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Hi! how do you think Levi would react if he got stuck in traffic in a modern au? This ask was inspired by my current situation... uggh I can't stand morning traffic! Love your blog btw! your Levi meta is always my fav to read

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

I feel like, at first, Levi would be chill. He’d probably even enjoy the quiet time in his car to himself with his music. But, after a while, he’d be the type who talks shit about everyone in front of him in a stagnant rage until full on road rage mode kicks in.

  • “Green means go! GOOOO!!!! Are you fucking colorblind?! GOOOO!!!”
  • “It’s called a blinker, you stupid twit.”
  • “Whoever thought giving sixteen year olds the right to drive was a good idea should be shot.”
  • “… Same goes for 80 year olds. MOVE IT, GRANDMA! LET’S GOOOOO!”
  • “Welp, I’m glad none of you shit stains have anywhere important to be! Lets all sit here and listen to the chopped and screwed version of Cotton Eyed Joe blaring from this pricks sterio over here! PERFECT.”
  • “Honk at me again and see what happens. I dare you. I will leap out of this car and-”
Arrow 5x14 “The Sin-Eater”: Everyone Makes a Choice

Note: This review was ready to go Thursday; all I had to do was type it up and format it after work. But after asking, I decided to vote Thursday afternoon—since I couldn’t do both. Then the poll reopened on Friday and there went my plans to type this up again. Unfortunately we still lost. Good job to all those who voted. That’s why this isn’t as timely as my last few have been, even if it’s been written out since Thursday morning. Oops. Oh well. Sometimes a fangirl has vote, you know? ;)  

Arrow is testing my patience. I am convinced that I am being tried so that I can enjoy all the wonderful spoils of heaven. Maybe a position of sainthood up there. I didn’t really think they’d have such a bad episode after last week’s really awful episode. I apparently need to adjust my expectations down, again.  

What’s incredibly frustrating about this is that this didn’t have to be a bad episode. We had a Thea and Felicity team up (the only good thing about this episode); we had the possibility of a good storyline with three female villains; and very importantly, this episode focused on the core of Arrow and didn’t belabor us with a ton of Recruit scenes. They existed in the periphery—where they belong. Though they could maybe hug the edges a lot closer. I’m just sayin’.

All of that sounds like a mixture for success, yes? But then let me remind you what we all forgot when we read the episode recipe: It was left in the hands of Arrow writers to cook up and s5 has been one disastrous course after another.

The problem is that the villainesses’ storyline was under baked (okay, enough of the cooking metaphor) and just really sloppy. The villainesses ran around Star City killing various people and it was all to get the money Church had hidden. That they needed to be shown where it was. So question: Why didn’t the remaining criminals just go and take the money instead of letting it collect dust in a mausoleum? Something about that felt like a plot hole. In general, their stunts felt sloppy. It was just a real miss for a villain of the week storyline.

Except that Arrow had another villain in the works this week and boy did she get her comeuppance. And the story surrounding her was the biggest disaster of all this week.

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I hate this character. Take away that she is a useless love interest for Oliver in an attempt to keep Olicity apart for a little longer: She is still simply awful. I haven’t liked her from the beginning and nothing at all about Carly Pope’s portrayal makes it any better. To call her one-note is frankly kind; everything about her performance is irritating. I have had the (dis)pleasure of viewing her elsewhere. Let’s just say she is not a versatile actress at all. All her characters feel the same except for a possible wardrobe change and name change.

That said, my absolute favorite part of this episode was Susan Williams being taken down by my two faves Felicity and Thea.

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 I felt zero amount of sympathy for her. I felt all the amounts of glee and maybe wiggled in my chair with delight. Now I know that after the episode aired this storyline made some male pseudo-journalists all butthurt. I would kindly ask them to STFU and go away with their pseudo-feminism and pseudo-journalistic ethics.

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December 7th, 2016

Last night I thought “it’ll be a great idea to wake up at 6am to study before I go to the lab!” No Annie, it was NOT a good idea. Basically sludged through the day and somehow managed to get all my cell cultures and gels done. Pro-tip: find yourself a supervisor who actually cares about your mental health and sends you home with tea when she finds you falling asleep over a buffer solution.

Fat catabolism and synthesis comparisons from last night bc obviously today was not a productive studying day. As per usual, everything is green because I find it very calming.

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can u the one where soulmate au and dyeing their hair changes the color of their soulmate's eyes?

