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I know KS is well you already know but I actually want to continue it just cause I'm curious on how it'll end /or who will end up dead first/ but the thing is... we are allowed to like what we like right? As long you know what's real and what isn't it?

I’m of the opinion that people simplify this issue too much. Consuming problematic media is not inherently wrong, but it’s not just enough to know “what’s real and what isn’t”.

Now, this is one particular issue in which I use my own behavior as a model, but note that I am not going to try and claim that my views are the ‘correct one’ or that my approach is better than others. However, I would just like to offer to everyone who worries about this some insight into a philosophy that isn’t quite so black-and-white as others I have seen.  

Basically, like every ask I ever receive, the answer’s going to be long, so hang on, Anon. Please note that Google Chrome ‘ran out of memory’ while I was writing this post, so if anything cuts off at a weird point, I just lost that portion and didn’t notice…

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Weekly Voltron Fic Recs #16

I’m going to my grandparents’ for Christmas weekend so I wanted to get this done first. I know, it hasn’t been a week. But there are still a LOT of fics. This fandom is prolific, you guys.

Rules: You can find past rec lists here. This is stuff I like, and I have a huge bias toward Lance, hurt/comfort, and general fluff, in that order. Gen unless otherwise noted. Please comment on the fics if you read and enjoy them! 

A Gift Horse by To Be or Not to- Oh forget it (Mikki)
Words: 17,801
Author’s Summary: The paladins of Voltron are the universe’s only hope, and they are ready to fight against the Galra. The only problem is, they’re one short. After stumbling their way through freeing a planet however, they might just find the solution to their problem in the form of a ‘gift of gratitude’. No one is happy about it.
My Comments: Tagged as slight Klance, but reads gen. Warning for abuse, including implied sexual abuse, and slavery. So yeah. Team Voltron is “given” a Keith who has been raised as a Galra and enslaved for years. And then they proceed to absolutely bungle their handling of him. But I really liked Lance doing his best to get to know Keith as a person rather than a problem to be solved, and I find the concept really interesting. This is one of those fics where I want to write the sequel, because a LOT of work is going to need to be done to get these characters anywhere near healed after something like this.

700 Spicolion Movements Under the Sun by alexygalexy
Words: 5,339
Author’s Summary: Surprise birthday party for Coran! It’s a disaster made with love.
My Comments: I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCH. Everyone tried so hard. And it worked out. Mostly. Group hug at the end!

From Kids to Cats by tolkienbs
Words: 1,459
Author’s Summary: The paladins have turned into cats. Allura is at the end of her rope, yet again.
My Comments: The cutest crack. This fandom needs to write more animal transformation fics.

Home by kencat
Words: 1,138
Author’s Summary: Lance just misses home.
My Comments: BEAUTIFUL Hunk and Lance interaction. I love them both so much.

Trial by Ordeal by To Be or Not to- Oh forget it (Mikki)
Words: 89,187
Author’s Summary: They’re supposed to be two sides of the same coin, or something like that. The truth is a bit more complicated. (Character study of Keith and Lance)
My Comments: This is long, but absolutely worth the effort. Warning for depictions of abuse in both parts, but it’s treated realistically and respectfully. There were parts in Keith’s chapter that I had to stop reading for a while and do something else, and pretty much everything in Lance’s chapter made me ache for him and the family he left behind. But it’s really, really good. Amazingly well-written and deep and lifelike, and it all makes so much sense, for both of these characters. I’ll be thinking about this one for a long, long time.

Where Does That Go? by alexygalexy
Words: 2,355
Author’s Summary: Alfor decides its time for Allura to meet his lion.
My Comments: SO CUTE. Tiny Allura is absolutely adorable, if a bit of a brat. Just a feel-good fic.

The Ballad of Green and Blue by uncaringrose
Words: 4,186
Author’s Summary: Pidge never considered Lance to be a prime choice for a friend. But, maybe, he’s not so bad. They have more in common than she thought, and he’s not as annoying as she thought. Her brother may be missing, but she may have found another one to help with the heart ache. * Or: Lance and Pidge spar and realize they enjoy each others’ company more than they first did. Snippets of their growing friendship.
My Comments: Background Klance and Shallura, but the focus is on Pidge and Lance and their seemingly unlikely friendship. I LOVE it. I really want them to have this kind of relationship in the show.

