who wants to buy me stuff

cloud’s p.o/mailbox is now open !!!! ~

i am so very happy to announce that you can now send me and cloud things to a safe mailbox!! (rules and stuff below)

and yes we will reply to EVERYONE because we want this to be an exchange of gifts between people who support us and we are excited to send things out!!

things you can send: 

well, anything within reason, but here are some suggestions: 

  • doggy treats - cloud favourites are bones she can chew etc, but she enjoys anything that is dog friendly!!!! (please make sure you buy them in like a sealed packet, so they can get to us safely and make sure they are 100% safe for cloud, or i probably can’t give them to her)
  • doggy toys - now cloud is quite, uh, destructive, so she likes harder toys that don’t break easy, like kong toys or balls, but anything would be welcomed, just… can’t guarantee how long it’ll survive lmao
  • art / creations - a few people have said they would love to send something but would rather make it and that is so so so fine!! we would welcome art and creations and love them so much, so if you would like to draw cloud that would be amazing, or if you want to write us a letter or make anything else that is welcomed very greatly too!
  • other - a few people have offered to send me (carlyle) some gifts too, like candy from your country, and other stuff etc, and that is very fine and i’m honestly so honoured you’d want to aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! pls don’t worry if you can’t/don’t want to though, like at all, i don’t mind.

you can send things physically or from online, just enter the address i provide and it will be aokay !

replies etc:

what we will reply with:

i really wanted to get cloud involved in the reply as much as possible, so i was thinking we would reply with a personal picture of cloud (taken on a polaroid sort of thing, so each photo is original) and on the back, cloud’s paw print and a little thank you message from me!

what to include to get a reply:

whether you’re sending online or physically; we need a safe return address so we can send things back out to you!! if you don’t want a reply that is totally fine, but if you do and i haven’t got your address/somewhere to send it back to, it would be impossible to reply, and i really really want to send something out to everyone who wants it

adding a note inside with the return address on would be great, or add to the extra comments/notes whatever section if you’re sending from online - also would be great if you could include your name (just first/preferred name) preferred pronouns just incase, and tumblr url so i can make the reply more personalised!

EDIT: would be really helpful for me if you could send a post stamp as well!! it is not Super Required but, yeah, would be helpful thanks

other things:

  • you can send things to us wherever you are in the world, and we will reply back always - we don’t mind sending replies overseas
  • it’s fine if you can’t or don’t want to send anything this is just for fun <3
  • it is open for a few months and i will post plenty of warnings and stuff if and when it is closing, so it’s ok, i won’t let you send anything to nowhere
  • if you have any questions at all, please do message me and i will answer!


Carlyle & Cloud
Suite 360
38 Sunbridge Road
England, United Kingdom 

les amis as people ive served at work

inspired by @grantairelibere !!
joly: used their inhaler during the transaction but refused any help, informed me they dont need a bag because they dont use plastic
combeferre: spent half an hour discussing dozens of classic novels with me, seemed entirely unaware of his own astronomic attractiveness. shook my hand before leaving. instead of exchanging numbers, we gave each other reading lists. (please come back)
jehan: asked to see our books on greek mythology. wanted to see the ‘gory stuff for my song lyrics’
courfeyrac: came in with his friend after spending the day shopping, told me they’d intended to see the hadron collider but kept getting distracted. told me jokes while i restocked the shelves, because they didnt actually want to buy anything, they were just waiting for their friend who had accidentally (????) gotten on a bus after lunch
bousset: the friend that accidentally got on the bus
bahorel: the 6′2 individual who scowled at me until i asked if he needed help- he asked me to help find bob the cat’s biography and thanked me very enthusiastically when i did
enjolras: didnt say a word to me as he purchased the communist manifesto. just steady eye contact, and didnt even respond when asked if he was a loyalty card holder or if he wanted a bag. im not sure what he was trying to communicate but it was effective
grantaire: stayed in our tiny arts section for two hours, sitting cross legged on the floor, reading as much as he could
marius: came in with his (apparently long suffering) girlfriend and asked me to find a 10+ year old book about a child in ancient egypt without parents, that he couldnt even remember the name of. apologised for being difficult often, and ended up buying the percy jackson books
feuilly: asked me for help so their anxious friend wouldnt have to 

