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Title: Pranked!

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x fem!reader

Word Count: 1269

Summary: Tyler has a new phrase. But how true is it?

Authors Note: Slightly inspired by Friends, slightly not. Part Two maybe? Also, this story is told as the reader is female. As always, for my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible.

Warnings: Slight mature content, implied smut

Originally posted by itsmetrashyz

If there was one thing Tyler said more often than not, even more than his signature phrase of Smile Always, it was “we’re just friends”. (Y/N) and Tyler had been friends for years now, ever since the first time he had come out to visit Mark in LA. After meeting him during one of your many long hours of working at you local coffee house, you had started a relationship of sorts. Yet, the long distance was killer, and the two of you decided a friendship was much easier to maintain. And now, with Tyler living in LA to help with Mark’s videos, you were closer than ever. This, of course, lead to hours upon hours of teasing from the team, and your friends. No one seemed to get the hint, and at this point, you had given up. Waiters who used to get an earful for calling him your boyfriend would get a polite nod and smile, friends who teased you would be met with a witty comeback, and Ethan, who had gotten into the habit of calling you ‘Mrs.Schied’, was met with a swift punch to the shoulder. Tyler, on the other hand, had no problem with any of it. The two of you were friends, why should it matter what other people thought?

        In the short few months that Tyler was working with Mark, you had already made great friends with Teamiplier. Amy and Katheryn would often be invited over to your house for girls nights with your friends, or just to avoid the boys when they were being particularly difficult. Your house, in a way, was a social hot spot. Whether it was your friends or Tylers, there always seemed to be someone wandering around your house. You enjoyed the company, and especially were thankful when you had locked yourself out of the house. If Ethan hadn’t been there, you were sure all your groceries would have been spoiled. You’re positive almost everyone has a copy of your key. 

        It was Thursday, your favorite day of the week. To some, it was just another day of the week, another day until the weekend. But Thrusdays in your house meant 'date night’ of sorts. You and Tyler would go out to eat every Thursday, whether it was the new, fancy restaurant downtown, or the nearest fast food place. It was a special day, when you two could easily talk about whatever you wanted with no interruption from your other friends. You loved your friends, but there was rarely a time you got to be alone with your best friend. 

        You were quick to dress after a day of work, changing into a simple dress for your bistro date tonight. It was your turn to pick up Tyler today. Or, well, you were sure if you didn’t go into the office, he was going to try to talk his way into staying a little longer than necessary to help. Just as you were pulling up the driveway, Amy had bursted through the door, completely soaked from head to toe, a grumpy look on her face. 

        “Amy?” You hopped out of the car as quick as possible, wrapping your jacket around her shoulder. “You okay? What happened?”

        “Pranked.” She said simply, blowing a strand out of her face with a huff. “I can’t believe Ethan’s stupid prank worked on me.” You couldn’t help it. A bubbling laugh escaped your lips, just imagining the shenanigans that were happening throughout the day. “Tyler Thursdays?” She asked once she eyes the cute dress you were wearing. You smiled brightly, doing a single twirl to show off your newest outfit. “Cuuuute. Trying to impress someone?”

        “You know it.” The wink you gave her caused her to laugh. “Tyler still inside?”

        “Yeah, but I’d watch out. Mark has taken getting back at Tyler for the fake spider in his coffee this morning to the extreme.”

        “Duly noted.” After making sure she was okay for the last time, you made your way into the house with extreme caution. However, as you made your way large room where you knew they filmed most of their videos, a large circle of white came sailing at your head. Acting quickly, you just managed to duck out of the way, the shaving cream filled plate hitting the wall behind you. Besides the small bit of splash that hit your arm and head, you were relatively unscathed. The room had completely frozen, watching you silently as you stood, wiping off as much as you could. Mark was standing comically to the side, positioned in such a way you knew he was the culprit of the 'prank’. Tyler was on the other side, holding up a large board for protection, most of it already covered in shaving cream. “I’ll be in the car.” Without another word, you turned on your heel, making your way through the house. Tyler was quick to say goodbye to Mark, dropping the board, and dashing behind you, apologizing profusely for almost ruining your dress. You refused to talk, that is until he promised to pay for your meal tonight. With a devilish smile, you promised yourself to order the most expensive thing on the menu. 

        The next morning, Mark had the perfect plan to get back at Tyler. Sure, it was just a spider in his coffee, but this was about dignity now. He talked his way into getting Ethan to help him load up a bucket of ice water, planning on giving Tyler a pleasant morning wake up. They had to practically waddle up the stairs, the heavy bucked held between them. They made sure to dim the hall lights to not wake Tyler with the bright light. Mark, with a devious smile, gave the Ethan the go ahead, and the bucket of water was poured all over the bed. 

        “Ah!” Though the boys did manage to get a scream out of a sleeping figure, it was definitely too high pitched to be Tyler. You bolted straight out of bed, pushing your now soaked hair out of your face, glaring at the two boys you managed to push into a stupor. Making sure to hold the sheets to your body, you stood, angrily pointing a finger to prove your anger. “What the hell is wrong with you?! You can’t just go around throwing ice water on people, especially people who haven’t done anything to you!” Despite the fact you were practically boiling over, the two boys couldn’t take their eyes off of you, faces completely red. “What?!” Surprised, you felt another blanket surrounding you, but not before you were turned and pulled into someone’s warm chest. Despite also being soaked with water, Tyler still managed to stay warm.

        “You might want to leave now.” Tyler spoke with an even tone, making sure to hold you close against him. Not only was he covering himself for some sort of modesty, the room was too dark for him to find any clothes to cover himself up, in your anger you hadn’t realized that the white sheet usually placed on his bed was completely soaked, which meant it had done nothing to hide any part of you. Completely embarrassed, you pushed yourself closer to Tyler, waiting for the door to practically slam behind the two awestruck boys, and even for a few minutes after. Not only had you just been caught in bed with a person you swore you’d never see as more than a friend, but two of his best friends had seen you naked. What a great way to start off your Friday.

Bribe It Better

A/N: You know what, I’m bored. So why not post something for you to read. :-)

This little piece was written for Manda’s Birthday Challenge ( @pinknerdpanda ) and my prompt was “I don’t want to be friends with someone who jogs, go and have a burger!” It turned out fluffier (and Dean’ier) than I originally planned, but the goal was to make you laugh and/or smile, so I hope you like it Manda - and Happy early Birthday!

Pairing: friend!Sam x reader, Dean x reader

Word count: ~1200

Warnings: friends arguing, swearing, fluff, implied smut

“Oh c'mon Y/N!”

You stormed through the bunker’s halls, ignoring Sam as he strode after you. He was staying a few feet back - a wise decision on his part - and tried not to let his amusement show, which just pissed you off even more.

“Look, I’m sorry. I’ll make it up to you.”

