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Friday Night Heathen Army Prompt- Loose Tongue

Here is my contribution to this week’s prompt fun! If you didn’t see it, I used the picture where Alex has his shirt up and is looking at a strip of his tummy 😉

This is completely ridiculous and silly, but the idea wouldn’t leave me. I imagine Ivar as often not really thinking about what he says before he says it. Please enjoy!

TW: none


“Do you think I’ve gained weight?”

You look up from your dinner to see Ivar standing in the hallway, shirt lifted as he stares at his perfectly toned stomach. You shrug, lifting another forkful of fried rice to your mouth. “I don’t know, why?”

He lowers his shirt, grabs his crutches and walks back to where you are sitting on the couch. “I’m just curious. Ubbe told me about the mystery that is ‘sympathy weight’.”

You frown. “Sympathy weight?”

He sighs, settling himself back down beside you. “It is exactly as it sounds, Y/N. The man unintentionally gains weight because he sees that his partner is gaining weight. It apparently happened to Ubbe. He gained almost 10 pounds when Margrethe was pregnant.”

You rub your swollen belly, trying to remember what Ubbe looked like 3 years ago. “I can’t remember him looking any different. Besides, who cares if you gain a little weight? I shouldn’t be the only one who has to.”

He gives you that patented 'Ivar’ eye roll. “I don’t care, I was just curious. But I wouldn’t be surprised if I did. The things we’ve been eating lately, it’s no wonder you’ve gotten so big.”

That makes you set down your fork. “Excuse me?”

He shrugs his shoulders. “It’s not a bad thing. The baby needs energy. Lots of Mexican food and sugar energy, apparently.”

You can already feel the tears pricking at the back of your eyes. “So what, I’m a huge whale who is making you eat shitty food against your will?”

Your tone catches his attention, and a wary look crosses his face. “You know I didn’t mean it like that, Y/N….”

“Well then what did you mean it like?” You can feel yourself getting riled up. Damn pregnancy hormones. “What did you mean, Ivar? Am I getting ugly too? Will you not want to have sex with me soon? Are you trying to tell me that?”

He grits his teeth, his brow creasing in frustration. “Dammit woman, you know that’s not true. We’ve had sex more times than I can count since you got pregnant. You know what seeing you carrying my child does to me.”

You know he’s right, he’s been practically insatiable ever since you told him the news almost 6 months ago. Rip your clothes off, do it anywhere, I need you right this second sort of insatiable. You are lucky your sex drive has risen to match his. But it’s too late now. The damage has been done.

“You think I’m huge and fat and ugly,” you sob. “My belly is like a giant balloon, I’m covered in stretch marks, my skin is breaking out and I can’t stop eating or crying! I’m a mess and you hate it!”

“Odin’s beard, woman, calm down!” Ivar reaches for you, but you push him away and turn your back on him. You hear him run his hands through his hair and snarl in frustration as you continue to cry.

“Dammit,” he curses to himself, and you feel the couch shift as he leans towards you.

“You are not huge, fat or ugly,” he says in his 'you will listen and not interrupt me’ tone. “You are beautiful and glowing with life. Life we created together. I didn’t think with my condition I would be able to give you children. When you told me you were pregnant, it was beyond my wildest dreams. You will get bigger, it’s the natural way. But I shouldn’t have phrased it like I did. I am sorry for that.”

You sniff, wiping your eyes on your hands. You can feel your anger slipping away at his sincere words. Ivar is working on getting better at apologizing when his mouth gets ahead of his brain, and you appreciate the effort.

“I’m sorry too,” you say, turning back around to face him. “I am taking everything so personally lately. These hormones are ridiculous.”

He reaches up and gentle wipes away a stray tear with one calloused thumb. “It’s not so bad. Remember Margrethe? How many times did Ubbe sleep on the couch because she had thrown a hormone addled fit and tossed him out of bed?”

You can’t help but giggle at the memories. “True. I would never kick you out of bed. I need you to keep me warm.”

He gives you a wicked grin. “Among other things,” he says, letting his tongue run slightly over his bottom lip. You shiver, feeling the familiar stir of desire deep within you.

He notices, and his grin gets even more sinful. He reaches into the bag beside him and pulls out a box of store brownies, your biggest pregnancy craving. “How about we forget what just happened and have some dessert, and then some….dessert.”

You look at the brownies and then to him, watching his pupils slowly begin to consume the vivid blue of his irises. You feel the familiar flush of heat beginning to spread over your body. The brownies look delicious, but him even more so. You give him a saucy smile.

“I don’t think I’m craving brownies anymore,” you say, and it’s all the invitation he needs. The box is tossed to the floor and for the next hour, you forget all about hormones and brownies and Ivar’s loose tongue.

Well, maybe not about the tongue.

Dedicated to me, who once threw the biggest pregnancy hormone induced fit over the fact the bank wasn’t open when I needed to go there. Those hormones are real, folks!

Last Day - Nolan Patrick

requested: yes | no

word count: 1436

warnings: none

a/n: i struggled with this one a lot; i hope it’s not too rough!! this is also unedited because i’m posting it as i’m rushing out the door for work sorry!!!

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you awoke to the sound of birds chirping softly. sitting up, you rubbed your eyes and examined your surroundings.

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04. My Hope - Jung HoSeok Fanfic

AN*  So I ran across this “Bed Sharing AU” prompt list with 8 prompts and thought it’d be a great exercise to explore writing fanfics again. This is the 4th in a series of oneshots. I’m using all 8 prompts with different members.  8 prompts, 7 members… the 8th will be a surprise.

