who told him he could be this attractive


Where was this when I needed to explain this to nonshippers

Edit: I wasn’t planning on commenting on this but I’ve gotten some shit for it. 

FIrst of all, this is a stupid anime. Trust me. I watched it all. But, if you’re into dirty, immature sexual humor (gay, straight, bi, anything) this shit is it. It’s stupid, but it helped me de-stress, and it had a cool premise.

Anywho, you guys have unlocked my backstory now: This scene showed up and it reminded me of a conversation I had with my brother who didn’t understand how I could be attracted to a male character (Tony Stark) but at the same time ship him with another man (Steve Rogers), i.e. think of him as gay, and I told him that you could still find a guy attractive no matter his sexuality. He just didn’t get it. I wanted to point out that bisexuality (or pansexuality) could be a possibility, but my brother is heavily against anything besides straight or gay (he sees the world in black and white, which sucks for me cuz I’m bisexual, still a bit closeted), so I just held it back. When I saw this, it reminded me of our conversation, and I laughed. I wanted to share it with him, but I’m afraid of accidentally coming out, (I try to avoid conversations with him that deal with LGBTQ+ issues unless it’s something that really riles me up). So, I put it up here. Sadly, it has the use of the H-word, i’m not even sure if that’s the actual interpretation of what they said in Japanese, and it exaggerates shipping, too. Like, I ship something because they’re cute together (from Tony and Steve to Harley and Ivy to Kamala and Miles). But this exaggeration is what I found funny! I’ve gotten mixed reactions to it, but I still think it’s funny especially cuz a lot of shippers have probably had a form of this convo with nonshippers. 

I’ve also gotten asked what the name of this anime is and it’s this….*takes deep breath*

English: My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

Japanese (romaji): Ore no Nōnai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryoku de Jama Shiteiru

Short version: Noucome

So, there you have it. Gosh, I hate doing explanations…I ramble a lot and I had to delete a lot of stuff and even then it’s still long! Oh, well. How do I end this?….ummm Have a nice day! |-/

anonymous asked:

Hi there.. so i need a little help, my boyfriend is bi and a lot of times some idiot people give me that "he's attracted to men AND women how could you trust him" or the "since he's a bi he's more likely to cheat on you cause you know he might miss having sex with a woman" bullshit, well of course i try my best to make them realize how stupid they sound, but since you're the queen of dragging people how would you respond to this shit?

whenever i get told that shit it’s always by someone who has cheated before or has been cheated on. and i’m a bitch. so i’m quick to go for the jugular.

“you know donald, maybe this is why all your relationships fail because you’re too busy worried about my partner instead of yours and the 5 people you choose to cheat on him with/the 5 people he chooses to cheat on you with”

if you don’t know the person it’s harder to read but typically biphobic people have the same type of insecurities so you could say

“so i tell you i’m happy and you’re instinct is to? what? discredit my boyfriend? baby i’m gonna assume your love life is pretty miserable if you can’t muster a simple ‘i’m happy for you’ ”

or if their outfit is terrible

“sounds like someone gotta worry about their wardrobe than who i’m happily involved with. maybe then you’d find yourself a man too”

or if they were bullied as a kid, which is, cmon, most if not all. you could start this whole thing w

“so you were picked on as a kid and now that you don’t understand someone else you’re gonna do exactly what straight people did to you? cute.”

so on and so forth. make it about why the fuck they care so bad. a lot of the way i read depends on the person. kind of like Bianca Del Rio’s rolodex of hate. so look at the person, find a flaw, ask why the fuck they care + flaw, watch them fold in on themselves, and enjoy your beautiful boyfriend ❤

Sugar Sweet  | 1 |

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut & fluff



part 2 | part 3 | part 4part 5 | part 6

Your best friend & roommate Changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. Instead you found solace in a pink haired man named Kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you.

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When you, stop wanting us

Originally posted by aomg-jaypark

It was funny.

Somehow you found it funny because everyone had warned you about dating a celebrity and he was. He was that exactly; a celebrity. He was a proper celebrity with proper fans and before he was your boyfriend, everyone warned you the danger of dating Jay Park but you were stubborn. In some ways when you think about it now, it was good that you were stubborn because loving Jay was the greatest thing you have done, loving Jay was easy and simple.

That was until it was no longer that.

There was always that, the familiar tone of ‘I told you so’ whenever people asked you about Jay nowadays but it was never that for you. They warned you of all the girls he were always with, all those songs he crooned and all the raunchy lyrics he wrote. It was never that with Park Jae-beom.

He was a man; a complete gentleman.

He made you happy, and when you met him it felt like forever since you’ve been happy. You were in your mid-twenties, young and beautiful. Your face reeked with youth and your smile never losing its ‘breath of fresh air’ but life as someone in mid-twenties was hard. You were trying to find yourself and you were trying to make a name for yourself. You were filled with passion and spirit to carve your name in the world and who would be more attractive at that age than a 30 years old CEO, who was filled with confident, youth, composure and security.

You found warmth in Jay.

You found love with Jay.

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Dare | Jimin, You

For my wonderful friend Cassie aka @comeherejimin​ I hope you like it! And everyone reading this, you should definitely check her out! Her graphics are amazing and she is just such a sweet person. 

Originally posted by sosjimin

Is this even real?

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Dicking Down to Wifing Up

“Horan! Hurry the fuck up!” Harry yells through the door. “People are starting to show up!”

Niall looks in the mirror and adjusts his quiff a bit, “Coming!”  He just had the blonde redone and was more than ready for their house party.

Harry snorts from the other side, “Sure thing. Just don’t leave a mess.” He jokes and Niall hears him go down the hall.

He rolls his eyes and leaves the room. You said you were going to be coming to the party and he was looking forward to that. He had been trying to convince you for the entire semester to attend a variety of the parties that his frat put on.

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you’re in love

REQUEST: Hi! I love your blog so much and I wanted to asked you if you could write something based on the song “You’re in love” by Taylor Swift, like maybe the reader and Seb have the same type of story? 💕😘😍

WARNINGS: just straight pure fluffffffffffffff

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves!!!!!!! I hope you all have/had a wonderful day! This one is a preeeeetty long one… uh, I don’t even know where all of this came out of lol but probably listening to the song on repeat helped, though i’m not sure. Anyway, here it is.


