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Kwami Week Day Two: Chosen(s)

A new problematic fave because of friend and fandom influence how dare you all make me care.

She’s transparent because I’m trying new aesthetics ya feel.

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Omega Headcanons

-Omegas are very motherly even before they actually become mothers. In their friend group the Omega is almost always the “mom friend” who makes sure everyone is happy and full and well rested, always the first person anyone goes to when a problem occurs

-Omegas are generally very petite and while a lot of them are bitter about it, others embrace the hell out of it. Using their small stature as an excuse to make their big Alpha friends carry them around or get them things that are high up on shelves

-Omegas love soft and cozy things, always wearing soft sweaters or wrapping up in warm blankets. Fuzzy socks are also very much loved by Omegas

-An Omega who is always cold constantly clinging to their big warm Alpha. Walking down the street and smoothly slipping under the Alpha’s arm and snuggling into their side as they walk, or seeing the Alpha sitting on the couch so they go and climb onto their lap and cuddle up against their warm chest. The Alpha loving how cuddly and dependent their mate is

-An incredibly innocent and sheltered Omega who hasn’t even had their first heat yet, not understanding when their Omega friends are talking about knotting and instead of explaining anything to their very clueless friend, they suggest the Omega ask their Alpha friend about it who they know has a crush on the Omega. So the Omega of course goes and very bluntly asks the Alpha to explain knotting and the Alpha is instantly bright red but trying to stutter out a mature and helpful explanation and once they finally finish the Omega is very quiet for a minute and then, “oh so you could knot me because you’re an Alpha” and the Alpha just dies

-Young Omegas being possessive of their friends and low-key becoming anxious whenever their friend makes a new friend because they feel like they are being replaced

-Omegas usually have a self sacrificing nature, which makes them good mothers, and they always make sure the ones they love have everything they need even if it means they have to go without

-Between being very smart and very nurturing, Omegas are well suited for being teachers and tutors. Always encouraging and having the patience to help someone who is struggling with basic concepts

-An Omega having a very close bond with their Omega sibling. Always looking for some kind of physical reassurance from them like holding hands in busy public places or cuddling up in a nest together when one of them is sad

-An Omega who is really nervous and shy and only really comfortable with their Alpha, to the point where if they are out with people and the Omega wants to say something they will lean up to whisper it to their Alpha who will then tell the group for them


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i dunno what those are.  are they the noise videos?  i’d be interested.

kinda, yeah!

I stole the heck out of these images, but it’s so much easier than trying to word a summary

basically asmr vids are like the human equivalent of palepr0n

it’s all ooooh, smooth out that paper very gently and talk softly about how your day went, prrrprr


Myka loving Helena [x]

[insp.][also this]


TG: cuz i mean

TG: we do a variety of those things so

TG: im gonna need you to be a little more specific


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Random headcanon

When Harley gets bored during Joker’s “business” meetings, she’ll often play with his jewelry for attention until he sits her on his knee…


When your boss uses the man-code nod to give you permission to go console your wife

Calendiles Episode Aesthetic #1: I Robot, You Jane


I’m not sure love makes a person weak, Cara.

Since no one did my request. << You monsters.

But I honestly think Miroku would be the one doing the comforting while Sango would do the confronting. And would then join in in the comforting of their little babies.

Based off this.

susan heard about the 70s porn colin meme and couldn’t let grandfather have all the fun


I never understood trips where supervisors would enforce that rooms/tents must be shared with members of the same sex like okay? Isn’t that only discouraging heterosexual sex if anything? Why does gender have to play a role in who sleeps in my room anyway like seriously this is 2015