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“Flat out” -h.s. Part 2

Part 1



Waking up the morning of your birthday, you tried to keep your nerves in check. You expected pancakes and coffee in the least, but nothing too fancy. Instead, you found a quiet flat thanks to a very still asleep Harry. You didn’t blame him for that though, considering you had a pretty early class anyway. Who would want to get up at 6:30am willingly? 

So you made your own coffee and dressed for school. You wouldn’t be on campus much today anyway, but more in the courthouse. Your professor was working a case, a very high profile case, and you had been asked to be his consulting student. You were very excited about it, but due to the nature of the case and the amount of thugs you were sure you’d encounter, you’d yet to tell Harry about it. He could get protective of this kind of thing, and you didn’t want to have to worry about his feelings and the case at the same time. 

Harry was still asleep when you left, smoothing out your dress as you heels clicked down the hall on the way to the elevator. You’d get a ‘Happy Birthday’ text, you were sure. That at the very least. 

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Keep It Safe - For @turquoiseterrier - because I just really want to bring everyone down after the wedding high. haha. sorry

So…considering that Thursday preview clip, this probably definitely won’t happen…and certainly not like this…and who knows if Robert will even get to go to court with Aaron in the first place…but…I wrote and drew this before I saw that clip anyway…so here it is… (though I did go back and change Robert’s outfit to match because I’m a crazy person….)

Robert is sitting on the edge of their bed, already showered and dressed for court. He was up early, not that they got much sleep anyway. It was their wedding night after all. With his heart in his throat, he watches Aaron move about the room getting ready, wondering how long it will be until they can be here in this room together like this again, or in their new bedroom at the Mill. It won’t be too long, he tells himself but he knows he’s mostly in denial, doesn’t stop him from trying to force the thoughts though. It still feels like he just got Aaron back and now he’s being ripped away from him again.

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Give me Alexei Mashkov who is afraid to kiss Kent Parson because he’s never really had a relationship before and he doesn’t want to screw this up. Alexei Mashkov who is so nervous for their first date that he changes 4 times and shows up to Kent’s hotel an hour early.

And give me Kent Parson who laughs and invites Tater in anyway and flirts with him as he gets ready, and Tater is sitting on the couch getting redder and redder and crushing the flowers he brought to the point that Kent comes over and gently takes then out of his hands.

Alexei Mashov who wants to hold Kent’s hand so badly as they walk home from dinner and Kent who slides his fingers between Tater’s like it’s no big deal and leans his head against the taller man’s shoulder.

And they get back to Kent’s room and Tater just wants to die, he should be able to do this, he really likes Kent, but he grew up believing that kissing other boys wasn’t something you did, and maybe a part of that fear is still there

And Kent understands why Tater is scared, but he also knows what he wants and he isn’t afraid to chase it, so fuck it, he pulls Tater down into a kiss that leaves them both breathless and wanting more and falling backwards into the wall, and Tater pulls away to see Kent looking up at him with those big adoring eyes, and Tater feels safe.

Alexei Mashkov who kisses a beautiful blond boy and holds his hips like he might try to slip away if he lets go and isn’t afraid of messing up anymore

the day before their high school graduation, lucas and maya are laying in the bed of lucas’ pick-up truck. they’ve driven miles out of the city to find a hilltop where they can see everything in the sky. farkle and smackle had already left for early admissions to princeton, riley was closing at topanga’s that night, and zay was busy packing for his last summer in texas. maya was supposed to be finishing her portfolio so she could send it to the royal academy of arts for finalization. lucas was supposed to be at one of his last baseball practices so he could polish up his stats before he played in ball on a scholarship in college.

everyone was doing exactly as wanted, but everything felt broken. so, when lucas called maya and asked her to skip town for the night with him, she couldn’t resist. they had unfinished business, anyway. as they lay under the dark night sky, lucas was looking at maya more than he was the sky. “if i could paint like you could, i’d paint a picture of us in this exact moment. i’d freeze everything and stay here until i could perfect it. so i would never forget it.”

maya lifted her head to look at him, but she didn’t drop her head back down. she kept her eyes on the boy. “do you know my favorite thing about you? the absolute best thing about you?” she didn’t wait for him to respond, but she sat up completely. she shifted her weight, shuffling with one leg under her so she was sitting on her own calf. “you’ve never been able to hurt me. we’re sitting here and it’s our last night together for a really long time. i mean, we’ll have the summer, but we’ll never have anything like high school again. but, even though you know i’m leaving you in a few months, you’re still sitting here telling me how good i am at things. i can never replace you. no one in europe is going to put up with me like you do, or keep me as close as you do.”

lucas pulled his long legs close to his chest, wrapping his legs around his knees. “if i could go back in time, i would’ve stopped you from saying who my choice was when you were all covered in paint. because you didn’t know. i finally knew, but i still didn’t get a choice. i’ve wanted to be with you since freshmen year, maya. you’re leaving, but my feelings for you aren’t going with you. we have approximately 84 days until you leave, but my feelings are gonna stay right here in new york.”

maya suddenly felt like she couldn’t breathe. she everything came crashing down at once and it all hurt. “can you take me home? we have to be up early to rehearse for graduation anyway.”

lucas scrunched his face up, a bad taste in his mouth. “maya, wh–” but she cut him off before he could get another thought out by jumping out of the bed of the truck and getting into the passenger seat. they sat in silence the whole way home.


graduation went on as planned, then the whole group hung out all summer long. maya made sure she was never alone with lucas and lucas picked up on it quickly. 

lucas was moving into his dorm before maya left for europe, but when the group was helping him move into his room, she was nowhere to be found. after he was moved in and everyone had gone home, lucas decided to lay down for a while. he was stalking all of maya’s social media, but he knew she wouldn’t post anything. she was never on her phone. she always said it wasn’t as good as the real connection you could make. just as he’d locked his phone screen, he heard a knock at his door. when he opened it, maya appeared with her hair in space buns and with a canvas behind her back.

she stepped in before he could stop her–not that he would have. he was just surprised to see her at all. “hi, i’m maya. you’re really cute. we should’ve hung out more. you make me happy.” she paused, swallowing hard. “i didn’t pay enough attention to you. it’s me, not you.” she grasped his hand, rubbing her thumb over his palm. “we can still be friends.” stepping forward, she stood on her tip toes, leaning towards his face. “not really.” maya kissed lucas gently on the lips, dropping his hand to grasp at the back of his neck. once she backed down, she finally stopped talking so fast and let him get a word out.

“i thought you weren’t coming, to be honest.” he muttered, licking his lips. he looked behind the girl for a moment, seeing the empty side of his room where zay hadn’t moved in yet. 

