who wants to buy me x

Marry me

I wanted to make the engagement process :D It’s so adorable and beautiful to me <3

He didn’t notice, did he…?

It’ll be my first time buying a ring…

Sajou buying a ring…

we should’ve looked like a guy who has a boyfriend and his friend, shouldn’t we?

Kusakabe buying a ring…

I’m sure he’ll be happy. 


Want to see my OTP marry <3

Dating Jim Moriarty would involve...

Main masterlist: X

Tag list: X

·       Him getting jealous easily

·       Him being extremely protective over you

·       Him getting you anything you want

·       “You don’t have to buy me anything”

·       “Who says I’m going to buy it”

·       Him threatening, or injuring anyone who dares to flirt with you

·       Him making sure you are always protected

·       “How did I manage this?”

·       “Manage what?”

·       “How did I make the worlds dangerous criminal fall in love with me”

·       Him dropping everything if you need him

·       “Sir, you’re needed”

·       “I’m busy”

·       “It’s Y/N”

·       “Cancel everything”

·       Jealous sex

·       Rough sex

·       Passionate sex

·       Just any type of sex to be honest

·       Being his partner in crime


¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I thought I’d make one to make it easier for everyone, myself included. I’ll keep it updated as things come in!!

also you can still request things! please do!! 

[ rules  - updated! please read! ] [ ** = my favorites ] 

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[ headcanons / scenarios ] [+ : v, saeran, or vanderwood. ++ : v and saeran. +++ : all ]

[ aus both with and w/o mc ]

[ rfa+ etc. - where stuff doesn’t quite fit in anything else ]

[ polyship hq aka jaehee x mc x zen stuff ]

[ ‘x mc’ stuff ] 



  • soulmate au [what you write on your skin shows on your soulmate’s]
  • mc sending her home cooked meals because she doesn’t eat well



707 / saeyoung

v / jihyun


  • mc (and saeyoung!) get him ten tubs of ice cream for his birthday


  • x mc who’s a tease

[ drabbles ]

Okay so, it’s clear that we all have our own opinions about who should be with who on the show and who should end up as endgame. 

I don’t really mind who any off them end up with, but in particular i don’t mind who Jughead ends up with. However these thing i do care about! 

1 - He MUST be happy 

2 - His partner (whoever that is) must treat him with respect and not forces him to do anything he is not comfortable with 

3 - He is used to spending time on his own and his partner will need to respect that, sometimes he just needs a burger and time to write.  

4 - They gotta love him for him, they can’t try and change him, they can’t expect him to suddenly be a completely different person just because he’s in a relationship. What ever happens he is still gonna be Jughead.

5 - Gotta buy him food, thats a given 

In summary i personal don’t mind who he is with as long as he is happy and healthy, may that be with Betty or Archie or no one at all! I know everyones has there own opinions on this and i would love to hear them. Jughead is my favorite character (there are parts of him that remind me of myself) and i just want him and all the other fabulous characters to be happy and healthy! 

Chocobro Scenarios

So a cute little idea I thought up the other night, and I thought I would write up. It got me thinking to all the different kinds of reactions people would have in this situation. But we know we can always trust in the Chocobros to support their s/o in whatever crazy plans they drag them into.

SFW with suggestive themes

Chocobros x Reader (Gender Neutral)

The Chocobros take a trip to the lingerie store with their s/o.


  • Noctis had a rare free day to himself and his s/o asked if they could do a little shopping in the morning. Promising that they would be back by afternoon to relax for the rest of the day, and that they could even take a nap.
  • Excited about the prospect of spending time with his s/o, making them happy and getting what he wanted was a definite okay in his book. So he agreed.
  • It wasn’t his favorite thing to do, but he knew they enjoyed it, and he would never admit it. But he enjoyed spending time out in public with them, because he was able to show off what an amazing s/o he has.
  • They went into a few stores, just browsing mindlessly before his s/o decided it was time to go into the store that they had set their mind on even before the trip.
  • “Hey Noct, I want you to help me pick out a new outfit. You can pick whatever you like, okay?”
  • He gave a nod in reply and let them take his hand and bring him into a store he had never been in, or really noticed, that was across the street.
  • Walking in, he immediately knew what his s/o had dragged him into, and his face went beat red.
  • He tried to make an excuse of why he had to leave, but they weren’t having it.
  • “I thought you might like to pick something out for me to wear. Whatever you like. Just for you to see.” They say with a wink and a smirk.
  • Noctis takes a deep breath before pushing away his embarrassment and deciding it was an offer he quite liked. So he marched further into the store with confidence and started looking around.
  • Once finding something, he walked back over to them as they ideally browsed, and handed them a lacy blue and black set, complete with a corset and matching panties, along with a garter belt and black thigh highs.
  • His s/o nodded their approval before taking it in hand and going to the register to buy it.
  • Noctis followed along quietly and stood behind them, before the cashier made a comment to the prince and he took their hand as soon as they were done and took their bag, walking as fast as he could before making it outside.
  • Walking away from the store, his s/o looked up at him with a smile. “Sorry for dragging you in there, but I thought you might like to pick something you wanted out.”
  • “It’s okay, you’ll just have to make it up to me tonight.” He said with a light smirk, leading them back in the direction of their shared apartment.


  • Ignis needed to go out to the shops and get a few things, and his s/o decided to accompany him.
  • Going through some food stalls and in and out of shops for possible potions and materials the prince or their group may need, his s/o followed behind patiently. Making idle conversation as they walked alongside him.
  • Noticing they would pass by a certain shop that peaked their interest, a small smile came to their face before turning to Ignis as he glanced at some fruit in front of a shop.
  • They grab his hand to get his attention before he turns to them with a quizzical look.
  • “Can we pop into that store over there? There’s something I think we may need to get.”
  • He looks up to the shop that they pointed to, not having remembered been there before, but not seeing any harm to take a look, especially if his s/o showed an interest. “Of course, let’s go have a check inside then.”
  • They lead him to the store and walk inside. He is quickly aware of what kind of shop it is as he looks around at all the intimate attire.
  • He just chuckled to himself as he looks at his s/o, who has a smirk on their face, knowing exactly what they would be bringing him into.
  • “I thought it may be a good idea to take a peek in here, see if there was anything you may like that I could get for you.” They say with a knowing look in their eyes.
  • “I think you made a very fine choice. I think I’ll go do just that.” He says before walking with them through the store, taking things from their place on the pegs. Holding things up next to them to see how it may look, checking for good colors and sizes. Taking this opportunity to pick something he knew would be perfect for them.
  • Finally deciding on an ensemble, one which was a matching red set with silk bra and panties, along with a little silk and transparent robe to go on top.
  • Happy with his pick, he went to buy his selection for his s/o, insisting on paying for it himself. Before it was put in a bag and handed back off to him.
  • Exiting the shop, he heads back in the direction to their apartment.
  • “Are we heading back? I didn’t think you were done shopping.”
    “It seems I have more important things to attend to back home. I’d like to sort and look at the purchases we made before I assess what else I may need to buy.”
  • His s/o was just happy Iggy was as excited as them to try on their newly bought articles. He was bound to love it. And it made them even more excited to think Ignis planned to purchase more of the kind, in the future.