A special thanks to BTS… for giving me inspiration and re-igniting my passion to write again. (Gif credit to original poster.)

01. Kim NamJoon - Must Have Energy

02. Kim SeokJin - Mama Mo’s,  

03. Min Yoongi - You’re Mine

05. Park Jimin - Awkwardly Perfect

06. Kim TaeHyung - The BPP

07. Jeon JungKook - Call Me Kookie

08. BTS - Hawaiian Thunderstorm

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My Hope

Prompt: You’re severely depressed these days and I’m too scared to leave you alone so yes this is the only solution please accept my hugs.

Pairing: Jung HoSeok x Reader

Genre: Angst/Fluff *Depression*

Word Count: 4.1K

HoSeok smiled at the table full of people.  He was laughing, joking, but most of all, he was watching you.  Dinner and drinks had been abundant, but he limited himself to 2 beers which had worn off a while ago.  You seemed really down…  He could see it in your eyes when you looked his way… a slight furrow… a sadness creeping over you.  It made him uneasy, but he still smiled at you.  You smiled weakly back, and it just about broke his heart.  You’d all been friends for a while… and HoSeok knew everyone in the group like the back of his hand.  He knew which person like Mexican food and which one was allergic to shellfish… He knew who was secretly hooking up, who wanted to secretly hook up… He knew…

He knew you…  and you knew him.  His smile faltered, but you didn’t see it.  Someone touched his shoulder and he laughed at the story they told. It was a typical Friday night get together at a typical Bar & Grill with the usual people doing the usual thing. It was comfortable.  It was happy.  He looked at you again… you didn’t seem happy.  He knew you would talk to him about it if you wanted to though…

A while later, when he came back from the bathroom, he sat down in a vacant seat by you instead.

“Hey, what’s up?” he asked. “You seem down…”

“I am…” you said, biting your lip.  He could tell you were seriously thinking about what to say next. “Can I come over tonight?  I really want to talk to you…”  HoSeok’s stomach dropped.

“Can’t we go to your place?” he asked.  You picked up your coke without looking at him and took a sip.

“My roommate’s boyfriend is staying for the week… it gets noisy,” you explained, setting your coke back on the table.  You looked up into his eyes… your gaze piercing. “I need to talk to you privately anyway… It’s important.”  HoSeok licked his lips as his mouth went dry.  He picked up your coke and took a sip.

“Ok…” he said.  “But give me some time to straighten up before you come over though…”  You nodded and he smiled, placing a hand on your shoulder.  He stood and said goodbye to everyone, smirking at the requests for him to stay, but he made his excuses and left the restaurant.  Hopping in his car, he took off quickly.  He had a lot of work to do.

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Earth Balance. The opinions and text are all mine.

Despite the season’s best efforts to woo me with cakes and cookies and pies (even those coming out of my own kitchen), I’ve been doggedly drawn to savories this winter. I crave soups and broths, piles of steaming veggies and stews, anything to stave off the cold (I know, I’m in Los Angeles—but these walls and windows aren’t built for 50º weather!). This weekend, though, the holiday cookie bug snuck its way into my heart. You know the urge, that longing to get cozy with your oven whilst donning your most well-worn sweats and grooving to the best holiday tunes you can find. Yup, that one.

I grew up making two kinds of holiday cookies, recipes that were my mother’s family heirlooms: raspberry linzertorte bars and pecan snowball cookies (or Russian or Mexican wedding cookies, depending who you ask). Suddenly, in the midst of my reigning savory preference, I decided it was high time to make some snowballs. Except I wanted mine laced with the fragrance of jasmine and bright with matcha green tea.

Read more and get the recipe here!

sohanaa04  asked:

Heyo I was wondering if you could do a RFA+V and Saeren going out to eat really spicy food with Mc and well it's clear that they can't take it but they don't stop, have fun with it 😂😋

Alright - No idea how you came up with it, but I hope you like it!

Okay, this is the story - The whole RFA, with saeran were at a Mexican restaurant! Good idea! Until they ask saeyoung and/or MC to order the food for them without specifying what they want. AKA They’re all gonna get the spiciest of the spiciest shit. Yay.


  • Once he took a bite, he froze
  • Why is it so hot?!
  • saeyoung urges him to finish it, since he’s the one who didn’t specify what he wanted
  • He refuses immediately
  • But…the rest of the RFA actually agreed with saeyoung
  • He swallowed thickly before downing the whole plate almost at once, causing you to burst out laughing
  • “Oh my god, honey~ I’m proud of you!” You said
  • When you kissed his cheek his face flushed even redder than it was from the spicy food
  • Then you gave him a glass of milk with a snort


  • I feel like Zen would be really good at dealing with this for some reason
  • But let’s pretend he’s not
  • When he takes a bite he immediately spits it out onto a napkin
  • Why is it so spicy? Goddamn
  • sucks it up and continues eating cause he’s hungry asf
  • You encourage him to continue, which helps a lot, yes
  • He is so embarrassed that the RFA saw him that red and flushed over some spicy food
  • Ends up complaining that spicy foods are bad for his fair skin
  • “Never going to do that again. Gotta stay beautiful!”
  • “sure, babe, sure” smooch


  • Very embarrassed
  • Will probably curse saeyoung with witchcraft when you two get home
  • Wants to look good for you so she eats it silently
  • But on the inside she’s firing up
  • Will casually order a glass of milk and gulps it down within seconds
  • You just giggle, knowing how spicy it is
  • “It’s alright, Jaehee! You don’t have to finish it!”
  • “Mm, no, it’s really..*Cough* great!”
  • sure it is hun


