arm around your waist.

“A very good job.” You giggled as he began leaving little kisses on your cheek.

“You keep score, and cheer loud for us.” He told (Y/S/N), playing with her cheek. She smiled while nodding, and grabbed his finger. “Really loud,” He laughed, “Yoongi!” He showed her, raising his hands high and jumping. “Do you think you can do that?”

“Yeah!” She cheered.

“Good job.” He smiled, then pecked your lips lovingly before going over to your brother who was already attempting shots.

“Do you like him?” You asked your sister as you slowly walked over to the benches the park provided.

“He’s nice,” She said, “I like him.”

“It helps if you jump a little,” Yoongi told your brother, doing the stance to shoot as if he had a ball. “Then do this.” He acted out shooting the ball in the net.

“Like this?” Your brother tried, but shot the ball. It made it in, and his eyes flashed with surprise. “Omo, it worked!”

“See? You’re getting better already,” He caught it, giving it back to him. “Wanna learn more?”

“Sure.” He nodded, giving him the ball so he could demonstrate the moves.

You sat, putting (Y/S/N) on your lap as you watched on. Once Yoongi taught him a few more things about the game and some moves, they began their actual game. Of course, Yoongi was letting (Y/B/N) win with occasional pausing to give him a better way of doing things. Your sister clapped on as she cheered for her older brother, and you cheered your boyfriend on. “(Y/B/N)-ah!” Your sister clapped while bouncing.

“Yoongi!” You laughed, knowing how odd this sounded and looked to the passing people.

Yoongi held his knees, “I wasn’t expecting to play today, I need some water.”

“I don’t.” Your brother smiled proudly.

“(Y/N), I’ll be back—I need a water break.”

“I wanna go!” Your sister climbed off of your lap, running to him with her hands up yet again.

He gave a tired laugh, and picked her up as she wished. “Are you sure you don’t need water, (Y/B/N)? I think you should get at least a sip,” You stood up, brushing his sweaty hair.

“Okay.” He panted, beginning to walk away. You followed as he also ran beside Yoongi, not wanting to miss a moment he could spend with him. You watched the back of the three people you adore: Yoongi carrying your sister, and having his arm around your brother. You smiled to yourself when you noticed just how much they actually liked him so soon—remembering how he did the same to you.

“Jagi!” Yoongi called, looking over his shoulder. “Walk faster,” He held his hand out as he stopped completely to wait for you.

“You’re so sweaty,” You faked your disgust, putting his arm around you.

“You know you don’t care,” He tightened his hold on you.

“Ew, gross.” (Y/B/N) gagged.

“I know right? She’s a girl—so icky.” Yoongi played along, pressing his cheek against yours.

“Then why are you still touching her?” Your brother smartly replied.

“Because I like her,” Yoongi shrugged, “You’ll understand when you’re older about how you’ll like girls.”

“Can I get water?” Your sister tapped Yoongi’s shoulder.

“If you’d like,” You got to the water fountain, the children went first and you watched your brother dash back to the court. “Here.” Yoongi looked around, then down to your sister drinking some water. He held your hips tightly, kissing you passionately. “That’s for not being able to do that all day, got it? I doubt I’ll get to see you after dinner tonight so I won’t be able to get dessert,” He smirked, bringing you closer to him. “But that doesn’t mean you can’t get a little something now. It’s the least I can do with them around,”

Right now, you were hoping for 'dessert’ now that he mentioned it. “Unfortunately,” You frowned, “I wish we could, though.” You pecked his nose as he cringed.

“Don’t do that,” He let you go, walked over the the water.

You watched your brother dribbling the basketball, and making shots. “(Y/N), his shoe is untied.” Your sister rugged on your hand.

“I’ll tell him to tie it when we get over there,” You told her, putting her on your hip as Yoongi stood up and wiped his mouth.

“What time is it?” He asked.

“It’s 5:00,” You checked your phone, “I think my dad should call at any moment.”

“Wow, we spent all day at the park.”

“Yah, he fell!” Your sister shouted pointing in your brother’s direction.

“I’ll go see if he’s alright; it looks like he is, though.” Yoongi started for the basketball court. He jogged over to him, kneeling down and taking a look at his knee. He told him something, ruffled his hair as he stood, and gave him a high-five. In a matter of seconds, his pained face hardened and it seemed as if he ignored it. Yoongi smiled at him as he started running around after him again.

Your phone vibrated and you answered, “Hello?”

“It’s time to come back home—we’re going somewhere pretty formal, by the way. That means Yoongi has to wear a nice pair of pants, and at least a dress shirt. I’ll ask the kids how well you two were, and how he treated them. Hurry home to take a shower, and do your makeup.” Your father gave you a mouth full.

“Alright. I’ll be home in a bit,” You started to walk to the boys, “Bye, appa.”

“Bye, (Y/N).” He said before hanging up.

“We’re going home?” Your sister asked.


“Aw,” She pouted.

