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It was a close tie between Nocturne and Noctis/Noctus, the Latin term for night. Thank you so much to my amazing friend who had agreed to help me turn my crappy outline into a script!! Bless her soul.

Heyo guys!! So sorry about the hiatus, I’m still actually on it, but I whipped up this quick drawing in celebration of our sweet Juju ❤️

I’m still in awe of all my incredible friends (irl and here on tumblr) who have agreed to help me bring this AU to life. Like seriously, what the hell have I done to deserve you guys?? I promised myself to do one big shoutout once the dust of this major project clears!

If it wasn’t very clear, I’m planning on turning this AU into several mini comics, with one actual solid plot for each route. My aim is to showcase the amazing skills of both writing and art of all my friends, as well as further improve my own! My team of besties have banded together, but honestly, I’m going to need all the help I can get. If you are willing to contribute some time to help, I swear to the good lord almighty, it would be very much appreciated. I would adore you forever. Promise^^

Actually, just hit me up with a chat if you are interested in knowing where the plot is going to go! I won’t be able to spoil all the details on what’s actually gonna happen in each route, but I’d accept all your comments and suggestions and take them into consideration!! So yep, all your efforts would be appreciated and praised by yours truly. I babbled too much, so I’ll end it now!! I hope you all have a lovely day ❤️❤️❤️

“The King is ready to ride.”

consider: biker/punk-ass modern au damen, commanding armies since seventeen. unrivaled in the streets. tame in the sheets.

Shy  |Part 1|

Word Count: 4k+

Genre: Future smut+ Fluff+ Angst (a little bit) Dom, Dancers AU! Park Jimin!

Summary: It’s hard being in the big city trying to make it big but when you meet the guy who’s supposed to be your cute, mysterious neighbor (Park Jimin) at your dance meeting what’s going to happen? Who really is Park Jimin?

A/N: I’m sorry I went on a long hiatus but I’m back! By the way I wrote this at 2am so forgive me if there’s any errors.

 Moblie Masterlist

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“Y/N spin faster! Why are you so slow?” The dance coach furrows her eyebrows frustrated at the scene that unraveled before her. 

“Faster, faster, faster!” she yells as her face turns blossom red and the vein that lays underneath her jawline threatened to pop. You spin as fast as you could as your toes screaming for you to stop before they give in. You bite your lips attacking the nerves that lay within them to hold in your rampant of pain. The music serenade as you dance to the beats twirling and jumping to satisfied the woman leaning against the wall. 

One twirl, two steps, three jumps until your muscles cramped in a senseless way and finally it betrayed you. In a second, you fell to the ground twisting your left ankle in the process. The pain hit you the moment you see the red tint of color forming on your ankle. Your coach rushed over instantly taking a look at your injury. Her eyes narrowed at the small bruised, she stood up and let out a long sigh.

“If you keep this up, you’ll never be ready. You won’t ever be good enough to play the main part in this play. I suggest you give up now before it’s too late.” Her words made your eyes widen as you turn your head to disagree. Your hands supporting you as you stand up to plead for another chance. 

You knew that your performances have been lacking and you’ve been practicing nonstop to get better but you just couldn’t. Your coach has always been hard on you and ever since you were picked to be the main female dancer in the new project, she put more pressure on you. You cursed under your breath, not at her but yourself for not being able to be a better dancer.

“I can work harder, I swear.” You grabbed her arms with pleading eyes earning a glared from the woman. You swallowed the tears that threatened to fall and the pain that still burns and whispers perilous warnings to you. Her face fell to a concern expression, wondering if she can hold onto your verbal promises or not.

“I can do it, please coach.” Your fingers pressed harder onto her skin and you knew that this could be your chance for a big break or the end of your dancing career. You knew it was hard work and you knew that you had to give up many things but you didn’t care and you definitely wouldn’t let any small injury stop you from being the star on the big stage.

You watch as she stifled out a sigh and walked to the back of the room packing her belongings. 

“We’re done for today. You have to be able to keep up with this or you’ll really lose your spot. We’re meeting the male main dancer tomorrow, be ready" 

Without another word, she exits the room and you finally collapse to the ground. Deep sighs left your lips as you wipe your sweaty cheeks. You have to do better to secure your role that was every dancer’s dream. To be on a big stage grabbing every one attention and mesmerizing them with your dance. 

It was your dream since you were a little girl and you gave up a lot to be here. You left home to be in this strange and large city knowing no one and having no connections. You gave up meals to save money for art school and to pay rent. You gave up being with your loved ones back at home to be here. Now that you finally have the chance to make your parents proud, you wouldn’t let it slip through your fingers that easily.


You walk down the street of the old neighborhood as the city lights start to flickers. The apartment building that you somehow manage to find lay a couple blocks away. The cool wind blows on your bare legs as you stand in front of the multi-apartment building. You remembered when you first saw it through a flyer. You had just arrived at this city, just hopping off the bus you saw the advertising poster pinned to the walls at the bus station.

It’s a bit old but not too shabby plus it fits in your small budget. It was close to the art academy you got into and the neighbors are old folks that lived there for years or students who can’t afford something better like you. 

“Hey Y/N!” A voice snapped you back to reality grabbing all of your attention, you can recognize this voice anywhere. 

“Hey Jimin” You turned around to greet the tall figure giving him a little smile.

“Tough day?” he returned with his warm one that made yours wider before he grabbed the handle of the door and opened it to let you in. 

“Thank you and somewhat..” You let out a small sigh before pressing the button of the elevator. 

Park Jimin, your cute neighbor next door that you befriend with after so many times of awkward greetings in front of your apartment. You don’t know anything about the guy but every time you see him your conversation last a little longer, and the air you swear is different when he’s around lingering around you more. 

He comes home as late as you and wakes up earlier than the sun. Maybe that’s why you always bump into him. His hair disheveled from waking up and forgetting to brush sometimes humor you but you also thought that it was cute. Sometimes you would catch a pair of eyes looking your way late night when you go out on the balcony next to his for some air. He’s quite a reserve, don’t really talk about himself much. He always asks about you and everything he does is gentle.

A gentle voice, gentle gestures, gentle expressions but you always wondered if he’s hiding his aggressiveness somewhere underneath that flawless skin. You always wondered if his little nice guy image was just a front to fool people. 

You knew that would do you no good but you sometimes just let your fantasy run wild. About his thick thighs that defines through his tight black jeans, the veins that runs from his hands to his forearms, his pale neck that display a salivating view every time he leans his head back as he stroke his hair or the sweat absorbed hair that stick to his forehead when he come home out of breath late night. 

It sure wasn’t healthy for you to have these thoughts every time you see him. It just heats your cheeks up in crimson red and the worse part is you knew he notices. 

“If you need anything, you can always talk to me. I’m just next door” He said as he walks beside you to your door. 