You walked into the dark room and bit down on your bottom lip. The amount of people scared you and you were debating on running out and going back home.

Looking around, you spotted an empty crook near the bar. You rushed over and flagged down a bartender before ordering the strongest drink you could possibly think of. That usually calmed your nerves.

Smiling politely and nodding your head at the bartender, you took a sip of the drink and winced at the taste burning the back of your throat.

You were suddenly nudged forward and you rolled your eyes. Of course there were drunk people around already. People didn’t waste time at events like this.

“I’m sorry!” The person placed their hand on your bare shoulder.

You looked over to see who dared to place their hand on you only to have your breath taken away. His eyes were as clear as the blue sky and his smile was charming.

“It’s-uh, it’s okay.”

He went back to talking to the person next to him and you drowned yourself in the liquor in your cup. Once you had downed it, you placed a bill down and set your empty glass cup over it.

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Making Bruce Wayne blush

I felt inspired today, and so here’s for my second post on Tumblr…Some Bruce Wayne loving. Hope you’ll enjoy. 

WARNING : Mention of sex. 

(My master list, by the way : Right here )


Tonight, at yet another boring charity gala, you decided that your favorite game was DEFINITELY “Make Bruce Wayne blush”.
It wasn’t an easy game, and sometimes, when he was broodier than usual, it was like playing on “hard mode”…but it was so worth it when you succeeded.

Part one of your plan, was always to make him jealous. He was more receptive to your teasing when jealous. His mind was always somewhat slower when jealous, focused on the fact that it wasn’t him flirting with you, but some asshole he suddenly didn’t like at all. 

You rarely had the occasion to make him jealous though, as he rarely let go of you during one of those charity soirée. He knew you were uncomfortable at those, and he knew you found his arm around your waist comforting. Besides, he loved to show you off to anyone he’d talk to that night. And you absolutely loved that he liked it, it made you feel good about yourself, that billionaire ex-playboy Bruce Wayne was proud to date you. You were rarely alone…but sometimes, a particular guest would take up all his attention, and you’d slip away to the bar to get something to drink, and escape the boring conversation about trade and such. 

Tonight was one of those occasions, and to hell if you weren’t going to take advantage of it. 

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anonymous asked:

What about a hc single parent phan! Either one of them, and they're kid runs into the other out in public and wants something?

* Dan went out to see a movie by himself. Yes, by himself. He was a loner with no friends, but he had to leave the house sometimes, so here he is now, standing in the arcade of the theater, waiting for the lines to go down so he can buy some popcorn.

* He lazily presses the button on the claw machine repeatedly, watching the lights inside change colors, when a small voice says, “Excuse me, Sir, but can I play this one?”

* “Oh yeah, sure,” Dan says, stepping away so the boy with bright, ginger hair could play it and hopefully win a stuffy.

* The boy inserted his bill, and the game played a different tune and the colors changed. His tongue poked out between his lips in concentration, eyeing the blue dragon near the back. When he was sure he had it, he pressed the button and watched the claw drop, scooping up the dragon and carrying it to the prize box. “Oh my gosh!” he squealed. “I’m gonna win!”

* Dan was surprised to see the boy actually win something, considering half these machines were rigged to just take money. The machine proved him right when the blue dragon was released from the claw, but a little too soon. The tag on the dragon’s ear got caught on the side, and it dangled just above the bottom of the prize box.

* “No!” the boy wailed, his lower lip quivering. “That’s not fair! Daddy said I only get one chance to play it!”

* Dan felt bad for the boy, digging around in his wallet for an extra bill, but came up short. He used his card for everything. He rarely had cash on him. But when the boy started to cry softly, Dan couldn’t help but offer him something. “I can try to get it out for you.”

* “Please! I was gonna give it to my daddy since he took me to the movies to reward me, but now it’s stuck and not fair.” He crossed his arms and pouted, looking quite cute. Dan was just glad he didn’t start throwing a tantrum like most of the kids he came across.

* Dan got down on the floor and pushed open the small door on the bottom, sticking his hand up it. “I have long arms, so this should work.” He pressed his body closer to the machine, his fingertips grazing the plush toy. “All most … Have it,” he grunted, knocking the dragon down and going to pull out his arm when all he did was be met with a wave of pain in his shoulder, and he couldn’t get his arm out. “Uh oh.”

* Are you okay?“ the boy asked, looking at Dan with a weird expression.

* “Um, maybe not,” Dan admitted truthfully. Great. He had his arm stuck in some toy machine with a few hundred people standing on just the other side of the wall. He hoped to God that not too many people would see him, but he couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to get unstuck.

* “Do I need to get my daddy?” he asked Dan, turning his head to one side.

* “Please don’t.” How was he going to explain this to some boy’s father? oh, I was just trying to help your son get this toy out when I did something stupid and got my arm stuck. That was too embarrassing.

* “Thomas?” a man asked, rounding the corner and stopping short when he saw the little boy standing not too far from a man who had his arm stuck up the claw machine. “Um, aren’t you a little old to be trying to snag toys from the claw machine?” He stepped a little closer to Thomas, pushing the boy behind him.

* “Yeah, but-”

* “Daddy, it was me! He was going to help me get the toy that the machine didn’t give me but it was supposed to.” He clung onto the man’s leg, looking at him with big, blue eyes. “It’s my fault, daddy.”

* Dan looked at the boy’s father, finding him to be rather attractive. He had dark, black hair, which didn’t match his son’s at all, but he did have the same blue eyes as him. “No, no, I did this to try and help him. He didn’t ask me to do it.”

* The man looked down at his boy, waiting for confirmation. “That’s the truth, Daddy.” The man nodded, looking back at Dan. “Do you want me to go get one of the workers?”

* “Please don’t!” Dan said, panicked. “This is embarrassing.”

* The man smiled, laughing lightly. “Then what do you want me to do?”

* “Quit laughing, it’s not funny.” Now it was Dan’s turn to pout.

* “I can try to get you out, if you want,” the man offered, crouching down and inspecting the scene. “It might hurt a little.”

