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BRYAN! I met this guy and we have an 11 year age gap (I'm 18 he's 29). At first, everything was great, he was so good to me, we had great chemistry and great sex. But recently, things have begun to change. He's really rough with me and he says it's cause it turns him on, I've already told him I don't like it but he won't stop. I told him I wanted a break (but I really just want to leave) and he lost his shit and threatened to hurt me and expose my sex life to my family. Idk what to do.

Tell your family or try to get a restraining order filed against him. That individual sounds very toxic & abusive! I’m so sorry that you have to deal with such selfish backlash from someone who you once cared for. Please be safe & don’t stay silent. 💓

Haunted House - Steve Rogers

Requested by anonymous. Part of the Autumn Fic Meme.

“What is the Haunted Garden and why won’t Tony stop talking about it?”

“What the hell did you just say?”

“Language, Y/N.”

“Sorry. What the heck did you just say?” you asked, smiling up at him.

“The Haunted Garden? Tony was talking about it.”

“Wait seriously? What did he say?”

“I don’t know. I don’t even know what the Haunted Garden is.”

“It’s a haunted house. The coolest haunted house in New York. People literally wait in line hours before it opens to get in.”


“Because it’s the coolest fu-” You stopped when Steve looked at you. “It’s the coolest freaking haunted house ever.”

“So let’s go,” Steve said.

“Do you want to wait in line for hours before it opens? It’s practically impossible to get in. There’s no way we could get in.”

“No, but maybe Tony can get us in,” Steve said. You smiled at him and took his hand, leading him to the lab.

“Tony!” you said, walking into the lab.

“What?” Tony said, barely looking up from his work.

“Can you do get us into the Haunted Garden?”

“It’s a haunted house not a nightclub, you don’t have to have someone ‘get’ you in.”

“You know how difficult it is to get in. Can’t you pull a few strings for me?”

“What? Are you gonna take Cap?”

“I was planning to, yes.”

“But Cap doesn’t know how to have fun.”

“Hey!” Steve said.

“I don’t know,” you said, walking around Steve and Tony, touching Steve’s arm lightly. “I’ve had some pretty fun times with him,” you said with a smirk.

“Gross, Y/N.”

“Can you do it or not?”



“Y/N!” Steve scolded.

“Screw you, Tony,” you said, storming out of the lab.

“Are you sure there’s nothing you can do?” Steve asked.

“Are you asking for a favor?” Tony said with a smile.

“Perhaps. Can you get us in?”

“Fine. I’ll get you in, but you’ll owe me, Cap.”

“Fine, whatever it takes to get us in.”

“I’ll do what I can. You and Y/N will have an enjoyable adventure at the Haunted Garden. Hopefully not too enjoyable.”

“Thanks, Tony.”

“Yup, now go break the news to Y/N.”

“No need,” you said, running in and hugging Steve, wrapping your arms and legs around him. “Thanks, Tony.”

“No problem, now stop being gross in my lab and get out.”


“Are you excited?” you asked.

“Probably not as excited as you are,” Steve said, smiling down at you.

“Are you scared?”

“No, I just don’t know what to expect.”

“Well if you get scared you can always grab my hand,” you said, smiling at him before kissing him. 

You walked into the haunted house hand in hand. You walked into the first room, which consisted of a a mostly sparse room except the large pond. There was a thick fog surrounding the room and very dim lighting.

“It’s dark in here.”

“That’s kind of the point, babe,” you said.

“I can’t even see where I’m going.”

“Also the point,” you said, taking a step on the bridge across the pond. You walked slowly across the bridge, holding Steve’s hand until you let out a gasp as something grabbed your leg.

“What the hell?” Steve asked as something grabbed his leg as well.

“Language,” you said with a smirk. “Oh my gosh,” you said, taking off running as something else grabbed your arm and a tickle went down your spine. 

“Y/N, wait,” Steve called.

“Sorry,” you said, pausing at the entrance to the next room.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, just a little scared.”

“Do you wanna leave?”

“Of course not, I’m having fun,” you said, taking his hand again. Steve opened the door to the next room and you let out another gasp. The entire room was covered with dolls. Small ones, large ones, ones that were bigger than you with eyes that followed you.

“Oh my god,” Steve said, taking in the dark room.

“Did I ever tell you that I have a fear of creepy ass dolls,” you whispered.

“Language,” Steve said with a smile. “But don’t worry. You can just stay close to me if you get scared,” Steve said, pulling you a little bit closer. You began walking slowly through the room, both of you peering around to make sure the dolls weren’t following you. 

“I swear that one just moved,” you said.

“Let’s just hurry up and get out of this room,” he said taking your hand. He rushed you out of the room, ignoring the small doll hands reaching out for the both of you, and the slight turning of their creepy little heads. You got out of the room and paused in the hallway.

