who still believes in love ; ;

I’ve seen a few Larrie anons acknowledge for the first time that now they can see that YES, Louis is a dad, and YES Freddie is his son.

I think it’s wonderful that they’re now seeing the truth. But this really would be a terrible shock to their system. And I can see it would be very upsetting. They spent years believing in conspiracies that have just collapsed on them. For all the hatred and terrible behaviour among Larries, they are still real people with real broken hearts and dreams right now. I am so totally proud of all of the ‘anti’s’ showing support and compassion to them.

All along, even in standing up to the feral Larrie behaviour, I have seen nothing but generosity to those who are genuinely asking questions about their Larry beliefs. Good one fam. Keep loving.

I’m proud to be an anti. Anti tin-hatting, anti Larries, anti-hate, anti-conspiracy, anti-bullying. Not anti-shipping, never anti-people.

Will you dare to love someone who has a broken heart and soul? I mean, even if you already know that she’s a mess? Would you still continue to pursue her? Even if she’s not like the other girls that you like? Even when she’s always in search of ice cream or sour tape candies when she’s sad? Would you still love someone who’d ignore you and tell you to leave her because she believes that she’s not worthy of love at all? That as early as possible, you should save yourself from getting hurt? She’d tell you that even though she really wants someone to hold onto her tightly. Would you still want to love a girl who always sees the negative side of life? Who occassionally cries because of her past? Is it even possible for someone to stay in love with this kind of person and never gets tired of understanding her until she becomes better? Or will he also leave once she told him to leave?

  • Conservative: Trump isn't racist.
  • Me: Here's several times in which he stated very racist things and supported racism.
  • Conservative: Trump isn't against gay rights.
  • Me: If he isn't, why did he select Mike Pence as his running mate, who has advocated for conversion therapy as well as passed anti-LGBT legislation in Indiana?
  • Conservative: Trump doesn't hate women, he loves them. He just doesn't believe in abortion.
  • Me: If he loves women, why doesn't he respect them? Why does he say things like "grab them by the pussy"? Why doesn't he respect his daughter? Why does he only pay heed when a woman is attractive, and even then it's about seeing us as property, or as an object?
  • Conservative: The government isn't infringing on women's rights. You'll still have birth control.
  • Me: What about the bill that recently passed which no longer requires insurance companies to pay their copay on birth control, and also states that pre existing conditions will no longer be covered?
  • Conservative: this is all in your head. You're just upset that there's no more Obama.
  • Me: Here are several reliable news sources which back up the things I'm worried about.
  • Conservative: that's biased news.
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: Are we in different dimensions or something?

The happenings in Hamburg secured the relationship between John and Stuart. Even when Stuart stayed in Germany and the Beatles returned to Liverpool, John and he frequently wrote lengthy, sometimes twelve page letters to each other, letters that have disappeared. I have known in my heart for many years that Stuart and John had a sexual relationship but to protect my mother and, out of an old fashioned sense of propriety, I kept my counsel about it although everything I knew, personally and professionally, pointed towards it. And, with hindsight, it was a lovely happening: two lost boys who needed and found each other. There have been hints published in the host of Beatles books about what happened sexually between John and Stuart. I want to set out what I believe did go on. First, to take a most recent example of the stories. In Geoffrey Giuliano’s book ‘Lennon in America,’ published in 2000, he writes that during the first trip abroad, when the Beatles were still unattached, Paul, George, and Pete went for a day out boating with some local girls. John and Stuart went on a pub crawl along the Reeperbahn. They got thoroughly drunk and all their troubles poured out; what a shitty place it was and what were they, two artists, doing there? The drink brought out the dejection in them. When they returned to the stark room they shared, with its one bare light bulb, Giuliano conjures this scenario: “Stu was sitting in the top bunk, while John rolled into the bottom. After a few minutes Lennon wordlessly climbed up to join Stu. What began as mutual consolation turned quietly sexual when Stu went down on him.”