“i was up all night. i got inspired to create something. i fell asleep around eight in the morning and i overslept since my phone was on silent. but i think i can make up for it.” maya scrunched her face up a little, her nose crinkling for a moment. she flipped the painting she had in her hands around, handing it off to lucas. what he saw was a painting of the night sky with lucas’s truck down on the bottom right corner. in the bed of the truck, lucas and maya were laying next to each other and maya was pointing towards the sky above exactly as she was doing before everything went to shit the night he said how he felt. in the constellations, there was an outline of maya grasping at lucas’s shirt like she’d done years before. each time, lucas had hoped maya would just break the tension and kiss him, but she never did. “i remember that night you said you would paint a picture of that exact moment if you could, then i realized that i could. i want you to keep that photo and remember me with it. i have an exact duplicate of it and i’m going to keep it in my dorm room. whenever you see that painting, you can think of me. and whenever you see the moon, know i’m five hours ahead thinking about the next time i get to see my muse again.” 

lucas’s face broke into a smile and he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. “i’m going to miss you constantly, cluckerbucket. you’re always going to be the one i chose. even if you didn’t let me choose you until now. we can make this work. i’m all in.”

maya nodded her head as he put her back down. her face felt hot, but she didn’t want to run away anymore. “i’m all in, lucas. i’ll still be all in when i’m 3,000 miles from you.”

"why do you sleep so much?"

I sleep because I’m tired, and no. Not the tired you’re thinking of. This time it is much worse, I’m tired of everything and everyone. I’m tired of feeling numb and feeling everything all at once. I sleep because I’m exhausted, and not lazy exhaustion. Physical and mental exhaustion. They don’t mix very well together. crying all night, then having to wake up early morning is exhausting. Taking the light from my darkness to light someone else’s is extremely exhausting. I sleep to get away. Get away from people, people who would leave me anyway. To get away from this hopeless Earth and to get away from this empty feeling inside of me. when I sleep, I escape from the torture of reality. Sometimes when I sleep, the evil inside of me does too, So no. I’m not lazy. You just said you wanted me to be happy, so here I am. Fast asleep.

Boy I feel tired! I was sat you till 1am editing stuff 🙈🤓 Not a bright idea when I wanted to be up at 6am to go work early but oh well! I’m still in bed now and it’s 7:29am ha! Guess I’ll just head in for my usual start time 🙈🙈🙈! Bad Jon! Kind of wishing I still had time off but least it’s only a 4 day week now ✌🏼👍🏼

Anyway, time to get up and kickstart my day! Hope all is good with everyone and sending positive vibes to anyone who needs it! Peace ✌🏼💕💛🌻

Imagine- Hey! Could you do a Hayes imagine about a trip to Disney for the day? you guys have a great time. but you are the most popular couple. so you meet a lot of fans. but you still have a great time on rides! thanks!!

Request from: @mia-giannakoulis

Warnings- None.. ?

A/N- Thanks so much to all my followers ! I know i was super inactive for… well awhile but I’m back with your favorite ships and imagines :) Send em in if you got one !

You let out a loud groan and shoved your face back under your pillow bringing your comforter to over your head.  
Another groan fell from your mouth as you peeked out of your pillow dome to check the time.It read 5:40 am. Who in their right mind when even think it was okay to bother you at such an ungodly hour? Everyone knew you were hell to deal with in the morning, especially after having to drive a long way to Florida for the boys show.
You finally reached over toward your phone and Hayes picture ID flashed on the screen. Of course, HE would be the one to unleash your morning wrath.
“Mmm ?” You groaned through the cell phone now propped up by your ear. You were still laying on your stomach with your blankets sprawled on you. You heard a light chuckle on the other end making your stomach flip.
“Good morning beautiful” The other end replied to your audible response. “Get up, Now”.
“You’re hilarious”
“No, I’m serious. Up. Now. i have a surprise” He sing sang that last part and suddenly you had an idea, a smile spread across your face.
“Okay,” A sweet smile plastered on your face.
“Good, see yeah in a few” After you heard you phone click from disconnect you set your phone back on the table side and rolled over into the mass fortress of comfort. He’ll probably be there in about in hour so you could get a little bit more sleep, besides it early. Too early.
You groaned yet again and rolled back to answer the phone again.
“Yes?” you hummed already knowing who it was.
“You really think i didn’t you would just roll back into bed the second i hung up? Seriously get up” A loud sigh tumbled from your mouth and you finally sat upright in your bed, or temporary bed at the hotel. Outside the window, you could still make out several stars. It was still fairly dark out, though, the sun wasn’t expected to rise for another hour or so.You stretched as much as you could while holding the phone to your ear.
“i can hear your up so get dressed ill be there in” he paused for a moment before continuing “Say 30 minutes?”
“Alright,  and to what occasion and i getting dressed for?” you questioned.
“Something you would wear to get ice cream and walk around the beach” He replied before hanging up. So you were probably going to be getting ice cream and going to walk on the beach, he certainly kept it a surprise. Why so early, though, are we sign to watch the sunrise you thought.You walked into the bathroom that connected to your room and you were greeted by a glowing yellow as the lights turned on. You turned the knob to the shower and let the water cascade around you in a warm waterfall. After you finally finished your shower you were determined to find the right outfit. You finally decided on a pair of high waisted shorts, a pair of brown sandals and a pink lace crop top. Your hands went to work to set a fluffy braid that ran down your back. s you did the finishing touches you heard the soft knock of Hayes at the door. You opened it balancing on the wall to put your other sandal on; Hayes lets a small laugh tumble from his mouth when greeted with such a sight.
“You might want a pillow” You groaned and turned to grab your favorite pillow pet, a giraffe, off your bed. Finally, you were both set to go as you both set out to the direction of his car. You gave him a quizzical look, the beach wasn’t that far, it was within a walking distance but you didn’t protest.”So it’ll be a couple hours until we arrive at our destination..” Hayes said as you both entered his car. So it must be a nice beach was all you could think? But you set you head against your pillow and quickly fell asleep thankful that Hayes made you grab a pillow.
You were greeted with the rich smell of coffee when you awoke. You shifted in an upright position reaching for the caffeine filled drink that was in the cup holder closest to you. As you brought your knees your chest, sipping your daily morning drink peacefully Hayes began to speak.
“So I know that coming to all our showings can get pretty boring, and Since today is a free day I wanted to show you how thankful i am that you come to them anyway” He let out a small smile in your direction before putting his attention back to the road.
Squeals and laughter filled the air as Disney Land came into view. Then it suddenly hit you, you didn’t get up early for a basic walk on the beach, you got up for Disney land! With Hayes!
“You didn’t” You gasp, your eyes searching the new setting frantically. You probably looked like a little kid who got offered a new puppy but you could’ve cared less. You were at Disney land!
After multiple rides and you met all your favorite princesses, Hayes was convinced you needed cotton candy. So you both got in line for the pink sugar-enriched cloud. You noticed a few girls to the side whispering but you were determined to just focus on getting a cloud. Hayes pulled you to the side holding the huge elephant sized cloud, must to your protest about wanting to hold it.
“Hayes give me a piece” you let a whine/giggle.
“Your wish is my command” he laughed as he tore off a piece and held it to your mouth, you let a small smile before using your mouth to eat it. The pink sugar immediately dissolved in your mouth to nothing.
You heard a snap of a camera focusing in to take a picture which was caused by two squealing girls. Hayes smiled politely at them but you didn’t show the same reaction towards them.
“OMG it’s the HAYES GRIER” the first girl squealed.
“I cannot believe it1” the second one practically shouted. They were a bit too excited for your taste but they probably meant no harm. Two phones were handed to you to indicated a picture was to be taken of them with the infamous Hayes. You gave a small smile as you snapped a billion pictures of the moment. As you were starting to walk away though they stopped you.
“Um we wanted a picture with (Y/N) too!” they sad as they handed Hayes their phones. Confusion reached your face, you didn’t use to getting attention from them, it was normally all directed toward Hayes. You never really minded but this was something new. You gave a big smile as Hayes snapped the pictures, they both smiled big and went on their way.
You looked down at your phone to see someone mentioned you in a tweet. You opened it up to see both girls posted the picture with you to twitter. Not Hayes, just you. A grin just like on Cheshire cat reached you face as Hayes dragged you to the next ride.
Throughout the day, you were both greeted with fans asking for pictures with both of you and a lot of tweets were mentioned with the hashtag #(SHIP-NAME) #Hayes+(Y/N)forever. You both were becoming a pretty famous couple and the hashtag was even starting to become a trend.
After the day finally ended, Hayes took your hand linking his fingers through your own. Once you were both seated in the car he turned to you.
“So was that a good day?” He asked a smile was permanently set on your face as you leaned in to give him a small kiss in a response. His lips finally reached yours as you wrapped your arms around his neck. You both broke away for air but he rested his head on yours for just a moment.
“I’m glad you liked it” He smiled before turning around to start the car leaving you to think how lucky you got to have a boyfriend like him.