“You’ll see Yoongi, Hoseok, and I again soon enough, okay?” You kissed her cheek lightly. She sighed, and rested her head on your shoulder as she held you.

Yoongi and your brother were laughing as they tried to push each other away, and block any shots from happening. “Is it time to go?” (Y/B/N) asked, seeing as (Y/S/N) was sniffling and beginning to cry.

“Yeah; have to get you back.” You rubbed her back soothingly to try and calm her down.

“Hey,” Yoongi said softly, touching her back with his fingertips. “Don’t cry, (Y/S/N)—there’s no reason to.”

“But I’ll miss you,” She said in between gasps for breath through her sobbing.

“It’s okay.” He rubbed her back slightly, “Why don’t we get going? I know you’ll need some time to get ready, right?”

“I’ll need some time, yeah.” You nodded.

//At Dinner//

You spent quite a while getting ready: doing your makeup differently, doing your hair differently, and picking out something nice to wear. Hoseok was watching some movie with the kids in the living room, and almost choked on his popcorn when he saw you—asking you if your dress was too provocative. Your parents saw nothing wrong with it—or didn’t want to say anything, so they let it pass. You were fiddling with the silverware on the table, looking at your reflection in them.

Your mother gasped, “He looks so different..”

“At least he cleans up nicely,” Your father said unimpressed.

You turned to where your parents gaze fell: Yoongi. Not just Yoongi, though—not the normal him. He was dressed proper: a suit. He looked pretty sexy, and you bit your finger as your eyes scanned his body fully. He walked confidently to the table, locking eyes with you while smirking as he saw the amazement in your eyes. “Hello.” He waved to your parents politely, “It’s nice to see you again.” He shook their hands.

“You look wonderful, Yoongi.” Your mother praised him.

“It’s nice to see you out of what all the kids are wearing these days..” Was all your father said, trying not to give him too much of a compliment.

“Thank you.” He smiled.

“Aren’t you going to say anything about how he looks, (Y/N)?” Your mother questioned, “He is your boyfriend,” She added emphasis on 'is’.

“Go ahead.” Your father motioned to him sitting beside you.

You turned your head slowly, “You look very handsome..” You said lowly, avoiding eye contact and scratching the back of your head.

“You look very beautiful tonight, as well.” He said back, almost mocking you.

Your parents spoke to Yoongi about many things—from where he’s from, how he likes making music, how he feels about certain topics, the day you spent together, and his plans for the future. All the while, you couldn’t keep your eyes off of him. His eyes were focused, and he was interested in what your family’s input was on his life and how he felt. Just as your food came, he quickly checked his phone and was typing something. He locked it, and scooted his chair in. While you fixed your hair and were about to pick up your fork, you felt your phone go off in between your thighs.

Yoongi: Can you stop making it so obvious?

You scrunched up your face, and send him a text back.

You: Make what obvious?

You set your phone down in between your legs, and began eating. Your parents carried on their own conversation about when they’d return home, and what they’ll do when they get home.

Yoongi: That you think I’m hot in this.

You scoffed, looking at him from the corner of your eye. He noticed this, and stuck his tongue out from the side of his mouth while winking. “Stop~” You looked away.

Yoongi: You look pretty damn hot in that. All for me?~

You tried to eat and not pay attention to the various texts he sent you, staring at you as you didn’t even flinch for the phone. He got a bit annoyed, and ate rather than bother you. “This is really good.”

“Is it?” You asked, trying to act cool and collective—also not trying to raise suspicion.

“Would you like some?” He offered you.

“I think my earring fell,” Your mother sighed, “Can you help me find it, (D/N)?”

“Of course, yeobo.” They both looked around for it.

“Well, don’t you want a taste?” Yoongi smugly asked, pulling your chair extremely close to his. “Open wide~” He held the side of your face. You furrowed your eyebrows as you opened your mouth, “Good jagi,” He told you as if you were a child, brushing the bottom of your chin slowly. “You know, I think your dish looks pretty good too.”

“Do you want some?” You picked up your fork, putting it to his lips.

“Why not?” He smiled innocently. He opened his mouth as you fed him. “That is good, jagi.” He said while his mouth was full. You quickly pecked his lips, sitting upright as your parents did so as well.

“I think I need to stop wearing this pair,” Your mother groaned, putting that one back on.

“You can always try to find other ones similar to those?” Your father suggested.

“Maybe I’ll be able to find some.” She shrugged, continuing to eat.

When you finished your father and Yoongi were telling jokes, and getting aquatinted more by the minute. You felt it eating away at you that you couldn’t even look at Yoongi, because as soon as you did it was game over—you couldn’t fight the urge to stare without lust showing. About the time he held your hand on top of the table to show he truly did care about you to your father, you smiled sweetly at them but put your hand back. You figured since you were close because of his little display of affection, you might as well just reach over to his side; the table cloth would cover anything anyway. Your hand found his lap, and you placed your hand on his flaccid member. He slightly tensed up, readjusting himself by sitting up taller and clearing his throat. He talked to your father, slowly putting your hand back on your lap instead. You waited until they were laughing again to do it, but he didn’t do a thing after the second time. This time, he wasn’t so limp. He was hardening by the second just under your touch.