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Chocobros x s/o piercings [in bed]

So since I’m thoroughly fascinated by @hypaalicious @louisvuittontrashbags and @diabolik-trash-heap and their thottie hottie headcanons, I made my own.

I love piercings. I LOVE my chocobros (my prom puddin!). Too lazy to format, so….

I’m a shit show with this place. Yes it’s nsfw because I don’t know anything else… Also, guess which one I don’t have and I’ll write you a thing lol

Noctis: Nipples

The Crown Prince is always up for a good tit fucking, so making it worth his while with a shiny stud or an ornate ring will definitely get you some bedroom brownie points. Plus, the added sensitivity when he (bites, pinches, or sucks) at them, and the sexy reaction that stems from it certainly works out in your favor.

Noct lets the seat slide back and you climbed into his lap, careful not to throw the car into reverse. “What was it you wanted to show me?” he sighs as he runs his hand over your sternum, squeezing your tits softly beyond your low cut top you purposely wore for today for the sole purpose of having him take it off.

“Mm…you’re getting warmer,” you chide him. Noct gives you a smirk and leans into you, pressing kisses at your skin, then biting down to mark you. “Warmer…”

Noct slides his hands under your top, feeling a certain hardness that wasn’t normally there. He pushes the material aside (noting that you weren’t wearing a bra either) and he bites his lip with a snarky smirk curling on his lips upon seeing the gold studs in your nipples. “We’re gonna need more room,” he growls.

You find yourselves in the backseat of the Regalia, your back sticking to the leather as Noctis’s princely dick thrusts back and forth between your breasts as his breath runs ragged. He flicks his thumbs at your new piercings, the sensation pooling at your cunt, making you scream more than usual due to the sensitivity of your nipples. “N-Noct… I want you now. I can’t stand it, I need you to fuck me right now…”

Noctis pulls you up and settles you on his cock, but such was his fascination with your new jewelry, he couldn’t stay away from them. He sucks on them, licks them, rolls your nipples between his fingers until they tighten, until you simply can’t hold out and you cum around him, your release bringing the Lucian prince to his.

“Fuck…” he sighs in amazement, “We’re going to have a long night tonight. I wanna see just how many more times you cum with these things.”

Prompto: Bellybutton

Prompto is the fun one, so seeing your tummy adorned with cute chocobo themed jewelry is right up his alley. He’ll even pick a few out for you to match whatever outfit you’re wearing for the day.

In the bedroom, though, seeing it under a sheer teddy or some other flirtatious lingerie will have him in a frenzy, and if it’s one of your boudoir sessions, he’s going to want to capture it from every possible angle.

You spent the day shopping around the Citadel, Prompto insisting that you flaunt your new belly ring (that he bought you). It was simple enough, silver with a little pendant in the shape of a chocobo with a little heart cut out in the middle. “It’s so cute!” he said again.

“Thanks, babe, but you don’t have buy one every time we–” You gave up on your sentence as your gunslinging boyfriend dashed to a vendor stall and bought another one. Who knew a high school whim would be so exhausting?

Prompto came to your place for date night the following week, but you had a plan. He knocked on the door, bright smile in place and tasty pastries for you to share in hand… until you answered the door, then those tarts end up on the floor.

“Hello sunshine,” you purr as he drops the tarts (and his smile) to gape at you. A thin, light blue bustier and boyshorts to compliment hugged your body, white stockings on your legs and spiked heels on your feet. While that was all well and good, Prompto was fixated on your belly button, a new ring fitted there in the shape of his Calamity pistols with the letters P and A stamped in the middle.

A blush sprinkles over his face as you pull him inside, immediately claiming his lips as you fall into the sofa. Clothes are thrown everywhere and you’re collective moans can be heard reverberating off the walls. “Oh… I’m cumming, babe,” he warns before long. You slip off and let him spill onto your new jewelry, his seed dripping through the letters and a sense of pride rushes through him as he smiles at the pendant, taking his phone and snapping a photo of your cum-splattered belly. “Favorite one, by far…”

Gladio: Tongue

Oooohhh Gladdy… hands down our resident freak. If fellatio doesn’t get his anaconda off, enhanced blowskis will throw him over the edge in a heartbeat. A good tease with the tongue stud will certainly make for good make out sessions… but if it feels too good, be prepared for lockjaw for at least a day. And Six forbid the thing vibrates against his… well, just extend that lockjaw by a few weeks.

As hellishly hot as it is, nothing was hotter than watching you eat ice cream. At least not to Gladio. The flash of silver caught his eye every time you stuck your tongue out to lap at the frozen confection. He was sure you were messing with him, trying to seem innocent when he’d had you swearing like a woman possessed not even a few hours ago. As you walked and talked around Lestallum, Gladio was devising a way to get you to lick him like that cone and swallow his cream…

The sun had gone down and the night market started to get a bit too crowded. “This place is a madhouse,” he said to you. You had to agree, and let him bum rush his way through to an exit.

He took you down narrow alleyways, frowning and biting his lip. “Ya lost there, Big Daddy?” you snicker at him as he leads you to a dark, dead end alley.

“No, but I think you’ve lost your mind,” he growls, pulling you towards him and rests his massive hands on your ass, giving it a hearty squeeze, “thinking you could flaunt that damned tongue ring and get away with it.”

You quirk an eyebrow at him, “Damn, and here I was thinking I could.” You press a kiss to his lips and immediately move to deepen it, letting him feel the metal barbell that had tantalized him all day.  “Guess I’ll have to make better use of it now.”

You sink down to his waist, pressing kiss after kiss down his exposed chest and abs, fumbling with the button on his leather pants. He’s hard in seconds and you debate on whether this could wait until you got back to the hotel, but the thrill of the possibility that you would get caught by any passersby turned your lover on almost as much as your tongue piercing. You always give his dick a preliminary once over. Six, it’s like a tree trunk, this thing! But still, it’s rather impressive and he certainly knows how to work it… can’t argue with that at all.

You lick the tip of his dick, taking up the bead of precum that had formed there. You run the ball of your barbell over his slit, feeling him shudder at the contact. ‘He’s not ready,’ you smirk to yourself and take a second to twist the bar before going back in.

“Holy shit!” Gladio grunts when he feels the vibrations along his shaft. “Fuck, that’s playing dirty.” He smiles, contrary to his words, and lets his head fall back onto the brick wall behind him. You smile at your well planned surprise and continue to blow him and his mind. He grunts and groans appreciatively, his hips jerking into your mouth as he holds your head steady, fucking your mouth until his knees buckle and thick ropes go shooting down your throat. As he starts to soften, Gladio takes your chin in his fingers, “Say aah…”

You open your mouth, but all that was there was the still vibrating tongue ring. Gladio smiles and leads you back to the hotel room to put it to even better use.