Stuart performed oral sex on John Lennon? I would have thought it was the other way around. But no, if Stuart was more parental and more grown up in John’s eyes, it may have happened that way. […] Geoffrey Giuliano says Derek Taylor, the veteran public relations man for the Beatles, told him in 1983 about this sexual encounter between John and Stuart. He says Taylor was, in turn, told it by Lennon during ‘an intense acid trip’ in 1968. Stuart would fit the pretty boy image. And given that they all lived in such close proximity in Hamburg and had this amazingly wild and decadent life, it is very possible. […]

I’ve wondered many times over the years if that’s what some of the antagonism between Stuart and Paul might have been about, whether Paul suspected something. None of us directly connected to the Beatles have publicly acknowledged that John had less than conventional sexual attachments. We all thought that to ignore such things would go down better with the world, forgetting that to deny these parts of John - and John had been open to others about himself - would be to deny another level of complexity to John’s personality.

—  Pauline Sutcliffe, “The Beatles’ Shadow: Stuart Sutcliffe & His Lonely Hearts Club”

It’d be nice to say that it’s never too late to accept Jesus into our hearts, but we can’t (shouldn’t) ever say that because there will come a time where it is too late to accept Jesus into our heart’s.

We are getting closer and closer to the end times guys. I can’t force anyone to follow Jesus and I can’t force anyone to love Him wholeheartedly. But I do want to honestly request that we all wholeheartedly seek Him and find Him for ourselves because I love everyone and I don’t really want to live knowing that anyone risks enduring an eternal death. No matter what who did.

This is to those who have NOT accepted Christ into their lives as their Lord and Savior.

The thing is, If I am wrong about Jesus, I’m good, and If I am right about Jesus, I’m still good. If you don’t believe in Jesus and you are right about Him not existing, then you’re good. If you haven’t accepted Jesus and you are wrong about Him not existing, then you risk going to hell and that is a place tjay no one wants to go. If you saw it, you’d most likely accept Jesus real quick.

See, I tell people about Jesus because I love people. If I didn’t love people like I do, not as many people would be hearing about Jesus from me. I tell others about Him because He loves everyone and because I love everyone.

Following Jesus may seem like a waste of time, or boring, or lame. But you need to find out for yourself. Find out what a life with Jesus is really like. I can sit here and TELL you what it’s like all day. But you need to find out for yourself. Experience Jesus for yourself! Jesus is waiting for you to come to Him because He is already there for you. It’s not too late, but please, friend, I beg you to please not wait until it is too late to go to Jesus.

If you want to allow Jesus to come into your life and into your heart you can say this prayer and mean it with your whole heart!

God, I know that I am a sinner in need of a savior and I ask for your forgiveness of my sins. I believe in my heart that Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross for my sins
and rose from the dead in three days. God, I ask that you come into my heart and into my life to dwell forever and ever. Amen!

That’s it. That is all you have to do! Many people can tell you that saying a prayer like that one right there changed their whole entire life! I am one of those people. I hope hope hope that you give Jesus a chance to change your heart and renew your mind and make you new!!

If you said the prayer above, I would love to congratulate you and connect with you and tell you what to do next!! This is a huge step for anyone and if you want/need some guidance, I am here for you as a sister in Christ!

I love yall! God Bless yall!

End of Goblin thoughts

I’m still in shock
I can’t believe it’s over
I think the only drama I will love above this is probably Master’s Sun, only because the ending of this one killed me
I feel so bad for my baby, my Kim Shin, who will be so lonely everytime he waits for Eun Tak’s next reincarnation. He will be so sad when he sees Eun Tak grow old, but not him.
It’s certainly a “sad love” ughhhhhhhhhhhh

But I think it’s a fitting end for this drama… even though I will never be completely satisfied.

My favorite scenes from the last couple of episodes would have to be (well, basically all the ShinTak scenes, but to be specific and no particular order):

1. When Eun Tak remembered Shin- her crying “I missed you, I miss you, where are you?”… MY HEART
But I almost laughed when I saw her running because idk it was funny how she ran? LOL probably because she was in heels
And then their kiss ahhhhhh

2. The morning of departure in the Hotel!!!!!!! Just like a real couple
“One more minute”

3. The scene after their vows when they are so deeply in the honeymoon phase and they’re singing too each other. omg Deok Hwa’s face was the best!

