who told him he could be this attractive


What is it with guys telling girls to smile? Are they expecting me to be flirty or interested? I still don’t get it. They could literally say anything or even nothing at all but they choose to say “smile” like I’m some little child. I was curious about a guy at my job until he told me to smile and I lost all interest immediately. Now he says it often and I have to make an effort to avoid him. It’s annoying. Why do I attract these grown ass men who don’t know how to start a normal conversation?

from the bar to the beach (m/f)

“This past summer I was out with some friends bar hopping. I wound up getting separated from the group I went out with, but ran into a few other friends and stayed with them for the rest of the night.

There was a guy with my friends that I didn’t know, but who I had saw earlier and thought he was hella fine. He bought me a beer and told me he thought I was hot when he saw me earlier and I told him the same.

We were sitting in a dark corner of the bar for about an hour, just talking, when he asked if he could kiss me. I usually hate PDA, but I was so attracted to him and leaned in.

He started rubbing my thigh at the bar (my pants were somewhat open in the front so he has access). He kissed my neck and whispered in my ear that he wanted to rip my panties off and go down on me.

I told him in order for that to happen I would have to first be wearing panties, and gave him a smirk to say “find out for yourself”.

He slid his hand up the slit in my pants and discovered how absolutely wet I was already. He started slowly rubbing my pussy at the bar and I was so turned on I didn’t even care.

I felt my orgasm building and grabbed his forearm. I told him I couldn’t cum at the bar and he said “why not?” I considered this and thought he had a point and let him finish me off while I sat at the bar.

I could see the bulge in his pants and knew I needed to feel him. I asked if he wanted to go for a walk and he said “hell yeah.”

I live in a beach town, so we left the bar and started walking down the beach. There was a beach chair set up next to a life guard stand, and as soon as he saw it he pushed me down into it and began eating me out.

I was dripping wet between the hotness of him and what I was doing. I didn’t even like to kiss my ex in public and now I was essentially letting a stranger eat me on the beach.

He ate me and fingered me until I was begging him to fuck me, which he gladly did. His dick felt so good in me and he was so sexual I was screaming and didn’t care who heard me.

After I had an intense, shaking orgasm, I finished him off in my mouth and swallowed every last drop of his cum.

We cleaned ourselves up and headed back to the bar, where he was still teasing me under my pants. To make it even better he bought me a plate of nachos and I swear I fell in love.

He left to go back to Boston two days later and I probably will never see him again, but just thinking of our steamy night on the beach is enough to get me off every time.”

Miss Me? (Sam x reader)

Imagine: Sam and Dean are away on a hunt, and you get a little lonely

A/N: Feeling a little lonely lately and needed my Sammy. Soo… this is fluff, fluff, fluffiness, there’s some implied smut, tiny bit of angst if you squint, and the reader I wrote with a little anxiety and self-consciousness so I could connect a little more

Word Count: 1,483

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Secret Valentines

Jumin had never really cared about holidays except christmas and his birthday. Especially Valentine’s day. This day seemed to be there to remind him that his father married a gold digger and that the best gift for those people was being presented with a black Visa or Mastercard. Jumin never had a crush on somebody. The other kids all seemed to avoid him. Except this one fella, who had caught Jumins eye in kindergarten and had been his best friend since.

He never knew what is was that attracted him to V. Was it the mysterious vibe that surrounded him or that he instantly calmed down in V’s presence? He could never figure it out and that may have been the main reason for Jumin sticking around. But what he didn’t knew was that the feeling was mutual. For Jihyun, Jumin was an interesting kid. Calm, collected, acting too grown up for his age. Something inside Jihyun told him to guide this peculiar kid through life. It wasn’t that Jumin and V grew up in similar circumstances. There were about a hundred people in their life they could’ve selected as best friend. Carefully chosen by social status or bank account by their parents.

All these years he had seen V as a friend. Through Kindergarten, primary school and high school. But since V’s first girlfriend, everything had changed. Jealousy raged through his body whenever he saw the two together. He didn’t like someone snatching V away from him, he didn’t like her changing V, he simply hated her. Whenever he saw V, his body heated up, his hands were sweaty and his heart raced. That had never happened before and he hoped it would go away as quickly as it had emerged. He just couldn’t stand it.
“It” was how she acted around V and how she acted around other people. He had seen it a thousand times from his father’s girlfriends. He tried to tell V a thousand times. But whenever he tried to, an enormous lump had formed in his throat. He felt like his best friend was leaving him alone and that was the worst part.
The fact that Valentines day was coming up didn’t make the situation any better. She was dropping hints about presents. Wrapping herself around his body like a boa constrictor; swallowing him whole. It was sickening to watch. As a good friend, no; as a best friend it was Jumins duty to tell Jihyun the truth. And he ought to do so the next day, Valentines day.