montparnasse: came in in a perfectly tailored blacker-than-black suit, hair dyed half blond half brown and in a pony tail and bought his partner a biography about an obscure foreign model
valjean: managed to look fond and loving even while dragging his (previously lost) daughter away from the YA section

anonymous asked:

This is a bit late, but I'm interested in your comments about promo on Louis' account. I agree that he can't promote non-Sony/Syco artists. But that still seems strange to me. Eg. the Calvin Harris/Rihanna collab was released on Sony, but she promoted it on twitter even though she's signed to a Universal label. I guess every case is different. But if Louis is/will sign to Sony, wouldn't they want him to gain new fans through the Steve/Ultra collab, who'll then buy his later Sony stuff? I dunno!

Well basically I think that if louis has a deal with Syco then it’s through Triple Strings and so it’s not the same as an artist’s agreement. Therefore, he may not be allowed to promote non-Syco (and/or Sony? Idk) artists via his social media BUT he may be able to collaborate with them because he has no solo artistic agreement right now. As such, whatever agreements he has are probably as a record label executive/employee (but most likely has additional appearance clauses similar to an artist’s contract in order to promote other Syco artists. Hence why all the James Arthur promo and his Xfactor appearances).

The Calvin Harris/Rihanna thing is completely different as that’s an agreement between 2 people as artists and between their labels to cross-promote. Had Louis been signed as a solo artist then yeah, his social media would probably be linked to all of the JHO stuff.

As for your last question, I really don’t think louis would sign a solo contract with Sony and they’re probably aware of that. Hence why they haven’t really shown any effort in the JHO promo (and probably why everything that’s happened to Louis has happened since July 2015 but that’s a whole different discussion lmao). But yeah, I think they basically have no interest in helping louis gain new fans. And of course, I don’t know any of this for sure, it’s just my speculation based on what we’ve seen the past couple of months for the JHO promo.

its 1 am and i just wanted to officially announce that …. ive gotten a boyfriend. like a real one who buys us pizza when were drunk and sends good morning texts every day calling me bae, and wasnt sure if i was a vegetarian or not when he was gonna make dinner for me - so he asks his entire destiny clan for advice, and bought dishonored 1 and 2 cause i liked them, and wants to kiss me all the time, and gives me breakfast in bed and stuff ….. an emperor

Then I realize that maybe all I really want is someone whom I can call home. Someone who will not only make the butterflies in my stomach flutter over and over but someone who will give me security. Someone whom I can wake at 3 in the morning and not get mad just because I want coffee and we’ll drive to the nearest coffee shop, buy coffee, sit on the pavement and talk about life and other stuff. Someone who can understand that there will be moments of silence but knows that all I really need is a long hug without asking why. Maybe all I really want is someone who will always listen to my poems and tell me whether it’s good or not and not just someone who will praise me all the time. Someone who will kiss me in the middle of our argument, whose chest is always available whenever the weight of the world crashes in. Someone who’s brave enough to face what life has to offer with me and stay.
Preventing Meth Mouth

This blog is for those who use Methamphetamine and want to prevent Meth Mouth. It’s a common misconception that only meth smokers get Meth Mouth. That simply isn’t true. No matter the route of administration, meth causes a decrease in saliva production which leads to dry mouth and tooth decay.

Here are some tips I’ve found that really helped me .

Biotene: Biotene is a wonderful product that you can buy as a gum AND a mouthwash and helps protect your mouth from chronic dryness. I used the gum when I was tweaking and used the mouthwash a lot.