  • Having gone out on a lunch date with his s/o, they were wandering around the town, just browsing the surrounding shops.
  • Prompto seeing a thing or two, or a store that they would check in to see what they may have to offer.
  • Before he asked his s/o if there was any store they had wanted to look into.
  • They had just the idea.
  • It was a little bit of a distance, but since it was a nice day out, and Prompto loved spending time with his s/o just walking around and talking with no plans to be had, he didn’t mind.
  • They walked up to a shop that had no indication to what it might be, but as far as Prompto could tell, it was a clothing store.
  • But he didn’t mind either way, happy to go wherever his s/o wanted to go.
    Hand in hand, they led him into the shop.
  • It was instant realization as soon as they walked in the door exactly what kind of store it was. And it was just as instant the Promptos freckled cheeks lit up in a deep blush.
  • Standing stock still, his s/o had to convince him to walk further into the store with him, but he was so nervous he found it hard to do anything but stay still.
  • “Pick out anything you want, I want to wear whatever will make you happy, whatever you would enjoy the most. And I’ll buy it. This is all for you.”
  • He needed a minute to collect his thoughts that immediately went to a less innocent mindset, before he nodded slightly and bravely walked further in the store.
  • It took some prompting, but he eventually wasn’t so embarrassed as he saw other couples probably with similar intentions as his s/o’s.
  • And after some thought, he had decided on an outfit that he thought would compliment them the best, and could only think about how much he wanted to see them in it.
  • Picking a forest green, lacy and transparent one piece, he paired it with a darker green short skirt and white thigh highs, before handing it to his s/o to take up to the register to purchase.
  • Although he was nervous to be there, he could only think about how amazing they would look in what he picked out for them.
  • After paying and bagging the new outfit, they head out the door. Prompto grabs their hand and starts off to home at a faster pace than their leisurely walk they had been on before.
  • “Someone in a hurry?” They say with a chuckle.
  • “Of course! So let’s hurry home.” He says with a slight blush to his cheeks again, but you weren’t gonna complain. When you surprised him with things like this, he was always easily excited to see them through.


  • Unlike most, Gladio was very straight forward and wasn’t afraid to show his attraction for his s/o, even in public.
  • So that morning they had asked if he’d like to accompany out for a little shopping, being they had a day to themselves for once.
  • Gladio shrugged, not minding the idea of strolling through town in the shops with them, he hadn’t much else planned for the day.
  • So the both go into town around noon, walking through the streets with his arm around his s/o’s waist, pointing out things of interest.
  • As they walked, his s/o noticed a little shop up ahead that they knew would be a good idea to check out again with a certain boyfriend that had accompanied them today.
  • “Hey Gladio, I thought we could go check out that shop over there.” They say, pointing to a store Gladio didn’t recognize. But he agreed nonetheless, seeing no harm in looking inside, and it was his s/o’s idea to walk around and check out shops anyways.
  • They stepped inside and as soon as Gladio got a good look around, he let out a hearty laugh before turning to you with a wide smirk that showed off his teeth.
  • “Its like you know me too well babe. How did you know I wanted to get you a new outfit?”
  • “You mumbled something the last time, the other night, so I thought we could come check out this shop, and I’d let you pick out whatever you want.” They say with a wink, motioning to the store with a wave.
  • “You’re the best.” He takes their hand and walks along, scouring through the store for possible new choices he had yet to see them in.
  • There was a large selection but in the end, he found something he had the most pull towards. A black, lace up corset with matching black panties, and fishnets that he just couldn’t say no too.
  • Knowing him well, as his s/o passed by another section, they picked up a pair of heels to before heading to check out and buy their items.
  • And once his s/o’s items were bagged, he took it for them and headed back outside into the street.
  • All the while, Gladio whispered things he would do once his s/o got back home and was able to model their purchase for him.
  • It was his s/o who grabbed his hand and walked in a fast pace to get back to their apartment.
  • “If you end up ruining this new outfit like the last, you’re buying me two new pairs.”
  • “Well you better start deciding what you want when we go back there again in the next few days babe. Because you know I won’t hold back.”
  • There was no objection from his s/o as they hurried home.



🌸Sexy Zone, revealing things about each other🌸

Profile questions:

Q1. Birth date
Q2. Birth place
Q3. Something I’m addicted to right now
Q4. Something I bought recently
Q5. Something I’d like to do this spring
Q6. My favourite quote
Q7. My character within the group

Matsushima Sou:

A1. 97/11/27
A2. Shizuoka
A3. Watching dramas
A4. Many concert DVDs so I can learn from their performances
A5. A trip to Kyoto
A6. „Every effort will surely be rewarded“. When I was in elementary school, a teacher told me these words.
A7. The one who is easy to make fun of. I often get corrected when I do mistakes and I feel like I get teased at least once a day.

Sato Shori:

A1. 96/10/30
A2. Tokyo
A3. Dancing. Especially to hip hop music from the 90’s!
A4. A dancing outfit. I got baggy clothes.
A5. Explore other regions. I am promoting my movie and having performances in March so I’m looking forward to going to many different places.
A6. „Even if it’s raining a rainbow might appear. But if you don’t hold your head high you won’t notice the rainbow.“
A7. Making witty comments. Five years ago it was different… the other four members were the ones who made witty comments about me (laughing).