  • He was already grumpy because
  • What is this commoner place? Do commoners eat this gross stuff?
  • Oh god what have you people been eating all your life instead of the amazing steak that I got?!
  • You had to urge him to try the food that seven had ordered
  • He hesistantly ate it and when he did, his eyes turned sooo wide
  • You snorted which caused him to be even more embarrassed
  • He actually refused to eat it, even when you asked him nicely
  • Didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the evening


  • You had gotten you all food this time
  • He knew from your smirk that you had something planned, but he’d thought it was just an ingredient he didn’t like
  • not that the whole meal had extra pepper in it, making it super spicy!?
  • He actually challenged himself  to eat the whole meal
  • Regrets it
  • But is not going to go down in front of you
  • Will eat it
  • And then come 3 glasses of milk


  • He couldn’t see very well, ya know?
  • so when you gave him his plate he didn’t know that it was their spiciest chilli
  • When he took a bite, he burst into a coughing fit
  • You and seven laughed your asses off
  • “Come on, Dear, if you really refuse to eat it, I won’t force you!”
  • “No, Love, I’ll eat it. You gave me it, so it’s delicious to me.”
  • Cue aww’s from RFA and gagging from saeran lolol
  • He actually ate the whole thing
  • And regret it in the morning that’s for sure
  • But you gave him a kiss when he was done so it was worth the fire on his tongue


  • We all know that this guy has a sweet tooth and is a bit soft fluff ball right?
  • so he didn’t expect you give him something so spicy
  • He had purposely asked you to order for him instead of his brother because he knew he was gonna get pranked
  • But by you?
  • He didn’t expect it at all
  • He actually left early, grumpy, after taking his first bite
  • You had to catch up to him and shower him with snuggles and kisses back home to make up for it

(This is actually really hard lolol, anyways, it’s done Cutie~ Hope you liked it!^^)

Mexican woman (born and raised)

I’ve noticed a lack of full-on Mexican perspective in the profiles and I hope this helps, before going starting remember that my experiences do not reflect a global view of the life as a mexican, nor does invalidate the Mexican immigrants or mixed-race people who identify themselves with their Mexican heritage around the world.


Spanish is the main official language, but there over 50 indigenous languages all over the country, among the most commons are: Nahuatl, Maya, Mixteco, Zapoteco, Tzozil etc. (really there an entire Wikipedia article on it look it up)

Home/Family life

Family is really important in México, quality time with your family is stressed over since early life, and chances are that at least half of your best childhood friends will be your cousins, someone straying away from the family permanently is severely looked down and criticized, only if it’s by choice mind you, family will be understanding if it’s for causes beyond your control (job transfers and opportunities) and Christmas and New Year is usually the time of the year where every relative from every corner of the country (and even from other countries) will come visiting you.

Family roles are still seen in a very traditional way, with the mother being in charge of the home, and the father working, however given that family abandonment is sadly very common; in all places and economic backgrounds not just poor families; this tends to place an even greater responsibility for the mother, and is not uncommon that a grandparent, uncle or even older cousin steps in as a paternal figure.

Families where the siblings never move from the parents’ house and all live in with their own families are still around, such families usually have the grandmother as the center of everything and be the one calling the shots on important decision, this is however a dying tendency (at least in the Bajío)

Dating and Friendships

Despite its conservative ideologies, parents are surprisingly permissive when it comes to the dating life of their children, sure there are some really strict parents around but they’re usually mocked even by other parents for being so prudish. An interesting contrast with American parents that I’ve seen, is that while the americans want to know who their kids are going out with, their parents, their school, etc. etc. Mexican parent rarely concern themselves with these details, as long as you get to the house at the promised hour and not smelling like alcohol or cigarettes, you’re good, it’s a given that if you’re taking someone into the house and to meet the family it’s because is a serious relationship or an incredibly good friend, and a way of telling your parents that you (and by extension them) are gonna keep seeing them.


Two key things about food in Mexico: tortillas and chile, sweet bread is also a must, but only for breakfast. Even the the most posh, stuck-up (or fresas as we call them) people will occasionally indulge into the nearest taco (or larguitas) stand for lunch, or dinner. A usual meal around here consists of soup, some steak or guisado accompanied by juice or water, dessert is not really accustomed either, unless you’re eating out.

 Another thing is that fast food (pizza, burgers, fries, etc.) is not really popular around here, unless you’re from one of the big cities (DF, Querétaro, and Guadalajara) is usually seen as either something you only do for your kid’s birthday, or when you just don’t have the time for cooking because of a tight schedule.


In Mexico compulsory education is divided by 6 years of elementary school (primaria), 3 of middle school (secundaria), and three of high school (preparatora or bachillerato). Afterwards college lasts usually 4-5 years. If you graduated on medical career (nurses, doctors, dentists, psychologists and psychiatrist) are required to have in between 6 months or a year of social services before getting matriculated.

I should say that Mexicans value education A LOT, over here claiming that “college is for losers” will get you a smack in the head (by your parents) and rolled eyes from everyone else; even from people who were born before such requirement for a job were a thing, that doesn’t mean that everyone goes to college, but is usually seen as the ideal path for your children, if you don’t want to go, that’s fine but then you’re gonna have to work, and you will be expected to settle down with a family as soon as you can financially support yourself instead.


