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Why I’m Doing The Eddsworld Fan Movie

Hey, Eddheads. Marc here.

A common question that I get a lot is “The fanbase is so cringe-worthy now, so why are you still making the Eddsworld Fan Movie? Don’t you have to put up with a lot of those people?” And although there’s been a number of fans pestering us about which characters they want to see and when the movie is coming out, I never really thought that much about it.

For those of you reading this on someone else’s blog who has no idea what the Eddsworld Fan Movie is, it’s basically a passion project of mine that I started when I was a sophomore in high school four years ago. I was a big Eddsworld fan (and still am to this day), the fans who were still around back then were so nice and so generous, and I wanted to give something back to everyone who watched it and worked on it. Of course, the best love letter to the Eddsworld community I can think of was a full-length fan movie.

That’s why I started doing it. Because I loved the show, I loved the fans, and I wanted to express my love in the biggest possible way. Now, four years later, almost all those people that were fans of the show when I started working on the movie have moved on, and the fanbase currently consists of much younger people who might’ve been introduced to the series through later Legacy episodes like Saloonatics or The End.

While not all of the newer fans are bad (in fact, I’ve even made friends with a good chunk of them), some of these people have displayed certain types of behavior that Edd would not approve of. They haven’t personally affected me at all, but I know that there’s a number of people out there who just want to complain about everything we do and just want to see the movie come out.

So going back to an important detail I mentioned before, when I started working on the movie, the Eddsworld fandom was in a much different place. Now most people outside of Eddsworld only recognize it for strange AUs and shipping characters that never even liked each other in the actual show, and if a fandom that you’ve been a part of for so long starts to get made fun of for that even if not every single person in said fandom is guilty of those things, it becomes a lot less fun to be a part of.

But Eddsworld itself has left such a positive impact on me. If I didn’t start watching it, I wouldn’t have been as creatively motivated as I am today. If I didn’t start drawing comics, I wouldn’t have been able to replicate Edd’s style and help keep it alive. If I didn’t start working on the movie, I wouldn’t have gotten to actually work on the show and make comics for them officially (I did comics 191, 192, 199, and 200; and my fellow Fan Movie co-producer Billy and I animated scenes for The End).

I owe a lot of myself to Edd Gould. He made cartoons from his bedroom that people loved, and he worked so hard to make them as enjoyable as possible because he knew that people loved them, even when he was going through his second round of cancer. Edd found happiness and success from just making videos with his friends, and they were funny, and clever, and charming, and timeless, and hugely inspirational.

I’m extremely grateful to Tom Ridgewell and Eddie Bowley for allowing us to contribute to the show, and I’m humbled that they chose us to represent Edd’s work in The End, but it was because of Edd that I decided to get into a creative medium like this. It was because of Edd that I’m now coming up with my own original ideas for shows and movies and games and plays and all that stuff. It was because of Edd that I wanted to make a movie based on his work. And I made so many great friends because of it, all of them loving the show just as much as me.

We all have the same passion and drive to get this movie done, as much as Edd did when it came to his videos. And despite all the drama and cringeworthy stuff that people make fun of Eddheads for now, that is why I’m still working on the Eddsworld Fan Movie. Because of all the exciting opportunities that have opened up for me, all the clever and talented people I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over the years, all the love and support that have come our way, and how I owe a lot of it to the man whose world I’ve been tickled to visit.

Although he’s sadly no longer with us, we’ve all worked so hard to keep his spirit alive and well through his animation, his writing style, and his perserverence. We’ve been overwhelmed by the anticipation and the excitement that’s been target to us concerning the Fan Movie. And while I’m grateful for all the essays and paragraphs that fans write telling us how we’ve inspired them, working on the Eddsworld Fan Movie is really worth it just to be told four simple but impactful little words:

“Edd would be proud.”

I cant believe i got so comfortable in this fandom that i forgot its very rude, unfair, and overall mmmkinda bad. Of course thats not the WHOLE fandom but omggg, guys i drew jasper as a villain once and the accusations and shit haven’t stopped rolling in since…

Nobodys allowed to like villains for being villains yknow. EVEN THOUGH i know its not black and white, and Jasper is FAR from a “villain”, more of just an antagonist with a lot of character development, its still like… i wanna be able to enjoy her as an antagonist too, not JUST as a weepy character with a sad backstory who gets redeemed.

I wanna like Jasper when she’s bad too lmao, but thats a whole nother discourse that will get people calling me an abuse apologist, when in reality, i just want to enjoy uhh my cartoons

What Am I To You? (P. 3)

Summary: Your not sure where your relationship lies with Tae.

Pairing: Kim Taehyung (V)/ Reader

Genre: Angst

Words: 3.3k

Part 1 | Part 2 | Masterlist

What have you done?

“I’m sorry….this is my fault.” You felt your eyes get watery.

“This is my fault as much as yours.” He started. “There is something I need to tell you-” He was cut off by the knocking.

You quickly wiped your eyes and looked out your peep hole.

“It’s Nayeon.” You panicked.

His eyes widen and he went into your bathroom hiding.

You opened the door. “Heyyy.” She sweetly greeted.

“Have you seen Tae?”

“Not since the party.” You answered.

“Hey you okay?” You nodded. “Do you want to get breakfast….I could really eat.” She laughed.

“Yeah of course….but I’m going to take a quick shower.”

“Okay.” Then she turned around and left.

You shut the door and went back towards the bathroom. “You need to leave…like now…before she comes back.” You panicked.

He just looked at you distraught. “We need to talk about-”

“I know okay…..I’m sorry but I promise it didn’t mean anything.”

You thought you were saving you and Taehyung’s friendship but what you really did was shatter his heart with those few words.

He looked down processing what you said.

“Right….of course.” He started to walk away.

“Let’s pretend that it never happened.” He continued and left.