Nakajima Kento:

A1. 94/3/13
A2. Tokyo
A3. Collecting book covers. Because when I carry scripts and notes in my bag, I don’t want them to get damaged.
A4. A bag with a painting of Dali printed on it. I bought it when I went to see a Dali exhibition!
A5. Magic tricks. While being at a shooting location I want to lift up the mood.
A6. „It is never too late to be what you might have been.“ (t/n: he said that in English)
A7. A skyrocket. Someone who tends to lead exciting conversations. It always makes everyone go „Wow!“

Marius Yo:

A1. 00/3/30
A2. Heidelberg (Germany)
A3. Going back to sleep after waking up. I set my alarm clock two hours before I need to wake up on purpose, so I can go back to sleep one more time. It feels good so I recommend it (laughing).
A4. Face lotion. I use three different types during the day.
A5. Hanami.
A6. „I like you.“ To family, friends, the fans, I want to use these words a lot!
A7. The youngest child. I’m loved by all members♡

Kikuchi Fuma:

A1. 95/3/7
A2. Tokyo
A3. A game called „Momotaro Dentetsu“. Since I finished my bachelor’s degree thesis now I’m enjoying it to the fullest.
A4. A black muffler. Other than buying them to use them with school uniforms, actually this is my first muffler ever.
A5. Dye my hair!
A6. None. I want to find a certain something through someone’s words. I’m still looking for it.
A7. Someone who sees things objectively. It’s important that there’s a balance within the group created by someone who is looking from the outside.

Shori x Sou

Shori: Recently, Sou’s text messages became short! Before that, his long sentences filled up the whole phone screen but now he texts only „Okay“. There isn’t even an exclamation mark!
Sou: That’s because all the members except me use short sentences. So I changed it to fit in.
Shori: The change is too sudden! I became worried because your writing was too different (laughing).
Sou: Well Shori, do you prefer long or short sentences then?
Shori: Either one is fine with me.
Sou: Don’t you think that long sentences are bothersome?
Shori: My partner should be able to send me whatever they want. So, can you reveal something about me?
Sou: In front of me you are like you usually are. When the two of us are on the radio, Shori is being his „natural“ self in front of me.
Shori: …aren’t you conceited? (laughing) But since I’m close to Sou in age, certainly I feel at peace with him.

Fuma x Kento

Kento: Kikuchi is often looking after the members’ hair so he’s the hair producer!
Fuma: Ah~ certainly. Even when I change my own hair style, I think about balancing it with the other members.
Kento: You often give advices too, right?
Fuma: I gave advices to Sou and Marius when they had a strange hair style (laughing). Related to hair, I have something to reveal about Nakajima. That guy said he wants to have short hair!
Kento: What’s with this situation’s mood!
Fuma: We were worried about Matsushima having short hair. So Nakajima said „Well, then I’ll  have short hair first“. It was like Dachou Club-san’s „Douzo douzo“ (laughing). 
Kento: Since no one continued after me, I really wanted to try it…
Fuma: Well, I think short hair would suit you too.

Sou x Marius

Sou: I think that Marius is really smart. Recently you’ve been studying hard, you even did the highest level in an English proficiency exam, right?
Marius: Yes. But I still don’t know the results yet.
Sou: After looking it up online, I read that in order to do that level, you need university level knowledge. It’s amazing that you challenged that at 16 years old.
Marius: Thank you~♡ Sou-chan… are you lonely? Since you’re often on your phone.
Sou: Am I not always together with Marius?
Marius: But Sou-chan is always playing with his phone!
Sou: No, Marius is always the one playing on his phone! Well, should we check who has more battery left on our phones right now?
Marius: Mine is at 39%.
Sou: Mine is still at 67%!
Marius: I’m sorry, I lost (laughing).

Marius x Fuma

Fuma: Marius is entering an age now in which he wants to change from having a cute character to start walking the path of being cool! Today he has even put up his bangs.
Marius: I’m in the middle of trying to figure out how to look more adult-like…
Fuma: Why not try out different things? However, I will tell you clearly if something doesn’t suit you.
Marius: Yes. I can rely on Fuma-kun who’s like my older brother ♪ But recently, I think I don’t want to have a spoiled character only.
Fuma: …now that you’re saying that, sometimes you send me weird text messages. And when I don’t reply to them, you go like „Ne, neee~!“ (laughing).
Marius: I see that you read them but I feel lonely (if you don’t reply)…
Fuma: That’s because your messages contain things like „I had a dream in which I was abducted by aliens“!? After reading that, I simply put my phone away (laughing)!

Kento x Shori

Kento: Shori didn’t say something like „I wonder if I should dye my hair“ before, he just did it and without telling anyone his hair became stylish. His hair change was natural.
Shori: Yeah, I didn’t say much.
Kento: Yes. When I heard about it later, you told me „Actually I got a perm then“ with a charming look on your face.
Shori: Even in front of me Kento-kun is the „idol-like Nakajima Kento“. Before we went out together for a meal, I was imagining things like „How is Kento-kun going to show up, what should I say to him first“. Then I totally impressed him.
Kento: As soon as we met, he said „Ah~ looks like usual“ (laughing).
Shori: Because I was imagining how you’re going to show up (laughing).

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

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Can you write about Jungkook growing up and confessing his love to jimin at every stage of his life and Jimin keeps waiting for him (like keeps rejecting everyone that ask him out) until Jungkook turns older but Jungkook was starting to give up until Jimin smiles him "do you still love me?" When they are both old enough and how they went on a cute clumsy date.

sure thing bby!! this sounds super cute!! just so everyone knows there will be underaged drinking in this…WOOPS I MADE IT SAD. but it’s okay. i didn’t write about the date also. well it’s kind of a date. you’ll see.

+ “there’s a girl in my class named jiyeon. we’re going to get married!” jimin said as they played in jungkook’s room together. “who are you going to marry jungkook?” 

Keep reading

Top 5 fanfics written by me 
    - Nobody asked, but who cares (not me)

5. Of scarves and coats (KNK) - SeungJi, Fluff
    ↳ Jihun comes to buy yoghurt every Monday and Friday. Seungjun has a theory, that the boy can’t go without seeing his face for a whole week. (651 words)

4. Man’s Best Friend (MONSTA X) - WonKyun, smut, gang, violence
    ↳  Changkyun has no idea how he ended up like this. Or maybe he does, but he doesn’t want to admit it. (5k words)

3. 10 Minutes Too Late (SEVENTEEN) - 2Seung, angst, mental health issues
    ↳  The clock is 10 minutes later than the real time and Seungkwan really likes Seungcheol’s voice. (815 words)

2. The feeling of home (SEVENTEEN) - JeongCheol, fluff, ABO/Wolf au
    ↳  Seungcheol is a lone and hurt omega. Jeonghan has been looking for him for weeks. (5k  words)

1. Hourglass (SEVENTEEN) - WonHui, angst, terminal illness
    ↳  “If you believe in it, let’s meet again someday, another place in a healthy body.” (14k words)

“Wedding Portrait” - Digital Oil Painting

My latest completed commission for @gingergallifreyan, to go along with her upcoming story, a DW AU of Hamilton! She wanted me to do a ‘posed’ painting, like they were really sitting for their wedding portrait, with a blue ribbon around their hands. I really like how it turned out. The sheer amount of buttons on colonial clothing, though!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Imagine your daughter picking out Dean’s outfit

When Katie had seen the tee in the store, she knew exactly who she wanted you to buy it for.

