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Everything Harry and his team are doing just look super lazy. Like, hey Harry recorded an album but he can't even be arsed to promote it. Let's use all his famous friends and let them do the job for him. Like, if that's the strategy, bye bye!

I said this in my tags but I’ll say it again here. Right now this looks super yikes to me. The impression it gives is that Harry doesn’t want to talk about his music either because he wants to surprise drop it or he doesn’t care enough to talk about it. And he is letting loads of people hear it that can’t keep their mouths shut about it, so he either has bad judgement in who he is letting listen to it if he wants to drop it as a surprise or that he doesn’t care enough himself to comment. It he had said literally anything about releasing music it would be drastically different, but here we are over a year since hiatus started and he still hasn’t said anything. And before you say they can’t keep things quiet let me remind you about Another Man.

Have no idea if this one will appear by its tag - Tumblr really hates me and support doesn’t want to do a thing about the fact that some of my posts simply don’t appear in the tag search… (oh look! WIP has been posted! I bet the finished one won’t have the chance now XD XD XD )
So, once again, I am about to thank all those of you who reblog and share my art on Tumblr - that’s a big deal for me! <3
Nevertheless, just another WIP for the 23rd of Feb which is The Fatherland Defender Day in my country. Hope to pull it out the way I apicture it to be in my mind… :-)

Get To Know Me

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Relationship status: who knows honestly? still trying to figure that out myself.

Last song I listened to: pyt by michael jackson

Last book I read:  I think one of the maze runner books can’t remember which though

Favorite color: mint green.

Top 3 Shows: (in GIFS?)

Pretty Little Liars.

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New Girl 

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and Teen Wolf maybe? (early seasons..in fact all of these are for their early seasons lol)

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Top 3 characters: (in GIFS?)

Nick Miller

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Tina Belcher 

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Top 3 Ships: (again, in GIFS? lol)


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Rucas (obvi)

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aaaaaaaand Richonne

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Get to know your followers and let them get to know you like the little SKAM-family we are! Answer the questions and then tag 5 people who you want to know more about!
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Name: Shola
Country: Switzerland
Date of birth: 17.02.1998
Height: 164cm (5′4)
Orientation: still confused about it but i think straight?
Relationship status: single
Occupation: lol
Hobbies: never had a hobby? but idk if doing gifs count? but i really don’t have one
Favourite season (of the year not Skam I know what you were thinking): spring and fall
Favourite book: hmmmm idk i have so many… but i loved “the fault in our stars” like i think that was the book that got me into reading again. And i cried like a baby
Last song you listened to: foreplay - Jalen Santoy
Coffee, tea or hot cocoa: tea
How much do you use ketchup on a scale from 1-not at all, to 5-on all foods: oh i love ketchup… so i think 8??
Average hours of sleep: i try to get at least 8 hours!!
Last thing you googled: moana (hahhahahhahahahah i am obsessed)
Last message you sent someone: it was to @kardamomme “we need to be rescued!!”

Who do you think will be s4 main?: sana
Favourite Skam character: even or isak
Biggest not canon ship: ok like noora and jonas? but like idk??? I DONT KNOW
Best Skam quote: NO DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!! but the one i think about a lot is: “everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. be kind. always”
How did you find out about Skam?: Tumblr

Blog created: 01 Apr 2013
Why did I choose my URL: ehhh because im deep in skam!!! 
Number of followers atm: ohooooooooooo do you really wanna know? do i really need to say this? okayyyyyyy 3,184 ………………..

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Bringing Up the Bodies

I’m very happy that I have people to tag on this, who actually enjoy it! Although, this chapter is ‘meh’ it will get better, a lot more stuff will happen! I just don’t want to give anything away. Thank you, again and again, from the bottom of my heart, for reading, I appreciate it more than you all know!

Chapter Seven: Straighten Up

Finishing inventory, Simon dismissed the Saviors and went on his way to get food. It was close to dinner time, so good for the wives and Negan were ready. Simon went down and met with Margo, who was working on the schedule; she smiled upon seeing him.

“Simon,” she greeted, “how was the haul?”

“Good,” he muttered, “how’s the girl?”

“She’s fine,” Margo replied, hand on her hip, “she’s happy to work in the kitchen. Little thing, how old is she?”

“Negan says she said she’s 25,” Simon shrugged, “musta been out there for awhile for her to get so weak.”

Margo frowned and shook her head, “See the scar?” Giving a nod, Simon tried not to remember how Naomi looked on her arrival, “She eat?”

“Like a bird,” Margo quipped with a warm smile, “she’s a bit wobbly, but I think she’s gonna make it. Negan says she gets first plate tonight, mind takin’ it up to her?”