“Yeah, I know. Thank you" 

Your eyes find his face as his eyes crinkle up in a crescent shape. A wide smile as he takes a step closer to you. He leaned down forwards to your face making your heart skip a beat. He lifted an arm up to pick out a piece of small leaf that tangles in your hair. A step backward chuckling as he covers his mouth with the back of his hand. A gesture that always mesmerizes you and his laugh that always made you lightly chuckles along. 

“Goodnight Y/N” Was the last thing he said before he entered his apartment. Left still in a haze, you finally let off the breath of air that you didn’t know you held in the whole time. 


You woke up to the sound of the alarm clock ringing in your ears. Your eyes snapped open to check the time. 

8:30 AM

“Shit” you cursed. 

You were supposed to meet your coach and the male dancer in the practice room at 9 AM. Realizing you were going to be late, you picked yourself up and ran to the bathroom. 

Putting on a pair of Jet black legging and a thin tight basic black shirt as you shove a toothbrush in your mouth.  You pulled your untamed bed hair in a messy bun trying to look as presentable as possible. You didn’t want to leave a bad impression on the person you’ll be working with every day. 


“Dammit!” You cursed as the elevator door rings. You ran out the open door towards your practice room 15 minutes late … great!

You took a deep breath and open the door of the room ready to be yell by your coach. 

“I’m so sorry” Your head hangs low as you apologize. Your gaze stayed on the floor as silent of conversation washed over you. 

“Y/N come over here and meet your partner. You’re already late, you don’t want to be any ruder” Your coach stern voice reaches your ears as you slowly bringing your eyes to meet the person in front of you.

Your eyes widen as you meet contact with the familiar figure. 

“J-Jimin?” You asked in shock.

“Hey Y/N” Jimin smiled as his crescent-shaped eyes confirmed you that you’re not dreaming.

“What are you doing here?” You whispered

“What do you mean what he’s doing here” Your coach interrupted you as her impatient face scrunch in confusion and her arms wrapped around each other in front of her chest.

“He’s your partner and the most talented male dancer our company have right now”

“Oh…” Was all you could let out.

“It seems that you guys know of each other?” Your coach continued.

“We live in the same apartment building” Jimin turned to face your coach with a quick explanation as your nodded in agreement.

“Ok, well let’s get practice started since you’ve met and know each other” Your coach claps as you walk closer to Jimin.

“I didn’t know you dance” You whispered just enough for him to hear.

“I’ve been dancing since middle school; I guess the topic never came up.” He shrugged his shoulders as his lips pulled into a light smirked.

“I guess there’s a lot I didn’t know about you” You walked past him to stand in your position.

“I guess you’ll have to learn” he whispered in a sultry voice into your ears making your eyes widen. You turned your head to face him and when you did Jimin sent a wink your way making you snapping your head to face away blushing in embarrassment.

You swear his actions and voice was nothing like his usual innocent self.

Your coach went over basic steps and moves of the songs you and Jimin will be doing together. The moves were intimate, maybe too intimate as you pictured them in your head. Just the thought of it make you lose your focus. Your eyes always end up traveling to Jimin face, his serious expression instantly changed to his soft one every time he caught you staring. 

You couldn’t move as smoothly as usual and you couldn’t express the dance you’ve done a billion times because of him. Your cheeks flushed in crimson and your head feels heavier every time your body clashes with his. Bodies swinging to the beats of the songs and you let Jimin leads you. His hands hold you by your waist moving you to his liking and his face merely a couple inches away makes you hold your breath the entire time. Your first practice went on like that for a couple hours until your coach was satisfied.

“Alright guys, great work! We basically went through the whole song so starting from tomorrow you guys will be practicing it. I’ll drop by to check up throughout the week. I want you to build more chemistry, I want to see expressions and not just dancing. Work on that, I want good result when I’m back next week.” You both looked at each other before nodding in understanding. Your coach left in minutes as you are left alone in the room with Jimin. 

You packed your things in silent before you felt a presence next to you. Jimin stood beside you with his bag on his shoulders. 

“Do you need a ride?” he stared at you.

“Umm… It’s okay, I can take the bus, thank you.” You said quietly as you finish packing up. 

You actually wouldn’t mind going home with him but you’re somewhat timid.

“If You think you’re a bother, you’re not.” He said bluntly. 

“O-oh of course not, I wasn’t thinking that.” Your face turned to him, wide eyes, and taken back.

“Perfect then, let’s go.” His smile curved as his eyes formed his infamous crescent shape.

He walked ahead as you follow along behind stumbling over your steps, reliefs he didn’t see you being such a clutch. You’ve never really spend more than 10 minutes with Jimin whenever you get the chance to see him so you were very nervous. It’s obvious that you’re attracted to him and when you try talking to him, your voice denied to make a coherent sentence or never failed to stutter. You knew Jimin was gorgeous and such a nice guy but for him to be a dancer and one that you work with is something you never thought of. 

The ride down the elevator to the parking lot was filled with a tense silence that seems like only you felt. Jimin looks comfortable and carefree, occasionally throwing you a sweet smile or a wink which didn’t help with your loud heartbeats that you were hoping he didn’t notice. After getting into his car, he immediately reached for the CDs that are stacked in the compartments. 

“Do you listen to music?” he looked your way then back down as he shuffles through the CDs collections.

“Mainly classics but if I’m in the mood classic rock.” 

“Queen?” He asked

“That would be lovely,” You said timidly, granting him a small smile as his eyes sparks in interest in return.

He pushed the cd in the player and you begin to feel a bit relaxed as the music starts. Unconsciously, you begin to hum to the music and Jimin couldn’t help but chuckles at your cute actions making your cheeks heat up.

“His voice is great, isn’t it?” He spoke as his eyes remain on the road.

“Perfect” You replied. “I didn’t know you were a dancer, and one of the best the least”

Jimin smiles at your compliment and turned his head to the side to look at you for a quick moment.

“I don’t know, I just never really thought it was a big deal or thought you would like to know about it.” He shrugged. 

“Of course I do, and we work under the same corporation as well. Now I think about it, I really don’t know anything about you.” 

As you finish the sentence, Jimin pulled the car into parking mode in front of your shared complex building. 

“Would you like to join me for dinner later? I would love to tell you all about myself then.” His lips pulled to warm smile as he waits patiently for your answer. 

“At 7 then?” You boldly said as you get out of his car. Jimin laughed at your sudden boldness, as he’s used to your timid, shy behavior. 

“I hope you like pasta” He winks and with your farewell smile, you began to walk up the steps.


7 o’clock hits and you’re in front of his front door. You’re showered, dressed in a loose sweater dress not trying to dress up or dress down with minimal makeup. You took a deep breath before you knock three times on the door. In a moment the door is open revealing a Jimin is a thin material white shirt that doesn’t leave too much to the imagination paired with a paired of sweats that make him look hotter if that’s even possible. His hair still slightly wet from a recent shower and your mind wonder what he would look like with wet hair and completely naked. 