Nightguard: Nightguards can be purchased at Safeway, Wal-Mart, Walgreens and so forth. They are retainers with a soft chewy bit to bite down on. They look a little bit funny to use but I used them at parties and no one could tell I had them in. It’s awesome because you can give into the teeth grinding and grind all you want with these babies.

Brush your teeth
: It sounds simple but it isn’t. Brushing teeth can erode enamel just as much as meth use can. I would brush my teeth 6 times per day extremely lightly with a supersoft tooth brush. Just enough to get the plaque and meth off of my teeth. Make sure you brush very slowly and lightly and avoid the gums because meth makes them sensitive especially if you smoke it. Don’t brush hard or fast, you’re only fucking your teeth up even more.

Flossing: Only floss once per day while tweaking because the gums are usually sore and hurt so you don’t want to overstimulate them.

: PLEASE Don’t use mouthwash that contains alcohol in it. It will further dry your already dry mouth and will hurt your sensitive mouth tissues. I recommend the Biotene mouth wash ONLY.

Water: Yes sugary and carbonated beverages are lovely when tweaking but it’s horrible for your teeth which are already being bombarded with all that meth! Stay away from sodas and juices if at all possible. Drink at least 30 fl oz a day of water and limit your sugar intake. Dry mouth + sugar + meth= NIGHTMARE!!

Food: If you do come down and need to eat, choose something natural and full of vitamins and minerals like vegetables. Try and avoid anything spicy as to irritate your already sore mouth and throat. Don’t eat a bunch of candy either. You need something small, healthy and non sugary. When you are done eating, rinse with Biotene and floss very gently.

Slowing down or Quitting Meth
: You can also slow down on meth use, which helps greatly in reducing Meth Mouth. The best option however is to quit using Meth in any way shape or form and see how your mouth and teeth are doing. Chances are if you were obsessed with blowing clouds all day every day like me, you’ll have some stains that just won’t go away even months after not touching any meth.

Best of luck… hopefully this info helps someone!

im actually 100% completely here for Jack buying ridiculously expensive things for the people he loves and them being like “Jack, no, stop” and him being like  “?? why” because I just think Jack would like to get his friends really nice things and he makes a lot of money so who cares about the price??

 Like i know someone was like “Jack will you buy me this pony” and he’s like “sure,” because maybe he heard them talk about how much they love ponies, idk 

and so he looks them up, but then he realizes they need some place to stay, so he looks up stables and stuff like that and brings it to them and is like “these places are the best but what do you think?” and they have this blank face and they’re just like “what??”

and Jack is confused and he’s like “You… you wanted a pony, right? Is this not the right one?”

and thats when everyone realizes they cant joke around like that because Jack will literally buy you a pony and everything else you’d need for it 

(also i’d like to say that I am totally aware that Jack would probably not ever do this, let me enjoy this head canon in peace)


Hey guys, I know I have some followers and mutuals who love classic anime, so I’m posting on here. My boyfriend and I are cleaning out our stuff, and he has a bunch of old anime shirts. 

They’re all size M and L, and most of them are officially licensed. Some of the prints are very slightly worn, and some of the tags are missing, but otherwise they’re all like new. They’ve never really been worn, so they’ve held up really well.

I’m looking to sell them for $10 to $15 a piece. If you want to buy them individually or as a lot, send me an ask or a message. I’ve listed them as a lot on eBay here

Signal boosts are immensely appreciated!