“Tae?” What’s wrong with him? You thought he would be relieved but he wasn’t. He said to pretend it didn’t happen but maybe he couldn’t. Maybe he was upset because you almost jeopardized your friendship.


You continued getting ready and met Nayeon in the college cafe. You tried texting Tae and told him you wanted to hangout with him later but he declined. He said he was doing something with Nayeon.

“Took you long enough.” Nayeon mocked once she saw you. “I already got us food.” She giggled.

“Nice….thank you.” You sat down. “So how are you feeling?”

“Surprisingly okay…my roommate gave me some medicine.” She explained.

“That’s good….maybe you should slow down next time.” You laughed.

“Yeah, I don’t even remember anything.” She pouted.

“Well, you were past out pretty early for a party.”

“Can you tell me what happened?”

You gulped almost loud enough for her to hear. “Well…..Tae and I carried you to your room after we found you past out on the couch.”

“Oh okay.” She seemed relieved. “What did you guys do?”

You choked on your drink that you started but ended up spitting it out, coughing for your dear life. You took a bunch of napkins and cleaned up. You felt uncomfortable from all the people staring.

“You okay?” Nayeon looked concerned.

“Yeah, wrong pipe.” You pursed your lips.

“So?” She was waiting for your response.

“Nothing.” You nervously said.

“What do you mean?”

“We were pretty drunk ourselves so we just talked and when I woke up he was gone so I don’t know where he went.” You lied. The memory flashed through your head.

You waking up naked next to him. You felt butterflies just thinking how beautiful he was, especially when he was asleep.

You saw Nayeon staring at you and you immediately felt guilty.

If she ever found out she would be devastated.

You felt like you ruined everything already. The only thing was you couldn’t read Taehyung, like usual.

Was he okay with it or did he hate you now for this dumb mistake that could ruin your friendship forever? Was he heart broken for cheating on Nayeon? You had no idea.

“Why are you blushing?” She smiled. She turned around from where you drifted off to. She looked back at you confused. “Do you have a crush on someone?”

“Oh no.” You avoided the question.

Because, ‘I’m falling for your boyfriend’ is really gonna be a good conversation starter. Not like you’re the one to set them up or anything.

“Come on, you could tell me.”

“Trust me-

"Please, we could double.” She wasn’t giving up.

“Okay.” You flipped through all the guys in your head. Who could you get away with that she doesn’t know?

His name is…….Jungkook.” You actually had a good time with Jungkook last night but you didn’t have a crush on him and you knew Nayeon didn’t know him.

Jungkook may had said he didn’t like her but he said he never met her because she claimed that she wanted Tae all to herself.

“Oh…is he cute?” She winked.

“Sure.” You tried to move on from the awkward conversation. “So what are you and Tae doing later?”

She shrugged. “Not sure…I haven’t talked to him yet today.”

You looked at her confused. Why would Taehyung lie to you? There it was, the sharp pain you kept feeling. Taehyung must hate you. You made your friendship awkward and now you don’t know how to face him. He obviously didn’t want to face you.


Nayeon was on her way to look for her boyfriend. She knocked on his door hoping to find him there because he wasn’t in a texting mood today.

As he opened the door annoyingly he was surprised to find Nayeon there with a big smile on her face.

“Hey babe.” She wrapped her arms around Tae bringing her lips to his. He didn’t really respond so she immediately pulled away. “Hey what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, just still hungover.” He lied.

He wasn’t in love with Nayeon but he felt guilty. It wasn’t fair to her and he knew that. He cheated on her with you. Even though you were both drunk, that wasn’t an excuse. How was he going to tell her? Taehyung was honest with pretty much everybody. He hated lying, especially something like this.

“Come on.” She pulled him inside and pulled out some pain reliever out of her purse. “Take these.” She handed over a bottle of water.

“So apparently you wanted to do something today?” She continued.

He closed his eyes feeling more guilty. He was caught in a lie. He figured you talked to Naeyon.

“Yeah…maybe we can stay here and watch movies?” He suggested.

“Okay cool.” She said excitingly. “I’m sure we can play some games as well.” She bit her bottom lip hinting of what she really wanted. Taehyung wasn’t ready to have sex with Nayeon. He didn’t have any feelings for her so he felt like it wasn’t moral.

“And also I was thinking we could have a double date.” She was still excited.

“With who?” Taehyung asked confused.

“(Y/N) has a crush on someone and I thought that maybe I could set her up like she did for me.” Nayeon laid her head on Taehyung shoulder.

“Who does she have a crush on?” Taehyung pulled away so he could look at Nayeon.

Taehyung felt the rage and jealousy already and he didn’t even know who yet.

How could you have a crush on someone already and why didn’t you tell him, he thought. He thought you were best friends.

“I don’t know him but she said his name was Jungkook.” She said dumbfounded.

Taehyung stood up aggravated startling Nayeon. “Are you fucking kidding me?”

Taehyung started pacing rubbing his forehead frustrated. He felt horrible before but this was an all time low for him. Not only did you break his heart this morning of your regrets of last night but now you had a crush on his best friend. He didn’t know how to express any emotion anymore. His heart just kept shattering step by step.

“What’s wrong?” He almost forgot Nayeon was there.

He had to tell himself to calm down or the truth will clearly be shown. “Nothing, I just can’t believe she never told me.” He said distraught.

“Yeah I had to drag it out of her.” She giggled. “But I don’t know him.”

“I do.” Tae said causing Nayeon to look at him. “He’s my best friend.”


Taehyung went over to Jungkook’s dorm immediately as Nayeon asked if he could invite Jungkook into a double date which he knew he never would encourage.

He knocked on the door and it didn’t take him long to answer.

“Hey man, long time no see.” Jungkook teased.

Taehyung just clenched his jaw looking at his best friend.

“What?” Jungkook looked alarmed. He never see Taehyung without a smile. “Tae?” He asked serious.

