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Busted (part nine)

Requested by @steventaylorlogan

Could you do a bucky x reader fluff or smut thing? Where the reader is Tony’s daughter, and she and bucky get caught doin the frik frak?

Bucky x reader, ANGST/FLUFF, Word count: 717

TW: language

A/N: This is part nine of a multi-part series. If you’d like to be tagged, let me know! Each chapter will be flagged with word counts, fluff/smut/angst etc., and any applicable TWs.

The series is coming to a close soon!!!

Missed a chapter?? Check out part eight here

“SHIT!” yelled Bucky, scrambling to get off of you.

“DAD WILL YOU PLEASE GET OUT?!” you screamed while desperately trying to cover both yourself and Bucky up with the sheets. Tony let out an animalistic growl, turned on his heel, and began walking toward the small common area outside everyone’s living quarters. As he walked away, you could hear him yell.


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anonymous asked:

16 17 and 5 with Noah form scream possibly?

Noah Foster

5. ‘’Stop making good points, It’s too late for me to argue like this’’

16. “Sweetie, you need me more than I need you’’

17. “You just don’t appreciate my delightful sense of humor.” 

[WARNING: season 2 spoilers]

‘Okay so, where are we on the accomplice theory?’ you asked your boyfriend looking at the “murder wall”. Your passion for horror movies was one of the things you two had in common. You like helping him with the “murder wall” and the podcast and creating new theories.

‘Well, we know that Piper had a parent, we just don’t know who he was’ he told you.

‘So you could say we’re on a dead end?’ you joked, but he obviously wasn’t in the mood, he just made a grimace raising an eyebrow. ‘You just don’t appreciate my delightful sense of humor’

‘Sorry, didn’t mean to offend you or something, but could you go home? I need to think about this and It’s so frustrating. I need to be alone’

‘Sweetie, you need me more than I need you. I don’t know if you remember, but I probably know as much as you about killers. So no I’m not going home’ you said trying to sound as serious and direct as possible. Then you walked up to him and wrapped your arms around his neck as he almost automatically wrapped his around your waist ‘And maybe I could use a long session of cuddles as much as you do you know, or I could just kiss the frustration out of you’

’Stop making good points, It’s too late for me to argue like this’ he laughed. Then leaned on to kiss your lips.


Hope you like it!

Kisses xoxo

guardian ghost // ghost!calum

Calum is your ‘guardian 'ghost’

OTHER: i hope you like this 

          Stepping out onto your patio to check on your backyard was not the ideal place to find an unfamiliar boy on a rainy day.

          All you could let out was an awkward, slurred, “Uhhh,” which was quite the embarrassment but let’s not forget, you had just found a 6 Ft. tall boy in your backyard.

          “Don’t be scared. I’ll be right there!” He said. A few seconds passed and he vanished, completely. That was something to process.

          You felt a light tap on your shoulder, you quickly spun around to once again face the brown-eyed boy. He had a half-smile on his face, however, it was full of delinquency.

          “Okay. Before you freak out, I’m just going to get straight to the point,” he assured. He held onto your shoulders, with grip but not tight so you would not freak out or try to run away. It was calming but you were full of confusion and on the edge of calling the police.

          “Okay… basically, I’m Calum, your guardian ghost.” He was too chill. You were still confused. Ghost? Guardian Ghost?

          You tugged away from his grip. “What do you mean, guardian ghost? Is this some kind of prank?” You slowly began to show signs of panic.

          Calum had to think for a response. He didn’t want you to think he was a physco or something. He wanted to show you that he was an actual ghost and not just some crazy teenage-looking boy that had just broken into your house.

          “Okay, I’m well uh, I’ll tell you what I know that’s for sure.” He explained. “I’m your guardian ghost, you know, like Caspar the friendly ghost or whatever—,”

          You cut him off. “Like a guardian angel?”

          He shook his head. It was like he felt somewhat hurt from the question but he shrugged it off. “No. I’m a ghost.”

          “I’m so confused.” You groaned.

          “There’s nothing to be confused about?” Calum questioned. “I’m a ghost that is suppose to protect you from danger, how complicated is that?” Calum had wit to him. It was cute.