Don’t get why there are all of these “first apartment buy this stuff posts.” Some of them contain some good, basic stuff. But most of that stuff I realized I needed. Like I know I should have somewhere to sit and some bowls. Tell me something anyone who has ever lived anywhere doesn’t know or doesn’t realize so quick. Like I would tell someone to buy vinegar. It’s the most versatile cleaner I know of. Dandruff? A vinegar rinse balances your scalp. Dishwasher not rinsing well enough? Use vinegar as a rinse agent. Also to always have quarters if you have to use a coinop. You don’t want to be stuck needing a piece of clothing and unable to wash it. Don’t buy the cheapest vacuum if you can spend a little more. I did and needed up buying a better one anyway. Go to dollar tree for kitchen utensils. They have a crapton of stuff. They also have dishes. And that works fine. Do splurge on a chef’s knife. At least buy a nice one from Walmart on sale. Buy a large cutting board. Little ones just don’t do it. Get plants for your windows, balconies, etc. I know that Roma tomatoes, lemon button ferns, and mint do well in containers. Having something else alive in your apt makes it hella homey. Also, get prints when they’re on sale at nations photo lab or adoramapix. Or make your own canvas art. Whatever you’re into, hang it up on the walls. Yard sale frames are cheap and easily painted. Make the place your home. Don’t go crazy buying costly furniture or appliances right off the bat. Even if money isn’t an issue, it will give you time to think about what would be best for your apartment. Unplug stuff if you don’t need it plugged in. The first month I kept everything plugged in. Coffee maker, toaster, all my lamps, tv, etc. Second month I unplugged all that stuff and saved seven dollars. It’s worth the small amount of effort. Oh, and HAVE LOTION. Sucks to be 3 am with dried out feet and hands.

How I want to meet my future partner.
  • Me: *In a bookstore looking at books, and my nerd stuff, see the last book of favorite series, reach to grab it, and another hand grabs it too.*
  • Them: Oops sorry, I thought I was the only one who liked this.
  • Me: Oh my gosh me too, I love this book.
  • Them: yeah?!
  • Me: I was just going to read the back, I don't have enough money for this.
  • Them: Let me buy it for you then, give me your number and you can call me and tell me about it.
  • Me: Really?
  • Them: Yeah, anyone who likes (book title) and is as cute as you must be important.
  • Me: *speechless.*
  • *JD and Veronica have brought Heather Chandler's corpse to Heather Duke's house to figure out what to do*
  • Heather D: I don't need you to tell me how fucking good my coffee is, okay? I'm the one who buys it, I know how good it is. When Bonnie goes shopping, she buys shit! I buy the gourmet expensive stuff because I want to taste it. But you know what's on my mind right now? It AIN'T the coffee in my kitchen! It's the dead Heather in my garage!
  • Veronica: Oh, Heather you don't--
  • Heather D: I don't want to think about anything, I wanna ask you a question. When you came pulling in here, did you notice a sign on the front of my house that said "Dead Heather Storage"?
  • Veronica: Heather, you know I didn't see shit--
  • Veronica: .....No, I didn't.
  • Heather D: Do you know why you didn't see that sign?
  • Veronica: Why?
"Savings for the dog you love"

Petco sends me emails with subjects like this. It makes me feel like it’s for some dog I’m in love with who isn’t my dog. The dog you really want to buy stuff for, like your dog mistress. Feels wrong.

Posessive (MATING SEASON START 2015 series Bay!Raph x reader)


Spring. Yeah, super neat. I had already been waiting for this with such a joy bubbling in my heart. No. Spring. A time I hated for one reason. The mating season. It’d be okay for humans. We don’t have such thing in us anymore that we’d need to mate at spring time. But when you’re dating someone who isn’t that much of a human…

So spring was like hell to me.

I had told Raphael he’d immediately text me when he felt the urges kick in. I knew something about their bodies reacting to the mating season time. Their senses became stronger. They were able to smell everything and I didn’t even want to talk about the other stuffs.

Even though I was a little scared of the whole mating season thing, I had to go through my normal life. Go to the grocery store and buy stuff, go to school/work.

It was day time, so there was not to worry of running into any of the turtles right then. They would be a problem at the night time.

I wasn’t that weary, cause Raph hadn’t warned me that the season had started so I was calm and happy at the time. Naive even.

I was just walking down an alleyway when suddenly I saw an open manhole to the sewers in front of me. Then before reacting to the event in my eyes I felt being pulled down.

