who want war

Hux isn’t well; he knows this, has known this for a few days now. His head is pounding, feeling as if there are multiple blasters shooting against his temples, and his body aches from the inconsistent shivering brought on by a persistent fever. Rest would be his best remedy, but sleep has been a fleeting concept over the last three days, what with Kylo calling for late night meetings and changing plans and courses as quick as the blink of an eye.

Hux has had his hands full following Kylo around and making sure that what he asks for gets handled, and in return, exhaustion has brought along a fever that’s relentless, annoying, and more words Hux would mentally spit out if his head wasn’t splitting at the seams. He’s eager to get to his bed after going on the fourth day with little to no sleep, but the second he walks through the doors leading to his quarters, Kylo steps in after him with a huff that has Hux tensing his shoulders along a spike of annoyance.

“General, I want everyone present for a meeting in ten minutes.”

“Everyone?” Hux asks through clenched teeth as he keeps his back to Kylo.

“Yes.” Kylo almost growls out, and Hux spins on his heel because it’s early morning hours with more than half the ship asleep. He’s prepared to argue that that act alone will take hours, but the quick turn has him falling to the side as the room continues to spin. He braces to crash against his desk, but he stops, and a familiar tingling shoots across his body. His eyes snap open to see Kylo holding a hand out, with an unreadable expression tugging at his face.

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mobile has filters!

hey y’all did you know that mobile now has an option to filter posts? cause I sure as fuck didn’t. here’s how to do it if you were clueless like me!

go forth and filter to your hearts content with this newfound information!

good things about the prequels
  • liam neeson
  • omg so many robots
    • literal war hero r2d2??
  • ewan mcgregor
    • the fact that he couldn’t stop making light saber noises
    • is he supposed to look so jesus-y or is it just a beautiful coincidence?
  • the literal one scene in phantom menace without any CGI
  • the music
    • @ john williams haters: FIGHT ME
  • “lost a planet, master obi-wan has. how embarrassing.”
  • christopher lee’s voice
  • “good call, my young padawan”
    • a line that was made to be giffed
  • yoda’s “i fuckin told u” face every time anakin does something dumb
  • hayden christensen’s hair, once he gets rid of that dumb braid
  • the complete lack of subtlety in character names
    • “count dooku” is the most evil name i have ever heard
    • “general grievous” and “lord sidious” are tied for second
    • “darth plagueis?” are you kidding?
  • that part where r2 screams and runs into the wall
  • like 5 whole seconds in revenge of the sith where everyone is happy
  • obi-wan abandoning cloaks wherever he goes
  • sometimes you just need a lil’ angst in your life
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Save Net Neutrality #netneutrality

Ok kids, *rubs hands together* here we go.

As many of you may have probably heard, the FCC (Federal Communications Committee) wants to repeal Net Neutrality in the USA, which rests on the principle of having unrestricted access to any site you would like through your Internet Service Provider. 

If Net Neutrality is repealed, ISPs will have the ability to create slow-lanes and fast-lanes (slowing or speeding up your internet speed depending on how much websites choose to pay), bundling the websites you have access to into packages you must pay for (for example, social networks like Snapchat and Tumblr, and streaming services like Netflix or Crave, are bundled and cost x amount of money for access) much like cable TV. 

They can restrict whatever content and websites they dislike or feel imposes their ideals, and effectively cut you off from certain information they don’t want you to see. They can monitor all of the content you access and have full control of how you use the internet. They can favour certain websites that work to their own benefit, for example they could purposely slow down Google and speed up Bing just because Bing chooses to pay Verizon more money. Sites will have to pay in order to have fast internet speeds; and if they don’t, they will have to deal with purposefully slow service set for them by ISPs.

I live in Canada, and i’ve been looking in to how this might effect us as we live closest to the US. My country and the Prime Minister seem to be standing their ground in opposition, but I cannot say for sure with other countries.

Repealing Net Neutrality could effect other countries all around the world. The majority of content consumed on the internet is based in the United States. Google, Netflix, YouTube, Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo! are all American based websites, and some of the biggest in the world. Though some of these websites have the money to pay for “Fast-lane service”, they wouldn’t be happy about it; and streaming service would raise their prices, and some sites may just have to implement new fees for their services. 

In the future, it may also cause other countries being pressure by american based ISPs, and even by the Federal Government and Donald Trump, to follow suite of the new repeal. This could have a snowball effect on countries all over the world.