Taehyung walked past Jungkook into the dorm.

“Hey V.” Jin called him by his other nickname.

Tae didn’t say a word he just nodded.

“Tae Tae what’s wrong.” Jungkook jumped by his side aggressively wrapping his arms around him.


“Basically I came over to invite you for a double date.” Tae continued.

“Who am I bringing? Jin?” Jungkook teased.


Jungkook’s face dropped. “Why?”

“Because (Y/N) has a crush on you.” Tae said emotionless.

“What? That can’t be right?” Jungkook laughed.

“Well she told that to Nayeon so…” Tae said with more attitude.

“Look Tae, even if that was the truth, which it isn’t, I would never do that to you.” Jungkook said sincerely.

“Why does it matter I’m in a relationship and she doesn’t have feelings for me anyway.” Taehyung’s face flushed but no tears came out.

“You’re obviously not happy, why don’t you just break up.” Jungkook suggested.

“I can’t.”


“Because I have no one else.”

“What do you mean?” Jungkook was confused.

“I thought for a split second that maybe (Y/N) had feelings for me but….I don’t know.” Tae looked down. “I just keep setting myself up for disappointment and Nayeon is there and I know how she feels about me so…”

“So….do you have feelings for her?”

Taehyung didn’t answer. “You can’t do this to yourself….its not fair for her or yourself.” Jungkook raised his voice in concern.

“I know….I just need more time, I’m sure it’s there.”

“And what if it isn’t, you going to forget about (Y/N)?” Jungkook had irritation in his voice.

“She doesn’t like me like that.” Taehyung was tired of talking. “And to be honest, I’m sick of waiting for her….I just wish she would stay out of the picture and liking you is not gonna do it.”

Jungkook was shocked by the words of his best friend.

“Are you saying that you don’t want to be her friend?”

“No……..it’s just hard to be around her that’s all.” Tae fell back to lay on Jungkook’s bed.

“Have you thought about telling her how you feel?” Jungkook asked.

“I do all the time, but I know how this works….it could make things awkward.”

“Don’t worry too much Tae.”

“Jin why don’t you make something to cheer him up.”

“That’s okay…Nayeon wants to go out tonight.” Tae started to get up.

“Of course the princess wants your service.” Jungkook nagged.



Jungkook decided to pay you a visit after Taehyung left.

When you answered the door you never expected to see Jungkook of all people. Yes you consider him a friend because of Tae but that was it, you would never intend to hang out unless Tae was there.

“Hi?” You question. “What are you doing here?”

He smiled and walked past you. “So I heard that you had a crush on me.” He smirked.

“Oh no.” You slapped your forehead. “I can’t believe she would just go up to you and tell, what kind of friend does that?”

“Actually Taehyung told me.”

“W-what?” You felt shocked. You never thought that he would hear of your little lie and you prayed he wouldn’t.

“Jungkook….I don’t have a crush on you and please tell that to Taehyung.” You panicked.

“It’s okay, I figured you didn’t….that would be weird.” He sat on your bed.

“Thanks.” You said sarcastically but followed by a chuckle.

“Nayeon was convinced I had a crush so I lied and said it was you to shut her up.”

Jungkook rolled his eyes. “Why do you even hang out with her?”

“I know she’s a pain but she’s sweet.”

Jungkook laughed sarcastically. “That’s funny.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” Jungkook started.


“You can’t tell anyone especially Tae.”

“Okay?” You were confused.

“Taehyung is in love with you.”

“What?” You couldn’t believe what you were hearing. “No he’s not.”

“Oh yes he is….has been for a while.”

“You sure?” You were shook.


“Why hasn’t he said anything?”

“Because he didn’t want to ruin your friendship.” That was a pretty good reason and also the reason you were afraid to move forward.


You couldn’t help but blush. “Why are you smiling like that? Do you like him to?” Jungkook asked in excitement.

“Maybe.” You bit your lip.

“Why don’t you tell him?”

“I wasn’t really sure until last night.” Those words slipped from your mouth that you wish you could take back.

“What happened last night?” Of course Jungkook had to end his curiosity.

“Um-” You didn’t know how to explain. “We sort of had sex.”

“Whoa- what?” Jungkook stood up. “You two?”

You nodded. “Don’t get carried away….we were both drunk and obviously we don’t really remember much…”

“That’s insane.” Jungkook smiled.


“You guys need to be together.”

“We can’t.” You quickly responded.

“Wait, what?” Jungkook sat back down.

“He’s with Nayeon and she is crazy in love with him, I can’t do that to her.”

“So it’s fake love…..he obviously isn’t in love with her back.”

“It don’t matter….he needs to break things off himself.” You said.

You saw that Jungkook was thinking. “Get ready.”


“Because we are going on a double date.”


“I don’t like this, he’s going to be heart broken.” You whispered to Jungkook as you walked up to the diner.

“It’s fine I have a plan.”

What was he planning?

You entered the theater and as soon as Taehyung saw you and Jungkook holding hands his face dropped. He really did like you.

“Hey.” Nayeon greeted. “Why didn’t you tell me he looked like that?” She whispered into your ear.

You just shrugged. This whole thing made you uncomfortable.

“This was our first date.” Nayeon grabbed onto Taehyung’s arm causing you and Jungkook both to roll your eyes. You had such a rage towards Nayeon when she was around Tae.

She always wanted the world to know they were together.

When you found your seats you made a small eye contact with Taehyung. He looked away quickly. He couldn’t even look at you.

You were sat between Nayeon to your left and Jungkook to your right. Taehyung choose to sit as far away from you as possible, more specifically close to the aisle. You felt anxiety.

“Stop worrying.” Jungkook whispered. “He’ll be okay trust me.”

Jungkook made it clear that he didn’t want you saying anything about your feelings. He wanted to convince Taehyung to tell you himself. And to get out of his lousy relationship first.