Ignis: VCH/HCH

Never underestimate Ignis’s knowledge of the sexual arts. While he’s versed in many aspects of foreplay, kinks, and toys, don’t put it past him to not give clitoral enhancements a try. In fact, Ignis, like Prompto, would likely be the one to buy (or have made for you) rings to adorn your lady bits, not just because it’s pretty, but to stimulate you both into blissful satisfaction…or delirium. Whatever cums first.

Ignis pours over the stack of papers on his desk, legs crossed and a hand under his chin as he contemplates the notes from today’s briefing, though you notice him not really taking it in. “Everything ok, love?” you ask him, moving gingerly today.

Ignis looks up at you, noting your tender movement as you wrap your arms around his shoulders. “Oh yes, just these briefings getting longer everyday,” he says. He puts down his notes and turns in your arms. “Moving a bit tenderly, darling,” he says, “perhaps a bath to ease the pain?”

“That would be wonderful, thank you,” He scoops you into his arms and carries you to the bathroom and gets to work on your bath, adding a measured amount of sea salt to the water.

“How is it today?” he asks as he begins undressing you without even asking your permission to do so. Not that he needed to ask…

“Not bad really, just a bit sore,” you tell him. Ignis seats you on the countertop, setting you down gently, then spreads your legs wide. Two dark gray studs glint back at him in a vertical line at the top and bottom of your clit. Small beads of sweat form on his forehead as he looks you over.

“Looks like it’s healing well,” he says, then he steps closer to you, sliding his arms around your waist, “Suppose after your bath we… try it out?”

“We could try it out now,” you purr in his ear, licking at the shell of it before biting down on his lobe. A small groan escapes his throat as his fingers clutch at your back. You help him out of his shirt and pants, noting the bulge in his underwear, and suddenly the soreness had shifted to a pain that only Ignis’s girth could soothe.

He slips away from you to turn off the water before it overflows. “Let’s get you taken care of first,” he says. He assists you into the bath, easing you into the salty water. You had to admit, it was rather soothing on your piercing. What was more soothing was the sight of Ignis removing his glasses, then stepping out of his underwear and undershirt to join you. “How’s that, kitten?”

“Mm…it’s perfect,” you tell him. Ignis settles between your legs, nimble fingers rubbing up and down your slick cunt, the connecting metal rubbing deliciously at the bundle of nerves beneath it. His lips find their way onto your neck and you let a moan slip out.

“Oh, darling…” Ignis sighs into your neck, “I’m not so strong a man as to ignore the sounds you make.”

“Forgive me,” you mutter as he claims your lips next, “you just… ah… make it feel so… so…” you tried to continue, but Ignis’s fingers slipped inside your pussy, his thumb continuing the intensity on your clit, rolling the barbell along your clit and bringing you dangerously close.

“A body enhancement of this nature serves us both, you know,” he smirks in your ear, withdrawing his fingers and pulling you into his lap, the water assisting you onto him and helping you slide down onto his dick.

You groan out, feeling him stretch you perfectly, the ridges of his girthy cock rubbing the jewelry against you. He moans out softly, his eyes closing as he feels you clench around him, the piercing stimulating him as well. “Oh…yes, kitten…mm…yes…”

His hips thrust faster, almost losing control in his haste to bring you to your peak, though he was fast approaching his own orgasm. You know that he’s a gentleman at heart and would rather have you cum first, but this new stimulant isn’t helping in that regard. You try to catch up to him, rubbing at your clit until you both scream out, water spilling over the tub as you cum.

“Oh my…” Ignis sighed. He pulled out and assisted you out of the bathtub, tenderly drying you off. “I’m sure that didn’t make the piercing feel too much better…” It was an apology that he didn’t need to give.

“If you think that,” you coo at him, wrapping your arms around his neck, pressing your breasts into his chest, “why don’t we try making it better in the bedroom?”

“I suppose a bit more room could make a difference,” he smirks at you before cradling you up in his arms again to carry you into your bedroom.

anonymous asked:

if youre still taking requests, could you do danny meeting the avengers for the first time? if not thats cool lol

Hell yeah I can!


Danny stared at the large skyscrapers in awe as he walked the streets of New York City. He adjusted hi duffel bag on his shoulder, careful of the large wound he sported under his dirty T-shirt. The past few days had been intense, with his parents finding out about him. He had to leave Amity Park, his friends, and his sister. Hell, he even kind of missed Dash.

It took him a day to get out of Amity, and another day and a half to fly all the way to the Big Apple, where superheroes were more accepted for their unnatural abilities. He was tired, hungry, and ready to just collapse, but he had to keep moving if he was going to find somewhere semi-safe to spend the night. He enough money to last him a couple of weeks (thank you, Vlad, for not ghost-proofing your vault) if he spent it right.

All of a sudden the ground rumbled as an explosion was set off a couple streets down. His brain said ignore it. he didn’t need to draw unwanted attention to himself right now. What if his parents found out where he was and decided to come to New York to hunt him down? He couldn’t risk it.

But he also couldn’t risk innocent people getting hurt. He clutched his chest, right over his core. He felt the cold humming, urging him to go help. He quite literally couldn’t resist. After all, going against your obsession-your very core-could be catastrophic to his very being.

He sighed and ran into an alleyway across the street, putting his duffel bag half way through one of the buildings, high up so nobody could reach it and steal his only belongings. He then changed into Phantom, wincing as his wounds pulled against his slightly torn uniform. His shoulder was raw and glowing green nd red from the irritation, and the blast he took to the side was going to slow him down, but he had to help them.

He flew straight up and headed towards the giant smoke cloud that had grown in a matter of seconds.

The source was a small army of robots, just a little bigger than his father. There were maybe twenty or thirty, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He dove into the smoke and to the street, flying past them as fast as he could manage while coating the pavement with ice. He could feel his core pulling at him, telling him not to overdo himself, but there was no way he wasn’t going to. he had to if he wanted to win this fight.

He stopped behind them and sent some ectoblasts at them. However, hey had some energy blasts of there own, and they knicked him on his bad shoulder. He let out a cry of pain and clutched his injury, taking to the air once more and blasting them from there. He turned intangible as a couple more blasts were directed towards him, but he couldn’t hold it for very long. He could barely stay thirty feet in the air and not get a little dizzy.

In the corner of his eye he saw some sort of…Giant, metal frisbee? It whirled around, hitting several of the robots like a pinball game. It was met with a few arrows coming through the smoke. Three towards the robot, and one…Towards him?

He was too slow. He got his square in the chest and it exploded, sending him straight to the ground.

He struggled to get up, clutching his chest. There was a hole in the front of his uniform now, showing off a few of his battle scars. Once he was back on his feet, he shot more robots, ignoring the arrow guy. He knew it was a misunderstanding, and chose not to bother himself with it. Only the robots.

Several tiny blue balls flew over his head and latched themselves onto various robots before beeping rapidly and blowing up. Danny quickly threw up his ghost shield to avoid being hit with debris.