Simon hummed again, “Will do…I gotta stop by the library first.”


Naomi was wide awake when Simon came with dinner; he and Carson stepped in, Simon carrying the plate of food and a book under his arm. He didn’t smile, he kept up his tough demeanor as he followed in after Carson, who cleared his throat, gathering her attention. Naomi was drawing on the whiteboard, simple little doodles; looking up, she saw the men and forced a small smile and waved.

This made Simon finally crack and smile; “Chow,” he said, “got some soft stuff for ya.”

Naomi set the board aside and signed, Thank you.

Carson stepped to her side, grabbing vitamins and pain killers, “Here, take these before you eat.”

Naomi obliged, grabbing the cup of water beside her and downing the pills in one big gulp. She thanked Simon again as he set the plate in her lap; Simon smiled still nodding. 

“Mind givin’ us a minute, doc?” He muttered.

Carson frowned, looking at Naomi, then back at him, “Um, okay. I’ll be having my dinner out there, Naomi.”

Naomi gave a nod as Carson stepped out, closing the door behind him. She looked at Simon as he grabbed a chair and sat beside her; her mind wondering what he wanted. She felt vulnerable as he set himself comfortably; she grabbed the board and wrote, What do you need from me?

Simon licked over his bottom lip, “Uh, I just wanted–Negan wanted me to check on you,” he lied softly, “I’m…if you would rank us, I’m his number one, you know?”

Naomi nodded.

He let out a sigh, “So, I’m his eyes and ears where he can’t be. Are you doing alright?”

Naomi nodded again, looking at the food on her plate, mashed potatoes and steamed veggies.

“Margo help you?” He asked quickly.

Taking a bite of her potatoes, she nodded once again, then grabbed her board, She is very kind, thank you for putting me in the kitchen

Simon hummed, “Yeah, it’s so Carson can keep a close eye on you…it’s close to the infirmary.”

There was silence as Naomi began to eat slowly; it was a bit awkward, but Naomi didn’t seem to mind, she liked having company. Awkward or not, she’d take it.

“I, uh…” Simon cleared his throat as Naomi’s eyes met his; he was in awe of how large and bright they were, “I’m…I got you a book,” he took the book forgotten from under his arm, “it’s Hemingway, one of my favorites.”

Naomi smiled, her cheeks turning pink; she signed to him, Thank you

Setting the book beside her on the bed, he sat up straighter, “And, I’ve been learning, um…” he became nervous for some reason, “I’m learning ASL…to, uh, help you. Negan’s always busy so if you need anything you can come to me. It’s gonna be hard to carry that board around a lot.”

Naomi felt her heart swell, she smiled wider, and signed, how good are you?

He chuckled, “Um…not that good, but I’m learning.”

She clapped softly, You and Dwight will be life savers!

Simon squinted a bit, trying to remember the signs, “Life savers?” Naomi nodded approvingly, “It’ll be easier, someone close by to help when you don’t have the board or a pen and paper.”

Naomi ate a bit more before she grabbed the whiteboard and began to write: I really appreciate it, I owe you guys a lot

Simon rolled his eyes playfully, rubbing the scruff of his beard, “Nah, don’t worry about it. When you get healthy, kid, me ‘n you will get you started on training.”

Naomi wiped the board and wrote: Is that the gift Negan was talking about?

Simon shook his head, knowing what Negan had meant, “Nah…nah, that’s something completely different. In due time, everything will fall into place.”

Smiling, Naomi set the board aside and continued to eat. They were engulfed in a comfortable silence now with Simon pulling the travel sized ASL book from his back pocket. Naomi had taken noticed, again, smiling at him, feeling accepted, something she hadn’t felt in years.


Sarai watched as a few Saviors stood by the parlor doors, guarding the way out, waiting for Ashley. She was banished. Negan had decided to make her go back to work and she wasn’t allowed to take anything with her. The men were there to watch her while Negan was off with Tanya. Sarai sat and watched Ashley eat her last meal, slowly chewing and drinking wine; Sarai felt too sick to eat herself.

“Are you done yet?” One of the men said, “Its gettin’ late and we’d like to fuckin’ eat too.”

Ashley glanced from her plate and frowned; “Fuck you.”

The men laughed, “You’re the fucked one, honey.”

“Shut the hell up,” Sarai sneered, “go wait outside, dogs!”

The men frowned, rolling their eyes and stepped out. The heavy parlor doors shut loudly behind them. Ashley looked back at her plate, the food was half eaten and she was working on her third glass of wine.

