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Mr. & Mrs. Eric Richard Bittle


Mr. Robert Zimmermann &

Mrs. Alicia Carter Zimmermann

invite you to celebrate

the marriage of their sons


Eric Richard Bittle Jr.


Jack Laurent Zimmermann


Saturday, the twenty-ninth of June

two thousand and nineteen

at eleven o’clock in the morning


Reception to follow


Q: May I ask what happened? Like how’d you work from warner bros to Disney? Were you a free lancer and contract ended? Felt like it wasn’t a good environment? Sorry if I’m nosy once I get my BA in animation I kind of want to know the process of finding a job in a company or what artist go through. Btw CONGRATS! LIVING THR DREAM!!


I already answered this on my post but I figure it would be good to post it separately for those who want job careers similar to mine.  

A: I was a full time employee at Warner Bros but Be Cool Scooby Doo ended productions arounndddd November? So I was looking for another job and got a recommendation from my art director to test for Ducktales at Disney. I took the art test and i just pretty much got the job but i’m at this 6 week trial thing where they want to see if i’m the kind of person they want to work with. 

The most important advice i can give you is NETWORKKKKK PEOPLE!!! Your friends will get you the jobs. People will want to work with people they already know —-> FRIENDS are usually the first to be recommended in anything. Don’t just sit there and dream that your art will be so dazzling that it’ll make recruiters hand you a job, you have to get out there and approach those people in the industry! That’s how I was even able to work for WB in the first place! 

(side story: I met my art director from WB when she was giving a presentation in my class, and then the teacher in that class gave me her email and i talked to her how i was interested in working in the BCSD team. At that time they didn’t have jobs but at least she knew who i was at that point and was interested! Then i met her again when i invited her to go to my Grad show and we finally got to talk one on one. After that my boyfriend’s friend was a BG painter at BCSD at that time and gave us a tour at WB where i met the art director again!!!! and FINALLLY there was a position opened for a BG designer. So through all those meet-ups my art director at that point gotten familiar with me enough that she emailed me to give me a art test and i got the job!!! 

So talking to people is IMPORTANT! You don’t know where that person’s career is heading so just be nice to everyone and at least say hi! The worst thing that they can do is just ignore you. So don’t be scared to reach out to your peers, teachers, WHOEVER! 

And when you DO GET THE ART TEST: 

Make sure whatever you do is strictly what they ASKED for. I’ve seen so many tests where the artist tries to put themselves in the art tests or just do the things the job says NOT to do (read EVERYTHING in the style guild). Showing yourself off is the WORST thing you can do. The tests aren’t about YOU. It’s about if you can fit in THEIR show’s style, they need consistency! That’s what makes you the better option, that you know your place and you can do what’s asked from you.

Hope that helps!


being hinata is suffering

people seemed to enjoy my actor au post so here’s another one! this time with Hinata feat. Ko™

[More Actor AU!]

Is it actually illegal to be a Sith Lord?

This is something I’ve been wondering for a long time. I mean, so the Chancellor is a Sith? Is that actually a punishable offense? At that point in ROTS, the Jedi have no actual proof that Palpatine is behind both sides of the war, and everything he’s done as Chancellor has been approved and legalized by the Senate.

So, legally speaking, do they actually have any grounds to even arrest him? Let alone attempt to kill him for resisting arrest? Or is that the true genius of Palpatine’s plan - that when he tells the Senate the Jedi attempted to assassinate him and stage a coup against the government, he’s actually telling the truth?

you were my almost | | [ barry allen ] pt. 2

a/n: ah finally finished part 2 of you were my almost ! warning it is feelsy towards the end since someone dies. but this almost hit 3,000 words of the two parts combined, wow. I’m starting to plot corpse bride flash au and I will do a separate post for those who want to be tagged in it. but it will come after the savitar imagine dedicated to @staringatademigod​ ! ships will be opened tomorrow and requests are open unless stated otherwise by me !

               Relationship(s): Amnesia!Barry ‘Bart’ Allen & Reader (crushing), Iris West/Barry Allen (engaged), Barry Allen & Reader

“Um that’s Joe West, Barry- Bart’s foster dad and I’m Iris West. His. .fiancé.” She speaked out as she bites the bottom part of her lip when she sees you starting to look upset, “I’m really sorry that this happened but we need him back to S.T.A.R labs.”