As the trailers were starting you saw Nayeon fidget in her seat making you draw attention. You saw her scurry her hand over Taehyung’s thigh.

Your heart was beating from your rage. You wished you never had that double date which started their relationship. There you said it.

She was really asking for it. She brought her hand closer to his fly palming the area. Taehyung gave a falsely smile and grabbed her hand to hold instead. It was his sweet way to tell her no.

“What’s wrong?” Jungkook asked.

“Nothing.” You gave a fake smile.

Jungkook leaned forward and looked in the direct you were previously. He saw that Nayeon was once again trying with Tae. You looked over and saw her bring her hand down under his waist line of his jeans.

“I’m going to use the restroom.” He sat up and walking down the aisle. Jungkook nudge you to go after him.

“I have to use it to.” You got up nervously and followed Taehyung’s footsteps. When you entered the lit up hallway, you saw him sitting on one of the benches looking distraught.

“Hey.” You sat down next to him.

He glanced at you but turned away quickly.

“What’s with you?” You poked him. “Why do you hate me?” You said it as a tease but you felt like he really did.

He let out an audible sigh. “Why do we call each other friends when you can’t even talk to me?”


“My best friend (Y/N)? Why didn’t you tell me.”

You know Jungkook told you not to say anything but you didn’t have to tell him everything.

“I don’t have a crush on Jungkook.”

He looked at you confused.

“Nayeon insisted that I had a crush and wouldn’t shut up about it….so I lied.”

“Why Jungkook?” He asked.

You shrugged. “Jungkook’s my friend and I knew that she never met him so I didn’t think this would happen.”

Taehyung still looked confused. “Your friends are weird Tae.” You giggled.

Finally, he smiled at you.

You leaned your head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arm around you bringing you closer. You wished he would just be honest with you so you can both be happy.



“I want you to know that you can tell me anything….never hold back the things you keep bottled up, because you’ll regret them later on.”

He looked down at you thinking but said nothing. He was clearly not ready and you understood.

You grabbed his hand that was holding onto you and circled it back so you can hold it properly. You leaned your head back down to enjoy the moment.


You both jumped from the voice that ruined the peace. You both looked down the hall seeing Nayeon staring at you both. Her usual brighten up face was no where to be seen.

You couldn’t read her expression but it was definitely serious.

“You’re missing the movie.” She lowered her voice as you and Tae made your way over.

She quickly grabbed Tae’s hand and went back inside leaving you alone. You were taken back from her attitude. Did she think something happened?

The movie wasn’t all that good, its hard for horror movies to be scary now of days.

“I’m gonna run to the bathroom quick.” Nayeon announced. You were staring off into space until she called your name to join her.

What is this high school?

You leaned on the sick waiting patiently for her to finish. When she was done, you almost swear she was glaring at you as she washed her hands.

“Good?” You pursed your lips and turned around.

You jumped from the fact that she grabbed your arm aggressively to stop you from walking out the door.

You raised your eyebrows at her to question her actions.

“Do I really need to warn you to stay away from Tae?” She was acting crazy.

“Excuse me?” You sassed.

“You heard me….your going to stay away from Taehyung from now on.”

“That’s not happening.” You laughed sarcastically. “Did you forget who got you two together?”

“I’m not an idiot (Y/N)…. I know you’re in love with him.”

“You’re crazy.” You tried to turn around again but she stopped you. “Let go of me.” You clenched your jaw.

“It’s funny how you could of easily had him but now that he’s unavailable you want him….wow desperate much?”

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” You couldn’t believe she was acting this cold towards you.

“I’m being defensive….I’m not gonna let a slut like you take my boyfriend.”

You aggressively got out of her grasp and made your way out of the bathroom in rage.

Walking away you were on the verge of tears. This was your friend. So you thought. How could she act like this?

When you got closer to the boys, they both gave you a questioning look.

“Let’s go.” You tugged Jungkook’s arm.

“Hey what’s wrong?” Taehyung grabbed your hand.

“Nothing’s wrong Tae, but it will be.” You glanced back at Nayeon who was making her way over. Taehyung followed your eyes and when he looked back at you, you were already out the door.

“Are you gonna tell me what’s wrong?” Jungkook asked.

“You were right.” He looked at you. “Shes crazy.”

Jungkook smirked. “I’m worried for Tae, he needs to get away from her.”

Jungkook’s smirk quickly faded. “So new plan….get him to breakup with crazy.”


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2

Just a game pt. 2

When a college reunion takes an unusual turn, the reader finds herself amidst a game of truth or dare not knowing that at the declaration of dare would change her life into a spiral of trouble with the mysterious clown that lives in the sewers. But now her mind and dreams are haunted by him and she knows he loves to play…

…Now that she knows what her dare is, the reader makes her way to the easiest entrance to the sewers the following morning with bitterness in her stride. She doesn’t even believe there would be a clown in the sewers. It was completely ridiculous. Wasn’t it?

Hey everyone and welcome to part two of this story! I wanna say thank you so much for the support I’ve gotten starting out, it really means a lot to me ❤. I hope people like this story and I hope that this chapter will be longer haha I just got fed up of restarting the first part.

Again, if you aren’t a fan of this sort of this content then please scroll away, it’s not worth hating on. I’m trying to keep out the main It movie tags.

“Stupid fuckin dare. There’s no fuckin clown in the sewers, surely.” You muttered in your head as you walked across the kissing bridge to a worn down area of the sides of the road where many other children had run up and down over the years to reach the brook below. You weren’t alone, all your friends were following on behind you, your best friend the most smug. She was so proud of her dare that she reminded you when she woke you up ever so early that morning. You were just about ready to have this over with so you could move on with your life.