Somebody with big, meaty hands grabbed his waist, pressing down on his wound, and brought him to his terrifying, green face. Danny waved weakly, swallowing the nervous lump in his throat.

“I’m trying to help you guys. I have powers too, see?” He said. He turned invisible and intangible, sliding through the behemoth’s grasp and hovering over to more robots.

At this point, if he wanted to keep using his other powers, flying was out of the game. He hadn’t slept in three days, hadn’t eaten in two, and was horribly injured. There was no way he could keep this up much longer, but if he wanted to keep innocent people safe he was going to have to. it felt like he was running off of shear willpower now.

He sent a couple of blasts again, narrowly missing the red-headed ninja who was gracefully electrocuting the robots. Her hand-to-hand combat scared him a little (a lot, actually), but he couldn’t focus on that right now. He had to focus on helping these guys take down the small fleet of rip-off Star Wars robots. Droids. Whatever they were called.

He heard the thing whizzing past his head more than he saw it, but it wasn’t hard to follow the path of destruction it made before making its way back to its master’s grasp. Which was a tall, muscular blonde guy in armor. Huh.

Thankfully, with seven people fighting these things, it only took a few more agonizingly painful minutes until they were all in pieces across the street. Most of the smoke had cleared thanks to the hammer guy. Frisbee guy was knocking out the very last one when Danny finally let himself sit down, using a chunk of building and broken street as a chair. His core hurt, urging him to change back to Fenton, but he held tight. With his energy, it was all he could do.

“Who are you?”

He looked up to see a guy in a red and yellow suit or high tech armor. Iron Man.

“Phantom. You,” he paused to catch his breathe, “You guys are the Avengers…Right? I think that’s the name.”

“That’s us,” the Star Spangled Man with a Plan walked up to them, hooking his shield onto his back. “You could use some help. How about you come back to base with us, we’ll get you patched up and on your way.”

Just like that they were going to help him? What kind of people were these guys? What about having to prove that he’s a good guy and could be trusted? While these questions swirled in his mind, he couldn’t resist the need for the free medical attention that he so desperately needed.

“Yeah,” he replied, “Yeah, okay.”

Captain America held out his hand, and Danny took it. Once he was on his feet, he swayed and collapsed again. Thankfully Iron Man and Cap managed to catch him before he hit the ground.

“So…What are we gonna do with this kid?” Clint asked from across the street. He had a scrap on his head he was poking at. Hulk walked up next to him and gave him one giant pat on the back, making Hawkeye almost fall over.

“Ghost boy help beat robots,” he  said simply.

“Well, I guess we could take him in, then,” Iron Man replied. This seemed to satisfy Hulk.

Eventually they decided to take him to the med bay at the Tower and patch him up like promised, and when he woke up he was offered a place to stay.

A month later he became an official member of the Avengers.


Anyway, I’ve been collecting victuuri fic for forever now and I wanted to make this rec to store them and for others to view. I’ll be updating it as time goes on; as of right now, there are approx. 200 fics below the cut. It’ll include the link, title, rating, summary, and my own review on it including details such as POV. Assume all fics are complete unless I say so. 

 Enjoy, I hope you find something you like!

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Smiley (Raven x Reader)

Request: Hi I’d like to request a Raven imagine please. The reader trying to become friends with her always acting in a funny way to cheer her up. Later on Raven witnessing that it’s just a front the reader puts on in order to not worry the Titans. Fluff please? :)

My First Request, I hope I did what you wanted!

Originally posted by windwaver

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  The Garden of Words FC & Bookshop is Recruiting!

Looking for Friends, Staff, & More!

Hello everyone! Pardon me while I blow up your dash a little but I really wanted to take the time to do something like this for a while now :)

I’m Illyirana Usagi. With my hubby Yuri Usagi we run a small RP FC Called The Garden of Words located on Balmung. ICly we are a small Library & Bookshop that hosts a Bi-weekly Open RP Bookshop Night! With that being said we have been actively looking for fun loving members, staff,RPer’s or people who just want to chill since we launched our FC a while back.

Our FC is an OOC FC with focuses on socialization and having fun as a group of friends over anything else. While we do have a mix of RPer’s with us we also have a mix of people who are new or not fully interested in RP but want to join in on the fun (which is 100% ok with us!)

Since the content lull has hit our FC as well as a few others have been hit with a spike in inactivity and we’d really love to find more active players to socialize with, RP with, run content with and all those other FCly things! So if you’d like some more info about us click that little fancy “Keep Reading” at the bottom :) I’ve taken up enough dash space as is xD!

(Reblogs are 500% appreciated. If you like what you see here please feel free to share this post. I have a very small tumblr and its hard to reach out on my own. Thank you so much in advance!)

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november 27, 1973

summary: five things that could’ve happened to samantha mulder

spoilers for little green men, ascension, and colony/end game. fourth in my series of fics i’m writing as i rewatch txf.


Samantha is abducted on November 27 and returned on December 24. Christmas Eve. Her father’s friend finds her in the woods (nightgown torn, hair loose and tangled, feet dirty) and drives her to the hospital. 

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Dine and Dash

SPN Fanfic

-In an attempt to find a connection, Y/N and Sam have a conversation over lunch but run into some trouble along the way.-

(Eventual) SamxReader

2,706 Words

Warnings: Canon Supernatural violence, some jealousy, a mean waitress, some judging of John Winchester’s parental capabilities.

A/N: This is part 5 of Poisonous Soul! I cannot believe I’ve already posted 4 parts to this story. It’s insane the amount of love and support I’ve been given by you guys and I just want you to know that it does not go unseen. I see you every time you like something, or reblog it, or add a tag or comment - and I am so thankful for each and every one of you. (Okay, I’m done being an emotional mess.) As always, feedback is appreciated!

*I do not own any supernatural character and/or gifs I use

The drive to the Diner is filled with comfortable silence as Sam focuses on the street signs. Classic rock floats through the car’s speakers at a low volume and every once in a while, Sam will speak up to get further directions.

“Is this it?” His voice pulls my eyes away from the passing trees to the small diner sitting on the corner of the street.

“Yeah, this is it.”

Brother’s Diner is quiet today, there are only two other cars in the parking lot and none of them from this century. Dean’s Impala fits in nicely.

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Ch.4 (Last): Another Chance

A/N: It’s finally finished! I hope you all enjoy the final stretch of the ride! 

Also on AO3 & FFnet

Ch. 4: 4.7k words
Entire fic: 12.7k words

-sleapy 😴

[reblogs are appreciated!]

Lance got off the train and walked to the diner, head bowed into his phone reading the directions. Destination is on your left , his screen announced in bold lettering.