empty bed

a/n: shitty title, but honestly had no idea what to title it. oh and btw I’M FUCKING ALIVE. sorry for being so slow with the posts lately. I love you all.

Groaning as I woke up I reached down and grabbed John’s arm that was wrapped around my waist and removed myself from his hold and slipped out of the bed. Looking around for my clothes I find them and put them back on. Turning and looking at John who was still sleeping, I slipped out of his room and out the front door, muttering a quick ‘see ya’ to the guys lounging around on the couch with a blunt.


John and I had a different type of relationship. We were best friends, and nothing more. Trying to fight any feelings, and denying to the fans that we were a ‘thing’ we just always seemed to end up in bed together after a night out of drinking.

We said there weren’t any feelings. Skate would always ask me ‘so, when you gonna tell John boy how you feel’ and I would always laugh it off, trying to hide the fact that deep down, I did have feelings for him, I would just never admit it.

I guess I was afraid. We were just best friends. We’ve known each other for years. I didn’t wanna mess up our friendship by telling him ‘i like you’ and he shrug it off. Or have it ruin what we already had. I mean, basically a friends with benefits type thing, but I still got jealous. And I hated myself for it. I shouldn’t care if he’s at the studio and has girls all over him. We’re not together. And he obviously doesn’t care. He’s not that invested in this. It’s just sex after all. 


After another long day at work I headed home, picking up some pizza on the way. Walking in, I tossed my keys to the side on the table I had by the door. Walking down to the kitchen, I set the pizza down and turned on some music, it blasting from all around due to the speakers I had everywhere in my place.

I sat at the kitchen island and ate my pizza while I responded to the group message.

from Skathan: party tonight at mine and John’s
from Wilk: (y/n) bring some hot friends
from Swazz: make sure they got a nice ass and tits.

that kinda hurt. here I was, trying to fight my feelings I had for John, when he’s thinking of a girl with a nice pair and a big ass. Awesome. Life’s great.

to ‘fam’: I might just stay in tonight
from Skathan: I’ll be damned. I’ll come and drag your ass here.
from Wilk: I’ll come get you babygirl (; Pick you up at 8
from Swazz: I can get her.
to ‘fam’: it’s okay, I’ll just get a ride with Sammy.
from Swazz: don’t be ridiculous.
to ‘fam’: I’m not. No need for you to leave the party to come get me.

I checked the time and saw that it was 5:30, so that gave me plenty of time to shower and get ready.

After a soothing shower, I dried off and decided on a simple outfit to wear. I decided I’d pair it with black converse. I did my hair in big beach waves. And then did my makeup. Nothing much. Just winged eyeliner, mascara and some foundation.

When I was finally all ready it was almost 8, so I did a few more things, like fix my hair a bit, touch up some makeup and added some earrings.

Sammy texted me telling me he was here, so I locked up my house and walked out to find him leaning up against the side of his car, opening the door for me when I approached.

“such a gentleman” I laughed as I got in.

“I just did it to get a good view of your ass in those shorts” he winked.

Sammy and I always joked around like this. We got very touchy feely and flirty, but not like John and I. John and I were more sensual and seductive with our flirting, whereas Sammy and I were more playful.

Arriving at the guys’ place Sammy and I walked in, his arm around my waist as I smiled up at him, laughing at something he said. To anyone else, we would have looked like a regular couple, but our friends new better.

Walking into the kitchen, we were met with Nate, John, the Jacks and Derek, and of course girls surrounding the boys. I rolled my eyes as I got myself a drink and made one for Sammy.

Walking back to him he wrapped his arm around my waist and pulled me into him a little tighter. We ended up having our own conversation half the time. Nate said something, causing Sammy and I to stop our conversation and look over towards him and I wish I wouldn’t have. 

Because beside Nate was John who was literally all over some random girl. It hurt, a lot, but I didn’t have a right to say anything, as him and I weren’t dating, or anything for that matter.

Quickly downing the rest of my drink I excused myself and slipped outside where I lit a cigarette. I only smoked when I was stressed or upset, not very often, but I felt as if tonight I could go through the whole entire pack.

“those things will kill you ya know?” I smooth voice came up next to me. I scoffed and looked to see G standing there next to me.

“we all die eventually, so what if I’m just speeding up the process.” I spit, taking another hit.

“damn.” he chuckled.