“Ahem, Y/N to earth. Are you there?” You’re snapped out of your daydream as Jimin waves his hand back and forth to get your attention.

“U-uh sorry…” Your heat steaming from both the embarrassment and the forbidden image of Jimin in your head.

“Would you care to come in?” Jimin said in an amused voice, you knew he knew. 

He knew how nervous you are despite your effort to cover it. He knew what you were thinking about and he seemed to be amused, he didn’t wear this body-hugging shirt for no reason. He’s in love with your reactions and the way you get flustered around him with just a simple look. You’re so innocent and all he wanted to do was to ruin you in the worst way.

“Of course, thank you” You enter as your eyes wander around the apartment. It didn’t seem any bigger than yours but it’s super neat and decorated in simple color. 

“I guess you’re a simple guy” You let out as you look investigate some more with your eyes.

“I’m not a flashy guy I suppose, water?” He brings a glass of water next to you and you take it with both hands. 

“Dinner’s almost ready” Jimin announce as he jogs back to the kitchen to get it ready.

“Thank you” You take a sip as you come closer to the accent drawer by the window that is decorated with pictures of who you supposed are his close friends and family. You picked up a picture of the sea and Jimin with 6 other guys surrounding a truck as the sunset. 

“Pretty…” You mumbled to yourself, but it didn’t go unheard.

“Ah… They’re my closest friends. We used to all dance together in middle school up until college. It’s a shame I’m the only one that pursued dancing, but we still keep in contact and they’re living well as lawyer, doctor, and I heard one of them even became a worldwide renowned artist.” He chuckles as he takes the picture out of your hand.

“You love dancing” You turned to face him.

“With all my heart, and milady our dinner is ready.” He took your hand and guided you to the dining table that was set without you noticing. 

“Wow” You gape in awe as Jimin brought out the food. 

“Please help yourself” Jimin sat down as he begins to pick up his fork.

You guys ate in silence for a bit only sparing each other’s quick glances here and there. 

“You must have questions” He abruptly said as he wipes his mouth with a napkin.

 “Oh yes, how?” You said in a curious voice. “How did I not know? It’s like you’re a different person I met.”

Jimin only laughs as he takes a sip of the water beside him.

“I mean we only meet each other here and there and our conversation didn’t last more than 10 minutes, how much can a person know from such a short amount of time?”

“I guess.” You nod your head.

“This is why we needed to get to know each other and not just a hi and bye,” He said with a smirk.

“Yes” You couldn’t stifle another word as he stares at you intensely.

“Are you done?” He asked as he abruptly stands up to grab his dish and yours after you nod and you quickly stood up following him to the kitchen.

“No, no, let me do the dishes. You already made such a wonderful dinner.” You reached for the dish out of his hand but he’s fast to retrieve it before you.

“It’s okay, you’re my guest besides I can’t get a lady hands dirty.” His tongue pokes out to sweep against his lips before he continues to put the dishes in the sink.

“Can I at least dry them?” You suggested. 

Jimin looks at you for a good minute before he simply nods and thanks you for your help.

He washes the dishes in silence as you dry them with a clean towel. Just as he hands you the plate to dry, your clumsy trait kicks in and it slips right through your hand. The plate drops to the ground and scattered everywhere. 


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry” You quickly bend down to retrieve the broken pieces and as you pick it up a sharp edge pierce through your skin spilling blood out of your fingers.

“Y/N are you ok?” Jimin immediately reaches for your hand not even caring about the broken plate. He caressed your hand, examining the wounded spot before putting it in his mouth. Your eyes widen as he sucks on your dripping finger. His mouth so warm and plumb against your skin and you can feel his tongue twisting and curling around your finger. You face burst in crimson and you feel like you’re about to explode. 

“I-I’m so sorry, I’ll buy you another one. I’m causing you so much trouble, I’m really okay.” You’re soo embarrassed you just want to bury yourself in the ground and die. 

Jimin released your finger as his eyes reach yours, you notice the slight drop in his eyes and you can’t take your eyes off his plumb, red stained lips.

“What a clumsy girl you are,” he said in such a hush tone you wouldn’t be able to hear it if your heart beats any louder. 

“I-I…” you stuttered as you try to retrieve your hand but Jimin forcefully kept it in place making you unable to move. 

You can feel his warmth as your hand encased in his only make your cheeks redder, you probably look like a ripe tomato by now. You begin to chew on your lips out of habit whenever you get nervous.

Jimin begins to lean in close to you, so close you had to hold your breath.

“Stop biting your lips like that before I can’t control myself” 

You let out a breathy sound that sounds like a small moan and Jimin grips your hand tighter.

“What a bad girl” he let out in the sultriest voice you ever heard. You couldn’t believe your ears as you try to comprehend all his words.

“I tried so hard…” He continues “So hard to be a gentleman and contained myself, but I guess I can’t. You’re driving me crazy Y/N, why are you so soft around me?  Why do you always get so flustered? It makes me want to possess every part of you.” Jimin confessed. 

You can’t seem to believe his confession, but you couldn’t deny the extreme attractiveness you have for him and the tense, lustful air that fills the apartment right now. 

“I-I don’t know what to say, I…” words escape your lips as Jimin lips dangerously close to yours if you move in any closer your lips would brush against each other.

“Just tell me if I can take it further, please tell me.” Jimin pleads and you can hear the desperation in his voice. He’s on the edge of letting himself go and he’s just waiting for your answer, he didn’t want to continue without your consent.

“J-Jimin…” was all you said with a slight nod and that’s all it took for him to wrap his hand behind your neck before connecting your lips. 

His lips soft and plumb just like how they felt on your fingers but against yours, they melt even more. Taste of iron mix with his saliva coated your taste bud and you let out a breathy moan. Jimin took this opportunity to slip in his tongue as they fight for dominance. His hand releases yours to travel your body while the other one ruffles through your hair. 

The passionate kiss filled your mouth with fireworks and paralyzed your thoughts only sending dopamine rushing through you. He released the kiss and you missed his lips already even when you’re desperate for some air. His lips curled into a satisfied grin as he looks at you in your state. 

“I think we’re building chemistry just fine.” He said breathlessly

You’re flustered by his word and you can’t seem to look at him in the eyes but only giving him a slight nod. His hand creep under your chin and brought your face up to look at him. 

“From now on when I’m talking to you, I want you to look at into my eyes, got it, babe?” He demands as his smirk returns to his lips.

“Yes, Jimin.” You said quietly as you look into him.

 His smirk drops and his expression darken as he tilts his head slightly never leaving contact with you and his stare encourage you to repeat your words.

“Y-yes, sir” You corrected yourself, and Jimin seems to be satisfied by it.

To be continued…

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how about the Chocobros being tasked with rescuing a noble's/important person's child bc they've been kidnapped but once they get there they discover that the child is their s/o who hid their lineage from them?

