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Attention Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Anyone buying a gift for a kid:

After Finding Dory there will be a lot of kids who want clownfish/blue tangs/ other fish from the movie.

Salt water fish are expensive and difficult to care for. Some like clown fish can be bred in captivity, but some like the blue tang cannot be meaning that they need to be kidnapped from the ocean. Additionally, blue tangs can get VERY BIG.

Target has these new toys that are water activated, so they’ll swim around in a bowl just like fish. They come as dory, nemo, and marlin. They make a fantastic alternative to real fish.

TL;DR Dont buy kids real saltwater fish after Finding Dory, get them these toys from Target instead

About Ye Xiu

In the novel he has greasy hair, smelly clothes, pasty skin and even has a little chub. Basically, everything about his appearance screams that he’s any old bum that you’d meet on the streets.

What’s funny is that, despite all this, the QZGS fandom is thirsty for him anyway…

Is it his personality? No, but this is Ye Xiu we’re talking about, the walking definition of shameless. He’s rude to everyone he meets and never holds back when it comes to draining other people’s resources. He’s incredibly arrogant too. How is this… attractive?

What a mystery.

What are your thoughts?

AU where the team captains are the parents of the team rookies and newbies who are around 4-7 years old and they all go to one park-

Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie taking care of Song Qiying (?), Xinjie being one of those moms who are prepared for ANYTHING and bring a fanny pack everywhere, while Han Wenqing stares down any kids who wOULD EVEN DARE BEING A LITTLE OUT OF TURN WITH HIS SON-

Yu Wenzhou and Huang Shaotian being the parents of Lu Hanwen (?), Yu Wenzhou brings a book to read in the shade while Huang Shaotian buys ice cream and plays with Lu Hanwen in the sand pit

Wang Jiexi being a single father of Gao Yingjie, and they do almost everything and anything with him, and Jiexi is totally one of those parents who record and take pictures of their children and posts it on social media: “LOOK AT YINGJIE HE MADE A SANDCASTLE SO PROUD OF HIM”

Xiao Shiqin being Dai Yanqi’s father and Shiqin trying to stop Yanqi from ‘bullying’ the other children and attempt to stop her from doing stupid things “no yanqi stop 'shipping’ poor yifan and yingjie they are only five years old and they might not even swing that w- yANQI GET OUT OF THAT TREE”

and finally- Ye Xiu not being in an actual relationship but he’s adopted a lot of kids- his eldest sons Bao Rongxing (a giant trouble maker who always makes fun of his younger brother), his aloof son Qiu Fei (who would punch everyone in the face to protect his siblings) and An Wenyi (the only sane and calm person in the family), his middle daughter Tang Rou who is a bit spoiled but wILL KICK UR ASS THAT IS ONE ANGRY SIX YEAR OLD, and his younger sons Qiao Yifan who is a big sweetheart and always helps around the house but cries very easily and Luo Ji who is very smart for a five year old and will probably become a genius. And every so often Uncle Fang Rui or Auntie Su Mucheng come and give everyone candy and Ye Xiu doesn’t know whether he should cry or laugh-

BUT ANYWAYS the rest of the families hang out and play at the park relatively peacefully and then suddenly a minivan comes up and the sounds of shouts and laughter gradually gets louder and everyone is like “oh shit” because HERE COMES YE XIU AND HIS SIX CHILDREN

anyways that’s my rant

inspired by @skygemspeaks family au

“俺42年打鬼子时死的,大妹子你呢?” “奴亡时,为太宗之治,贞观十二年间。 自病终,魂荡世间久矣。”  Photo by 端午节的粽子君  Texts by Oo瞿夷oO  

 “ I died in the resistance war, how about you sister?”“When I died, it was times of emperor Tang Taizong, after my death of illness, I have been wandering in this world for a long long time.”

—When a wandering ghost of Chinese soldier from 1942 meets another lady ghost who is from Tang dynasty.

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Rap is usually pigeonholed into bragging about chains, cars, and money, talking shit, or constantly competing for champion status, but what about when we are broken hearted? While artists like Drake have perfected the sentimental craft of heartbreak, artists have been spitting about love and loss since the beginning of the era. These records are proof that Drake’s not the only rapper in the game who needs some love and maybe a hug too. For those of you who are more Wu-Tang Clan then Taylor Swift, this is especially for you. “The Break Up Song” - Wale

“Yeah, see, breaking up is hard, to move along, it’s even harder.” Geniusly modeled after 500 Days of Summer, Wale lets us in on the plotlines of his infamous breakup, reality and expectations included. “My Problem (Jealousy)” - Juelz Santana

“But I’m stickin with my heart, now look, I’m sittin in the dark” Fans have to thank this Diplomat member for his apology letter turned rap, regrets and all. If there is one thing to come away with, jealousy always kills. “Thin Line” - Macklemore ft. Buffalo Madonna