          “Uh, okay.” You said. Confusion was still erupting for you. You needed some kind of proof. “Okay, Mr. Ghostie, show me your ghostly powers.”

          He rolled his eyes. “You know, when I introduced myself, I thought we wouldn’t have to go through the process of nicknames but it’s cool, whatever.” He remarked. He was funny.

          “Oh, and I thought the disappearing and reappearing was clearly evident, but whatever, again.” Calum said, before fading away and vanishing.

          “Boo.” He whispered in your ear, scaring you from behind as you swung yourself towards his direction, nearly hitting him. He laughed at your startle reaction

          “Not funny,” you claimed.

          “It’s pretty funny.” He laughed again. You pouted and crossed your arms, but he only did the same.

× × ×

          For the past week, Calum and you got along. It was nice having him around sometimes. The other times, he would suddenly black out and begin to act weird, like he was deader than he already was.

          Right now, the two of you were in your room. You didn’t know Calum was there, but he was there. It was just that he was in invisible form.

          “Y/N?” You heard a voice call out, in a whispery tone. It was Calum. Calum dissolved into a viewable form where you could now physically see him.

          “Yeah?” You asked. He looked gloom. This was a side of him you have never seen before.

          “You want to cuddle or something? I just feel–” You cut him off, getting out of your desk chair. “Grab the blankets, I’ll put on a show.” You smiled genuinely. He did as told and set up the blankets in front of your TV.

          This was going to be something new. Maybe nice. Who knows?

          The two of you laid down, snuggling into the warmth of the blankets. Calum felt nothing, he always felt nothing. But, he liked his arms around you. It was delightful, pleasant but he still couldn’t wrap around the sudden eerie feeling that came across him. It was weird because ghosts did not feel. They were just, well dead. They did not feel things whatsoever.

          “Calum, what’s the difference between a guardian angel and a guardian ghost?” You asked.

          “Okay, so a ghost,” he started. “A ghost is someone that is dead that typically haunts humans. An angel is the opposite, correct? They protect people and shit, blah, blah, blah, right?” You nodded, agreeing.

          “So, a guardian ghost, is a ghost who has the same priorities as a guardian angel except that we have a different goal. We are protecting our human to gain the rights of becoming an angel. It’s the only hope and if we fail, we become part of the miserable ghost group,” he explained. You were astonished.

          “And you’re allowed to say this?”

          “No, but breaking one little rule wouldn’t hurt me.” He smirked, bringing you closer to him. His comfort felt good, yet chilly. There was some fear around him, but you assumed that it was just ghostly nature.

          Minutes passed, hours passed and soon it was late at night. The two of you were still wide awake till something felt empty. Calum was gone.

          “Calum?” you called out, in a quiet selective tone. Calum appeared shortly after you called him.

          “Y/N, I just received my first strike and it was for intimate behaviour with you. We have to be careful around each other because if I get two more strikes, I won’t be such a friendly ghost anymore.” He was full of arrogance. He was so oblivious on how his behaviour was at the moment, you didn’t even care about his funny remark at the ending. More importantly, you were confused on why you were overreacting on banishing intimacy with the ghost? He was a ghost– dead. Cuddling shouldn’t of even been an idea for the two of you in the first place.

          “You’re right.” You scolded. You threw off the blankets that were on the floor and back onto your bed and closet. “You’re so right, I don’t know why I had cuddled a little friendly ghost when I could’ve went and had got wasted with my friends tonight.”

          Calum shrugged. “Don’t make this harder than it already is, please.”

          Confusion came across you again. “Harder? What do you mean?” You were dead serious now.

          “I’ve been watching over you since the day you were born..” He began to speak. His voice was shakier than ever, he was trying to find the words to say.

          “Anyway, I saw you grow up. From this little girl, to your awkward pre-teen phase to the person you are today. I’ve faced your tears when your 8th grade boyfriend broke up with you and when your last boyfriend broke up with you. I’ve seen nearly everything.” He explained. You were surprised. Not at the fact that he knew about your stupid past relationships but that he was here through it all.