Aiyyyeee, guess who’s back. Sorry for the few day hiatus, everyone. I’ve been swamped with school work and other projects, but I’ve wanted to write so badly— this prompt has been on my mind for a while now.

And speaking of such, I apologize to the anon who requested this as it’s long overdue, but from the moment I first saw it I knew it was going to be another big one. So I wanted to wait and give it the proper time it needs to be worthy of what I had imagined. 

Without further ado, the angst queen presents yet another series “Not Who You Think I Am” (that title is about as cliche as it gets, I know)

Enjoy lovelies~



“The who?”

Noctis folded his arms across his chest, peering down at the old woman seated in her rickety chair. She rocked it casually, as if she were only talking about the weather. A voice shouted somewhere behind them— orders being given to soldiers— or hunters. Meldacio HQ was quite lively this Saturday afternoon.

The woman primly folded her fingers together in her lap. “The heir to the Gralean royal family, dear prince. I didn’t stutter.”

Prompto gaped beside him, “but the Gralean royal family? Isn’t that like Iedolas’ child or something?”

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You’re Who?

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Title: You’re Who?!

A/n:  WAZZUP! Im so happy to be back and writing again! so sorry y’all for the big hiatus, but noW WEre back!  yAy

Warnings: none yet since this is just the teaser

Life wasn’t easy for a hero, you knew that and still you somehow managed to keep it all in balance. From dealing with the flirtatious speedster to your day job with the most adorkable nerd ever, you realized that you were lucky enough to have everything under control. Although your social life was quite dull from all the heroics you still tried to find time for some normality in your life.

Your powers were not the easiest to manage either. You seemed to be connected to every form of plant life, feeling their energy coursing through your body. Every time a tree was cut down close to you it felt like an itch. The plants told you that this force  connected you to all plant life.  This force that the plants spoke of, it gave you the ability to manipulate and communicate with plants in incredible ways, though often you lacked the control you needed to use your abilities to your full potential.  When you became over- emotional or scared your powers went into overdrive. You started requiring less food and more time in the sun. You were still discovering parts of your ability everyday. And thats why some people  on the meta task force thought you were dangerous. Your lack of control.

“Yes Iris, I will be over for dinner later, Ok see you later, bye.” You said into your phone. After hanging up, you set up a phone alert to remind you that you had dinner at the Wests’ tonight, as they had invited you to meet their long lost sibling Wally. You said you would go out of support for Iris,oping that there wouldn’t be any trouble tonight.

In your opinion, the one bad thing about being a hero was the lack of free time. Whenever you and Iris would get together and have lunch, it was always interrupted by some meta-human running wild. Once there was a night where you were out for fifteen hours straight, that had been a fun one to explain to Singh. One of your abilities was to photosynthesize, which helped immensely after those long nights, although it never beat a good night’s sleep or a big meal.

You put your phone down on the counter and started getting dressed. Sunlight made its way around your apartment, golden rays hitting every one of your plants. You finished getting dressed and walked over to the windowsill. The plants hanging above your head swayed in the gentle breeze as you soaked up the sun. After grabbing your bag, you locked up and briskly walked to work.

As you arrived at the CCPD, you bustled up the stairs and into the lab. Barry was busy working with the centrifuge as you put all of your stuff on your desk.

“Whatcha working on Barr?” You asked cheerily.

            “The Madison Case,” he responded, leaning down as he checked the settings for his sample.

“Which one is that?” You asked, your head tilting to the side..

“Basically, there was a robbery at J Madison Bank and a Meta ran away with more than sixty percent of the cash in the bank. They got in a fight with that new urban legend. Thorn, I think they call her,” said Barry as he continued to fiddle with the centrifuge.

“Okay, well, what’s the problem then?” You replied.

“Well the issue is the Meta that got the cash was apparently part shark. Witnesses say that the other Meta, Thorn, was part plant. Neither blood sample is reacting to any of the tests I’ve tried so I can’t get a DNA match…” Barry said, trailing off defeatedly.

“Huh, have you tried putting the half-shark sample in salt water? Maybe because it’s part shark, putting it in its natural environment might reveal the DNA so that we could try to get a match.” You suggested.

“Ok then what about the other one, the one that’s part plant?” Barry asked, looking up at you.

“I don’t think we should mess with it,” You quickly responded.  Barry’s brow furrowed, confused at your suddenly sharp tone.

“I mean the Meta who tried to stop the half-shark is just a myth, right? I don’t think we should waste our time with an urban legend. And until we get orders from Singh to go after all Metas, I think it’s ok if we push it to the side,” You continued.

“But Thorn she’s rea-” Barry tried to interrupt but you cut him off.

“Barry, you sound like Iris and the Flash it-”

“Bu-bu-but the Flash does exist, so who’s to say that the Thorn doesn’t.” His fingers flitted through the air as he talked, his face going red with frustration. He tried to collect himself by looking out the window, mumbling on about how Iris was right about the Flash. You started to listen, but quickly tuned him out as you heard a desperate cry from across the room.

It was the venus fly trap you got Barry for his birthday. He didn’t have a pet and you had thought he could use someone to talk to when you weren’t around. It was crying to you, begging to be healed. You responded mentally, reminding it that it was to dangerous to use your powers while Barry was in the same room. However, you knew that you couldn’t leave its cries unanswered, so instead you did the next best thing.

“Hey Bar, have you checked on your venus fly trap lately? She looks a little frail.” You called out, interrupting his train of thought. He sparked up quickly.

“Uh I haven’t given it any miracle grow in a couple days, maybe that’s it?” He asked, his face scrunching up.

“Miracle Gro? Are you trying to kill the poor thing!” you said incredulously. You reached under your desk, pretending to grab something. Instead, you created spores from your skin and put them in a plastic baggie before taking your hands out from under the desk and handing it to him.

“Give her this, twice a week, preferably in the-,”

*Morning!* The plant interrupted.

“-Morning, right when you get to work.” You finished.

*Your welcome,* you thought to the plant.

*Thank you,* she replied half heartedly.  You watched as Barry sprinkled your spores onto the plant. As you watched the plant perk up, you felt a sudden boost in energy.

“See, she already looks better,” You said, quietly proud of yourself.

With love,


What Did You Do?- Auston Matthews

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Okay I have this and a Nico Hischier imagine queued for today! Also I’m sorry again for my hiatus but I’m back, also look at Auston. Is any of us surprised that I’m writing about Auston again?

(Y/N) lived a simple life really, she was a college student at the University of  Toronto. A communications major who, turns out, landed a pretty impressive internship at a big sportscasting company. What she wasn’t prepared for that day is to bump into a hockey player who apparently was a big deal. 

She never knew much about sports due to her family being obsessed with them, especially hockey. This turned her away from liking sports because of her obsessed family yet she was working for a sports company, the irony. 