“The hell?” I almost wanted to punch him in the face right now. He just held his palms up in the air, surrendering.

He had pulled me to the sewers. It was hard to see him at all in the darkness, only his eyes shone in there.

“Sorry!” I could swear he was smiling. “I didn’t mean to scare you!”

“What are you doing here, Raph? You shouldn’t be out at this time of a day!” It was clearly way too early for his patrolling, the sun had almost just risen.

“Well I came for you of course, babe.”

Something was wrong with his tone. It was way too soft, almost like gold, hot honey, burning by touch or straight eyesight.

I stepped back, further from him. My brains starting to work. Oh shit, had the mating season start already? But I told him to tell me when it would start, unless…

“You… you had no intentions on telling me about this?” I stuttered, realizing how reckless and stupid I had been. Too naive!

“No.” He smirked and walked slowly closer to me. “I thought I’d be a nice surprise.” He chuckled.

I swallowed, taking a tiny, slow step back every time he got closer. I tried not to intimidate him of a thought I’d try to escape, that’s why the slowness.

A weird, predatory like glint in his eyes was able to be seen, even for me. They ran up and down my body, like I was just getting sweeter and sweeter from how I looked like. His eyes wondering over my breasts awfully long, then to my surprise, everything happened so fast!

His form was faster than my eyes. I wasn’t able to follow his movements. A dark shadow fell over me, in front of me while I felt being pulled against something in front of me. Something had tangled around my waist, pulling me against this had form I was facing.

Raph had scooped me from the ground, just so high that my feet couldn’t reach nothing but air. He had trapped me against himself. His plastron pressed hard against my whole body. My breasts especially were now in great danger.

They were pressed against Raphael’s chest, so hardly that it made them look bigger, fuller.

The tingling sensation that took it’s hold of me was not welcome. If this would go any further, I’d be wet in seconds!

Then Raph decided to do something encouraging. Something that would finish my fight once and for all.

He put his free hand on my lett ass cheek, squeezed it hard and then massaged it.

My face getting as red as his mask, my mouth opening while I tired to fight the urge to moan and yelp. Even though I was good at fighting back at the moans, Raph wouldn’t give up. He was in seconds going further.

His head moved closer to me, but instead of just plainly kissing me, he attacked my neck. He rubbed his tongue up and down my neck, licking and kissing it.

This time I couldn’t hold back. Before I even realized I had let a loud moan escape from my mouth.

“See? I told you I’d be a nice surprise.” He smirked and before I could say anything he squeezed my butt again.

My head fell back, I yelped and whimpered in his arms. He kept covering my neck with his lips and tongue, his hand squeezing my ass gently.

I felt how a wetness leaked past my labia, wetting my panties. I moaned at the feeling in discomfort. This was a game over situation now.

“I can smell it. The sent is so clear and strong!” He moaned out loud, tightening his hold on me, pulling me closer to him.

I whimpered. I was getting too horny. I knew I wanted him. I knew I would get him soon, but why made me want to back away.

He was so cocky. So eager and too confident. That made me feel like I was loosing, like it was not a good idea at all let this go any further, but then again, I couldn’t get away either. If I could get off of his reach, I couldn’t be able to move fast enough with this need of release.

“You ain’t getting nowhere before I take what is rightfully mine, babe.” He threatened happily. Almost like he was reading my mind, he wanted to make sure I couldn’t get away.

He, as fast as he caught me, pulled my pants off. He let go of me, settling me to the ground on my own feet, only to see me stumbling to a wall behind me with my weak deer legs.

I stared at him quite a while, watching him taking off his gear, then settling my eyes at his out poking tail.

Raph stroked his own tail couple of times, his eyes closing while he moaned at the feeling, then he approached me, sneaking his other hand up my shirt, to caress my breast.

“You gonna get my sent all over you, babe.” Raph whispered and got closer. “You’re gonna remember this day, (Y/n), as a day I finally claimed you as my own.”