The small trek down to the brook was easy but now you headed up stream for that was where the mouth of the sewer system was. You exhaled as you saw the opening in the near distance. There were several rocks of various sizes scattered around in the shallow water, some big enough to even sit on. Greenery hung over the entrance like a small curtain that had been torn in several places. You stopped when you were close enough to smell the putrid air from within.

“Alright, I’m here. You’re all coming with me, right?” You asked as you turned to the group. Your best friend smirked.

“I’ll come with you to see if you actually do it.” She said. You frowned slightly but turned your attention to the others.

“Anyone else?” You asked shortly. In the end, four of you entered the sewers whilst the rest were to be on watch and to come if there was trouble.

The water inside the sewers was a murky grey colour with old leaves and branches amongst various other strange things that you didn’t want to know about floated on or poked out from the surface. Your eyes had begun to water from the intensity of the smell so you grabbed your phone out of your pocket and switched on the flashlight. Now you could see the true horror of the tunnels. The walls were moist and grimy but the grey water wasn’t so deep surprisingly. As you walked round a bend, noting on the sound of the splashing of water of your friends behind you, you paused at the sight of a crossroad. You sighed.

“Where do you think we should turn?”

(Bf/n) shrugged.

“I don’t know, try calling for the clown or something.”

Your brow furrowed in slight irritation because she was the reason you were down there in a stinking sewer at a crossroad. But there was no other choice except being lost down there so you cleared your throat and huffed.

“What’s his name?” You asked

“Pennywise I think. Pennywise the dancing clown.” You heard. With a slight nod you stepped forward, closer to the different links.

“Pennywise, oh Pennywise the dancing clown!” You chimed feeling slightly stupid. There was a snicker behind you when there wasn’t a response. You turned to your friends angrily.

“Shut the fuck up! You’re the reason I’m here!” You growled. They seemed to pause their laughter and it was replaced with silent horror. You shined the light at them. “What’s wrong?” You asked. (Bf/n)’s mouth fell open.

“B-b-” She stuttered. And then you could sense someone stood behind you. You slowly slosh the water as you turn and your eyes stared frightfully as they settled upon a single red balloon slowly floating towards you all.

It was exactly the same as the one from the day before; the same shade of red, even in the dim light. You step backwards, slightly bumping into one of the others behind you.

“S-so someone lost the balloon down here, huh?” You tried to make light of the situation but the others said nothing. The balloon was very close now, blocking your view of the tunnel behind it. And then it suddenly stopped abruptly directly in front of you. You dared breathe and it wasn’t because of the air this time. You could see your reflection on the surface of the red latex but then it was gone with an obscenely loud pop which caused one of the others behind you cry out in surprise. But the popped balloon was the least of your problems because now stood in the tunnel exactly opposite you was a looming figure with hunched shoulders standing and most likely staring. Even though you had never known anything of the clown, you knew instantly that this was the well talked about clown Pennywise. You drew in a shaky breath.

“Are you P-Pennywise?” You already knew the answer. However, he didn’t answer you right away. Instead, a chilling over excited giggle came from his direction and then he was dashing forward, an animalistic screech coming from his lips. The water sloshed violently both in front of you from where he was coming from and behind you where you guessed your friends were retreating judging from their screams of utter terror. But you stayed still and your scrunched shut. You felt a gloved hand grasp your neck tightly and you were suddenly airborne, startling you. Immediately, you clawed at the clown’s hand and heaved in a feeble attempt to get him to let you go. You were able to see his face now and oh how you wished you had said truth last night. The first thing you noticed was a large forehead that was white like the rest of the face except the paint was cracking. And then were the red lines that slashed through the centre of his eyes and looped round to connect with the corners of his full, red painted lips. To finish off the face makeup was a painted red button nose which otherwise would have been adorable if it hadn’t had been for the way his eyes were cast in a shadow under an exaggerated frowning brow. But those eyes…something about them wasn’t right. Something about the way one was always looking the wrong way and the fact that they were an alarming amber tinged with red. You barely noted on the flaming orange hair that curled upwards on the sides of his head and a curl at the top, you could only stare at his face. You tried not to panic though despite your situation.

“A-are you P-Pennywise?” You tried again through struggling breathes. His full lips pulled upwards into a grin, exposing two large and slightly pointed bucked teeth.

“Yeeesss. How may I help you seeing as your friends just bailed on you?” His voice is so strange, pitching in odd places as well as being deep and rough. You continue to struggle slightly and curse under your breath.

“I-I was dared to do something that involved y-you and I don’t wanna back out.” You choke out. This amused the clown very much so as he let out a giggle.

“Well! What would this include, hm?” He asked, his face drawing near to yours. You close your eyes for a split second and exhale. There was no going back now.


Your hands stop gripping onto his that was choking you and instead you took fistfulls of his ruffled collar and pull him forward, your eyes scrunched shut. Pennywise let’s out a grunt of confusion but it was cut off when your lips press against his painted ones. It lasted only for a moment because the clown all but shoved you away sending you tumbling into the murky water below with a loud splash. You gasp and stare up at the tall figure. He was snarling and you noticed saliva was dripping down his chin. He hissed and then he was rushing away down the narrow passageways until you could see nothing more of the silver suit he wore. You took this as an opportunity to get to your feet quickly and all but sprint back to the entrance. At this point you were cold and wet and smelly and all you wanted in the world was a hot shower and the bed in the motel you were staying in. You didn’t pause as you rushed past your friends, even when they called out to you. This had gone too far for you.

It was a few hours and at least five showers later, you were snuggled on the motel room bed on your laptop for you had no phone at that point. Somewhere along the panic you had dropped your phone into the sewage water and you knew there was no hope in getting it back now.