When she gave it to Dean, you didn’t think for a second he would wear it.

When he wore it, Sam couldn’t resist teasing his brother about it.

“Apparently you ‘wuv hugs’,” Sam commented, and Dean glared at him.

“Shut up,” he grumbled, “Your daughter gave it to me. I love my niece.”

Sam nodded, fighting back a grin.

“Do you ‘wuv’ her as much as you ‘wuv hugs’?”


Aquors wallpapers 574 x 1024
Feel free to use!

P.S. Hello to everyone who sees this post. I am sorry for this and this is arrogance, but you know, i shoud try.
Mari is my best girl and now there is a box in llsif with her ur card. I use all my gems, but unfortunately did not get her. I want to buy some gems (like 50 or less), but i am beggar student who dont have money for game. If you want to donate some money and give me another chance (it can be a few cents actually) you can transfer it to my paypal: miss-marsu@yandex.ru .
Thank you.

P.S. I accept orders on wallpapers (and not only on it). So, you are welcome in my ask box!


For @theunionjack7…enjoy!

You looked around the large mansion in awe of the beauty. It reminded you of a large castle. On your right was the Professor. He rolled next to you, enjoying how you looked at the place.

“This estate has been in my family for generations,” he told you.
“Any of them happen to be royal?” you asked, “This place is amazing!”
Charles chuckled. “Unfortunately no. Though, we’ve always seemed well off.”
“That’s an understatement,” you paused, “So, where are the other students?”
“Well, currently, most are outside. Classes have finished for the day and weather seems to be just right.” His eyes brightened. “There are a few now.”

You looked up to see a group of four walking your way. You immediately noticed one of them had blue skin and a tail. The girl next to him wore a yellow jacket. The remaining two seemed to have stopped in their tracks. One had silver hair while the other wore red glasses. You smiled as the Professor called them over.

“Y/N, these are my students Kurt, Jubilee, Peter, and Scott. They are all in your class.”
“It’s nice to meet you guys,” you greeted.

Charles smirked to himself, hearing two lines of very loud thoughts coming from the two tailless boys. He smiled knowingly.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” he paused, rolling away, “Oh! And if one of you could show her to her room-”
“I can!” both Peter and Scott yelled.
“It’s the room next to Jean’s.”

You smirked while Charles chuckled. The pair gave each other a side glare. Jubilee latched onto your arm. You smiled.

“Once you’re settled, did you want to go to the mall with me and Kurt?”
“I’ve never been to a mall,” the tailed boy exclaimed, “I’m told it is amusing.”
You chuckled again. “That sounds like fun. I’ll find you guys once I’m settled in.”
“Awesome,” Jubilee replied.
“I’ll show you to your room, Y/N,” Peter suddenly offered.
You nodded. “Alright.”
“Or I could,” Scott suggested.
“She already said I was showing her.”
“Fine. I’ll help her with her bags then,” he shot back indignantly.
“…You both can help,” you told them.

The pair stopped glaring to turn toward you. Their faces were immediately covered in a red hue. You held back a chuckle. Who would’ve thought two handsome guys would be fighting to show you your room? You started heading toward the staircase.

“Come on, then. I do want to head to the mall before the sun sets,” you teased.
“Maybe I can buy you a smoothie when we’re there,” Scott casually called.
“Or you could visit the arcade with me,” Peter contested.

You bit your lip. This was going to be too much fun.

Perma-tags: @dontbeamenacetotheforce ; @ttelesilla

Want to Request? : Submit Here

Hello! in the next couple days, I need to come up with $500 to pay for medical bills. my dad has just got fired from his job, and he is the only contributor to insurance in my house. If I don’t get this money by midday saturday, June 10th, I won’t be able to pay for my therapy or my mom’s recent surgery bills. Because i need everything so quickly, all drawings will be digital and will be done within 12 hours of me responding to your requests

I will draw anything except extreme gore! so ill do anything from original characters, nsfw, fan art, icons, or anything else you can think of

here are a couple examples of my art:

for more examples of my work, here are links to my my deviantart (x), my art blog (x), and my art tag (x)

Prices (prices can vary):

  • sketches: $5
  • colored sketches: $10
  • full: $18
  • also like,,, if you wanna tip,,, that’d be super cool too…

if you aren’t able to buy anything/dont want any art, I would really appreciate it if you would be able to reblog this!

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You seem to be all about Monsta X these days. May I ask who your bias is?


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Help a blind man cross the road

I’m a day late with this but here we go:

For  SpiritAssassin Week 2017. Day one.
Prompt is: first impressions

There is a blind uncle at the edge of Vatta Street. Not ten paces from where Baze is sitting on the footpath, chewing on melon seeds.

The man is old and hunched, a warped staff in his hand. He’s wearing dark-tinted optic lenses and black robes, his face hidden by a large hood. Either a holy man or a beggar, and there are plenty of both here on Vatta Street.

Baze looks away, disinterested. They all flock to this part of the city: the blind, the deaf, the ones who’ve lost limbs, or the ones afflicted with episodes of holy paroxysms. Nothing to do with him.

“Hey, you!”

Baze’s head snaps up in attention. The blind man hasn’t moved, or turned his head to face him. Nearby, there is a small group of chattering devotees in veils, coming from the nearby Temple, having finished their midday prayers. A protocol droid with the ends of loose wiring peeping out from behind the plates of its external covering. None of them look like they had just addressed him.

“Yes, you! The good-for-nothing taking up the whole footpath! Do they not teach you manners at school?”

It’s definitely the blind man.

“You talking to me, uncle?” Baze says.