“I’m sorry,” Sarai said suddenly, “but, this is your fault. I don’t know how many times I told you–”

“Please,” Ashley grit her teeth, “just…don’t lecture me right now. At least I’ll be back downstairs with my sister and real husband.”

Sarai stood and went over, sitting beside Ashley, “At least you have family to go back to, ya'know,” she murmured. “At least they aren’t dead.”

Ashley sighed deeply, hanging her head, “I let this go to my head…I was…” she trailed; her voice fading as they heard the headboard in Tanya’s room banging. Ashley groaned, “I really let him get in my head.”

“Just be glad he isn’t gonna kill you,” Sarai reminded her.

“Yeah,” she mumbled in reply, “but he’s gonna work me like a dog.”

“It could be worse,” Sarai added, “you had it made for awhile, now you’re just going to work again. You could be down in a cell.”

Ashley shrugged, “I know…I know,” her eyes met Sarai’s, “what are you gonna do about your baby?”

Sarai shrugged back, “I dunno. I’ll tell him…if he kicks me down, I’ll just meet you back in the garden, just like before.”

Letting a laugh escape, Ashely shook her head, “Yeah, it’ll be like before,” she paused, the smile fading, “but, uh, I hope he doesn’t kick you out. I hope he wants your baby.”

Sarai felt tears well up, and her throat clench, “Really?”

She gave a nod, “I do.”

Sarai got up and leaned over, hugging Ashley as the tears fell down her cheeks, “Thank you.”

Ashley sniffled, “You’re welcome. You deserve it.”


The following morning, once Ashley was gone, Negan entered the parlor and noticed how quiet it was. Sarai had brought up breakfast and Tanya was reading; her eyes lifted upon hearing Negan enter, “Coffee?”

Negan hummed quietly, “Never noticed how empty this fuckin’ place was without her.”

His voice was full of distaste, not remorse. Tanya knew what he was thinking, and she expected she or Sarai would be the ones to find a new wife. 

“Sarai,” Negan called to his wife as she set the table for herself and Tanya. 

Sarai looked over, seeing her husband saunter over, smiling at her, “Yes, Negan?”

“We have a new girl down in the fuckin’ infirmary who could use a haircut,” Negan leaned against the empty chair to her right. “Wanna be a doll and give her one?”

Sarai frowned slightly, wondering if it was that mute girl she had met, “The quiet one?”

Negan nodded, still smiling, “She wants the scar covered up, and she needs her hair shorter. We fuckin’ don’t want someone to grab ahold of her so goddamn easily.”

Sarai nodded, her stomach fluttering happily, “Do you want me to bring her up here?”

Negan clasped his hands, the leather of his jacket crinkling under his arms, “Why the fuck not? Show her how the other half lives,” he kidded.

“What’s wrong with her?” Sarai questioned after a moment; she set food on plates for herself and Tanya.

The subject had gotten to Negan; he covered up his sudden emotion by stealing toast with strawberry jam, “She’s deaf,” he said with his mouth full; swallowing he finished, not meeting her eyes, “she can kinda hear.”

Sarai nodded, “Okay…so I can talk to her but she can’t talk back,” she said this to herself.

“Yeah. And ya'know what, give her some of Ashley’s fuckin’ clothes, anything comfortable.”

“Okay,” Sarai mumbled. “When do you want me to collect her?”

Negan finally looked up at her, “Whenever. Take her up the goddamn lift, she can barely fuckin’ walk.”

Sarai hummed, “I’ll get her after breakfast.”

Negan smiled, taking noticed of Sarai’s chocolate skin glowing, “Thank you, darlin’…you know,” he leaned in close to her, setting the half eaten toast down, “you’re glowin’…I like it.”

Sarai blushed, smiling nervously as her heart started to beat rapidly, “Shut up, Negan and get outta here. I’m sure Simon is waiting for you.”

He chuckled and kissed her, keeping his nose and forehead close, “Ill see you later. Play nice with our new friend.”

Sarai rolled her eyes, patting his chest, “Go.”

Negan gave her another kiss on the corner of her mouth and turned to leave. He stopped just as Tanya stood up to join Sarai at the table, “You, honey, you’re allowed out too,” he placed his hand on her shoulder, “be a good girl.”

Tanya smirked, “Does that mean I’m suppose to look for potential new pussy?”

Negan leaned, laughing, “Oh, honey, you know me too fuckin’ well.”

“Get outta here, Negan,” she too patted his cheek softly.

“Wives,” he mumbled playfully to himself as he left the parlor.

Once the door shut, Tanya exhaled deeply and joined Sarai, “Do you think we need a new girl up here?”