Was it possible to get a heart attack now? It’s unusual but a heart attack could happen to anyone at any time. Jumins heart was racing as he stood in front of V’s home. He had written a letter with everything he wanted to say to V, but he threw it out the window after reading it for the 10th time. He thought about what he would say but nothing seemed to be just right. He pressed the bell and suddenly his heart skipped a beat. What would happen if his best friend of many years didn’t return his feelings and started to mock him, or even worse; hate him for it. “Hello?” “Hello. My name is Jumin Han. I would like to speak to Jihyun.” “Please come in.” “I’d rather wait outside.” The butler vanished and after a few minutes of silence V appeared. Jumins heart jumped when he noticed that the two of them were alone. “Do you want to go for a walk?” This wasn’t according to plan. What was he doing? Jumin was confused by his own action, a walk in the park was nothing he had thought of earlier. But it was unexpected brilliant as no one could interfere a private conversation in the park that easily. “Sure. Why not. It’s a lovely day. Just let me grab my camera. I’ll be down in a sec.”

They had been walking alongside each other in silence for half an hour now. Usually, Jumin wouldn’t mind but today he wished for his friend to say something. After five more minutes he cleared his throat and asked “Where is your girlfriend?” “I broke up.”
“What?! Why?” V looked at him and pursed his lips. “You know why. I don’t want to talk about it to be honest. Let’s just walk or sit down somewhere. I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages -” “2 and a half weeks to be honest.” V’s laugh filled the crisp winter air and filled Jumins tummy with butterflies. “I missed you.” “I missed you too, Jihyun.”

Jumin thought what he was going to tell V now. The speech about his girlfriend was unnecessary. But he still felt the urge to tell someone how he really felt. “Hey, V,” Jumin turned to his best friend and locked eyes with him. Some snowflakes were caught in V’s mint hair and made him look like another being, “ I need to tell you something… I don’t know how to describe this feeling but I know that you will understand me nonetheless.

“I was jealous of your girlfriend. Whenever I saw you two.together it was like someone stabbed me in my guts and left the knife as like to remember me of my murder. But whenever I saw you alone, my heart started racing, butterflies filled me up and my whole body seemed to be in flames whenever you touched me. i tried to ignore it but I can’t stand this feeling anymore and i want you to know because I think as my best friend you have the right to know.” Jumin didn’t stop during his little speech. the words spilled out of his mouth and he didn’t even think of what to say next. He looked at V, breathless but relieved to have confessed. V on the other hand fixed his gaze at jumins eyes. Seemed to be lost in words and thought.

“I never knew you felt the same way.” He took Jumins hand and pulled the giant dork closer to his chest. “I think I love you too Jumin!” He gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Long enough to enjoy it but fast enough for anyone to notice.

They didn’t feel the cold air for their cheeks were burning and their bodies were hot with desire. But for that moment. A short kiss was everything Jumin could’ve hoped for.


This is my Valentines gift for @setthestarsxnfire
It’s part of the Secret Valentines from @mysmesecretvalentines

I’m sorry it’s a bit late but I hope you like it. It was a lot of fun to write and to participate.
I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day😉

Please help!!

One of my guy friends says that anything more than chest hair on a guy is unattractive. That means some stomach hair, like what I have. I asked him where he got this idea from and he said that it was “common sense”, not that he actually got this from girls who have told him. And I told him that he, as a male, could not say what women are and are not attracted to.

So please like or reblog or respond so I can prove him very wrong. That women are OK with hairy men.

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I just quit a job I've been at for almost three years (the new one offers better pay, better hours, more chances for personal growth, etc.). My supervisor, who I still have to work for until Saturday, just told me that he thinks "it's not fair" that I'm leaving because i'm the only one he "could really flirt with." I'm 21, he's 36, and I have never said anything to him to even remotely imply attraction. I now refuse to speak amicably with any male supervisors. I can't let that happen again.

Ew 😒😒😒

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I do not give myself enough credit for what I do and when ppl give me compliments I try to look for something even if I do not know the person and I tend to get flustered, shy, awkward, and quiet about it. I don’t really like being in the spotlight that much or gain attention, but my friends and from my observations they told me that I have this aura that attracts people even though I am not being an attention freak etc.

