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What are your favorite shark facts?

*screeches with glee* Alright nonnie, you have asked me the best question EVER!

Apologies for taking two days to reply to this, life was a bit hectic


Super Awesome Shark Facts


Sharks showed up 400 million years ago in the Devonian 358.9–298.9 aka “The Age of Fish” between the geological Silurian (443.8–419.2 million years ago) and the Carboniferous Periods (358.9–298.9 million years ago). By the time of the Carboniferous, we had amphibians and other small vertebrate creatures capable of crawling about on land. It’s during the Carboniferous Period that the continent of Pangaea first began to form (let that sink in for a second, the sharks were about before Pangaea even began to look like a continent, that’s how long these creatures have been about jfc). 


To date they’ve survived FIVE massive planet extinction events… ya know, those things that KILL PRETTY MUCH EVERYTHING ON THE PLANET?? YEAH, THEM. We know of one that happened pretty recently in geological history; 65 million years ago when the dinosaurs went bye-bye. How fucking badass is that, Jesus Christ!


There’s currently over 500 types of Shark in the ocean at present (though not for long if people don’t stop KILLING THEM! CAN YOU NOT?!??). The most famous, of course, is the Great White (Carcharodon carcharias) and the Hammerhead (family: Sphyrnidae). For all that there’s a variety of Species, there are, of course, similarities in form and shape including cartilaginous skeletons (they’re literally made of the same stuff as the ridge of your nose is), enhanced electro-static senses (on their nose which is cute but also reason why if you boop them on the nose they ‘nope’ it out of the place; consider it not too dissimilar to bashing your funny bone and deciding to avoid that damned door in the future, same sort of logic tbh).


You can pet a Shark on the nose. This isn’t really a fact so much as an interesting aside that I think is cute and adorable as shit so like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[The still looks scary but honestly, he’s just giving the Tiger Shark a snack lol]

[I believe these are Lemon Sharks, which are fucking cute and I would cuddle one of them to the end of my life (I don’t have self-preservation instincts tho soooo)]


You have a higher chance of dying from being attacked by hornets, wasps, bees, dogs and even a fucking coconut (if you live in Asia) than you do of being killed by a Shark. How’s that for some mad stats?


As I’ve said, Sharks have survived FIVE massive planet extinction events but, currently, 20-30% of Sharks are close to extinction because of us, humans. Commercial fishing means Sharks get caught on hooks and nets; homeopathic remedies that require parts of Sharks for them to ‘work’; and Shark Fin Soup all contribute to the decline of these amazing creatures that have lived on this planet longer than even our most distant ancestor has.


Thanks to the media and stupid ass people who think they know everything from a movie marathon of the Jaws series, people think all Sharks are man-eating monsters that want to murder anyone who dares go for a swim in the open water. Here’s the thing though, 97% of over 500 Shark species are HARMLESS to us. The ones that ARE harmful tends to be because we’re in THEIR space and fucking up THEIR shit (personally, I’d beat your ass too if you came near my home so IDK why anyone thinks Sharks are evil; they’re just animals).


The reason why so many Shark attacks happen in California and places like South Africa is simply because of the abundance of food for Sharks; Great Whites especially. Seals, Sea Lions, and Sea Otters are all on the menu for the Great White and us pesky ass humans keep getting in their way. It’s not their fault they mistake us for food. Honest mistake.


Connected to EIGHT. Most of the time, people die from a Shark BITE but the Shark doesn’t come back for a second time (usually) because, unlike pretty much every other species that’s evolved on this planet, Sharks don’t have the opportunity to test what something is before using their teeth on it. Humans bleed out horrendously fast, especially in water, so the cause of death for most Shark attacks is blood loss and shock, not actually being eaten by a Shark.


Whale Sharks are the largest Sharks on record out of all current, living Shark species. They can be over 13 metres in length and, while they look scary considering how humans usually don’t go past 2 metres (imagine seven people stood on top of each other and you’ve got an idea of how long a Whale Shark is), Whale Sharks are the most docile creatures ever. They’re quite similar to Whales (hence the name) that live on plankton, for example the Blue Whale, and are absolutely gorgeous.