“Left?” he muttered to himself, glancing up and realizing he was on the wrong side of the street. The diner’s nondescript front was easy to miss. He would never have spared it a second glance if he wasn’t looking for it. He crossed and peered inside through the windows to see if Keith had arrived. His eyes were scanning the booths when a low voice tickled against his ear,

“Looking for someone?”

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WIP for musicalluna pt3

(Eventually I’ll get the hang of coding html on tumblr but for now there’s this) for @musicalluna


When Tony woke, it wasn’t light like he was expecting.

They had all been ridiculously tired and hurt - Tony assumed the only chance of it still being dark when he woke up was if he slept until the next evening, which it definitely was not. No way would the others have let him sleep that long, they enjoy distrusting his sleep far too much.

The moonlight made the snow outside glow softly, subtly illuminating parts of the cabin. Tony shifted to sit up slightly, careful not to press on his new stitches thanks to Steve. For a guy with large hands, Steve had a remarkable skill for detail, probably because of all the time he spent sketching privately.

Tony plucked himself out of Steve’s grip, who apparently locked his arms around his waist in his sleep. Steve’d never do that consciously, surely (right?). Looking down fondly at the blonde, the hairs on the back of Tony’s neck stood up suddenly, sending chill down his spine - not a pleasant one, either. Glancing around the room, Tony took a sudden intake of breath when he noticed Barnes had silently gotten up too, looking alarmingly alert for such an ungodly hour in the morning.

Barnes’ mouth was set in a thin line, barely making a sound as he breathed. He’s listening for something, Tony realised, when a noise outside drew his attention towards to door. He almost didn’t hear it, but a rustle of movement beside him and Nat was now wide awake too.

Something wasn’t right then.

Soundlessly, the three of them got up and crept across the floor of the cabin, Bucky nudging Steve awake as he did so, bringing a finger to his lips when Steve eyed him curiously and was about to speak up. Steve clearly sensed something was wrong too, and joined Natasha in looking carefully out the window through the drapes, riddled with holes and frayed at the tips.

Tony felt his heart beating in his mouth, and swallowed down the stir of dread pooling in his gut.

Pulling on boots and coats, the four of them regarded each other before Steve spoke in a hushed tone to them, “I say three of us check the area, and someone stays behind to keep watch if the others.” Clint, Sam, and Rhodey were all fast asleep, oblivious to the tension around them, deeply sedated on the pain meds they managed to scramble together from the wreckage earlier.

Tony noticed the other three looking at him expectantly, and he huffed an air of annoyance. Of course, because he was without his suit he should be the one to stay behind, because without it, he’s as good as a civilian. Steve read as much on Tony’s scowl, and sighed gently.

“Stark- Tony, it’s not that you aren’t capable-”

“But I’m not as capable as you, got it.”

Steve didn’t look pleased by this, but ignored the comment in leu of the current situation. Like the fact they’ve probably been found by hydra, who’s forces are currently trying to ambush them.

Sounds about right, Tony mused.
Nat, Barnes, and Steve took a final once-over of the scene from the window and filed outside, gens turning signals to each other as they went.

Steve head out first, making a gesture behind himself a few yards from the cabin. With his left arm, he raised his forearm up, making an ‘o’ shape with his hand.

hurry up

Before they’d slunk out the door, they’d grabbed their handguns fixed with silencers. Nat and Barnes followed up behind Cap in a wedge formation, keeping enough distance between each other to get a good scope of the area around them. Tony craned his neck out the door as much as he could until all three were out of sight. The trees were much denser in this area which made the threat of an ambush much more likely.

Ten minutes past and Tony still hadn’t seen or heard from the others. Rhodey had woken up, not nearly on as main pain meds as Sam and Clint, and had a pistol in hand from his spot on the sofa. Tony cursed whatever hydra goon had set off the EMP immobilising the suit. He and Rhodey had had to abandon most of their armours, not having enough time to get it back into working order. They’d made sure to blow it up first of course before retreating back to the jet.

Tony had kept his gauntlets on, and the reactor of course, and was currently in the process of trying to boot them back up. Without the reactor at full capacity though, it was a long and tedious process.

Another 10 minutes passed (well, actually 8 minutes, 37 seconds, 38, 39…) and Tony heard the muffled sound of a gunshot spit through the silence on the night air. Looking back at Rhodey for a moment, Tony thought fuck it, they probably could do with some help, and made a dash for it out of the door, into the cold biting air outside.

Clicking the door shut behind him, Tony scurried to the nearest evergreen to get some kind of shelter while he surveyed the area. His breath frosted in front of his nose, and be took a moment to control his breathing before heading in the last direction he saw the others go. Following in that direction, Tony regarded the bootprints left in the snow. Hydra issue combat boots had a distinction tread mark, and Tony followed them cautiously. As far as the hydra agents knew, only three Avengers we’re currently out on the scene.

Hearing the crunch of snow underfoot a few feet ahead, Tony poked out from behind a large oak tree, adjusting the silencer into his gun, and picked off two hydra goons in two practised shots. Venturing out and searching the agents of anything useful, Tony heard a commotion a few yards ahead. Setting off in a sprint, Tony came to the edge of a clearing, throwing himself onto the ground before a steep drop into the clearing.

Steve was there, wrestling three agents off his back. One agent deliver a swift jab to his gut, only slightly making Steve double over, before he delivered a far more devastating uppercut to the hydra goon’s chin, knocking him out cold. Steve then grappled with the agent over his back, trying to crush his windpipe with the rifle he was carrying. Steve got a grip on the rifle and tossed his attacker over his shoulders, where the guy landed in a graceless pile at Steve’s feet. Scrambling for a handgun, the agent was cut short with a swift step to the neck from Steve.

The crack of bone breaking reverberated through the trees, and the third agent panicked momentarily before Steve shot him between the eyes in one graceful movement.

Steve was panting, shoulders heaving with adrenaline and fists clenching and unclenching as he caught his breathe. Tony kicked himself internally for not coming out sooner, since they clearly had needed the extra support. Steve was tired, which said a hell of a fucking lot about the current mess they were in.
Tony was about to make his presence know to Steve when a spot of light caught his eye from amongst the trees a few yards behind Steve, who was busy kneeling down beside the agents, searching them for anything useful. A figure stepped out the shadows, raising a large looking blade into an offensive position.

Tony swallowed hard, then set his face determinedly, raising his own gun directed at the agent. Tony didn’t want to risk yelling at Steve to warn him, since the agents reaction would be too unpredictable. Too many variables he is not willing to test.

Once in range, Tony focuses the barrel of the gun on the mark and pulled the trigger.


Wait, no. No, no, no, no,


The chamber was empty.

Grunting in frustration and feeling the sudden build up of panic and dread, Tony did the only rational thing he could think of, and lunged.

Steve spun around at the commotion, gun raised, before lowering it when he saw Tony. Tony was leapt down from a hight like a bat out of hell and sent himself and - and a hydra agent (how did he miss that, damn it?) skidding across the clearing.