I gasped, looking up at him, sopped following his arm that travelled all over me, just about to say otherwise when he thrusted his tail in me.

I screamed at the thick thing invading my private place, but I couldn’t get away. I was trapped between Raphael and the wall.

I forgot to breath at the moment, my own saliva running down my neck while Raph thrusted in me.

“Tell me how much you love this.” He ordered.

I could only gasp for air when he kept trusting in me.

“Tell me how much you love me, babe.” He said with a stronger tone.

I gasped again.

“Tell me I own you!” He said out of rage and thrusted in me again.

“So much…” I moaned.

“Keep going baby.” Raph said softer.

He thrusted again, making me gasp.

“I love you-” he thrusted “RAPHAEL!” I gasped and yelled.

I heard him chuckle, then moan when he kept his tail getting deeper in my pussy.

“I’m yours Raph! Please use me as you- wish!” I moaned.

“I love you, girl. You’re all mine!” He gasped and then he and me, came at the same time.

It took some time for us to come back to our senses after that. Of course I needed more time while gaining my power back. I still couldn’t use my legs. Knowing they would just fail me when I would try to stand.

Raph lay next to me, kept me close to his chest protectively. At times he massaged my back, trying to calm me down.

“When does the season end..?” I muttered, my head against his  cheast.

“In about two months.” Raph said calmly.

“TWO MONTHS?!” I snapped and rise to sit. I looked at him dumbfounded and waited him to tell me he was joking.

“We have enough time to have lots of fun.” Raph smirked and pulled me to him.

a-small-person  asked:

I need some advice please, I want to start roleplaying but I'm really nervous to because I really look up to you and other roleplayers (TT, KP etc) and I wanna be as good as you guys but I'm a 16 year old aussie who has no money to buy wigs and other stuff that might be essential. I am a writer and have written some things but I don't know if my rp skills will be as good??? Any advice?? (Sorry if this seems long, I love your fem grayback btw its aweome)

(( OOC: Trust me, you do not need a bunch of wigs to be able to rp, the majority of of the time I just use my natural hair because I’m lazy af. And you don’t need fancy makeup either - 99% of the time I’m using my bog standard every day makeup. There’s nothing “essential” you need to rp other than a bit of guts to just do it. Follow the newbie advice I just talked about below, and most importantly - have fun. ))


Hello everyone! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I’ve decided to make a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) since a lot of you has been asking the same questions. I hope this helps. Feel free to ask me anything that isn’t in this FAQ, or you can always message me just to say hi! I always want to make new friends. c: Sorry, I’ll quit blabbering lol.

1. Where do you buy your mildliner?

I bought them in Japan. For those of you who lives in Indonesia, I’m selling them here. 

You can find Milliners and other amazing stuffs in LOFT and TOKYU HANDS in Japan ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ (and there are probably some other stores but I bought mine there)

2. What pen do you use to write?

Usually, I like to use free pens you get from hotels (lol) or those cheap pens you can get for like $1 (you can get like 2 or 3 lmao). But my favorite pen to use is MUJI’s Polycarbonate Pen (0.7)

3. What’s your nationality? What’s your major?

I’m Indonesian. (yes, my notes are written in Indonesian language) and I’m majoring in Law.

4. What paper do you use for note taking? Where do you get those squared/dotted looseleaf?

I ((always)) use kokuyo’s loose leaf for my notes. They are really great and soft, and stuffs (like mildliners, daiso highlighter, and brushpens) don’t bleed through them. They’re fantastic. ♡〜٩( ˃́▿˂̀ )۶〜♡

5. What are the things you use to write your notes?

okay, I’m going to list them all.