Hopefully these have been somewhat educational (while interspersed with my delightful attitude) and everyone can go on with their lives a little more aware and knowledgeable about Sharks.

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just finished week 2 of that 5k app and phew it feels okay and I’m still enjoying it but it was a big mistake to do the weekly long run workout at 2pm when it’s 91 degrees out

As I Live And Breathe (Logan x Veronica, PG-13)

This is my first attempt at a Veronica Mars fan fiction, so any feedback on my characterization in particular would be wildly appreciated. Set immediately after The Wrath of Con in season one. Logan x Veronica fluff/comfort fic. Enjoy!


Veronica gasped out a laugh as the frigid water enveloped her fully, soaking her naked skin. Goosebumps erupted across her flesh and the taste of salt tingled on her lips. She dove under the water, heedless of her makeup and her curled hair, exalting in the feeling of the night’s diminished waves breaking against her as she came up for air.

The moon lit up the waves in a ghostly light, and she could barely make out the details of the limo waiting for her by the road. Seaweed tangled around her toes for a second before being swept away by the current. Maybe this wasn’t exactly the sexy, booze-fueled kind of skinny dipping Lilly would have had in mind for her first time… her best friend would have had it as a salacious rendezvous with some attractive, older guy or a drunken interlude to a party between the two of them; one where they could share secrets and talk of boys and the plans they could share for the future.

A future Lilly wasn’t ever going to have…

Her fingers found the pendent hanging from her neck, wrapping around it, and she breathed a plume of misty air into the sky. Maybe this wasn’t what Lilly would have planned for Veronica’s introduction to the scandalous world of skinny dipping, but maybe her best friend would be proud that Veronica was finally crossing something off her “Never Have I Ever” list.

“Veronica Mars?” Veronica spun in the water, sending an arc of water flying around her as her arms instinctively came up to wrap around her chest despite the depth. “As I live and breathe.”


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“Stanley please, lie down. You’ll only make your illness worse.” Ford sighed, frustrated to see his brother once again trying to get up. Once again, Stan felt an overwhelming surge of nausea and had to lean over the bucket beside his bed, retching violently. Ford flinched and wrinkled his nose as the smell of vomit filled the room, accompanied by a disgusting splattering sound. The older twin was thankful that his thirty years of interdimensional travel had made it difficult for anything to turn his stomach.

Once Stan had emptied his stomach, he wiped his mouth on some paper towel and flopped back on the pillow. Ford sighed, collecting the bucket and heading into the bathroom to dispose of the contents. He cleared up, washed and dried the bucket out before setting it back by the side of Stan’s bed. He stood by the bedside, his arms crossed. “What did I tell you about getting up?”

Stan propped himself up against the headboard, mimicking Ford’s expression by crossing his own arms. “It’s not my fault I’m sick and bored.”

“You were the one who wanted to go swimming in the ocean.” Ford replied. “It’s filthy and infested with bacteria and all sorts of infectious diseases.”

“Well maybe I fancied a refreshing dip, since it was so hot.”

Ford groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose, pushing his glasses up to his forehead. “I’m not going to stand here and argue with you, Stanley. One of us has to make sure the boat keeps heading in the right direction and since you’re lying in bed sick right now.”

“Geeze, I’m sorry,” Stan rolled his eyes, his arms dropping into his lap. “I’m sorry for being such a damn burden all the time!”

“Stan that’s not what I meant and you know it!” Ford snapped. “Would you quit being all Mr Self-Pity about it? You’re sick and there’s not much I can do about it, I’m afraid.”

“Gee, you really are blind, aren’t ya, Sixer?” Stan huffed. “I didn’t just mean now. I meant all the time. It’s no damn secret that you just want to be out here on your own, without me dragging you down all the time. After all, I’m just suffocating, right?!”

Ford swallowed, his arms falling to his sides. His eyes widened. “W-what do you mean?”

Stan scoffed. “Don’t play games, Ford. Dipper admitted to me what you said while you were on that nerd trip. I mean, who needs siblings, really?! Guess I was an idiot to think you ever really cared about me.”

“I do care about you, Stanley!” Ford protested.

Stan barked a laugh. “Yeah right. You’ve never cared about anyone but yourself. It’s no surprise you hate me, anyway, after all I did to ruin your life. Breaking your project, shoving you into that portal. Guess bringing you back meant nothing after sending you there in the first place, huh?”