“sorry. just, rough day.” I sighed, tossing the bud down on the ground and stepping on it.

“I can tell.”

“I honestly don’t even wanna be here.”

“then why did you come?”

“the boys told me I didn’t really have a choice.”

“well, I’m sure if you stay you’ll have another great night.” he joked, referring to when I passed him on my way out this morning.

“nah, he seems pretty content with blowjob barbie in there.” I spoke. And it was true. I knew exactly who the girl was, her name was Avery, and she had quite the reputation, so it’s not that I was being judgmental, just stating a fact.

“damn (y/n). You’re out for blood tonight aren’t you” he joked.

“No, I’m over it honestly. I’m probably just gonna go home.”

“alright, I’ll probably hit you up tomorrow if you aren’t doing anything. Jack and I might wanna go to the beach or something.”

“alright sounds cool. See ya G.” I spoke, hugging him and kissing his cheek before heading inside to say bye to everyone. Or almost everyone.

I walked up to Nate and told him I was leaving after having a small conversation, skipped John, who didn’t even seem to notice I was there, and made my way over to Johnson.

I talked to him a bit, and decided tomorrow that me him and G would go to the beach and I promised him I’d buy him lunch for his birthday.

“alright I’ll see you tomorrow.” I laughed, hugging Johnson, kissing his cheek as well. It was just something I did to all my friends.

I walked up to Sammy who was talking to G, and stood there for a moment for them to finish whatever they were talking about.

“what’s up?” Sammy asked after G answered a phone call real quick.

“I’m gonna head home.” 

“what. Why?”

“I’m just tired.” I spoke as Sammy rested a hand on my hip and pulled me closer to him, so we were nearly chest to chest.

“well let me drive you home.” he spoke, taking another sip of his drink.

“no it’s fine Sammy, I’ll just call an uber or I can walk, it’s not that far.”

“don’t be ridiculous, I’m not letting you walk the streets dressed like that this late.”

“I just don’t wanna be any trouble.”

“(y/n) chill. Lemme just go say bye to Nate.”

I stood in my spot while Sammy went over to Nate and spoke in his ear, and Nate nodded at me while Sammy made his way back over to me. Throwing his arm around my waist, we made our way out to his car.

The ride home was short, or it should have been, but Sammy took the longest way possible. And when he turned the radio down I knew why.

“so why’d you wanna leave so early?” he asked, keeping his eyes on the road.

“I told you, I was tired.”



“I know you (y/n), you’re not tired.”

“just don’t worry about it.”

“just tell me?”

“Sammy it’s complicated.”

“well, I like to think I can comprehend most things.”

“you wouldn’t get it.”

“let me guess.”

“okay” I laughed. There was no way he’d get it.

“so you and John always end up having sex after a night out. Almost always. You take that ‘walk of shame’ with pride” he laughed.

“okay yeah. so what.”

“you always leave before he wakes up.”

“your point?”

“why don’t you stay?”

“that’s not really how the whole ‘hook up’ thing works.”

“that’s not the real reason.”

“no? then what is?” I asked, looking at him sideways, since he seemed to know more about me than I did.

“I think you leave before he wakes up because you don’t wanna stay and have to see him in the morning cause it’ll only make you like him more than you already do.”

I was speechless. I mean, I didn’t expect him to get that much information out of it. I never talked about the whole situation with anyone.

“I don’t like him.” I replied. It being my only defense I could hang onto. If I could convince other people I didn’t like him, maybe I could convince myself.

“that’s such bullshit.”

“Sammy, I don’t. This has nothing to deal with why I wanted to leave early anyway.”

“it has everything to do with why you wanted to leave early.”

“no i-” I started, but he cut me off.

“Seeing Swazz and Avery all up on one another drove you up a wall.”

“no, I was tired. I don’t care what Swazz does, or who he does.”

“stop lying to yourself (y/n). You weren’t tired. You were literally there for an hour maybe. Seeing Swazz with someone that wasn’t you was killing you.”

“no it didn’t Sammy.”

luckily he didn’t get to reply before we pulled up to my place and I was hopping out of the car before he was even stopped all the way.

“thanks for the ride Sammy. I’ll see ya later.”

“no problem.”

“be safe tonight” I spoke, before he nodded and I closed the door and made my way into my place.


I woke up the next morning and checked my phone, as always. I had a few messages, from one of my friends, asking to hang out today, and knowing she’s got a thing for Johnson, I invited her out with us. 

Then I checked snapchat, cause I always do. From being around the boys so much, people started to recognize who I am, and I started getting ‘fame’ just from being around them. So I always had people looking at mine, so I would always post stuff too, but I went and checked the boys, just to see how the party ended and stuff.

Regret. That’s all I felt as I watched the stories. Half of them were of Swazz and Avery basically fucking each other. They were all over each other all night, and I wanted to throw up. And then there was more. Sammy had one of him talking on snapchat, to his fans obviously, and then he must have opened a door, and you could hear a manly moan, and then Sammy said “Swazz is having a good night’ and chuckling after it. 

And then Skate’s snap, had a picture of Swazz and Avery in bed together this morning, passed out. Swazz was shirtless, as the sheet was half off him. He always got hot during the night, so he barely could sleep with any covers.

I locked my phone and got out of bed, deciding to take a shower. But with John on my mind, I decided a drink was much needed. So I got a glass of vodka and orange juice, that was a lot stronger than it should have been, and then decided to just take a bath. I played music from my phone and then suddenly the ‘fam’ group message was blowing up.

from Skathan: Avery looked so pissed leaving this morning.
from Sammy: why? John didn’t show her a good enough time?
from Skathan: I guess not. Musta found out he’s got a small dick
from Swazz: fuck off. It ain’t small

maybe it was the fact that I was pissed. I know for a fact it was the fact that I was pissed, but I decided to text back something I shouldn’t have.

to ‘fam’: It ain’t that big.
from Skathan: shots fired.
from Sammy: (y/n) back at it again
from Skathan: I gotta believe her, she been with the dude how many times?
from Swazz: if it ‘ain’t that big’ why you always tryna hop on.
from Sammy: oh shit.
to ‘fam’: I ain’t always tryna ‘hop on’ please realize the only time I sleep with you is when I’m drunk. Keep that in mind.
from Sammy: oh shit.
from Skathan: don’t fuck with (y/n) today. holy shit.