“Did you want the bill now?” The waiter asked.

Yoongi whispered in you ear huskily, “Keep your hands to yourself, (Y/N). You won’t like what happens next if you don’t listen to your oppa,” He grabbed a handful of your thigh, squeezing tightly.

“You can’t do anything to me anyway, I have to stay home tonight.” You responded.

He groaned, and let your leg go—knowing that if he kept this going he was bound to be aching in the end. “Shit.” He said under his breath, lowering his head.

“It seems like you’ll take good care of her here,” Your father breathed, paying for your meals. “I’m trusting you with her, and if she tells me anything about you giving her any kind of trouble I will come after you. If you don’t and it’s only good things when I call, I’ll decide if I want you around my family again. Is that clear, Yoongi?”

“Yes, sir. I’ll keep her out of trouble, and take care of her for you.” He put his arm around you, pulling you in closer to his side.

“Another thing,” He straightened his shirt out, “Don’t have sex with her. She’s too innocent for any of that, okay? If I ever find out you’re doing those things to my daughter, I’ll have your head.” He smiled as if nothing was wrong, “It was a pleasure getting to know you.”

Yoongi swallowed hard, “It was a pleasure getting to know you, as well.” He stood up to shake his hand.

“Um, ignore him—he’s just really over protective.” Your mother nervously laughed, “You seem like you really like her, and I like you too. I think you’ll be just fine together,”

“I like both of you,” He smiled, shaking her hand. “You’re really loving parents,”

“Oh, well thank you.” She shook his hand back.

You crept your hand in his as you walked out of the restaurant, “You did really well.” You smiled, kissing his cheek.

“And you did nothing but think about how you’d get this off me, didn’t you?” He laughed lightly, kissing you back.

“Not entirely,” You bit your lip, “I wanna see you tomorrow though, maybe a fancy dinner again? Just to see you in this,” You played with his tie.

“Ah, you’d like that wouldn’t you?” He put his arm around you, trying to protect you from the cool air that’s now hitting your skin.

“Why else would I be asking?” You stopped waking, holding his coat as you smoothed it out.

“You really look beautiful tonight,” He held your hips.

“You really look handsome,” You held his neck.

“Are you staying here, love birds?” Your mother giggled.

“Get in the car, (Y/N). What did I say, Yoongi? I don’t want to be a grandfather of more children—especially since you’re not married.”

“See you tomorrow?” He raised his eyebrow, while smiling. “Dinner, or would you like to spend the day at the dorm? Maybe watch us dance?” He got closer to you, pressing your bodies together.

“Anything you’d like,” You put your arms on his shoulders.

“Dinner, and dessert? Maybe a movie at the dorm after the practice? I’m fine with whatever,” He looked down, pecking your lips tenderly—loving the feeling of your lips moving together. “It’s a date?” He chuckled.

“It’s a date.” You confirmed.

“(Y/N)-ah, we don’t have all night!” Your mother yelled.

“I gotta go,” You pulled away.

“I’ll call you later.” He waved, walking backwards as he kept looking at you. You waved as well, looking over your shoulder as you wiggled your fingers.

“It’s about time.” Your father rolled his eyes. “He seems to like you a little too much..”

“I think he likes me just enough,” You glanced back at him still watching you with a his gummy smile plastered on his face.

The Other Winchester ~ Part 25 ~ Angry Love

Originally posted by iheartswagdouble

Warnings: Arguing, Reunions, Smut

PAirings: Bucky X Reader

Word Count: 3267



Reader’s POV

The whole way back to the bunker I watched in awe as Wade talked and played with the girls. Becky sat next to me her eyes focused on something outside and her leg bouncing up and down wildly in nervousness. I smile at her before I turn back to watch the little girls play. They ranged from about six to thirteen. Dean wouldn’t be too happy about me bringing all these girls into the bunker but he would get over it, or at least live with it until I found a place for them all to live happily.

“Alright guys I gotta land the jet,” Wade calls out and the girls whine in dislike. I roll my eyes as he looks back and forth between them and the controls deciding whether or not to continue playing with them or land the jet.

“I got it Wade,” I say as I jump to my feet and head toward the controls.

“Thanks (Name),” He says as he reaches down and lifts a little girl with curly black hair and dark skin into his arms. Taking a deep breath I sit in the pilot seat and gently land the jet in a grassy plain a few hundred feet from the door of the bunker. I sit there for a moment before everyone walks out of the bunker making my heart clench. 

This is gonna suck.

“Come on girls,” I say as I climb out of the pilot’s chair and walk toward the off ramp. Walking off the ramp I catch a glimpse of Bucky looking at me and I avoid my eyes. I didn’t want to feel anything for him at the moment. I turn back to the jet right as the girls start piling off it. “Leave it to (Name) to go to Russia to kill everyone and bring back a herd of girls.” Dean says and I roll my eyes.