Serendipity by DarkScales
Words: 3,157
Author’s Summary: The ironic thing was, they hadn’t even been looking for them when they found them. (AKA, that future fic where Pidge finds Sam and Matt Holt, completely by accident. And the two are already in the middle of freeing themselves and the rest of the prisoners with them, because the Holt family is awesome.)
My Comments: Aw, a Holt reunion fic! It’s fantastic. I want this so much.

Pidgey-back Ride by darkinsanity13
Words: 2,378
Author’s Summary: It really wasn’t all that odd to find Pidge sleeping in weird places, often draped over her latest tech project or with one sitting nearby. That’s why one day when Keith wandered into the Red Lion’s hanger to see Pidge laying over one of the consoles, clothes and hair rumpled and softly snoring, he wasn’t terribly surprised at the sight.
My Comments: Keith and Pidge sibling-type relationship is also good! Very cute fic.

Space Dad of the Year by sonofthestars
Words: 2,374
Author’s Summary: If there is one thing stable in the paladins’ lives it would be Shiro’s support. AKA Shiro comforts the other paladins when they are sad.
My Comments: What it says on the tin. The beautiful, lovely, comforting tin.

Your Sister Calls Me Daddy by nerdiekatie
Words: 618
Author’s Summary: Part of my Voltron Drabble series, which you can also find on my tumblr. “'Fuck!’ he says hurriedly. 'Fuck,’ he groans again, hiding his face in his hands. 'I didn’t mean it like that. I meant she calls me dad, they all call me dad.’”

Robo Mouse by earthstar
Words: 1,263
Author’s Summary: It wa a robot mouse. It was blue and white, stood up to Hunk’s knee, had tiny little doors for some tiny furry pilots, and the little helicopter blades on it’s back indicated it could also fly. Hunk could not find the words.
My Comments: I LOVE taking weird stuff from Go Lion and forcing it into Voltron: Legendary Defender. Fun little fic.

Alpinia Purpurata and the Sea by monsieurerwin
Words: 1,065
Author’s Summary: The number one thing Hunk misses from home is the ocean. Also flowers.
My Comments: Aw, Hunk-centric fic! Yes good.

a hunk of burning love by smokesque
Words: 1,277
Author’s Summary: pidge has always found company in the silence between words that were never really sincere. for the first time, they find it in the voices of other people. or; that one time hunk and lance thought it would be a good idea to sing elvis presley at four am (and pidge’s prayers were answered).
My Comments: Pre-series Garrison Trio! They’re so TINY and ADORABLE.

oh rainy day, come around by raytalities
Words: 1,516
Author’s Summary: Apparently the cryo-pods can’t cure the common cold. For a change, Shiro finds himself on the receiving end of being looked after.
My Comments: This fic hits the spot. Like chicken soup.

The Space Between Grief And Trust by borrowedphrases
Words: 3,736
Author’s Summary: During a restless night, Keith shares memories with Red.
My Comments: This is wonderful, and so well-written. I adore fics where the paladins bond with their lions, and this is a very cool one. My heart ached for both of them.

It’s My Party (I’ll Cry If I Want To) by nerdiekatie
Words: 2,297
Author’s Summary: Time passes, even in space. Missed birthdays are celebrated, even if they bring up issues. Allura realizes exactly how old our paladins are. Lance jolts up and looks at Hunk. 'Dude, we missed your birthday!’ Hunk jabs his finger at Pidge’s laptop. 'Yours is tomorrow!’ Shiro smiles. 'Congratulations, boys. You should celebrate.’
My Comments: Bittersweet, in the best way. This was equal parts cute and sad, very much like the show can be. I loved it.

Previously Recced Fics That Updated This Week Last Few Days:

Kerberos did (not) succeed by GemmaRose (now complete)
Someplace Like Home by squirenonny (the LANGST in this update, omg)
Where No One Goes by earthstar
Sweet Silver Bells by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (latest chapter was pure perfection)
Engine Won’t Turn by yet_intrepid
Beast You’ve Made of Me by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions) (i’ve had about enough of your shit, Maros)
The Final Act of Mercy by ptw30
I’m not the Lance You think I am by KairaKara101
Waltz with Me by eggs_and_toast
He Sleeps in the Sky of Ice by jadencross
When Rome’s in Ruins by BossToaster (ChaoticReactions)

Far Safer: A Gelphie Fanfic

by @nitatyndall / @need-not (fandom account)

Summary: The world, Elphaba Thropp had decided, was divided into two types of people: those who were good, and those who were clever. 
And she was not good. 