* “I don’t care, please just hurry before more people see.” Dan did care, actually. A lot. His pain tolerance was practically nonexistent.

* The man gripped Dan’s upper arm, getting quite close to his face. “Not a fan of public humiliation, huh?” Dan’s face heated up, and the man chuckled softly. “Alright, just try to pull when I say go, yeah?” When Dan nodded, the man said, “One, two, go!” He pulled on Dan’s arm, which caused Dan to cry out in pain, but when the side of his body collided with the floor, he let out a sigh of relief.

* “Yay!” Thomas squealed, reaching in the prize box for his blue dragon. “You got it! Thank you!” He hugged it to his chest, smiling widely.

* The man huffed, rolling his eyes but smiling at his son. “Are you good?”

* Dan was rubbing his shoulder and rotating it, making sure it all still worked. “I’m fine, thank you.”

* “It was really nice of you, you know,” he said, looking at Thomas. “But also very stupid. People have had to call the fire department in order to get others unstuck from those.”

* Dan blushed sheepishly. “Guess I got lucky. I’m sorry, you’re probably missing your movie because of me.”

* The man shrugged. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thomas has the attention span of a fish. He won’t even remember the movie by bath time.”

* Dan laughed, unsure of what to say. He was going to make it awkward, he just knew it. So instead of lingering in silence, he said, “My name is Dan.”

* The man smiled, holding out his hand for Dan to take. “I’m Phil, and I would actually like to know if maybe you would be interested in joining us for this movie. For being nice to Thomas and all.”

* “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You helped me.”

* “You helped my boy. And now I’m showing thanks. Besides, we can consider this … a predate. I think I’d like to see more of you, Dan.”

* Dan couldn’t believe it. A predate? With a guy he just met? Who also happened to be extremely attractive and now single? This really was his lucky day. All because of some stupid, blue dragon. “I think I’d like that, too.”

* Phil helped him off the ground, and waited in line with Dan again so he could buy a ticket for the same movie. They ended up sharing a popcorn, and by the end of the movie, Thomas was asleep. “I told you,” Phil murmured into Dan’s ear. “But maybe next time this could happen at my place?”

* Dan took that as an invitation and nodded with a smile. Yeah, maybe he wouldn’t stick his arm up another claw machine again, but if this was the result of it, he just might have to rethink doing stupid things. That is, only if it were to get the attention of Phil.

Rumors - part 1

So this is my first imagine it will be in parts. I hope you’ll like it! :D

About: Imagine you are Rebekah’s best friend and you didn’t see her for a 90 years, so you came to Mystic Falls and started living with Mikaelson family.

I was a little inspired with this song: Pep & Rash - Rumors, mostly because of this song story is called Rumors, I couldn’t think of any other name, so let begin:

When I heard that Klaus is in Mystic Falls I needed to come there, because Rebekah is my best friend and I didn’t see her for a long time, I was hoping Klaus will undagger her.

While I was traveling to Mystic Falls, Elijah called me and told me that Rebekah is undaggered and I thought; That is such a good news I will finally see her.
When I came there nobody knows that I’m a vampire and what is this new girl looking in this town. I came to Mystic Grill and at a bar I saw that someone is looking at me and whispering so i decided to walk over there.
 - What so interesting about me? “I asked”.

 - You are new girl, that means maybe you came here to bring more trouble to this town; “One of the guys told me”. 

 - I just came here to see my friend; “I told him”.

 - And who is that friend? “He asked me wondering”.

 - It’s really not your business; “I said and walked away”. 

The next day: That same guy stopped me on the street and told me:

 - We haven’t officially meet I’m Damon, Damon Salvatore, what’s your name?

 - My name is Y/N and that i really can’t talk right now; “I said to him and walked away”.

I didn’t want to talk to him because I heard stories about him and I know he is a vampire, I don’t want him to find out about me, maybe he already suspect something.                                                      

As I walked in Mystic Grill I heard three girls talking how Damon saw some new girl yesterday and he thinks she is a vampire and have something to do with Original family because when they showed up in this town so did she. Little did they know that girl was me, but who cares.
After I came home, I called Elijah and told him that I want to surprise Rebekah, so I need to be sure she will be home tonight.

 - It’s not a problem I’ll keep her occupied; “Elijah told me”.

There I’m in front of the Mikaelson’s mansion, knocking at the door:

 - “Klaus opens them and say”, look who we have here, I knew that you are in this town just for my sister.

 - If you knew I’m in town why didn’t you say something; “I said to him”. I’m not surprised that he knew I’m in town.

 - I wasn’t sure if I want to talk to you after what happen between us and I know you are still mad at me because of what I did to Rebekah; “Klaus said”.

  • 1922 CHICAGO:

It was a nice night in Chicago Klaus, Rebekah and I decided to go out, we were drinking and having fun. While I was dancing with Rebekah I saw Klaus looking at me:

- Y/N I think he likes you; “Rebekah said”.
- What? No. Why would he like me we’re just friends; “I told her”.

I was mostly sleeping through the next day, when night came they were going out again but without me, I wanted to spend the night alone and draw something.

Next thing I know I was waking up and saw letter on my night stand, it was from Klaus:

“Dear Y/N,

I know you will be mad at me, but I want to tell you that our father found us here in Chicago and we needed to escape him, Rebekah wanted to stay with you but I could not let her do that so I daggered her. I know that you think why didn’t you came with us, but maybe it’s for the best you stay alone.                                                                                                                     

Love, Klaus!”

Damn right I was mad at him, how could he do this to me, to Rebekah. I could not believe it.


Nightlife in New York is best I thought so I decided to go there.
While I was dancing in the club I saw a familiar face waving at me and smirking:

Not him again; “I thought”.
 - Then of course he approached me and said; Long time no see.
 - If you undaggered Rebekah we can talk; “I said”.
 - Oh, come on, if I did undaggered her don’t you think she would contact you, after all you are her best friend; “Klaus said”.
 - I tried to walk away but he grabbed my hand, I look at him and ask; What do you want Klaus?
 - I tried to stop thinking about you, but i can’t and I want to apologize for everything I done, and maybe we can be friends again; “He said”.
 - I need some time to think; “I said and walked away”.
After that night I was thinking what should I do and when I decided, I found a witch so she can send a letter to Klaus where he can meet me( i didn’t know his number or where is he staying ).
The next day around 7 PM we meet in a restaurant, ordered food and started talking.