Okay so.. I knew exactly who to ship you with as I read all of it. You gave us a lot of information, which made my job much easier so thank you for that! Anyway.. I ship you with.. Jimin! You both are pretty l at first, but since you seem to open up more after getting to know someone, you could help him to open up more to! This is very important to being with Jimin, I think, because he needs someone who can show him that it is okay to be himself completely with them. Your joyful and quirky personality would definitely bring him out of his shell if you spent enough time together. He would love listening to music with you and watching you draw. He would ask questions about your drawing as you did it and maybe even ask you to show him how you did something. He would also love swimming or driving around with you. Two things Jimin would probably find both fun and at times, peaceful. Especially the driving. He would often just lean back in the passenger seat, close his eyes and just have a relaxing chat with you as you drove to a completely unkown location. Being that you are open-minded, Jimin wouldn’t feel the need to hide from you. He would still be very shy with others, but when you two are alone everything would be different. Because he wouldn’t be afraid of being rejected by you. Not that he has much to be rejected for. Only his own fears. Your work ethic and the passion you put into the things you do would match his. This would be his drive. He would want to keep up with you and I imagine you would also want to do the same with him. He would ask you to watch him practice his dances or to listen to him practice singing and give honest opinions and in return he would do the same for you with anything that you needed of him. You two take compliments the same, I’m sure of it. So when he tells you that you are beautiful, which he would often do, your reaction would be the cutest thing to him. If you returned the compliment, though, he too would become a blushing mess and it would be the most adorable exchange that anyone has ever seen! At first, Jimin would worry that you seem cold. But as he got to know you and understand you, that worry would wash away. He may still occasionally question if he has done something to upset you, but that would be more due to his own insecurities that your stand off-ish demenour. Like you, Jimin hates feeling like a burden and so he would often ask you if he is bothering you at all. He would apologize for anything and everything he felt was wrong of him and you would often have to reassure him. Of course, he would do the same for you at the drop of a dime without even thinking about it. He would constantly tell you how good you are to him, sometimes for no reason, just because he knows how it feels to be afraid. All in all, your overly kind personality and his would match so well and the two of you would be a pairing to dream of. You would support each other in everything that you do and help each other grow, which is the most important thing about being in a relationship if you ask me!

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A few headcanons on Will Solace growing up Gay in Texas

-The first Crush Will had was on his best friend in kindergarten, a boy named Daniel, but he didn’t recognize it as a crush until later. 

- Will felt really uncomfortable in Middle school when his friends started drooling over girls and he just couldn’t make himself

-He used to pick a girl who was stereotypically attractive and had a good personality to crush on

-He got his first and last girlfriend in 7th grade 

-She kissed him at a school dance and it felt so utterly wrong and forced. He ended up faking a stomach ache so he could go home 

-He broke up with her two weeks later

-She demanded to know why and he eventually caved and told her he wasn’t into her like that, he couldn’t be. 

-Rumors that Will was gay started spreading like wildfire 

-He denied it the best he could but it didn’t stop

-Someone spray painted “Faggot” on his locker and the janitor didn’t get around to painting over it for a month 

-He knew he was gay but he hated it more and more. 

-He was in the public library looking for a book and he just grabbed one because his mom was picking him up soon

-That book was Vast Fields of Ordinary

-He’d never read a book with gay characters before, and it made him feel a lot less alone. 

-He started reading more books like that. Will Greyson, Will Greyson, Geography club,Two boys kissing, Boy meets boy, Hero, anything he can find in the library or the bookstore 

- He comes to realize he isn’t the one with the problem. 

-He comes out to his friends first. He looses one or two. He’d be lying if he said it didn’t hurt, but he’s even closer to the friends he kept now. 

-He stops denying he’s gay. 

-He still gets bullied sometimes, but he knows his friends will back him up 

-He feels like he’s going to vomit when he comes out to his mom and watches her lips press into a straight line

-Will doesn’t know how log they fought, it felt like days but it was probably just a few hours

-Will gets kicked out of his house. He takes a multitude of buses and goes the only place he can think of to go. Camp. 

-He’s really scared when he returns to camp half-blood, but he’s sick of hiding

-It goes so much better than he could have imagined

-His brothers and sisters are really supportive. Most of the camp is really accepting. Camp half blood starts feeling like home. He feels safe and comfortable. 

-He still writes his friends in Texas, just to talk to them and let them know he’s okay. He writes his mom sometimes too, even if he knows he won’t get a response

-He becomes a year-rounder. 

-He still doesn’t like to talk about his mom or where he came from, but he’s happy with himself for the most part and he’s glad to have so many people around him to lean on.

-He starts dating Nico a little over 4 months after the battle with Gaea

-The relationship is really new, but it feels so much more natural. Less like he’s got something to prove and more like, well, He really likes Nico. 