Nevertheless, the hockey player who’s name she learned was Auston Matthews and he was pretty cute too was the first thought to pop into (Y/N)’s mind. 

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I just realized I haven’t posted in like five days haha oops don’t worry guys I’m still here

so. catch me up on your theories. what do you think is going down on tuesday??? it’s the last episode of the LMD arc and the last episode before a six (?) week hiatus. will it leave us with a big world shattering game changing nothing will ever be the same cliffhanger??? will anyone die??? will anyone come back from the dead??? will they all end up in the framework??? will agent davis the redshirt help fitzsimmons save the day??? will robot!dad coulson make bad robot puns?? will a new dad enter the competition for 4c??? so many possibilities!!

To Savor While You Taste

Hey peeps! Here’s my first submission for @thebookjumper‘s amazing Olicity Hiatus Fic-a-Thon! This is Prompt Number 3, Taste. Sorry it’s a day late, but @tdgal1 encouraged me to flesh this out, so a very big thanks and hug to her!

PS. I didn’t know who else to tag so I just stole your tag list @thebookjumper :D


Felicity returns from serving in the Army for 2 years with an honorable discharge. And she’s going to surprise her brooding husband who misses her like crazy.

Word Count: 2513

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The sudden turbulence awoke her with a jolt, pulling her out of the dream she’s had night after night the past week. She looks around the cold, crowded plane with tired eyes and looks down. The familiar camouflage she wears invades her sight, and she smiles to herself.

Stretching her arms above her head and rubbing her tired eyes, Felicity looks out the window, studying the clouds with an intent. She tries to squint as one passes by, trying to make a shape out of it.

It’s been a long time since she’s had quiet like this. When was the last time she could just consider the sky and just… stare?

She looks down at her right hand then, looking at the platinum band, with a simple diamond encased in the wiring designed to mimic a vine.

Excitement, along with a bone deep need bubbles in her veins at the thought of her husband.    

Memories flood her, and she’s lost to the ocean blue she hasn’t had the chance to look at in 2 years.

“Wow. How in the hell is that a dolphin Felicity?” Oliver wondered with a furrow to his eyebrows.

It was a bright day, the cool air breezing through them and the grass they laid on. The sunlight was a little too strong, so they stood next to the old tree off to the side, looking for some shade. Oliver was laying down on the crisp, green grass with Felicity curled up to his side. She traced meaningless patterns on his olive, T-shirt clad chest with one hand, and pointed up at the clouds suspended in the sky with the other.

“You can’t see it?” she asked in disbelief while turning her head up at him.

“Look!” she said. Oliver turned his head up to see the cloud she was pointing at. He studied the cloud for a moment, shifting his eyes to the jagged edges, and hole in the white that Felicity probably thought was the eyes.

He grinned widely, and looked back at her, only to find her staring back at the so-called dolphin, about to speak.

“There’s the fin!” she exclaimed.

“Although, I don’t know which one. What are they called anyways? The dorsal fin, and then the one on the back…are those things even fins? I’m pretty sure they help them swim…oh whatever. And there’s an eye! And the blowhole!” she elaborated.

Her fingers point to the hole Oliver looked at not just a second ago, and then to another all the way at the back of the fluff of white.

She turns back to Oliver, realizing he hasn’t said anything. When Felicity turns her head up, she finds him watching her intently.

His eyes rove over her features, a small smile on his lips. He starts at the top, taking in the small crinkle of her eyebrows, and a strand of her silky hair on the side of her face, and the glasses in between her hair and head.  

He moves his hand to tuck the hair behind her ear, and looks into her eyes.

Amazement fills his veins at the sight in front of him. She’s his.

At the same time, he feels fear weigh down on him, at the feeling of being incomplete.

His face weakens at the silent admission, and holds on to her a little tighter.

Because he won’t be able to do it later.

So, Oliver buries his face in her hair, smelling the strawberry and vanilla scent that’s he’s associated with her for so long.  

And, Felicity, she knows she has to give him this moment. To collect his thoughts.

They lay there in silence for a few moments, before Oliver picks his face up as he feels a warm hand slide up his jaw, and the familiar gesture of thumbing his stubbly cheek.

Their eyes meet, and she sees the anguish in his eyes, and the pain she’s causing. She’s about to say something when Oliver speaks up.

“Stop, Felicity. I know what you’re thinking.” he chided with a whisper. He starts move his hand reassuringly down her side, and to her hip, before starting again.

“It’s not your fault. I know why you have to do this. It’s what you’ve wanted for a long time. You’re going out there. Saving other people’s lives, protecting them. How could you blame yourself for doing what you want? I just…”

He looks down at the fingers dancing across his chest, and sees the shiny platinum on her ring finger. He picks the hand up and starts to kiss her fingers, one by one.

He shivers, and then continues with a broken voice.

“I just love you. So much. I need you in my life. You’re my other half. And just the thought of something happening to you out there, and I won’t know for sure…” he takes a small breath, unable to finish that sentence, as he feels his tears sliding down his cheeks.

“Hey,” she moves up and presses his forehead to hers. She grabs his face with both her hands and starts to wipe his tears with her thumbs.

“Nothing’s going to happen to me Oliver. I’m going to do what I’ve wanted to do for so long. You’re right about that. But I wouldn’t be doing if I didn’t know if I was coming back to you or not. And I will. I love you so much. And I’m going to fight to come back to you.” She resolves.

With a noise between a whimper and a sigh, he presses his lips to hers. He immediately slides his warm tongue across her lips, and she gladly grants invitation. Their tongues meld and dance around each other, and he holds on to her tight, scared she’ll disappear.

He savors her taste. Something sweet, with a hint of ground coffee, enveloping his senses. He etches it onto his lips. Memorizes it further. More than he already has.

Because after today, he won’t feel the sensation of being utterly whole.

For two years.

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Guys I’m super excited for this new album but I’ve realised tonight is officially the last night of the 1989 era. All that exciting build up for the 1989 album and the “roses” theory and how amazing it was to hear the announcement and ‘Shake It Off’ for the first time is going to be relived again tomorrow with a different genre and different album and lyrics. And although I’m beyond excited for it I’m feeling kind of sad (a good sad) and reminiscent of 1989 and the 1989 world tour because it’s another era we’ve lived through. I’m so proud of you @taylorswift for how much you progress each album and how independent and inspiring you are. The media and other people made so many comments during the wait for 1989 expecting “bitchy songs about her ex boyfriend” and you proved them all wrong with how relatable and beautiful it was. You showed them that you made that album for you and us fans and no one else. The whole message of finding yourself was honestly something I needed at the time. Each album has been a piece of you during that time too and has been relevant and helpful during that time through my life. You’re basically the big sister of the fandom, guiding us and giving us advice on not just love but friendship and hard work and self love and family and ambitions. So thank you for the amazing gift that was 1989. And thank you to everyone who has stayed by her side during the hiatus. I’m looking forward to this new era and Taylor showing the media her amazing reputation (that was a lame joke I’m sorry)

I’m shattered. Jess, @choicesimaginesandmore has been one of the few people on Tumblr who would always reach out to me and check on me when I was struggling. We’d interact a lot on Tumblr, and when I was at my lowest she was messaging me and making sure I was safe even though she didn’t know me. She was one of my absolute favourite people in this fandom, and to here that she’s passed just shatters me.