I didn’t text back. I was so annoyed with today already. I finished the rest of my vodka with a shot of orange juice basically, and decided to get out of the bath. Slipping on some high waisted jean shorts and a little black crop top, getting ready for the day with the Jacks, but my phone went off.

from Swazz: what the fuck
to Swazz: what?
from Swazz: what was the fucking group chat?
to Swazz: nothing.
from Swazz: bullshit. what the fucks your problem?
to Swazz: I don’t have a problem. 
from Swazz: clearly somethings up.
to Swazz: nope. I’m good.
from Swazz: obviously not.
to Swazz: don’t worry about me. I think you should be worrying about Avery. the boys said she was pissed this morning. Might wanna check up on her.
from Swazz: seriously? you’re pissed about that?
to Swazz: I’m not pissed.
from Swazz: good.
to Swazz: good?
from Swazz: yeah, you have no right to be really, especially after you and Sammy were all over each other all damn night.
to Swazz: are you kidding me?
from Swazz: no? you were literally all over him from the second you got there.
to Swazz: that’s rich. Considering I left after a half hour, and got away from Sammy after 5 minutes. I spent most of the night outside actually. But you wouldn’t know that considering you were so far up Avery’s ass all night.
from Swazz: you left early? 
to Swazz: yeah. 
from Swazz: why didn’t you say bye?
to Swazz: I did to everyone else.
from Swazz: but not me?
to Swazz: yeah. you were a little busy copping a feel on Avery’s ass.
from Swazz: what the fuck’s your problem with her?
to Swazz: my problem with blowjob barbie?
from Swazz: I mean, why does it matter that I was hanging out with her.
to Swazz: you clearly did a little more than just ‘hang out’
from Swazz: what are you talking about?
to Swazz: I saw everyone’s snaps John. Clearly you two had a great night.
from Swazz: I swear it’s not what it looks like.
to Swazz: really? cause it looks like you two were all over each other all night, had sex, and then she left after this morning.
from Swazz: at least she stayed till I woke up.
to Swazz: your point?
from Swazz: you never stay. you’re always gone before I wake up.
to Swazz: so what!? It doesn’t matter John.
from Swazz: I still don’t get why you’re so upset about her staying?
to Swazz: are you kidding me? It killed me knowing you woke up next to someone else John.
from Swazz: Why? you never stay for me to wake up anyway…
to Swazz: I can’t.
from Swazz: why not? 
to Swazz: why’s it matter?
from Swazz: cause it fucking kills me knowing I fall asleep next to you and wake up to find the side of the bed empty.
to Swazz: I didn’t know you cared.
from Swazz: I do. A lot more than I should.
to Swazz: That’s not a bad thing.
from Swazz: it is when I wake up feeling so empty after a night with you…Can I please come over?
to Swazz: sure.

a/n: a cliff hanger ending?

Day 20-The Sheriff’s Surprise-Stiles Stilinski

Teen Wolf Imagine:#82 Prompt:#…none

Word Count: 631

Warnings: None that I can think of?

A/n: I like this one a lot and I hope you do too. This was so sweet and cute just ugh! This is kind of a sequel to the very first day where the ‘reader’ is  the same ‘character’.

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Last Imagine

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Thankfully I'm already able to love myself. It's just that I always see girls getting their hair done, their makeup done, they always spend a lot of time getting pretty just to go to school (AT FREAKING 7AM) and all I do is comb my hair down with some water and wash my face with some face soap. I feel like I'm too relaxed, too careless (if that's the right word) and as if no one will want a girl like this... Anyways, I'll try to improve this, thanks for listening/reading! Ily

Omg, I totally agree, I never wear makeup and I massively commend girls who can get up early and look ‘on fleek’ (or whatever kids say these days) every day. 

Personally, I don’t think it’s carelessness, but rather doing what you’re comfortable with. And trust me, there’s always someone that will like you. For every type of person (guy OR girl) there is definitely someone out there that thinks you’re cute~

And good on you for loving yourself! Keep doing you <3

A Very Bucky Christmas (Part 7/7)

Summary: Snow, Christmas trees, lights - standard things people see around Christmas time. But when you and a few the Avengers are stuck at a safe house during the Christmas season, you get bummed that you can’t have a standard Christmas. Bucky takes it upon himself to get you back into the holiday spirit. Well, he tries his best, anyway.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: ~2300 (yay for a longer part!)

Warnings: Language, (not-so) unrequited love, CHRISTMAS FLUFF (seriously guys, this one’s cheesy)

A/N: Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! And if you don’t, Happy Holidays! This series was fun to write and I hope you enjoy this last part <3 I love you all!

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I had this dream I was stuck in a video game as a character.  Like an adventure/romance game.  And I’d been a main character, but then the budget got cut and I got relegated to the best friend/roommate.  As like…a nerdy successful lawyer (who somehow never had to work b/c video game) and I was like ‘I was coded with more depth than this!  I don’t want to wear ugly tweed suits!’

So anyways, my three dimensional character stuck in a two dimensional role fell in love with the ‘poor auto mechanic’ character, and he’s like ‘this is dumb, I don’t even have a coffee machine, every time I buy myself one the game resets and it disappears anyways.  And I’m a good mechanic, I should be making decent money in this economy.’.  I don’t know why that was important, but it was. 

We lived in this hell of like…having to sneak away when neither of us were needed for the game, hoping whoever was playing would ignore us entirely so we could just live our lives.  The worst was, though, when one of us would end up being pursued by the main character.

We had no choice, it was the code.  We’d end up being forced to fall in love with someone else.  The guilt and unhappiness would be unbearable if we didn’t know that as soon as the game was over, we’d get another chance to patch things up between us, and deal with the trauma together.

Hard To Trust ch. 4

Give a round of love to @pathybo this is her baby and shes writting it from now on!!! So proud of you!!

Hope ya’ll enjoy!!

Chapter one is here

Chapter two here

Chapter three here

Hard to Trust 4

The next day you were awake at 5:30 am. You knew you weren’t supposed to be at the training room until 7 for your punishment with Eric, but you recalled Four’s words telling you that you could use the training room whenever you wanted before everybody else arrived there. You took your time getting ready, grabbing some leggings and a large t shirt and went straight to the training room. As an abnegation girl you were not used to showing your curves, so the large t shirt was working well for you. When you arrived the place was deserted and you started to run a few laps. You were taken by surprise when someone started jogging along with you. You knew who it had to be.
“Initiate, what are you doing here so early? You’re not supposed to be here for another hour,” Eric said
“I’m used to get up and early, sir. Back in my old faction I got up early to help around my house. Four told me it was ok for me to use the training room if I wanted to,” you tried to explain yourself.
“Ok,” the leader said. “What’s your deal with Four anyway? I noticed how preoccupied he was with you at the incident yesterday.”
“I’m sorry if your girlfriend doesn’t know how to control herself. I don’t know how she got the idea that I was somehow interested in you,” you were getting more furious by the second and unable to control your tongue.
“She’s not my girlfriend, you don’t have to worry about her. And that’s not the point. Answer my question,” He stated.
“I’m sorry, sir, I didn’t mean to be disrespectful. Nobody is supposed to know, but Four and I grew up together back in abnegation. We’ve been best friends since we first started school and he helped me a lot when I was having some trouble last year,” you told him. “And I’m not worried about her.”
He was looking at you intensely while jogging, like he was trying to figure something out. “What happened,” he finally asked you.
“I’d rather not talk about it, sir,” you were afraid that he might snap at you.
“You will tell me, one way or another. It doesn’t need to be today. Now come with me, your punishment is about to start.”