Bart shook his head and moved closer to you like a little child who didn’t want to leave, “No. .No I’m not anywhere without Y/N, there were people trying to take my kidneys. I want to keep my kidneys.” He mutters as he stays by you until feels you tugging him to go.

“Go Bart- or Barry or whatever your name is, they need you there. .I highly doubt that S.T.A.R labs needs your kidneys for anything I think.” You say softly, you were heartbroken as the words from Iris’s mouth still stung that he was actually engaged. You thought maybe you had a chance since many other guys just looked at you the same way they did in high school, a nerd with her nose stuck in a book. You watch as Bart refused to go with the other two still before you managed to speak up once again, “How about I come along? Maybe it will help his nerves about going to S.T.A.R labs, I promise I will keep whatever secret you may have to hide. I’m good with secrets, please I promise that and to help in any way I can- I mean I might be just some astrophysics scientist but you know.” You shrug your shoulders as Joe gave a worried glance to Iris before nodding you to come along as the brown-haired male finally followed since you went as well.


“Wait so are you sure you want to involve another civilian with this mess Joe? I mean, we surely can’t risk another person’s life of this.” Julian says as you are greeted by H.R and Cisco as Bart just looks confused as Iris tries to talk to him while the blond man looks at the older gentlemen with concern eyes, “We already have Caitlin and Savitar out there to worry about.”

Joe sighed as he rubbed his forehead before explaining that Barry- Bart wouldn’t come to S.T.A.R labs without you and learned that Julian and Cisco had possibly found a way to restore his foster son’s memory, “And if he doesn’t remember after this?” He asks with a very obviously worried expression written all across face.

“Well then, the best we could hope is something that jogs his memory of being well, him and being the Flash. I don’t what else we can possibly do I’m afraid after this, I’m sorry Joe.” Julian responds to the question as he and Cisco head toward Barry before looking at the others with a deep breath leaving him.
“Alright, let’s pray that this works.” Cisco says as he’s was about to touch something on the tablet that he was holding in his hands before you stopped him by catching his arm.

You took a breath and as much as you wanted him to yourself instead with Iris although it was extremely selfish idea. You looked with teary E/C eyes at Cisco with your hand on his arm to stop him from getting Bart’s memories back, “Not yet please. I think it’s best that I should leave if he gets his memories back, I mean after all he won’t remember me.” You say as you turn the heel of your red and white converse towards Bart while trying to fight tears, “Goodbye. It was really nice knowing you, I don’t meet much guys like you. You were one of quickest best friend I had ever made, thank you so much. Maybe one day, our paths might cross again but who knows right? Goodbye Bartholomew.” You choke out before running away out of S.T.A.R labs with tears streaming through your eyes while ignoring the calls to bring you back.


You worked day after day since that faithful day, never hearing back from anyone for a while you did a formula on the table to figure out an experiment that you were kept you occupied. It hurt that you were once again alone, but you were used to it. You were mostly alone as a child growing up which always made your parents worry about your wellbeing but it didn’t bother you no more. Maybe it was comforting to be alone as you sigh before walking out to go catch a break, some coffee and one of those scones from Jitters sounds good. It was fine walk until the most unthinkable happen but it happened so often that it was normal as you walked across the street before getting hit by a speeding car.

While you were gone, Barry had become back to his normal self as the speedster dork that everyone in S.T.A.R labs knew. However, they were very seldom about talking about you since they didn’t want to drag you back into the mess so they never spoke a word until H.R had accidently let it out one day before having to explain to Barry about you, the girl who helped him. “So, you guys didn’t bother telling me about Y/N? Where is she now Cisco? Tell me, I need to thank her or something because who knows what would’ve happened to me out there. I could’ve gotten myself hurt or worse, killed?” He says as Cisco types up your profile and looks for your location while Barry waits with his arms crossed.

“Oh no. Oh no.” The technical engineer repeated himself as he looks up at his friend, “Y/N was involved in a hit and run accident. She, being the who got hit by the driver and it looks like she’s at the local hospital in. .critical condition. It,” He bites his bottom lip before managing to speak out the rest, “It looks likes she might not make it Barry. I’m sorry.” A gust of wind blew with papers shuffling beside him as he sighed knowing that the brown-haired male sped to go the hospital.