“I can hear you asshole!” I yell back to him and he smirks closing the distance between us and wrapping his arms around me. I smile into his chest as I hug him back.

“Okay, so who all do we have here?” He asks as he pulls away and I smile.

“These are the girls that I saved from the red room.”

“Okay, are you guy’s hungry?” Dean asks and they all nod enthusiastically.

“Oh I’m hungry too!” Wade cries out as he jumps up and down and I roll my eyes.

“Then come on!” Dean yells as he motions for them all to follow him into the bunker, which they all happily do, including Wade. I look over to see Sam smiling at me and I give him a nod before him and Clint follow after the plethora of girls. Natasha, Steve, and Bucky remain outside waiting for me to come over to them. This wasn’t gonna be pretty. 

“Mom?” I hear Becky say and I am instantly pulled from their faces to hers as she slowly walks down the ramp to me.

“Come on, there’s some people I want you to meet.” I say as I hold my hand out to her. Taking it she nods and then follows me over to the waiting trio.

When we reach them I see the look of realization fill Nat’s eyes and I nod when her eyes find mine. “Natasha, Steve, this is Rebecca; my daughter.” Natasha instantly wraps her arms around the young girl and pulls her into a tight hug which Becky happily returns. Steve stares wide eyed at us for a moment before his eyes move to Bucky who is staring wide eyed at Becky. 

As if sensing the mood Steve grabs Nat’s shoulder and says, “Come on Nat, I think there’s someone who wants to meet her too.” Nat looks from Becky to Bucky before she nods and giving Becky a quick smile lets her go and walks inside with Steve following closely behind her.

When the three of us are alone I take a deep breath before saying, “Becky, this is your father; Bucky.”

“Bucky?” She says as a slight smile covers her lips.

“Sounds like Becky,” He says offering her a reassuring smile. I could tell he didn’t know what to do or even think about this situation but he was trying.

“It does,” She says rubbing her shoulders. She looks over and seeing his metal arm says, “You’re the Winter Soldier?”

“Uh,” He follows her gaze to his arm before he says, “Yeah,”

“My mom is a Black Widow and my father is the Winter Soldier?” She asks and I smirk.

“You sound impressed.” I say and she nods.

“Can I-can I hug you?” She asks him and he gulps down a breath of air before he nods. Then like lightning she is on him her arms wrapped tightly around his waist. He freezes for a moment unsure how to respond until something takes over and he wraps his arms tightly around Becky’s small frame and holds her tightly. Tears fill his eyes as he grips tighter to her as if she would disappear if he let go. The Scene made my heart clench in my chest. I reach up to rub where my heart was but felt the file and my happy emotions fade. My mission wasn’t over. I still had one thing left to do.

“I knew you’d find me someday,” I hear Becky say and I feel tears fill my eyes. “I never gave up hope.”

“It’s okay,” Bucky says as he gently rubs her back. He looks up at me and I stare at him with a forlorn look, my eyes sad. Bucky needed this, he needed someone who loved him unconditionally and Becky was that person. She would take care of him. “Why don’t you give your mom and me, a minute alone?” He says making me raise an eyebrow at him. The last time I had been alone with him he had wanted me dead.

“Okay, I’ll be inside with the others,” Becky says reluctantly before pulling from Bucky and heading inside. As the door closes behind her he says, “You’re not leaving,”

“Oh really?” I ask folding my arms over my chest. “Who’s gonna stop me?”

“Dammit (Name) you’ve already done enough, you found Becky. You brought her back. Isn’t that enough?”

“No,” I state blatantly making him narrow his eyes at me. “It’s not enough. Gretel wasn’t there. I need her dead.”

“No you don’t, she doesn’t matter anymore. What you wanted you got, just give it up.”

“Never,” I say calmly the mark starting to burn.

“So what if you never find her? Are you gonna leave Becky behind and spend the rest of your life looking for someone who may or may not be dead?”

“Yes,” I say and he stares blankly at me. “James, Gretel took everything from me. I lost out on watching my daughter grow up because of her. I lost you because of her! This doesn’t end until I have her head on a spike.” I yell as I close the distance between the two of us and poking him in the chest continue, “So yeah, I’ll search forever if that’s what it takes.”

“You called me James,” He says his eyes filling with suspicion and excitement, “Why?”

“Because I’m mad at you!” I say a want filling my stomach.

“What the hell did I do?” he cries out.

“I don’t know,” I say as my eyes flick back and forth from his to his lips.

“You’re such a stubborn woman,”

“Yeah well you’re a dick!” Then in an instant I feel his lips against mine and I melt into him. My arms instantly shoot up and wrap around his neck pulling him in closer deepening the kiss making it more passionate. One of his hands reaches up and grips at my hair as the other wraps around my waist and to my rear. He grips it tightly making a cry of pleasure escape my lips. He suddenly lifts me up into his arms my legs wrapping around his waist as he carries me back up the ramp and into the jet. I smile into his lips as he hits the ramp door making it close behind us.