“Slow-witted as well as ill-mannered!” The blind man taps his crooked staff on the ground impatiently. His voice is croaky and strained, as though he’s speaking from the depths of his throat. “I asked you, what did they teach you at school?”

Baze curses inwardly. Just his luck to have some grumpy blind condescending uncle strike up convo with him.

“I don’t go to school anymore,” he growls. He lights a clove cigarette, the last of his stash.

The blind man has now turned his head slightly toward him. Most of his face is hidden by the shadowy cowl of his robes, but his optic lenses are round black holes eyeballing Baze. “But you used to. Didn’t you learn any basic Moral Studies at school? Or has the Jedhan education system gone down the drain? That most certainly explains why the youth of today are such a worthless lot.”

The old aphorisms of long-forgotten Moral Studies classes seep back into Baze’s thoughts. Some generic, some ridiculously specific.

Be considerate.
Be responsible.
Be hardworking.
Respect your elders.
Plant trees in barren spaces.
When you see a blind man, offer him help to cross the street.

“You can cross the street by yourself, uncle,” says Baze. “There’s no traffic.”

“Insolent!” cries the blind man in outrage. He strikes the ground harder with his staff. “You will not help an old man who is in need?”

“Vehicles are not allowed on Vatta Street! It’s pedestrian-only!” Baze yells back. “You’re not going to get run over by anything!”

The blind man purses his mouth into a thin angry line. He raises his staff and begins to shout. “Thus I have heard that this world will be ended not because of any cosmic disaster, but from the collapse of modern society. And a most disturbing symptom of this impending collapse is how apathetic and uncharitable and discourteous our youth have grown!”

The uncle has started preaching. Passers-by have begun to stop and listen to the blind man’s street sermon.

“Have none of you heard of the fable of the blind man and the arrogant wealthy son of the bantha farmer?” He lifts an accusing finger at points it straight at Baze.

This is far more attention than Baze likes.

“Okay, okay!” He jumps to his feet, upending his pouch and scattering melon seeds. He grinds his unfinished cigarette with his heel. “I’ll help you cross!”

An old woman hisses at him as he passes. “No shame! Won’t even help that poor blind man.”

“After I help that uncle, I’m going to come back and carry you on my back, grandma,” Baze says threateningly.

He takes the blind uncle’s elbow.

“At last,” says the blind man, and Baze starts.

The blind uncle is not an uncle at all. In fact, he looks younger than Baze. And he’s smiling. It’s a nice smile, dimpled at the edges, and there’s a genuine pleasance to it.

He would appreciate this smile a bit more, if he weren’t feeling so aggrieved.

“You–!” Baze splutters.

In response, the other boy raps his instep with his staff and Baze curses in pain. “Come on, come on. I want to get to the other side. What’s the hold-up?”

People are still watching from the footpaths, so Baze takes a deep breath and guides the blind boy across Vatta Street. Which is completely empty of any vehicle, speeder, or cart, by the way.

“That wasn’t so hard, was it?” says the blind boy. His optic lenses glint enigmatically at Baze.

“Why are you pretending to be some old uncle? Spouting shit about the ‘youth of today?’”

“The soul needs to be constantly nourished by acts of compassion and goodness. I am helping you fulfil your spiritual quota for the sake of your soul.”

“My soul was getting along fine without you,” snaps Baze.

“Then yours is but a pitiful and undernourished soul,” says the blind boy. He straightens the false hunch out of his shoulders and pushes the hood off. Then he thrusts his staff into Baze’s hands. “Hold this.”

The staff is smooth and polished. Heavy. Good for breaking bones, Baze thinks, vaguely.

This stranger is in the garb of the Guardians. Not a beggar after all.

He takes a handkerchief out and blows his nose, loud and trumpeting. Baze winces. He’d always thought of the Guardians as a dignified, intimidating lot with graceful but brutal fighting skills. He’d seen them take out robbers and armed gangs preying on pilgrims with ease.

“I’m allergic to sand,” says the boy. He balls up the handkerchief. Gestures to Baze to move aside.

Perplexed, Baze steps to his left. The blind boy tosses the snotty balled-up handkerchief forwards and it lands in a discarded basket by a rubbish heap, a good distance away.

“How did you do that?” Baze says. His eyes narrow. “Are you even blind?”

He starts forward and pulls off the boy’s optic lenses.


Pale, milky eyes stare back at him. The blind boy smiles and holds his hand out for his staff.

“So, where’s the nearest cantina?” he says.

What? Aren’t you a Guardian of the Whills?”

He lifts his staff and uses it to point at Baze’s pockets. “You’ve got credits in there. And I’m thirsty.”

Baze is speechless for a moment. Then: “You want me to buy you a drink? I don’t even know who you are!”

The blind boy begins walking away. “Don’t you want to find out, then? Come on, humour a blind person, will you?”

Baze looks around. Vatta Street is quiet, the crowds dispersed, and his melon seeds are all gone, trampled into the dirt by the passers-by. Hell, even his last cigarette is gone. Nothing to do. Oh, well. He runs after the blind boy.

Buy a blind kid a drink. Huh.

He definitely did not learn this at any Moral Studies class.

anonymous asked:

hiya!! I just found your blog and im in love with it!! i was hoping you could maybe do an HC with the RFA about them going on a road trip with MC??? if it's not too much trouble 💕

(a/n i was fiddling with my theme all evening so so rry for the late update i apolOGISE but thank you for your really cute message!!!)


  • omg this child
  • the road trip would be like hours away because he wanted to go to this gaming convention so you agreed to drive him
  • a giddy giddy child
  • THAT person to constantly ask if you’re there yet
  • “are we there yet?!”
  • “if u turn ur head yoosung you can see our front door”
  • “thats very true”
  • brings his ds or something portable
  • starts snacking on his food a minute into the journey because he needs energy apparently
  • he doesn’t sleep for a second i mean is sleep even a thing?
  • he’s the gamer who wants to play I-Spy and would you rather throughout the WHOLE journey so you literally have to ask him if he wants to play ‘who can stay quiet for the longest’ to get him to be quiet for a while
  • he doesn’t get it at first but when he messages the RFA members they tell him that it was a ploy to get him to shut up
  • his face falls and omg the guilt
  • you quickly bring up a new topic to talk about and he forgets about what happened instantly
  • “are we there yet?”
  • sings along quietly to songs bobbing his head up and down or screaming along to lyrics head banging theres no in between
  • feeds you during the journey because you know rfa members and food
  • all of a sudden he’s quiet and you’re worried omg yoosung are you sick??
  • he just needs to pee
  • offers to drive but he? cant? drive? where are you going with this yoosung 
  • when you drive past a theme park you both end up going there first because who can pass that up
  • plus you get to see screaming happy yoosung
  • plays his game for most of the ride after though and after the 595th time of asking if he’s there yet he arrives and just speeds out the car
  • thanks 4 waiting 4 me!!!