- For highlighting: Mildliners, Daiso highlighters, koi brushpens 

- For headers: Koi brushpens, Tombow dual brushpens, Artline Stix

- Pens: MUJI’s polycarbonate ballpoint (0.7), MUJI’s gel pen (0.38), PILOT JUICE pens (0.5), SARASA CLIP (0.5), cheap pens and pens you get from hotels lmao

Thank you for reading. 三ヾ(●゚∀゚)ノ

playing the mystic messenger valentines thingading is reminding me how much I love jumin, and how much I do NOT love the way the actual romance with him is presented

cuz it’s all “my husband buys me all the best shit and our wedding was ridiculous he bought me all these diamond encrusted paper weights to prove his love” but the materialistic stuff isn’t what I like about him at all????

all I want is dry-ass funny-ass “I don’t get fanmail I get checks” jumin who takes blurry selfies with his cat and I feel like as soon as you actually romance the guy those parts of him disappear. it’s a dumb thing.

Crossposting/Importing Tumblr

As promised, resources! 

To crosspost to Dreamwidth from Tumblr using IFTT (this has been around a while, but IFTT requires programming skills I didn’t have, so it’s nice someone actually assembled the program for me)

To import an entire Tumblr to Wordpress (For archival purposes primarily)

I feel like people maybe flipped out a little more than necessary, so I want to remind everyone that Yahoo tends to beat websites to death and then leave their corpses in the street – Del.icio.us was an anomaly in that respect – so it’s not like Tumblr’s going to disappear tomorrow. If Yahoo sells Tumblr we’ll hear about it first and have time to take appropriate measures. 

(Who the fuck would buy Tumblr? Microsoft. Microsoft, owner of Bing, would buy Tumblr.)

That said, BACKING STUFF UP IS A GOOD IDEA. BACK UP YOUR SHIT. DO IT, LISTEN TO YOUR INTERNET FATHER. You know when I learned this? When in 2008 my livejournal was hacked and I lost five years of my life. I resurrected about 80%, and you know where that 80% came from? Google cache, Archive.org, and notification emails people happened to have saved. BACKUPS. And even then I had to copy and paste every post and repost it backdated. It took me eight months. 

When del.icio.us was sold, data was lost, but more importantly, the data that remained had to be moved, which was when I discovered that about a quarter of the fanfics I’d bookmarked were now deleted, locked, or otherwise missing (this was pre-AO3 but fanfics can be deleted from AO3, and they can be deleted from Tumblr). I rescued a few from archive.org but I also lost a good number, which is why I use Evernote to archive not just the URLs but the stories themselves.  

No technology is infallible, unhackable, virus-proof, or incorruptible. Back up your hard drive, or at least the parts with your favorite music and family photos. Back up your tumblr, or at least the entries that are important to you. Love that fanfic? Save a copy of it

You know what happens to people who don’t back up their shit? They get sanctimonious but ultimately correct lectures from Reed Richards.  


psssst hey guys I’m going to be setting up a redbubble super soon and I just wanna know if anyone would be interested in buying something from me :V I’m going to be selling a lot of stickers of my characters along with patterns and prints and all that fun stuff and I just want to get an idea of who’d be interested 

I’ve been seeing this around and thought it would be nice to do this so you can get to know me a little better! ^^

Some random facts I wanted to include but didn’t have space for:
- My bangs keep changing. Sometimes I have side bangs, sometimes full bangs. I also usually cut them myself.
- I’m a crazy cat lady! I have many many cats~
- I’m a hermit who leaves the house once in a blue moon. I used to go out more often whenever I needed to buy something but now I just buy stuff online lol
- I’m anxious and paranoid 24/7.
- Whenever I like something, I tend to buy the same item in different colors.
- I laugh at inappropriate times.
- I tear up easily whenever I laugh so sometimes people think I’m upset when they see me after I’ve calmed down.
- I’m super frugal, even in games. As in I’ll keep holding on to my gold even though I know I can probably buy every item in the game lol
- I age reeeeaaaally slowly. My sister is 5 years younger than me but sometimes people mistake us for twins. It’s worse when sometimes they think she’s older than me. Even my cousins who are even younger look older than I do. OTL

I’ll add more when I think of something~