You and Eric placed all the mats on the room and set the knives and guns up, ready to practice. Everybody else started to arrive and Eric came close to you.
“You skipped breakfast, initiate. You have 20 minutes to go eat something. I don’t want my initiates passing out from starvation,” He ordered you.
Four was already by your side and heard Eric’s command, so he just winked at you and you walked out.
When you were about to leave, your favorite person in the world (note the sarcasm), Zack, came to you.
“Already being the trainers favorite, huh stiff? That’s so unfair, to get special treatment,” Zack provoked you.
“If you think that dragging mats all over the place is special treatment, please, feel free to take my place tomorrow morning. I will be more than happy to let you have that special treatment,” You spat at him and left. After your breakfast you came back to the training room and started your day.

The first week was already halfway through and you were getting used to Eric’s manners. He was hard on you, and on the rest of the class, but you noticed he aimed his anger more at you. You had never seen the guy smile, so you just treated him with respect and kept to yourself like Four suggested.
One day you were practicing shooting and were unable to hit the target, even once. You looked around and Four was helping a girl from Erudite on her stance, you sighed and felt a presence behind you.
“Your stance is wrong, initiate,” Eric whispered in your ear. You could feel his warm breath on your neck and suddenly you felt his hands on your hips. Your heart beat increased and you couldn’t think straight. He fixed your feet with his own, moved your body a little bit and grabbed the gun with his hands over yours. “Let’s try together, and then you will be on your own. Now shoot.”
You pulled the trigger and hit the center of the target. When you looked at him he was already walking away. You felt cold without his warm body behind yours.
You didn’t miss the target after that. That night you laid down on your cot asking yourself what was going on with you, were you attracted to Eric? Why was he making you feel that way? You fell asleep thinking about those beautiful blue eyes that were haunting you.

The rest of the week went by fast and Zack’s verbal abuse on you just increased more and more and by the end of first week you beyond hated the guy.
“Ok, listen up,” Eric’s voice was loud and strong. “Today is going to be your first fight day, we need to evaluate how ready you are for personal combat. Also by the end of the day your scores will be up and you will have a clue of how you are doing in your training. After your rankings you can go have some fun because you will have the day off tomorrow.” The group cheered. “First fight, Chris versus Jonathan,” Eric called out.
The fights were going well and your friend Chris had beaten up the guy named Jonathan very easily. Alicia had a hard time fighting a Candor boy named Stuart and ended up knocked out and in the infirmary. You were so worried about your friend but you couldn’t leave the room until your fight.
And it suddenly came
“Next fight Y/N versus Zack.”
You were stunned, how were you supposed to fight a guy twice your size? You started to freak out when Four approached you and grabbed your arm.
“Remember everything we trained on back in abnegation. You can do this, you’re strong and he’s not as trained as you are. Focus on everything I taught you, wait for him to attack and react,” He advised you.
You stepped in the ring under Eric’s stares and got in your stance, as Four predicted, Zack attacked first. You ditched his blows and managed to hit him in the face. He punched you in the stomach and you winced in pain, he approached you and you hit his knee. When he fell down you straddled him and started to punch him in the face. All you could think about was all the bullying he did to you, the nicknames he called you and how he embarrassed you in front of everybody. The next thing you knew, Four was grabbing your arms and pulling you from Zack’s unconscious body.
You couldn’t believe what just happened, but most of all you couldn’t believe how you lost control over your anger.

When the fights were over Eric gathered everybody so he could post the rankings.
You and Chris stood nervously together, excited to see your rankings, but worried for Alicia at the same time. You laced your arm in his and waited for the rankings:


And you just zoned out, you were third. You were almost having a panic attack when Chris elbowed you. Alicia was 15, and there were only 20 of you.
You and Chris went to the infirmary together still with your arms locked together. When the two of you reached the infirmary, Alicia was already up and good to go. Kate, the doctor in charge, told you that she just had a mild blow to the head, but everything was fine. Kate looked at you and said, “So, you’re the famous Y/N, it’s very nice to finally meet you.”
“Nice to meet you too. Famous, me?, No, I’m just a regular former abnegation girl,” You said wanting to disappear
“Oh, ok, it’s just that my friend talks a lot about you, so I was curious to meet you,” She complemented.
“Who’s your friend? Who’s talking about me, Four,” You asked.
“Eric” she said and left the room leaving you with your face frozen and your two best friends looking at you with their jaws dropped.

The three of you had dinner talking and laughing. Alicia was sad because she had missed the fight you had with Zack and said that she was at the infirmary when he woke up and he was furious that “the stiff” knocked him out.
“So, are we talking about what Kate said? Eric has been talking about you, girl.” Alicia said
You fidgeted with your fingers feeling excited and embarrassed at the same time. Eric talked about you to his friend, but why? What did he said? The questions kept playing through your mind.

After dinner you decided to hang out at the pit as you had the day off the next day. You were talking to your friends when Four and two other guys approached you.
“Hey guys, these are my friends Zeke and Warren. Zeke was in my initiation class, but Warren is an initiate this year with the dauntless born. Guys this is Y/N, my friend that I told you about. And these are Chris and Alicia, also initiates.”
“Nice to meet you” Zeke said. “We usually have some parties at my place, just to play games, like Dauntless or Candor, or truth or dare as you please. I will let you know when the next one comes up, you’re all invited.”
Then the other guy took your hand and kissed it. “Four, you never mentioned how beautiful she is. My name is Warren and I would like to take you out anytime you want.” Warren was hitting on you did not even care when Four stepped up, taking your hand from his claws.
“She’s not for you, man, just leave it.” Four said to his friend.

You all stayed there talking and having fun. Warren was flirting with you. Everyone was talking and you were having a very pleasant time. You felt like someone was watching you and when you looked up at the balcony you saw Eric staring at you. He seemed very angry, but you weren’t doing anything wrong, and your trainer was right by your side to tell you if you were doing something wrong. Eric’s anger looking at you was bothering you so much that you grabbed Four’s arm and pulled him away from the others.

“Four, what’s wrong with Eric? Why does he seems so mad?”