Don’t Leave

Word Count: 1482

Jason landed swiftly onto the balcony, being cautious not to draw any attention or make a sound. The darkness of the night cloaked his presence, even when his helmet contrasted the dark colors. He approached the glass door and raised a hand to knock, but hesitated.

Should he even be doing this? He could easily ask someone else, someone involved in this superhero business, to help him, but instead he came to a regular civilian who shouldn’t got tangled in this mess. It was funny, he told himself the exact same words every single time he arrived on the balcony of her apartment and he always ended up knocking anyway.

Jason hated to admit it, but he was attracted to her. That’s what drew him back to her every night.

He knocked on the glass lightly and waited patiently. It was only for a few seconds, but that was enough to make him doubt himself. Perhaps he shouldn’t have knocked. She might’ve been asleep, and even if she wasn’t she would be incredibly tired.

The door opened, revealing a familiar face that always made Jason’s heart swell.

“Hello Red.” Lily said softly, her eyes weary.

Jason felt a surge of guilt rush through him. “Sorry, did I wake you?”

“No, not at all. Come in.” She stepped aside and allowed him into her bedroom.

“So, how was your patrol tonight?” Lily questioned as she began to clean the blood off his skin. By now the blood and injuries didn’t faze her. Jason came to her for patching up so often she expected it.

“Fine, nothing too bad.” Jason answered.

“It seems that way. You’re not as beat up as usual.” she agreed lightly, patching him up as well as she could manage. After she was done, she helped him put his costume back on and said, “there, all done.” She gave him a heartwarming smile that instantly melted his heart.

Jason wondered how on earth did he manage to stumble on someone like Lily. It didn’t matter how late it was, her door was always open. Despite not knowing who he was or really, anything about him, she helped him without question. Sometimes when he was frustrated he would just rant about it to her. She didn’t understand anything, but she didn’t complain and instead allowed him to let it all out. Then she would offer him a warm, loving embrace.

Yet by being with her, he was putting her in danger. He had so many enemies, and if not enemies then when the others–his ‘family’ to be precise–discover her they’d definitely never leave her alone, bringing her deeper into this.

He had to leave her. As much as it pained the both of them, it was for the best.

“Hey… what’s wrong?” Lily asked gently, crouching in front of him and placing a hand on his helmet. He wished he could feel her fingers on his cheek instead, but what he wished for more was for him to not want it so badly.

Jason shook his head. “Nothing. I should go…”

“It’s not nothing.” Lily said firmly. “You can tell me anything, you know that right?”

He turned away and stood up. “You don’t know anything about me. You don’t even know my name.” he seethed, suddenly feeling angry, because she was making it so damn hard to leave. “What makes you think I will tell you anything?!” He didn’t mean to raise his voice, but he did.

Lily flinched back slightly but held her ground. Instead of getting upset, she instead whispered in a small voice, “you always talked to me, told me about Nightwing and Red Robin and Robin… even Batman. This is no different.”

“Everything about this is different.” Jason exclaimed.


“Because this is not about them.” he said. “It’s not about some hero or villain, it’s about you.” The words came out in a single, defeated breath.

Lily stood still, but there was an expression of shock on her face. After a moment of silence, she spoke. “I understand that you’re afraid of getting me involved, but leaving won’t undo what is already done, what is already here.”

Jason didn’t know whether to laugh or throw something in anger. Of course she would know why he was upset, she always knew. It was part of her unique ability.

“I’m a dangerous man Lils.” Jason bit his tongue, cursing internally for using her nickname. He was trying to intimidate her and the nickname was definitely not helping.

“I know that, but Gotham is a dangerous city yet here I am.” she stated in a strong voice. “I’m not afraid.”

“Well you might not be, but I am.” Jason admitted, speaking nothing but truth. He walked up to Lily and gripped her arms, gazing into her eyes. He knew that even if she couldn’t see his face she would be able to sense his worry, his fear and maybe even his love for her. “I am afraid for you.”

It was safe to say what he said left her speechless, or maybe it was the emotions she felt along with those words.

He felt her arms wrap around his much bigger body. He didn’t hesitate to return the hug. She felt so small in his arms, so fragile and vulnerable and he wished he could always keep her in his arms like this to not only protect her, but to love her as well.

“You know the thing about fear?” Lily inquired, looking up at him. “It’s always there. No matter where you are, or what you do, there’s always that nagging feeling in your heart telling you that something can go wrong any moment. But that doesn’t mean you should quit and give up. If it’s worth it, fight that fear and let yourself do all the things you always wanted to do. Let yourself live.”

Jason stared down at her, taking in her words. She was smiling at him again, her eyes reassuring him that everything was going to be okay. And he believed it. He believed her.

His eyes involuntarily drifted down to her lips and before he could stop himself, he blurted out the words that may as well doomed their relationship.