“CEO, over here!”- his smiles killed me

5. When Shin got jealous of the blind dates and cut up the friend’s bag LOL
5 year old diety is back!

6. The reincarnations of Wang Yeo and Sunny- sooo cuteeee (at least they finally got their happy ending)

7. AND OF COURSE THE KISS SCENE AFTER CANADA (but I sort of wanted a Coffee Prince scene, if you know what I mean)

Something else I noticed was that people thought that Eun Tak would grow older because in the poster, she looked mature with long hair, but she got short hair instead to become mature xD

Anyways, I’m going to miss this drama so much. I’m going to miss the bromance, Deok Hwa’s ignorance and humor, ShinTak bantering, I’m going to miss Secretary Kim, the epic sad love, the OSTs…. (Ailee’s was my favorite- maybe I’ll upload a cover??)


There is one solution my brain is telling me:
Go watch another kdrama LOL
So any suggestions?


Like sun
Like water
Everything flows with time
But us humans
We don’t wait
We don’t want to
We don’t face it
Like winter
Like summer
Our hearts are so fragile

Two opposite souls
Who are so tired to wait
Because time could stop
Go faster
Go slower
But without you it feels
Like I’m endlessly waiting
Like a flame that doesn’t shine
Like a rive that stays still

However I’m not tired
For I live dreaming
That one day I’ll find you
And I’ll love you
So much my heart could burn
That my soul could melt

And I’m still waiting
But I believe in you
And I’ll wait
With love
With my heart open
Only for you to enter and do
Whatever you want

Because I don’t know you
You don’t know me
I love you.


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I think the thing that I'm most excited to see this season is a return of selfless!Clarke. I was admittedly a bit annoyed with her character in 3A (though nothing can completely destroy my love/faith in CG) because she was still running from her past. Still running from the things that she had done and the things to come even though her people needed her desperately. From what I've seen/heard online, I've got my girl back! The girl that faces problems head on and tries to find the best solution.

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Come back to us, baby. We missed our fierce and fearless leader who believes in people and loves them too.

Here’s the thing: Jennifer Lawrence isn’t a poor. She isn’t a woman of color. To my knowledge she’s not LGBTQ. She’s not the target of police brutality. She doesn’t have to worry about her family’s gravesites being desecrated and destroyed for an oil company. She doesn’t have to worry about being deported. She doesn’t have a leg to stand on when she tells people to “not riot,” and to “love racists no matter who they voted for or what they believe in.” Who the fuck is she to tell anybody that? She hasn’t mentioned NoDAPL, Black Lives Matter, police brutality, or the fact that the country elected a fucking sexual predator into office. 

She’s made millions of dollars starring in a movie that promotes and sensationalized rioting and rebelling against an oppressive government to the point of violence and warfare if it means achieving equality and justice. Hell, when Mockingjay Part 1 was released in theaters, the riots in Ferguson were still happening. How the hell is she going to tell the people who are living with oppression, inequality, and injustice every goddamned day that they’re wrong for protesting and not “loving thy racist fucking neighbor?" 

I’m not here for this patronizing, white feminist bullshit. I don’t know who the fuck this broad thought she was empowering but she can sit the fuck down.

EDIT: This post has blown up and if you honestly read all of that and your first goddamned reaction is to turn it around and make it all about you and your hurt white feelings, you missed the point and are probably a gross, self-important racist no matter how “liberal” and “progressive” you think you are. You’re doing nobody any favors with this false sense of advocacy. Get lost.

Me and my fiancé have a bond so strong it’s sometimes hard to believe love like we have still exist, I really love him with all my heart, only person who can make me cry and smile and laugh at the same time. He loves me like my parents love me so intangible and unconditionally, I hope everyone finds love so pure it betters them as a person.
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“Do you hate me?” he asks.

I look up at his face. It’s a face I have loved, a face I still love. A face that looks anguished by the hurt he has caused. I believe it, believe that he is sorry.

I shake my head. “I could never hate you,” I exhale.

He searches my face, hearing the ‘but’ I didn’t say.

“I just wish,” I whisper, “more than anything, that it hadn’t been you who broke my heart. I never thought it would be you - I never thought you could do anything wrong. I wish more than anything it hadn’t happened, that we didn’t end like this.”

—  the end // lily rose.

I think my favorite part of the YOI fandom are the Victuri non-believers after all.