 - I really thought that you would decide not to see me again; “He said”.
 - Well it’s not your first time you are wrong about me; “I said to him”.
 - Haha yeah, I guess it’s not; “He said”.
 - So when are you planing to undagger Rebekah? “I asked him”.
 - I don’t know, maybe never; “He said”.
 - What? I really hate you Klaus; “I said to him”.
 - I love you too, Y/N; “He said to me”.    
After that there was a few seconds of silence, then the waitress came with the food and wine that Klaus ordered.
 - Well this is very expensive wine I like it; “I said”.
 - Only the best for you; “He said and smiled”.
 - Hahah are you trying to flirt with me? “I asked him”.
 - If you want me to flirt with you, then yes; “He said and smiled AGAIN”.
 - I didn’t say I want; “I said”.
 - Sure you didn’t; “He said sarcastically”.
 - Whatever Klaus; “I said and rolled my eyes”.
Then he smiled again and started eating his food:

Originally posted by klaudiqa

 - What is so funny? “I asked him”.
 - Nothing, can’t I just be happy that I got a chance to talk to you after all this years? “He asked me”.
 - Haha of course you can, but make the best of it while you can; “I said to him”.

After our dinner it was around 9 PM, he drive me to my apartment.

 - You won’t invite me in? “He asked”.
 - Why? “I asked him”.
 - I want to spend more time with you; “He said”.
 - I guess you don’t have someone else to bother, but okay, come in; “I said”.
 - Nice apartment you have here, are you living alone? “He asked”.
 - Of course I do, with who else would I live, I could live with Rebekah, but oh wait she is daggered and who knows where; “I said”.
 - I know where she is and enough with Rebekah; “He said angry”.
 - I should have not invite you in; “I said angry”.
 - Then love why did you? “He asked”.

The next thing I know he pinned me against the wall and starts kissing me. He slide one of his hands around my waist and pulled me closer to his body. I gasped when he lifted me up and wrapped my legs around his waist. We ripped each others clothes and he started kissing my neck, when i felt his teeth scrape against my skin loud moan escaped my mouth. That night we had sex over and over again, until we were exhausted.
I wake up, looked to the other side of the bed and saw naked Klaus there. Then everything from that night came back to me.

 - Oh shit, that wasn’t suppose to happen; “I thought”.
 - Good morning love; “Klaus said still in the bed”.
 - Not so good; “I whispered to myself so he could not hear me”.
 - That was the most BLOODY AMAZING night of my life; “He said to me with smirk on his face”.
 - I’m going to make some breakfast; “I said to him, avoiding eye contact”.
 - Need my help with anything, love? “He said”.
 - Nope; “I said and left the room”.

Klaus came behind me while I was making breakfast and hugged me. I tried to escape his hug, he was confused so he let go of me.
 - What’s wrong, love? “He asked”.
 - Nothing; “I answered quickly”.
 - Bullshit, I know something is wrong. ANSWER ME! “He said angry”.
 - Could you not be angry over everything I say.
He started to answer but I told him:
 - That was not a question.
 - Was last night that bad? “He asked me”.
 - As a matter of fact it was not bad at all, but it was a mistake and i’ll not make that mistake again; “I looked at him with serious look so he know I wasn’t joking”.
 - I drink too much of a wine and everything happened so fast; “I said to him”.
 - Didn’t you know I always had some kind of feelings for you? “He asked me”.
 - Maybe, I don’t know; “I answered putting my head down”.
 - So you think you could never feel attraction that comes from a person who is capable of doing terrible things, but for some reason, only cares about you as more than friends? “He asked me”.
 - When that person is you, no. I never looked at you as more that friends, last night probably would not happen if I wasn’t that much drunk, maybe I gave you some wrong sings, I’m so sorry Klaus; “I told to him and tear escaped my eye”. 

Couple a seconds later he was not in my apartment anymore and I didn’t see him until now.


Part 2   Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Part 6  Part 7  Part 8  Part 9  Part 10  Part 11  Part 12  

So I think that’s enough for this part, I’ll post the next maybe tomorrow, but I would like to know if you guys like this part and tell me if you want the next part, I would really appreciate that. :) <3

BTS Jungkook Scenario: When Paths Cross

Request:  May I pretty please get a scenario where Jungkook meets a foreigner on the set of BTS’ new MV and she’s a dancer and they hit it off

Scenario: Ok anon but this is literally like a dream?? Life goals >_< Sorry for the wait my love, enjoy! xx

Originally posted by iamlatinaandilovekpop

It had been a day that could only be described as totally unremarkable. The clouds were blocking the sun from casting jet black shadows upon the ground. People seem to go about their everyday business in mundane fashion which could only reflect the shameless monotony of the day. Every minute ticked by agonizingly as you sat on your couch, eyes boring into the back of your phone, willing for it to ring as though your focused iris’ would somehow force it’s jingle to reverberate around your apartment’s walls. Amidst the excruciating silence your mind would often wonder back to the audition; the intense stares of your competition, the staff who would roll off the names and category number of each hopeful dancer and of course, the way their eyes followed each and every move your body made.

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My birthday present - A Carlisle Cullen imagine

Could I have a Carlisle X reader story please? If possible could it be a smuty story about him and his human mate and he is telling her how much she means to him because he’s waiting almost 400 years for her and he’d do anything for her? Thank you!!!


I have been working for Dr. Cullen for about four years now. I started as an intern while studying medicine at the University of Washington college in Seattle. I shadowed Dr. Cullen for about five minutes before I fell in love with him.
I try to keep a low profile about it, but somehow I think he knows. He must be used to all the ladies fawning over him. I still couldn’t help but blush when he compliments me.