You were so pissed off. Pissed off that you had gone along with the dare, pissed off that your friends had left you behind with a crazy clown, pissed off that your phone was missing and probably destroyed and pissed off that one set of clothes and shoes was now un-wearable and in the dumpster. You had music playing in an attempt to calm your mood and for a while it had begun to work but the knock on the motel door instantly turned the mood sour. With a huff, you pushed off the bed and stomped to the door and pulled it open, stopping it with security chain. Outside were your supposed friends, people you really didn’t want to see at that moment. You scowled.

“What?” You snapped. Your supposed best friend stepped forward.

“Hey, I’m sorry about all that happened in the sewer- I just wondered if you wanted to, you know, come out for a drink maybe? I’ll pay of course.” She suggested timidly. You scoffed.

“Oh sureee! I absolutely wanna go get a fucking drink with the one who dared me to do the most fucking dumb thing ever and then bail on me. You know what fucking happened, huh? I lost my fucking phone somewhere down there and my clothes were fucking ruined! But of course it doesn’t matter because I did the dare so I fucking win! But in answer to your question, no! No I don’t want to get a stupid fucking drink with any of you, I’m planning my trip home so kindly fuck off and good riddance!”

You were breathless after your rant and halfway through you’d noticed that (bf/n) had begun to cry, her eyes becoming puffy and pink around the edges as tears welled up in the corners. This didn’t phase you though for your blind rage had taken over. You didn’t even give anyone a chance to speak before you slammed the door shut and locked it. You closed the curtains roughly and stomped back to the bed, curling up into a ball within a nest of the bed sheets and pillows. And then you felt the tightness in your throat that burned a little and your nostrils flared. You wiped your nose aggressively as you felt your eyes begin to water.

“Stupid fuckin’ tears. Stupid friends. Stupid dare.” You muttered under your breath. You were a mess. The crying session lasted for at least an hour before you collapsed back, exhausted with a throbbing headache. You realised at some point that perhaps you had been irrational, cruel even and now you were feeling the after effects of your freak out. You were too tired to think logically at that point and so you decided that sleep would be the bed solution at that moment.

You sorted the pillows out and stumbled over to the light switch to turn it off, plunging the room into darkness. You hadn’t realised it was so late, a thought that made your head throb a little more. You settled down on the bed, the blankets wrapped around you and your head nestled in the pillows and your eyes closed. It wasn’t long before sleep took you and you were drifting.

Amber eyes, flaming hair. He was there, Pennywise. He was tall, 6"3 at least, and he towered over you, staring down. His red painted lips were open and drool was leaking out and collecting on his chin. He was grinning down at you.

“(Y/n)…. (y/n), wake up. Wake up little one.” He taunted in an eerily soft voice. You frowned and sat up in bed.

“How are you…” You couldn’t finish your sentence for he had pounced onto your chest, his body pinning you in place. You wanted to scream but you were frozen in fear. He smirked.

“Such fragrant fear…you smell delicious.” He groaned. His face was inches from yours and you watched in horror as his mouth opened and dislocated, hundreds of teeth being exposed to you. And then he was leaning forward, closer and closer. You could see lights in the back of his throat and hear the cries of hundreds of voices in pain. You just couldn’t scream…

You awoke abruptly, sitting up and chest heaving. Your body was covered in a layer of sweat as you guessed you had been tossing and turning throughout the nightmare. Nightmare. It was just a nightmare. There was no clown, you weren’t going to die. He wasn’t in the room with you. Your breathing slowed after a while and you were able to relax, laying back against the pillows with an exhale. It was a surreal feeling after a nightmare when you realised you were safe. An adrenaline rush. You smiled and chuckled breathlessly to yourself as you listened to the low hum of the overhead fan in the room. Then there was a creak. Your breathing paused and your body felt numb with fear. You dared make any sound. And then you heard him.

“(Y/n)…” He chimed. You feel panic settle in your whole body. He was there.

Wow it’s done. Much longer than the first part I think. This was a lot of fun to write, I love this story haha. I hope I wrote Pennywise realistically enough. Thanks for reading!


Okay so there’s this amazing app called sustainabody that helps you track so many things it’s unreal.

So this app helps people to stay healthy. It tracks what vitamins your getting in every food you eat. It knows what food you need to get the vitamins your lacking. It can help people who want to lose or gain weight to stay healthy and also track your muscle gain.

The best thing for me about this app is that it’s so useful for dietary needs. For example, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, dairy free, etc. I think that to be able to incorporate your dietary needs into a health app just maximises the benefits of it. It can then not just be a fitness app but also check what foods you need to eat to get the vitamins you would usually get in the food that is excluded from your diet.

It’s free and there is a lot more I haven’t mentioned. I just think this would help you guys a lot.

{The gif is of the app itself}


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Time for a story - Meaningful names

A thrill of anticipation took hold of her when Felicity unlocked the front door and stepped into her house. With bated breath, she waited for the sounds of pattering children’s feet and squeals of happiness to welcome her home after her first day at home. She responded to the nonappearance of the desired reaction with a slightly disappointed sigh. After months of being with the kids almost every hour of every day, she had hoped they had missed her a little more, at least enough to properly welcome her at the door now that she was home again.

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OK SO LIKE how would you feel if a poc started their own kpop agency for diversity and fairness to idols

i don’t know, let’s not lie.. it’d be a little weird. i think that it’d be better if someone that’s…korean/ a kpop agency…did it and like, made a group with not only koreans (im a literal person, there can be black koreans but you should know which ones im talking ab) but with poc who can actually speak (at least some, good pronunciation, they should be studying it if they aren’t fluent) the language. i could say more but- i don’t want to get too deep into it.

Remember Me | 5

Prompt: When 27 year old Riley Matthews receives a letter in the mail from her 17 year old self she’s reminded of a pact she made with her group of friends on Prom night. Curious to see if any of them will stick to the pact, she heads back home to New York City for the weekend. [Italic paragraphs ~ indicate flashbacks]
Rating: M [no smut but there will be cursing and adult themes, as they are in their late 20′s in this AU, so don’t read if that’s not your cup of tea.]
Pairings: Mentions of Rucas, Smarkle
Previous Chapter: Prologue | One | Two | Three | Four
Word Count: 
Chapter: Five 


Zay had a plan. Albeit, a potentially risky plan, but a plan nonetheless.