Victor and Yuuri could get married and they’d still be all like “I don’t know, man, they didn’t seem too convinced when they said their vows, and those rings are completely platonic, you know, that’s something two guys give each other all the time, and they didn’t show their kiss at that altar clearly enough so yeah, guys, they’re just reaffirming their friendship, can’t you tell? They’re married as best friends, alright, this show was just queerbaiting from beginning to end, there’s absolutely nothing gay about two guys promising to spend the rest of their lives with each other, y’all got played.”

a softer world sentence starters.
  • ❛ some people are so good at disappearing that you start to doubt your memories that they were ever there. ❜ 
  • ❛ how do you say goodbye to someone who was never there? ❜
  • ❛ i don’t want a world without pain, or loss. i just want them to mean something. ❜
  • ❛ there are some people who believe a photo captures their soul. ❜
  • ❛ if you love something let it go. ❜
  • ❛ you were not the first, you will not be the last. ❜
  • ❛ there are some secrets i will take to my grave, but i don’t want loving you to be one of them. ❜
  • ❛ you can still back out before anyone gets hurt. ❜
  • ❛ i said i’d love you forever, and really meant it at the time. i guess that’s my problem. ❜
  • ❛ kindness won’t save anyone. ❜
  • ❛ for a long time i thought i deserved better. but the truth is we both deserve better than this. ❜
  • ❛ i wish there was a word that meant “goodbye” for someone who was already gone. ❜
  • ❛ i never meant to hurt you. you have to believe me. ❜
  • ❛ we’ll always have yesterday. ❜
  • ❛ hope softens the rough edge of every promise. ❜
  • ❛ love is stupid. happiness is admitting we aren’t better than stupid. ❜
  • ❛ you can’t always want what you get. ❜
  • ❛ i wish i had a dollar for every dollar’s worth of work i did. ❜
  • ❛ we are empty inside and hollow. hoping something sweet will make its nest in us. ❜
  • ❛ we’re too far from help. ❜
  • ❛ monsters are even more scary when you see them afraid. ❜
  • ❛ we carry our own loneliness with us. ❜ 
  • ❛ fake happiness beats genuine misery. ❜
  • ❛ they always trust me to be someone who i don’t even want to be. ❜
  • ❛ i cannot see where i want to go, only that i want the going.❜
  • ❛ you are never here. you are always almost there. ❜
  • ❛ you and me will die the way we lived, telling ourselves stories to make it mean something. ❜

victor & yuuri: *are engaged*

cecil & carlos: *are married*


You can tell a lot about a person when things are bad. Actually I’m a firm believer that you don’t really know who you’re fucking with until times ain’t so peachy. When money is low and a person is still riding with you, nurture that relationship. If you have a falling out with a person and they maintain your secrets, cherish them. If a person truly fucks with you, hard times won’t determine their love, loyalty or respect for you.

Dating Spencer Reid Would Include...

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  • him reading to you
  • him rambling a lot about everything and you always listen to him because you love who appasionate he is about it
  • running your fingers through his soft hair
  • amazing cuddles
  • him teaching you to play chess
  • you bringing him coffe every morning
  • coffe dates
  • Derek teasing you two
  • “boy genius finally got his pretty girl”
  • instead of texting you he prefer to write you letters he thinks is more romantic and you always save all of them
  • you always comforting him when he’s sad or depressed
  • a lot of kisses in your cheek and  your forehead
  • a smile appearing in his face every morning when you wake up next to him, after all this time he still can’t believe you chose him to be with
  • you getting worry everytime he have to go for a case
  • being friends with the BAU
  • they adore you because they can see how happy you make Spencer and you two are adorable together
  • calling him Spence
  • you wearing his sweater when he is away because they smell like him
  • lots of cuddling
  • amazing passionate sex
  • him being quite shy at the begining of the relationship
  • watching documentaries
  • movie marathons
  • falling in love with him more and more everyday
  • him tickling you to make you laugh
  • because him think you laugh is the most beautiful sound he ever heard
  • him showing you his magic tricks
  • him being very protective over you
  • slow making out sessions
  • you loving when he hold your hand
  • him being the best boyfriend ever
  • him sending flowers to your job with cutes notes
  • you being he love the most
  • "I love you, forever and always”
  • “I love you too Spence, forever and always”



She is who she is, and she is unapologetic. When you’re around her, you feel an honesty that brings out the honesty in you. She has an old soul. To this day, she still seems a little more worldly and intelligent than most people in the room. She’s very spontaneous, and she can make something fun out of nothing. Anything that seems interesting or adventurous, she’ll go for it — and her willingness breeds a kind of allegiance. Before you know it, you’re having a good time when you didn’t even know you could.