Ford was completely taken aback. The conversation had taken a dark turn seemingly out of nowhere. “Stan… w-what-”

“Don’t play dumb with me, Stanford.” Stan spat. “I found your notes from after you got back. That parallel dimension’s Ford seemed to be doing alright for himself, didn’t he? After all, he probably didn’t have his screw-up twin there to ruin everything for him.”

Ford felt his hands shaking. Before he could open his mouth, Stanley continued. “You could have turned out like that too. Had I not been so damn selfish and ruined everything, you would have actually succeeded. He didn’t get knocked into the portal by his dumb-ass twin, did he? Heck, he probably went to that stuffy West Coast Tech place instead of wherever the fuck you went.”


Stanley cut him off again. “Admit it, Ford. You’d be happier if you didn’t have me suffocating you all the time.” The change of tone in Stan’s voice downright scared Ford. Before, it had been angry Now, it was downright self-loathing. Ford felt sick as his brother continued. “That’s all I’ve ever been, right? Suffocating? A burden? Dead weight?

Ford couldn’t speak past the painful lump in his throat. He watched as tears began to spill down Stan’s face. “Why did you even bring me out here in the first place?”

“This was your dream, Stanley.” Ford knelt beside the bed, flinching as his brother turned away from him. “I thought you always wanted to go on a worldwide boat trip?”

“I would never have agreed to come if I knew I’d be such a burden on you,” Stan’s voice cracked with emotion. Right then, Stan looked like the seventeen-year-old being told that his brother was going to be moving across the country. He looked just as vulnerable as he did the night he was kicked out. Tears continued to run down his face and Stan did nothing to wipe them away. “You should have left me at home.”

“Stan!” Ford exclaimed. He sat on the side of the bed, wrapping his arms around his brother. “I would never have dreamed of leaving you at home! You’re my twin, Stanley, my best friend. Who better else to come on an oceanwide expedition with me than my best friend? You’re not a burden, you’re a joy to have around. If it hadn’t been for you, I’d… I’d be dead. I would have been killed. I wanted to take you with me because I love you, Stanley.”

Stan swallowed. The sobs he’d been fighting to hold back finally escaped. He broke down, melting into Ford’s arms and gripping his brother’s turtleneck. Ford rubbed Stan’s back softly. “I’m sorry… I’m s-so sorry. I know I j-just ruined your project and your life and everything a-and I’m s-sorry F-F-Ford.”

“Stanley.” Ford held his brother by the shoulders, wiping Stan’s tears away with his thumb. “Don’t you dare apologise to me for anything. Breaking my project? That was an accident. It was my fault for making it so fragile. Knocking me into the portal? I know you’d never do anything like that on purpose. I hurt you Stanley. I burned you. I ignored you for ten years only to call upon you to tell you to get as far away from me as possible. I provoked you and you stood up for yourself. You’re a wonderful person. I’m the one who has been suffocating you this whole time.”

“Ford, you haven’t-”

Ford held up a hand, cutting him off. “I was, Stanley. Just look at what you’ve achieved! You built up your own business entirely from scratch with no money to start off with. All you had was a rickety, broken old shack in the middle of the woods and you turned it into a fascinating roadside attraction. You’ve made more money than I could have ever hoped to earn! You made so many wonderful memories with the kids. You gave them a home, Stanley. You gave Mabel a crazy old best friend and you gave Dipper somewhere where he finally feels as though he fits in. The kids were so happy with you, Stan. You brought me back! You spent thirty years of your life rebuilding that portal and you successfully brought me home. That just shows how damn smart you are, Stanley!”

Stanley could feel more tears running down his face. He scrubbed a hand over his eyes to wipe them away. “Damn onions…” He muttered.

Ford chuckled, pulling his brother in for another hug. Stan wrapped his arms around him in return, grinning.

“You’re such a sap, Poindexter.”

Ford snorted. “Says the guy who’s favourite movie is ‘The Duchess Approves’.”

“Shut up, ‘Cameron the Pleasant Poltergeist’.”


“Hey! There’s a lot of depth to those characters and a complex storyline!”