As with the majority of Mexicans, even though I’m no longer practicing (I’m atheist) I was raised as Catholic, with moderated requirements, so I had to go to mass on Sunday (which always last the same 45 min. or 1 hr. tops) with formal wear, I prayed the “Padre Nuestro” and “Ave Maria” before going to bed (this usually only last ‘til puberty hits, they stop forcing you by then) thank God for the food after each meal, but the whole thing about not eating meat on Fridays is usually only on the Cuaresma, and it only applies to red meats, so most people eat fish and chicken during those days anyway. I had to do my confirmation, my first communion, and do confessions with the local church.


These are 5 important Holidays in Mexico (in order of importance):

  • Independence Day (September 16th) – National off the school (and the job) day, there are parades all over the country and on the midnight of the 15th the President will give the Bell Ring to commemorate the Father Miguel Hidalgo and lots, lots of fireworks, usually the decorations and festive moods last all September month.
  • Day of the Dead (November 2nd) – Depending on the region, some places celebrate the 1st too as the “All Saints Day”, it’s also depending on the region the level to which is celebrated, in the Bajío we get an off-day, there are altars contests and Catrina parades, and we go the Cemetery to clean and adorn the graves of our families, but I know there are other places where they treat it like a regular day, leaving the visit for the most close weekend, and then there are some other places, where it’s such an important day, that everything is closed, stores, hotels, restaurants, to give off the ‘mourning’ more weight than the celebrating part, even the parades are done in silence.
  • Christmas’s Eve (December 24th) – No Santa here (kids know about it, but most don’t ask presents to him), it’s exclusively a religious and family day, it’s tradition to put a manger of the baby Jesus. Family dinner at midnight, ALL the family is gonna travel to their childhood homes with their kids and spouses, a longer Mass is also attended too at night, some more religious families also perform several prayers before said dinner, and attend to the morning mass of the 25th day in which usually everything is closed down (except in bigger cities)
  • The Wise Kings Day (January 6th ) – This is the day kids get their presents, the 5th is usually used for kids to hang their letters in the tree or in some places to a balloon into the air with the things they want, and wake super early and everything, that same night we get the “Rosca of Reyes”, which has several figurines of the baby Jesus in it, and anyone who gets one, has to make a meal (traditionally tamales but it can be anything) on the February 2nd for all the assistants, in schools is also done, and the expenses of are shared by the people who got the figurines as well.
  • The Mexican Revolution (November 20th) – Similar to the Independence day, except that is less prominent, and depending on which weekday falls is less likely to get it as an off-day from school (usually never for jobs, unless you work in a school) the parade for this day is different from the Independence day one, because this one is less militaristic and more sporty with schools having an athletic or dancing routine for it.
  • Mother’s Day (May 10th) – Usually not an off-day, but people tend to leave both school and jobs early that day to spend the day with their mother (or at least give them a call in case they can’t), it’s more…about the publicity and gifts than any other holiday

Beauty Standards

Mexican beauty standards vary according to the region, I grew up in the “Bajío” the mid-land of the country, where most of the population range from brown to white-passing of skin-color, and my family like many others in the area has sprinkled this range in the whole family, case in point, me and my siblings: my little sister is pale as they come and definitely white-passing (she has been told as much by our mexican-american cousins), my older brother is dark-skinned and really really hairy, I’m in the middle of them being light-browned:

  • Skin tone: Colorism is definitely a thing here, since birth you’ll hear how pretty and cute pale babies are, and how ‘funny’ darker babies are, this is something that never really goes away as one gets older people will just stop being polite about it seeing as negroandprieto (black) are common derogative words to describe a particularly dark brown person, sometimes even calling them chango (monkey) whereas the neutral term would be “moreno (a)“ 
  • Hair: You’re gonna have a hard time finding anyone who is doesn’t have brown or dark-hair, personally I can count with one hand the number of naturally blond people I’ve met in my 20-something years of life, I’ve met more red-heads than blonds honestly, I mentioned natural blond, because what you’re gonna get a lot are dyed blondies here, (and yes it does have to do with American-european beauty standards and prominence in the media) still, this is starting to change and it’s far more common with older women (over 35-40)
  • Body Types: Despite the stereotype of the voluptuous latina, Mexican women have a wide array of body types, from petite to XXL (bigger than this is rare though) The curvy but still not-really-overweight is preferred over skinny, especially if said skinny girl doesn’t have full bottom, hips and legs (which are seen as waay more appealing than big breasts), she will often be called out for having “patas de pollo” (chicken legs) or “huesuda” (boney) in case she’s not pale.
  • Make Up: There’s something you should know, 90% of Mexican women will always grab their make-up (especially the lipstick) when going out even for a mere errand, I was thought how to use make-up before learning about periods. The only schools that will not let you wear it are usually the religious ones and of course the elementary level.
  • Clothing: As of late, Mexico is a place where casual clothing is the norm, even for most jobs and schools dress-codes are really lax and even then rarely enforced (unless you really push your luck of course, no one is gonna go to work wearing yoga pants and sneakers), but there are still subtle hints and differences, you can often tell people’s family background, income and even occupation by the way they dress: people from poorer families tend to favor sports clothing and sneakers (they’re easy to move in, cheap and comfy), middle-class people will have jeans and dress shirts of all types, colors and styles, formal shoes, sandals, and boots, only wearing full formal attire if the job requires it, or on formal occasions, even then richer people favor  casual fashion styles, but they can be spotted because they are the ones wearing super tall high heels, jewelry brand clothing and purses etc.

Things I’d like to see less of

The spicy Latina, the illegal immigrant or the stereotypical poor Mexican family with little to no education, also the jornalero too.

Tropes/Stereotypes I’m tired of seeing.

Also I’m tired of seeing the Latinx community as a monolith, where the Mexicans, the Colombians, the Chileans, the Argentines, the Brazilians etc. etc. 