“It’s been too long,” He says as he momentarily pulls away to catch his breath. I nod as I bite my lip in anticipation. “I don’t think I can wait any longer.”

“Then don’t.” I say as I lean forward to claim his lips. He lets out a hungry growl as he starts to pull at my jumpsuit.

“You’re wearing too much,” He says as he kisses the side of my mouth working his way down to my neck where he precedes to bite and nip at a soft spot I had forgotten I had making me cry out in pleasure. Bracing me against the wall of the jet he reaches up and grabbing the front of my jumpsuit with both hands instantly rips it open to reveal the file and pauses. I roll my eyes as I pull it out and toss it to the side away from us. As if the sudden loss of the file was a green flag he leans back in and once again starts biting at my neck except this time his kisses trail down to my chest making me arch into him hungry for more.

He momentarily pulls away from me to finish ripping my jumpsuit off of me before he tosses it in the same direction as the file. He stares at me for a moment as if to take in every part of me before his eyes land on the scar of the gunshot he had given me. His eyes fill with regret before he kneels down and gently kisses the scar making my heat tingle. I start to paw at his shirt and pulling it off see all the scars I had left on his body and my stomach churns. What this how he felt about mine? I knew he regretted shooting me just like I regretted cutting him up like a thanksgiving turkey. Pushing the thought form my mind I lean down and gently start to trace every one of them with soft kisses.

Reaching his pants I quickly unbuckle them. I hear him let out an anticipating moan and I smile. Giving his pants a tug downwards I come face to face with his now throbbing member and stare at it hungrily. “You don’t have to-” He starts but he is instantly cut off as I slide his member into my mouth as far as it will go. “Oh shit,” He cries out as he reaches down and fists his hands in my hair. I smile inwardly as I start to suck and lick the shaft earning me moans of pleasure from his lips. Bobbing my head back and forth I feel him start to harden more but before he comes he pulls away from my mouth and falls to his knees capturing my lips in a deep and hungry kiss.

My body starts to quiver with anticipation as he reaches behind me lifting me into his arms and then laying me down on the cool steel of the jet floor. He makes quick work of my bra and underwear ripping them to shreds in one simple move. Placing his metal hand behind my head he grips tightly to my hair as he pulls away from my lips and once again starts to kiss down my jaw line, to my neck, then to my chest. I gasp as he takes one of my breasts into his mouth sucking and biting at it while his hand massaged the other one. I rub my legs together as my body starts to crave more.

As if sensing my need he pulls his hand from my breast and slowly trails a line with his fingers to where I craved him most. He starts to slowly rub circles on my clit making my cry out in pleasure. “Call me James,” He says as he looks into my wild eyes. “Oh J-J-James!” I cry out making him smile mischievously down at me before he inserts finger making me jumps slightly. “Oh-Ah!” I cry out making him insert another one. He scissors them back in forth making me buck into his hand as I start to crave my release. “Oh God James!” I cry out as I feel pressure build up where his fingers were.

“I love when you say my name.” He says as he pulls his fingers out making me whimper. “I also love seeing you like this.” I bite my lip as my hips buck into his hand craving more. “Say my name,”

“B-B-Bucky,” I stutter out making him frown.

“Not that one,” He says pulling away from me.

“Oh God, James! Please James don’t stop!” I cry out making him smile.

“As you wish,” He says as he swings me around so that he is prepped at my entrance. He leans forward making it rub against my heat causing a cry of pleasure to escape my lips.

“Don’t tease me Barnes,” I say sternly and he smirks.

“Не мечтал бы о его любовь моя,” (I wouldn’t dream of it my love) He says and I growl in anticipation. He readies himself at my entrance again and before he enters me his lips find mine in a deep and passionate kiss. He slams into me and I cry out in pleasure pulling my lips from his. I arch my back as he slowly starts to move back and forth riding me hard. He leans over and places his arms on either side of me holding himself up. As he moves back and forth his hardened member hitting me just right I reach up and wrapping my arms around him my nails digging into his back as my legs wrap tightly around his waist.

His movements suddenly start to become harder and rushed and I pull my hands from his back to reach up and grab hold of anything. They find a beam and I grip tightly to it as he starts to slam into me, pushing his member deeper and deeper inching me closer to my release. “Oh James!” I yell out loudly in ecstasy as his hand trails up my arm before he intertwines his fingers with mine. His lips crash down on mine as the pressure once again starts to build. Making breathing become rushed and loud. “Do you wanna come?” He asks his voice rough and extremely sexy.

“Y-Y-Yes!” I cry out wanting more, so much more.

“Then say my name,” He demands his blue eyes turning glossy with want.