“Excuse me.” Barry spoke, “Pardon me please.” as he moves through the people in the busy sidewalk and pushes through the doors before rushing towards the front desk receptionist, slamming his hands on the counter which startled the older woman typing on her computer. “I need to see Y/N L/N, please. I beg you.” He breathes out as the women pushed her cat eyed glasses up and pushes keys on her keyboard.

“Are you her family sir?” She asks in a nasally voice as Barry shook his head, “Then I’m sorry. I can’t let you see her, doctors’ orders.” While eyeing Barry, “I’ll let you know when visitors can come see her.”

Barry nods sadly as he sat down on a chair, waiting for the nasally women to tell him that he can see her. He refused to come home that night as he slept to wait to see you until he was awoken the next morning the same old woman receptionist from the day before only with sad eyes behind the cat eyed glasses. “Where is she? How is she?” He asks almost a million questions at once before slowing down for the poor lady.

“Sir, I’m afraid Ms. Y/N L/N passed away an hour ago due to complications. I talked to Dr. Sanders and she will let you see her to say your goodbyes if you want.” She speaks as Barry’s heart broke from those words, “Ms. L/N is in room 113, second floor.” She adds as the brown-haired male got up and said his thank you before leaving to your room.

Barry couldn’t believe what he saw you there, laying so peacefully like you were just sleeping but your heart monitor proved otherwise as his green eyes filled with tears. Even if you weren’t a major part of his life, it sure as hell felt like it did as he moved his warm hand to touch your cold S/C toned hand. “Y/N, I just wanted to say thank you for everything when I lost my memory. H.R told me about you and the things you told him that we did together. It sounded like we could’ve been really good friends and watch Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan with Cisco. We usually go all out with popcorn, candy, and a bunch of stuff.” He dryly laughs before his tears got the best of him, “And to quote, ‘I have been and always shall be your friend.’ I promise that Y/N.”

“I promise to be there on time for you and be your friend wherever you may be.” 

anonymous asked:

Would you ever consider putting the coffee dragons up as stickers in your store? I'm ace, love coffee, and dragons are my favorite animal, and I would plaster my laptop in agender aro/ace coffee dragons stickers if you were selling them. (Or even as prints, really, I love those coffee dragons and would love to buy them as prints.)

Yes, absolutely! I’m definitely going to work on putting up some stickers and prints of those lil guys later on for people who want them — I’ll make a separate post on here when I’ve properly updated my store. Thanks for your interest! :)

more appreciation for short boys pls

The Winter Soldier is a villain, but not the traditional villain, nor is he a traditional brainwashed henchmen either.

The Winter Soldier has free will. But not in the orthodox sense. His free will and consciousness are in a screwed matter. Because of Hydra, he was  taught that right is wrong, and wrong is right.

He had consciously killed people, but in his mind, he was doing the right thing.

Because this scene:

This scene is literally showing you that they are erasing memories. Memories of the right choices. The right choices of Bucky Barnes.

They broke down Bucky to create a villain, The Winter Soldier.

Bucky Barnes though, he is a victim. A victim of the Winter Soldier.

He is a hostage of his own mind, his own body, because of the Winter Soldier. Because of Hydra.

And here you see it:

You see Bucky trying to break free fully from the Winter Soldier’s grasp on him. He is crushing his arm. The arm of the Winter Soldier.

Because he killed with this arm.

At least that’s what he thinks.

Because Bucky doesn’t understand that what happened to him was evil, all he knows is that he did the wrong thing. And wants to break free.

Bucky is afraid of what the Winter Soldier could do to him and the people around him.

That’s why he was hiding from Steve so long, he was afraid of what the Winter Soldier would do.


reference of the two Millennium Earl’s (“original” Earl and Adam) we know until now, to compare them! i tried to get as close as i could with the manga. also, the colors are up to the artist, i just used the ones from the 219 cover for this!

So a while back (almost a year, actually) I drew these guys right here and since then I’ve sort of come up with different ideas/headcanons so I thought I’d revisit the drawings.


i shipped hiccelsa before the craze started.  #hiccelsahipster

what fucks me up about mary’s little speech at the end is the “what you could become” line because what she describes is what they were before and they HAVE been that and they KNOW that already, like, what the fuck,

Also for people from yesterday stream, who desperately wanted like those drawings :D they are not posted separately and will not be. Not yet. I have about 20 more cards prepared to be filled with drawings and only after I finish them all, I post them. They will be all framed like 4 pictures at top.