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I hate to ask, but school is kicking my butt and I'm really stressed out, do you have any headcanons with the batfamily being "smart"? Like, doing detective things or something? Please only respond if you want to/feel like it. I don't want to be a bother. Thank you.

Hmmm I’m not 100% sure what you’re asking for, but I’ll give it a shot?

  • So Damian didn’t know who his father was until pretty late in the game, BUT I think we can assume that he did hear Ra’s and Talia talk about his dad a few times when he was little. Thing is, they don’t generally use Bruce’s name. They call him “The Detective.”
  • That being the case, I always figured lil Damian ran around thinking “I too will be a detective” and playing at investigation, which would probably boil down to sneaking around in order to overhear as much as possible. For the record, I don’t think he ever dropped that habit.
  • I also think that lil Damian was obsessed with Sherlock Holmes, since Holmes is probably the most famous literary detective around. I happen to know that when Tim was fourteen, he was a member of the Sherlock Holmes Society (Detective Comics #618), so I figure they’ve got that bit in common. We are, however, talking about Tim and Damian, so when I say “something in common,” what I mean is “something to compete over.”
  • On top of the expected squabbling about the merits of different media adaptations, odds are they have contests where they both try to observe somebody and deduce as much information as possible. It’s not the kind of thing Bruce would discourage. They are supposed to be cultivating those skills, plus Bruce loves Holmes too. Another thing Bruce enjoys is showing up his children, so it works out well for him. He’s very, very good at that game.
  • So is Dick. Cass is a specific kind of good at it, because of the body language thing. They don’t make their guesses to their subject’s face, so Babs (also a talented player) fact-checks electronically as much as possible. It’s a decent way to pass time on slow patrols. They call it a training game.
Claire and Erin Interview Sachin Sahel!
Ever wondered why Jackson says "Abby" so much? How the cast prepped to play chipped versions of themselves? What Sachin always thought Jackson's first name should be? What Henry Ian Cusick's hair f

Hi fam!  Apologies for the exterior link instead of the automatic widget player; for some reason Tumblr does not not want to post this track the regular way.  WHO KNOWS.  But anyway, HERE IT IS to fill the void left in your life by the absence of a new episode!

Ever wondered why Jackson says “Abby” so much? How the cast prepped to play chipped versions of themselves? What Sachin always thought Jackson’s first name should be? What Henry Ian Cusick’s hair feels like when you run your fingers through it? Were you perhaps in the market for a Paige-and-Sachin-are-best-friends story no one has heard before, some very light and non-spoilery hints about what’s to come on Science Island, or a pair of HAUNTINGLY accurate impressions of Bellamy Blake and Charles Pike?


We got to hang out via Skype with Sachin Sahel (“Eric” Jackson on The 100) last week to talk about episode 405 and had the time of our goddamn lives. You will too.

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More on Endgame. It never ends (literally, like, that’s what the play is about). Anyway, I seriously suggest this essay by Harold Bloom Hugh Kenner (whoops) to anyone who wants to understand Endgame by Samuel Beckett better. And the play is totally worth it. @getshitdonetbh knows what I’m talking about.

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Hia!! I just wanted to say how much i love your work and all the characters and everything!! My day gets 100 times better whenever i realize another chapter is out! Okay, anyways i guess my question is who is the most and least fun to draw out of all the characters?

Ymir is the best, Jean sucks





Some sketches for an AU me and @carrotfjant have been working on: MP100 HOGWARTS AU

The basics:

  • Reigen is a squib who somehow managed to get a teaching position at Hogwarts. He’s the Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher because that position is, like, always free anyway (he originally wanted Muggle Studies but he’s not the luckiest guy)
  • Mob is a muggleborn wizard (together with his brother Ritsu whose magical powers weren’t evident until he actually arrived at Hogwarts) whose powers are immense
  • Reigen recognizes Mob’s skills and manages to get him to do all the demonstrations at his lessons
  • ???
  • Profit

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Love Lingered On His Lips (Biadore) - Lemonade

AN: I’m sorry it’s been…close to a month since I last submitted something. My mental health and creative muse took a road trip to rock bottom and they didn’t come home until a few days ago lmao. Anyway I hope y’all enjoy this!! Italics = thoughts. (also i’m sorry my author notes are a mess this is the #realme) (also x2 to the anon who asked about my abc fic like two weeks ago i am planning on continuing it!!! i have some of it written (along w/ four other unfinished fics bc i am trash)  i don’t know when exactly i’ll get it out but i 100% want to finish it)

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It was White Day and Kuroo told him a pick up line that would 100% work on Akaashi, knowing Akaashi has had a crush on Bokuto since his high school days.