“Can I kiss you?”

Lily’s cheeks heated up instantly and she averted her gaze to the side. Meanwhile, Jason wanted to kill himself then and there. How could he say something so stupid?!

“Y-You can but… that helmet is in the way.” she said with a hint of nervousness.

Jason couldn’t help but laugh at her statement, but he was also blushing madly because she was actually thinking of kissing him. That meant she returned his feelings… right?

He closed his eyes and felt it, love, her love. It was strong and raw and very real. There was not a speck of doubt. As Jason opened his eyes once again, he stared at the woman in his arms and made a decision.

“Then I guess it has to go.” Jason said, pulling away as his hands went up to his helmet. However, Lily grabbed his arm as a frown made its way to her face.

“Wait–are you sure? You don’t have to–”

“I want to.” he stated. Slowly, he took off his helmet and he saw Lily’s eyes widen as her breath hitch.

Her hands went up to his face, but before she touched it she asked, “may I?”

Jason took her hands and brought it to his cheeks, smiling. She wordlessly felt his face, from his jaws, to his lips, to his hair. She stroked the white streak of hair with a confused expression on her face.

“A trauma streak.” Jason whispered.

Lily’s jaw dropped. “Oh Red…”



“It’s Jason.” he corrected. “Jason Todd.”

“Jason.” she repeated, the name sounding beautiful in her voice. “You’re incredible.” Her voice was breathless but full of awe as she continued studying his face.

Jason held her hands in place, staring at her intently. She seemed to realize this and her cheeks grew red.

He lowered his head and captured her lips in a kiss. It was soft and gentle, and definitely sensual. He knew she didn’t have any experience and he didn’t want to push her.

“I love you.” Jason whispered once they pulled away. Lily glanced down to hide her blushing face.

“As do I.” she confessed, finally looking back up. “I love you, Jason Todd.”

Jason wrapped his arms around her again, as if trying to say thank you. Never did he think Lily would love someone like him. He didn’t even think he’d stay long enough but she was worth it. He couldn’t walk away, even if he wanted to.

“Does this mean you’re not going to leave me?” Lily asked quietly. Jason chuckled and nodded his head.

“No, never, I promise.”

He felt Lily smile against his chest. “Good.”

Content Warning for Mentions of Canonical Homophobia

I know we all joke about Bitty’s obliviousness with regard to Jack’s obvious warmth toward him but let’s think about why that could be. 

Bitty could not tell his teammates at the most LGBT friendly school in the nation that he was gay for an entire semester because the suspicion that he was gay caused his high school teammates to lock him in a utility closet overnight. He had never even said the words “I’m gay” out loud until he told Shitty. 

Eric Bittle lives in a world where his assumed attraction is either a) completely wrong, as in the case of Ransom and Holster (and every other person who doesn’t immediately ID him as gay) or b) dangerous. And Jack Zimmermann lives in a world where every assumption that he is romantically interested in men is either a) completely wrong, or b) dangerous - to his career, to his mental health, and by way of that, perhaps, to his life. 

Bitty isn’t oblivious because he’s dumb, or because he’s unobservant, or because he doesn’t know Jack. Bitty is willfully oblivious - that is, if at this point in the comic Eric still doesn’t know how Jack feels, it is because he is actively trying to avoid making any assumptions about Jack’s attractions, or (likely) assuming that anyone at all is attracted to him. Having experienced the violent cruelty of homophobia, Eric has learned that it’s better to keep quiet and still, to wait it out all night in the dark, than to go out on a limb. And who can blame him for it?

My boyfriend expresses mild jealousy about my attraction to James McAvoy, so I told him I find him more attractive than the McAvoy and he said ‘hell yeah!’ triumphantly.

Me: 'I’m glad you believe me because if you told me you found me more attractive than Megan Fox I would tell you where to shove your bullshit.’

Him: 'Yeah, but James McAvoy isn’t exactly Brad Pitt! It’s actually believable that you prefer me.’

Me: 'WHY DO MEN THINK HE IS NO BIG DEAL?! I’m telling you that me and thousands of other people would sell our left foot to suck on his dick and you still just don’t get it! HE IS SEX PERSONIFIED! He is a filthy Scottish gingerbearded sex magnet who could make me orgasm with a GLANCE!’

Hearts all around

I’m rewatching the episode right now but I needed to pause to talk about this thing.

Harold had just had heart replacement(correction here) surgery, Arthur had “a broken heart” and they assumed Mildred would be the next one because of her atrial fibrilation. What all those have in common is that their vulnerability was their heart, so why was Dean vulnerable then?