The agent rolled Tony over onto his back and swung a meaty just at Tony’s nose, grinning when it crunched under the impact. Tony kneed the guy in the groin, turning them both over again and began beating the agent again and again and again until he saw blood. Steve stood frozen for a few precious moments before running forward - and gracelessly slipping on ice.

His body landed with a ear-splitting crack on the ground, and for a moment everything stopped.

Tony had paused, fist frozen mid-air, and the agent’s eyes were blown wide and startled. Steve only had a moment to realise what was happening; the deep echoing crack underneath them, and a split in the ice coming from under his body, headed like a bold of electricity towards the fight I front of him.

Steve didn’t dare breathe.

Another large and ominous sound echoed underneath Tony and the agent, before Tony’s eyes met his, panicked and wide, and Steve barely had a moment to call for Tony’s name before the ice gave way and the two men out on the ice went crashing though the surface into the freezing cold mercy depths below.



Birthday Challenge

I’m turning 21 at the end of July and what better way to celebrate than to host my first SPN writing challenge? 

Below the cut you’ll find 50 different quotes to choose from. The rules are simple:

1. Send in an Ask “ordering” the drink you chose. Pick two in case your first choice is taken.

2. Tag me in the A/N and use #Kitty’s21stBdayChallenge in the first 5 tags.

3. Even though my birthday is 25 July, I understand the struggle of writer’s block all too well so entries are DUE 15 August. If you need an extension, just let me know.

4. There is no minimum or maximum word length. Just please be considerate and use the Keep Reading cut if it’s more than 500 words so we aren’t clogging people’s dash.

5. All genres and SPN pairings are WELCOME. Reader inserts, ships, whatever, I read it all. Just make sure your entries are properly tagged with any warnings that might be needed so others can enjoy it as well.

After everything is said and done, I’ll compile all the entries into one Masterlist. Thanks for celebrating with me guys!

Jack and Coke- “Your boyfriend is standing outside like in those cheesy romantic movies.”

Whiskey Sour- “It’s you, it’s always been you.”

Long Island Iced Tea- “She ain’t your typical ‘good girl’, man.” @hunters-hiraeth

Jello Shot- “Come cuddle with me?”

Margarita- “You drive me crazy, you know that?” @roxy-davenport

Shot of Tequila- “I should be home by now, but seeing a face like yours in this bar got me distracted.”

Sangria- “Your fatal flaw is loving a man like me; it’ll get you killed someday.” @wayward-mirage

Trashcan- “I meant it when I said I love you all those years ago, and I mean it now.”

Four Horsemen- “I stood in hell and stared the devil in the eyes, but you scare the shit outta me when you’re angry.”

 Amaretto Sour- “You can’t tape a broken heart back together with whiskey, ya know.”

Martini- “How could I have fallen for somebody who’s as much of a wreck as you are?”

Mai Tai- “You promised that you would still love me when I came back. What happened to that?”

Sex on the Beach- “You don’t love me, you’re lonely. That’s all there is to it.”

Strawberry Daiquiri- “Sometimes, you’re better off alone.”

White Russian- “I’m not always going to be here waiting for you.”

Tequila Sunrise- “It’s been 10 years, and I haven’t been able to look at another person the way I looked at you.”

 Screw Driver- “Don’t say another word to me, I can’t handle it.” @superbadassnatural

Blow Job- “Just leave, it was so easy for you to do it the first time.” @distinguishedqueenofbooks

Screaming Orgasm- “After all that you’ve done to me, I hope you drop dead.” @luciisthebest

Bloody Mary- “How am I supposed to be everything that you want me to be and still be me? I can’t…”

Pina Colada- “I’m doing fine, and I plan to keep it that way.”

Buttery Nipple- “I like the scruffy beard, it suits you.”

Mudslide- “You’re a lot more mature now.”

Kamikaze- “That was cute when we were 5, now it’s just immature.”

Witch’s Brew- “No, we can’t keep a mouse!”

3 Wise Men- “You did that for five dollars?”

‘57 Chevy- “Is this a story that I have to be drunk to listen to?”

Malibu Bay Breeze- “I hear a lot of excuses and not a lot of the dishes being washed.”@uselessace

Black Russian- “I don’t do karaoke…” @aseasyasdeanspie

Blue Hawaiian- “Where are my underwear at?!”

666- “Low blow, man…”

Chocolate Martini- “Who the hell does that at your age?”

Alabama Slammer- “If you think that I’m gonna let you keep that, you’re out of your mind.”

Rusty Nail- “Is that…Elvis?”

Gin and Tonic- “You look like a clown in those pants.”

Cape Codder- “I’m not giving you my jacket, I’m freezing.”

B-52- “On your knees, princess.” @distinguishedqueenofbooks

Greyhound- “You’re not as quiet as you think you are.”

Fuzzy Navel- “Want me to take care of that?”

Lynchburg Lemonade- “Well look at what you’ve done.”

Mint Julip- “Where’d you learn to do that?”

Tom Collins- “I’m a damsel, I’m in distress, I can handle this. Have a nice day.” @i-am-fandoms-and-satan

Side Car- “This is what I get for sleeping with my best friend in Vegas.”

Irish Car Bomb- “You’re like a work of art…You need to be nailed up on the wall.”

Manhattan- “You look good enough to eat. In fact…” @wideawakeandwriting

Brandy Alexander- “You are very endearing when you’re half asleep.” @thecuriouscrusader

Rum and Coke- “You’re a little shit but at least you’re my little shit.” @gone-to-fight-the-fairies

Highball- “It’s not nearly as bad as it looks.”

Singapore Sling- “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

Mimosa- “You say the funniest things when you’re drunk.”


@luciisthebest @distinguishedqueenofbooks @helvonasche @wayward-mirage @uselessace @impala-dreamer @roxy-davenport

anonymous asked:

If ih was always intended, then there were a lot of unnecessary moments between Ichigo and Rukia that Kubo shouldn't have shown in the manga. It now feels out of place since apparently their bond isn't meant to be seen as "romantic". Makes me feel like the ir bond was merely a ploy to bring in more readers.

I agree anon, and I wish that if IchiRuki wasn’t meant to be canon, he wouldn’t have romanticized the ship so strongly. But he did, and there’s no way all of this is just one big platonic bond or one big plot to keep people reading, given how starved for IchiRuki content we were during the Blood War arc.