Things I’d like to see more of

Educated mexicans, hard-working mexicans, legal and born into America Mexicans, indigenous Mexicans.

Following the above, I’m not saying that we should erase the presence of the undocumented Mexicans, I want to see the follow up to that story, do people even understand the reason why Immigration is so common in Mexico? Do they know that more often than not, it’s only the father of the family that goes away and send money to their family in Mexico? So they can have a better life, a better education? Where is the following to that?

I’ve seen tons of depictions for the immigrants and their struggle for that better life, which feel more often than not, as a way for americans to have sob story about how “bad” our lives are and how we seek the better, richer ‘American dream’ in order to what? Feel sorry for us? But why don’t we see them having that result which is often reflected on their children? Did you know that Education is the most valued asset in Mexico? Did you know that most jornaleros won’t even risk bringing their kids with them, because they tell them to stay in school, to be better? (I always found that ridiculous, children labor exist and is a problem, but virtually no parent in gonna do that unless they are irresponsible or non-caring about them), where are the doctors? The lawyers, the engineers, the writers, the teachers. Why are we always singers or dancers, narcos or cops? We are not ‘entertainers’ at heart for you to have fun, nor dumb muscle for your gang problems.

Book Recommendations

I know this isn’t part of the POC Profile but if you want to have a better view of the Mexican way of thinking and our culture I highly suggest these titles:

  • The Labyrinth of Solitude by Octavio Paz
  • The Broken Spears by Miguel León-Portilla
  • Psychology of the Mexican by Rogelio Diaz-Guerrero
  • The Book of Lamentations by Rosario Castellanos
  • Mañana Forever?: Mexico and the Mexicans by Jorge Castañeda

lil ED related post coming at cha

As I always tend to preface these with I am in a really good mental space with food and my body but that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. One of the things I still struggle with a lot is the idea of getting takeout when I’m eating alone. I’m okay with going out to eat (usually) because it’s a social thing and the people I’m with are also eating the food and it reminds me that this is normal and healthy. However, whenever I get a craving for something and I’m eating alone I tend to debate with myself for a long time on whether or not I should get it. I feel like if I’m only getting restaurant food for myself I might as well just eat at home with my own “healthy” food and save the restaurant meals for when other people ask me to go out.

When I got home from my trip 6 days ago I was really craving fresh, whole foods, so I ate those. But ever since yesterday I have had the strongest craving for mexican food. At first I just ignored it but I am trying to listen to my cravings and give my body what it wants so today I asked various friends who live in my town if they wanted to go out for dinner but naturally everyone was busy. Then I spent a loooong time vacillating between the idea of getting takeout or just cooking my normal dinner for myself. To make matters worse I’m home alone for the night so the little support network I have isn’t here.

Finally I decided to place the order and even once that was done I was still uncertain. In all honesty even as I drove to pick it up I was still battling myself on whether or not I should eat it or just put it in the fridge for someone else.

Flash forward to now as I’m typing this and I haven’t eaten it yet but it’s laid in front of me and I plan to eat it as soon as I’m done writing this. I don’t like to post ~negative~ things on here because I truly am in a very good place but as I said I still have my moments and struggles. I see this website and the people I’ve connected with through it as my strongest support network so I think it’s extra important to be transparent and reach out for that support when I know I need it.

I’m really trying to do a better job of listening to what my body wants and focus on moderation. It isn’t all or nothing. If I eat a little and I’m full and satisfied then fine. If I’m hungry and want more then that’s fine too. Our bodies are much smarter than us and I am learning to trust that.

Oh also I suppose I should mention what I actually ordered (lol). I got the most epic veggie burrito ever from this local place in my hometown that literally has like 15 different veggies in it and it’s covered in an avocado sauce so like…yes.

Okay this has been quite a post if you read the entire thing good work and I love you.

Meet the Family- Auston Matthews

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You looked over at your boyfriend as he pulled up to the adobe-colored house with the red, Spanish-style roof and the palm tree in the front yard. Yellowy-white lights were strung up on the edges to decorate the exterior of the house for the upcoming holiday tomorrow. Christmas.

“This is it.” he smiled. “This is home.”

Your eyes went back to the house. “This where you grew up?”

“Yep.” He beamed, parking next to the curb. “Come on. My family is waiting for us. My mom, my dad, my cousins, everyone. They haven’t seen me in forever. And I’ve told them a lot about you.”

You blushed. “You told them about me?”

“Yeah. (Y/N), baby, why wouldn’t I?”

You smiled and pecked him on the lips. “Love you, Aussie.”

“I love you too, baby.” he said. “Come on. Let’s get the stuff.”

You got out of the rental car and went to the trunk to get your bags when you heard the front door from the house open.

“Auston! Mijo!” you heard a woman’s voice call out. You and Auston turned your head to see Ema and Brian Matthews, Auston’s mother and father, standing in the doorway, a bright grin on her faces as they looked back into the house. 

“Everyone! Auston’s home!” Brian called.

“And he brought his novia!” Ema commented after.

Auston grinned and hurried up to the door to hug his parents as more people appeared behind her “Mom! Dad!”

You smiled at the touching sight and closed the trunk of the car, standing out on the sidewalk with your bags. You were so nervous. This was your first time actually meeting his parents face-to-face and the rest of his family. He insisted you fly down from Toronto to come see them. Even if it meant meeting almost his whole family.

The three broke apart and Ema looked to the sidewalk and thus to you. “Oh (Y/N)!” she exclaimed, coming out of the doorway and onto the sidewalk, Brian trailing behind her, greeting you with a hug. “It is so good to finally meet you!”

