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The giveaway celebrating not only the overwhelming response to The One with the Fanfic Competition, but also for reaching another thousand followers is officially at an end! 

The winners of the giveaway have all been contacted and decided!! Thank you again to everyone who took part or voiced enthusiasm over it. Fandom is meant to be fun, first and foremost.

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And the winners areeeeeeee:










1st Place: @onthebanksoftheriverstupid

2nd Place: @dreamtrue80

3rd Place: @eranspot

Whoooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!! Thanks to everyone who played or reblogged! Here’s to another milestone, yeah?

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  • Garrus: Alright, my turn. What's the first order an Alliance commander gives at the start of combat?
  • Joker: Uh... I give up.
  • Garrus: (chuckles) Correct.
  • Joker: Ohohoh... alright, big guy. What do you call it when a turian gets killed by a horrible spiky monster?
  • Garrus: Friendly fire - come on, that one goes back to Shanxi!
  • Joker: Well, you gotta respect the classics!
  • Garrus: How many humans does it take to activate a dormant mass relay?
  • Joker: (exasperated) 602. 600 to vote on it, one to ask the asari for technical help and one to request a seat on the Council afterwards. How do you know when a turian is out of ammo?
  • Garrus: He switches to the stick up his ass as a backup weapon. Why does the Alliance hire pilots... with brittle bone disease?
  • Joker: Y... you're shittin' me! The turian military has one about me?
  • Garrus: Oh, absolutely. I heard it myself from a private back on Palaven.
  • Joker: Okay, why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
  • Garrus: So that their marines can beat someone in hand-to-hand drills.
  • Joker: ...damn, you need to tell James that one. Hey, what's the hardest part about treating a turian who took a rocket to one side of his face?
  • Garrus: (deadpan) Figuring out which side took the rocket.

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dark rc would you please consider writing about how victor (and the rest of the Russian skate team) had a feud with the Russian hockey team bc of their constant flirting and attentions towards yuuri (who was completely oblivious at the war waging for his heart)??

This has been sitting in my inbox for over a month and I apologize for that, nonny! I wanted to try my hand at breaking through this writer’s block and this prompt was ripe for the taking. It’s not my best work by any stretch, but it’s something at least! I hope you enjoy.


There are few things that give Yuri pleasure—the taste of accomplishment like cinnamon sugar on the back of his tongue after landing a quad; having a comeback so cutting that he practically draws blood; that soft murrf a cat makes when it decides it trusts him; the little green screenshot arrow appearing next to Otabek’s name in Snapchat—but they all pale in comparison to whenever the Russian hockey team visits the rink.

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I wonder who you were before you took those parts of yourself you were ridiculed for and buried them alive, giving the chambers of the heart a new meaning. I wish I could unearth those pieces of you. If I could, I’d pull them out from underneath all of the insults you couldn’t forget and the self-deprecating things you told yourself as a result. I’d make sure to brush off every cobweb and blow away the dust just so I could see your real smile. I’d watch it break across your face like the sweet morning sunrise as you told me about the things that made you shudder and the things that made you warmer than any summer we’ve ever known. I wish it didn’t have to be this way. If only you knew just how precious those parts of you are. If only you could believe it.
—  Excavation // Maxwell Diawuoh

Leonid Ivanovich Rogozov was a Soviet general practitioner who took part in the sixth Soviet Antarctic Expedition in 1960–1961. He was the only doctor stationed at the Novolazarevskaya Station and, while there, developed appendicitis, which meant he had to perform an appendectomy on himself, a famous case of self-surgery.

AND he was really handsome!

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woozi x reader smut

20,480 words

a/n: my first woozi fic, my first seventeen fic, my first kpop fic. this was supposed to be something really simple and silly, but my dumb ass had to go and add a bunch of sadness and backstory to it, as always. as you can see, it got dramatically out of hand. i’m so sorry, i hope someone likes it

~ in which you haven’t gotten off in like six months, and lee jihoon is the pleasure specialist, himself. (he’s also a little bit more than that.)

     “I promise you, you won’t regret this,” Wendy reassured you, but they were words she always said right before she convinced you to do something that you definitely would regret. She’d used them very often over the past year, during which she’d somehow convinced you to go on roughly thirty blind dates that she’d set up in her desperate attempts to get you “back out there.” You knew her heart was in the right place, but every single date had been a disaster. The problem was that if she knew a guy who wasn’t already taken, there was a reason for it. The first set-up been with a guy named Jinho who still lived with his ex-girlfriend (in a one bedroom apartment) and adamantly refused to wear deodorant; one guy, Jinwoo, told you he had recently quit his job and moved back in with his parents because he hadn’t had enough time to play League; you’d tried so hard to will yourself to forget the second to last guy, but how could you forget the name (Daehyun) of someone who sat down across from you and proceeded to ignore you for the whole two hours it took him to eat a salad, baked potato, and two steaks before “suddenly realizing” he forgot his wallet, telling you he didn’t think you were his type, and leaving you to foot the bill.

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I can’t believe I realised this just now, but Neville’s bravery was already there from year one. I mean, besides standing up against his friend, he brawled with Malfoy during the Gryffindor-Hufflepuff match. With Malfoy! Who not only enjoyed bullying him, but was also the nephew of the woman who took part in torturing of his parents insane. My utmost respect, Mr Longbottom.