To anyone close to her, especially her fiancé who posted the news- Jess was genuinely a beautiful person, and I know she kept me from making some big mistakes over the last few months. I’m so so sorry that this has happened.

Hey y’all!! Sorry for the unannounced hiatus here but… WE’RE BACK!

Prompts will start appearing again soon so watch this space and the #legendslikestardust tag for those!

In other news, Lisa (boobiedook) has left tumblr so she is no longer one of our admins here (but she is always at the heart of this since this blog was her brainchild). 

We do have a new admin to announce, though! A great big welcome to @skyler10fic who will be helping us out from now on!

Thank you to everyone who stuck around during our hiatus and we look forward to bringing you prompts again and seeing what your creative selves do with them!!


Kelsey, Jess, Ashley, and Skyler


The Chronicles of Narnia Meme: 

Five relationships: [2/5] Susan Pevensie & Edmund Pevensie

“Peter and Lucy could not understand. They had always been luminous. They never saw what was so attractive about shadows and darkness. Not like Susan and Edmund did.”

Original Text: [X]

Hey all, given the current state of affairs with school (holy-crap-I-have-nine big projects-due-in-less-than-a-week time), I’m gonna need to step away for a bit!

I will not be online for up to seven days. Tumblr will be blocked on my computer and my phone so there’s no way I can get to it. I’ve set this post to reblog a few times so hopefully you all see it!

I’m also on hiatus on discord, and I’ll be using that very sparingly (if at all) so sorry to everyone who talks to me there.

Apologies for any inconvenience, and I’ll see you on the other side!

The Fandoms: Special Episode
  • Sherlock fandom: "Ughhhh... just two more months left until the Christmas spec-"
  • *sound comes from out of nowhere outside*
  • Supernatural fandom: "What the hell was that?"
  • Walking Dead fandom: "I bet it was some walkers..."
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Well it can't be anyone else from our fandom, then again there was another marathon today..."
  • Sherlock fandom: "Perhaps it's a murder! About time things get interesting around here!"
  • Sleepy Hollow fandom: "Or it could be some form of supernatural terror.."
  • Supernatural fandom: "Wait...isn't that our thi-"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "It would be best if we go see about this strange sound..."
  • *fandoms go outside*
  • Orphan Black fandom: "Oh my God...is that...IS THAT THE DELOREAN?"
  • *Back to the Future fandom steps out*
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Wait...what in the bloody hell is going on right now?"
  • Supernatural: "It's the Back to the Future fandom!!!"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "Right...time travelers...not sure how to feel about th-"
  • Supernatural fandom: "What are you guys doing here?"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Haven't you heard? Our day's coming up!"
  • Sherlock fandom: "Um...what day?"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "October 21st, 2015?"
  • Orphan Black fandom: "Yes Yes YES that's right!!! Wow this is so awesome things must be insane for you guys right now!!!"
  • Sherlock fandom: "You mean to tell me that the 30 year, again 30 YEAR "Back to the Future" anniversary is happening before season 4 starts???"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "I take it that's a bad thing?"
  • Supernatural fandom: "They've...been waiting a while for their next season to start...like, over two years now..."
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Wow...that's heavy..."
  • Big Bang Theory fandom: "Yeah like thank God for the Christmas special! I think they had no choice but to do that otherwise the extended hiatus would absolutely kill them! Oh by the way...big fans of you guys!"
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Um...than-"
  • Sherlock fandom: "30 YEARS! 30 YEARS they've waited-"
  • Harry Potter fandom: "IN ASKABAN!"
  • *fandoms glance at Potter fandom*
  • Harry Potter fandom: "Sorry...we couldn't resist it was too easy!"
  • Supernatural fandom: "I'm not gonna lie tho that was a good one!"
  • Doctor Who fandom: "Expecto Patroneum!!!"
  • *Supernatural and Doctor Who fandoms high five Harry Potter fandom*
  • Sherlock fandom: "I mean come on! For crying out loud "Heroes" came back, they...they made a TV show for "Minority Report", which came out what, a decade ago??? They're even bringing X-Files back! The BLOODY X-Files! ALL. BEFORE. SEASON. FOUR."
  • Firefly fandom: "Wow, nice to see some things from the early 2000s are coming back..."
  • Sherlock fandom: "Oh pipe down, "Firefly" fandom, all your characters are on "Castle" and "Suits" now..."
  • Firefly fandom: "Um, that's only two peopl-"
  • Back to the Future Fandom: "Okay now that's enough, you guys! Listen, we didn't show up after 30 years just to see you fandoms bicker about your problems like a bunch of bucketheads!"
  • Sherlock fandom: *stubbornly looks at the floor*
  • Back to the Future fandom: "Now listen Sherlockheads or whatever you call each other, waiting sucks, we should know! But your show will come back, and when that happens, won't all your waiting be worth it?"
  • Sherlock fandom: "I suppose so..."
  • Back to the Future fandom: "You got all these fandoms here who are there for you guys, you gotta remember that!"
  • Supernatural fandom: "Yeah plus you're gonna have to play therapist to us because I swear this season is gonna mess us up again..."
  • Walking Dead fandom: 'Ha, your season?"
  • Orphan Black: "Join the club."
  • Doctor Who fandom: "We sell T-shirts."
  • Back to the Future fandom: "See? You guys serve a purpose. So, how about we stop bickering and just celebrate this upcoming day, eh?"
  • Sherlock fandom: "Yeah, why not?"
  • *fandoms start dancing to "Johnny B. Goode"*
Block B's Thanks To from H.E.R


Hm the thanks to… I don’t know where I should start, but first of all no matter what others say, to our BBC who have been waiting for our album and who I want to see even though I see them over and over again~♥ Thank you very much and we’re already on the same boat until we die^^ And to the warm-hearted complainer CEO Gyuwook hyung who always treats me like family instead of staff as the CEO,  to chairman Kim Jongdon and President Lee Soomyung who always work hard to help us and try to make us look cool and shine,  to the other people in the Seven Seasons family, to T.V.C’s Jinwoo hyung, Hyunwook, Jinsol, to THE J’s Director J and Director Hyeran, to BB Trippin’s Mandoo hyung, JM, Kwangtaek hyung, to our small, chubby, and furry Bumjooroobumjooroo Bumjoo hyung, and to our weapon Poptime Jiyong hyung who is always small-framed, neatly-clothed with cute teeth that stick out at a point and working hard with Jiho hyung, I sincerely thank all of you. To our mischievous members who are brighter than anyone else and so playful that they’ll never grow up, there may be times when things are a bit hard or we’re exhausted, but let’s fighting during these activities, ujajaja! Mrs. Miyoung, your son will bring home a lo~t of money, just wait a bit! I love so much all ma people~~~~~ thank you!!♥