“You too.” you smiled, pulling away a minute later. “It’s good to finally meet you, Mr. and Mrs. Matthews.”

“Oh please. Call me Ema.” she said.

“And me Brian.” your boyfriend’s father noted, looking at your bags. “Do you need-”

“Oh no, I’ve got it. Thank you, though.”

He nodded and went back inside with Ema. “Come on, you two. There’s plenty to eat!”

You went up to Auston at the front step. “I take it they like me…. I hope.”

“I know they do, baby.” he smiled. “Come on. You have to meet everyone else, too.”

You nodded and followed him in and-… Wow that’s a lot of people.

“(Y/N), this is my Auntie Nina and my cousin Elisa.” he said, motioning to a woman in a red apron and dark hair streaked with silvery grey. Her eyes were a dark, warm brown. Almost like chocolate. The woman next to her was much younger and had dark brown hair with skin like Auston’s with the same warm eyes. “Auntie, Ellie, this is (Y/N). My girlfriend.”

You smiled and shook her hand. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“And you, mija. Welcome to our family.” his aunt said. “Auston has told all of us so much about you. I’m glad I can finally meet you. And that my little Auston could find a sweet girl.”

“Yeah.” Elisa piped. “Huh, so how long have you been hiding her from us? Are you embarrassed or something? What have we ever done to embarrass you?”

“A lot.” he noted. “And only a few months. But we’ve known each other since summer. Took me a while to ask her out.”

“Well, you certainly got a good one. So bella, mijo. Good job. Hey, she seems like a keeper. You seem so happy, Auston. It was a pleasure to meet you, (Y/N).

“And you. Thank you very much.” you said before Auston hurried you off and upstairs. “Where are we going now?”

“I wanna show you my old room.” he grinned before stopping at a white door and opening it up. “Here’s my pad.”

You giggled and went inside. The room was painted blue with picture frames and shelves lining them. Trophies, books, assorted trinkets, and pucks rested on them. His mother put his four pucks from his debut on one of them and he had several medals and trophies from when he was little on the walls and shelves. It was more than obvious that a boy who certainly loved the sport of hockey lived here.

“Well?” he questioned. “It’s not much, but it’s my own old space.”

“It’s so cute, babe!” you smiled, looking at a picture of a 6 year old Auston in an Arizona- at the time Phoenix- Coyotes jersey, grinning from ear to ear. “Awww! Look at this picture! You were all wittwe!”

He blushed. “That was on Christmas when I was a kid. The jersey was a present. I nearly cried.”

“That’s so cute, baby!” you smiled, kissing his cheek. You’re a softie. You try to act tough, but you’re a sofffftieeeee.”

He smiled and pulled you close and purred in your ear. “Oh I’m a softie, yeah?”

You smirked. “Yes you are, Aussie.”

“Want me to prove it?”

“Yes please.” you said before he pressed his lips to yours. Over the many many times you two had kissed, you’d come to learn how much of an incredible kisser he is. Not too forceful, but not too light. Just… perfect. His lips were always so soft. And he held you close to him. You kissed back and ran your hands through his soft, long-ish hair. You continued kissing for what felt like forever until you heard a voice call from downstairs.

“Auston! (Y/N)! Come on!” Ema’s voice called. “There’s tamales and plenty of other food! You don’t want it to get cold!”

“Coming!” Auston replied before turning back to you. “Come on, baby. Let’s get going. There’s still a lot of people who want to meet you. Plus, there is no saying no to my mom. Never.”

You grinned and pecked his lips before taking his hand once more. “Okay.”



What these “Go Back to Africa and Mexico” White Supremacists don’t realize is, if all of us, every single obviously black person left and every brown person that remained moved, nothing but white and fair skin remained. YOU AND THIS ECONOMY WOULD HAVE NOTHING AND WOULD SUFFER. Why? We make up the majority of your top beloved sports, black men are now in college more than they are incarcerated. Black women are among the highest in college attendance and career advancement. PLUS we have a great if not the greatest in buying power! You wouldn’t get to benefit from great films featuring Denzel Washington and Will Smith, the films that have helped drive the entertainment industry. And if we had left like you wanted us to in the 60’s you wouldn’t have Eminem or Michael Jackson, the 2 people you have cried over for years. And the immigrants you laugh at who don’t mind tending to our fields, if they left, agriculture would suffer! Black and other cultural influence has driven America and you feed off of the currency it brings. You wouldn’t even have Taco Bell, or any Mexican food you claim to love from the people you claim to hate. You wouldn’t be better off. If we leave, this nation suffers. The numbers don’t lie. Besides, this IS an immigrant nation, you’re not home either.
—  Karena Atkinson (If We Leave)

I made a list of things to tell you once I announced the book—things I had to keep from you while I worked away in secret. It was a strange period, largely because I was so exhausted, completely depleted by a whole set of things I couldn’t write about. Yet. And so, for the past year, I had to make do with just telling you how tired I was and hoping you wouldn’t judge me. But the whole time I kept a running tally of the delicious and bizarre little tidbits that I wanted to share with you when I finally could. Which is now.

And because everything is better with a plate of waffles and an ice cold glass of milk, I made you some very non-traditional, very delicious jalapeño cheddar waffles rancheros. Because who doesn’t want their confessional lists with a side of brunch? No-one, that’s who.

And so, without further ado, I give you:


  1. I got hives.
  2. I found out my ex—who told me he couldn’t get married for five years—got engaged.
  3. I threw out my back.

Read more and get the recipe here!