“Please James!” I cry out and then he slams into me making me scream out in ecstasy my body clenching around him as I find my release. He rides me through my orgasm until he tenses and then lets out a heavy moan spilling his seed into me. I lift my hips into him drinking every last drop he was willing to give before he pulls out and collapses onto the floor beside me his breathing heavy. I smile as I try to catch my breath. “That was fun,” I say as I smile over at him.

“Definitely been a while,” He says as he looks over at me his eyes still glossy with want.

“Don’t look at me like that or I’ll jump you.” I say burying my head into his arm.

“I’m happy to go another round.” He says a smirk covering his lips and I bite my lip as I push myself up and straddling his waist say, “Just remember you wanted this.” He leans forward his arms snaking around me as his lips find mine. “Я хочу, чтобы вы и только вы,” (I want you and only you) He says and I greedily capture his lips with mine.

After a few more times we lay there completely spent in each other’s arm. I had grabbed the file and was reading it why he trailed lines up and down my back. Gretel had been busy. She was a merc now working for whoever whenever. There were a few addresses and one phone number. Thankfully I was a pretty good hacker so finding her wouldn’t be a problem. Flipping through some more pages of Intel I see her picture and pause. She didn’t look like she used too. Her long brown hair was now bleached Blonde, the years hadn’t been very good to her.

“Put that away and come back to me,” Bucky says and I smile as I close the file and turning to him lean forward making my lips gently touch his. He smiles as he reaches up and grabs the back of my neck making the kiss deeper. I groan and pulling away from him says, “If you keep that up, we’ll never leave.”

“And that’s a problem?” He asks an eyebrow rose.

“Of course not,” I say as I lean back in and kiss him tenderly. Right as his hands move to my hips we are interrupted by someone baning on the side of the jet.

“Who is it?” Bucky yells out angrily.

“Steve, come on you two; you’ve been in there for a while Dean’s starting to get overwhelmed.”

“Um give us a few more minutes.” I say as I look around for something to wear.

“What have you two been doing?” Steve asks curiously and my face reddens.

“Making up for lost time, now get lost punk!” Bucky yells out and I swear I could hear see the embarrassment cover Steve’s face through the side of the jet.

“Oh, I didn’t mean-I ah-I’ll see you inside.” Steve calls back to us and I smile brightly into Bucky’s chest.

“I guess it’s time to return to reality,” Bucky says and I nod.

“Can’t I stay here with you, just the two of us, in this moment forever?”

“You don’t know how much I would love that, but we have responsibilities; and a daughter.” He says the last part in shock and I smile. “She looks just like you, cept her eyes and hair color.” He pronounces proudly.

“She’s beautiful Buck.” I say as I reach up and cupping his cheek feel tears fill my eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

“I’m so angry that I didn’t get to watch her grow up, I’m sad that I thought she was dead, I’m happy I found her again and that she wants to get to know us; but I don’t know if I can be what she wants.”

“You do realize that all of what you’re saying should be coming from me right?” He says making me roll my eyes at him.

“I’m seriously worried Buck, what if we’re not what she expected?”

“Then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it,” He gently kisses my lips before pulling away and leaving our foreheads touching says, “This is new for all three of us not just us and not just her. Neither of you really had a family growing up and I’m, well, I’m all over the place.”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself Buck.”

“Same goes for you, the only thing we can do now is enjoy the time we have left with her before she decides to go off on her own.”

“I think the world might be ending because you’re right.”

“Shut up,” He says kissing me passionately.

“Okay, but in all seriousness; what the hell am I gonna wear inside?”

Will Continue ~

It's What's In Your Heart |T| Spamano

Title: It’s What’s In Your Heart (Originally: It’s What’s In Your Heart, Not In Your Pants)

Pairing: Spamano with a hint of FrUk in the background (though it’s there for like a second)

Rating: T

Words: 3,783

Summary: Raised in a fairly religious and close minded family, Antonio has grown up to be what his parents consider a good, ‘normal’, Christian boy. However, when Antonio’s roommate introduces him to his cousin, things begin to change.

Triggers: homophobic slurs

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Why (part two)

Here’s the second part of ‘Why’! I just gotta say, thank you from the bottom of my heart for 3k followers it means so much to me how many of you guys support me. This chapter is dedicated to all my internet friends who I really don’t know what I’d do without them. Thank you guys for always being there for me and I love you all.

Setting: Long-Distance AU

Pairings: NaLu, Gruvia, Gajevy, Jerza and all the BROTPS in between.

Read part one here

Summary: Everything was so surreal now for Lucy. She overcame hardships and met her best friend, Natsu. After a year in college, Lucy decides it’s time to meet the rest of the gang, because after all, internet friends are just as great as real friends.

Italic: Skype Messages

Bold: Text Messages

Lucy: Hey everyone!!

Natsu: Hey Luce

Levy: Hi Lu-chan!!

Lucy stared longingly at her computer, a sigh coming out of her pink lips. The first year of college had been a success, for both Natsu and herself. Lucy smiled at the thought of the past year, her and Natsu had practically been inseparable. Even with all the acquaintances they made, they still managed to include each other in their lives everyday. For the holidays, Natsu traveled back to his hometown while Lucy made the two hour trip back to her estate. Even with all the crazy schedules, they still managed to get a lot of alone time together. The corner of Lucy’s lips turned upward in a smile.

