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Based off @goldentruth813‘s post, have a bit of drarry love  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Jaehyun explaining the NCT concept that many might have been curious about: 

So what NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM have in common?

First, NCT that stands for NEO CULTURE TECHNOLOGY, is a group concept with unlimited number of members that is divided in 3 units at the moment: NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT DREAM. 

Talking about NCT 127 and NCT DREAM that are currently active, NCT 127 started promoting in Seoul (127 standing for Seoul’s longitude) and its goal is to become a global team and promote worldwide (it started with 7 and at the moment has 9 members, but -> the limitless concept do not forget!!)

Meanwhile, NCT DREAM, a group-unit of 6* teenager members with an average age of 16 years-old, has the goal to perform and living everyone’s dreams with their songs.

NCT 127, with an average age members of 20 years-old, has powerful strong songs and performances, the opposite of NCT DREAM “freshness”.

But what these 2 units have in common? Mark and Haechan are both part of NCT 127 and NCT DREAM, showing us different imagines. They are showing a strong charismatic performance with NCT 127, while with NCT DREAM, they express a dream-like innocent first love confession (both title songs “My First and Last” and “Chewing Gum” talk about a first innocent love).

You should check for yourself their stages and find out better about each unit’s concept! ~

* They wrote 6 and not 7 members, because the 7th member is Jaemin, currently taking a break-off promotions because of health issues. 


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HEYYY my first time drawing this guy! I kinda made him a bit chibi-ish because it was a cUTE REQUEST OK

[Proferror belongs to @loverofpiggies!]

  • Bruce: You kissed me.
  • Natasha: Yes, I did.
  • Bruce: Should we?... I mean, there's a discussion that we could have... if you wanted to have one?
  • Natasha: Bruce, I kissed you, with tongue, and I plan to do it again and again - get used to it. End of discussion.
  • Bruce: Okay.

Que Je Suis, Mon Amour

Chapter- 1 /4

Co-written by @thesegayhockeynerds -Written for anon who wanted some hurt/comfort BPD Kent.  This is probably longer and angstier than you originally intended, but there’s going to be loads of fluff in here because I’m firmly in the Make Kent Parson Happy 2kforever camp.

Rating: Mature

Pairings: Kent/Jack, Kent/Jack/Bitty

Tags: NHL Jack, NHL Kent, NHL Rookie Bitty, Get together, Polyamory, PBD Kent (see ao3 for full tags/warnings)

Summary:  When Falconers Captain, Jack Zimmermann, and his boyfriend Kent Parson are asked to billet the new NHL Rookie, Eric Bittle, they can’t possibly anticipate the change the small blonde is going to bring about.


Jack stared at Georgia with wide eyes, a brow cocked up high on his forehead as she made the announcement. Jack knew they were picking up three new rookies. Maze and Rowe had been traded to Boston which had been a long time coming, and their farm team was still fairly under-developed so it wasn’t a stretch that they were keeping their eye on the draft.

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Queen (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

Originally posted by marvel-freak

Prompt: Hiiii, I just came across your writing and it’s amazing! You write Sebastian so well! I was wondering if you could do something with him and the prompt “Please tell me you didn’t get on the subway like that?” You’re amazing! Thanks!

“Let’s pretend we’re strangers” Bucky angst OMG you angel, please!

A/N: Again, I combined two dialogue prompts in one. My apologies to the anon who wanted some Bucky angst, rather than Seb fluff. May I direct you to my Masterlist, which has Bucky angst for days. This was super cute and I think I might cry if this ever happened to me, regardless of Seb being present. Thanks to @entirelyyou for the other prompt! 

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