Special Instructions

For the anon who asked if I could write them some fluffy Destiel that somehow incorporated The Great Gatsby. [read on AO3]

The first time Cas sees Dean Winchester’s name it’s on the receipt for an online order. One double steak burrito with extra cheese, pinto beans and just a drizzle of hot salsa. He works almost on autopilot, scooping out the correct portion sizes and trying to keep his eyes away from the line, which nearly wraps around the drink station. It’s always stressful to work on online orders when the customers in the store are getting impatient. Cas rolls the burrito deftly and he’s about to deposit it into a bag when he notices the special instruction section of the receipt.


Cas does a double take at the words. Usually people abuse that section of the order form to ask for extra guacamole or meat because the system won’t charge them automatically. Occasionally he sees someone request light cheese or beans as a side so their burrito doesn’t get soggy, but he’s never, in his four months working here, seen someone ask for this.

He glances up again and sure enough, the line is still growing. He sees girls shifting uncomfortably in their high heels, dressed to the nines in short sequined dresses. He can actually smell the alcohol wafting off most of the people in the store and, for the millionth time, he regrets agreeing to work the Friday closing shift. He doesn’t know why he reaches for the marker, he’s way too busy to be dealing with this shit, they’re completely understaffed and the unwashed masses are murmuring unhappily but Cas sets to work anyway.

He pauses, the tip of his Sharpie just barely hovering over the foil wrapping as he contemplates what to draw. It’s a split second decision to go with the bumblebee, but he doesn’t regret it until he starts sketching it out. The curvature of the burrito makes the drawing difficult and when he’s finished he’s only pretty sure it looks like a bee, so he draws an arrow to it and helpfully writes ‘bee’, just in case there is confusion. As an afterthought he adds a little speech bubble coming from the bee that says ‘Enjoy your food!’.

Castiel glances at the name on the receipt again and finds himself wondering if Dean Winchester likes bees.

The first time Cas hears Dean’s voice, it’s just laughter. He isn’t even on the assembly line at the time but his friend Balthazar is working the cash register and calls him up from the back.

“It seems this is for you,” Balthazar hands him an online receipt with a smirk and Castiel furrows his brows in concern. They’ve got another order from Dean Winchester. It’s the same ingredients, but this time he’s ordered a burrito bowl. Cas’s eyes immediately flick to the instructions.


Cas doesn’t know why he’s fighting a smile, he knows nothing about this person. Well alright, he knows they appreciate his, ahem, artwork…if it can even be called that. And of course, he knows that Dean has nothing better to do with his Friday and Saturday nights than order almost the same food online. Then again, Cas has nothing better to do than be at work, and he’s pretty sure there’s something there about people in glass houses and stones…

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My dad said Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was too ridiculous because the song were too dumb. Why can’t he notice it’s satirical? The songs are supposed to be satirical! They’re funny! The entire series makes you laugh at some situations and then makes you realize you might have been in a similar situation.

Like have you listened to Love Kernels? You may think “she’s so dramatic if she thinks he loves her just because he gave her a compliment or just simply talks to her”. But, haven’t we all been there? Hoping that person reciprocates our feelings just because they smiled at us? Plus they used a graet metaphor and broke the 4th wall! 

Then we have songs like You Go First. I can’t count the times I’ve felt like this. You and a friend/significant other fight and you just want to apologize, but you don’t want to be the first one? This is the song you been looking for!

A song about group hangs complaining about how they’re not getting what real Mexican food is? As a Mexican who hates eating “Mexican” food whenever I go to the US I loved it!

And there’re more! A song about the reality of having big boobs, of being a second choice, of being the villain in your own story, of discovering your bisexual, and many other relatable situations!

This show has everything you want to see and people continue to ignore it because of the title or because they don’t like musical. But really, you need to watch it. The protagonist is an impulsive woman with depression and anxiety that is portrayed realistically. She’s an anti-heroin, her own villain in fact! The only canon couple is a gay man and bisexual middle-aged man who are the cutest couple you’ll see in the show! The “Ex- Boyfriend” is a Filipino guy! His current girlfriend is Latina. Two characters are have the same name and instead of call them “Josh and Filipino Josh” it’s “White Josh and Josh”.

I love this show so much. Please, please, please watch it! It’s so good! And funny! And the songs are so catchy! The first season is already on netflix! watch it!


Did you hear about the restaurant on the moon? Great food, no atmosphere.
What do you call a fake noodle? An Impasta.

How many apples grow on a tree? All of them.

Want to hear a joke about paper? Nevermind it’s tearable.

I just watched a program about beavers. It was the best dam program I’ve ever seen.

Why did the coffee file a police report? It got mugged.

How does a penguin build it’s house? Igloos it together.

Dad, did you get a haircut? No I got them all cut.

What do you call a Mexican who has lost his car? Carlos.

Dad, can you put my shoes on? No, I don’t think they’ll fit me.

Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.

Why don’t skeletons ever go trick or treating? Because they have no body to go with.

Ill call you later. Don’t call me later, call me Dad.

What do you call an elephant that doesn’t matter? An irrelephant

Want to hear a joke about construction? I’m still working on it.

What do you call cheese that isn’t yours? Nacho Cheese.

Why couldn’t the bicycle stand up by itself? It was two tired.

What did the grape do when he got stepped on? He let out a little wine.

I wouldn’t buy anything with velcro. It’s a total rip-off.

sarcastic-doodle  asked:

3 | 17 | 28 | 53 for the ask meme😃

hello there!! thanks for asking!