He knew these people pretty well, even if they were all adults now and spent years away from each other. And because he knows them well he knows they need a little help opening up. It was clear that so many things were being unsaid. Not to mention the tension in the air was palpable. Alcohol may not be the smartest choice but one way or another things were coming out.  

He smiles devilishly as he jogs over to the fully stocked bar, grabbing the closest bottle to him and six shot glasses as the other five friends retreat back to the seating area. This wasn’t the first time they played ‘Truth or Shot’ as a group. It was almost a tradition in a sense. They played it on prom night after they wrote their letters, they played it on graduation night and on the last day of summer before they all went their separate ways. Each time they swore it was the last time, the game was a surefire way of getting in trouble but he couldn’t resist the temptation of suggesting it each time.  

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Middleschool crushes 1/?

Fandom: Teen Wolf.

Pairing: Theo x Liam

Genre: I don’t know but they’re little, so I Guess this part is just “Feel-good”

Words: 953

Summary: Theo has just moved to Beacon Hills and is about to start 6th grade. He’s nervous but a dark haired boy calms him down and makes it the best first schoolday ever.
(Keep in mind that I’m not American so if I got classes wrong and such then don’t blame me haha. I’m imagening that Theo is 11 and Liam is 10, so if you are American and see that something doesn’t make sense then please let me know, oh and also keep in mind that this is the first fanfic i post in years)

Tagging some people who liked and encouraged my previous post about me publishing this: @lucifers-embodiment, @thiamtrash, @vaporjamie, @casswinchesterx

Theo was standing at the bus stop waiting nervously for the school bus to arrive. He had just moved to Beacon Hills and was about to start 6th grade. He shifted his feet as he waited for the bus to arrive and tugged a long strand of his hair behind his ear. He had wanted to get his hair cut before starting school but his mom and dad had forgot, and being new in a town you had never been in, didn’t really made going himself an option. Finally he saw the yellow bus rolling up to where he stood. He felt his stomach drop slightly and butterflies erupting. As the bus slowed down, he took a deep breath and adjusted his black backpack. The doors opened and an old lady greeted him with a crooked smile. He walked inside and nervously said “Hi” to the bus-lady before gazing at the seats in the bus. He gulped slightly when he saw that almost every seat was taken.

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Hey, I'm another person who's just discovering that they may really be a woman after living so long as a man. (24 years, in fact) and I just wanted to say to the other anon that this time is scary and confusing for me and I know it is for you too, but we'll both get through all of this and one day be the wonderful people we're meant to be. Just know that no matter how confusing this is, you're not alone, there's plenty of people like you, you're not unusual. (Anon because I haven't come out yet)

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Hey Mister, i really like your blog. I need some advice. My Daddy always wants me in little space. Constantly. Its always him trying to put me in little space and then getting mad when i dont want to or am not at a place where i can and feel safe. I dont know how to tell him to stop demanding that of me, because im afraid if i do ill lpse him. His excuse why he has me do it is because he wants to see me as stress free as possible. Its starting to stree me out.

I have often spoken out against those who want to be in little space 24/7 as I feel its not healthy, and this is a classic example of why.

In trying to force the headspace, its actually pushing you away from it and inducing stress that is unnecessary. You need to find a way to make him understand that the big girl part of you needs to flourish just as much as the little side. 

This is a very adult kink, and should be full of consenting adults who are able to conduct themselves in mature ways making decisions based upon whats best for the time. That may seem like a contradiction, given that little space is the opposite, but thats the beauty of the dynamic. 

The term Daddy Dom is two parts. one part being the daddy that shines while his little is regressed or in her little headspace, doing the daddy-esque things that he should.. and the other part Dom, which should shine when shes in her big headspace. We could go on and on about how those two parts make the dynamic and the whens and wheres they should be expressed, but thats another post for another time.

The main point being, you are an adult and you have to be allowed to be your adult self. Working, paying bills, taking care of the home, etc… cannot be done if your headspace is forced into regression 24/7. Some people actually get stress relief from.. doing the dishes, gardening, folding laundry, etc… 

Make him realize what it is about your big girl space that needs to be given as equal parts from the perspective of the positive things and benefits you get from it… and how in turn, it will benefit your relationship at the same time. 

If things get too tough for words, just write them down. Some of our best ideas and thoughts are most well expressed in the written form.

- Mister

25 Days Of Christmas ‘17


I know it’s a little early for christmas but I wanted to start early this year and I want to do things a little differently than last year. This year I would like to get as many other writers as I can to do it with! Optimally each writer would take 1 character and each day everyone will use the same prompt for their character.

If you’re interested in joining please message me and let me know what character you’d like to write for (if there is someone you’d like to write for who isn’t on the list let me know and I can add them) and once I have the prompt list finished I’ll send it to you.


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holy shit @ amazon’s current comics sale - star wars

i just want y’all to know that the kindle version of the entire darth vader 2015 comics run is currently on sale today, 9/20/17, for under $9 (USD), and if you haven’t read it PLEASE DO SO? this is (a) the series that, despite all 6 movies, made me care the most about this guy and (b) introduces doctor aphra, who i love, and who you probably will love also. her first standalone volume is currently on sale for $3.

you can collect the ongoing star wars 2015-now run and get up to date on 5 fucking volumes for $11.80

getting caught up to date on poe dameron will cost you only $4.40

the entire lando calrissian mini-series is $1.80

those are all i have time to look up but HOLY SHIT, i’m regretting shelling out for physical trades at this time, because this is… so cheap….. 

keep in mind that i’m not sure if this sale is anywhere but US kindle, so you’ll have to check, and you can’t read kindle comics in your browser – you’ll need to use a kindle app on a mobile device or tablet probably (barring those who have actual kindles)

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nonbinary support said ace discourse does trigger some of their mods

So those mods don’t need to answer those questions then.  I’m asexual, y’all think I don’t get triggered by people telling me that my existence isn’t real or that I don’t belong in the only community that makes me feel even relatively safe? Because that shit is triggering.  I get it.  If there are certain mods who don’t want to answer those sorts of questions, then that’s totally fine and I respect that.  But the whole blog saying they don’t answer questions that have to do with “ace discourse”? And refusing to answer the anon who simply wanted to know if they were ace inclusive?  Nah.  That’s bullshit.