          “Ghosts can’t fall in love. They cannot feel. We’re dead.” He said, adding a stiff chuckle. “But somehow, I guess my dead ugly guts, fell in love.. with you.”

× × ×

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britgeorge99  asked:

I was wondering if you would write something about meemaw going back to Texas and telling Mary about Sheldon new sex life. Then Mary comes to Pasadena to confront him.

Thanks for the prompt!
I have to warn you that Mary sounds a little harsh at first but I promise there is a happy ending!

Sheldon and Amy relaxed on the couch in each other’s arms.

There had been a lot less tension around them since Meemaw had left.

Amy appreciated that Sheldon had stood up for her, even if it was not whole-heartedly. The fact that he was prepared to argue against his beloved grandmother was enough to prove how much he cared.

Meemaw had told Amy about the ring but nothing more had been said since that day. Amy presumed that Sheldon would ask when he was ready.

Since then, they had lived happily in the knowledge that both of them were in this for the long run. No more messing around. This was it.

Sheldon has his arm wrapped around her back, Amy had her hand on his thigh. They sat together in comfortable silence watching television until there was a knock on the door.

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tfa thoughts, finally

I HAVE A LOT OF THOUGHTS and im finally writing them down, and this is really incoherent and i meant to finish this ages ago but whoops, the point is: here goes

I’m deliberately sticking with all of the GOOD, because I’ve seen so many criticisms and while criticisms can be and are valid, they’re all grinding my gears because they completely seem to dismiss the revolutionary nature of this film and


This is really incoherent, kind of unstructured, and full of loud yelling, but

Let’s roll

(NOTE: THIS IS FULL OF TFA SPOILERS. MAJOR SPOILERS. DON’T READ IF YOU’VE NOT SEEN THE FILM. Tagging @cogito-ergo-dumb  and @mlder bc i explicitly remember them yelling at me to let them know when I post this, and rn I’m in a lot of pain and don’t have the energy to scour through my inbox to find everyone else who requested they be tagged. I’m so, so sorry. I’ll come back and add u to this later, peeps. anyway, here goes:)

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mysticpoet  asked:

I'd love to see a jealous Gold in Serendipity he earned it.

Serendipity ‘verse - Gold is Belle’s new boss and before she starts her job and officially meets her new boss she has a drunken one night stand with Gold. Cue Belle finding out she slept with her boss.

Gold had always been a creature of habit.

He awoke at the same time every morning, ate the same granola breakfast, walked the same five blocks to work, and suffered the same stilted conversations, the same tearful clients and terrified employees, every damn day of his life. And in general, this suited him well. Gold was an anxious man by nature, and habit hid that hateful little flaw very well. Unpredictability made life far messier than it needed to be.

Then Belle French started to work for him, and habit was a thing of the past.

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Those Who Love You The Most May Need More Time To Grow

Set in about 2021. Kitty and Marley see each other again and get a chance to heal some old wounds.
I did not intend for this to turn out shippy, but it kind of did.

Marley showed up to the reunion. Kitty wasn’t sure who had told her about it, or how- contacting her was like trying to catch smoke, ever since they’d been teenagers. But she was there, standing like an apparition all alone on the far side of the room, so Kitty decided to approach her.


Kitty.” Marley’s expression conveyed a lot of things at once- nervousness and delight and nostalgia and the possibility of bursting into tears right there in the middle of the McKinley high gymnasium. Her face had always been expressive like that. “How’ve you been?”

“I’ve been okay.” Kitty said. They hugged, brief and genuine but also deeply awkward, and Kitty wished they hadn’t. She tugged on her dress jacket. “You look beautiful.”

“So do you. Very Kate Middleton.” A nervous laugh from both of them. Marley scuffed her shoe against the floor the way she always had. It was a little strange to look down and not see the familiar worn-out sneakers.    

“They rededicated the auditorium last year. To Finn.” Kitty said, just to break the silence. “We sang.”

“I heard. I’m sorry I missed it.”

You missed a lot of things, Kitty thought, but didn’t say it out loud. The time to share blame was long over, and there had been plenty of time for it.

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