  • you’re both going to a business conference and his driver is off sick and he sure as hell aint getting the train
  • offers to drive jaehee fears for your l i f e
  • constant reassurance that he can drive but whenever you take off your seatbelt he flips out and makes you wear it even when you’re sleeping
  • drives super slow at first omg wtf jumin we’ll be late
  • doesn’t know what a snack is so every time you both get hungry you stop at a restaurant to eat
  • you bet your ass he’d have your hand on your thigh like the whole time shit daddy jumin
  • makes you sleep for most of the ride because he wants you to be well rested
  • plays soft music throughout the whole ride and its just a really relaxing journey i mean???
  • he stares at you quite a bit when you’re sleeping
  • holy shit was she always that cute??
  • he definitely has a map, his phone and about 4 navigators so he doesn’t get lost
  • isn’t that a little bit excessive? but ur too scared to ask
  • you see him fidgeting in his suit and you suggest he should wear casual clothes - usually he would refuse but he was just about to d i e  in the suit
  • so after making making yet another stop you buy him so casual clothes and guess what for the first time you see jumin in a sweater and joggers with messy hair
  • he also takes out his contacts because he’s super sleepy so out come out the specs
  • he listens to you ramble about life and guess what
  • and HE ALSO just rambles about random topics - yes jumin han is rambling
  • you’ve never seen him be so open and just talk about anything like this before?
  • he’s just openly talking about anything and everything while he’s laughing and chatting with you i guess commoner clothes make him open up???
  • is it possible to fall in love with him even more
  • you make a mental note to take jumin on more roadtrips because cute chatty jumin comes out 
  • his hand is still on your thigh just take me right here right now


  • you want to treat the overworked baby to a holiday so you decide to go on a roadtrip to an undecided location
  • you’re just going to drive
  • she’s excited that she’s having a break but she’s worried about not having a set location but you tell her she needs to let go and loosen up a bit i mean whats the worst that could happen??/
  • but she comes up with a list and you have to shut her up by kissing her
  • panics and packs everything
  • jaehee, why are you packing a toaster it’s a 6 hour car journey we aren’t moving house
  • still packs toaster
  • to get her to calm down you end up choosing a location to go to and she does tonnes of research so when you’re driving she informs you of everything and she gets super excited when passing things she recognises 
  • “.. and- and that church is 300 years old and the farm over there is a corn field!”
  • she realises she’s blabbering too much and composes herself before smacking herself mentally and going quiet again omg baby
  • she tries to take out her laptop to do work and you almost drive off the road trying to slap it out her hands
  • when jumin calls her you just hang up on him and you swear you can see her smirk
  • snacks on healthy things like almond seeds and reads for a while 
  • takes a few naps from time to time while staring out the window
  • you’ve prepared a playlist of her favourite songs (mainly zen’s) and her eyes light up and she starts humming along
  • as she starts to get more into it at a red light you record her and when she finds out she literally lets out the cutest squeal
  • like jumin she’s wearing her work clothes but shortly changes into your leggings and a oversized hoodie not to mention her hair is down (tf i’m dead bye)
  • she also relaxes a bit and you guys end up chatting about 27 different random things
  • falls asleep with the cutest grin on her face because this is her first roadtrip and wouldn’t change a single thing about it


  • you can’t come to his show because its so far away so he comes collects you a few days before nd it becomes a looong roadtrip
  • he’s forced to borrows one of jumins cars because luciel doesn’t trust anyone with his babies
  • totally unprepared so you have to make a thousand stops to buy food n drinks
  • at every stop light he’s taking a selfie of himself or taking pictures of the scenery
  • “MOVE”
  • sulks when he can’t take a picture of that really cute sunrise so once again you have another break and stop
  • he’s also taking lots of pictures of you though
  • he has one of you drooling in your sleep and oh thats his new lockscreen!!!
  • has a playlist (made by jaehee) of all the songs he’s sung in his musicals and he dramatically renacts them
  • when you sing along knowing the words he lights up and is super proud so he stares at you blushing and grinning really big
  • jaehee also slips in a few famous ballads into the cd
  • near.. far.. wherE EVER YOU” - *voice crack*
  • he gets super embarrassed but you’re literally snorting with laughter
  • feeling nosy you start searching trust fund kid’s car because what if you both find a diamond or some shit
  • you open the glove compartment in the car and theres nothing there but then
  • acHOO
  • elizabeth 3rd’s hair managed to make it to the trip
  • constant sneezing and wiping his nose for him
  • it gets so bad that you end up going to a motel for the night while the car gets thoroughly cleaned 
  • you guys continue the next day 


  • plans to take you to the seaside
  • okay fun!!!
  • takes him a few hours to choose which baby he’s taking
  • saeyoung i swear to god if you don’t pick a car in 10 seconds i’ll egg them all
  • screams shotgun even though you’re the only two going on the trip 
  • ….and he’s the only one who can drive
  • alright then
  • ends up prepared with everything?? like you didn’t see him pack but he has the world’s supplies in his boot
  • here’s a blanket in case you get cold and a hot water bottle oh and heres slippers for the journey and if u want toast its in the back
  • ?????
  • “hey mc what’s the best thing about road signs?”
  • “i d-”
  • “I think it’s the x-heights. They get me all x-heighted
  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • lots of pitstops to buy souvenirs and take stupid polaroid pictures together
  • built his own navigation system and swears by it
  • but you’ve already gotten lost 5 times and you’re still in you’re own neighbourhood
  • just use the map damn it
  • hes the touch the playlist and ur dead guy
  • gets way too into songs fucking hand movements all literally jumping on the seat
  • like you join in with him  but he’s on another level
  • i can see him getting really into house/rap music
  • or he’s really into JLO
  • promises to focus
  • ..
  • has togo a little over the speed limit to prevent you from jumping out of the car
  • snacking on honey butter chips and dr pepper the whole way
  • by the end of your trip theres just potato chips and polaroid pictures everywhere
  • both of you end up ditching the seaside plan and end up just travelling around the country sleeping in car cuddled under lots of blankets
  • ( ゚ヮ゚)

Twerk It | Theo Raeken Imagine

pairings: theo raeken x reader

warnings: twerking.

a/n: don’t even ask how I came up with this idea.