I/H was never shown to be anything but romantically one-sided until the very end

Yet throughout the series IchiRuki got things such as:

there’s a reason Ichigo’s desing was altered to contrast Rukia’s

there’s a reason Rukia was named to be Ichigo’s ray of light

there’s a reason he made then BOTH protagonists to develop equally, something not done very often for a male and female character

there’s a reason Kubo gave them several titles, exclusive to them
~Death and the Strawberry (and by extension Deathberry)
~King and Queen
~Black Sun and White Moon

there’s a reason their entire characters contrast each other so much, from their palettes and personality, to their shinigami powers and zanpakuto,even  down to their zodiacs that make them perfectly compatible

there’s a reason there are more IchiRuki spreads than any other set of characters or pairings, drawn by Kubo

there’s a reason he told people viewing the Fade to Black film to give special attention to Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship, and suggested one might take a romantic partner to see the film

there’s a reason only Ichigo and Rukia were given poetry to express their relationship 

there’s a reason he was always so playful and ambiguous about the status of their relationship

there’s a reason he expressed having a hard time drawing Ichigo without Rukia, and would add her to art without even thinking about it

there’s a reason one of the above spreads is called the Honeymoon Spread, named by Kubo himself

there’s a reason why during the SS arc, Ichigo corrected anyone who mocked him for “wanting to save Rukia” He didn’t just want to save her. His exact words were “I have to save her!” 

there’s a reason why during the HM arc, Ichigo was so determined to beat Grimmjow, and even pointed out that is wasn’t to save Orihime (the person they’d gone to HM in the first place for), but to get back at him for hurting Rukia.

there’s a reason why when he does save Rukia, the scene is paralleled to the time Isshin saves Masaki

there’s a reason why thoughts of his friends didn’t activate Fullbring, but the thought of Rukia alone (complete with the shojo-shading and possibly the most beautifully-drawn panel of Rukia in the series) gave him what he needed to activate it

there’s a reason why when he’s crying about his powers, Rukia showing up again and giving them back (something she expressed a promise to do) his tears ceased

there’s a reason Ichigo thanks Rukia for stopping his rain (a long running metaphor for his own sadness)

there’s a Rukia changed Ichigo’s destiny

there’s a reason their destiny is a shared one

there’s a reason the animation studio gave so many extra episodes that featured IchiRuki, and he complimented the episodes and noted the ice skating as being his favorite (you know, instead of maybe asking them to tone down the romance or making special note of a canon pairing’s episode etc)

there’s a reason he added several sexually suggestive puns between Ichigo and Rukia in the manga, including a very famous penetration joke.

there’s a reason why when during their goodbye scene from Farewell Swords as shown above, there’s shojo-style shading around both of them. Kubo has been very tactful in the use of shading. Ichigo is in scenes with other girls where they are shaded as they’re expressing something romantic/flirtatious toward him, but he isn’t shaded because he either isn’t getting the ~romantic~ vibe, or he’s exasperated by what they’re doing and doesn’t see it as something cute/flirty/what have you. But here, he’s saying goodbye to Rukia, and he’s shaded like her, indicating they’re expressing those same romantic emotions. Many fans took this scene to be Kubo signaling that IchiRuki actually would be moving to a romance

there’s a reason WSJ used IchiRuki content to promote the last chapter, instead of the canon pairings or just Ichigo alone, or Ichigo and Rukia content that wasn’t so shippy

there’s a reason IchiRuki is the most popular ship in the fandom by such a large margin

there’s a reason so many people, shippers and non-shippers alike, were expecting them to become canon and expressed outrage and confusion when they were not

it’s because Kubo wrote and drew them that way, Kubo added those nuances, Kubo dropped those hints.
Everything in the series up until the final arc indicates Ichigo and Rukia’s relationship moving on to becoming romantic, but suddenly everything during the arc was focused on keeping them apart (pro tip, avoiding one pairing’s interactions and serious development does not suddenly build up another), despite Urahara alluding to a team up attack. Anticipation for their reunion was built up, and all signs pointed to Rukia getting to Ichigo to combine their powers being the deciding factor in this final fight. The lack of communication was startling for many readers. The sudden jump from that last blow, to Rukia being made a captain, to Ichigo and Rukia reuniting with their own separate families, was a shock and a disappointment, and it’s really telling that it’s only fans of the canon ship at all happy, and not even all of them are actually happy, because they know their canon was rushed and weak, and not what they deserved. Fans of all sorts of parings from the series have expressed wishing the ending would have been open if not IchiRuki, because as it stands the ending does not make sense and does not fit with the narrative.

IchiRuki had everything going for it to be canon, all dashed away in the last minute, and for what? An utterly unsatisfying end to their story. 

The Fires Within: Ch. 3

a hellhound au twist on this request

Three things: pre-training is 5 hours every day, you and Yoongi are partners, and he absolutely cannot fall in love.

Prologue | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (M) | Part 6 (soon)

4.5k words, yoongi/reader, hellhound au

“Preliminary…training?” You stare at Kibum, confused, caught in between the line for breakfast and the hallway leading to the exit.

He nods. “Yeah, yours starts in twenty, so I’d head over to there as soon as you finish with breakfast. It’s over by the track, past the dojo. Actually, though, I’d skip the breakfast. Don’t wanna be throwing up; the janitor’s going to throw a huge fit.”

“Um, okay, but what is–oh, well, okay then. Nevermind.” You watch cluelessly as Kibum effortlessly disappears into the crowd of drowsy mages, shouting names and directions, waving around mission papers.


Twenty minutes.

“Wow,” the instructor says, tucking his pocket watch back into the folds of his clothes. “He’s really late. Are you sure Yoongi’s even like, alive?”

“I mean, well, I just saw him yesterday,” you say. The instructor looks skeptical, as if suggesting that people have randomly died in the middle of the night, but says nothing. You’re a bit too aware that you don’t know the guy’s name. You kind of want to ask, but you suppose he’ll probably formally introduce himself when Yoongi gets here. Or rather, if Yoongi gets here.

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Ex-Boyfriend!Vernon (Feat. Minghao) [Fluff Ending] (T)

A/N: This is the Fluff Ending for Ex-Boyfriend!Vernon. Okay it was wayyy longer than the angst ending, got carried away with Minghao huehue. Much thanks to senpai fluff master Admin Junnie who gave me some ideas for the content hohoho. 

This ending is cuter, more fluff, and happier. It shows how the reader is able to accept failure and move on to a new future. Please go and read the main story if you have not, as well as the other ending, which has more of an Angst Ending! Enjoy :-)

Word Count: 3,034 


[ Main Story | Angst Ending | Fluff Ending ]

Originally posted by centimentally

Vernon’s hands slowly cascaded downwards to your neck, then onto your waist and hip. The hot kisses trailed from your lips onto your cheeks, and Vernon then proceeded to nibble on your ear. You felt your face blush, and your whole body tensing up. You had a tingling sensation all over you, as you felt satisfied from the little gesture. The touch of his lips on the outline of your neck gave you good chills, and tiny kisses from Vernon formed hickeys.

“Babe, are you here? Where… WHAT THE FUCK..?” Bailey hollered, witnessing the messy, hot exchange. “Why the fuck are you making out with my boyfriend?!”

