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Heal Me // Doctor!Shawn (A Soulmate AU) Part 2

(I think I’m going to do this as a three part series, so one more part to go!)

You were discharged from the hospital a day after you were brought in. Your sister was picking you up after work but she was late. So there you were, sitting in the huge lobby of Bergan Mercy Hospital with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs and read three month old magazines about celebrity gossip. You check your phone and see it’s been only five minutes since she said she was on her way out of work. Which meant she was going to be driving another half an hour before she got to you and it was nearing evening time.

“Hey!” you look up and see Shawn crossing the lobby. He looks so good. The scrubs from before were damn fine but this was something else. He was in a dark green button down, sleeves rolled up, black tailored slacks and a gorgeous very expensive looking watch. You’re pretty sure he just came from an Armani photoshoot looking like that. You look down at your old winter coat and purple t-shirt from a fundraising event and your stretchy black track pants. It was stuff your sister brought by for you to wear home.

“H-hey,” you smile and he stops just in front of you. “What’re you doing?” you ask and he squats down, fingers gliding along your cast.

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Earlier me and Claire were talking and she said I could find a reason for any two age-appropriate FE women to fall in love and I kiiiinda wanna put that to the test tbh. So send my way any pairs of FE gals that you’d like me to come up with a premise for~

As an example here’s what Claire challenged me with earlier, Isadora/Beruka: 

“Both are devoted to their lieges, but Isadora, who has long struggled with the lives she’s had to cut down, is baffled by the merciless killer that Beruka is. Yet one day she catches her spending time with some animals a la Beruka’s support with Kaze and Isadora can’t help but fuss over the cute little things, and they bond over it. Over time she learns more about Beruka’s past in the slums and comes to understand her and sympathize with her. She learns how the fact that she can have moral struggle over killing others is itself a result of the privilege of her background. And of course as Isadora starts to show her more and more care Beruka starts to become attached to her as well, and she sees Isadora also has pain and is just drawn to her. then they kiss~”

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I’m such a complicated person.... Its crazy. There are times when I’m cool with my friends but then there are times when I just want nothing to do with them. Mostly when I’m dealing through shit and i just don’t want anyone to pity me or try to be there for me. Now that I’m thinking about it I’ve always been a distant person. Never had a long friendship.... never been in a relationship. Pushed every dude that showed interest in me away. I’m okay with being alone, but sometimes I crave intimacy.

The universe is crazy. In the blink of an eye there’s an unthinkable amount of solar systems and there’s this one particular blue dot that has complex creatures on it. While they’re using telescopes to see dead stars, some fall in love and some don’t. But I’d like to think that even the people who don’t admit it, everyone is afraid of dying alone. Like seriously, who wants to die alone? Having no one to hold your hand? No one to say I love you, even if we’ve been through some shit together… life, life is crazy. It’s okay if you are. Hell, if you were or looked normal, I’d like to think that something fishy is going on. We’re all crazy in our own little one. It’s just up to you if you let people in to accept your crazy.

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If you actually did want to know something technical or something behind the scenes regarding the filming of Outlander, what would you want to know?

I would love to be a fly on the wall of the writer’s room. As someone who loves to write, I’d be fascinated to see the different methods they employ, especially in a collaborative environment, and how they truly interpret, translate, and either use or discard the source material. Every writing team has to put an episode to bed feeling it’s cohesive and complete storytelling, but I don’t think there’s a show that exists that hasn’t had their WTF moments. It would be interesting to know the thought process behind things that fall flat or are not well-received by the audience.

Edited to add: I’d also like to see if their process is anything like mine.

Coffee. Write. Write. Backspace. Coffee. Write. Backspace. Stare into the fridge willing good snacks to appear. Write. Write. Coffee. Write. Backspace the terrible spelling that comes with twitchy typing borne of three cups of coffee. Snacks. Write. Wander off to think about shit. Coffee. Backspace. Try and make toast. Write. Write. Write. Write. Backspace. Write. Realize the cold, hard bread is still in the toaster. Write. 

the truth

the truth is im tired and the truth is youre tired too and the truth is im broken and the truth is you didn’t break me. i broke myself with nights of screaming into my pillow and crying on the bare tile of my shower until there was nothing left. i broke myself with nights of no sleeping and days of no thinking. i let myself fall so far for you i wasnt able to make myself drag myself back up. and it wasnt you it was me who tore my heart. i fed it tears and cut it with a knife until it lay there limply empty. and i know this but i cant help but blame you and i cant help but hate myself for it. and i know i feel caged and i know i should want to fly away but i know i dont. i crave the pain i stick to myself. i love the rhythm of my empty life and everyday i need the grounding that comes with the pain and the tears. and youre a closed door and i cant find the fucking key and im a broken window with no glass left to block unforced entry and i want everyone to step over me and give me attention and i tell myself i hate the whispers and the looks but just it keeps me going. and i cant stop writing thinking it will take the hurt part of me away but it only pokes at it but i love the words and i love the waves and the wind that comes with the words and feelings and the blood. i say my life is a tragedy but im the tragedy and im the one killing myself and im the one ruining myself. and the truth i cant stop myself. 