Because of matters of the heart of course. There is an extraneous force calling for his heart, making him feel an attraction that scares him and that he doesn’t want. And when he confided this on someone close to his heart, he was told that it may be a good thing they could use to their advantage, instead of receiving the support and understanding he expected. There’s also the fact that unbeknownst to him he just confesed all his intimate fears to an enemy who will no doubt take advantage of that knowledge and unscrupulously use it to further his own goals. There is our Dean’s very vulnerable heart at the moment.

It’s also interesting to see how he was paralleled to the other three vulnerable hearted people this episode.

Stealing Harold’s viagra (just like he had stolen it from other people before) is yet another symbolic nod to Dean getting old. When Dean says “Maybe we oughta make a reservation” when they’re arriving to the retirement home, the camera very blatantly pans down to focus on the picture of the old happy couple staring out at the sea.

Arthur’s broken heart is due to his emoji-loving wife having just left him, and not returning his calls. He also would like to have sent her the heart, tell her how he really feels, but he can’t help being rougher than that to her. Now, I don’t know why, but this kinda reminds me of someone who has just left and isn’t giving any signs of life, and who Dean has some trouble showing his appreciation to¿? I’m just saying, maybe Cas said yes because Dean keeps sending poop emojis when actually he meant to send the heart.

[gif source]

And then we have Mildred, who told him to follow his heart, and was able to see that there’s someone else he’s pining for.

Now, knowing all those very interesting things about Dean’s heart, I would say his vulnerablity is as much about Amara as it is about his pining for Cas and his worry for whatever is going on with him, and even in a foreboding sense, the fact that he exposed his heart to a dangerous enemy and he doesn’t even know it yet.

like I am not kidding, almost every gross TERF-genre-lesbian blog I have ever seen fantasizes and reacts the exact same way that the most gross straight boy did when I and my friend told him that trans women existed. Like I remember it really distinctly. we were in the college cafeteria after a club meetup and we couldn’t ditch him. and he made some kind of gross joke and. my friend and I gently tried to teach him that trans women existed. like lol we hoped. Then not so gently.

and his first reaction was “no way, I can’t mistake a man for a woman”

then to panic about how being straight doesn’t mean he’s attracted to “men who look like women.” About how no one could say he “needed to have sex with a man provided he called himself a woman.”

and then do you know what he said afterward,

he said that even if he fell in love with a woman and loved her a lot and thought she was attractive, if it was revealed she didn’t have the genitals he wanted he would not just dump her immediately but go berserk because he “was tricked.”



we couldn’t convince him. you also can’t convince TERFs. They borrow the superficial shield of “never compare lesbians to straight men!” but you got to have the life experience to know that if two different kinds people react in the same evil way, they share the same evil. Even if they desperately do not want to be aligned with each other.

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Imagine Steve dealing with internalized homophobia

It must be so hard adjusting to the new technology.

It was always technology that they brought up for some reason, as though learning how to use the Internet and a cell phone made his head spin while learning about the moon landing and the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War didn’t overwhelm him in the least.

He always nodded and agreed, smiled and shared a few moments with whoever cared to stop and talk, but what he never told them was that no- the technology was great. It was easy and it made his life easier trying to catch up with society.

What was hard to take in were the different belief sets that permeated culture. Right and wrong, it turned out, could be relative, and that was a hard pill for someone like Steve, who was supposed to embody righteousness, to swallow.

The things he felt and the people he found himself attracted to, in 1940, were wrong. In 2016, they were almost normal. He’d been taught by society to think that no matter how well he did as the nation’s icon, there was still something inherently wrong with him, and he’d believed it. He still believed it, but was trying to reset his way of thinking.

That was what was so hard about adjusting- he’d come to terms with the world, but was still fighting to come to terms with himself.

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Brian had almost arrived at her place once they were done texting. The door unlocked…damn! Brian was attracted by many things when it came to women. He liked curves just as well as muscle - it was just the whole picture that needed to fit, details going well together. Trinity was fit, and she was fit up to a degree of not too extreme a built - his taste was old fashioned when it came to wome and hardcore bodybuilding. Not only was she hot and she was smart and if a refreshing bright mood most of the time - there was more. There was something about her that told him that she could not jusst hold her own ground. Something he could not put a finger on - yet - but that intrigued him. Attracted him. And her teasing him all over the place? She was a challenge! If he had not just offered her the job and created a professional relationship between them… pictures of how this woman - who had just told him that the door was unlocked while she /knew/ there were some shady characters actually lingering outside her place - would be awaiting him. Pictures that made him grow indeed! He smirked over the fact while he walked two men talking lowly to each other in the shadow of a parked van at the other side of her house. She would most likely not be very happy if she had any idea about what was going on on his mind. He quickly stepped up the few stairs to her door, all unbothered by the few shadows he had well noticed outside. He knocked, had the manners to wait for a moment before he entered and closed the door behind him. “Hey darlin’ ”, he called out. “I’m home!”