  • namjoon’s in the school library when his eyes turn a sharp color of white-yellow
  • someone had passed by him, yelling out ‘cool contacts’ and namjoon’s confused because what the fuc k i’m not wearing contacts ???
  • when he gets back to the dorm, jin drops the bowl in his hand and screams because namjoon your eyes ???????????
  • jin explains the concept of soulmates and come on namjoon we studied about this but namjoon is scared because wait he didn’t actually expect to have someone soul-bound to him but now it’s happening and oh my god there is responsibility involved in this
  • in the span of only a couple of months, his soulmate has gone from brown to copper to red to orange and then to soft pink and woah dude slow down you’re going to go bald if u don’t chill how is any of this good for your scalp
  • “namjoon your eyes are pink”
  • “god i know it’s like my soulmate is trying to go through the entire color pallette”
  • “they’re pink
  • a week later, his eyes turn a soft mint and he groans
  • he doesn’t suit green so he begs for the brown to come back but the mint stays
  • namjoon dyes his hair silver in retaliation 
  • but then he realizes that now his hair is silver and his eyes are mint
  • but his soulmate’s hair is mint and his eyes are silver and that probably looks better than namjoon’s combination
  • he’s at taehyung’s vintage vinyls shop when the bell chimes and 
  • and okay namjoon maybe tapping him on the shoulder abruptly wasn’t a good idea seeing as he jumped and now all his stuff is on the floor
  • but it warrants him a glare and 
  • “your eyes !!!!!!!!!!! they’re silver !!!!!!!!! like me !!!!!!!!!!!it’s you !!!!!!!! my hair !!!!!! look my eyes are mint !!!!!!!!”
  • and okay namjoon maybe saying all of that in one go in this stranger’s face wasn’t a good idea and maybe the guy looks kinda scared but
  • but wow
  • soulmate
  • namjoon’s soulmate
  • namjoon’s soulmate who is fated to spend the rest of his life with him and is soul-bound to him and
  • he’s beautiful
  • “you’re beautiful”
  • and okay namjoon maybe that wasn’t supposed to come out 
  • “your eyes are mint”
  • “yeah.. your fault”
  • “min yoongi…i dyed it green so you could find me easily”
  • and okay wow namjoon is kinda stupid he should have thought of that too why didn’t you dye your hair green too namjoon dammit
  • “well.. i found you”
  • “yeah.. yeah you did”
  • yoongi keeps his hair mint and namjoon alternates from silver and soft lilac before going green and yoongi is pissed
  • “hey only i can go mint”
  • “couple looks yoongi come on

A/N: From now on, I’ll be addressing prompts/requests that I receive like this as to not spam/clog up your dashboard or my blog too much. Anyway, changed this prompt just a little but the idea is still the same :D

Character: Harry

Warning(s): None

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To Whom It May Concern (St. Louis Ritual)

So I just got on the train headed back to Chicago and I don’t believe it has quite hit me exactly how lucky I was yesterday. It still seems so unreal.

We got to the hotel around 1:00, dropped off our stuff, got ready etc etc etc and managed to get in line by 1:30. @spazzyninja and I were the first in line until like 2.

So I’m like, “I want some coffee.” The venue’s gift shop was conveniently also a coffee shop, so I go in there and I didn’t even consider the fact that anyone important would be standing there. Sure enough, Papa and Water were there talking to their merch guy. So my knee-jerk reaction was to just abruptly say “Hi!” When they looked at me to see who was coming in and Papa’s just like “hi”, with much less enthusiasm than me 😂

But let me just explain how surreal this was. The last time I met him, it was in streetlight lighting. But in daylight, holy shit. His eyes are such a vivid shade of green and that’s the only thing I could focus on even after I looked away. Like, go listen to ‘Cat People’ by David Bowie and that’ll give you a pretty good idea of my exact thoughts at that moment.

Then I realized how shitty it would be if I drew a lot of attention to them so I kind of awkwardly walked away to go order my coffee (which I could barely do because they were right there, only a few feet away). So I get my coffee and go get back in line, and have this brief inner-conflict with myself debating if I should go back in and show him my jacket and my art, I had worked on a drawing of him on the train that I wanted to give to him so I ended up going back in.

They were gone when I went back in, so I asked their merch guy if they’d be back. He wasn’t sure, but he said if I didn’t catch them again he’d be more than happy to pass some stuff along. He also mentioned that they had literally been admiring my jacket through the window and I had no idea 🙃🙃🙃

So I get back in line for like an hour, and I finally say “fuck it” and go back in with @satanikdaddy to give the drawing to the merch guy and no sooner than we walked in did Papa and Alpha walk in behind us. So I’m like “holy fuck” and I ask them if they have a second to spare. I had my portfolio with me of all the bigger pieces I’ve done recently, as well as a few unfinished things and a few comics. Papa looked at them and said he had seen them before, he just wasn’t sure where and that DEEPLY concerned me, those of you who follow my art blog will know why 😂 Alpha really seemed to get a kick out of my comics, and asked me a lot of questions about my jacket. I think he asked me more questions than I asked him lol.

I got to show Papa the concepts I did of Papa IV too, which I wasn’t sure if I should include but I think he liked them. I just feel bad because I might have caught them at a bad time, idk. But I got to hug him and Alpha, Alpha was a lot sweeter than I expected haha. I didn’t get to meet him in Indianapolis so that was awesome.

So after that there were still a few hours until the show, I went back to wait in line until we got the wristbands that held our place if we needed to leave. The show itself was great except for the giant drunk man behind me who kept pushing into me and spitting on me. That was irritating. I did go out and wait by the bus after the show, a massive amount of people showed up. Water and the new lady ghoul came out to sign stuff, but the venue workers literally chased them off. They didn’t get to my part of the line. So Papa was the only one who actually got to make his way down the line and sign stuff, and when he got to me I apologized for popping up everywhere and had him sign my shirt. I did get another hug though, that was pretty rad. And he didn’t catch me off guard with his presence this time so I was far more prepared and not a complete nervous wreck 😂

I also got to meet @helter-skellter, I love meeting the Ghost fam so I hope to meet more of you soon! ❤️

I still haven’t met Earth, and I haven’t officially met Mist. So hopefully Cedar Rapids and Raleigh will be kind to me in that respect ✨

A/N: Okay, so I saw this post a few days ago, and got inspired for some aokaga. Basically, Aomine is dumb and doesn’t understand feelings and Kagami has a crush on his new neighbor.


Aomine Daiki had a problem.

He had bought a new apartment just weeks ago close to his newly acquired work place, and was now settling in. This, however, was not the problem. Not at all. He loved his new apartment, it was spacey, but not too big for him and with some help from Satsuki he had even managed to make it quite cozy.  

The problem was: his next-door neighbor wouldn’t stop being nice to him.

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