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Andrew’s mom: What if she wants you for her green card? Could she be a prostitute? Is she… unusually willing to perform bizarre sexual favors?

Andrew: Are you serious?

Mom: Yes, I saw a story about it on CNN – You’re the perfect victim. See you always believe the best in people - Andrew, you’ve got to be careful –

Andrew: Mother, please!

This movie. Andrew breaking news to his mother about his newfound love with another woman (Grace Tang, who is Asian), who so happens to not be the woman she wants him to marry. Awkwardness and a bit stereotyping ensues.

Falling for Grace


Attention Parents/Aunts/Uncles/Anyone buying a gift for a kid:

After Finding Dory there will be a lot of kids who want clownfish/blue tangs/ other fish from the movie.

Salt water fish are expensive and difficult to care for. Some like clown fish can be bred in captivity, but some like the blue tang cannot be meaning that they need to be kidnapped from the ocean. Additionally, blue tangs can get VERY BIG.

Target has these new toys that are water activated, so they’ll swim around in a bowl just like fish. They come as dory, nemo, and marlin. They make a fantastic alternative to real fish.

TL;DR Dont buy kids real saltwater fish after Finding Dory, get them these toys from Target instead

“俺42年打鬼子时死的,大妹子你呢?” “奴亡时,为太宗之治,贞观十二年间。 自病终,魂荡世间久矣。”  Photo by 端午节的粽子君  Texts by Oo瞿夷oO  

 “ I died in the resistance war, how about you sister?”“When I died, it was times of emperor Tang Taizong, after my death of illness, I have been wandering in this world for a long long time.”

—When a wandering ghost of Chinese soldier from 1942 meets another lady ghost who is from Tang dynasty.