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Bucky Barnes/The Winter Soldier - Sparky

You are the newest member of the Avengers. You joined after an accident in the lab you worked at in S.H.I.E.L.D gave you the ability to use lightning. When you join the team you meet Bucky Barnes, who is instantly attracted to everything about you, from your beauty to your wonderful personality. Over time, his affections for you grow and yours for him grow too, but neither of you tell each other how you really feel, both of you thinking that it’s best if you just stay friends. One day, the two of you get paired up on a mission, a pretty simple mission, but these things have a way of not going the way you want them to and neither of you expect this one to go the way it does.

Bucky x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, swearing, angst, mentions of death, violence, and blood

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REQUESTED: “Imagine where Credence is jealous of reader because they get flirted with a lot please"

Warnings: Mentions of scars/past abuse

Word Count: 2,336

A/N: Sorry if the ending is a little abrupt, but if I continued, this would have been a novel or something.

Credence didn’t get it. He just didn’t get it, and he didn’t get why he was mad about it, and he didn’t know how to fix it, and everything was a mess.

You had joined Newt about eight months ago, which was six months after what happened that night in that subway far away in New York, as his assistant, and you were the vibrant sort, full of life and passion. It was contagious, to say the least. Credence had long been working on himself—healing in all kinds of ways that he could, learning to work through bad days, learning to appreciate the good days, and trying to maintain relationships with other people. Newt had been his best friend before you, but your easy, outgoing nature had coaxed him into a kind of tentative openness, especially when you had moved in with the two of them and he spent much of his time around you. That kind of radiant positivity had washed over him constantly and given him the nudge he needed to open up a little bit more.

However, because of that easy nature of yours that had touched him so gently, Credence was left at a loss to understand his feelings for you. He couldn’t open up about how he felt to anyone the way he did with you; the words seemed to get stuck in his mouth, and that wave of lingering fear, that anxiety, over being misunderstood, seemed to take hold again. Really, he was working on it, trying to open up more to other people, but part of him wondered if it was just something about you. And that brought on a whole new kind of fear.

Also because of that easy nature, everyone seemed to flock to you soundlessly and swiftly. It was something that was starting to drive Credence absolutely insane with—jealousy, perhaps. Concern, maybe. Anger, definitely. It certainly didn’t help that the three of you tended to go out every Friday to let you stretch out that energy of yours, since staying cooped up too long tended to stretch a shadow over your eyes that made everyone anxious, so Credence saw this happen every single week.

Like now.

Credence was sitting (sulking) at the bar near Newt, content to stay away from the crowd and preferring the company of someone he knew well instead, and watched you, surrounded by a group of people fighting for your attention. Your smile was a beacon Credence could have seen from space, and you were like a light house, turning that light in an arc to make sure no one got excluded from its shine. He sipped quietly from his drink and couldn’t help the spike of anger whenever someone rested their hands on your arm or pulled a laugh from you. That anger swelled when you began dancing, changing partners for every new song and spreading that joy you somehow held inside of you. Credence wondered what it would be like to inspire that kind of attention from people, from strangers, who just were drawn to you inexplicably like magnets, and what it would be like to be adored like you. He also couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to be adored by you.

But that wasn’t for him to wonder, so the rest of the night was spent in silence, a slow buzzing hum remaining in the back of his head until it came time to leave. Then the buzzing became an unstable roar because you were radiant, happier now than you had been spending the day with him yesterday. He couldn’t help but notice the shine in your eyes as you greeted him happily that hadn’t been there the day before. The night out had been good for you, and absolutely terrible for him. But he said nothing. He felt it wasn’t his place.

Unfortunately, that roaring in his mind would not subside, which meant another sleepless night spent sitting on the living room sofa. Credence had tried reading, but he couldn’t focus his eyes or his mind on the words well enough or long enough to get anything from it. He settled on sitting by the window instead, gazing at flickering lights against the stars, and wondered if there would ever be one night when his mind would quiet down enough for a full-night’s rest. A quick glance to the scars on his hands reminded him that maybe that was wishful thinking. The voice in his head had always been Mary Lou’s on the bad nights, or on nights spent alone with himself in general, so maybe restful sleep would always elude him. That thought was enough to send a shudder through him as he ran his thumb along the raised skin on his hands again.

He was startled from his reverie at the sound of the kitchen sink running and a glass filling and snapped his head toward the sound, half in fear, half in mild curiosity. Looking, he noticed it was only you, half awake and rubbing at your eyes with the hand that wasn’t clutching your glass of water. You were leaning gently against the counter, still not having turned the lights on, and for the first time since he met you, Credence thought he could see a trace of sadness in your eyes, and a kind of distance in them that frightened him. Tentatively, he called your name. “Y/N?”

Clearly, he had startled you. Your eyes snapped to attention, your body curving toward the sound of his voice, quiet as it was. Any trace of that sadness or that distance was gone instantly, and Credence couldn’t tell if that was better or worse. “I didn’t see you, Credence. You were sitting in the dark. Can’t sleep?” You made your way over to him, sitting in the chair opposite his by the window.

Credence simply shook his head, averting his eyes to look out the window again. Part of him didn’t want to look at you, in part because of that night’s events and those thoughts he couldn’t help but have but mostly because he couldn’t figure out what was up with you tonight—what he had been missing somehow/ There was something inside of you that the exuberance hid from everyone when they looked, and now that he knew, he couldn’t quite tell what to make of it—of you. He couldn’t look at you, then, especially if he wanted to talk to you. “Thinking again.”

He could feel you more than see you pull your knees up to your chest and then shift again to sit cross-legged in the chair. He could feel you thinking too, if he paid close enough attention. “What were you thinking about, Credence?”

He wanted to be honest with you now, as he had always tried to be, so he spoke as much of the truth as he cold manage. “I was wondering how you get everyone’s attention… how that would feel maybe, to be noticed like that… I wondered what it would be like to have your attention. And now… I’m wondering why you’re sad.”

Credence’s voice never ceased to shock you—there was something strong behind its quiet and cracked words, behind the pauses in his speech that weren’t really hesitation but more a habit of waiting to be told he shouldn’t speak anymore (an observation that had broken your heart when you first noticed and still did sometimes, though now it was more a part of him than a conscious fear). The honesty he gave you now was even more jarring combined with that strength. You were stunned for a moment before you answered. “I feel like a ghost, Credence. That’s why I’m sad.”