“I told you he’s bad news. He’s always mad at anything involving me, we used to be friends at the beginning of initiation, but he became very competitive and I was better than him. So he started to hate me, even more when I beat him up and ended up as first in initiation and he was second.” Four explained.

“He asked me about us, how we were close and why. I told him you’re my best friend in the whole world and that you helped me when I was sick.” You admitted.

“You told him about Jordan?” Your friend asked.

“No, he asked but I didn’t want to talk about it.” You said sadly.

“There’s no time for sadness right now, you are having a good time, so let’s continue.” Your friend was holding you making you sure that you were safe here.

Eric was pissed at all the attention you were getting from the guys around you.

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so you posted a Kurt x Warren fic on your main blog. csn you do a Nightangel ship headcanon pretty please?

OHHHH! I love this ship and I love you anon! Thank you for reading my fanfics and coming to this blog! My heart! :)
Sidenote: There are no Nightangel gifs!!! WTF!? This is the best I could get with both in the shot. Sorry about hrt baby kurt at the end of the gif.

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Who hogs the duvet
Let’s be honest, these two probably don’t sleep with blankets at all/. Warren’s wings are heavy, warm, and soft (It’s comic canon that Warren’s wings grow back BTW). Their bed is a no-blankets-needed zone.

Who texts/rings to check how their day is going
I feel like both do that cause Protective-Boyfriend!Warren and Never-Been-in-a-Relationship-Before!Kurt are always checking on each other.

Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts
Kurt. Everything is handmade and heartfelt. 

Who gets up first in the morning
I guess that depends, both have nightmares and are X-men so they have to get up early anyway. Though I can see both of them waking up before the other and just staying in bed, watching the other until they wake up.

Who suggests new things in bed
Kurt being secretly really kinky is one of the things I live for! He wants to try so much, especially if it involves his tail or Warren’s wings.

Who cries at movies
Both, but Warren is better at hiding it or keeping it all inside until he’s alone.

Who gives unprompted messages
(Rewinding Noise) I feel like both do that cause Protective-Boyfriend!Warren and Never-Been-in-a-Relationship-Before!Kurt are always checking on each other.

Who fusses over the other when they’re sick
Well… Warren most likely gets feverish and kinda sick around molting season. I feel like because Kurt has never seen this happen, he freaks out and starts thinking Warren is dying. 
Warren, on the other hand, when Kurt is sick pulls out all the stops. Soup, cuddles, anything you’ve ever been given while sick ever, he has is or will cut a bitch to get it. When Kurt is sick Warren is more protective than ever and will stop at nothing to make him comfortable.

Who gets jealous easiest
Warren. Kurt is too naive and doesn’t know flirting from friendly. Though Kurt has his jealous moments cause Warren just can’t seem to not flirt back.

Who has the most embarrassing taste in music
I don’t really know. Kurt, I feel, likes anything (he just doesn’t like complaining) and Warren like rock music, so neither.

Who collects something unusual
Kurt collects Warrens feathers.

Who takes the longest to get ready
Warren, cause he has to smooth out all the feathers on his wings before he’ll let anyone, other than Kurt, see him. Also, how the hell does he get that jacket on if it doesn’t have snaps, or buttons, or velcro it must take hours to get on.

Who is the tidiest and organized
Out of the two, Kurt is the tidiest. That’s not saying much, though. He grew up in close quarters and no personal space in a CIRCUS! Those places are not tidy.

Who gets most excited about the holidays
Kurt. I can see him decorating Warren’s wings. Like… wrapping tensile around them and hanging little plastic decorations on them. Then there’s Warren putting mistletoe on the ends and moving it to hang above them. Yep.

Who is the big spoon/little spoon
Warren, because of the wings, most likely has to be the big spoon. Though I can also see him sleeping on his stomach and Kurt curling up under the wings or using Warren’s back as a pillow.

Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports
Warren, but Kurt has his moments. He will not let Warren forget that he is faster than Warren in a race (teleporting vs flying). 

Who starts the most arguments
I feel like most of their argument start because something (Warren) is in a bad mood and won’t talk about it. It hurts Kurt’s feeling and makes him all sulky. Most of their “argument” like this end in someone else, most likely Oroco or Jean stepping in and making them talk to each other. 
– (This gets deeper than I thought it would) – The real true argument, though, with hurt and yelling always (no if and or but) started by Warren and his drinking. Kurt doesn’t like drunk Warren and Warren doesn’t think Kurt should worry about it, plus Warren is probs an angry/grumpy drunk and get plain unbearable to be around when like that. Something like this ends in Erik, Charles, and Hank having to get involved. No one likes it when all three of them get involved.

Who suggests that they buy a pet
Kurt! He wants cats, dogs, bunnies, a unicorn, a billion and a half birds, and a few more cats. Warren just stares at him, thinking to himself “Wtf did I get myself into?”

What couple traditions they have
Warren collects all the fallen feathers that are clean and fully intact and gives them to Kurt. 

What tv shows they watch together

Another couple they hang out with
I don’t know about another couple, but Warren is probs dragged into hanging out with “The Squad”.

How they spend time together as a couple
Cuddling while: listening to music, reading, or just hanging out.

Who made the first move
I have a headcanon that after Apocolypse, Warren avoided Kurt at all cost because of guilt, but Kurt was having none of it. He knew he had no choice in the cage and that he was probably tricked, or promised something, by Apocalypse into being a weapon. 
Kurt was dealing with his own guilt from destroying Warren’s wings and all he wanted to do was apologize. 
One day he finally “cornered” (not really, though) and rushed out an apology before Warren could leave. I feel like Warren would have been really surprised and probably felt a little bad for avoiding Kurt when all he wanted to do was apologize. 
That’s how the friendship started, but seriously Kurt made the first move cause he got tired of Warren taking his damn time with asking him out. They probs watched Star Wars on their first date!

Who brings flowers home
Kurt, but only because that’s what Jean and Jubilee said a good boyfriend does. That may have also been when they thought he had a girlfriend. It works, though, turns out Warren really likes flowers.

Who is the best cook
Warren. Though he can’t cook much. If you like mac and cheese and tortilla chips for lunch and dinner then you’ll like Warren’s cooking cause that’s about all he can do.

Who snores
Probs Kurt cause he most likely sleeps with his mouth open a little bit. He’s got huge teeth and those things are super sharp. 

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Where the Heart Is

By midnightsnapdragon 

“Passage for one, please.”

The genie glanced up from the pack of cards he was idly floating over his fingers, the other fist propping up his chin. When his bored black eyes caught on the girl at his booth, though, the cards swooped down to the table. He looked her over from head to toe and beamed.