“Why are the three of you smiling so weirdly?” You asked.

“Nothing.” Lydia smirked at Malia and Kira who were both grinning wildly.

“There’s something you hiding from me and I want to know what.” You huffed.

“You’ll find out later.” Kira said.

“Can you at least tell me what it’s about?” You groaned.

Lydia exchanged some looks with the two of them before looking back at you. “Your birthday.”

“I told you guys I didn’t want anything.”

“Don’t worry we didn’t buy you anything, yet. But it’s a surprise and you’ll find it out later.”

“I’m starting to doubt my trust in you three.”

“Oh don’t worry you’ll love it.” Lydia smiled at Malia and Kira causing you to roll your eyes before making your way to your next class.

The rest of your day went by quite smoothly that is until you got a text from Lydia.

From: Lyds

meet me at my house at 4 and bring booty shorts and a sports bra

From: Y/N

what y?

From: Lyds

none of your business just come over ok?

From: Y/N


A couple minutes later and you phone binged again.

From: Lyds

oh and bring also water, sport shoes and a hair tie.

From: Y/N


After putting all the stuff Lydia said in a bag you changed your clothes and relaxed for a little while until you needed to make your way over to Lydias.

When you got there you saw your three friends smiling cheekily at the front door.

“So? Why am I here?”

“Well we’d like to tell you but we can’t” Kira said.

“And we also kind of need you to wear this.” Malia said holding up a blindfold.

“Can I trust you?” You asked.

“No but you will anyway.” Lydia smirked before putting the blindfold on you.

“Wait I’ll lead you to the car.” Lydia said grabbing your arm in hers and leading you slowly to her car, Malia and Kia on her heels.

“Can you please go slower I can’t see.” You pleaded.

“Y/N calm down we’re at the car.” Lydia said opening the car door.

“Ow!” You said as you accidentally banged your head on the roof of her car.

“sorry.” Lydia giggled as she helped you into the passenger seat before closing the door and walking over to the drivers seat and turning on the ignition to start driving.

“Can any of you tell me where we’re going?” You pleaded after a while.

“Nope.” Lydia said causing you to groan.

The four of your kept driving for about 15 minutes, occasionally listening to some music to pass the time.

“We’re here.” Lydia chimed gladly.

“Thank god.” You sighed.

“Can I take this off now?” You asked.

“Yes.” Kira said.

Taking the blindfold off you see a dance studio in front of you.

“Where are we?” You turned to them.

“At your first birthday present.” Lydia smirked.

“Which is?”

“A twerking class.” Malia smirked.

“You can’t be serious..” You chuckled.

The three of them kept their glares and smirks at you.

“Okay so you are serious.”

“Yep, and we’re gonna go in and have fun. Come on!” Lydia smiled as you chuckled before the four of you went inside. After getting dressed you all stepped into the studio where the instructor waited for you.

“You must be Sarah.” Lydia smiled at the instructor as they both shook hands.

“Yes.” She chuckled. “So who’s the birthday girl?”

“That’d be me.” You smiled.

“Y/N right?” She shook your hand.


“Okay so should we start the class?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah!” Malia, Lydia and Kira said excitedly causing you to chuckle.

“So let’s spread out, Y/N you can come next to me.” Sarah said as you stood beside her, Lydia, Malia and Kira standing behind you two; All of you facing the mirror.

“So we are gonna start with the basics, We are going to spread your legs into a second position and lean a little forward with out hands resting on our knees.” Sarah instructed as we followed her instructions.

“Next we are going to pop our hip out and arch our back. Then you’re going to push your hip back in. That’s the basic twerking move.”

Malia quickly got the hang of it but Kira was struggling a bit causing all of you to laugh a bit at her attempts.

Over the course of the class Sarah taught you all different moves and eventually a short choreography.

While you and Malia were going over the choreography with Sarah Lydia and Kira went over to get a drink and check their phones.

While Lydia was checking her snapchat a bright idea came to mind when she saw you and Malia going over the routine to the music Sarah put on. As you were dancing she videotaped you captioning it: “Celebrating this little twerkers birthday 😘🎉”.

“Look.” Lydia said showing Kira the video.

“Wow she looks good here.” Kira said taking Lydias phone in her hands to get a better look.

“I’ll put it on my story.” She smirked.

“Actually..” She started.

“What?” Kira groaned knowing very well Lydia was planning something.

“I’ll send it to Theo too.” She said hitting the send button.

“She’s gonna be pissed.”

“Y/N? I’m waiting to see how Theo’ll react.” She smirked.

“What are you guys doing?” You said approaching them as you took your water bottle from your bag.

“Oh nothing, but look how good you look here.” Lydia said showing you the video she took of you.

“Huh I actually don’t look that bad.” You smiled.

“Did you send it to someone?” you asked giving her phone back.

“Well I sent it to my story and Theo.” She said putting her phone back in her bag.

“You what?!” You said choking on your water.

“Lydia he’s gonna freak.” You groaned.

“No he’s not, come on let’s go back in.” She said pushing you towards the door as you shook your head slightly.

After finishing your class Sarah wished you a happy birthday and gave you a free class as a gift, once you were al dressed up Lydia dropped you all off at your houses; of course they all wished you a good night before you went back into your house.

Since it was still quite early and your parents were out for dinner you decided to call Theo to come over, of course after you showered and dressed in comfier clothes.

Your phone lit up with a positive response from Theo and just 20 minutes late he was there in front or your front door.

“Hey.” You smiled giving him a small kiss as he walked in.

“So how was your birthday bash little twerker.” He teased as he laid on your bed.

“Ugh you saw that.” You  groaned as you flopped on the bed next to him.

“Yup, didn’t know my girl could move like that.” He smirked as he dragged his hand across your waist.

“Come on I’m not that good.”

“Babe are you kidding me, I would kill to see you dance like that for me.”

You bit your lip in attempt to hide your smile as you looked at him.

“What?” He chuckled noticing something was on your mind.

“It’s stupid.”

“No it’s not come on.”

“What would you think about a private show?” You asked softly before biting your lip again. Just at your statement your saw his eyes widen and the smirk on his lips grow even bigger.