So Wrong Part 2 - Requested (Luke)

Hey, this was requested by the lovely mixupthesky and a couple of Anon, hope you like it, Part 1, ENJOY!!!!

‘(Y/N) this is Marvin’ Ben smacked the guys back, he hasdark hair styled in a sort of quiff, with a strong jaw line, and he is a little taller than Ben, over all he is a hottie, and your relived. Ben had insisted that you two would get on well, but you just weren’t sure, then Ben told you he had invited him to the party so you could meet him and honestly you had been dreading it. ‘Hey’ you smile, as does he, ‘I’ve hear a lot about you, it’s nice to finally meet you’ he tells you, his voice is deep, raspy and it’s as attractive as hell. ‘All good I hope’ you bite your lip a little, before looking over to Ben who has a huge smirk on his lips.

‘Well I will leave you two to it’ he wink at you as he backs away, making you laugh, ‘He is mad obvious about setting us up’ Marvin laughs and you nod, ‘I agree, at least it’s not too awkward’ you tell him and he nods, ‘Defiantly not, shell we go get a drink?’ he asks and you nod, walking side by side into the hall and heading to the bar together. While you and Marvin are chatting you notice Celeste, Ben, Jack and Liz keep looking over making you laugh a little.

‘EVERYBODY THEY ARE HERE!’ someone yells, you smile to Marvin as you stand from your stool, ‘I’ll catch up with you later’ you rush and he nods as you rush to Liz’s side. Everyone on their feet waiting for the happy couple. The day after the wedding they went on a two month honey moon and while gone people decided we should have a party for when they get back which was last night, so here we are waiting for them. Ben nudges your shoulder, ‘So? What do you think?’ you shake your head glancing over to Marvin before shrugging, ‘He’s hot’ Celeste comments, ‘Hey’ Jack whines making you laugh, ‘Oh shush’ she hushes him before looking back to you, ‘What’s wrong with him?’ she asks, knowing you’re not convinced, you shrug again before glancing at the door to see if Luke was here but it was still shut.

‘’He’s not Luke’ Ben whispers so only the four of you can hear, you don’t argue or agree, you just give him a blank look as he shrugs. But your all distracted from the current conversation as everyone starts to cheer and clap, you look over to the door to see them walk in, all smiles, their hands tied together, she laughs and he looks around waving at a couple of people, Liz and Andrew head over while you stay back with the others, once they have said hello to most people, she goes off to talk to her parents, while Luke comes jogging over to the four of you, its Jack who gets the first hug, then Ben and you.

His arms hold you tight and your wrap yours around him too, ‘Nice to see you’ you laugh into his shoulder a little, ‘I’ve missed you’ he whispers, his warm breath against your ear. ‘Hey, where’s mine’ Celeste helps you by catching Luke’s attention, he laughs as he pulls away giving her a hug too.

‘So bro how was the trip?’ Ben asks, Luke nods as he glances around the room, ‘Not too bad, I hate to sound like a diva but I’ve already seen everything we went to see so I think she defiantly enjoyed it more’ he laugh a  little as do the others. ‘How’s the married life?’ Jack laughs, ‘Hmm, same old’ Luke nods as though not wanting to talk about it and it seems like the other catch on too.

‘You two are okay right?’ Ben questions, ‘Sure, yeah, of course’ Luke smiles nodding, he looks to you, his eyes holding yours, ‘How have you been? You haven’t been answering my calls’ he asks, putting you on the spot in front of the others, ‘Yeah, my phones been playing up sorry’ you smile casually, ‘Really?’ he challenges you making you laugh a little, ‘Yes Luke really, right Celeste?’ you look to her for support and she nods slowly, ‘Sure, yep it’s terrible’ she agrees but no one believes her which only makes you laugh.

‘So what’s been going on around here?’ Luke asks, ‘Not much, same old’ Ben answers with a shrug, ‘Yep, you know I was thinking we could go out for lunch soon, just the five of us, like old times’ Celeste suggest, you nod along with the boys, ‘Yeah babe that sound good’ Jack tells her, pressing his lips to her head.

‘Hey (Y/N)’ you turn to Marvin who is holding a glass in his hand, you smile up at him, ‘You left you drink’ he tells you, holding up the glass to you, you smile nodding. ‘You know what, I think I need a fresh one’ you turn back to the others, ‘Excuse me’ you smile before following Marvin back to the bar.