“I understand why people wait in line for hours, this place is terrifying.”

“How is this fun?”

“Are you scared?”

“No, but I’m definitely not having fun.”

“Oh come on,” you said, leading him into a circus themed room. You began walking slowly when a clown jumped out at you. You jumped back startled, as Steve sprung forward, punching the clown in the face. 

“What the hell man?” the clown said, clutching his face. 

“Sorry, just kind of force of habit,” Steve said, helping the guy up. 

“What’s going on here?” a man asked, coming into the now lit up room. 

“It’s nothing,” you said, standing by Steve.

“That guy just punched me,” the clown actor said. 

“He attacked my girlfriend.”

“He’s suppose to.”

“It’s fine really,” you said, stepping in. “Nobody got seriously hurt.”

“I think I’m bleeding,” the clown said, holding his nose.

“Of course you’re bleeding, you just got punched by Captain fucking America,” you said.

“Y/N, oh my god,” Steve said.

“I’m gonna have to ask you two to leave. No matter who you are,” the manager said.

“Seriously?” Steve said.

“It’s fine, Steve,” you said, clutching his arm. 

“No it’s not, you wanted to come here.”

“And we did, and it’s fine. Let’s go before we cause anymore trouble.”


“Steve, please.”

“Fine,” he said, taking your hand and following you out of the haunted house.


“Wait, you’re the reason you got kicked out of the haunted house?” Tony asked in shock.

“Yes,” Steve said, crossing his arms.

“You punched the clown?” Tony asked, laughing.

“Yes, Tony.”

“And now the dude’s filing a restraining order?”

“Yes, Tony,” Steve said, becoming aggravated. 

“That’s brilliant,” Tony said.

“Well I thought it was very sweet and romantic,” you said, kissing Steve’s cheek. “Thank you.”

“Of course,” Steve said with a small smile.

“You’re being gross again, I’m gonna go,” Tony said.

“Good, cause things are about to get grosser,” you said with a smirk.

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Ok I want to hear more about chasing the drunk girl and the girl with a stalker. You have had an interesting first semester.

I posted that one above this. Now about the stalker. 

#18: met a girl who has a stalker (400+ messages were sent to her in two months and she never responded) 

One of the girls in my hall has a stalker who’d been following her for months. She’s a pretty relaxed person and only went to the police when he started waiting outside her car at work and stuff. She filed a restraining order but he get’s burner phones and texts her every single day. When she went to the cops, they said he was able to make it seem that she was messaging and calling herself. He’s quite scary, I’ve read all of the messages. 

The restraining order file is missing and the cops say they have no record of it. We are trying to get her to change her number and file a report on campus because he literally thinks she is in love with him. He’s tried to tell her they had sex and all this shit when nothing is true. Quite scary.

Well, first of all, I want to apologize for my broken English because i’m not native speaker, so it maybe harder to understand but I’ll try my best. 

So, now and since this nasty news came out, Amber supporters always put their ‘victim-blaming’ card on the table. The Daily Beast also wrote an article about ‘victim-blaming’, and even her bff, iO Tillette Wright wrote on her article defending Amber that everyone who questions her accusation supports a victim-blaming culture in our society. But the thing is iO has never saw him abusing her. Not once. He claimed that he saw aftermaths and heard it on the phone, but he has never ever seen Johnny beating Amber.

And the most important thing is Johnny still doesn’t have his day in court. And there’s still no conviction that he’s an abuser. So for now, Amber is just an ALLEGED victim.

What’s the real meaning of ‘victim-blaming’ ?

Here :

“a devaluing act where the victim of a crime, an accident, or any type of abusive maltreatment is held as wholly or partially responsible for the wrongful conduct committed against them.”

So we can use the word victim-blaming when there was a conviction that he DID abuse her. And someone say ‘she’s so stupid for not leaving him’, That’s the REAL victim-blaming situation.

But what the majority of people are doing for now is QUESTIONING HER ACCUSITION which they have ALL THE RIGHTS to do it.

Amber’s supporters always said that their hero has proofs and witnesses and all. But what she really has are :

1. the pictures of the aftermaths : The pictures itself can’t prove anything. It needs a doctor to investigate it, and confirm that the bruise match the incident that she describes or not.

2. the text that she claimed it is a conversation between Stephen Deuters who is Johnny’s assistant and her. : Even though People Mag published an article that it was verified by the tech expert that it’s authentic, he still didn’t comfirm that it’s from Stephen. He didn’t even confirm that THE TEXT itself are authentic. He wrote that the PHOTOS and the BACK-UPS are authentic. If he’s so sure that the text is authentic, why didn’t he wrote that THE TEXT is authentic ? simple as that. Why did he need to avoid referring to the text ?