To our Seven Seasons family who made it so that we could have a great album, you worked really hard and thank you! And thank you very much to Director J and Hyeran nuna (and all of The J family) for making us look nice! Thank you also to T.V.C for dressing us in awesome clothesㅎ Thank you very much to our Mandoo hyung and Jaemin hyung for always making cool choreography for us!! B.B Trippin hyungs are all jjang♡ Our members, you worked hard preparing for the album and let’s keep having funㅎㅎ Lastly, to our BBC who waited for a not short time, I’m the most thankful to you♡


Thank you God. Tama who I love. Pastor Oh Bumyeol who always prays for my family. Our hard-working Seven Seasons family. THE J. TVC. Play Company.. and honey bees BBC, thank you all.


Very first of all, applauses to leader Woo Jiho who worked hard on making great songs during this short period..! Poptime Jiyong hyung who worked hard with him, Yongsik hyung who recorded us, Bumjoo who gave the song wings, Hyungyu, and also CEO Kim Gyuwook and the Seven Seasons family!! The J who did our hair and makeup, stylists from T.V.C, Director Lee GiBaek and the Tiger’s Den team, thank you all very much. Thank you to my parents for giving birth to me and I’ll always be a good son! Lastly, to Taeeul hyung who I worked with on my solo song again! I learned and felt a lot while working with you again. Thank you for giving me a great song, hyung! Now singing it awesomely on stage is my part!! Hyung you’re the best songwriter-! ㅎㅎ Good job everyone!!


I’m so happy that we’re able to have another comeback which are so precious to us. Thank you first of all to Father God. Second to my family who believes in me 100%, and our 1 year old Seven Seasons family including CEO Kim Gyuwook, also our shop family, stylist team, choreography team, everyone, thank you for accepting and understanding me even though I complain about this and that, and I can’t express it well but I’m really feeling closer to you all. Let’s fighting from now on also!! And thank you to Director Lee Gibaek and the photography director who made a pretty music video for us~ And to our BBC who waited a long time for us. Pretty BBC. It’s really weird but I feel like we get closer every time the year passes by whenever we have promotions. I hope that I’m not the only one who feels this closeness of our own^^ I get jealous and upset sometimes too and wonder about you, so it’s cheesy but it feels like we’re dating there’s not a day when I’m bored and you become the energy of my life. I’m always thankful again and again and thanks for making it so that I don’t have to say sorry anymore. I hope we can always be together. I love you. And lastly to our 7 members who are pretty much like my brothers as we understand and are close with each other. Let’s continue to protect our name of Block B no matter what happens or whatever comes our way. You know I like all of you right~~?? Let’s make this album big, fighting!!


First I’d like to give an applause of praise to myself for steadfastly working hard to make an album while overcoming the Jackpot album release cancellation, the hiatus, and my mannerism in my tight schedule!! Poptime Jiyong hyung who ran with me for 2 years without rest, you went through a lot to match my temperamental and picky composing style, let’s keep proving ourselves! Staytuned Yongsik hyung and Namwoo hyung, please forgive me for bothering you and making you unable to sleep for a month ㅋㅋ A song of this quality wouldn’t have been able to come out if it wasn’t for your mixing and mastering. To Bumjoo hyung who shows off his superb chorus skills for every album, to Yohan hyung who never says no and comes running even for the smallest guide request, to Daeseung who is really good at playing the bass, to Taeeul hyung who is always my music friend and teacher, thank you for giving me such a precious song as a gift, I need to finish learning how to play the guitar ㅋㅋ to Junyoung hyung and Taejoon hyung who became my support when I was tired mentally, I hope we can go on a trip at the end of the year! And to CEO Kim Gyuwook who pulled in 7 children who were teetering on the edge of a cliff!! You’re full with things to worry about and your backbone must be crooked from having to carry tremendous responsibilities, but the guy called the leader just lays out complaints and shows irritation whenever he sees you, so I’m sorry. It’s because you’re the only person I can act like a spoiled kid and complain to.. I’m always thankful and love you! Lastly to BBC, why do I always make you wait like this.. you know that I always feel sorry right? Thank you always for unsparingly investing your precious time on us.. we’ll compensate the time we stole from you with unforgettable memories. Just stay as you are like now.


Father, mother, hyung, I love you. Samsoonie who went to heaven, I love you too and I’m sorry.

Source: Better’s Naver Blog

Translated by: youngha @ blockbintl

Please take out translation with full credit.

My Top Ten Olicity Scenes...*so far*


Okay, so a lovely nonnie asked me (*about a week ago, sorry for the delay!*) to list my Top Ten Olicity Scenes…so far. So, I decided to make a big deal out of the request and post it as an Olicity meta, because times are so hard with this hiatus. I miss Oliver and Felicity so much and it’s only been a month since the finale. One month, four more to go. It still hurts. So, this is for all my Oliciters out there who enjoy talking about these scenes as much as we love living by them.

With that being said, this was not an easy endeavor. Oliver and Felicity have gone through a lot together during these two seasons, and there are soooooo many scenes that could have easily made my Top Ten, but I had to really sit back and give every moment a rating on some arbitrary scale that I cooked up in my crazy head. Since there are only ten spots on the top, I decided to add 15 “Honorable Mentions” to the mix. Now, these are scenes that are not particularly “heavy” moments, but lighter and I’m having more fun with them, whereas the Top Ten picks are a bit more profound in my opinion, and left me with a graver understanding of this pairing.

With that being said, I hope you enjoy reading this!


My Top Ten Olicity Scenes (in decreasing order):

10.) “You’re Not Gonna Lose Me”:

I absolutely love this scene, because, for once, it’s Oliver comforting Felicity. It’s intimate; it showcases their connection in a way that it hasn’t been showcased before. The last place Felicity wants to be is at a fucking pep rally for Moira Queen. The last place she wants to be is in Moira Queen’s presence, breathing the same air as that woman (whom I love and thought was so damn BOSS is so many ways, but was a habitual liar who was kind of in love with her secrets), and OLIVER NOTICED. He was all over it, watching Felicity even before Moira showed up to give him a hug. He gave her that, “What is wrong with my bb?” look. Now, Oliver has pretty substantial evidence to the fact that there is something going on, from earlier in the episode when his bare naked abs and jack-hammered biceps were not being appreciated, but it still makes me giddy that he didn’t ignore it.

