who the eff is hanks

A Brief Summary of Me Fangirling Over YouTube Rewind

Trevor Noah trying to look at his own butt: 10/10


I see a red floof. Is that…

*Tommy Wiseau voice* O HAI MARK

I see a smol green bean

Look at this precious child. 

What the fuck are they doing?

Are they…

YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!!! (cries for 10 hours cause I’m still not over Hodor)

Hannah’s hair: 10/10

Also Hannah: 10/10

Where did that gay little bean go?

Oh there she is… so smol

Kingsley in a Hamilton costume <3 <3 <3

RIP David Bowie </3

John Green looks like he got lost in the woods with Leonard DiCaprio

(jk John you’re great)



Yay YouTube Rewind! Not as shitty as the rest of 2016 so that’s a plus.


Jack and his doppleganger

Utter heartbreak

Not the name of any of his channels #whereishank #whotheeffishank

And Joey Graceffa being as confused about the hot mess that is 2016 as the rest of us

Merry Christmas Nerdfighteria!!! Hope you have a lovely time :) I did a bit of sketching for you and it took so long, there are too many inside jokes…

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Thanks to Holden Caulfield

In 2008, when I was a junior in high school, I was reading ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ for my AP American Literature course. I LOVED this book and couldn’t get enough. Out of sheer curiosity, I searched the title on Youtube (Youtube was still fairly new, so there weren’t many results), and found John’s video (in 2 parts) about J.D Salinger’s book. I couldn’t stop watching. I had finally found someone who was as excited about the book as I was, and I wondered who the eff “Hank” was, who the eff JOHN was, and who the eff the “nerdfighters” were. In short, besides the ‘Catcher’ material, I didn’t understand anything that was happening in the video…but I loved it. I watched those two videos again and again, totally oblivious to the fact that there were dozens more. I wrote a “note” on facebook (remember, this was 2008) tagging all of my English class members, and I even emailed the video link to my English teacher. 

4 years later, in 2012, I had completely forgotten about John and his ‘Catcher’ videos when I needed to research “everyday science” for one of my college courses. Like always, I went to Youtube for some inspiration. When I typed “science,” the first thing that popped up was SciShow’s “Science of the Cinnamon Challenge.” I watched it, loved, it, and still remember the science of cinnamon to this day. I remember that as I was watching, I felt this strange sense of familiarity with Hank, the host. I kept thinking, “Why does he seem SO familiar?” I sat puzzling until I noticed that one of the “related” videos was a vlogbrothers video…“AHA! That was Hank! - as in- the Hank that John was referring to in his 2008 videos! They’re brothers! Vlogbrothers!” From the moment of this epic discovery, I raced to watch as many vlogbrothers videos as I could, dragging my roommate into the whirlwind, and we’ve been hooked ever since. 

I’m so thankful for 'The Catcher in the Rye,’ for John’s intense love of that book that so resonated with my high school self, and for that science class that I didn’t want to take but had to: for me, all of this paved the road to nerdfighteria, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

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People are sending me messages and commenting on my Hank Green quote paintings with things like “Use fucking Google” and “Hank is John Green’s brother, use Google and look up Vlogbrothers.”

Um….. It’s a joke…. Who the eff is Hank is running Vlogbrothers joke…. It’s a joke… A fun poke…. Of course I know…… I was trying to be funny….. And comedic….. I’m sorry…