3. Witnesses : I don’t know how many people will be her witnesses in the court. But for now, I know that she has Raquel and iO as her witnesses. However, they are not the reliable witnesses. iO only heard it from the phone, and saw the aftermath of the incident in December, but no, he has never seen Johnny abusing Amber. For Raquel, if you read the court document, you will realize that some of her story didn’t even match with Amber. (She claimed that she saw Amber sat on the couch, hiding her face with her arms and Johnny was ONLY


at Amber. So she ran in between Johnny and Amber and tried to peotect her from him. However, Amber claimed that when Raquel arrived, she escaped Johnny to another side of the room, so Raquel came in between Johnny and her. Then, she ran back to sit at the couch again. Another question is if she really feared for her life, why didn’t she escape from the room ? Why did she run back to the couch ?)

The only UNBIASED party here is the LAPD officers who said that they saw NO EVIDENCES of her being abused. NO BRUISE. NO WOUNDS. NOTHING.

4. the so-called video : she said she has it, but

we haven’t seen it so far.

Some feminists said that women can’t lie when it comes to Domestic Violent issue. But what about Paul McCartney and Heather Mills case ? It turned out that she was lying. She also said that she has a voice record of him apologizing for abusing her. But no, she didn’t have it. Anotheer case is Ray Rice and his wife. She claimed that he abused her. She also showed the video which Rice pulled her, incapable of even standing, out of the elevator. However, the CCTV in the elevator recorded her hitting him several times until he lose control of himself and punch her just ONCE. But of course, men have stronger physical force than women. So when he hit her just once in order to defending himself, it caused more damage to her than she hit him several times.

And the BIG question is why didn’t she file the police report ? Some of her supporters said that it’s normal for DV victims that they didn’t file the police report because they want to protect the ones they love even though they were abused by them. Yes, it’s normal. But there are NONE of the DV victims who instead of filing the police report, leaked their aftermath photos and leaked other accusitions through the media.

And about the spousal support, yes, she changed her mind. She doesn’t ask for her spousal support in restraining order case anymore, but she still doesn’t refuse to ask for 3 of his condos, his range rover and attorney payment. She still asks for the spousal support in the divorce case.

Another intersting thing is that Amber supporters like to bring Johnny Depp history of violence up. Like when he trashed the hotel room. However, Kate Moss was with him at that very moment, but police found her UNINJURED.

So if Amber supporters like to bring Johnny’s part to discuss in this case. I’d like to bring Amber’s history of DV towards her ex in 2009. She was arrested. No matter what Tasya tried to protect her, there were several witnesses including the cop that the incident is violent enough for her to arrest Amber. 

Winona said in her interview that abusers have patterns of abuse. And for now, there’s none of his exes claim that he was abusive towards her at all. NO ONE. They even said the same thing that they can’t even imagine him being an abuser. 

Lastly, I still believe in INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. I didn’t say that he can’t be abusive. Yes, everyone can be abusive. Everyone of us. But the only one who got arrest for DV here is Amber. And there’s still no hard proofs of him abusing her. So for now, everyone can question her accusitions or even questions his innocent, and no, it can’t be considered as ‘victim-blaming’ situation at all.

Edit to add that I will not respond to any arguments on this post because I already expressed everything I think and feel here. Read carefully before blaming me for supporting the alleged abuser. I’ve never said that she’s a gold digger or liar. Because part of me, somehow, believes that some of her claims are true. But I still believe that there’s something more to it. I still believe that it’s a toxic relationship and no one in this case is totally right or totally wrong.   

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44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.” Sasusaku please~~ ^u^

send me a number from here (x) and I’ll write you a fic
#44. “I’ll drive you to the hospital.”
note: based off a book– easy by tammara webber 

she was so mad at him. or maybe she was just mad at herself. they had only been dating for a few months and everything was fine and cheery and wonderful. but then she had to go stick her nose into his business because honestly, she wanted to know more. she wanted to know more about him, about his family, about his past, what makes him happy and what ticks him off. well, now she definitely knows what ticks him off. apparently, looking into his background was what made him madder than anything.

and frankly, he had every right to be mad at her. she wouldn’t have wanted to have him google her name online and find all the news articles pertaining to her. not that she had any. maybe that one time she won the state science fair but that was about it. she knew she should have waited until he was ready to tell her himself. but honestly, when was that going to be? she had asked him once and he had turned cold turkey as he just completely shut himself off and remained moody and quiet for the rest of the day. there was no way that she could possibly bring it up a second time without worrying that he would go completely stone cold again.  

so she found herself on the internet and with his name in the search engine. she hadn’t really expect to find anything. how many people have searched their names on the internet and only come up with useless links? so it came to her surprise when she found several pages of news articles about sasuke and his family. all of them said one thing. murder.

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