“// TdW


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My wallpaper (look! You get to see G and his half Irish face for the first time!) - a picture we took at Niagara Falls. Last song - for writing. And my face AND my boy. He kind of sunk into the couch and didn’t know what to do hahaha.

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brazenbells replied to your post: okay but how the fuck does Celebrían qualify as a…

In my experience, it’s because she’s a named female character married to a dude people want to slash. I don’t see it as much in Silm fandom, but back when I was in LOTR fandom every. single. fic had her as a terrible person who had never loved Elrond and abandoned her children, or else who had made Elrond fall in love with her using her womanly wiles and then dropped him at the first sign of trouble (b/c she just needed to be “stronger”, you know)

I’d completely forgotten about that tendency because (thank God) nobody does that anymore in my circles of influence (this is why I left the LotR fandom behind)

thank you for refreshing my memory, except now I’m reminded of how much I hate slash-fiction-written-for-straight-girls

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how and where do you think jaehyun would meet his future girlfriend?

Interesting question…to be honest, I think that Jaehyun would fall in love with a woman who is pretty successful in her field. I find him to be the type to be very attracted to powerful women in the sense that they know what they want and they won’t hesitate to get it- thus becoming very successful. It’s important to keep in mind that people can meet their soulmates in millions, trillions of ways, so it’s hard to say one way in which jjh would meet his.

With that being said, I think there are two ways jjh would meet his future girlfriend that stand out to me. 

He would most likely meet his s/o through his friends friends, perhaps at a party or get-together. Someone who is confident with where she is in life yet young enough to still thirst for new experiences. 

He would also most likely meet his s/o through the multiple variety shows/radio gigs he participates in- someone who he sees often and unknowingly but surely falls in love with.

This actually was really hard for me and it’s totally MY OWN OPINIONS, so please take everything I just said with a grain of salt. Ultimately, jjh would fall in love with the person he’s destined to be with. <3

Thanks anon~

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i hate what ollie did. after everything happened, i cried for 'sarah' and posted about my own experience. i am a victim. i am a survivor. i relived my experience to make sure 'sarah' was never silent again, and then it's all???? fake???? i'm not sure how i feel :\\\

Be strong. Be endlessly strong because that’s what makes people like Ollie - people who want to cause harm to fall to their knees. I’m sorry for your experience and I hope the best for you. Much love xo

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So I was listening to Siamese Dream earlier on and I can't stop thinking about how Luna from that album would be you and Dyl's song. Could you possibly write a little something about that? Thank you so much! <3

so i’d never actually listened to the song before this but it really is beautiful!

-who decides who’s crazy? who rights wrongs where others cling?-

You weren’t all that sure you’d like him when you first met him. He was quiet, but the awkward quiet, the does-he-just-hate-me quiet. He was a little eccentric too, and seemed more than happy to keep to himself. It took you three months to accept that a lot of your preconceived notions of him were false, and let yourself fall in love.

-i’ll sing for you/if you want me to-

You learned quickly that he was incredibly selfless when it came to you. He’d let the world fall on his shoulders so long as no blood landed on you. You wondered privately how you had ever doubted him, how you hadn’t seen the loving, gentle man behind the defensive mask.

-i go along to be with you-

He was your constant companion, the shoulder you cried on during the blue periods, the ray of happiness and pride when all was yellow. He didn’t like to be alone for long, for a lot of reasons, but that suited you just fine. It didn’t take a genius to realize he never wanted to let you go, but that was just fine with you.

-and it’s a chance i’ll have to take/and it’s a chance i’ll have to break-

Sometimes it got rough. Sometimes he shut down on himself, retreated back into the shell of a man he was before he met you. It was to be expected, you supposed, so you were there, always there, to welcome him back with a steady hand and loving arms.

-i’m in love with you/so in love-

He perked up from his slouch besides you, the first sign of life all prom night. Dylan held out his hand to you; “c’mon, beautiful, they’re playing our song”, and you danced the night away to the fading strands of luna.