Sarai nodded, “We’re gonna need a couple of we gotta keep up with Negan,” she paused, “and if he’s gonna find out about the baby.”

Tanya hummed, “I forgot. I’ll look…hopefully he’ll find himself his own. I really hate looking for girls for him. He’s so goddamn picky.”

Sarai laughed, shaking her head, “His definition of pretty is way different than yours, that’s for sure.”

“Well,” Tanya began, “maybe that girl could be a new one?”

“I don’t think so,” Sarai took a sip of orange juice, “she’s just a little thing, I don’t think she’s even legal. You know Negan and his damn rules.”

Tanya sighed defeatedly, “Okay. Okay. I’ll spend my day looking at tits and ass for my husband.”

Lifting her glass of juice, Sarai murmured, “Cheers.”

Tanya did the same, “Cheers.”


Men bowed as Negan strolled through the cafeteria, Lucille propped on his shoulder, making his way to get breakfast. He liked to be surrounded with his men when he ate, it made his mind empty, listening and watching others than sitting by himself. He and Simon sat together, Lucille lay on the table next to his breakfast; they were talking about plans for the day as they scooped eggs and bacon into their mouths. 

“Freddy found an empty outlet mall,” Simon said, “we’re goin’ out in an hour to check it out.”

“Freddy found it?” Negan cocked a brow.

Simon shrugged, “Well, Arat did, but you know she hates takin’ credit for anything.”

Rolling his eyes, Negan took a sip from his coffee, “I will never fuckin’ understand women.”

“Speaking of,” Simon added, “I think that kid, Naomi, ought to be out, get some vitamin D or whatever, help her walk.”

Negan frowned slightly, “What? Let her outside? The fuck for?”

“She’s too fuckin’ pale and it’d be easy on her to use the railings to walk,” Simon affirmed. “Can’t have her locked away forever.”

Negan couldn’t understand why Naomi was such a sore subject for him. He had barely met the girl and she was already a major factor in his head. He couldn’t understand what it was.

Clearing his throat, Negan sat up straighter, “I’ll let you take the reigns on this one, Simon. I’m gonna stay here today.”

Simon smirked, “You lookin’ for a new piece of ass?”

Negan laughed, “You fuckin’ know it. And I have to make sure Ashley keeps her fucking ass in line.”

Simon shook his head, “Are you sure boss?”

“I’m sure,” Negan gulped down his lukewarm coffee. “You make sure those assholes don’t screw shit up while I’m fuckin’ here.”

“You got it, boss.”


Naomi stumbled as she stepped out of the bed, her hands gripped Carson’s forearms as she prepared to walk. Carson encouraged her softly, leading her towards the bathroom; this occurred often, and still her legs weren’t used to the exercise.

“You can do it,” Carson placed his hand on her back, leading the way.

Naomi swallowed, her legs less wobbly as before, she could feel her calves and knees growing stronger. She held on to keep her weight even. As they got to the bathroom, Carson let her go, letting her lean on the sink, “How do you feel?”

Naomi held up her thumb.

“Is it okay if I leave you?”

She nodded, standing up straighter at the sink. Carson watched her for a moment, before reminding her to knock three times if she needed him. Again, she nodded and shut the door behind him.

Naomi looked at herself in the small mirror, seeing it the was cracked up on the left handed corner, the lines scattered down, distorting her face. She couldn’t remember the last time she really looked at herself; her hallowed cheeks, large brown eyes sunken in dark circles. 

I look dead, she thought, I need to eat more…maybe go outside when I can walk.

Pushing her thoughts aside, she began to brush her teeth, her knees knocking twice as she held herself up with her right arm. She managed to finish and then clean her face, her right arm still holding her up right; after, she walked, or rather wobbled to the toilet that was close to the sink and set to do her business.

After she finished, she made it back to the sink, knocking on door three times. The door opened, her eyes meeting Sarai’s; she was surprised, she jumped slightly.

Sarai laughed, “Sorry, did I scare you?”

Naomi nodded once as she stepped back.

“Carson is busy checking up on Davey, and Negan said you wanted a haircut,” Sarai smiled at her.

Again, she nodded and started towards the door. Placing her arm around Naomi’s waist, she helped her towards the wheelchair that was out and ready. Sarai grabbed the whiteboard and marker from the bed and handed it to Naomi, “Are you ready?”

Naomi began to write; Where are we going?

“Upstairs,” Sarai replied. 

As she wheeled Naomi out, down the halls towards the lift, she began to wonder out loud; “How old are you?”

