who the fuk knows

Adrien logic
  • Adrien: I like red
  • Adrien: I like black
  • Adrien: oh yeah I like blue too
  • Adrien: oh that ladybug limited edition 3.0 yoyo action figure yeah I'm one out of three people who have one of those
  • Adrien: what's that? You don't like ladybug? I'm sorry. Do you know who the fuk you're dealing with? Hm?
  • Adrien: HOLY F*** ITS HER!
  • Teacher: okay class open your textbooks to page 394...today we will be dissecting a ladybug under a microscope.
  • Adrien: The fuk did you say?
  • Adrien: I have 30,000 followers on my ladybug wattpad fan fiction account, 14 ladybug t-shirts, 18 ladybug action figures, 24 ladybug fan made comics, 36 ladybug limited edition posters and 67 ladybug autographs in my safe...
  • Adrien: did someone say ladybug?