It gets very interesting when Oliver notices that Felicity is being cold to the bone. Cold as ice. Andre 3000 Ice Cold. Oliver knows one thing of many about Felicity Smoak. She’s never rude. She’s never distant and detached, and more specifically, she’s never distant about his family. When Thea went missing (again), she worked her magic to help, and it was emotional, she was invested. When Moira was standing trial, she was worried; she was emotional about the outcome, for Oliver’s sake. But here, Felicity is all up in her feelings for her, and for Oliver, who has no idea what is going on. She can’t stand Moira’s lying, secret-account-having, secrets-period-having ass and it’s my favorite. Oliver takes note and finally goes to her about it. The way he said, “Fe-li-city” IS ALL I NEED IN LIFE. The “Nothing”/”Don’t say nothing…the truth please” exchange thrills me like you would not believe. He was on point on with her disposition, and it was wordlessly beautiful. It was time for Oliver to be a comforting concerned friend and it was very nice to see him take on that role.  

EBR acted the snot out of that moment, with Felicity practically vibrating with fear over losing someone else who is important to her *i.e Papa Smoak*. Oliver assuming that this person was him gave me huge pause (How big can your ego get man? She could be talking about her dying grandfather and you would have completely missed the point), but to his good fortune, Felicity was talking about him, and once again, earned Oliver’s trust in telling him Moira’s secret. The writers could have had her wait, sit on this information, amp up angst for a blow-out later on, but they didn’t. They knew it wouldn’t have been genuine for a woman who said about herself, “I hate mysteries. They bug me. They need to be solved”, to keep the truth a secret from the parties who deserve to know. Her whole mistrust of Moira started as she was helping Walter, her then husband, find out the truth about his wife. She would not have kept it a secret from Oliver, a son who is flipping over with adoration in front of the whole city, while his mother lies to him….again.

So happy to see the levels at which this relationship has evolved. Oliver can read that something is bothering her, Felicity is struggling with whether or not he will forgive her for it, but Moira’s ploy falls so flat. Felicity not only told Oliver, but did so right in Moira’s face. Moira Queeen was definitely the Supreme, but Felicity Smoak just didn’t give a fuck. 


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XF Revival Drama

…and why I’m not panicking yet.

I will include my fandom CV at the bottom of this post for anyone who cares, but it’s not really important outside of the fact that I feel like long-time fans have the unique experience of having lived this before. When you binge-watch on Netflix (and if you’re a newer fan who has done just that - may the tv gods bless you and keep you and I’m sorry you fell into this trap. ;) ) you only had to wait for as long as it took for the next episode to load. You are literally assured of the ending you are watching because the entire series is already set in stone. You haven’t experienced a hiatus, or spoilers, or the feeling of having your entire fandom commitment invalidated because Chris Carter is a big twat waffle.

Just like the show itself, everything old is new again, including the heart-wrenching spoilers that convince you there’s no way this can end well and how stupid does he think we are and goddamn it, doesn’t he know what we know about these fucking characters? We’re once again in the grips of hysteria because things appear to be going sideways and the ultimate fate of our Favorite FBI Babies is up in the air. But here’s something else to take into account - every single time they’ve chosen to do something stupid (TFWID, I’m looking at you. Diana Fowley, yeah I mean you too bitch) - it has all worked out in the end. 

I’ve read a lot of “if they’re not in love, what is the point”? Not a single spoiler has said Mulder and Scully don’t love each other.

People - especially Mulder and Scully - can be in love and not be together.

Read that again. Mulder and Scully can be in love and not be together. That they love each other is not even open to debate. Eventually, even the anti-Christ himself said it. He knows. He just doesn’t know how to leave well enough alone.

In IWTB, Scully laid down the gauntlet. What’s left of her life - the last remaining pieces that were not stolen from her - are not going to be spent swirling into the darkness that claimed so much in the past. Being “with” Mulder isn’t enough to save her because she knows that in the darkest parts of their history being with Mulder meant being together alone. It meant being at odds with Mulder. It meant looking at him across a chasm of belief and sometimes watching his back as he left her behind.

Scully can love him with all of her heart - she can be his soulmate - and still attempt to save herself.

If Mulder is in the dark place he’s purported to be, there is also a big chance that he went into that place and left Scully alone. Mentally. The ultimate ditch. It is no big surprise that Mulder can become so absorbed in his quest that there’s no air left in the room. It doesn’t mean he isn’t in love with Scully, but it might mean that there was no way for her to survive with him. Can you imagine her terror at watching him dissolve in front of her? To watch that obsession rear its head? To have to say again - Mulder, it has taken so much, why are we still fighting this? To have Mulder look her in the face and say, in that self-absorbed way he can that makes me want to scratch out his dumb eyes, Scully you don’t understand.

Fuck that, I’d leave him too. Not because I don’t love him, but because my continued investment in any relationship means I have to love myself as well.

Scully must save herself to be any use to Mulder. Scully must think of her mother. Her brothers. William. She cannot exist as Mulder’s personal satellite moon - it will literally kill her.

So in my opinion…yeah Scully left. She went to have a real life, or a shadow of one. She’s a woman who is operating with her heart outside her chest, waiting for him to catch up with her. Do I think she’s happy? Nope. Do I think it’s surprising that she’d date a guy? Nope. They probably went to the Cirque De Soleil and she was bored out of her skull. Are we surprised that this dude wants back into her good graces (and probably pants)? Fuck no, it’s Scully, of course he does.

Do you know when she will re-awaken? When Mulder does. When he pulls his head out of his ass and returns to the man she doesn’t only love, but needs. And there will be a moment when they look at her and Scully’s lips tremble into a smile that says “I love you so much it is destroying me but thank God you’re HOME AGAIN.” And Mulder puts his hand on the small of her back and…


So is this fan-splaining? Probably. But we have 9 years and two movies of anecdotal evidence to back it up. Carter tries, God love him, but David and Gillian run these characters. Every look will speak volumes, every touch will have a million meanings.

We will eat that up with a spoon because it will still be the most compelling love story of our generation(s).

In the fandom since 1996, freshly graduated from high school. Earned my BA almost entirely based on essays written about The X-Files.

Patches earned:

  • Survived the Season 4-5 hiatus after Gethsemane and was rewarded with the Reduxes.
  • Survived Diana Fowley.
  • Ran a Fanfiction Archive
  • OBSSE Member
  • I read, survived and loved Iolokus
  • WWSD
  • Quit the XF after Roadrunner because are you even fucking kidding me?
  • Came back to see William born.
  • Came back to the see The Truth.
  • Watched IWTB 4 times in the theater and I’m not even fucking kidding.
  • MSR is canon, suck it noromos

…and many more. Suffice it to say I’ve been here. I’ve done this. And while my stomach seized when I read the spoilers and I said out loud to my empty room “Are you even fucking serious at me right now?”, I’m still ok because Mulder loves Scully. Scully loves Mulder. And that is the only thing that matters.