So I was doing a little thinking and I thought to myself… is a failed relationship, truly a failure? And then I thought, well, fuck. It’s not. It really isn’t. I’ve taken something from everyone who has ever said I love you to me. So when the girl with freckles said she loved me, I believed that I could be loved for the first time. So when the girl with freckles broke up with me, I learned that your first love does indeed hurt in a totally different way than stubbing your toe or biting your tongue because you eat too fast– the food isn’t going anywhere, but the lovers are. So when the girl with a pretty smile said she loved me, I said I love you too without really understanding it, I still don’t. So when I left the girl with a pretty smile during the middle of summer, I understood that you can’t just say I love you just because you feel like it, you should only really say it when you fucking mean it. I didn’t mean it, like clouds apologizing about the rain– I’m sorry, I’m just full of myself. So when the girl with glasses said that she loved me, it made me sad because somewhere in there, I knew that she didn’t. So when the girl broke up with me, I didn’t shed a single tear– meaningless love, it’s never really without questions. She loved me in the same way that I loved her, we needed to happen, but only temporarily happen. So when the girl who made a heart out of dollar bills said that she loved me, I truly stopped those words from leaving my lips– because like cologne kissing skin, it’s just that, another kiss. So when I left her, I finally understood the meaning of a kiss. Some lips will press you, but you may never own the kiss. A kiss is there, only a memory– some days upon that sleeve, your heart will feel heavy. So when the girl with an apology written on her lips said that she loved me, I said right back– I’m sorry, we’re too far gone for that. Sometimes, saying no will save the both of you. So when the girl who fantasized about the world asked me to love her, I knew that the world was meant to break us. We were never going to work, we just made ourselves into something that was close to lovable. In truth? We weren’t. We just played that part well. So when I left you, I left a part of myself inside of your hips– hands that’ll hold you there in the middle of a dance, they’ll feel mine. So when the girl who loved to read books wrote poetry all over my body and called it a poem, I believed her. To this day, I still write poetry and call it a story I won’t be telling. To lovers who claim that saying I love you will make things okay, it doesn’t. You don’t start things without hurting someone. We started something for more than half a decade, I’m still learning how to say sorry for not full ending things with myself about this topic. But maybe it’s because closure comes like an ocean, I feel the right words to say, but I’ll never say it. You can call me baby, just add the word gone before and after it. I love you ended the day you said such words. So when the girl who loved to read books said that she wanted to go on an adventure that didn’t involve me– I guess I’m still looking for my adventure, one made of words, music and a dance. I write poetry, I do. Like the way music affects the body, my poetry does that to the soul. You can say I love you, just say it with your eyes. So when the girl with daisies said I love you, I wanted to believe it. But when you love a soft wind after a tornado, everything just feels too weak. My heart doesn’t beat for you, another I’m sorry. So when the girl with beautiful eyes said that she loved me, we’re just friends who hasn’t come to terms with this not being a stable relationship. So when the girl with a laugh said that she doesn’t want things to continue, I say right back, it’s okay. We can’t force love like the way I’ve been forcing a smile. So before you call yourself another failure because you can’t maintain a relationship– think about the why… because in some way, it wasn’t a total failure. You took something with you. Something real. It won’t always be perfect, no. She won’t be. The one you love last. She’ll be everything they couldn’t give. She’ll be everything you haven’t seen. She’ll be something like a new dream and darling, you’ve been waiting to sleep again. So when she wakes you up one day, just to say that she loves you… maybe one day… you’ll believe it. They say that love is out there. Your soulmate is out there. You’ll find love again. There’s over a billion souls, someone is bound to love me. Maybe, it’ll happen. But for today? The most important person you’ve been falling for is in the mirror. They say that loving yourself is a good start to finding lovers that’ll love you for who you are, because let’s be honest. How are you going to love someone and know where to start… if you barely know how to love yourself? That’s the beauty next to the beast. It’s much easier to blurt out the words I love you to them and call it love than it is to say I’m comfortable in my own skin and it’s my home. I think I want to know love, the kind that doesn’t make me question who I am or why I am, maybe a simple– I am the way I am because of the people I’ve loved is better. So one day when I look in the mirror and see her brushing her hair or simply smiling, I’ll remember everything and anything that I’ve been through without regretting a thing… because loving them then, gave her to me.
—  x marks the spot