There was nothing she’d rather do than to be with Natsu.

Gray: Oi Flame Breath! How’s it feel to be away from Lucy?

Natsu: It sucks. I miss holding her already :(

Gray: Gross! Keep it PG in here since your sisters in here!!

Natsu: Whoops, sorry Wendy!

Wendy: It’s okay.

Natsu: Well, its not like I’m gonna be here for long anyways. Luce, Jude and I are going to look at apartments for me and Luce.

Levy: You two are moving in together?!?!?!!

Lucy groaned, sliding a hand down her face.

Juvia: Gray-sama! Lets move in together!!

Gray: No! … Not yet anyways.

Lucy: Natsu! It was suppose to be a surprise!

Natsu: Sorry Lucy! I’m just excited about it’s all.

Lucy’s slight anger dissipated quickly after what Natsu had said. Man, did she love this idiot.

Erza: I believe there are more serious matters to be discussed.

Levy: What can be more important than Natsu and Lu-chan moving in together?!?

Erza: Have you all forgotten about our plans to meet up in a few weeks?

Lucy: How could we forget?

Lucy became more excited with each passing day. She was finally going to meet the people who she’d considered her best friends for four years. Lucy heard her phone vibrate on the desk next to her.

Gajeel: Can we do a call or somethin’ to talk bout it? All this damn beepin’ is making my brain hurt.

Natsu: What brain?

Gajeel: Fuck off Salamander, you’re just jealous that my brain is bigger than yours.

Lucy: Language! Wendy’s in here!

Gajeel: Hmmph.

Erza: All of you need to shut your damn mouths, but I do agree talking in a call will be easier.

Natsu: Okay I’ll start it!

Not a second later, the pop-up for the Skype call popped up. She reached for her headphones, plugging them into her laptop before pressing answer.


“Hey Luce!” She heard Natsu greet, a smile was instantly on her lips.

“Hello Natsu.”

“Please keep it PG.” Gray’s voice said as he answered the call.

“Oh shut up Popsicle. You’re just jealous.”

“Jealous of what? I got Juvia.”

“Ahh Gray-sama!”

“Smooth move exhibitionist.” Natsu snickered.


“Gray, Natsu. Shut. Up.”

Natsu and Gray shivered in fear as they heard Erza’s commanding voice over their speakers. “Y-Yes ma’am…”

“Hi everyone!” Levy’s sweet voice chirped in.

“Hey Levy-chan!” Lucy greeted. “Now who are we waiting on?”

“Well, Igneel wants me to meet you all first before I bring Wendy along. So, just lug-nut.”

“Who you callin’ lug-nut?”

“Whoop there he is.” Gray announced making everyone laugh in the chat.

“Hey Erza,” Levy questioned. “Where’s Jellal at?”

“His family is in town, so hes spending the day with them. I’ll inform him later.”

The chat fell into pointless chatter and Lucy just decided to listen to it rather than talk. The vibrating of her cell phone brought her out of her thoughts.

Jude: Lucy, the business meeting I’m attending is running a bit late. I thought I would just let you know. Love, Dad.

“What was that? Sounded like a buzzing sound.” Natsu questioned.

Lucy smiled at her dad’s text message before talking in the chat. “Oh sorry that was me, my dad told me his meeting was running late tonight.”

“Aww, so you’re going to be alone? Wish I could be there to keep you company.” Lucy smiled at Natsu’s sincerity.

“You’ll be here soon enough.”

“Your guys lovey-dovey shit is making me sick.” Gajeel’s gruff voice sounded out while Gray was making vomiting noises.

“You dicks are just jealous.” Natsu muttered out, his face reddening the sweetness he tried to hide from his friends. Out of respect for his girlfriend being a closet romantic, he only showed his affection for Lucy privately. He guessed after a year of not having to hide those said affections it just kind of slipped out.

“We got girls too Salamander.”

“Yeah, but you haven’t even met Levy yet.”

“Yet.” Gajeel said sharply. “Say that to my face in a few weeks.”

“All you will have is a few weeks to live if you don’t stop your fighting.” Erza said in a dominating voice that shut up the three bickering boys. “Anyway, I was just confirming the plans. We are meeting in Crocus correct?”

“Yup!” Levy said excitedly. “And since Natsu and Gajeel have motion sickness, the amusement part is out. But, it’s Crocus! Theres so much to do in that town.”

“Right. I did the liberty of reserving the hotel rooms for the week. Girls shall stay with girls while boys stay with boys.”

“WHAT!” Natsu, Gray and Gajeel screamed in unison.

“Do you WANT us to kill each other Erza?!?” Natsu shouted.

“I agree with Natsu for once. Did you even consider the possibilities of what could happen?!”