You watched him uncurl slightly, loosening the grip he had on his hands, and you could practically see his mind at work. The roar in his head returned to its buzzing. “I get that…”

It hurt you to know that he did, but you also knew that before he said it, which was why you had tried so hard to hide the negativity inside from him especially. “I know you do, Credence… You’re probably the only one who does.”

Silence followed for what felt like minutes but could have been only a few seconds. “Why do you feel like a ghost?”

You considered not saying anything, but you knew he deserved better—the fact that he could ask you things directly now was proof enough that he deserved an answer. “You wondered what it felt like to get that attention, and… It doesn’t feel good, Credence. It feels really terrible.” Your voice faltered, and Credence looked at you again to catch one more glimpse at your true face in case you tried to hide it again. He said nothing to keep from shattering the moment or your willingness to answer him—he knew how easily trust could be revoked. “My mother… She wasn’t very kind to me either, Credence.” Credence couldn’t help the widening of his eyes at the admission; you had never really talked about your family before, but it would make sense, how understanding you were of him when he talked about his own mother, if yours had been cruel too. “I’ve always been…outgoing. But she always told me that people who get flirted with, people who attract that kind of attention, are not the kinds of people who get married. That those people end up alone because they’re only inspiring for a few minutes. That my light is a candle that burns out, and I can only shine on people for a few minutes before they move on to find something that lasts. And the more time goes by, the more I start to believe her.” Recalling your mother’s words brought you to silence, quiet tears rolling down your face now that you had finally admitted aloud those greatest fears of yours, ones that bore your mother’s voice but found merit in your head.

Credence’s heart broke, but the reality that someone else suffered a family that saw no worth in them made his world feel like it could include other people in it. Like someone really could understand. Like maybe things weren’t as lonely as they felt. “My mother always told me I wasn’t worth shining on.” He paused for a moment, trying to consider where to go next, and spoke before you could interrupt to tell him how wrong his mother was. “But I know that isn’t true now… Every time you look at me, or wave at me, or talk to me… I know I can be noticed… I have bad days still, but… You’re the first light I ever saw, Y/N. Newt helped me, but… You gave me warmth. And that’s how I know your mom was wrong too.”

Silence stretched between the two of you for long moments that felt like an eternity, and you could hardly breathe. Credence so rarely spoke boldly, or with so much raw emotion, so this trust was new and would have brought you to your knees had you been standing. “Credence…” For the moment before you continued, Credence instinctively worried that he had gone too far or said something wrong. “You’re the only thing in my life that doesn’t feel fleeting.” Now it was Credence’s turn to lose his breath. “And you’re the only one who makes me feel like I’m here.” You hadn’t realized the way the two of you had slowly been leaning forward in your seats until you could feel his forehead inches from yours and the way his breathing had become as uneven as yours. “You said you had been wondering what it would be like to have my attention, but the truth is that you’ve always had all of it. Even if you couldn’t tell.” Your voice was a breathless whisper, expelled in a moment of pure courage.

Credence tentatively leaned forward the slightest bit that it took to press his forehead to yours and closed his eyes, letting his skin absorb your words while his mind tried to process them. When he managed to open his eyes, you were already looking into them, pure vulnerability finally showing through your cracks instead of radiant positivity. “Me?” He couldn’t help but wonder aloud, still unable to keep from questioning—still trying to push away Mary Lou’s voice calling him an abomination in the back of his head.

You reached a tentative hand up, waiting for him to nod before resting your hand on his face and tracing your thumb along the curve of his jaw. “You, Credence.”

“Why?” Some of his own insecurity started to break violently to the surface when his voice cracked around the word. He hadn’t realized he had begun to cry until the shaking of his body started and that general feeling of uneasiness took him over.

You simply swiped his tears away, looking at him in what he could only identify as awe. “Because you are…everything, Credence. You see everything. You are kind, and compassionate, and you have seen cruelty and… You’re here. Like me. You’re like me, but you’ve survived so differently than I have. And you are…amazing, and make me feel like I can keep surviving too. You are my inspiration, Credence, and I will remind you every day if I have to.”

Credence had to speak past a lump that had formed in his throat, and he couldn’t still the shaking of his limbs no matter how he tried. “And you’re alive, Y/N… You’re with me. You’re the only one who has ever really been with me… who has seen enough to know… I…” Words never seemed to find him when he needed them. He wondered briefly if being silenced by his mother for so long had made him totally unequipped to handle them. When your hand touched his and your eyes closed as you indulged a small smile, he couldn’t help but also think maybe he didn’t need them.


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The Experiment

“Hello everyone, if you’d please take your seats…”  The professor waited for the room of about forty college aged Alphas, Betas, and Omegas to stop their chatter and pay attention to her.  “Yes.  Thank you all for coming to tonight’s informational meeting.  I’m Dr. Mills and I hope you all will be interested enough in tonight’s proposed experiment to participate.  And, yes, you will all be paid fifty dollars for participating, so now you can actually pay attention to what the experiment is rather than wondering about money.”

The group chuckled and Dean flicked his eyes up from his cell phone for a moment, but then returned to his game.  He didn’t care what they wanted him to do: pee in a cup, give blood, take weird experimental medications—he just wanted to get paid.  He would have signed up blind if he could have, but Charlie (a classmate in his Fluid Thermodynamics class and one of the students assisting with the project), who had told him about it said he had to attend the informational session.  Attend, not pay attention.  He’d confirmed there wouldn’t be a quiz at the end.

“Now, this experiment is about trying to identify if certain genetic markers affect what pheromones we find attractive and which ones we don’t.”

“Trying to crack the True Mates code?” someone called out.

The audience chuckled and the professor smiled.

“Now, we all know true mates are a fairy tale and sentimental movie fodder, but you have to admit that there are some scents you find attractive, some you have little reaction to, and some that can be repellant.  It’s kind of like there are people you scent and don’t mind hooking up with, but you can’t picture mating.  Right?”

“That’s just because all Alphas are commitment-phobes,” a voice said provocatively.

There was a mixture of laughing and grumbling.

“Hey,” someone replied.  “Betas are the coldest bitches I’ve ever interacted with.”