We don’t much remember that Freyr, the Norse god of harvest, also had the unique property that women couldn’t be harmed near him. Not because he would attack those who wanted them harm, but because it was like a magic shield was put on them. Weapons would literally break on impact with women’s skin if he was around.

Gerd is the only jotun woman romantically involved with the gods who is consistently depicted as big, and often fat. That’s because in the story about Freyr falling in love with her he especially admires her “big, white arms”. It also makes sense that a god of harvest and plenty would love a woman embodying that.
Freyr, his sister Freya and their father Njord (who also married a jotun btw) are all gods of fertility in each their own way, so I like to depict them as overweight too, though not as big as Gerd.

I also like depicting Freyr as something of a classic romantic hero because of how hopelessly and dramatically he falls in love with Gerd. He longs for her and cries when he thinks he can’t be with her, and gets depressed because he has to wait a whole week to meet her in person. Also, the reason why he doesn’t have a sword is because he gave it to Gerd as a present.

And Gerd is a tough lady. Freyr’s servant threaten her with death (without Freyr knowing) and she doesn’t give a shit. He had to threatened her with bad luck for the rest of her life before she agreed to meet Freyr.

Her father is the sea jotun Ægir which is why I tend to give her a sea inspired look.


Fall Out Boy Creations Challenge  |  s0fthearts
Theme: Favorite Song

B o y c o t t   l o v e
Detox just to retox

i want a film about two black girls falling in love so bad and i want that film to become popular and get the praise it deserves it’s really upsetting knowing there’s barely any films about black girls who aren’t straight

I adore the duality of Tony Stark. Not the secret identity thing, but this idea, one that you get to see more of in the comics than the films (though IM1 did this a lot): the idea that there’s this aloof, cold businessman who puts on perfectly-tailored suits and snarks his way through a room and destroys opponents without a thought using an offhand quip, and resorts to pragmatism when nobody else will, and wears his playboy persona on his sleeve, and knows all the easiest ways to blow up a person or a world, and has a bit of a god complex, and used to be called the Merchant of Death -

- but he’s also the guy who wanders around like a zombie before the first coffee of the day, and works with his hands, and spends his time with mad-scientist hair and wearing scruffy vests covered in oil because he got caught up in his hard work and his passion for creation. He’s the guy who will do anything for his friends and makes silly jokes over breakfast and wholeheartedly, dorkily loves the Avengers, from the concept of it to the people in it. He falls hard for the people he loves, and is incredibly lonely. He’s the guy who goes to orphanages and holds babies when he can’t sleep, and adores kids. He’s the guy who cries easily, never thinks he’s doing enough, struggles with alcoholism and chronic illnesses, and desperately doesn’t want to be his father, no matter how much the media pins the opposite on him. He loves the world and the people in it, even when he kind of hates them, and is constantly working to make things better. He remembers his employees’ names and asks after their families. He tries to see the good in people and goes for rehabilitative over punitive justice wherever possible, even when it comes to villains who have actively tried to kill him. He’s known for how much he cares, exhaustingly, about everything. He’s the man who honestly has a good heart and is constantly trying to reach out, and often gets laughed at for his idealism. He’s a man who’s so often in pain, but tries to use it to improve the world rather than letting it destroy him.

Sure, I like his ruthlessness and some of his coolness, but I also love the guy who unironically adores classic Star Trek and makes absentminded Dune and Arthurian references and thinks equations are cool; who makes mental notes of his friends’ favourite breakfasts and takes young heroes under his wing and is semi-jokingly horrified when one doesn’t have a file system. Who goes “but why does that do that?” and wants to take everything apart and fix it so it can help people, and honest to god believes in a better future. 

(The movies are subtler about that side of him, but it’s still there. I mean, as a little thing, I’m always grateful they let RDJ put some of his own love of classic and sometimes silly rock into Tony Stark. Not just because I share that music taste, but I always like characters who are nerdy and wholehearted about at least something. But the bigger stuff, too: the between-the-lines moments: the naming his bots, the “here, have my whole R&D lab/my company/my home/my heart if you want it, why do you look so surprised?” That’s all straight from the comics. It’s just done slightly more snarkily and with a slightly shorter, brown-eyed Tony rather than a tall, blue-eyed one.)

But it’s still a very bad idea to piss him off.