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Danny Summoned

Guys, i just… i have seen practically /nothing/ for Danny getting summoned by someone, like circles and chants and sacrifices and all that jazz (either and/or to all of that) like just think of the possibilities! I’m serious, cause i have barely any myself but here’s at least one: Some student or someone who wants to meet danny phantom So bad *coughpaulinacough* they start looking up occult ways to summon a ghost, cause no way are you getting that close to a ghost fight just to meet him, and they try out a summoning circle - nothing special, his DP symbol in the middle, maybe someone saw his ice powers and threw in a snowflake, idk - and they go all out, and try and try and try every variation of it they can till FINALLY the lights go out, the circle glows and Danny appears from the icy winds blowing out of it, totally confused. He has an awkward conversation with his summoner, and flies home. They spread around that they met Phantom and others start figuring it out, which leads to Danny having to figure out how to reject the summons, easy enough since the circle is in complete. This adds in some GF thoughts but i feel like his circle would include elements that show off his connection to Sam Tuck and Jazz. Sam is a rose (thorns included of course) Tuck is a Motherboard, Jazz is a book, Valerie is a gun, frostbite represented by the snowflake, (Dani)Elle - i call her Elle honestly - is represented by a feather of freedom, a gear to represent Clockwork and then a Crown to represent that Danny is the king of ghosts. The three of them keep a spare of paper with the summoning circle on them at all times for when Danny gets captured (we know it’ll happen) and they try to keep it away from everyone else cause its harder to resist the pull from the actual complete circle.  But then Valerie gets a hold of it cause Tucker dropped it, or she saw it when they were summoning him away from the clutches of someone, and she uses it, and shit happens.

I have yet to come up with a chant but I will have one for you all soon enough!

I think I’m gonna call it the Summoning Au (creative i know)

@karentopia prompted me with 63: “fuck you” from the dialogue prompts and this may be the loosest approximation of filling that ever considering no one actually says those words but hey

Neil was halfway through a meeting when his phone rang.  Julia, the team GM, who had been interrupted mid-sentence by Neil’s admittedly brash ringtone, raised an eyebrow as he dug it out of his pocket.

“Uh, sorry.  It’s my partner,” he said with an apologetic wince.  She waved him off – thankfully the Cardinals team was more relaxed than some.  Besides, it wasn’t as though Neil’s relationship was a secret – that was essentially what they were gathered to discuss, with Neil’s contract up and the trades deadline looming.  

Neil retreated through the glass door of the boardroom and leant up against the wall across the hallway to answer.  After so long he probably should have regarded his slightly less like it was a bomb about to go off, but most people he knew texted rather than calling, and no one who called him would do so in the middle of the workday.  Which meant he automatically assumed it was bad news.  


“How long has your ‘check engine’ light been on?” Andrew asked from the other end.  He sounded distinctly unimpressed.

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anonymous asked:

i'm kind of curious as to what your take on yamamoto is? i have struggle a bit with understanding characters sometimes and yamamoto kind of blows everyone that i've ever had troubles understanding out of the water. :s

i’m actually rather bad at picking up characterization myself, except through trial and error in writing and seeing what ‘feels right’ compared to what happens in canon…. and through reading other people’s headcanons and interps. so, this list is gonna be half and half of each P:

  • in summary: seems very candid and easy-going, is actually Way Too Intensely Motivated And Serious About Just About Everything
    • i don’t know if there’s a clinical term for this, but i’m calling it Lowkey Hardcore Attention Seeking (with a dash of impostor syndrome)

cut for length because wow i ended up writing a lot about the same topic

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Mark; i’m sorry, i’m sorry, i’m sorry

✉in which sorry is not enough 
❝ This is actually inspired by a prompt I read and also along with the words you gave so… it’s a bit of both??? (idk what this turned out to but, I hope you like it anyway ; u ;)
►1720 words | scenario
© (photo credit)

With a jar in your hand, an umbrella in your other, that’s all you really need for now. In case it was hot, in case it was raining, no weather could possibly rain down on your parade—not after what you’ve been through, God no. You sigh as you look up to the sky, noticing how it’s still a pretty shade of colors that ranged from the hues of red, a mix of orange, blended with yellow, a shade of blue, it’s beautiful and you know he’ll love it too.

Sitting down and putting the umbrella aside, you’ve opened the jar you have in your hold before you draw some of the content out, sprinkling out in the air as the wind blows by and it carries it around until it’s almost everywhere around in this park. With a contended smile, you close the jar because this is just the first stop and it’s when—

“Fuck me, really, raining now?!” You curse, about to go ape shit because tomorrow is your interview and there’s no way you can get sick now! You’re putting both hands over your head, hiding underneath the tree and you know if it’s your time to go, the thunder could strike and goodbye world but then a voice calls out for you and you’re startled, looking ahead in the midst of the dark, heavy downpour of rain and mist lingering in the air, “Hey! You over there! G-Get away from there!”

“I don’t have an umbrella!”

And despite the distance, you swear you hear him (you assume it’s a he because of his tone) mumbling a soft shit before you see his shadow disappearing and then a figure appears in front of you. Your eyes widen so wide but in the next, he’s scooping you to his chest and he pulls you close with the umbrella hovering above the two of you as he leads you away, his heartbeat rapidly beating against your cheek and you stumble a few times before he directs you to the pavement and then he asks, “What the hell were you doing there? It’s not advisable to be under a tree when it rains,”

He’s scolding you, can you believe that? A person you’ve never met before, never heard of and fuck, he looks handsome is nagging at you, “W-Well… I didn’t have an umbrella…”

He chuckles, his voice as deep as the night goes and you find yourself walking alongside him as he heads to where the bus stop is but he manages to say, “Well, you have one now,”

“Sharing, with you?”

“No shit,” He laughs and God, why does he look so attractive? The stars are nothing compared to his eyes, the glow on his skin can kiss the moon goodbye and when he smiles down on you with his name of I’m Mark, you find yourself being in a trance where you say your name, softer than his, more endearing and it reels him in and everything else is history from there.

“I just thought you’d like to have a part of you here,” You say to the air, of uncertainty and uninvited guests but even with that, you know he’s here.

I would… it’s where we first met…

“I’m sorry if you don’t but,” please, stop saying that, “I don’t know where else to go apart from here,”

Here is perfect, darling. This was the start of our love…

“Oh! I know where else to go!” You suddenly get up and grab onto the jar, the umbrella and just as you want to leave, there’s the warm feeling of a sun rising that you stop and notice how when you’re about to walk away, the certain glow of the sun seems to shine down on your shadow…and his face is appearing in front of you.

He smiles at you like things are fine, the look in his eyes are the home you’re searching for and he’s everything you’ve been missing for a year.

“Mark…” Is all you can say, in tiny bits of whisper in depths of your itty bitty heart and he shakes his head, his lips forming a frown when he says, “I’m sorry,”

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