Akaashi thought it was ridiculously bad.

He loved it anyway, since it came from Bokuto’s lips.

[follow up to my Valentine’s picture I did during FAPuary - but with adult!BokuAkas]


character alignment | agents of s.h.i.e.l.d.
↳ daisy “skye” johnson

chaotic good: it combines a good heart with a free spirit. chaotic good characters are strong individualists marked by a streak of kindness and benevolence. they believe in all the virtues of goodness and right, but they have little use for laws and regulations.

doing HEAVY introspection about trans stuff lately because even though i know i’ve done a ton of research and going on t is 100% what i want, im just going through the motions to scour every corner of my brain for shit. yaknow.

but anyways it just clicked for me that when i was a kid, basically up until the time i cut all my hair off i felt completely alienated whenever i saw myself in the mirror, like, i didnt know who that person was and i didnt conceptualize myself as that person. i guess i always wrote it off as Kid Stuff but uh. now that i think about it it was definitely some incarnation of dysphoria

Voltron Fancast

Not all these folks are actors/models or 100% the right age, but I did my best! Hope y’all like who I cast! Without further ado, here’s my Voltron: Legendary Defender fancast!!

1. Jake T. Austin as Lance

(21 years old)

2. Danny Shelton as Hunk

(22 years old) He’s in the NFL, but that’s ok! He’s still super cute!!

3. Corey Maison as Pidge

(14 years old) She’s not an actress, but I really wanted a young trans girl to represent Pidge. And I think she’d make a good Pidge, anyway!

4. Yoo Seung Ho as Keith

(22 years old) Couldn’t find a pic with a mullet, but he’d still make a good Keith, lol.

5. Kenta Sakurai as Shiro

(couldn’t find his age, but he looks early 20s??)

6. Arlenis Sosa Peña as Allura

(27 years old)

7. Damian Lewis as Coran

(45 years old)

Aaaand that’s it! What do y’all think?

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I'm back with Twin AU hcs! I hope I'm not being annoying by coming back so often... anyway, I just watched Jack play Richie's Plank Experience VR, imagine if Sean was there and he just pushed Jack and Jack just SCREAMED... And Scott being an ass and sabotaging Mark during a boat VR game or something (I'm sure there's one out there somewhere)... Aren't brothers just the best? XD

sean and scott are 100% dicks and i love it. sean is just as bright and loud as jack and isn’t afraid to say what he wants. scott’s the more quieter one who is constantly sarcastic and has the best comebacks. in my opinion, at least!

but i really love these omg 💙

If anyone ever wants to stay up until three in the morning talking about/crying over space gays I am 100% here for that.
  • I will always always be up for midnight noahandbrian conversation. Or just general conversations. Message me I will definitely always be up for that.

“You just earned yourself two more hours of training tomorrow by interrupting my nap, Shay.”
“How did you fell asleep on a tree anyway?
“Try training a rookie assassin who Never remember to refill his gun and you’ll know how tired I was.”
“I didn’t say it’s you.”
– Tried to create this “light coming through the leaves” kind of environment… I don’t know how does it look like but I did my best…
Special thanks to @sunsetagain for helping me with shay’s face 么么么

no offense but i don’t trust anyone who says shit like “don’t force your headcanons on other people!!!!” cause 100% of the time the headcanons they’re referring to are diverse headcanons lmfao. i’m a bisexual trans latino man, if i want any fucking representation i have to fucking do it myself with headcanons and you bet i’m going to talk about them in my own personal space. no one says you have to fucking adopt my and other people’s diverse headcanons, but i’d just encourage people to really think about why they’re so upset about people talking about these headcanons