Argumentative conversation broke out in the room.  The professor waved her hands in the air.

“Settle down, settle down.  Behavioral science is run by Dr. Hanscum.  I’m sure she’ll be conducting an experiment in the spring and you all can go argue about which gender and sex combination are the biggest assholes with her.”

Everyone laughed and Dean cracked a smile.

“But tonight, we’re talking about attraction people.  What attracts you and what doesn’t.  What makes you picture a house and kids and what doesn’t.”  Dr. Mills smirked.  “What turns you on and what doesn’t.”

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Sorry (Hwarang! Soo Ho)

Type: Angst Fluff

Request: Hey, since you’re back writing for hwarang, could you write a scenario where the reader is the only daughter of one of the high officialls and that she and Ji Dwi treat each other like siblings. And that she likes Soo Ho but she denies it bc Soo Ho likes the queen and they always fight and tease each other. Angsty with a fluffy ending pls. I love your blog and Thanks in advanced.

Your fingers played with Sooho’s hair as his head was resting in your lap. His eyes were closed before one popped open seeing you staring off “what is wrong my dear?” he coos in a joking way. “Just thinking of how I have no love life because I am constantly with Silla’s ladies man" you sigh. “You make it sound so bad to spend time with me” he coos as you roll your eyes. “Jidwi told me I should limit my time with you. He thinks I will be heartbroken by you” you tell him as he chuckles. You were already there. You had a hard time believing it yourself that you could love someone who toyed with people. But you could see the way he would stare at the queen so you would never dare admit your feelings.

“Don’t worry Y/N, I promise you that you are not attractive” he spoke as you instantly shoved him gf and he quickly realized what he said. “I swear that came out wrong” he says ad you got up. “Y/N, come on you know I did not mean it that way” he spoke as you continued walking away from him. You were embarrassed and ashamed that those words came out of his mouth. Sooho clicked his tongue as he shook his head. “That was a horrible thing to say” he mumbled as he smacked his head lightly. He didn’t mean it, he found you rather attractive but felt you wouldn’t share the feelings so he put them far far away.


“He said you were unattractive?” Jidwi asked as you sighed nodding. “It is not true” he promised as he patted your head. “I told you he is not the one for you” he coos as you nod again. “Now eat this is the only time I can see you before you have to leave to be with your father” he told you as you nodded. “Didn’t your father set you up to marry someone?” he asked as you nodded. “He’s shipping you off the?” he asked sadly as he leaned on his hands. “Correct” you say as he frowns. “Who would I talk to all the time then? You are my best friend” he spoke as you gave him a smile.


Sooho smiled as he held a set of flowers behind his back as he made his way over to you. He bent down in front of you “hello, my dear” he spoke as you rolled your eyes. “You look lovely today” he said as he pulled the flowers from behind his back holding them in front of him. “Are those for the Queen?” you ask as you glance up from your book. “What? No they are for the pretty girl I accidentally offended” he spoke as he held them out for you. “I think you are really pretty” he promised as you slowly took them from him.

He smiled largely as a small one came to your face and brought them to your face as you took in the smell. “You mean a lot to me and known that too” he spoke as he took a seat across from you. “Did you hear?” you asked him “what?” he asked as you sighed “I’m getting married” you tell him as his face drops. “What?” he asked as he couldn’t believe his ears. “A man from the west” you say as you look down at the flowers. “No” he says as he looks you dead in the eyes “no?” you asked. “You can not marry him. It is not right” he says as you looked more confused. “You can not marry another man” he spoke as his cheeks grew warm. “You are meant to stay here and let me take care of you” he finishes as he grabbed your arm hiking you up. “What are you doing?” you asked unsure as to what he was up to. “Telling your father to call it off. You are staying right here and having my children not some man from another land's” he told you as your eyes were wide as he continued to drag you off towards your home.

demurehoseok  asked:


Sin City 4. Thanks for the request! The drabble game is closed, I just really wanted to do this one :)

Jimin had called just to see if his suspicions were correct. A part of him hoped he was true in thinking your bad performance had something to do with Danielle – he wanted to think it was him, and not something else that was worrying you. If it were something else, he obviously didn’t know about it since you didn’t tell him. Jimin told you so many times that you could tell him about your problems – and you never did. That’s why he called. He had no explanation for why his hand was wrapped around his erection ten minutes into the phone call, or for why he was the one that initiated things – again, or for why he was even okay with doing this with someone who worked for him.

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So Done

Erik Lehnsherr x Reader ; Logan Howlett x Reader

Request: tsukuyomi011 I’m getting greedy here- cause you’re the only one fulfilling my requests right now, :p but anyway- I would like to request a Young!ErikxreaderxLogan one shot. Where the reader is Logan’s wife/mate in his timeline but when he goes backward in time-he finds that she was Erik’s girlfriend in the past and has to reign in his jealousy whenever he saw them together only to burst at last and try to beat Erik to a pulp?? I would love to see an Adamantium-less Wolverine going against Mageto… XD

Words: 1510

A/N: I enjoyed writing this one! :D I hope you like it!

Every fiber of his being was screaming out for you, his fists balled tightly to keep himself from pouncing on you the next time you walked by. He needed you in his arms, holding you, kissing you gently, whispering sweet nothings. He needed you away from him. Pain clenched achingly in his heart, holding it tightly in its strong grasp. Your beautiful laughter was almost mocking him, reminding him of everything he’d lost. Had you not made him promise that he’d finish this mission, he would’ve abandoned it long ago just to be wrapped in your arms once more. 

That’s all he wanted, you. And right now, his jaw clenched, eyes screaming murder as he looked at the gentle smile gracing your face, your head tucked in between Erik’s shoulder and neck, you were the only thing he couldn’t get. Something deep within him stirred, scratching at the very basis of his self, waiting, watching, fighting for him to get to you, to hold you, to claim you. A low, animalistic growl left his lips, his teeth bared. You were his. Why was he being forced to watch you with another? To be unable to hold you? To tell you how he feels? To show you his love? 