“My, my. What’s a moon girl doing in little Rieux?”

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Officially Mine || Beckles & Jucy (4/20)
  • Jensen: Even though they weren't doing things the traditional way they were still trying to keep some level of tradition so when Jensen got to Austin with Jared he decided to stay with Jared at his house and let Ashley and Lucy have the ranch; figuring she'd want to oversee the party set up anyway. Jensen woke early Thursday morning and took a shower. After wrapping a towel around his waist his headed down to the kitchen to get a glass of water. "Mornin," he said to his friend who was already there feeding Samara.

It came! It finally came!

Jeez, all week I was beginning to get worrisome thoughts of if I may have typed our address wrong or something. But I came downstairs and it was there on the table! Yay! I’m so happy! It’s so freakin’ comfortable! Why do I feel like such an adorable sinnamon roll wearing it? (Am I the only one who feels this way??)

Anyway, story time!

So when I woke up to see Mark doing a charity event involving shirts and hoodies with Dark on them, you can bet your ass I immediately really wanted to be a part of the charity event and get a hoodie. I went and asked my mom if I could get one, but she was concerned about how much money I’d have to continue to pay rent until I go to school in September. My mom then went into talking about of when I dropped out of university in 2014 and how I gave up early, which led me into telling her about why I dropped out (to keep it brief, a lot was going on during that year for me, and so when it came to university, I basically felt like shit and like I wasn’t good enough. I was stressed beyond words and questioning why I was there - that everyone else was probably better than me - so I pretty much gave up, missed my classes, and even avoided my exams - all unknowingly to my parents, who had paid for my education. I dropped out and barely gave a damn. It wasn’t a good year).

My mom then made a deal with me: if she allowed me to get the hoodie, then I’d have to promise her I’ll do good in school, that I’ll know all the important dates, that I won’t drop out, and if I ever have any questions or issues, then go to her or my teachers for help. I agreed and swore I’ll put my foot forward and make an actual effort this time.

I’m mentioning this because this hoodie is now more than a hoodie. It’s not just merchandise, it’s not just showing how I was both supportive of Mark and the team and their charity. It’s now officially a symbol of the promise I made to my mom. It is now my “good luck charm” and will keep the promise I made to my mom clear in my head.

So when school starts up in September, I’m going to go in wearing this hoodie and I’ll be entering those doors as a different, confident individual. No more of that negative shit I had thought of myself three years ago. Fuck that! My New Year is starting now.

I will make Teamiplier, my family, and myself proud, mark my words.

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"The next person he tells is Nico (that’s another set of headcanons entirely)" can i hear this set of headcanons please om g,, the other ones were so good i'm sobbing

abbibitha said: Soo.. On your bi!Percy hc thing, you mentioned him telling Nico, and you said that that was a whole other headcannon… Could you maybe talk about that one?

Anonymous said: Someone asked for bi Percy headcannon and you said telling Nico was another set of headcannons, so Percy tells Nico he’s bi headcannons please

Your wish(es) is my command.

Okay okay the Nico ones are separate headcanons because a) that post was already hella long and b) the discussion Percy and Nico have is a lot longer than just “I’m bi lmao that’s it see ya”

Is an addition to these headcanons.

  • After Grover leaves all Percy wants to do is sleep
  • He is so relieved his best friend accepts him for who he is and it’s like a weight off of his chest
  • It’s made him more exhausted than he was before but it was so worth it
  • And as he starts to fall asleep he starts to think about things
  • Being back at camp, seeing his friends again, Annabeth, going to college in New Rome, Nico-
  • Oh shit, Nico
  • Nico di Angelo who had just come out to Percy 2 days ago, who had hidden who he really was for years
  • Nico, who had risked so much to help Percy, and what did he get in return?
  • Not much.
  • Percy sighs. Who needs sleep anyways?

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Chaos In The Cosmos || Closed


       —-  Phoenix sighed slightly as he tossed his phone down onto his bed, he was frustrated and had, had enough of being cooped up inside. He wanted to be out exploring, making friends…something other than stare at the four walls in the bedroom of the house he currently shared with his less than useful cousin and his friends. See his problem was they just didn’t get each other Josh just Didn’t get Phoenix’s obsession with space and the universe, and at the same time , Phoenix didn’t under stand why anyone would want to get off their faces on an unknown drug. That would probably but them in an early grave. This caused many arguments and the tension in the house hold was something of a strained one. It wasn’t like he had any Friends anyway due to the fact that well. He by even his own admission was a freak who loved space, and the outdoors just a little to much.

       ——– Picking his phone back up he found his backpack Galaxy print of course, chucked a change of clothes, his camera a few snacks and drinks, and his binoculars into it before zipping it up. He knew a place he could go to. Deep in the woods that was close to the house was a tree house, he’d camp there over night while his housemates got stoned and drunk. Sneaking out past them was easy they we’re already out of it. Night was just falling on the streets of London, zipping his coat up he took a breath before heading along the path he’d used many times before. Blocking out the world around him. The memories of the past starting to swirl. He was so lost in thought he took a wrong turning and ended up, standing in a park. Looking around he tried to spot anyone who could help him. Or at least tell him where he was so he could work his way back to his safe haven of the tree-house. “ Hey…could you help me?” he walked over to the figure he could see in the distance. He just hoped they would be willing to help.

My nephew and his girlfriend were over for an Easter dinner (I know it’s early, but my sister, his mother, was only able to make it home for this weekend, so we’re doing Easter this weekend). And it was almost 11:45 p.m., and everyone had gone home, and I decide that I’m going to make some cinnamon rolls to take to a meeting I have tomorrow morning. My mom had taken up the kitchen the whole day and I didn’t want to get up early the next morning to do it, so I decided to fuck it and just make cinnamon rolls at midnight, it’s not like I go to bed until 3 a.m. anyway. I decided to use the stove downstairs in our finished basement, to avoid waking up everyone who’s gone to bed. I’m preheating the oven, and prepping for the rolls, and I wander out of the room and then back in, and see my nephew standing there in his boxer shorts, having clearly just come in from the attached garage, and it nearly gives me a heart attack. 

Me: You scared the crap out of me!
Him: Oh…um…I thought you might be my mom.
Me: Sorry, I didn’t think you were sleeping over. (I thought he might be using the pull out couch in our basement since his mom was using the spare bedroom)
Him: Yeah..I’m…not….Yeah.

And then he just goes back into the garage?? And he and his girlfriend came over together, so if he’s still here then his girlfriend is still here and I think my nephew and his girlfriend were either fucking in our garage or were fucking on the couch and ran into the garage in their underwear when they heard me come downstairs and I don’t know how I feel about this.