“And you call me a nerd.”

“You are a nerd.”



This one is by far the one with the sweetest ending.


Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Smut (not overly grapic but it is there), oral female receiving, grace kink, Cas got his wings back buuuut he needs to work on his landings, pissed off reader, annoying Winchesters (I think that is it)

Word count: 1300ish

A/N: I wrote this for  @bloodysideofhells 1 week writing challenge. Today was lust and the prompt was  “I want you to taste how wet you make me.” 

Also this was the first time I have ever written smut for Cas so bare with me - I am sure it won’t be the last time though ;) 

“Y/N I am really sorry…”

“Don’t!” You kicked open the door to the bunker and made your way down the stairs.

“What the hell?” Dean starred at the two of you in disbelief just as Sam walked in from the kitchen, “I thought the two of you were gone for the weeke… what happened?”

The brothers took in the sight of their drenched friends as the two of you made your way down stairs.

“Turns out that even though Cas got some of his powers back his aim is a little off!” you snapped and the brothers quickly looked too Cas who hung his head, “well you wanted to go to Paris…”

“Not to go swimming in the freaking Seine Cas!!” you snapped at him and Cas quickly looked back at his feet just as Dean let out a heartfelt laugh.

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addicted15 day 4: favorite parent-child relationship // ryke & sulli

Then I take Sullivan in my arm, her orange onesie printed with tigers and giraffes. She runs her tiny hands along my unshaven jaw. Her smile grows like Daisy’s. 

“Don’t quit the fucking things you love, sweetie,” I tell my daughter. It’ll kill you inside. 

When I become older—when I’m fucking gray, she’ll be able to recall all those times her father climbed. She’ll have watched me, seen me, doing what I love. I never want her to give up on the pieces of existence that make her her . 

I want Sullivan Minnie Meadows to race one-hundred-and-fifty miles per hour. No brakes in sight. Don’t be afraid of the unknown in tomorrow. Don’t be afraid of death. There is no worse life than a hollow one. So be alive every second of every fucking day. That’s what I hope she’ll do.

For as long as I fucking live, I’m never letting anyone put out your light. They’ll have to crawl over my dead fucking body. (insp.)

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Now that it's almost summer, do you have any advice for a woman dysphoric about her breasts who wants to go swimming? The feeling of anything tight or padded on my chest in particular triggers my dysphoria, and I stopped binding back in October because I realized it was making me more dysphoric and bad for my scoliosis. Now I just wear a unpadded sports bra and loose shirts daily, I have visible breasts but it bothers me less when they aren't exposed like they are in a swim suit.

Congrats on quitting binding, your body will absolutely thank you for that. Well done. I can think of a few things for swimming. One is to find somewhere it’s okay to be shirtless. That’s the dream, though unfortunately not possible for every environment, for sure. You could wear your sports bra or your sports bra with a loose shirt to swim in–it’s totally a thing I’ve done and seen other women do. You could wear a rash guard one size up so it’s not too tight. You could try this option on sale right now at dapper boi: https://www.dapperboi.com/collections/limited-wholesale-pricing/products/pre-order-campaign-swim-sport-tank

I hope you find something that works well and have a great time swimming this summer! I love swimming. Where else do you get a literally supportive environment like that.


95line’s Civil War

for @ksxjie

Rue had never really taught anyone how to swim before. He’d worked briefly one summer as a lifeguard at a pool, so maybe that experience would help here, but other than that, he decided that he would try and wing it. Surely it wouldn’t be too hard to teach Jie how to swim? He would just base it off of what he’d been taught when he was really young.

They’d already arranged to meet up at the pool when it wouldn’t be used for practice or for anything else, so they didn’t have to worry about getting in the way or other people getting in theirs. He was sitting on the edge of the pool waiting with his feet in the water, already changed into his personal swimwear (and not the things he used for the swim team). Rue had arrived much earlier so that he’d be prepared for when Jie arrived. Now that he had settled he had time to decide exactly how he wanted to go about teaching someone to swim who had a fear of the water too.