“I said peace before but this time I meant it.” For the epitamy of the on and off again relationship, Macklemore describes the nuances of why it is so goddamn difficult to leave for good. “Little Bit” - Drake

"Hand down, I’m too proud for love; but with eyes shut, it’s you I’m thinking of.” Accompanied by the serial unrequited lover, Lykke Li, Drake’s version of Little Bit expresses the heartbreak of finally letting someone in while struggling to keep your pride in the process. “Situationships” - Fabolous

“And what’s crazy is soon as you fall back, they crawl back, saying they sorry and want it all back.” From the famous Soul Tape series, Fabolous single handedly defines the problem of our generation - situationships. With clips from Baby Boy and Martin, you’ll want to hear this, break up or not. “Love Me Not” - J. Cole

“And ‘Where I Wanna Be’ was my favorite song. Sometimes I still be on my Donnell Jones but I just can’t leave you alone.” For those of us who go back with Cole to Friday Night Lights and are sick of this in and out of love type shit - and yes Cole, that includes you too. “Days In The East” - Drake

“She said, ‘when that shit is real, you just know.’ And I was thinkin’ bout you, you already know.” Maybe about Rihanna, maybe not. Either way, this track delivers that ideal type of darkness we need attended by the imagination of drinking tea and talking love with Erykah Badu. “Ordinary Love Shit, Part 1, 2, & Closure” - Joe Budden

“But wait, it’s to the point I gotta ask myself, why the fuck is it so easy to detach myself? Maybe it ain’t you, just something I lack myself, but if these wounds are self inflicted I can patch myself.” Classic Joe Budden, with Sade in the background, he does not hide a thing. Joey has to be the most sensitive member of Slaughterhouse, just check his twitter account for the brutally honest love advice he shares practically 24/7. “I Lied” - Nicki Minaj

“Cause what happens if I fall in love, then you cut me loose? You just a heartbreaker, won’t let you break mine.” I was not a fan of Nicki, but once The Pinkprint dropped, that changed. She revealed rooted pain from her life including abortion, family, and insecurities; showing more to Nicki than the female rapper with pink wigs. “Objects in the Mirror” - Mac Miller

“People love you when they on your mind, a thought is love’s currency.” Some speculate Mac is speaking about his relationship with drugs, most specifically, lean. Regardless, we feel every ounce of pain within the fucked up relationships we feel most chained to. “IFHY” - Tyler, The Creator

“I never would’ve thought that feelings could get thrown in the air cause I accidently caught that. I need some new boxing gloves, shit got hectic whenever I fought back.” Heartbreak is a myriad of stages. IFHY, is the stage better known as, “Fuck, feelings? Crap, this blows” - I feel you Tyler. “Sorry” - T.I. ft. Andre 3000

“Too much pressure, I peel off, I’m sorry; Was young and had to choose between you and what the rest of the world might offer me, shit what would you do?” Mannn, this track? A special thanks to Andre 3000 for this track, including every piece of heartbreak life offers us. Babylon - SZA ft. Kendrick Lamar

“I’m sure I’ll be the death of me - And I can’t recall the last time I took love from anyone. I called daddy, who’s got one anyway? Not me” Coupled with SZA’s hypnotizing vocals and Kendricks dark but honest verse, this TDE collaboration is all types of pain jammed into one. If you need lonely emptiness, with eerie background samples, this is exactly what you’ll get. “The Worst” - Jhené Aiko

“I don’t need you - but I want you. I don’t mean to - but I love you.” Gotta thank my girl Jhené for this one, because some people are the absolute worst. However what makes our heart break even worse is how much deep down, we still love and miss them. “Teenage Love” - Slick Rick

“For the feelings were the same, now here’s the score. You love him too much, and they don’t love you anymore.” Let’s take it back to Slick Rick the ruler because maybe if our generation had more of these type of tracks when we were younger, things would be different. “I Want You Back Lady Lady” - BJ The Chicago Kid

“But, I want you back, I want you back, I want you back, baby we can have one last laugh.” BJ is a true musician because he does it all. From his debut album, Pineapple Now-Laters, he never fails to incorporate the perfect amount of soul, tenacity, and production into every track, just ask everyone he’s work with. “Leaving You” - Fabolous

“Never saw it coming, what a cheap shot. Your strongest enemies the one who know ya weak spot.” I’m sure relationships can end on a good note, but a majority of break ups will leave you feeling bitter as hell. As Fabolous flaunts on the first installment of The Soul Tape, despite how badly people hurt us, we’ll still debate opening that casket again once more. “Song Cry” - Jay-Z

“Shit I’m a man with pride, you don’t do shit like that. You don’t just pick up and leave and leave me sick like that. ” The perfect song for those of us who have never been too good at crying. Despite Hov admitting to all his mistakes, he still is left in shock that a female would actually get up and leave. “Heartbeat” - Childish Gambino