When Elphaba begins falling for Galinda, she must decide if her feelings for her roommate are worth dragging Galinda into the political nightmares of Oz… and what the consequences of falling in love in such a climate could mean.

Author’s Note: Serializing my Gelphie fic on Tumblr! I’ll be posting new chapters weekly, every Wednesday.

Pairing: Galinda/Elphaba

World: Book

Chapter One: Verstehen

One need not be a Chamber—to be Haunted—
One need not be a House—
The Brain has Corridors—surpassing
Material Place—

Emily Dickinson

The world, Elphaba Thropp had decided, was divided into two types of people: those who were good, and those who were clever.
And she was not good.
She had never believed she was. She could fancy herself clever if she chose, if she was in the right mood, but good? No.
Especially not for the thoughts that had been running through her head as of late about the girl she shared a room with. Those thoughts were not clever; they certainly weren’t good. If she were cross with herself, she might have thought them wicked.
(And she was often cross with herself.)
But at present, her roommate was sitting in front of her vanity, running a brush through golden curls which had, Elphaba was ashamed to admit, caused her much envy when they first started living together. And although she was beginning to tolerate Galinda’s presence after two weeks, there was a thrum of something else under that tolerance, something Elphaba dared not think about.
So she buried her nose in her books by Unionist ministers and shuttered the thoughts through the dark corridors of her brain, in the rooms and halls where all her other awful, wretched memories lived.

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I really want to write something like a review or reaction to this episode but it’s so very hard? I’ll ramble some, because my thoughts and feelings are a mess and, much like Pearl, I rather desperately need to chill. But so much of this was… a painful fulfilling of so very many wishes of mine I feel like someone just went and plucked beats of this episode right out of my brain. Anyway, I really need to vent and note some things down and hopefully even achieve sleep at some point tonight.

I did that shipping meme the other day and said that “Pearl/Rose fell off the Trope Tree and hit every one of my favourite branches on the way down“ - I think, from my URL and my header and blog title and all, it’s fairly obvious that I’m a complete sucker for knightly ideals, and concepts such as honour, loyalty and devotion, liege/knight dynamics, the whole Romantic shebang. So to hear of Pearl’s history with chivalry, the way it’s something that fits her perfectly that she found and adopted from the very humans she so often looks down on or doesn’t even try to understand, and to hear words like “I can be his knight” actually spoken by characters in the show was just… incredible. And heartbreaking, to see it taken to such extremes. And Connie, precious, wonderful, heroic Connie, full of so much spirit and promise, getting caught in the middle of all of this, just damn.

This entire episode fits with and confirms such a ridiculous amount of my personal headcanon I honestly have trouble believing it’s an actual thing I watched - I mean I literally wrote Pearl having a “I wasn’t meant for fighting (but I persevere because of her)” moment in a fic a couple of months ago, and to see it here and hear it spoken aloud, almost word for word? It’s such a bizarre yet wonderful feeling. And thinking back to Coach Steven, the “different ways of being strong“, and Pearl’s “I wasn’t strong enough to protect you” breakdown there is now even more devastating.

There was so much “Pearls are mass-produced/undervalued/cheap labour/servant class“ theory fodder here (and this - and “some lost defective pearl” having to overcome very deeply ingrained and very damaging beliefs about herself, both in herself and others - is one of my favourite themes to play with). Pearl is a mess, we’ve known this for a while now, and the extent to which she is self-effacing, and seeing just how little she cares for herself, her life, and her own safety - she keeps getting herself killed in countless attempts to protect a person whose main magical power is summoning a giant shield, in an attempt to prove what, exactly? her worth, her devotion? that she is good for something, even if that something is literally throwing herself in the way of huge weapons? - breaks my heart. But I’m also a terrible person basking in the angst of my faves, so this episode was a gift. 

I have to say though that I am still sticking to, and feel the episode supports, Pearl/Rose as a mutual and mutually romantic thing (I need to write up my headcanons on their relationship, I really do, because it colours a lot of the way I read these episodes - the mess of Rose essentially being poly and having relationships with many humans over the years, while Pearl isn’t at all, but this aspect of their relationship also gets caught up in the self-effacing Pearl does, so even when outright asked if something is bothering her - and Pearl’s jealousy isn’t exactly subtle - she lies and says it’s all perfectly fine. Pearl wants to be Rose’s One Single Special Most Important Person, but Rose Quartz sees the beauty in everything and is overflowing with near-universal love) - it’s mutual, but far, far from equal and balanced, obviously.