Ahhh, just got home!
San Japan was AMAZING. I wish I could’ve stayed longer and do the three days. There were seriously too many awesome cosplayers.
Please comment or whatnot if you are in one of these pics! *PART 1*

PART 2 of San Japan pics http://fugicutie.tumblr.com/post/92340714447/san-japan-pictures-part-2-more-amazing-sweet

Vaporeon: me!

Flareon: @eternaldarkness999

Jolteon: berabean

Eevee: godskhgirl 

Leafeon: rxybyprxy

Espeon: @lesless 

Robin from Fire Emblem: @kaylabara 

Princess Kenny: jimjamvalmer

High Jew Elf: @timtamburch

Warrior Stan: spooky–panda

Grand Wizard: sassy–penguin

Redhaired human!Tardis: @queenweasly

Jean and Marco: tanibubbles and @okidokiartichokie 


Can I get an imagine where I work for the guys on tour and we all go camping and I have to share a rebrand sleeping bag with Harry? Sorry if it’s stupid :(

~It’s not stupid at all, love xx

“I got it, I got it,” Harry reassures, holding his hand up at you, urging you to sit back down.

He was trying feverishly to put up a tent for you and the boys, but without the other boy’s help, and his lack of camping knowledge, it was impossible. 
You chuckle, sitting back down and put your feet on top of the cooler in front of you.

You look up at him, watching him in bemusement. His cut off red plaid flannel flapping against his chest, his fluffy, freshly washed hair crazy in the wind. His cheeks flush red as he becomes angered, unable to set up the tent and prove his usefulness to you. You could really care less if he could pitch a tent or not; watching him try was surely enough.

You remember how excited you were when Louis invited you to come along with the boys on their “one with nature” camping trip.

He came into your makeshift office where you were feverishly rushing around to get the mounds of paperwork in order for the looming concert that night. Its was your last night in this town, and you wanted to make sure that everything was in order for when the tour continued after their short break. Your office was really just a vacant utility closet that had been transitioned into a sort of office. While on tour with the boys, you took what you could get. He calmly put a hand on your shoulder and you felt instantly relaxed despite the loads of work that was piling up. You look over at him; He just smiled, and told you that, at the request of one of the Boys, you were wanted on the trip and that they would pick you up at eight the following morning. You tried your best to act nonchalant about, but as soon as he left, you excitedly fist-pounded repeatedly.

“Still can’t get it up, Harold?” Louis asking, reappearing from the wood line, and smirking, as Niall let out a full-bellied Horan laugh, following close behind him. 

"Shut it,“ he mumbled under his breath, as Liam walked over and started directing him to put the pole through the hole and pull up, making the tent actually take a form. 

You stood, and walked over to the fire pit and began making a teepee with the wood, adding paper to the center of the structure. You take a lighter from your back pocket, and lower your hand to the paper, flicking the lighter twice before it roars to a flame. The boys look at you, completely in awe at your skill, and you smirk, flipping your hair mockingly. Out of the corner of your eye, you see Harry grinning, biting his lip. 

After fumbling through the cooler, you find breakfast food, and get to work cooking a late-morning meal; two cartons of eggs, three packages of sausage, and mounds upon mounds of toast. Niall’s mouth visibly watered as the smell of sausage filled the air, his mouth hanging open, staring hypnotically at the plate of sausages. You slip a link of sausage into his mouth, without the rest of the boys seeing, and put your finger to your lips, winking. He grins widely, chewing happily. 

The boys devour the makeshift meal you prepared, and you sit there, hearing moans of contentment.

"Who wants to go swimming?” Liam asks childishly, clapping his hands like a little boy, after he pushed his licked-clean plate away from him.

You grin and raise your hand just as excited, and he points to you, yelling, “We got a taker!"

You stand simultaneously with Harry, and start walking towards the water, careful not to trip over the tree roots that have broken free from the confines of the Earth.

"Aren’t you going to change?” Harry asks, pointing to your bag, slightly confused.

"I came prepared,“ you grin, pulling the sleeve of your t-shirt down just enough for him to see your floral, lacy bikini top. 

"Lets go,” he growls, taking your hand quickly and pulling you to the water. The boys chuckle, shaking their heads and follow you two to the water. After taking off your shorts and shirt, Harry slyly watching you from the corner of his eye the whole time, you walk down the dock to the small lake and stare out.