He’s both. I love that he’s both.

you left anyway. i wasn’t into you at the beginning. you know that. but eventually you made me look at you with new eyes. and i fell. i was so young and innocent, my heart was big and my soul was pure. you touched me with dirty hands like i was just another victim. how could you do that for someone who would die for you? how could you change my mind about how life is beautiful and leave with no remorse? you made me fall just so you could break another heart. you were never intentioned to stay but you made me believe i was the one you wanted to spend your life with. and i did. i believed in you. i believed in every single word that came out of your mouth. i didn’t know people could lie so easily without feeling guilty. but i know now. and i honestly hope you really fall in love for once. and i hope they break your heart in one million pieces so you can never put it together. i hope you lose your purpose in life and never find it again. you turned me into this heartless monster and i want you to suffer like i did. because you didn’t care. you left anyway.
Dear whom ever it may concern,

You’re amazing. I know this for a fact. You may not have been looking for this post, but here it is, making sure you know that you matter, at least to me. Days get tough, but you are amazing. You always have been and always will be. Have a nice day you wonderful, wonderful person.

The whole story - A theory

Alright, everyone. Here’s my take on what I think happened, chronologically…


Mark and Selene fall in love and are married. Colonel and Selene have an affair, and Mark gets suspicious and hires Detective, who finds out what’s going on. Selene eventually leaves Mark for Colonel, but Mark wants to “remain friends” in order to exact revenge. Mark becomes a celebrity.

Proof of affair (it’s not much, but I feel it adds to the story): 

Mark begins to dabble in the occult as part of his revenge plan. He buys this new mansion. By this time, he is deep into some dark shit, which is why Selene has always had a bad feeling about the house. Darkiplier is forming.

The Party

Mark’s plan for revenge is complete. He invites everyone to the party. He invites the Colonel because, revenge. He invites Damien because they’re close friends and he’d be easier to possess, he invites the Detective so that the Colonel will be blamed for the murder, and he invites us because we are spiritually attuned. (Not super confident on the “us” reason.)

So, everyone arrives and is partying it up. However, the butler is serving spiked drinks, either at Mark’s command or, more likely, without knowing they’ve been spiked.. I mean, we take one sip, trip BALLS, forget 99% of the night, and pass out. Seemingly so does everyone else. Additionally, whatever is in these drinks causes violent tendencies and anger - we flip people off, Colonel brings out his gun, the Detective straight-up punches us. I’m guessing some of the drinks have Ketamine, PCP, or something similar. During this time where everyone is out of it, Mark lures the Colonel elsewhere, and uses the drug’s effects to provoke the Colonel into killing him. The Colonel remembers nothing, or hopes it was all a bad dream. Mark possesses Damien.

Violence/anger collage:

Note: it is possible that Mark simply killed himself in a sacrifice, but that’s less fun.

The Day After

We find Mark’s body (it falling was either Mark fucking with us, or just a cool video choice), and Damien(Mark) sees that Colonel isn’t around. He goes to see if Colonel is upset, and finds that the Colonel doesn’t even care that Mark is dead. This gravely upsets Damien(Mark), but he plays it cool and plays his character well. He allows everyone to shift blame around, all the while knowing that the Detective will finger the Colonel as the murderer.

However, Mark knows that getting revenge on only one half of the cheating duo isn’t enough. He needs full revenge. He knows that the Colonel would tell Selene where he was that night, and that she’d show up eventually when he didn’t return home. However, Mark was not expecting Selene to be in-tune with the occult, thus Damien(Mark)’s exclamation, “I just didn’t think that you were the type to become mixed up in all this.” Fortunately for Mark, her powers aren’t too powerful. Mark is able to manipulate the seance in order to get everyone outside and away from Selene. Although Selene isn’t fond of Damien (“I don’t need help, especially from you,” presumably because he took Mark’s side during the affair), Damien(Mark) stays behind, preparing revenge.

Damien(Mark) attempts to kill/possess Selene, but her practice with the occult causes things to go awry. Instead of things being easy, like Damien, Selene fights back, and we see the flashes of lights and Selene’s torn apparition. George closes the door, but Selene is killed and her body is destroyed in Mark’s attempt, as is Damien’s. 

Sensing his plan is going awry, Mark then attempts to possess you. He is mildly successful but is unable to complete a full possession. Mark, not fully grasping us, leads us to the room that points to the Colonel being guilty, allowing the Colonel to find us there. This results in a scuffle that Mark hopes results in our death, and it does. As we die, we hear a deep voice say “It’s me.”

At this point, Selene and Damien are no more. Darkiplier is using visions of people we trusted in order to manipulate us. Selene is red. Damien is blue. But who is in the middle, grey? Mark’s body. Mark. “Let me in.” “You have a choice here,” but being given no choice. We are being manipulated. This is Darkiplier. Our body is then brought back, driving the Colonel mad, and our mind/soul is left behind.