Rose is visibly distraught at Pearl’s behaviour, but she can’t make her stop (and as I see her as being hugely into tearing down Homeworld norms and structures and beliefs in favour of equality, cooperation, and honest affection, I’m sure she’s tried many times), and another point the episode makes is, I think, that you can’t just easily break people out of awful places they’re in or that someone else put them in, no matter how much you might want to, or how much you might care for them or love them. Rose didn’t make Pearl feel like she was nothing, Homeworld (probably) did, and sadly, although Rose tried her very best (maybe I’m optimistic and naive, but I don’t like my Rose manipulative and sinister, and believe she was genuine, but just a bit out of her depth here, or oblivious) and there was obviously some improvement over the years - how many times did they have to argue and “Why won’t you just let me do this for you, Rose?” to get to even a hope of a more equal place of “Rose made me feel like everything“, I wonder, and how many times did Rose try to drive the point home that Pearl owed her nothing and didn’t have to do these things for her, like in Scabbard? - it seems to have stuck around stubbornly enough to rear its ugly head thousands of years later in all those horrible, horrible ‘you are nothing’s aimed at Connie (and Pearl herself at the same time). In some roundabout ways I’ve now been reminded of Utena, and the whole (I’m making it rather simplified here) idea of how nobody could “save Anthy” - Anthy needed to want to save herself. Similarly, I think that Rose, despite believing in Pearl and seeing her as something wonderful and above all worthy of regard and respect and love - and evidently demonstrating it, otherwise why would Pearl have argued with her over it - never really managed to break through to Pearl herself. Not to mention that a lot of the progress Pearl ended up making seems to have been directly tied to Rose’s continuing presence in her life (and also feeds into her possessive and jealous side), so losing her was devastating on many levels, too - again with Pearl’s overwhelming need for external validation and tragic lack of a sense of self-worth.

And again, like in Scabbard, we have Steven as the one who actually comes through to her (and stops the, er, reckless endangerment of children that Pearl-centric episodes seem to regularly include - though, as an aside, I think this rather shocking contrast to Pearl’s normally extremely overprotective mother hen attitude is a really clever bit of writing that sets off all the “Pearl is not ok” alarm bells in an ep immediately) - “Steven does what even Rose Quartz couldn’t (because he has an access to humanity that she lacked)” is another recurring theme I adore, from the small touches he brings to people’s lives, all the way to future big things such as healing corrupted Gems. Steven never fails to amaze me, and the way he took a stand against really toxic and harmful ideas here was beautiful. The ending of the episode and the way Pearl shakes off those tears makes me vaguely hopeful that she is making more and more tiny but undoubtedly present steps in dealing with her grief and her many deeply ingrained problems (which, seeing as how a lot of them seem to likely stem from Gem society and its structure and workings, we will soon be seeing more of).

On a more, er, superficial, or shipper trash level, I hear lines like “you just think about the life you’ll have together after the war“ and clutch feebly at my chest and think yes, please, I want to see more of this, I want all of this. Everything is sad and horrible and beautiful and everything hurts.

Anyway, these are just my impressions and immediate, messy thoughts and feelings.

There is so much packed into this episode, from more theory fodder like the very visible Pink Diamond, to Connie herself, but I think I’ll stop for now and go rewatch the ep holy crap I can’t believe we got an actual MUSICAL TRAINING MONTAGE.

Cold City Air and Strangers

Summary:Because streets and cold city air is said to be good for clearing your mind; but how will he had even imagined that a stranger was about to enter his life and make it 100x better?

Pairing: Minho x Newt | Minewt

Genre: AU; Fluff

Word Count: 2.6K words (I guess it is worth reading it)

Rating: I don’t even know this, and you might either don’t care so whatever.

Warnings: I don’t feel like there’s any(?) I don’t know, like mentions of alcohol.

A/N: So this took me forever and IT’S NOT EVEN WHAT I WAS TRYING TO WRITE IT TOOK SUCH A DIFFERENT TURN AND IDK I liked it. Also the tittle is awful but I have no idea about this lol
Anyways, feedback is greatly appreciated and I’m taking prompts too if you’d like me writing anything. Here’s my askbox, is always open for anything☺.


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