The ripples in the lake remind you of when you were a child, when everything was simple. Your family rented a cabin at a local lake every year, and your favorite pastime was sitting at the end of the dock, watching the tide roll in. If your mum couldn’t find you for a prolonged amount of time, she knew exactly where you were: toes dipping in the water, legs dangling over the edge of the rippled dock, your eyes closed in contentment.

You hear running down the dock behind you, and for a minute, you think you’re back at your families cabin. But before you can even turn around to see who is coming, you feel two arms around your waist, and then you are underwater.

You come up coughing, and Zayn is staring down at you, kneeling on the dock, concern in his eyes. Harry puts one arm around your waist, keeping you afloat, and holds onto the dock with his free hand. Louis appears from underwater, after jumping in after you, and says your name repeatedly. 

“Are you okay, Y/N?” he questions then hits Niall’s arm.

“She wasn’t ready you jerk!” He yells, hitting him again.

"I’m so sorry,“ Niall says, as you cough furiously, trying to regain your breath.

"I was just kidding,” he shudders, fear in his eyes.

“Just breathe, love,” Harry whispers reassuringly in your ear, and you feel his thumb rubbing circles onto your skin.

You finally catch your breath and stare at Niall, then grin and jump up, putting your hands on his shoulders and push him underwater. As he comes back up, he looks at you shocked, then starts laughing, and you both start to splash each other. You see Harry take a sigh of relief and Zayn sit on the end of the dock, dipping his toes cautiously into the water.

“That was so good,” Niall groans happily, leaning back onto the bench of the picnic table, holding his stomach. 

“I’m starting to think you just brought me to cook,” you kid, winking at him.

He chuckles, shrugging. “You’ll never know, will ya?” He winks, and you giggle, shaking your head.

You see Harry out of the corner of your eye, watching the two of you from the opposite end of the table, and he’s frowning.

You always had some sort of feeling for him, but he was Harry Styles, so you never thought that you had any sort of chance with him. But the way he was acting today, watching you and Niall, frowning when you joked or played around with any of the other boys, just it all in general. You were beginning to get the feeling that he was jealous, which lead you to think that maybe he had feelings for you too.

“Harry?” you start, looking over at him, and meet eye contact as soon as you say his name.

"Hmm?“ He whispers, looking over at you, incredulous.

“Would you like to take a walk with me?” You smile, placing your hand on your stomach, “I ate way too much,” you chuckle.

He smiles that crooked little smile and nods, standing.

“So that’s what really happened?” You ask, looking over at him, and he nods.

“Yeah,” he laughs, “There was no chemistry whatsoever.”

         You nod, remembering the buzz in the management office when you had heard that Harry and Taylor had broken it off. Your boss was peeved, as it was great publicity, but you were secretly relieved. You could tell that he wasn’t happy with her, but you never said anything, as you two were never close.

“Wanna head back?” He asks, noticing the goose bumps rising on your arms, as you shiver, trying to push them away.

You nod, smiling. “I’m freezing,” rubbing your arms vigorously to stimulate heat.

He frowns, taking his arms from the light sweater he was wearing, and holds it out for you to slide into. You smile, shaking your head, and glide your arms into the sleeves.

He was such a caring person, always wanting to make sure that those around him are okay. He was extra caring when it came to women, as he grew up with two of them. He would be the one to comfort Anne when she was upset over something that occurred at work. He’d brew a cup of tea just the way she liked, and, after draping a soft blanket over her shoulders, he’d sit there, as she poured her heart out to him. She would say over and over that it wasn’t his job to deal with her issues, but he would reassure her that he wanted to know, and that he cared, and he would encourage her to continue.

 Or when Gemma would come home from school, eyes black-rimmed from the mixture of crying and mascara. She would try her best to wipe it away before she got home, but no matter how much touching up she did, he would notice. He would pull her to the couch, turn on her favorite TV show, and they would sit there, him with his arm around his big sister, her with her head on his shoulder, and immerse themselves in the tele. Without a doubt, she would eventually tell him what was troubling her, but he never pushed; he knew she would tell him when and if she wanted to. He just wanted to let her know that he was there if she needed him.

“What was that?” Niall whispers, looking around wide-eyed. He was the one who wasn’t too keen on the whole camping thing.