“You really are the redhead she-devil.” Gajeel stated more calmly than Natsu or Gray. Erza felt her temper flare.

“Thats ENOUGH!” She roared, earning squeals of fear from the three males. “Our hotel rooms are right next to each other, and if anything does go wrong… you won’t be the ones killing each other.”

The three males audibly gulped, making their three girlfriends sweat drop at them.

“You three are something else.” Levy mumbled. “But yeah Erza, sounds like a plan to me! We just need to research some things to do so were not all cooped up together.”

“Agreed. The Grand Magic Show is in town, would any of you be interested in seeing that?” Erza asked.

“The circus is in town?! I’m so in! I love the fire act.” Natsu commented with enthusiasm. He wished he was able to do things with fire like actors did.

“Of course you would you pyro.” Gray sighed out. “But sure, it’ll give us something to do.”

After everyone else in the group agreed, they started to discuss other ideas of what to do. The girls suggested going shopping while the boys suggested going to watch sports. After a few hours of discussion, the group had their plans in place.

“Excellent.” Erza stated in satisfaction. “So, circus, sports, shopping, sightseeing, the beach and going to see a concert. I will go tell Jellal, I shall talk you all later.”

“Yeah, its late here. Goodnight everyone!” Levy hung up the phone. Soon followed Gajeel and Juvia until there was only Natsu, Lucy and Gray left.

“I’m out too, I don’t wanna hear you guys be all lovey dovey.” He instantly clicked the hang up button leaving the couple by themselves.

“Well then.” Natsu said after Gray left. “Guess its just us.”

“Yep.” Lucy replied awkwardly. “Can you believe it though? First it was us, now everyones meeting.”

“I know, it's… great.” Hearing Natsu’s voice swell with emotion brought a smile to Lucy’s face. She knew Natsu would never admit it to anyone but herself, but Natsu was thankful for their small group. After Zeref’s death, they were there to help him cope with the incident after the period where he isolated himself. He owed his life to their friends, as she did hers.

“It’ll be nice to actually have friends for a change.”

“What about everyone we met at college?” Lucy rolled her eyes.

“You know what I mean… having true friends.”

Hearing Natsu chuckle relaxed Lucy’s nerves a bit. “I gotcha Luce. Yeah, I wish all my friends were like internet friends. They’re the best.”

Lucy smiled. “Yeah, people over the internet sure are the best.”


“Attention passengers this is your captain speaking. Please fasten your seatbelts as we’re about to land.” The planes captain announced over the intercom. Lucy buckled her seatbelt just like she was told. Her heartbeat was rapid. In just a few minutes she was going to meet all her friends for the first time. That, and she got to see Natsu again. Her smile turned giddy at the thought.

She felt the wheels hit the runway, signaling that the plane had landed. After the pilot said that they may exit the plane, Lucy stood up and grabbed her luggage for the week.She knew she was the last one of eight to arrive since her plane was delayed due to weather. Baggage gripped tightly in her hand, she started to walk off the plane.

Once off, she looked around to spot any sign of pink, blue, red or black hair. She didn’t see any, but heard a disturbance.

“Where’s Luce at!” Natsu whined out to the group.

“She’ll be here soon Flame Brain, stop your whining.”

“What’d you say to me?!”

“You heard me!” Natsu and Gray butted heads. But soon they were torn apart by Erza’s strong grip.

“Behave yourselves or I will make you cry like children.”

“Yes ma’am…”

“You guys are already fighting?” Lucy spoke up in an amused tone. They all turned to look at the blonde who just made her presence known.


“L-Lu-chan!” Levy stuttered tears streaming down her cheeks. Lucy felt tears burn her eyes as well.

“Levy-chan!” Lucy shouted back before embracing the petite woman. “I can’t believe I’m finally meeting you.”

“Me neither.” The bluenette sniffed pulling away from the embrace. “You brought your books right? We’re gonna have a book night for sure!”

“Boring.” Gajeel groaned out to the two bookworms. Levy walked back over to her boyfriend.

“Oh hush, you’re just mad I’m going to spend a day just reading with my best friend.” Gajeel rolled his eyes, throwing a shoulder round his short girlfriend.


Lucy looked at all her friends, disbelief rushing through her veins. She watched as Gajeel pulled Levy closer so she was flush by his side. Juvia clung onto Gray’s arm like a second skin, but the ink-haired boy didn’t seem to mind that much. Also, he watched as Jellal and Erza had their fingers intertwined together. They were all smiling at her, the overwhelming feeling of contentment rushed over Lucy. She watched as her own boyfriend walked up to her, stretching out his hand to her.

“Come on Lucy, a new adventure awaits.” He said with his infamous grin. Lucy’s lips stretched so wide, her cheeks started to her. Everything was so perfect in her life at this very moment. Her family life, her friends, her boyfriend… everything. The emotion she felt was so strong, tears of joy began to slide down her pale cheeks.


She took Natsu’s hand as he began to lead the girl away, onto a new life and adventure with her best friends she had met over the internet.