“Ayo, fuck this. Are we dating? Are we fucking? Are we best friends? Are we something? In between that?” Just in case you needed some visuals, the music video depicts everything about not having the only person you truly want. With Childish Gambino walking us through it, we know ain’t no one else we’d rather drive around, eating Cheetos with than that special someone. “Sellin’ Dreams” - Big Sean ft. Chris Brown

“What was no strings attached got tangled when fun stopped being fun, and feelings tried to finagle in. We had that independent love, you tried to bring a label in.” Detroit is one of my favorite mixtapes, filled with story after story. This track keeps right in theme of the tape, with Chris Brown added in for the extra R&B type of heartache. “Autumn Leaves” - Chris Brown ft. Kendrick Lamar

“Before I sleep I talk to God, he must be mad with me, it’s coming; I’m confused who I’ll spend my forever with.” Chris Brown delivers this song for those of us still holding on. With a flow and tempo drawing in slowing like the ocean we watch, Kendrick Lamar’s verse shakes us up while simultaneously helping us regain our strength. “Losing My Balance” - J. Cole

“Hoping this will reach you when you understand, that your value ain’t determined by another man. Cause right now you let them brothers get the upper hand.” Easily one of Cole’s most overlooked tracks, from The Warm Up, the quintessential story teller that he is, Cole delivers so many types of heart ache on one track. With the media’s affect on our self-esteem, surviving everyday in the hood, or even, first love - the heart is bound to be broken. “Heartless” - Kanye West

“You bringing out a side of me that I don’t know. I decided we weren’t gonna speak, so why we up 3 AM on the phone?” It’s all in the name. Kanye lets em know how truly heartless people can be - in addition to the superficial, unappreciative, or best yet, those people who are forever hot and cold. “Undying Love” - Nas

“I ain’t know whether to cry or just, try to laugh it off.” From, I Am …, Nas shares the most detailed account of being cheated on and automatically losing it, leaving listeners feeling nothing less than haunted. “Opposites Attract” - Kendrick Lamar ft. Javonte

“And so he said, why you gotta be so kind hearted? Why you couldn’t be a con artist? Why you couldn’t? Why you couldn’t be mischievous or just a lil devious the moment that we first started?” Before good kid, m.A.A.d city, Kendrick first began to blow up after the release of Overly Dedicated. This track weighs heavy on the heart with a chilling outro of Lamont Carey’s poem, “ She Says She Loves Me.” Click here to listen to the poem in full.

 You can find the entire playlist here!

Omega!Eggsy Babble

So, last night while I was trying to write an entirely different fic, I got to thinking about a/b/o dynamics and now all I want is for someone to give me an a/b/o kingsman verse PLEASE. Give me an incredibly sweet smelling Eggsy Unwin who sends the normally so composed, Alpha agents of Kingsman into tailspin when they catch a whiff. Eggsy who’s the first Omega they’ve had in their ranks in a while and who milks that for all it’s worth. Eggsy using his scent to his advantage, waiting until an Alpha is practically drooling before making his ask. Letting the other candidates underestimate him.

Alpha!Roxy? She’s the first Alpha Eggsy trusts his heat with at Kingsman, knows she would never take advantage. She strokes his sweaty hair and comforts him with her scent. Keeps the others away with bared teeth and flashing red eyes while cooing at Eggsy that everything’s gonna be alright. He thanks her later by eating her out like a champ, rubbing his nose against her clit while his tongue delves inside her until he has her screaming.

Alpha!Merlin who can never get any work done when he’s got Eggsy sitting in his lap, rolling his hips against the tech’s thigh in an oh so tantalizing way. Merlin finally gets fed up with trying to get anything done and hoist Eggsy up onto his desk so he can slide his fingers into the boy’s slick heat. Eggsy keens in victory, hands scrabbling at Merlin’s shoulders for purchase because he knows, it’s gonna be a rough one. Merlin alternating between spanking his warm taint and scissoring him open. Eggsy loves it when Merlin fucks him, all that composure stripped away and a growling Alpha left behind.

And who can forget Alpha!Harry who spends his off days with his head buried in between Eggsy’s soft thighs, tongue lapping at the boy’s sweet taint. Harry who treasures the sweet tang of Eggsy’s omega slick, reluctant to share it with anyone else even though he knows Omegas are highly sexual beings and Eggsy has a small Alpha harem to sate his appetite. Still, Harry takes pride in how well he takes Eggsy apart, how quickly he can drive the boy from cheeky asshole to a whining, keening, sweaty mess begging for Harry’s cock. Those days he loves.

And when his pet Alphas go into into a rut? Eggsy takes care of each and every one of them, letting them push and pull his body until they’re satisfied and drunk off his pheromones. He lets them feed him sweets and kisses their fingers.
I’m just really into this idea, you guys. I don’t know what’s gotten into me lately.


Blackhat : a type of hacker who violates computer security for little reason beyond maliciousness or for personal gain. They are the epitome of all the public fears in a computer criminal