It pushed at every inch of who he was to get up and take you back, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t do that here and he couldn’t do it now. He had to sit back silently and watch as you smiled for another man, as you kissed another man, as you loved another man. His eyes shut against Erik embracing you, disgust and pain etched into his features. He let out a loud exhale, leaving the images of the two of you behind. He truly didn’t know how much longer he could keep it up.

You watched as Logan’s form retreated, your head resting comfortably on Erik’s shoulder. He was holding you close, whispering something softly into your ear, but you couldn’t hear what he was saying. You were much too focused on the mystery that surrounded Logan as he walked away, muscles tensed as if he was uncomfortable. He’d been nice to you since you’d met. In fact, he was nicer to you than you’d ever seen him be with anyone else, especially Erik. He seemed to hate Erik and honestly, he probably had a pretty good reason.

“(Y/N),” Erik whispered, teeth gently scraping along your ear as he did so. You shivered, tearing your eyes from Logan’s back as he turned the corner.

“Yeah?” You inquired, a sweet smile gracing your face.

“You looked a little zoned out.” He laughed quietly, cupping your cheek.

“Sorry, it’s just,” you sighed, biting on the inside of your cheek. “Does Logan seem off to you?” Erik’s soft laugh turned into a loud chuckle, eyes shining with mirth.

“I hate to say it, but he doesn’t seem like the friendliest of guys.” You rolled your eyes, smiling widely. Erik did have a point. Logan didn’t seem to be the definition of nice, but still… A sigh was bit down as you thought back to the frustration he was causing in your mind. You feel drawn to him, dangerously so. It was like your heart was torn in two; one wishing for nothing more than Erik and the other longing to return to something eerily familiar to home, to Logan. 

“Although, he seems a little too friendly with you.” Erik’s voice broke through your stupor, causing you to look to him dumbly. Surely he wasn’t insinuating that Logan… that wasn’t possible… right? Why would it even matter if he felt that way, you were with Erik. You held onto that like a shield, repeating it over and over in your head to dispel the strange emotions the thought was eliciting. “I suppose I’ll have to talk to him.” What?

“No.” You replied, holding his head in place with hands on either side. “Just leave him be.” A small smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, his head surging forward to connect with your forehead.

“Whatever you say.”

“Hey, Logan!” You call him over, smiling gently towards the man. He returns it in kind, approaching in long strides.

“(Y/N),” he breathed, a wide smile pasted on his lips.

“You wouldn’t happen to know where Erik ran off to, would you?” You asked, frowning a little when his smile dropped, being replaced with a rather nasty look.

“No idea,” he grumbled, walking in time with you.

“Hm, I give up.” You shrugged, attempting to lighten the mood once again. It didn’t seem to work well, a half-smile being sent in return for your effort. “You know, he’s not as bad as you think.” You began. Surely the only reason he hated Erik was because he thought that he was some insane guy who wished to take over the world. Maybe if you told him what Erik was really like, maybe then he’d like him.

“Or maybe he’s worse.” Logan replied dryly, glaring at every blade of grass you walked by. It was almost comical, his annoyance not that different from a child throwing a temper tantrum.

“Believe me, he’s not.” Your feet had stopped on their own accord, your body angled so you could get a better look at Logan. He was attractive, that much you’d admit. His lips were parted and inviting, his hair looking like the perfect length for you to just run your hands through as you… relationship, you reminded yourself. You’re in a relationship, a very happy one, you might add. With Erik, not Logan. A frustrated groan was torn from your throat, one of Logan’s brows raising in question.

“Something the matter?” He asked. You could’ve sworn his voice was huskier than it had been only moments ago, your fingers spasming with the sudden urge to kiss him, to hold him, to be with him. It was like your world was being torn apart from the seams, your mind actually telling you that it was okay to want Logan, that it was right. But no, it couldn’t be right. You loved Erik. Why did this have to be so confusing?

“(Y/N),” Erik yelled, thankfully ripping you out of your own mind and bringing you back to reality.

“Erik,” you sighed, breaking your gaze from Logan’s intense stare. He was sprinting towards you, only stopping once his arm was wrapped around your waist, his lips pressing firmly into his cheek. You didn’t have to see him to know he was glaring at Logan, clearly getting the point across that you were his.

“Wolfy,” he smirked, nodding in greeting.

“Erik.” He replied curtly, eyes gleaming murderously. His hands were clenching and unclenching, an obvious attempt to keep himself from pounding his fist into your lover’s face. Unfortunately, Erik truly didn’t know when to keep his mouth shut.

“We’ve got a little more pressing matter,” he looked to you heatedly, licking his lips slowly. “But I’ll be sure to let you know how we’re doing later.” Logan’s jaw was tightened, so much so that you were sure his teeth were going to snap under the pressure. Without hesitation, he lifted a fist and slammed it across Erik’s cheek. For one moment you stood wide-eyed, watching as your boyfriend righted his stance, wiping the blood from his split lip. “Wrong move, bub.” Erik mocked, his hand flying out. 

A long metal pipe rose from somewhere beneath the surface, aimed right at Logan’s abdomen. A strange yell left your lips, something mixed between a warning and his name.They were going to kill each other, for fuck’s sake! Logan dodged the pipe, retracting his claws, for lack of a better word. He lunged forward, aiming the sharp weapons at Erik. He barely had time to move out of the way, this time pulling six metal balls towards himself.

“Erik, Logan!” You screamed, trying to get their attention before they actually did injure one another. They didn’t listen, too busy dodging and attacking. “Guys!” You tried again, looking on helplessly as one of Logan’s claws scraped along the side of Erik’s face, leaving a trail of crimson in its wake. In turn, Erik sent a metal ball careening through Logan’s shoulder, coming out wet and bloodied on the other side. “Boys!” You yelled for a final time, both hands going out to envelope them in a golden light. Neither could move, their eyes forced towards you.

“What the hell is wrong with you guys.” You shouted, glaring at both of them. When neither one of them provided you with an answer, you dropped both of your hands. With a loud declaration of, “Idiots,” you turned your back on them. They were being childish and pathetic and you were not about to put up with them. Obvious attempts were being made to get your attention from both of them as you walked away, but you weren’t having any of it. Each step only strengthened your resolve, fingernails digging into your palms. You were so done.