“Calm down,” Liam mumbles, placing a hand on Niall’s shoulder, and Louis hits him with his marshmallow-rosting stick.

“What a Ninny,” Louis stifles a laugh as Niall howls, holding his leg.

You sit back, watching in amusement, as the boys quarrel back and forth.

You grab a marshmallow from the bag on your lap, and attempt to throw it at Louis’ head in retaliation for him hitting Niall. But, with your aim being terrible, it hits Zayn square on the forehead. You cover your mouth, totally shocked, and Harry bursts out laughing, falling out of his chair.

Zayn stares at you, completely dumbfounded, then picks up the marshmallow and throws it at you. Unintentionally, it lands right in your mouth, as it was open from laughing.

You spit it out, laughing harder, as the rest of the boys join in on the mallow-war. The white clouds of sugar sour through the air, and you dive behind your chair, giggling.

You’re awoken by the feeling of wetness at your feet, and you can feel it slowly creep up the sleeping bag, finding its way to your waist. You sit up, searching the end of the tent for the source of the water, and find your water bottle, the lid not tightly shut after your last gulp before bed.

You mumble profanities under your breath, kicking the sleeping bag from your body, and, unintentionally, kick Harry in the process.

He jolts awake, sitting up and stares at you, his eyes still half asleep, his hair standing on ends. It looked more like he stuck his finger in a light socket than just woke up.

“What is it, Y/N? What happened?” He looks around, completely confused, and you pat his leg, urging him to go back to sleep.

“Its nothing, Harry. My sleeping bag is just wet.” You look over at the bag, then back to him. He looks at you for a second, processing what you had said, then scoots over, holding his bag open.

“Come on,” he mumbles, patting the space next to him. You stare at him for a moment, and then shake your head no.

“No, its okay,” you whisper, “Go back to bed.”

“Its cold.” He frowns, taking your hand, tugging slightly. “You’ll freeze. Now come on.”

You stare at him, pondering the situation for a moment, then nod, sliding your feet into the sleeping bag first, then the rest of your body. His long arms wrap around your torso, and you turn in his arms, your back to his chest. He pulls you closer, and you feel the warmth of his body fully envelope you. You snuggle deeper in to the bag and scoot as close as you can to him, before your eyes start to droop, the warmth making you tired.

“Much better,” he whispers in your ear, kissing your temple, then lays his head back on his pillow, and you both quickly drift back to sleep.

You awake to the brisk morning air, feeling his arms still wrapped around you. You open your eyes to see that you are both chest to chest, his chin on the top of your head, the side of your face molded to his upper chest. You feel his chest rise and fall, his heartbeat ticking rhythmically, him being complete immersed in his slumber. You can hear the other four boys at the table, whispering about the two of you.

“Its about time,” Louis mumbles, and you hear him blow, then slurp his tea.

“I wonder what made them sleep together…” Niall questions.

Zayn pipes up, mumbling, “Who cares, they’re together, right?”

You hear the crunching of some unknown object, and Liam mumbles, “One more 1D boy about to be off the market,” and you hear him snicker.

You feel a smile creep up across your lips, and you close your eyes again, feeling slumber itch away at your body. You wonder how things will go after this: will you both pretend that nothing happened? Go on after you wake up like you never really shared such a small space? Like he never kissed your temple? That has to mean something, him kissing you.

But maybe he did want something; maybe he was trying to symbolize that with his kiss. Maybe once you left here, he would ask you to dinner, and you two would talk into the night, leaning over your cold Alfredo as you try to get closer to each other. You would whisper sweet things for only the two of you to hear.

But for now, you just wanted to revel in your current situation. You wanted to remember the shape of his body, as it fit perfectly in the curve of yours. You wanted to remember the warmth and security you felt enveloped in him. For now, you wanted to remember the feeling of drifting back to sleep in his arms; and thats just what you did.

This is Grace Celeste Shepard. Colonist. War Hero. Infiltrator. If you’re following me, you probably know her. I’ve written a few novels’ worth of fanfiction about her. To say nothing of the reams of headcanon and answered questions I’ve tackled over the years. I talk about her a lot. She’s become incredibly important to me.