How to Train Your Dragon 2 Sentence Starters

“Welcome aboard, dragon rider.”

“ Where have YOU been?”


“Well, now you know where I get my dramatic flair.”

“ So, what should we name it?”

“Men who kill without reason cannot be reasoned with.”

“I’m sorry, ___. I’m not the chief that you wanted me to be and I’m not the peacekeeper I thought I was. I… don’t know…”

“You have the heart of a chief and the soul of a dragon. Only you can bring our worlds together. That is who you are, ___”

“I was so afraid of becoming my dad. Mostly because I thought I never could. How-how do you become someone that great, that brave, that selfless?”

“A chief protects his own. We’re going back.”

“We may be small in numbers, but we stand for something bigger than anything the world can pin against us. We are the voice of peace, and, bit by bit, we will change this world.”

“You KNOW that doesn’t wash out!”

“What do you think, bud? You wanna give this another shot?”

“Oh, he’s beautiful!”

“Incredible! He might very well be the last of his kind. And look!”

“He’s your age!”

“No wonder you get along so well!”

“Your father would be every bit as proud as I am.”

“I’m really glad you’re here, ___”

“___? Could-could it be? After all these years? How is this possible?”

“This is where you’ve been for twenty years?”

“You’re not upset?”

“Good dragons under the control of bad people do bad things.”

“ Some of us were just born different.”

“I have questions! Where have you been all this time? What have… what have you been doing? Huh? They-they said you were dead!”

“where was I? I’m so sorry, ___. Can we start over? Will you give me another chance?”

“Every dragon has its secrets. And I’ll show them all to you! We’ll unlock every mystery, find every last species together”

“I’ll bloody his fist with my face if he tries to take my dragon!”

“I’ll bloody his fist with my face if he tries to take my dragon!”

“And unless you let us go, right now, he will blast through here on his Night Fury and blow your entire fleet of ships to splinters.”

“Some might suggest this is poorly conceived!”

“Well, it’s a good thing that I never listen.”

“Could this day get any worse?”

“You’re as beautiful as the day I lost you.”

“ It wasn’t your fault, bud. They… made you do it. You’d never hurt him. You’d never hurt me.”

“He protects us. We all live under his care and his command.”

“Never take a toy from a dragon. Don’t you know anything?”

Whenever I get drawn at a late round in a raffle, I’m always afraid I’ll be stuck with a service prize I don’t want.

I don’t want dollmaker gijinkas of my dragons (lookin at you, Arcane OOF raffle). I don’t want art unless I like the style. I don’t want some stranger to write lore for me (I already wrote all of mine, I don’t need more). I don’t want a training prize, I’m not sending a dragon I care about to some stranger for who knows how long.

Best case, I get one of the training prizes, send in a junk dragon I don’t care about, and sell the lv 25 (if I ever get it back, that is). Though I bet I’d end up on here for that…

I know I’m being a dick here, and I’m sure there’s people who enter raffles specifically because they want one of the service prizes, but I wish you had to opt-in to service prizes. Then the people winning them actually want them, instead of people like me getting stuck with an unwanted dollmaker thing, or losing a dragon to a stranger.

tl;dr at least I can sell off unwanted item prizes easily enough.

Writer Accent Challenge

I have been tagged by the lovely @sanjariti to do the updated writer accent challenge.

For those of you who don’t know what this is, it is where I will do an audio recording of myself reading a portion of one of my fics to you guys!

So…. I will take a vote. If you want me to participate, send me an ask or reply to this post and vote for which fic you would like to hear me read AND what part!

The one that gets the most votes, wins!

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Well, after Harry's SF concert you can't deny he doesn't mind gay rumors. Even I'd say he doesn't care about Larry rumors (because no way he didn't know the girl who took the flag was probably a Larrie, or that Larries were gonna see a sing in what he was doing). This doesn't make me think Larry is real, but Harry likes Larry rumors as a way of marketing or something like that. What makes sense. Lot of his fans are Larries.


And then I get a message like this.


I don’t think Harry does care about gay rumors, but to act like anyone showing respect to an LGBTQIA symbol is doing so because they want to queerbait or send any message to a tinhat community is offensive. Harry has decided to overlook how they will treat it because to him it is important to show support to the LGBT community, regardless of how tinhatters will make this about their delusional love story.

midnight-lesbian  asked:

As someone else who worships Artemis and doesn't want to argue with people about how I feel about her, I hope people stop bothering you about that. You shouldn't need to explain your beliefs to people, they just need to know that you're uncomfortable with making things to do with Artemis and move on. I hope you have a great day, regardless of this!

Thank you for this. It kind of bothers me I have to keep explaining myself over and over again. Even Hima is getting a little bothered by it.But I hope for now people can understand.

i don’t want to make a big deal out of this, but i have this cup in the bathroom where i hold my toothbrush, toothpaste etc and it’s not like a proper toothbrush holder or anything so everything just falls on top of each other and my new housemate who didn’t even bother to introduce herself and is super unfriendly just put her toothbrush in there and i was just like wtf??? people are so bizarre like damn this makes me so uncomfortable