‘Hey, have you seen Luke?’ Calum asks, you shake your head, ‘No, have you seen Ben? I’ve been looking for him for like twenty minutes’ you answer, continuing to scan the room but he shakes his head. ‘You know what, I have to go Mali called me and she needs me, could you tell Luke that I left?’ Calum explains and you nod, ‘Yeah of course, I hope she’s okay, let me know’ you tell him as he gives you a quick hug, ‘Yeah, I will call you tomorrow’ he agrees before rushing off.

You wonder around a little more looking for Ben and Luke, you decide to give up and head to the toilet, and you walk out of the hall and head down the corridor to the toilets. You freeze when you hear muffled shouting near you, you look around seeing the doors to a room slightly open, you walk over quietly, checking no one is around; you try to see through the small gap who is in the room.

‘HOW COULD YOU DO THAT!’ it’s Luke who shouts which makes you frown a little, who the hell is he shouting at. ‘WHY SHOULDN’T I, YOU DID THIS NOT ME’ this time it was Ben and you’re shocked, what the hell are they arguing about, you push open the door, closing it behind you. The pair of them freeze looking at you, ‘What the fuck is going on?’ you whisper shout.

‘Why don’t you talk to this fucking idiot, because this is apparently all my fault, when you get some sense out of him, come and explain what the hell I did wrong’ Ben explains, the frustration clear in his tone as he heads out of the room furious. You turn to Luke who has his back to you, his hands brushing though his hair as you hear him release a hard breath.

‘Luke, what’s going on?’ you ask, he turns around giving you a hard look, ‘Your letting Ben set you up now, are you fucking serious?’ his tone is harsh, your taken back but the issue, what this really what him and Ben were arguing over.

‘Luke are you fucking serious right now?’ your annoyed by his mood change, flicking your hair from your face. ‘ME…ME SERIOUSE, YOU’RE THE ONE THAT BOUGHT SOME NO BODY HERE’ he yells.

‘Don’t fucking yell at me Luke’ you grit your teeth trying to hold it together. ‘Do you even fucking know him, or is this just to piss me off?’ he spits, this words making you scoff. ‘So now we are getting down to it, this is about you, it’s always about you. Well come on Luke, what exactly is the problem?’ you asks harshly.

‘It’s not about me…it’s about us’

‘THERE IS NO US’ you scream, losing your cool, ‘Your married for Christ sake Luke, you got married, if there was ever even the smallest chance of an us it went out the window the moment you became a husband to someone else’ your somewhere between a yell and talking.

‘Why didn’t you do this before, tell me there was a chance, your always pushing me away but truth is I would have waited for you, you know I would have waited if you had just given me something’ he sigh frustrated clear.

'I couldn’t Luke. I couldn’t give you anything because I don’t know, I don’t know, okay’ his eyes hold yours as you both breathe deeply, all the augur and frustration washing away as you shared a moment, both of you thinking. Until he starts to move over to you until he is only a step away.

'Push me away’ he whispers as his lips get closer, the warm touch of his palm on your neck as his soft lips press into yours, unable to hold back your head closes down as your heart takes lead, letting him hold you like you needed, his lips caressing yours as you move with him.  

But your brains not shut off for longer as you feel his shirt under your fingers and gently push him back. 'This is so wrong’ you sigh. He shakes his head, taking your hands in his, holding them between you.

'No, no you and him are wrong’ he tells you, his voice soft; you can see the need in his eyes. 'He’s a nice guy’ you weakly argue. 'She nice to buy that’s just as wrong’ he fights your words.

'Luke we are too late, we had our chance’ you take your hands from his moving to the door. 'What when we were fifteen?’ He scoffs.

'C and Jack managed with no doubts, that’s what it would have been like’ you tell him opening the door. 'You’re the one with the doubts, I never had any’ he defends, you have no reply, no reply because trust was if you say and thought about it, there were no doubts, not really. So you leave the room, heading back to the hall, back to the party.

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From Chelsea

anonymous asked:

I kinda need advice on something. I've been with my boyfriend for about 2 years now and it's been a very sexually active relationship, mostly on his part. He just recently told me that he's asexual. I'm finding that very hard to believe and I feel like telling him that would make him upset. He masturbates almost daily, he's always looking at porn, and most of the sexual activity is sparked by him. I have no idea what I'm supposed to say to him.

Having a high libido does not mean that he can’t be asexual. There are many asexuals who have a high sex drive and choose to satisfy that via masturbation or sexual contact. For him, asexuality could just mean he doesn’t experience sexual attraction, which a valid reason to claim the asexual label. If he’s telling you that he’s asexual, you should respect that and trust that he knows what he’s talking about.