“You’d be willing to do that for me?”

“Well yeah you know just showing you the dance she taught us and stuff.”

“Well if you really want to I’m not complaining.”

“Okay.” You giggled as you got up and started walking towards your phone to put on the music.

“But I think it would look much better in the outfit you wore in what Lydia sent me.” He said sitting up on your bed and resting backwards on his hands.

Seriously? What you people have with booty shorts and sports bras today?” You groaned as you walked over to your bag to take out your clothes before walking to the bathroom to change.

“Damn.” Theo said biting his lip when you walked out.

“Stop it.” You giggled as your cheeks started to turn pink.

“Okay.” You started after turning the music on and stepping in front of him.

“She taught us a couple basic moves but that’s boring so I’ll just get to the fun part.” You smirked.

Even through out the little show you put on for him you kept giggling at his reactions. And just as you stood up from the basic position you felt Theo wrapping his ams around your waist pulling you closer to him causing another set of giggles to fall from your lips.

“I love it when you dance like that for me.” He whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

“But it’s the first time I’ve ever done that.” You said turning to face him.

“Yeah but it’s definatly not the last.” He said giving you another passionate kiss.

“Don’t sound so smug.”

“You love me though.” He smirked pulling you against his chest.


how to write college essays

Hey guys! This is Peng’s first post in the college prep advice series. I felt obligated to write this one as my first because, well, I’m a freshly pressed senior who was recently admitted to my dream school via early decision. And I feel that I was accepted mostly for my essay, so hey, why not help other students out as well? So without further ado, here is my advice on how to write the best college essay you can…
(NOTE: I am talking about the “Why __” essays. Other prompts may be too various for me to cover in one essay. Ask me and I might help you, though!)

INTRODUCTION: Why is it important?

College essays are often noted as the largest or one of the most reflective parts of a student’s college application (to an American university). People often say that while the numbers (the GPA, the SAT scores, etc.) reflect the “objective” sides of the prospective student, the “subjective” side is best represented through the student’s own writing. Through short answers and essays, you as a student must prove yourself not just a statistical fit but also a personality fit with the college.

In this aspect, it is first most important, before even starting your essay or even adding that college to your Common App list, is to think whether you are the right fit for the college. I’m not talking about stats–I’m talking about the studying environment, the location (city? countryside? suburban?), the demographics (are you overwhelmed when there is a very low percentage of your own race/ethnicity, or does it not matter?), offered majors, etc. Don’t just think about whether they have a good pre-med track, think about whether there are other majors or subjects you can switch to in the case that you might change your mind in college (this is important because many, many students change their minds. After all, a whole bunch can happen when you’re in a totally new environment with new people and a whole new level of learning).


PART 1: Play it smart. It’s a game.

Let’s face it–the college app process is a crapshoot. Don’t take it too seriously - they’re not judging you as a human being (in all honesty–it’s up to no one to judge you!). College is a business and they want to buy good products. So your job is to understand the motto of the “company” (the college’s motto) and then be able to present yourself as the product they want. I mean, think about it: the decision making process is nothing more than a group of people judging four years of your life (through a few numbers and a few written works) in order to see whether you’ll thrive in X college and make X college proud. It’s a human-run process that is prone to, well, human-like errors. So don’t get too tied up emotionally in the college app process (I’ll make a better post on this later). It’s okay to be stressed, but try not to go to the point where you think your life will be over if you don’t get in. That’s not a healthy attitude to maintain in the long run (even if you do get in). You need to detach yourself emotionally, evaluate the situation with only logic (what can I do to get in? - while also knowing it’s totally okay if you don’t), and then carry through with your plan.

Therefore, once you are sure that you want to apply to this college, it is then important to understand the college. By understanding, I’m not talking about knowing its history; I’m talking about knowing what the admissions officers (henceforth called AOs) want. Some colleges like the academically rigorous. Others like the academically passionate. Others still like those who aren’t top-notch “book smart” but have an undying curiosity in all realms of knowledge. Others yet search for those who can balance a tight schedule. Some might like those who are giving and compassionate and are willing to use their talents to help those in need. Whatever X college wants or claims to be their “pride,” you must show them through your essay. You have to give them what they want in order for them to want you.

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“Can’t Buy Me, Love” PART 2 Jungkook x Reader Angst / Fluff

Fiction Masterlist // Reactions MasterlistRequests always open [I do ships and anything else for BTS really, also so drop an ask for whatever]


Part 3 coming soon!

“I’m fed up of hearing about you spending all your work money on girls who take it without a second thought….. I want to take you out for a date….. What d’ya say?”


“Wait, really?”

“You’re right y/n. It’s time to stop being taken for everything I’ve got to give.”

Originally posted by jjks

You hate to sound desperate in your mind, as though you’re on a wild goose chase, but the only word that springs to your mind is


By now, you have many a time sat at the opposite end of a table from Jeongguk, but it’s always been the coffee shop on a break or the nearest takeaway from the store on the way home.

It’s well past the usual 6pm finish from work and you realize that you’re probably way more excited than he is about this, and perhaps it won’t go beyond this, but one of the main outcomes you want from this is actually not for your own benefit, but to show him that not all of the female race are gold-digging, stuck up, boring bimbos… Hmm, maybe the boring comment is too far, but oh well.

“So how do these things usually go?” you ask, not intending to get into great detail about his past dating experiences beyond this. You just need to know what to definitely not do.

“I guess we sit here and make small talk, order the food, try to talk about the weather and eat awkwardly with her rubbing her leg against mine…”

“Right then, so you need a good conversation before we order, yeah?”

“Anything in mind?”

“Not exactly, but we’ll find our way…” you begin hesitantly. “Like let’s tell each other one thing we like about the other at the start of the evening… For a starters, that’s a fine jacket you’re wearing”

Originally posted by hosyuub

“Ah, fishing for compliments, huh?” he jests, leaning onto his elbows and observing your features. You’ve never had Jeongguk look at you for this long before, and you feel your cheeks heating up. “Okay, I like the way you blush when I look at you; that makes me feel kinda warm inside…”

“Only kinda? Awh Jeongguk, you break my heart” you joke, making an over-dramatic gesture of clenching your fist to the left hand side of your chest paired with an ugly crying face.

“Because I’m such a heart-breaker, right?” he rhetorically questions with great insincerity and sarcasm.

“You kinda are” you honestly tell him.

“Only kinda?” he repeats back at you, making you smirk.

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