And I never expected to love her. If I’m honest, I never really expected to finish playing her game.

Grace and I met a little over three and a half years ago. Mass Effect 3 was about to drop, and I was seeing a ton of ME stuff all over my usually-Dragon-Age-heavy dash. I was skeptical, but I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

I came to Mass Effect reluctantly, like a kid who really wants to go swimming but is too afraid to dive in. I expected the water to be cold, or full of weeds. Imagine my surprise when I dipped my toes in and found it perfectly warm and clear and inviting.

Grace and I have been through some rough stuff together. I’ve almost killed her a few times. I’ve made her nearly starve to death, nearly freeze to death, nearly forget herself. I’ve made her doubt her own sanity, her own personhood, her own purpose. I dropped a couple of unexpected adopted kids on her. And, you know? She’s never given up on me. Her voice has never gone silent; she’s always been there with her story, waiting for me to catch up and play the scribe she knows I can be. She and her story have carried me through two international moves, through loneliness and isolation so intense it felt unsurvivable, through doubt and fear and frustration. She’s introduced me to more people–friends, fans, fellow fandom flailers–than I ever thought imaginable. What a gift that is. I will always, always be grateful to her–and to Mass Effect–for it.

So, Happy N7 Day, Grace. Happy N7 Day to all the Commanders Shepard out there, and the people who love them. And Happy N7 Day, BioWare. Thanks for giving us such a treasure to play with.

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Could you possibly do a stiles imagine where the pack (the one with derek, alison) go to the ocean to take a vacay and they see me (i'm a siren/mermaid) and stiles likes me and kisses me and tries to turn me human? U can continue it. Thank you!

Request - Stiles Stilinski “Little Mermaid”

“Who wants to go swimming?” Stiles jumped up from his towel and looked at his friends. He couldn’t remember the last time they had been doing nothing together, but to be honest, doing nothing wasn’t really his thing. 

No one reacted though. Allison and Lydia were busy discussing some pictures in a fashion magazine. Derek was asleep with a newspaper over his head. And Scott was building a sand castle with Kira. 

“Okay, fine. Just ignore Stiles. Like always. He wants to go swimming? Well, just let him go on his own, right?” Stiles shook his head and while cursing a little he walked to the shore until the salty water flooded around his ankles. The sun was shining brightly and Stiles closed his eyes for a moment. 

Those calm moments had become rare. Most of the time they were chasing bad guys. Most of the time they were trying to keep the humans in Beacon Hills safe. Most of the time they were failing hopelessly. 


Stiles opened his eyes when a soft, but warm voice filled his ears. He had never heard a voice like that before and he narrowed his eyes to try to find the person who owned the voice. 

The beach seemed empty. All he could see were his friends, who still didn’t seem to notice that Stiles had simply go swimming without them, and sand. 


Stiles frowned his eyebrows and he held his hand above his eyes while he looked over the water of the sea. In the far distance, barely more than a small dot, he noticed something green. Without thinking he jumped into the water and he started swimming. He had to know what the green dot was. He had to know who had been singing.

“Hello cutie…” Your arms slid around his waist and carefully you placed his sweating body on a sandbank. 

When Stiles opened his eyes he noticed that the beach was further away than he had thought it would be. He felt a shiver rolling down his spine, but as soon as he looked up and stared into your eyes, all his doubts and fears disappeared. He didn’t ask questions about your tail. He didn’t ask about the fins. 

You were beautiful. You were heartbreaking beautiful. You were more beautiful than Lydia, Kira and Allison combined. You were more beautiful than the most beautiful model he had ever seen in those magazines Lydia carried around. 

Without thinking about it, he pushed himself up and he pressed his lips on yours. He had no idea what he was doing and why he was doing it, but it felt like the right thing to do, so he just did it. 

“There is no need to be in a hurry, love…” You kissed him back and your hand was stroking his hair. “We can stay here for a while.” You smiled, but Stiles shook his head and he wrapped his arms around your neck.

“Please…” His throat felt soar. “Please, tell me there is a way for you to become human so we can be together for always and forever?“ 

You grinned and it was your turn to shake your head. "No, little lover.” You pressed your lips on his again. “But we can stay here as long as you want. And even longer.”