3. When is your birthday? October 16th (I’m feelin’ 22 this year lol)

17. Who would be your ideal partner? Oh gosh this answer is much too complex. I just aspire to have somebody who truly loves me and respects me like Benedict loves and respects Sophie. Plus, I want someone whom I can be silly with! 

28. What type of music do you like? All kinds; every kind. I am a music junkie lol! From classical to metal and all in between.

53. Favorite foreign food? hmmm I haven’t had any foreign food aside from Italian and Mexican. I really love a good fettucine alfredo though. Yum! 

Get To Know Me

katkit-42  asked:

hi can u get some fics about unplanned pregnancy? the longer the better! thank uuuu

here you are :)

Fire, Fury, and Flame by IAmAVeronica (22/22 | 124,623 | NC17)

Stiles Stilinski was never going to be the omega who got knocked up right after high school, and then he’s accidentally artificially inseminated with a stranger’s sperm.
And the father of Stiles’s baby just so happens to be Derek Hale. Half-feral, quite possibly a murderer, and pursued by a gleefully sadistic band of hunters who are only too eager to use Stiles and his baby to hit Derek right where it hurts.

You’ll Be Mine and I’ll Be Yours by tearsandholdme (18/18 | 87,383 | R)

“Oh my god!” Stiles hissed, his back colliding with the door. “Oh my god! I slept with my boss, oh my god. I’m a walking cliché!”

It was supposed to be a one night stand. No complications, no feelings, no baggage. But then a missed doctor’s appointment in his childhood comes back to haunt him and Stiles is left with a lot more than one very good night.

In Treatment by tzzzz (19/22 | 126,005 | NC17)

Derek hires Stiles, a professional alpha sex therapist, to help him through his heat.

Ignorance is Bliss by Soulmated (3/3 | 12,364 | NC17)

Turns out, getting pregnant at eighteen by a werewolf with super sperm wasn’t a joke the whole pack was in on. “Shit.”

No Vacancy by KaliopeShipsIt (4/4 | 34,964 | R)

“29-Year Old Omega (muscular/scruffy/perpetual sourface) Seeking for Alpha-Baby-Daddy. Might or might not be named Stiles”

Derek is an unusually muscular Omega with irregular heats and dumb luck.

Stiles is an unusually polite Alpha who forgets to leave his number.

Laura is a furious Alpha who wants to wear Stiles’ balls on a golden chain.

Cora is a pragmatic Alpha who composes Craigslist ads.

… aka, my first A/B/O-Fic

I’m With You Till The End by tearsandholdme (24/24 | 106,587 | R)

Stiles has a secret and a choice. Derek is the one to step in and become the salvation he never knew he needed.

Nacho Fortune by LillianDeLooney (8/8 | 17,952 | NC17)

Whoever thought it was a good idea to mix Mexican food and fortune cookies needs to be damned to the darkest place of Hell. Why, you ask?

Funny story …

Or: the one where Derek gets de-aged again, somehow gets Stiles pregnant, and they have to live with the consequences.

Into The Open Air by Acherona, trulywicked (22/22 | 99,486 | NC17)

It was a little strange moving back to Beacon Hills. His daughter becoming enchanted with his odd and very attractive neighbor didn’t really help matters. 

anonymous asked:

You know I never picked up that scott was supposed to be queer. The closest thing that came to scott being possibly queer for me was the way he talked to Isaac sometimes. He was very sweet and caring and there was something there but I kind of just wrote it off as a very close friendship and him just being protective of his friends. I feel like the writers didn't do a good job of hinting that scott was bi or maybe they were just queerbaiting? However it's more obvious that queer stiles is canon

A lot of the examples that are used to “prove” that queer!Stiles is canon (which it isn’t, explicitly, and saying it is gives TW way more credit than it is due) are also examples that queer!Scott could be canon. Just because Stiles is sexually aggressive and Scott isn’t, doesn’t mean that Scott couldn’t be queer. Especially since he has a loud, attention-hungry, aggressive best friend that gets jealous at the drop of a hat and tends to make sexuality a joke. There are lots of little indicators spread throughout the series that Scott might not be straight. 

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May 2000, we went through the desert with a dream to get to USA and to make some money. After four days we understood that we were lost. We had no food, no water. We felt that death was near. We started to pray to the Virgin of Guadalupe to save us from dying like dogs, far away from our beautiful and beloved Mexico. We read Our Father and went to sleep. We were saved by some peasants who took us to Nogales, where the border is. We had no money, but we were alive. May you be blessed, Virgin! And to other Mexicans I want to say this: think before you go across the border because there is nothing better than our Mexico. Two chilangos are telling you.

"I deserve free food!"

Every day we get this one customer who just comes in to complain and demands free food everytime. This is a list of his complaints;

- My fresh fries are too hot, I should get them free!
- My small non-salt fries don’t have salt, I should get a free large!
- My cheeseburger with no cheese was wrapped in hamburger wrapping, I deserve a free more expensive burger now!
-My food is cold! Give me my money back!
(After he left for 30 minutes to get high in the bathroom)

- I don’t want to hear Mexicans speaking Spanish while they’re on their break! I should get my food free now, I was so upset!
(I don’t know Spanish, I was talking to someone in Korean)

The list goes on. He has been rude to every staff member and put us on video threatening us, which he posted in Facebook. He has cussed us out in Spanish while claiming we are racist because “They only know Spanish!”, which is ironic because I’m only fluent in English and a novice in Korean… He has called me an “Ugly fat *female dog*,” multiple times to the point my GM had a talk with him and asked him to stop disrespecting her staff. He decided to call cooperate and complain about the meeting and said “The meeting ruined my day, I deserve something free now!,” Some people just can’t be pleased.