Today, 7 years ago, Sherlock Holmes and John Watson of our modern age met for the first time. Two weeks after series 4 aired sounds like a good time to come up with my own tribute to the show.

You don’t really have to read all of this but I barely notice how Sherlock has changed me until I start to think about it seriously. It might be just a mainstream tv show, but it’s so smart, so alive and so mind-waking. I fell in love with the first episode more than five years ago and I can’t stop loving it. After all this time? Always

It shaped my opinion on intelligence, friendship, love, trust and many other things. Some people I know can still trace Sherlock’s influence on me if they know me for a long time. 

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who took part in creating the show and all the fans who shaped the fandom as we know it today. I will carry these emotions deep in my heart till the very end.


Daria x

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this Black History Month I hope my fellow white women are remembering the ways in which we’ve benefited from and been complicit in racism and black oppression.

white men demonized black men by portraying them as sexual threats to white women. whether people actually believed this or just liked having an excuse, it means that countless black men and boys were beaten and murdered in the name of protecting white women.

it wasn’t just men who took part in this. in 1923 a white woman claimed that a black man beat her, and with exactly zero evidence the white men in her town started a mob that destroyed Rosewood, Florida, and left an unknown number of black people dead. to this day there isn’t an accurate count on how many black victims there were, but some people estimate it was as many as 150.

 white suffragettes actively excluded and rejected black women, and used black men as a prop to try and convince white men that white women should be able to vote. they played on the image of black men as scary threats to white women’s safety, and argued that letting white women vote would help cancel out black votes. there was no such thing as solidarity.

this is our legacy as white women. we need to do our research, acknowledge what we’ve done, and do better. support Black Lives Matter, support Standing Rock, support immigrant and refugee women. we need to stop being complicit.

  • Me, before my stupid ass put two and two together and realized it was Jughead's father who took the money from Hermione and played a part in destroying my baby's home: I don't understand? Why doesn't Jughead just stay with his dad? Is his dad involved in something bad? Is he protecting his son? I'm just glad he's showing concern for where Jughead will stay now
  • Me, after my stupid ass put two and two together and realized it was Jughead's father who took the money from Hermione and played a part in destroying my baby's home: MOTHERFUCKER
CS January Joy Round Up

This is a few days late, but guys, can I say a massive thank you to everyone who took part in CS January Joy?! So many authors stepped up to create amazing fics to inject a bit of happiness into what can be a very dreary month. And of course thank you to everyone who read, liked, reblogged, commented and reviewed those stories too!

Here’s all the fics from the past month for your reading pleasure!

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The Snow Queen (or, A Cold Heart) by @metronomeblue

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I Remember by @bethacaciakay

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She Left No Instructions by @thegladelf

Bonus drabble

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March 21st, 1937: Ponce Massacre, Puerto Rico. Peaceful march turned into a police shooting where 19 civilians were killed and 200+ others were wounded. Most of the dead were reportedly shot in their backs. The march had been organized by the Puerto Rican Nationalist Party to commemorate the abolition of slavery in Puerto Rico and to protest the U.S. Government’s imprisonment of the Party’s leader, Pedro Albizu Campos, on sedition charges. U.S. appointed Governor Blanton Winship, his chain of command, and the police who took part of the massacre, and admitted to mass shooting, were never prosecuted or reprimanded.

I think what makes people hostile about La La Land isn’t the movie itself. Standing alone, it’s a lovely movie. But when you get down to the principle of the matter of its popularity, it makes people who actually love musicals really angry. I guess it’s taken as a compliment when people say, “I normally don’t like musicals, but I loved La La Land!” But it’s really not. It just means you don’t watch musicals and most likely only watched that movie because it was the trendy thing to do and wow, it was great. And you attack the people who say they didn’t like it by saying, “You guys are talking shit about it for no reason.”

No. Not at all.

People who didn’t like La La Land actually regularly watch (AND LOVE!!!) musicals. And it’s astonishing to us that people are losing their shit over a movie that has been done a million times, and done better. It’s not a brand new thing just discovered and executed perfectly. What’s annoying is you all acting like it’s new.

White people falling in love in Hollywood? Fred and Ginger. That was their whole shtick. DECADES worth of movies. A musical about Hollywood? “Singing In The Rain.” And you don’t even have to go back to the older movies. A modern musical? A modern musical with a much more realistic ending? “Once.” And it’s like nobody praising “La La Land” knows what “Sing Street” is.

Anyone who claims La La Land is the best musical they’ve ever seen is either 1.) A liar, who didn’t watch musicals in the first place and probably doesn’t even like them, or 2.) Has really bad taste in musicals. Like this is coming from somebody who loved the film, but can see the faults in it. Faults that would be nitpicking from a musical watcher, but are ignored by the people who, before La La Land came out, had no interest in musical movies and honestly probably don’t want to see anymore unless they’re like La La Land.

Which means that you’re not going to see the SAME STORY done SO MUCH BETTER that La La Land was based on and inspired by.

I’m bitter. It seems like everyone fiercely defending La La Land were the people who ridiculed theater kids and scoffed at Broadway and only took part in viewing a musical in the first place was so they would be in the loop, and now since they were exposed to a musical, they see how great they are and can’t take people saying negative things about it. And they won’t consider going to look at the movies that started it all. It’s hypocritical and insulting.

La La Land was nice, but it isn’t a special movie. The way I see it, it’s just getting the awards that Whiplash deserved.