who the shrek are you

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11. YOU ASK FOR MY NO. 1 STYLE TIP, I SAY … Always try to paint your nails while watching TV at night. It’s super easy and fun, and it really makes any outfit look pulled together when your nails are done. We always go for bright fun colors and change them every few days. Sam is wearing Who The Shrek Are You by OPI in the picture below.

I painted my nails green but the actual name of the nail polish color is “Who the Shrek are you?” It’s a beautiful color and makes my nails look so pretty. The color is great for the Spring and it matches with any skin color. I’m tan and it compliments my skin color. And oh yeah the brand of the nail polish is OPI.

(The nails in the photo are NOT mine but that’s the color of my nails)


HEY LOSER :P OKAY so you’re the “ultimate memer” who loves shrek and the bee movie. you also really really love to sing to boku no pico op why are you like this. you’re pretty much the only person on here that i can talk to about persona! YUSUKE MY HEART we became friends so quickly?? like wowzaa you’re really easy to talk to *insert samoyed* you do the weed and im ashamed of you i didnt raise you to be like this. you’re a bsd nerd and yoU’RE SOUKOKU AND LEVI TRASH. you cry over soukoku and levi all the time i s2g. so yeah 🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿 🌿

mutuals send me a number and I’ll make a post talking about you

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you should be kin with fiona. from shrek. 'cause you're a badass princess who doesn't take shit from anyone, and also you're beautiful the way you are

no severa is fiona im shrek we decided that in a ravbit