Naomi lifted the board as the lift jerked up and began to ascend; 25

Sarai smiled to herself, “Really?” Naomi nodded. “Well, do you mind me asking, have you ever been married?”

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*all i want for christmas is you playing muffled in the distance*
gabe is really festive guy pass it on

some AO3 tagging guidelines

AO3 tagging isn’t like Tumblr tagging, please be aware of the differences

  • tag primary pairing(s) - aka the pairings the fic is actually about
  • think before tagging secondary pairings(s) - if the pairing gets a lot of screentime or if the pairing is prominent, go ahead. if the pairing is mentioned twice in passing, do not tag it.
  • tag the categories - like pairings, only choose the ones that are significant enough. don’t choose “f/f” when a f/f pairing is only mentioned in passing
  • tag characters who appear in significant enough roles - again, don’t tag characters who are just mentioned. so tag the main characters and some secondary.
  • tag trigger warnings - if there is anything in your fic that might be triggering or upsetting, please tag it. this allows readers to make healthy decisions in their fic reading. you can be kind of vague in the tags and elaborate in an author’s note if you don’t want to spoil the plot
  • use the set warning tags - these catch the big ones people look for without getting too specific
  • use appropriate ratings - don’t tag something as General when it has hardcore violence and sex, because it doesn’t let people make appropriate choices when looking for fic
  • tag fic content - these are the things people might be looking for when filtering fic. things like established relationship, pre-series, alternate universe, fix-it, etc. using these well can even help get people to read your fic.
  • don’t tag your stream of consciousness - AO3 tags aren’t like tumblr tags. they have code and staff who have to go through tags and group them and index them for filtering and common tagging. when you put things like “#omg I stayed up until 3 am editing this #shoutout to my friends Friend1 and Friend2 #etc #etc” those tags are then looked at and discarded for being useless (also it makes it hard to readers to figure out what tags are relevant in a wall of tags). this is what the author’s notes section of each chapter is for.

edit to add:

  • for pairing tags: use “character/character” for romantic pairings and use “character & character” for platonic/familial pairings


but marco you knew EVERYTHING about star, her life, her royal families, her duties, SO YOU KNOW WHO DESERVE ON MARCO’S SIDE


The only thing Marco wants in his life, is only her, Star Butterfly, his GirlBestfriend, half part of his soul to be together with him forever and after,

Bonus again (who doesn’t love bonus anyway)




why is he so cute i can’t

lets play a game?

because i almost hit 600 followers and i actually typed my follow forever when i hit 500 followers but my dad closed the tumblr tab when i havent saved it yet and im too lazy too wrote it all over again;“)
sooo i was thinking about a new thing. not a blograte, not a follow forever.

the rules are easy tho:
- reblog this post. (i think this is a must lol or i cant see you)
- you dont have to follow me but a follow would be appreciated:)
- you dont have to be a studyblr also.
- send me and ask with your fav emoji(s) also your name

what i will do:
since i cant answer with pictures via phone, i’ll post it instead and mentioning you (also credits to rightful owner if needed).
i will do a bullet journal pack (like the book, the utensils, the spreads, etc.) of what i think about your name and fav emoji(s) plus a site model icon of what i think about your name too!! (bc i just dang i love looking at those girls/boys theyre hella cute😍) alsoo a quote!!😁☺😊

soo i think thats it??? if this doesnt get note just forget it lmaoo if you dont want to see me playing games around in your dash please block #bilfy plays a game😊

Remedy (3)

Bucky x reader

Bucky’s POV.

Notes: trigger warnings! Implications of sexual abuse, mentions of torture, swearing, injuries, cute-ass Bucky who knows exactly how to be sweet and careful.

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“I don’t want to be alone”

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Can Lesbian Identity Survive The Gender Revolution?
Maybe the future really can be female. That depends on how we define it.
By Shannon Keating

y’all…this article is seriously so fucking awful. it is basically saying lesbians are regressive and ~~~too exclusionary~~~~ yet again. YET AGAIN never attacking gay men or straight people for “””genital preferences”””…

perhaps the worst quote: “Some lesbians who don’t go full-out TERF are still all too eager to write off dating trans people because of “genital preferences,” which means they have incredibly reductive ideas about gender and bodies.”

did you know you’re an evil terf if you don’t like penis?

@terfmeanslesbian and so many more blogs i want to tag

one of the reasons people with bpd handle people rejecting them/abandoning them so hard is bc we base our identities around these people we get attached to. how THEY feel about us is who we ARE, in our minds. if they love us, we base our identities around that and believe we are loveable. if they leave us or decide they don’t like us anymore, we believe we are unloveable because we have no concrete sense of who we are, apart from how other people feel about us.