Rather than having the internet as a basic database to access information in all walks of economic class, it becomes more of a luxury for the rich and higher class. Repealing Net Neutrality will completely crush independent sellers, musicians, small companies, and emerging entrepreneurs. The big guys get bigger and effectively drive out the new competitors.

In terms of Fandom, you might witness content creators, writers, and artists disappear, possibly unable to have access to their programs and even Tumblr itself. I really, really, don’t want to watch this happen.

However this vote does not take place until December 14th, and there is still time to make a difference and fight for an open internet.

Please sign ASAP and look into how you might be affected.

If you live in the USA, text RESIST to 50409 and Resist Bot will help you contact your officials and have your say on the matter


Let the past die.
Kill it, if we have to.
That’s the only way to become what we were meant to be.


Yeah, I had to. : )

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

someone: Kylo Ren is a villain, murderer, space fascist and a terrible person in general 

90% Kylo Ren fans: the nerve. the AUDACITY. how dare you, how could you say that. don’t you know that he is mentally ill? don’t you know that his mother was neglectful and distant? don’t you know that his father disappointed him? that his uncle was too hard on him and then pushed him into the darkness?? I bet Chewie didn’t hug him enough too. the things you said, that’s just disgusting and heartless, blocked, reported, i’m going to physically manifest in ur house op

someone: Darth Vader is a villain, murderer, space fascist and a terrible person in general

90% Darth Vader fans: yea lol. tho, did you see how he killed a guy and then immediately gave his job to the guy right next to him? and how he Force Choked another guy thru Skype?? iconic™



For the better

Draco still can’t believe his luck. He doesn’t know what he did to deserve this. In fact, considering everything he’s done in the past, he doesn’t deserve any of this. Yet, here he is, three years after the war, happy and content. At least theoretically.

Like most nights, Draco clutches his blanket and stares at the ceiling. Sleeping has been difficult. Not because of the nightmares. They’re not completely gone, but it’s much better now. No, it’s because his chest won’t stop hurting.

He slowly turns his head to gaze at the sleeping man beside him. Draco flinches as his heart gives another painful squeeze. He stretches out his hand and carefully buries it in the mop of black curls, relishing the softness. Harry makes a pleased sound in his sleep and his lips curl up ever so slightly. Draco presses his own lips into a tight line.

Sometimes he feels like his heart is going to burst from all the happiness he feels. It’s like his body can’t cope with it, because it doesn’t know how. He’s never felt like this before. But most importantly, he doesn’t deserve this beautiful and kind man, sleeping next to him.

He still doesn’t understand what made Harry want to go out with him. He even initiated it. And now they’re living together. Draco still has a hard time showing his feelings. How can he be open about it, when he’s so conflicted and doesn’t even know what to feel most of the time? It’s hard to just accept the happiness and the way Harry seems to love him so freely.

Draco thought about ending it numerous times. Harry could do so much better than him. Not that he would ever admit that out loud, but it’s true, Draco thinks sadly. But he is far too selfish to give up on Harry.

When Draco brushes his fingers against Harry’s cheek, the other man stirs and knits his brows together.

“Can’t sleep?” he mumbles without opening his eyes.

Draco smiles at him.

“It’s okay,” he  whispers. “Sorry for waking you.”

Harry takes Draco’s hand and interlaces their fingers. He scoots over to him and buries his face in the crook of Draco’s neck. He inhales deeply and lets out a contented sigh.

Draco feels that familiar squeeze in his chest again. He wraps his arm around Harry and plants a kiss on his hair. In this moment, he vows something to himself. Not a day will go by without him trying to make this beautiful man in his arms as happy as possible. He will do everything in his power to show Harry how grateful he is that Harry chose him, for loving him, for making him want to be a better man. But how?

On the outside, he’s still as haughty and snarky as ever, but his friends keep telling him he’s changed. For the better.

He apologised to Granger and Weasley, but he knows he can do better and he’s determined to do so. Not only for Harry’s sake, but also his own.

And that’s when Draco realises, the only way he can make his boyfriend truly happy, is by being happy himself. 

It won’t be easy. He can’t just stop feeling guilty and undeserving. But he hopes he will get there someday. He can’t erase what happened in the past, but what happens in the future, that is up to him. He’s grateful he even got the chance at having a future, let alone with Harry.

So yes, Draco thinks again, he will do everything he can to make Harry happy. And that, apparently, starts with him admitting he is truly happy himself.

(Dedicated to @starshaping, who always lights up my day 💙)